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tv   Mad Money  NBC  February 26, 2016 3:00am-4:00am MST

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>'r > we're used to heararg out celebrity feuds but somes it gets messyhen theids are volved. >> oy n okay? mazizi m my stars hee volv theiririds i ithr batttttttt one w or r othehe so we wewe asked, is it okay or not@okay to bring kids io fes?s? >> he's at we had to say. >s s estion hak one-wor answ. never.
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i sasa, it's n n nkay.y( you wanan argue, gue. but pleaseseleave e kiki out of it. >> e ect. ours hader wdsds >ev. >> h >> youw, sometimes they sound clever when we do them. >> we apologize. >> w/w. >> and her new book is out. we're e hapor h >> and the nkiki' movie "zooa." jenny y,ate is with us. >> houldldo covethos wires s your r us >>nd a 0s musiccelebrn. ou mn when music good? >>ndadelelhelps ean ouyoururer.
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thursday. call me at 1-800-743-cnbc or tweet me @jimcrame >> my mission is simime -- t make yououoney. i'm here to level the plpling field d r all stors. somewhere,e,nd i promise to help you find it. "mad monon" ststtsow. >>he i crar. lcto "mad money,weweome toramerica. other peopleant make friend my job not just to you. call me at 1-800-743-cnbnbor tweeeememejimcmcmer.r. thisarket is filled wi seller'sorse. bered when they repoed earnings, and then roared hieraseople seem to forget the bad news, hink maybe it clgshi wasn't a abad i thought. today the dow gained 2 2 2nasdaq advaed a ao. w thth can think so mu longer term if thehehees ange oar even betterer some from before earning andnd so from ter positive teiews, so i know what i'm talking about. rerently we had five ceos come on "mad moy.y.% they all fit the b bl, the
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kimberer-clark. his company showed tmendous growth, matat the company said it projojted d e headline nuer 2016 earngs of 595 615,5,ut t t walalstreetetetking for 6.40. i don't knkn -- i rerehe nos. i heard the press s lease, listened ed to the confererce call readhe analyst comments. @ seems like kimberlark hadad a lot ofood things t tsay, e was some o o-timimmissions that -- i do my best, by the wa nototo lolo at the stock when i dthis work, because i'm convinced the holders of so manywh stks a a renenters, re. that to your cue from the immediate tion ijust plala stupid, so i noticic t fact they had flen from 127o w2r2 off the q arter until the interview began. right the top of the interview, i isked him point-blank, did the d decline
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it for a close today. the sellers -- thehewere just plaiaiaiong. next up, let's t tk clclox.. he a similararituation. sill love the quter. because it showed soso ininible margin improvent becacae ener costsere way wn. demand was g gd. ganic line of goods was kingford ific. thnews slashas bleleh numbmbs ofthe chts. so wt t happenen e stocmediately y 124. when i saw ben odire soon afte i kewhwh t fececis hppening here? what's the d dl? how coulyo stock hgotten
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he had beaten evernge was asked do. i zzled over line em. he quily exelainhahathe cocoany is about to lalae a campaign for briria. and i promptlyallee mp ine clorox didilous. it was mo t tthe idiots whohod it. the stock has gone for24 tme 131 i'm 131 i'm confidenenit c c take out that high.13 - saunders, incredibly the ceo of aller again. he sat righthtere. and after the company thought that was at was by far r bertererof any phahaeutical compy. momo of the drug lines had acaclerated. the fda a proval rates were off ththcharts that's incredible, plus the merger with pfizer while under tack b atta by house democratst a legal l ophole in t e --er taxein a forgnud, weweh vertheless on track, ready to close e sesend half.
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hard the sto h been hit of te. he said he sd baffled, hi had no explplation for e weakakss whatsoev whatsoever. i asked cocod it be a key part of the transaction a the sale it toffeea mighbe offtrack? nope, it's g gng to close so. >> i thoughthtight it be sothing politicacaca so you threw up my hands and oclaimedy own bafflent, too. earp witit rpith right,t,ller again dn't derve to o down at all. thenenal then threweeks agagwe vit with h
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he couldn't answer directly how the mbers re lookingngngveve he was in what's kwnwnwnth quiet pe quieieperiod, where you can't ve a revealalnythinexaxt will t t quarter,r,e did go out to sasait was a fabulous time for saleleorce a w wle -- remember thth, thth washe l lken percent,t,t, tab lo o ftwa, he said bineswas is it boomling, and how ceos had been praisisit all overhe pce. it's a meeeelienen ththresult, e ocococ immediaty fe a ather 8%. the whole ththwanenene
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caio on the conference call and the grosmargins coulb@ pres.. of c of coue ththstng dollar. th last night salesforce reportedhe best tech quarter for 2016. a 27% revenue growth. at's aoundg. clclg a 38% rise in operating shlow, to 460 cll& million. take that doubters that the compananmakes r money. o nine-figure contcts, again, ueard of. thgross margins were off t chart. ile what d)d have t#ome up? how about the alt estis for the rest of 2016?0 theyeyere king up gigantically after e quarter, because saleleorce idoing so well.
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story. wewewekekekekekeke m mk lala lynn w w werer was in n n falaljust t tee weeks s o.o. he a aurededs it wasasasnd kept getting hammemed d d ayay it's soaring a the w w back to ere the e lling started. i'm saying that was more sellers' remoror. now,here were a ton of these walmart legedly blew up, under t further review, the reasonor the cline seseed t t pat. planation is pretty dadaed ththouou. itit up almost f fr points..hihihiitheheheararn.n.n.n.n.n.n. then this sti l lererer athehese www%% now 4 ststigig goints. 0whpp bottom line i iall ese e examples of fearnd panic trumping- but fortately now the paniniisecing. pyourururststgmmay not bebe just t siren of worry blring
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kekeg you fromaking g me mad money.>>les go t thollis i florida. pis?0 calle alr: hih, m,h( a u do -i'm okinat qlcomaiai eheheo m mbe it's ti t tget p.%pi i i they'rhaving problem with the china's and koreans abouthr censing.g >> butheve been solving some of those. i got a litile too bullili on al, th wedck n,ut i think yououe ok here it's noty favorite. i li skywowos solutis dadain virginia. >> calle b-yahofesr cr.
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>> caller: i b bghe grgrp stk out ur months o. >>ho >> whoa. & caller: very povert w tbaon" ststk k for y a apoximy sinci ught . wowowolikeke tte wh is yo oniononr ess an instment?>> oy the rental -- let meve tell you, sir, talkeabouit onmashith h v ber da it took my breath away. pi sily think thias babaas thetotobut raisese eb. t do more w#wk on avis. we're bo trying to get around w stk cod ben muven thfahe n nberslf weren'that ba he t, a it you oklama k. alle hmrcrama], ho aru doing? >>'m d >> i doing well, how about you? >> caller: grere.
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ick questi.myueuen haha re i ie e d in 'sn rformi rll enn downayndt's trin ave i ige ic a.os paying a 4 nd on of that. our opinion, do you k it's bn through its price iling? if so,o,ould you buy?? okay, i've e enngve thisryith , xp onl tanvnvtmenususma and fantastic friend and accountant.weere sa thi jusa handof ones e done wewe, because e in th cocoercial l l`iusins,s,m,thin h hurth t ghghbu c th grounder r loof sure. > l right. this is what selr' rememse oklike. iieaes you nototo t fear lo and c trump rationy.
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today alone. coululththcompy mtino lp makyosomemegh eoeo oeags i'm gegeininmy shoppininlist readto see if super vavae, recene eaor n n and i'm going to reveaeait to you jusahea i suggesesu still with cramemedon'n' > mi aof "mad mo followismcon ittetete - #madtweets. send aore a ll a8074bc. miss mane? head tmadmdmeyc.coco
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>i nt i wawa a large pie, and i the cese -- oh, i'm sorry, i was ording a do from@my watch. all can say is wow, dono's hadone it again. i've recommended them consistentlyor the last si year. time afte the mpanynwithth e 11,700 almost enrelyly franchisocatatns and amazizi online thnology, hence my watch joke, has deliverer terrificbers. y no dififrent.. re7nut ptitiive cents earnings beat, along with pch higher r pected revenuesf best of all l mp stoales, 12sme clip. congtulations, best 2016 of everhingng follow. ororar more than 13%oday. wowza.
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pt's eck intrick doyle, the ceo of domino's pizza, find out more mr. doyle, congratulatioio oetaiairestauauntnt quarof016 een so far. >> thankou, jijit) apprecectetit. w w pretty terrif. >> yeah, iwas.s. i'm inininr ote from you and pi want yoy tnd. you said our success didt happen overnrnht and certainly not due to t push of o button. butttt. i'm going to give you the r to explaind)d happen t expln this quaer? >> ihink it's a couple things.s. first, it's the culminatioof a lot of things we've been working on. we'vgot the food right. pwe've got e service rit.the technonogy is driving thin. advertis terrific.e teamis doing gat, but momportaly, our stst nagege frarahisees are handling it very well. it's a lot of different things thth have been goingightht there's no specific thg that
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be building fofoa long t >> this isisomething that sterbrook and mcdonana also d a great arter, has bn trying to inruct upon me, the actualoooo male e d rma matters totoour in youion be, itoes,oesnsn i i ies. r franchisees came up through our syem in the u.s., and theye excited about t they're aling e umthe ecuting we.. i couldn't be happieiewith them. ey'v'vmakingngnge m ney than they have eveve.they're reinveing, getting the stores reimaged. momontnt iporful if everybody is singing from the same hymnal, it ives a lot of success. i'i'einghem m ccess.s. a t of them m e riends, u u w , so getting notes and
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going g isell is - pretty terrific. >> i hope everybody heard whwh % tty said, peoplu up ththugh ths, which ithth@h@h greatnspof america whichch doest t t lked enougabout. i madede l ltle joke, whh i was ordeng my no-c-ceses we order the -cese at home tht my wat. but e truth is when there'a a device thacan rereh you, you ll put it out, andndow more an 50% and t t c cpaes monewhen you dthese trtrtrctio on techchlogy rit? yeah, that's riweharge a ve sll f to o thththanchisees, to the stores whenenerhis is a thnhnogy, a digital orr.
3:20 am
your apple wand we also ha something now for amazon echch so you can voice orderff of ththnew amamon device your home. we just wa t t everywhere, 'r'rdoininthatat cnues to drive siness r us >> you know, one of the ththgs i thought was pretty amazing, we're talklkg abt value. i knou ulwayaysa, listen, it n like e e king are,ut you hadt tan on any price ses. people like value, patty you ha not raised prices, and itatters, dodon't it? >> it es. r national offerasn the samemeororix, seven yeyes,wo meumopping pizzas r $5.99, and f2fnkly yt allows u todvertjsethth j jt e point. if you're moving your price around eveveve around every couple nths, it means you have t tuse lototo
3:21 am
of driri that w price point with consumers.they kw what they' goi to get when theme tdomino's. we tnk ibeenffecti fus. >> youounow more abouthem than ev @i was impressed by t pizza profile andnof c crse e new loyalty progogm, wch i know it's too earlylyo ily put ers,, butvthe e zza profile iseally y inyou? isotety is. wee nogogothis one pla ere wee gothe inform aroundustomer,if they nqo der from aatat or order from the appppor order from mobile web. every time they have accessed , , , , tracking t tt. f f the l lalalalrogrgr, , basically all they had t t t wasas heck one box, thathey want to nrolled d the p. at m iwaeasyo si u is too early to knonoexacac how much it's gointo dve the buness, but the earlreturns are good, the consumer feedback is good.
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>> i don't want sleight ininatnal which also was ststng. inina, biggestrowth champion for 2020. whwhis >ou know w at?? we'vt falo p@rs ther weust oped t d 1,000th store in indnd. this i iour first mark oututdeththu.s. with 1,00stores. we're the largest rereauaunt cocoany there today. it's been a great success st for us. as we see the econony coco back in india, and it's actually y e ofheastur-growing g g omies p nonoaround the world. >> right. think energy prpresng lower arparticully a big hlp in indi i think`ime minister mhas done a great job. i think we'll cont to see me acceleratioio excited aboututhe f fufe indi obviviy withthhehevell population and markeposition we've t, igoing to be an exciting story.
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the,we l le toe. u talked authe stomach,hich pcentage are burger and ccken. pizza a ste weweaderririmanager from popeye's louisiashe admitted therwereome burger wars taking sre. jax in the box was a severe dippointment, but pizza itself, there is some o o secular angle pizza that is doing better, pat, what is i >izzaza kind ofof t shareable naref sa a a valuable nature ofofisa i ththth doesell. but t thinkhwh you're seeing the indusis s sa w playererwho are reallyly separang, and ylyleen on them at popeye' she drenenrere res. you u e other lks ing it. ththdifference between concepts allyly nailing it ananthosthat en'tas been broader.pia has alwaysa fate forlpelelelee caca coinues to grow a bit, a a hopefully we're going to taka
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>> difficult, buybl the things we love to see. that's ptyoyoy. congratulations, sir, on a really fabulouquarter. >> thas,im. this is wh you is what you wt out of a stock, whatau u nt outf a zza,a,oo. my f fy is b b ordrders. ick with cmer. comi cong u u paper or plastic? this grororyrytororoiant wasasas once on ththexpress lane to prprits, but r rently super-vava's s sck has been sellllg off.f. wiwihe shares turn around? crer reveals his shopping list, nenebeautiave unless you have alleleies. thth yr eyes may s u it differently. onlylonase is approved to relieve e th itihy watery eyes
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revives skin to fight 7 signs ofngng wiwi olalaouou less, so y can bageles
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all week w wve been talking t atakar rlinndow once ved stocks ia blink n can n go out of styleland become a hingngag. psome`ef thesaten-down stocks can -- but some needs to -- so far lionsgate entertainmt,t,ap and william sonoma. and now i'i' got a new o o for you. it's te toalk about t e rise and thfaf super-valu. svu. many locatioio thayou probably shop a
3:28 am
and then t fall again of supervalu. fallllg do tdollar and change i ithe fafafaf f 12, whicininma people we woieout the company's viability as a g gng conrn. overhe next feyears super t valu becamone hottest surgin thugh 2020he f $12 lala april, up 614% from t f 2012 lows. well this was looking like a a incredible cebacactoheh ntnthen it h a wall in the second half ofast t ar. the stock ultimaly finishing down 30%. for 2010, and ititomomdown neaely another 30% sincecehe begiing of theew year r $4 and c ange. > e house of pain. > once aga ifeels like svu standsdsor, c'mon, sayaywith
3:29 am
made this s orfall apa? is tre any way it can gegee jojoack?k? les s arararar h it uld ig e reund s all trtrbledompanynyt got its act totother- backefororthe agrererecessn, - super valu madeda foolish acquisition oflblbtson's. atatas right at the pea of the leveraged buut boom, something that turned out totoe disastrous. at's all supervalu stock could deine dodo to its 2012 bottom.m. pthe rn h he started in jy of 2012 when supepealu brghin fellowy the memef yne sales, who was tasked with getting the companback o o ack. it finally cut`tait tn al betterer son' and iyou rerember they tried toake e e assets public, but the d%al got pulled, because nobody wanted to -- i was going
3:30 am
garbage. down to billion, just so youou know, thth a aertson's would phaveeen good, but t thk there s some glee inlved. one wayne had gottent compapapa out of h wat, we sawturn waseplaced d sb duncan former heaof officemax as the next cwilelelala, pervalstructured into three seseents -- a a olesale e footthe discount chaand reg lay retail operationonder thcub foods, horack's, shop anansave. ththprogress wasloat firir, by february 2014, ititasararar e s margrgs, whathey mayay every dollar of salal, were pimprovg g g aticicly.. the e me-storuales went fromom gative to sosisive, and by the d of their 2015 fiscal year, ey w we e tual maka a dece proroct. by the te we g to january of 2015, the new super-lu was -- 2% sales gwth,h,h,id mararns, 20% earns growth..
3:31 am
best of breed, but a ausinins that had gonfrom the brink of death to being in good health -- >>se of pleasu.e >> d. over just a a w year sot wewe wrong for hven's s sake? buzzer ] >> house is it got from 12 and 4 4 hain mon started lalalapril wn they reported a solid quartrt, the company delivered sligig thihipoint the e ock was upup more than 606%, sohareholders
3:32 am
the stock didiindeed get obliterad, fell 16% totowo ssions.! it's beewnwn ever since. suddenhe larst eholders were ed f f thit symphony invnvnvrs, then jana partnersed more th1% % % the company, and they s ld t tir entire position over t first two quartersf 2015. all of the selling p tremendossure onhe stock. the se-off b befly abated en it prorortrtd a cleatop anan bodoom beaeaanthey were inning off the sav-aot busissss the next cououe momohs were terrible, with all stocks
3:33 am
fifit ceo sam duncwhwhhad d d the comeback now said he woulretire effective february 2016, and he is love thth to mattersoror, rerertedig miss onoth the totoand bottom lines. nenetive s se-storsalelegrowth after all of ts great turnrn hstk plunged 14% in the once again sprinted the exits. all that supup-valu sically tradad sidewewew on januaryryth, , l lrned that theyeylaededo spininff the
3:34 am
investors saw it anegative. remember there was zero ipos exactly, ijanuary. dedehblow w me? th expececd sales. hideouo1sasa-stoto sal. regular -- the retl bubune down%. save-a-lot down 3.4%. sam dunking g his swan song a a ceo painted a im p saying we contntueueo o ate in a challenginvironmnmt, end vote. stock at the down n $4.4.4. whwhh brings u uto wherearar ghtpnow. the c ock rebounded back to % 4.4., but today was obviously great day fothe market. we now know that marargross wi be king overn heas a long history in the ocery space. the e o#k isncdibly cheap. weve there's'sbsololely y
3:35 am
grow g gng f fward, ana it seemsmsms to be chle verers thththh other playeru, whihi brings me to my bottttttine. super-valu rred id 2015, becaususit was a terrific rnaround story, a left for adompany that t actically rore frorothe g e. gradually worked its was not toheonor roll, but to a b-minus. weweike them, but re's the thing about t atcerned of turn. u have t tkeep getting bter, and that kind of improvememe for this particular student&was s ry fft. super- hadadlreadydyicked thlow-hanging frfthe back from the dead reas to own the stock, eept t necessssily enough. you want to go with best o
3:36 am
nonoasheap as sur-valu, but that's f asoso kroger i ia heck of a good compan lawrenantstso showow >> ws shakinin joyou do >> thank you. wegee ououhere everyayayoing teic s sff. appriate it. >> calle a c cple e estions, johnson johnson. >> alex gogoki, this stock is breanw outut thank you for sending me the chart. ( @j & j the best performing largcapitalition phphmaceuticalaland want qou to stake long g i pthananyou r the nd words. we've be working py darn hardo try to deleler a good show. it's the staff w youig have seen in a gd facececece video. aftewe s s sround and had altern popopes i had a umstick.
3:37 am
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>>thda we wa val ev we fit. pththth t t unifying d d e. resating so loud 's like a din, and i include e n, the e mb for dine uitytythe owner of i-hop, fitstshe paragm. eighyears out of the woeful turn, you wowod think pe would want to spspd more, bu like the great depression, the great recessssn has lele scars ns,s,cars tt han't gottenen( ay. w being tlyonest, always bugged me e at my father was such a spdthrift m mey, not that w wha much. when we went out to dinnnn as a family, mae once or twice a year, typically on motr's day, whe we go to some e,legedly nice place, so pop would make it so mom didn't haveo fix dinner, but of course we h t t drink war, wasted money, aerl,t's s w they get you, he alalys told my sisted me that was from the grt depression where yououlways
3:41 am
spender. i think we're inhis situation nono leleletake home spding -- jujuju ending ofurnisngs. today rereoratioiowareot killed down morehan %.atat already on toof t t ststk being sliced in lf. station hardware makeses expensive stuff. e ceo idn n ree st atan'sghtock market, all hurt the c cpanyny rformance. it makes sense. suenly with t eiwe in currcies, and d 're not at wealthy,nd houston catered to wealy oioipeel. oil alsourt canadian operations. > > ao taed about the downfall, or at t ast the stock, dogo 6%, today thiveryryay, but then l lten totohe tjt conference call and you hear " abouthoututanding sales for
3:42 am
neptune, new jersey. like to thereo buy season itete, and sometimes i i come outith thretimes whatat thouoyw)i would g t. earlier tlda true candor o "squawk on thetreet", i said wife was cheap, and that's hy we went there. meant to say fgal, and i re t err, becausher boss watchedednd tooled her what i said anyy. t's s ick with t. thbargns are directl related to thehenability to se anand good t.j. maxx gets all ofofhat. itit tererfififilue,o wo t.j. maxx x doingngel t ononbut two compans inhe businepopeye'snd ja-in-the-x, botcited the % valuoffengs from the burr jojots, specifically mcd`onalals,
3:43 am
for the shortfalls. so is the aforementionon ding equity, i-p, they'reeally pinexpensiv e of the many reasons t doelelhe ceo of dodonono was holding the einen pipi prices r momo thahafive yea. the bottom line -- tse allllthe ----hoever offs s(e bebe lue wins. i ow it t em counteririuive, , t it's ingrained down to ththstes we shopopt and where we eat. the's generation of epers o aren'tpendinas ofteteas they use to, and`they eschew the frills, they wanthe e, othey aren't going out at all. dust in n xaustin? > caller: b-yah, jim.
3:44 am
>> caller: i'malk on s.h.a.x.,., bought in abou31, they h he e ge expansion going on, ver great sasa-storerees growth. what's your r n on the stock? >> okay. iss a stock thth got very - ervalued. a lot of people did d at i talk with netflix and tesla and tk about with these stocks s ke az ot to be way tooich. it is still too rich, but i undedetataowf you grow intnt the sizezei can't relatetit on any fundamental valululu i would raraer eat t trt,tbububu would raer ownhas of dona's t tn shake shack. whoeveves the most value wins. they retailers have d to
3:45 am
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it@l@ltime. 's time for l l d lld. uy buy buy. . >> sell sese sell. b b buy b. e you rey skee-daddy? time for " "e ghtning round." lel'stwiltuni inew jersrs? >> cler: m m crar, thank you fofoall your work and wawahing our back. >> thank you. i do my best >> cal f.y.? >> i ihinkedar faiis fabuus, i like theieldld about a 5.7 year o_ i dodot mean this asasany y minutif h w i like 6, but it cedar fair y by chehe. >> cal what do you think about weyeyeaeuser? >> at 5% yield, hoho depot said that lumber is strong, no way i'm going to turn my bk wi. die in utah, eddie? >> caller: boo-yahrom salt lake cy.
3:49 am
wh going on? mer, my question is s out valero. >going to be -- sell sell sell. >> we don't want to be there yme. erer in coectititi >> cler: boo-yah, ji >> way too risky. huuh. i'm worried about the risk of e lendinststam t t t.. no..let's go to tim in conononicut.. m?m? >> c j, thanan f fng m%1%1%1o -- h, i m msed d at.. ats s s s ler:it ---8>8j8bin gngo plazar ci. i't t r% ie ehsemodel.. i i fea gantic backer of first r,r,nd d reitirate that i lilelelt solaand
3:50 am
they are always welcome on jim cramam's " "d mone" >t in t tas??? c c cr: i iovovovu,u,im. . t t t y ypat. aller:r:r:ave e h.h.h. susanank,he is ming back. ,d b b charare @virgini >> caller: yteay a auy asked you u out duke, and you commmmded american electric poind of touting dominion. bad, my badad dominion should have been t exact same -- alwith a.p., and congress ed. tey're algood n them all.picknebut its s . ladindtlen, 's tnc o"theht und. > e "tightngnd
3:51 am
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3:53 am
@ cramamica, it's timemeor us to ( ay a aononoverdue e me of "ai dirsified?" all week i'v'vbeen highlighting sisilaies, williams s sonomagap storor, lionsgatatppwhat i don't want t see you do is invest youruroney intnte farite sck to see it fall dramatically. u wa to ect yoyoself acro indndies, even geographphs. all me or tweet me @jimcramer, tell me your top fiveveoldings, i'll tell you if yorereiversified or u need
3:54 am
thiset ss novoth is, y you nvidia and viaiam industriri. the e e i'worrd abouou because e u'u' g#gng to say, wait aecond, that's two not close, is the -- two chinese companies, bidu d netti's. n'n'have that. i don't nt any chise companieie if isle give you semiis cductana,that's go, but i want thosehanges and done n. wewee nonogoing g own chihise stococ. that's iti end of story. at'sow feel i@out foss fufus. don in california? >> caller:ood morning,im. p>> don, how e you? >> caller: my five stocks are nike, footlockerertwitter,
3:55 am
h l righ i'm off to the r ring with this bicar g gup. fofolocker andike,e, come out here and say wter one does, the ototr reports. we'll ! selleof footlockeke anbuy bristol meyersr!r! itteisn't doll thahawell, no, we d't. ost in , , honeywell, t-mobilel thah'h'johnhn dger, he wear th is genta ththg, and nike e do ke. but t ose chanans have to be done immediatele. ifhe market t re open, i would say make them now.
3:56 am
>> calalr: (ey, , m crcrer, , omur f fore st i'm in pittsbubuh,ennsnsvani >> wrongngart. re from the winning part, not thehlososo part.t.p calalr:ou've beent t ri jimbo. we miss you u re.weweove you herep.a. >> they y ve my ininhe marcell shale. >> caller: would what t d withouttyou?u? wow. witi y u uele wife?? e's mad at making soso comme about how she's frugal this moing. what's u u >> callele we've got five stocks for you. honeneell, he depot, waste pmananamentntford, andncoca-cola. we wan knonoin we're @ diversrsisd. >>hat'what you're e ing to findnoutkeystone state-e-e home depep, to frank bla, what a numberer fofe 6%, call it 6.5% with t special dividendnhoneywell, i like what he's
3:57 am
coca-c-ca, 3% yield, a a rerern ithe domesfic. wow, whave let's call it bebebege. waste, retl, w w&w g/t abuto and we have manunucturing. we have perfection, as can only be expecteom the keystone state."mad money" is back after s k and i used toatch the red carpet shows on tv w, i'm walking t tm. life is unprictata one e g g ne tbeprededtable is to be flakekekee. bessha used he a a shouldlds fo20 years u#ed regularly, itemomes upo 100%0%f f` keepg you proteceed every week, every month, ery yerey ma al lifefefepredicicbl ece
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seems like we've hit a r rd blococ that reminhs me... yone have occasionalconsnspation, , arrhrh... ...gas, bloati? vvyeyeonphps' lon healobioioc ca dayay helplpdefend against occasional stive issues.. with three`eypes of good bacterer. live the r rular le.e.e.
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> d nunuafr e ll, a aolutwas rrific, but univdispy kind of keme i am disapajinted that monster benchedid not deliver a tter number.. they h he switched over pdiststtion systetu to cocacaola any. i thought thatatould spur sas. i've got to didideeper on both.h over all-the e rket strong today. i'llust put it o t tre --
4:00 am
i always like toay there's a bull market sowhere. omise to find it for you. i'm jim er. i wiwi see you tomorrow. is friday, februy 26th. comingpn "earltoday," the tenseep debate prorod to be texas sized@d@dlug g st. >> youl have competition.n. yollllave so manyy different plns. >> now he'ss repting hiel >> i i watched him repeaeahimsf ve times four weeks ago. >> i saw y repept yoyolf five@imesreconds ago.. he says everything w%' going to win, win, win. >> youe all talk and no


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