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tv   News 5 Today at 5AM  NBC  February 26, 2016 5:00am-6:00am MST

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coming up on new5-today... anr shooting in ourur countrtr.. we have updadad informatioon e deadly shooting spree... and the identiti of the gunman... plus... dry coitions.. stroro winds... . across southn n n rado local firefightewill be on alerthtpeekend.. weweave live u uate coming .... temperatures to ststour frid morng are in the teens and 20s. highs today wille in 50s d 6060with sunshine. thehweekend looks beauti b the fifiisk k crcrs tomorrow. i willllave details foyou u coming up in weather traffic on the 5's. gool morning and happy friday!y! thanks fororoiningngs.. it's f fruarar26th ism shellene cockrel
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fifit upupt t - we're trackiki theheatest t developmentsn a a adly shooting at a manunucturing g plplt t souththentral k ksas... whe over a den people were shot. . this morning... fofoeople a2e de... including the shoor... d 14-others e recovering in the e spital from injuries... five oem a a in critical condition. ght now w lice are investigating at the gunman's' home.... the gunmananas bn idedtified the shooting s sappened earlier ursd afternoon i hesston... authorities saan eel ries wke- stole a vehicle..... shot peoeoeo the seet@and d paing t. and then oped fire i iide his workplace. i i d no idea@what to do... we were hohoing fefees... everybyby was runnininpeople crying. weust d)dn't know what to . ey srted off saying fire a then we heard the gunshots and it wasn't a fire the w enforcement officer -- o was firson the scene
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shooter. e ididtiti of e gu and ctims have not yeen rereas. poli wouou n dcuss a motive bay they do hav les s on what may have trirgered ththattacker. we'll of course continue to update you on this as we learn ... baba here inolororo... we have new inrmatioth moing on the o oicic involved shooting in ans.s. we f fst brought you as breaking wswsesterday morning... vestigators say thman n lled by police... shshted at officerto "shoot him and klm" befe fired s ots at office. evans liceceespoed to tresspassing call -- around 1:30 a-m on highway 85... when two suspes s arted running.. . one n was arrested... inveveigators say that other suspect turned andhot at officers... . who returned f f f killing thehe man. no o o else wahurt. the names of the officers and the suspects he nobeen released.
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a drdrk driver faceseveral charges this mornini in eblo... after lice se ashe to mulplple it hpenehe fr thousa blofpeakview" dr m m mt ce t t tver f size pickup p a a ee, fire hydranand at lst three rs... before finally hitng a h hse. ofcers say dririr waheavily intoxicad. wrrested for u-and d numb oother chchars.s. warmer temperatutus are headad our way... ana fire atr tcgoes io effe tomorrow... wiwi dry contis and stroro windsdsdsating ngerous fire weath in our . somemerews h he already bebebe tatangrafirithis we r ne 5'soaa wise j jns usive fromolorado spspngs th a closer look at me of & e concerns. joanna... good morning. wildfire expts say there are a lot of f fe, dry fuele in ououou
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the ture we got last year...... and because of that a small grire could intnt something ch larger anan sastro. and this morning fircrews in fremont county are sll nitong a brushfifi thaha spked d st night. here's video from thehscenenlast gh firefighters say it burned about two acres in a remote area near peose. it inot threateninananhomes or structures... but crews are stililmonitoring hohospot and another fire sparked e elier at aeron-- nealhan. crews frfr four difffere companies s@onded and had it der control witiin a ahour. we we' tolit b b bound 30 acaes no o anwhile thths typilly theh time of year wn we do see more grassfires--ildfe ex@xrts say there e e ingsou shohod do to he protect your property... likeroper mitigation. now t's take it overero o f rning rololost stephbowers.. who has a closer look at this weeken cdititititi
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right now... woodland park midddd school... is in major ed opairs... with dozens s water leaks a a ovov theheuilding. check it out.... these coraraions loooomore like science projects than solutiti to a leaky ceilg. the district has sn sisiificict buet cuts s om t stste..( totaling 15 5 llion dollars over the past six years. with no extra funds, the distsj has putffhe nded
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that wouou pay tfi structures, well as fund heprogra a newtunologygy ortata. parentanstuden hope the water works s op soon. "thahathust ge fixed and theyeyanet rid of the big gigant contrapon." "obviously with spring coming it means more snow so letet get our kids schools taken care ." for more on ththsaleletaball issue... go to our webse koaa dot com. thpueb county iff is now speakang out with h ncernsns over the plan to move a major marijua celebration to pueue rlier this week weold u that "high uimesmazine set its sights on pupuloloounty fo its anaval "cannab cup" afr adams coty denied its permit. eriff kikilor says c-dot s sgend a permit for t pulo county prlposion -- use cc alo highwawa50 ae meenues "bn n e hee erseri is differt scenario becauseenforcinmarijuanconsumion
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d be nearly impossible. u get to consumu alclcol on those ounds. therererno provisiononin the marijuana laws,sin 6 6or otherwise,e,or open public consumptn marijuana. d dsn'txist. one o& theheain n ncernsed adamsountntwas out-of-sta growers s lling marijuana illelelly to attendees. the eblo county application@is still beininconsidered,d but could be denied because it came in lesshan 75 days beforerere the event. taylor says he will appeal if the permit is approved. supporters of f mocratat esidential cdatetebeie sands' contie to ralb\e in southern n lodo lala night in pueblo. dozens gathered for the national nurses united's "b"bnie bubu. e s isouri t cou to tk ababt heth insurance anansanderer ppod popoes -- promoting colorororare.e. and is weeke... . another big ent r bernie!
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thbe" " i ok-off i loradoprings on sasarday. tata a look at thik!k! e pupblo zoo is sharing vivio of their newewundle of joy! the l)on cluand his mom a e in an indoor nesting location right now, sthth can bond. but come april, the cub should be out in e exhibit! the zoo tells us the cub loves to play and snuggle with his momom he is the first cub e zoo has hahain almost ten years.s. stl ea.. here in sohern colorado 'r ving a mild flu season this year... coming up in y yr he watch. we'll ll you what health
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w number of cases... in t t's your alth mily thciti nlzer sese that could lead totoew diagnostic brain scsc. . right researchchchare enrollininpats who are -- at the end of life. "bbaraor-silva" has more... ----pkg g - sot: joseph murprp, brother "she's a vererwarm ling woman" joseph murphy y talking about his stereraureen digregorio. soso joseph h rphyhybrother "vor to o in the s)tuttioio she's ininine's s st all indepepeence, she's lost all ref he" declinbegan 6 ars agag whenenaureen was justp515101 sot:shy medina, daughter "she was irritable and not herself. maureen'daughter, aseyeyanan her brotjojoph tooher in for testininand it turnet shshd alzhmer's. sot: ashley mena, daughter "it ogressed verklkl maureen now 57 is near death and enroed in a a th w w't he her butmis to help millioio of others sot: dr. stephen sallll / director, butler hospital's memory and aging program
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lunteerism." apart othe study,y,aureen had a brain s sn a a ek agond aftfr shehe gone, e will u uergo an autopsps earlier research showea link b-tweea buildup of theheroteinamymoid and alzhzhmer's seas w, they'y' loong to nfirm the proteitau is also prominent. sot: dr. stephen n llowqw / director, butler hospital' mery and aging program "we e inin a protein is buildg up f long aer that, pin alal buiuiing up and it's en e tau protein buildsp and starts tspread in n e br when t mory loss stato occur.r. and while theyeyan see t t proteion petcans n, the e u.s.s. foododnd drug g ministration requires it be confied through autopsy. volers have a acan forere ath and d autopward. .&.& dr. stepsallll / /ector, tltl hospital'l'l'memory and agingrogram "it'for r ople who are ally ill whoav th s sths to live. they can havmeia or no they could her csing ththr tealllllss with toy rm mem that wayhehecan pre e tau otein is in the`alzheimer's brain and not the normal brain, and thth promises to help dss bebeer t t folks with h th memory robbing disease. sot:t:shley medina, daughter
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r and d afc on the 5 orologist hen bowers is here now witfirst alerer5.
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inhimorning's hethth watch... a reminder totevererne thahahau seasononsn't quite oveyet! so far thihiseasonon- pueblo cocoty has seen a totataof 13 hospitaliz flu cases. ur of whic-- wererreported only in the past twowoeeks. hehe officiala at st. ry corwin expect this rt of
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even with the up-swing of cases -- thehey those numbmbs arar stiniblow comd to last year -- becaususof aore efcte e cce r. peo@le w w have gotten tir flu shots th yeaea.. are 59-percentt ss likelelto get t flu than those who have not been vaccinated that's according to thcenters for disease corol. th is s r better than last year ... en f strainsnsutated and thehe ccinwawaonly 23-pepeent effectcte. expesasasalu activity y expectcto o ntinueor severaleks. thc-d-d-recommends f sho for just about everyone . but usually only h hf ofof americans get vaccccated. $ ststl ahah.. the e ebloirrt is winally open a aininthe airline th'r weing back...
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a look at the neneterminal... congngouconsumer weome back.. wewee back... in thimomoing'consumer watah. toy.... the pueblo airpo is s ficially
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and they're welcoming back great lakes airlines. the airporcelebrbred their grand oping sterday... where e eat lakes announced theyy are offereng one flight a day to d dve.... ter r oppipise fleghtsts ba in november. the terminal has also receeded new makeover,...includ ing a new restaurant,. with a taste of pueblo. tickets are available for these flighthtup to denver rig n n -- but pririvary dependi o whenou fly. jet-t-ue airlines is swing stomer@rreciation... during a time i politics ere ytytng the incote reing al expent... with a big catch! thth offered 150 passengers s -tp p ck f a re flight t t t nye th airline goes.. under r e conditio... all the passengere had twork gether and comomomise unanimouoly agree on the destination... by the e of their flight! usininred and blue paddlesesthey narrowed down their tions,
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first at 30... we're tracking theest devepments in a dedely shooting at a manufacturing plant in kansas... where over a dozeneople were shot. thth morning. four people are dead... including the shooter... anan14-others are e covering in the hospit froroinjuries... five othememre in critical condition. right now authoritieiein " " "on
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atheunman's hoe..... he's been identified as "cedric larry ford"... ey arrededate last night.n.n after reports from neighghrs led ce t tbelieve moreretims or a p psie sesend shooter could be in the e me... teams eventuallylyorced their way intotohe house but no one s inde. thursday aftftnoon in hesston. authorits sa"ford"... an excxc industrs rker -- stole a vehicle... shot people in the street and parking l/t... and thned fire inside hihi workplace. e enforcememt officer -- o was first o the scene -- portly shot and kikied "ford." the identitiesesf f e e ctims ve n been releaseded police areot dissssna motive -- busay they do have le-- on ay have trigged e atater we'll haveh ren this veloping story coming up later in torni.. 0 back in colorado... le aoss the state continueue toournrnhe death of "park ty" deputytyorporaranate carrrran... whwhwhs killed in the lili of
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rkoupu "kolby martin". o remains in susondition thisisorning. 0 the ird deputy is recoveng at homom.. e'een reporting... alalthree dedeties w we e ot whililseg g evicti notice.... at ytetd'sew nfer.. ifreweg-ner weger" sd the death of corpal carrigan... hit the communy hard. "he met a a t to our community. he was the consummate laoa enfofoement professional. . natete deaea w wl bearon our agency and t loss will be felt for a long time." the shiff@alsosoays... a similar eviciion notice s served at thth spec home in 2014, and it camemeo a peaceful resolututn. he says they certataly didn't expect thihgs to turn n olen the suspect,ied in auntt thie.. of the sing lle sent to the d-a's ofjice for review.
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cololodo. . for the 5th in sshan a year, the "u-s-sonor flag" wil bebeeturningngo our stat was last here in decemberer. for the funeral of u.c.c.s police officer "garrett swasey".... w1s killed in the e ne of ty during the planned parenthood ooting. if you would le to help p support the e s nonoflag ganizati... we've posted that rmation r you, on koaa.comom this morning... we're looking into the risks inlved for local l l enenrct when@^hey s%s%e crinal warrants or civil papers in el l so county, the sheriff's office deals with aroundnd0-thousa civil not a a breaking tt down for you: : that's0 evicicon notices a day. pically...deties don't encounter any problemsn these situations but they're always onon gugud case thin ealate. if theheknow in n`vance -- that t sk is involved-- ty mamamo wiwi the swat team... . buburmally, it's n thaha involved.
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deputies, a few more uniforms there so to o eak to try to lp wi an increased officer presence to t through e situatatn safely."" elelaso county is ononof the largest sherirf's s fice in the atev.. but t eir resources s e mited. so that also factors into ththr respspse. warmer tempetus are headed our way... and a fi ather watch es i io efefcf tomorrrr... withry conditis d strong winds eangngangeus fire weather in ourrea. some crews h he already been tackckng grassfirer%t%is week. our news 5's joanna wise joins livevfrom colorado spring with a cser lookt soso of the concerns. jojonana. morng. wildfififixperts say there arere t of fine, d d fue in our area right n becau of all the moisture we got last year. and beuse of that a sml grsfire could turn int sosothing mumu larger and disastrous. and thisisisjsng fe crews in
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motoring a bshfire thaha spararlast night. here's video from m e scene last night. rereghters say it t t edutt two s in a remote area nr penrose.e. it i inot@threatating any homes s or structures... but crews are still monitong t spots. anananher fire spsrkededarlier that afternoon--r lhan. crews s om four diffferent compmpies respded and had undecontntl wiwiin an ho. we we' told d burned d ound30 acres. no oneneas injuredndo stctures were thththth. and whwhe this is typicallthe time oyear wn we do see more grassfires-- wildfdfe exexexs y the are th y y should doo help protect your operty... liliroper tigation nowlletake it ov tchief mornmerologist sph bowers. o haa clcler look at this ekends cti
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a stretch of i-7heavily y damagebyhat ssive rocksl.. isartially back open! yesterday... the highway rough glenwood canyon re-openedo two y trtrfifi however crews continue t tworkon repaiai.. ananthere is still a pilot truck,k,eadi traffic
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so delays and`backcks are expected. c-dot says y y c c expect pepeod closures sver next month as repairs to the 4 lane roro -- and guardrdrdr rontinue. a ne five alert for thth morning... a man who rricaded himself@ side a home ininouain s been taken io cuody witht incide. little d dlsre k kwn athis me t t tl so county sheriff's fice h h identified the suspecas damam brimer. the incident happened earlieie thisorning at a home nea lonial drive and colonial lane in f fntn.. . swat teamsmsnd sriepututs s respondeto the scene. indent istill g vestigatat.. weweill bring you momo inrmatn t comes availabl as gang acvi ireases in pueblo... one east side library taking the community back from gang-- one chchd atat time. it the same library that last
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police officer just to keep gang members frot trying to recruit ds after schchl. you can n w fiormemegang member-t-tnecertifie dictunser "mk lazar"the luce lib ery ternrnn, g ginloca ds h own aountf the gang lifestyle and its negative impacts. he learned theard y... afafr recovering from 5 5 llet wods and snding morehan 8 years in prison.n. he already helpekids s se 12-yeaeaold "esas-eye- torres" chooseseseifferent life path. ththstajorory of the kids are here are good kidk, s i think a lot of them are e lot arter th we inknkn e library has alsososjed a new community rereurce specialist- a cialalorker- type rolo -- aiming tonitiate rerecati p pgramab olen stl ahahah.. it a b b dayayororpple -- in thttech giant's battle th the f-b-i...
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plus... . how the ououome of thehe ca cld affececan investstatatn here in southern cocododo. plus... a look at the aftermath of the deadly stotos on the east coas.. s seral stes are fing ashehehe to buildlthr
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we'll bededeht b bk. welcome back.. weomback... day is the deadlininfor applpl to respond to the department of sticics court orlfr forcrcg e compmpy to hp the fbi into the phphphofofof accucud san bernardinohohoer "syed farook if the orderertands up to legal challenges, apple wiwiave to teew c cmi-s fiwarerethat would remove e sscode lockout on thgunman's i-phone. apple continues to reiterate -- their commitme to privacy and thatatt has "no connection" to
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legattle between dnthe b-i soas implications that could d fect a high prolelease e re i southern colorado.... the disappearance of "kelsie elli". just le e f-i, pueo polili have struggled to uock iphone -- belonging to shelli's boyfriend "donthehe lucas". shshe e sappeared three e aro and lucais t t last mnown person to see r. he's been intervied by the police, but denies any invoement. he tained warrants and even sosoht the f apple, but having them unck t phone c ces with a catch. "therekingut if thth were to take the phone what t ey could trieie and what yore going to lososwhen@t@ty do that righghnow we'rununlling too low thtn to o en try because our thing iswe don't want to lose anhing" thheing fami iofferi a a thousasd dodoar r rard -- for tips that leado her return or her location.
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watch... just four days before super tueuda republican preredentntl candidatat are pulling outuuu the stopto halt donald trump's mentum. duri`gast nighs g-o-p deba ouston. marcrc bio and tecr ganged n trump. cruz, in particular, taking`aim m m at trump's income taxes which are currently being audited. "... he can neleaease pasasyear'saxreturn he can n it tomorrow. he d dsn't want to d dit, becae prprumumhere's something in there.. trump: nothihi. cr: ... that is baba if therers nothing, relelse tm tomorrowtrum nothi, nothing. uz: they're alreadadprepared. ththonly reason he's not releasing them... trp: you -- you don't... cr: ... is becausesee's afraid." trtrargues he can't lee his tax returns`to t t pubujc cae of t audit....e e xt republicacadebate is schedulufor next thursdain detrtr meanwhile.. dedecratic candidateteie nds s d hihiary inton are preparg for thiseekend's south carolina primary. tl cdidateteare fofosi on appualin african american ters. .
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exexa a rd to gain momenm after losingo clclton in the neva caucuses the sosoh caro priryakeses ple onaty. right now... states of emergey are in effect in viinin ana,nortcalina. st twowof the seven states suffererg fromevastating damage after seve andndeadlstorms... at least 50 tornadoe-- have tore thrghities fromomhe south... all the way up the eastern aboard or e pastwoays.s. nine people arde.... and dozensore are injud. from dd trees d power ouougegeo flds and cance flightht... day ththres ststl trtrng to r rover meowowor w wther and traff on the 5s. meteorologisisstststn bowersrss here now with rst alert 5. a fire weathewatch is in effect for saturury 10 am until 7 pm f el paso,ueblo, frentntotero, crowley, hrfo, and las
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weather conditions a favorable for fires tototart quickly and spread erratic. tdoor wnshououe postponene reremb to ver thro cigareree butts outsid the wests largedy void of any major weather disturbances aside from a storm system along the pacific nonohwest coast. hihi pressururis keepipipihings quiet r us for now. storm system on n e west coast will round t t northern ge of the high presse and slididuth into our area tomorrow.w thatill l crease t downslope wind for our area. the strong dowowlope wind ll wa andndry. tempatures are maiaiy in the 20s s is morning.d highs teteeratures today will be in t 5 a 60s0s neath a sunnsky, we warmquicy isisornini throuou the 20s and 30s and almomo t/ 50 b b 10 am.m. noon w w in the lower an mi 50s aund colorado springs and monu. pueblo a caon city will be closos tot60. expect 50s and 6 tough the afternoon, then we wiwl be
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,,,,,,, still ahead... a a ical creaturstirir trouble on t streets
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miss! don't go awaw...
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daisis is clijngsponliororatt a shi'ite mosqsqn baghdad d`at killed 15 people and injurur fifty others. h hpened yeerdada.. cal ce s twocide notateplives in tosos.. is sayayatckre targetetg "apostates" a termrm used to descscbebshi'itete muslsls. ban shington. the u-s state department i condemnihe bombibi... and exessingympathto all all the whwere affecte police in colombiareleed video from a police& officeces gogoro cama... in the footage... you can see an officer pulls up in front of c inside.. and fires seveot surprisingng nohone was injured... the four suspectctwere all arrested a charg for robbery. worls noer controvey...
5:53 am
ployees ha ped as imal righwsists in der r py on opposing grou! seaw ma anncey.juays afteal rigigs grou "peta", accused a seaworor san diego woer oltltti oup totget intel and re members.alisc the @ fafes backshs &dontar..tioweakekealal i icaptiviv y will clolololololoits s s s s s oror pkse(e(e(ofofofs s ararar it's a scene right of a fantasy movi.. a unicorn on the loosepolice in califorora say a white ponyny dressed as a unicorn foa children's birthday party escaped -- and led officers on a wild chase for several hours on wednesday nit. they say the pony ran off from the party... darting into trafficicndndeaving
5:54 am
police say they reived several calls from stunned drivers... whwere convincededhey had seen gical creature! y... cers were able to catch ulianne" t pony... d take her back to her owner... unharmed. time nowor weath and traffic on the 5s. meteorologist stephen bowers is here now with first alert 5. a fire athewatch is in effect for saturday 10m until 4 pm forl paso, pueblo, fremomt, otero, owley, huerfanoand s animas unti. fireeaer watch means wehe ndndions a2a forable foror sdart qcklylynd sprereically. tdtdr burng should be stpope member tver throrfrf gatte tts s oue.e. ththththtjel of f majobthehedibancessisefrom a a arm systetealonthe pacicic rthwesescoast.
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quiet for us for w. thstorsystem on the west aswillllllll the northn n ed of the high pressure and slide south intotour are tomorrow. that will increase the downslopewind for our area. ththststng downslope wind will warm and dry. temperatures are mainly inhe 20s this morning. highs temperatures today will be in the 50s and 60s. beneath a susuy sky, we warm quickly this morning thrhrgh the 20s s d 30s and almost to o by am. on will beben the lower and middle 50s around colorado rings ananmonumeme. ebeb and caon city will be closer to 60. expect 50s0snd 60s through the ternoooo then we will be cooling roh the 50s d 40s d d to the upper 30s and lower 40s by 10 . "it didn'tmatter who it was had s scific target, he just... . ooting anyone e o got in his
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cocongp... wiessederibehehe ifying moments during` hohoing in kansas... we havavthe latest informamama he contis ofofofof viims..... d wh invtorsrsrse led d`t t e ehehte pl...drdrdrit... ng winds....and d rm temperatutus are e e e e turning g rara firirdangng across southerrado... cal firefifiter wiwi be on t thisisiskend... we have a live update coming up.... temperatureseso start our friday morning are in the teens and 20s. hpghs today will bebin the 5 and 60s with sunshine. the weekend looks beful, but e re rk increases tomorrow. i ijll have detas for u coming up in weather & &raffic oq the 5's.


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