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tv   News 5 Today at 6AM  NBC  February 26, 2016 6:00am-7:00am MST

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cocongp... wiessederibehehe ifying moments during` hohoing in kansas... we havavthe latest informamama he contis ofofofof viims..... d wh invtorsrsrse led d`t t e ehehte pl...drdrdrit... ng winds....and d rm temperatutus are e e e e turning g rara firirdangng across southerrado... cal firefifiter wiwi be on t thisisiskend... we have a live update coming up.... temperatureseso start our friday morning are in the teens and 20s. hpghs today will bebin the 5 and 60s with sunshine. the weekend looks beful, but e re rk increases tomorrow. i ijll have detas for u coming up in weather & &raffic oq the 5's.
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n this freday... ryh. i'm m m c ckrell. and i'm m a cron. we begin a00 wititcontinuing coverage shog g re@ hehehen, k ksas.s.. whererergunmanilled three people and left fourteen others ind. juju hoursrsgo.... nbc released a photo of thth spected shter... idfied as cedricarry ford... sevel reports say was an employee at the plant ere the most victims werershot. officer who shoh andndilled the suspect is being called a heroho sed liv. c's s h plake hamo. - sert pkg ----- masssse police presence outside thehexcel industrieie tnin heheton, kanafter a gunman tered the complex anan openen fire. workers inside the building described a chtic scene. sot / no id "everybo w w running, people were scrming, people were
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to d d" sot / d nd more people runng and all ofof sudden pop pop pop,p, stsrted running g o. when it was over fr peopop killed ing the gunmanmore itically. ses say e uuspt.. o wawaan employee of thehe plt.. was armewith hn t t yl apon and a handgun. police say thehean also shot and woundedee peopop encountererere the way to t t plant befe he weide andnopened fire. . soso/ no id t didn't' tter w it was he had no specififitaet, hehe just... oooong anyone who g t in his y." the fit ofofcer to arrive immediately engaged the nmnm and sine handnly toto himido. . sot / sheriff t. walt - harvecoyns :xx "even ough h htook fire, he wewewinside of tplacacand saved multiple, ltipip lives, a hero as far 'm concerned. out q 0 people were insidedehe plant atathe time of the shooting. police would n disisss a leadon what mayave e e gerethe
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sarah plake e thhat report... last night investigators raided theo suect edric larry fofm".. multiple law enforce agciesesave nonostped wog g roughout the nhththt and theiinvestigation is sll ongoinat this ti.. pepele across the state e ntinue to mourn theeath of "park county" deputy corporal nate carrrrrr... whwalled in the lili of duty on wednesday aiy.we will let u knowon as we have his funeral arrangementn.. park county deputytykolby martin"... o remains in sererus condition is mning. . the third deputy is recovering at he... wewel have more e the shting. comi up in out nexhalflf hour warm tememratures are heed r way... d a a rere weatr watch goes into effect tomorrrr... . some cre have already been ckling grassfires is week. ounews 5 5 joaa wise joins us live from coloro spring
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joanna... good morning. wildfirerexperts say there are lpt of fin dryuelsn ouou areaightow becf f l e moisturee g/t last yr... and because of that a small grassfire could turn into something much larger and stroro. anthis mnrng fire crcrs in fremont t unty are still monitoring a bshfire that spked lastight. . here's videoeorom the scsce last ght. firefighters say it burned aut two acres in a remote area near nrose. it is t threany homes s or rtructures... but crews are still monitoring hot spots. d another fire sparked earlili that a&aernoon-- near calh. crews from fououdiffrent mpanies respwnd anand itt under corol with an hour. we we' told it burned aroundnd 30es. o o and while this y ytytycally the timef year when we do semore grassfires-- witdfirirexperts say there are ththgsou should do to help protect your proper... like proper mimigati.
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morning meterologisi stephen bowers. who has s closer look k this ekekds coitioio. hen. weatheand trtrfic on 5s.chieiemornrng orologist stephen n&wers is here now w)w
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a suspted drunk k iver fac seseral charges this m mningngn pueblo... after policecece he ashed to m5lt objbjts oanoff@f@e stet. itappenene ther thousathlock of "peakvie befofo miigli ault t,asca.. bebebebeinal h h hng h h. ficeceelelneneneve t t iver wasaseavily intox when the contacted h h. he w w wrrested r d-u-i a a number of other charges. the crash is still under investigation. new w formatioioto a sto we e first brought to you at 4:30... the el paso un sheriff's ficeays the who barraded himself inside a home fntn habeen intified as "damomobrim". this is a photo of him just into our newsroom.. officials sasahe was wanted on a warrant for kidnappi.. felony.. menacing and a aaultith a deadly weapon. this morni he's sitting insidede the criminal justice center.
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after a standoff at a homeear "colonial drive" and "colonial lane" in fountn.. swat teams and sheriff deputies responded to the scene. in this morning's electi watch. just four days before supe tuesday... republican presidential candidates are pulling out all the stops to halt donaldmp's momentum. during last night's g-o-p debate in houston... marco rubio and ted cruz ganged up on t2ump. rubio in particulaaking a)m atrump's inc taxes which are cucuently being auted. ". he c relse past 's t turnr.e can do i4itomoowhesn't$tt too o l l cause presumumhe's somethqnin there. trum n/vng. cruz: ..thet i iths thing, relea them tomorrow. tvhiing. cruzthe already y y ared. . . . . thlylyhehe non lethem.... trtrp: y y -- u don't....... uz: : : & because he'e'e'raid.""" trtrp p guesese cat relee e his s x returns t p p pc u3e of t t audit.. e next r rlin debate scheduled for next thursday in t. anwhe...
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sanders and hilllly clinton are preparing for thth weekend's south carolina priry. both candiditeteare focusing o appealing to african arican voters. sanders in particular is working extra hard to gain momentum after losing to clinton in the nevada caucuses. the south carolina pmary takes place on saturday.y. susuorte of mocratic esidential candite "bernie sanders' continue to r here in southern colorado. last night in pueblo... dozens gathered for the national nurses united's "bernie bus". the bus is touring the country talk abt health insnsan and sanders' propopod polili --roroting coloradare. and this weekend.. another big ent for bernie! supporters are hosting a "feel the be" chililcook-off in colorado springs on saturday... chilie c do o at.. in so many ways... ke you feel e bern... still ahead ononews five today... it may be totolate for se... but alzheimers paties are
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that could help save lives in the future... and we're getting a closer look this mning in your healthy family plus... taking a live look in denver... this m m mng, we'rtting a better idea a& how the job
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that's coming up next in your consumer watch. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, a ne a art. kingg r rht now.. we are leain abo thehehehe titititiind the dede& shoong ivivansa the harvey county shiff saysdricicar fororwb a protection ordeless hours beforent on a shoototg g e e he ordrdtsms frfrfr c cinvolvinrds girlrl. . we wilililepouououated on anananlinenes sry develops. today's your alalylmily... there's exciting new alzheimer's's diseasasrerearch thqt could lead ewiagnc braiscan. riritinow seers sre enroroing patients w w wreret ththenenififif barbara a&rsrsrsa has more... --- pkg --- sot: joseph murphy, brher "she's a aererwrrm lovinwomam" jo m mphy isisiskikiut st mauauen digri t: josepmumuhu, other "forer to o in thsituion
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caref herself." her cline began 6 yes ago whwh maure was j jt tjtbshley medi, , ugugug as irritabnd non rself." maururn'n'daught, ashleyeyand r r other jose t t theininih r t stininand d tned out spe e d alzheimer's. sot: ashley dididahter t t reed eenow 5#5isjne dth and enrolled in a study th won help her but promimi hel millions of others. t:t:r. stepepn`saowow director, butler hl's s memery and aging "what i'm so moved about is the volueeekpartstudy, m mreen had a ain scan a we#o aft s s's gshllllndergogon nvtoy. earlr search showed a link between a builllp ofofhe proroin amyloid and alzheimer's diase. w, they're looking to confirm e prprein tau u also o @ @ prominent.sot: dr. epepsaoway dirtor, er hospita and a pgram "we think thatatmyid prote uig up first but n long a aer that, tau proteins also buildg up and i iwh ththu proteibububup and ststts to o rere in thbrnrisisis when the memory loss starts to occur." and`ililthey c c see t tauau protein on pet scans now, , e u.s.
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reires it cocfirmrm touaupsy. so voluntetes ve scan bere death a d an autopsy aftfrrd. sot: dr. n n llllay / dector, butler hoss memo agirogram "it't'foople who are terminalaz ill who have less than sixi^ons to live. they can hahe dementiar not. they could have cancer causingg their r rminal illnene with lly y rm memory"at w w t ty can prove e e e protn isisthe alzhzhmememe brain a d d d d n rmalalrara, and thatatromiseseto help doctors better t tat folks with h h thth memory ininininine. so a aley didaughtt kno s s, heheelf wowod want to help others" wewever and traffic on the chief morning memeorologist @sthen n wers is here now witit first alert 5. a a ae weathehewatch is in effector saturday 10 am untiti 7 pm for el pas pueo, fremontot crowleleleuerfrf and l ananas cououie a fire weathereratcheans wehehe
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res tototart quickly and spread erratically. outdoor burnshould be postponed. remeo nethrow gatte butts tside. the westlargely void of an major weatr disturnces aside from orm system along dhe p pific northwt coast. high pressuris kpinghings quiet for ususor now. e e orm m s emh ththwest coast wiwi rnd the northern edge of the high pressure and slide south into our area tomorrow. that wililincrcrse the downsnsns wind for our area. the strong downslope wind willll warmrmrm dryry teeratures a a mainlnlnlnlnl 20s is m mning. ghghtees t tay wil in the 50s and 60s0s beneath a sunuy sky, w wwarm ququkly thororng through the 20and 30and almost t50 b b 10 a noon will be in the lowor and middlel50s around colorado spris and momomentnt eblolond caon cy willlle er to pect 50s and0s thrgh t t afteoon, then l
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andinto the upperer0s andower
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watch... acacrding to the latatt nunuers frfrhe u-s-sea l statistics... e job mamaet in cocorado is stl is onenef thbe in the nation... colorado had the 10th west unemployment rate en the countrtrin 2015... at 3 3 percent... wellnd the national@average 5.3 p pcent. u-s lawmakers sasajapenese totoar company "ka faked teesults to cover upp the ploding airbag issue. report frothehenate commerce", "scscnce"nd "transportation committee" --
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takata a ae pasa2 s.s. e naonal highway tffic safety administratatn says the defectivairbags uld explode sendinmetal fragments ng. ich can cause rious injury or deaea. e recall of defective air bag inflators has led to the l lgege safety recall u.s. history.y. coming u u.... cal auauouitieieare saying... the possibilitof the natios biggest marijuanfestiv coming to l ly -- just a pe dreaea.. plus... hot bath cano wonders r the mind and body... wel tete you about an o on spa brewing up a n kd of soak...
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,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ta[e a look at your scre... new video has be released of deadly yltercation betwn a machete-wielding m and housusn police officerer ththincident occururd onuesday mornink -- at a bus termin. ficers s the manas sho killed aer a he swun a a deputy -- wiwihearge bde. after the shooting... investigors learnethth whole e ing started.... whenenhe suspectissed hihi chance tbua bus ticket and eck out this close cl for a stattrooper in missouri -- after his patrol car was side-swiped by a trqctoror trair.
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killll-- but the car is kelyly totatad.drdr oe actor-ailer was issued a citation. . the pueblo county shifisis eakiki out with concnsnsver the plan to move a aajor marijuana celebrbrioto pueblo rlier this week we td yo thathigh times" mamazine set its sits o opueblo couy for its annual "cannabis cup" afr adams county denied its permitit sheriff kirkaylor sa c-d has also deniei%rmit the eblo county proposition -- because it wld occur along ghway 50 at thsame venue as "bandzdzn ththbackyard". s ss thconcfrt series is a fferent t enar bse enforcing marijuana consumptpln among thousa attendeds woul nearly impossibleyou get consume alcohol on ose groundnd there's no provisisis in t riria laws, in4 or otherwisep for open public consnsption marijuana. it doesn't exist. e ofofhe mn cons by adams cououy waout-of-state
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legay to attendees. the pueblo county applplation is still being considered, but could be denied because came in less thanan5 dada before the evenen ylor says he will apapal if rmit is appr. . in the sll ogon town o "sisters"... amamica's first "br spa" has opened fofo business... it's inspired imilar businesses -in eure..... clies at "hohoin the spa"a"an soak in a a proprietary blbld of br... and they s a bath in bw..... is good for youo spa owneneys it't'great for somnia, relaxation... and singngainsnd aches. we should ntion you wont gut drdrk soakakg in beer. spa employees s y thth business in hoppin'n'. theiriphones have been ringing ofthe hoho sincm they opened. d ey are ready to expand... adding a beer garden -- and a
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weatata and traffic on the 5s. chief morning meteorologist sthehebowes s re now wh first alal5. aire weatatr watch isn effect/f saturday 10 am unti 7 forpaso, pueblo, , frfrontl o oro, crowley, huhufafa, and s animim counties. a fire weataer watch means weather condndionsre favavable for fifis to start quickly andnd readadat. outdoor burninshould be postponed. remember to nevethrow cigarette buttoutstse. the west is laely void of any major wehe disturbances asisi from a storm m p system alo the pacific northwest coast. highghressure is keeping t tngs' iet for usorow.w
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asaswill round the n nthern edge of the high pressure and slide south into our area tomorrow. th will inease t downslope wind for our area. the strong dlope wind warm and d d d mperatures are mainlnlin t 20s thth mornini ghs t%mperatates todayilllbe inhe0s and 60s. beneath a a nny y y, we warmquicklklthis morning t toughghhe s d 30anmomo t50 b 10 am. noon will be in the lower and dd 50s0sround colora spris and monument. pueblo and caon city will b closer to 60. expepepe0s0snd 60s through hhe afteoon, then we will be cooling througugthe 50s and s and in the u uer 30s a ler 40s by 10 pm. welcome e ckckt 6:30 just a short time`ago.. auauorities in kansas releed the motiti for a deadly y ooting ree at a manufturiri plala that leffoead, including the shooter. the harvey county shifififif dric lar ford was served withth proteion ordeless an t tou b bore wen ophehehooting spree. the shshiff says theherderertems omom case involvininford and his girlend. this morni... 14-p-pple e recoveri in the e e hospital f fm injuries.... five of f em a in crical nditio righw w thorities in "wton
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welcome back at t 30.. just srt time . authoritieieansas released the motive foror deadly shooting sprue at a aanufacturing plant that left four dead, cling shte the harvey couy shifysys ce l l ford was served with a protection order l%ss an two hoursefore e went on the s soting spe. the sheriff says t t order stems spital from inrieses. five of thth are in critical conditn. right now authoritieiein "newton kansas" arinvestiging at the houou of the gunman... who's been idedeifieas "c"cric larry ford"... they have bebe on thscene sincnclate last t ght... after reportfrom neighghrs led policeo believe -- more victs or a pososble second shooter could be in thhome...
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and didn fifd anything... e shooti happed earlier thursday aftereron i hessssn... excel industries where fofo was an emploe. e today show will pisi u ntntueing coverage of the shooting... after neveveoday at 7: ba in colora... peoplecross the statetcontjnue to momon the ath of "park c cy" deputy -- corporoje carrigan... who was kied in the linenef dudu wednesday in nbiley. park county deputy "kolby martin"... was also shot ipip& times servininthth eviviion notiti.j. hehe remai in seriois s ition is morning. d e third depupu... who was grazed@dy a b llet. ins rerevering at home. at yesteay's news conference... . sheriff "fred weg-r wegener" said ththdeath of corporal carrigan... hahahit the c/mmununy hard. "hmet a t to our mmity. he was the conmmate law enfoent proresonal nate's death will be hd on our agency and the l/ls wiwi be felt
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e sherifalsosoayay.. a sisisir evevevevevotice s s servrv at t t suspects home in 2014, ananititame e p pcel resoti. says they certqinly dn't expecthingto turn violent. the suspect, died in a gunbattle with deputies.s. details of t shooting will be nt to the d-a's office for view. we havnew inrmation on yeyeerday's officer@invovoed shooting i ievans... inveveigatats say ththman killed by police... shoute"s"oot m- kill me" and fifid at wffs durinune confrontation. evans police respoed ta tresspassing ca@l around 1 1 yesterday morning hay 85... wh twouspectstsr ruruiug. ononman was arreed... investstators say that other suspspt turned@and s s sat officers... who returnededire, killing the man. nonone ee e s hurt. the names of the officers and
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waer temperatures are headad ouo%way. anana fire eea watch goes into et tomorrow... some crews have e r@r@r@been ckling g gssfiris thth weeee our news's joanna wise joins us le om c corado rings with a closer lolo at somef the cocoernsns anan... ododorning. . wildre experts s there are a t of fine, dryryuels in our area right now because of all the moisre we got t st year... and becaeae of that small grassfire could turn into something much larger and disastrous. and this morni fire crin front countytyty still@ monitoringng bshfe that sparked last night. here's videorom m e scene st night. refitersby it t edbout two acres a remote area near penrose. it is not t reatating ananhomes or strucucre.. but ews are still monitong hohospsps. d another pa earlier thatatftnoon-- near calhan.
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companies reonded and had it under control within an hourur we we're told it burned arou 30 acres. no d while thispilly tht mpmpmpf ar wn weo see re grassfires-- w wdfire pert say there are thgs y y should do t thelp p ptect your property... like propemigation. w les takeket over to chieie morning meterololost stephen bobors. who has a closes look at this ststhen... w let's s t to weatherer andnd traffic on t t 5s.`. chief morning meteorologisis stephen bowers is he n with h first alert 5. fire weather watch in effect for saturday 10 aununl 7 pm for
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crcrley, huerfano, and las animas counties. fire weather watch mea athe ions are forabab for fis to start quick and spread erratically. outdr burning ould b postponene remember tver throw gareree butts outstse. the west is s rgy void of f y major weather stbancncna froroa storm ememlong t pacifif nohwest coast. highghressure isiseeng thihis quiet for us for .lw.
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right now... a tcxcof i0 heavily maged by that masssse cksle... is back open! yesterdayb.. the hihiway y rough glenwoxu nyon rened to two way fic.howeveto.. ews ntinue t tworkrkn delays and backups e eected. c-dot sa tre will also be periodic clolores s er the next montntas repairs to e roro and gudrails continue. dada... the pulo airirrts ofofcially welcoming back great lakes airlines. thairport celeated t t grand opingyeststday... an l les" un they are offering one flight day denverer.. afafr stopopng thehe flights backckn november. the terminal hasaslso received a new makeover,.. . including g new w staurant,. that's a taste o opueblo. ckets are available e r ththe flights up to denver right no-- p ps va ddi
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comimi up... tiue is runninihout for rpple to swerer judududorder to helel e b-i... find out how their decision could haveveuge impacts on a
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weweome e ck... today is the ddline for apape totoesnd -- to the department of justice's court order r ng t tforce apple totoelin thenvestion of e n bernardinono terrt attata. by hacking into the i-one "syefarororo if the orderernds up tlegal allenges, , ple willllave to create a new customize"i-o-s firmware" that would remove the passcode lockououon that phone. a0plcontins to reiterate -- their commitment - -to w wt theh saisthprivacy of all their customers -- that has "no o connection" " hat data may exist on peoplpls phonen. that legegegegtle e tween ple e and the f-b-i -- also has implications that could affect a high prole case here in southern colorado....ththdippeaeance of "kelsie ellingng jujuike the f-blo poliave stggled to uock@ an iphone -- belonging to shshlingng boyf[iendn"dodohe lucas". she disaearad three yearago and lucacais the last knn persono see her.
6:42 am
police, but denies any involvement. dedectives h he obtained warrants and evevesohehe help sf ape, but having em untock t phone comes wa catch. "t"ty'rerealki about if f ey were to take the p pne wt they cod retrieve and what t u'rere going to lose e en they do that right now we're unwilling to allow them to even try bececse our thing is, we don't want to lose anythinin the scleing family is offering a 50hohoand doll reward -- for tips that t ad to her return or her location. the tables have turned f three black collegstudents in n w rk... who claimed they were victs ofate crcr. now th are the o o ofacing argege.. earlier r mth.... a rally was held for thrhr female students at "u-albany" who claimed they we bebeen by p of white8peoplplon a aus on january 30th... police released video o owing a diffefent story. "it definitelylyooks like it snsn wt the girlsaid had
6:43 am
the site" assault... ' th have not spoken publically since the rally... misled.. stents are actlly lling fo apologygyu-albany presist robert jes. se`ts an email sayg 10-12 stentslted and harasshese three girls and s nofair becausepe e udent tually left campus because he thought his fe was threatened" an attorory for one of the women ys t t bus video doenot ow the e ole storor the ununersity's police chie says the i iident wawanot a hatete crime... d d e only perso investstators heard d cial slom was one of the black men. embattled university of missouri -- -asasmedia p2ofessor "melissa click" is now out of a a job. we first brought you the story baba ioctober... when "click" was ht on camerarasking for ommule" emove studenphotograpaer.. with the campus news p per -- from the site of a
6:44 am
e iversity of missouri syst- - ard of curators s decided this w wk to fire e .. theyay forinterfering g th thr)ts" of ststent jojonanasts. thcurators she "wawat t entledtotoonfrt members of lafofoement or thteatete anototr student by physical intimidation. cland bronws q qrterback -- johnny manziel domestic violence ce has been referred to a texas grand jy.y. ey wdecicihether to charge the h hsman trophy wier ananformer texas a& m star... is accused o oattataing his ep-girlfriend on janua 30th. accordg to reports... "c"e"e croey" claimsmkanziel leav anreatenen to kill her. . crcrles granted a protectiti ordedeagainst manziel. "johnny footballcocod face up tone year in jaianananfour- charged and convicted. w today. comean bill c sby y s dropped s defamati lawit againsts& supermodel beverohon.
6:45 am
proceedingngin pennsylvania participate in litigatatg the e civil gainst ms. johnson. th say they plpl to o@-f thththl case beforththstatat of limitataons pirere in her memoioi johnsoncces cosby of drugging her and trying t trape hereritut esesat his home in the 1980's. . cosby currently faces crimimal arges in pennsylnia for thalled sexual ass of drea cstand in 200 weather a`d traffion the 5s.ief morning meteteologist stephen bowers is here nowowith rst alt fire weathehewatch is in effect for saturday 10 am until 7 pmor epaso, pueb, emont, oro, crowlele erfano, a d las animas counti. firereeather watch means atatcoitions favle for fires to start quickly a spread erratical. outdoor burning should be
6:46 am
tswes vof y mamar weathere distside from em along the pific northwesescocot. hi pressure is keeping t quiet for for( w. the storm m stem on the west@ cot wiou torn ge of f e hihi pssuran slide sosoh into our a2ab tomoow. that will increase the downslope nd for o are roowpeind will rm. . temperatures are mainly in the 20th mninghis tempesodayayllbe in the 50s and 60s. beneath a sunny sky, we warm quickly this morninghrough the 20and 30s and almost to 50 by 10 am.m. noonilbe in e lo and d le 5 5unlodospris nunt && pueb caeae cit be eloser t60 expect 50s and 6hrhrgh the afternoon, then weweill be cooling through the 50s and 40s and to the upper0s and lower
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urt ste.
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is aouououhe is no intereed in thb. yestday.we t td d u oval might t a possie candidatto replace theate jue "antonina".. bududuursd aftno... . "sandoval" t td the white house heheld turdown the position.. ofrio f fc)s)on. wel@contntue ta#k velepmentm yoy. aaytunfn riri thana17 tanu-s & ...,.-coracts. s are e ng pt a majolirc an arase in iael. ererers arararnducucucuchehehe drill with personnel from d denenenoror. ththexexcici knononono"jununun bra " " a a alist m msidedededeilililgun in 2 21... ananhe by the twuntrifs p about every two yes. thex inclulus mputer-simulat trajnin foreign disaster and humanitarian respons d& wu will be rht bkcth&
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,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,'s almlm0 hrerehe five thingno fore you go. this morning... authoritbelithth arned e moven yesterday'y'mass shootototot as... the harvey county sheriff says cedr lry ford warved wiwiwi p pteteten order less thth two h h h befororhe went a soting e. authoritieiesay e order stems frfr a case involvg fofo and d s girlfriend. fur people we killed in the oooongngpree, including fordrd 14 oths were injured. the vestigion is ongoi this morning.... a mawhwhwhrr himimlf ininde a aome in fountai
6:53 am
el paso o un sheriff's office has idididfied the suspect a a damon brimer. the cident happened earlier this morningngt a home near colonial drive and coloniaia lane. officials say he was wanted on a warrant for kidnping.. felony.. menacing and assault with a deadly wean. this morning he's sitting inside the criminal justice center. people across the state continue to mrn the death of "park county" deputy corporal nate carrigan... who was killed in the lili of duty on wednesday in bailey. we will let yokn as soon as we have his funeral rangents.. as for the other two deputies who were shot.... "kol martin's"ondition has been upgraded from critical to serious. the thd deputy irecoring at home... right now... a stretch of-70 heavily damaged by that massive rockslide... is partially back open... in bh directions... that began yesterday... however... crews will continue repa work... and you still have to follow a pilolotruc.. so expectccoinues delaysnd backups. over the nt mont.. warmer temperatures are headed
6:54 am
and a fire weadher watch goeoe e eect to with dry condidis and strong winds creang danrouse wewewer in ourrea.a.fixper adve you to t te ststs to mitigige the danger around yr homeme like rememing arby dry a a dead brush. weather and traffic on the 5s. chief f rnmeteolist ephebowers is heheith firsrsert 5. a fire weather watch h in effe for saturday 10 am unl 7 pm for el paso,ueo, fmont, oter owleuerfano, and animas counties. a fire weaer watch m mns weather condions are forable for fires to startuickly and spread erratically. outdtdtdburng shou be
6:55 am
re tk never throcigae aust e. the west is largely void of any major weatatr sturbqbqes adededededestorm stememlong t t p pic northwest coast. highressure is keeping things quiet for us for now. the stm systemth$& cotowiwiwiound the nohe edgof fhe h essure and slyde south into r area morrow. that will increase theownslopep wind for our are the strorotoowowind will w wm anandrdrdr ererer a mml
6:56 am
gpg temperatuteses p keke l#lk hihihi e eb z is sharinvideo t t t new b bdldldl! thth li cluand his mom are in an indoor nesting location t now, so theyeyan b t come ail, the cub should be out in the exhibit! ththzoo tells the cub l lesesgle with hih
6:57 am
had in a aos. stay conctededititito-a-a dodo
6:59 am
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good good m m mng ptragedin ur d d 14 injured after guguan goes s a shohoinsprere (at a a atory whereree ed. >> e eryryry was rurni peo@oeerscreg.op were e yi ser i id asceicord.d. m m mngli s thehehehe know what mamamave triggerer h mpage. >>texas smkdown.&& thingsetetgly y the publicic debata4 witcruz a rubio takiepeated shots at dodold trump. >> if he hadn't inherited $2 million, you knowhererdonald trp wowod be selling was and hatsts >> anyny >> anybody who carar about ililgal imgratiowouldn't't


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