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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  February 26, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm MST

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breaeang n n tonighgh trump bombshell.l& chris christie shocks the polititil wowod by enrsing the front-runner hours aftemarco rubio ununadedn t tmp in a - wildebatatawl. one of the most hramatic campaign daysys ever. nbnbnews instigatesmi algations fmioio the i iide story of :how undocunted workers worked the site of trump tower. shooting hohoor. 4 dead, 13 wnded as a gunman ope fire in a workace. a hero cop@paking h)m down. night, what we've learhappened in e hohos beforerehe massacre. zika iamica. the c wawas of sue in cases. the rus is n22
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en. a le gl's unicn ononheoose, and a lice chase like we've never seeee bere "nhtly news" begins t no >> announcer: this i i "nbc nightlyews"s" with lr hoho good eveni. what a wd day it has been, one of most dramat and intense days of this presidenti camamign n so far. hours after moing,g, ridiculing challenging donald trump on the debate stage, a ruvenated marco rubio struck again totoy t then donald trump suck back with rpriri annonoceme onew jersey governor ch chchst. asasas pof and ofordsdsetwe ump and o o t trail foupbebere super tsday. c's kaka t ttarts f f r coverage. ktywhat a aay... >> reporter:ester, they say erythg is bigger in texas, and this endorsese certainly camenas a a big surprise.. lesshan a month afr he droppud out and just four days t gogontil super esesy, chris christ is getting
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and trying to lay y waste to m mco rubioio >> ladies and gentlemen, it is my hor and my privilele to introduce t t next t prest ofofhe ited s stes, donalal ump!! :> reporter: donald d tradded a little jrsey pride this xas swagger in f ft - worttoday. former presidential cacaidatatchchs christie officiallll endorsing the front-t-nner >> and i really was happy with this one right hehe. chris,p,hanknkou. love y/u,u,an. >> i is all makeelve. >> rorter:esth a momoh agchristie trying to downrump. >> n ni 0@ould d medy in midide e fifth aven n l votetei ner meca rapapts and mumus. i never id ban all musls from the unitedtates. >> reportete the two ten cacaed bullies aming up to eviscete marco rubio. >> last night i ththght that t deal of the nig was when i looked over to rubio, and iaid, you remember, you'u' a
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wantnthors in our administraon. said you'r'ra ok and you're a l lr. reporter: tru again n cking ruo's statatofhe u uonon water bott g. >>et's'salk k k t tor from florida doesn't havavth talent. doesn have the temperament. he can never make us reat. >> reporte the dorsement perfect timingor trump afterer a bad dedete that leftft him on the defensive for his inheritance, a trump p iversity fraud susu andndot releasing s tax retutus. the e s has said tt there's nothg precludi you in n s rules from rereasing your taxes -- your tax returns withthn audit. >> until m)%dit finish very simple, u're n ning if to you're going to see it. bui'm t going lica ts. r rter:hrti a cunning litian who o ny bie could ha b bdgdgin washgton,n,n p pngthe sure b. the goveor's thinking tell nbc but ruruo after anding up to trump the d date isn't going to go wn
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>> 2eporter: this isis beutierr coveri mco rubio's campaign. today he was ring hi until the billionairopopd the b#mbshl. hohostunning was t t chstie e eorseme? stning?? no, lolo chris is an articulate guy. donald pblneeds a lifeline after last night anhe cd in chris christie. i respect that. have more than my fair s sre of endorsrsents. >> reporter: this rnrng in dalla rubio had tipped io the fronrunner. what tetere dealili th here, my friends, aon artt. >>eporter: mocking a riesestrump' sspelled tweets. >nd i only reachcd twcolusionon number, that's h h ey spell thoseseords at the wharton s s sl of business whereb we,tor, number two, just le trump tower hehmust have hired a reign workrk to do s own tweets. he called me" mr. m%ltdown. leleme tell you somethgn lalahtht at t
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brksksentttt bababaagag he was having a knkntdown.n. first,e d thisis little m meup thing g applying likikmake :around miss m st, had one ofhose s sat mustacheheand then p wanted a a al l ngth mrrorormaybybto make 9re his pants weren wet, i don'tnow.t. >> r rorter: rubio's all-out assault coming after last night's publican debate in hues top. he berated trumpmpor his hiriri practice. >> if uilt thehe wall t t way hbuilt ump towers he'll be using ilgal imgrant labor too . rorter: his inhetance. >> if he hadn't heririd $2 million you know wre trump woulde right now, sellingatch ip >>eporte a andis repetition o ocampaign slogans and now w ws repeating himself. > watcheh him repeatatimself five times four wee ago >> i saw youepeaea yourlf fivtis ve secondso &rorter:ubio faa a eepeclclcl ur days bebere super tuesday. polls show senator bebe trump in all 11 stst. whwh's crucial is rubio's home state of florida on march 15th where onpoll has him aili by dodole dits. yo guaranteeing that you wililwin. >> we will win. >> ropopr:hat hapaens qf you don't?
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the south tomorrow, he'sxpecd toto release n x return ande's calling on t & front-ruruer to do the same, but,lester, on wn rio@ we up ownin thehe news cyclhe found h hse trtrped. >> allight, gabe. regardrdg some of thohalletions by bio. ming up we've gogo the insidetory of howlundocumented woed at ththsitef trump towor. t, first, i want too brin in ourolitical director and moderator ofofmeet the press chuck to chuck,ur new poll asked registered lters wch of f following would be their reaction t t trump theominee 51% said scared, 24% idng, and when you lo at t mbers like t tt and you lolo t back and for we just saw a moment ago, wt do you me of it? >> i have to say, feels likeveryryime wewehi p scourse has deteriated to a new low, we reh a w low. i m mn it really is stunningnghe back and -- forthhoday that we've seen betwten truhpnd bio. it is- unesentialoesn't
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it,,but, t fact of the matteis yoyoveveot t t givthe trcampai c cdit re. this cistie enrsement, timing and d mbolism are g withtnndndsenta a t imes araroverted d t t e ming of was illilit. you have to say that. shows you that this is very phisticad campaigngn that trump had. had thisn his big of icks rdy to o when he needed i id the syolism.p he's -- chris ristie is a card-carrngng 0member of the republan estaishment. if you believe there's five statas of grief goininon, lester, the fifth stagagis acacptance with reblicans. christie is a a g acptor. >> replicans soaking up the headlinin todaut st we forget democratotot p in t south carolina primary morrow. what do we look for r e?e? >> well, )t ould be t a big n for hillary clton. ift's not, it t ow you thathe is life in sanders' campaign. sanders needs to improve with afafcan-american ters, and ife es th, wel ow beus'l'lcome withth sgldigits hererbut if it's a double-digit big w r her it c cld be foreshading of a long night forernie
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tuesday. >> cd, tnk you. od t see you.. shock and horror nother amerin city tonight, the scene of this cocotry's latest mass shooting. thisime four dead including the shooter 14 wounded aft 9thttunman went on a a mpe at mululple enes. stf f e cacaage insisi hislace of work.k nbc'c'guelellmagr has the developmpmts in the veatatn. >> reporter: chilling video on the nman's febob page. liliay cedric ford used an assault rifle to hunt and kill his victimsn close toto:0m. thsday s sotgs at two ibterseseionsns two pele are wounded foro f f fspeeds awayay he tn arrives at wo, excel industries. detectiv say for ops fire on a -worr in this parking lot and then tershe b bldidg. >> all of a en pop,p,op, pop, pop, , - pop, pop, pop.p. - >> reporter: ford fires on everye in sight. >lowing people out the back, anan thought heasasoing ot me. >> repepter: 14 bre gounded and 3 killed. 24 minutes of terror onon c cing an end
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storms t building tang firase ente. >> the only reason he e oped shooti is s because oicer% stopped the shooteter. >eporter: cededc ford hadbd 20-yeyeye\e criminal history felolocharged with lary, , ant ancarrrrng ncealed apon. inourt docen his ex-girrid asng foprotti ord sangngs an alcolic, vlent depresd. itity beliefs in deerate need of dical an hohogicalp. lile served that restininordedeto ford at e cel shortly before the s soting. nnis bton jr. shotht ababthree dren aheas shed to th hospal >> i dididt wa to o lethth. sneady ave didn want toieie >> reporter: tonight heartbreakthis small communititfor the dede.. nee bebeamin was0, brian sadowski 34 and ved rock musicnd jojouauaigbee, 31, a ung father who loved hile boy. >> he didn't d derve
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deseed this. >orter: tonight p several peopleleemai@ spitalized including one in critil coitionn pliceay f f fwas memewith an asasult rifle anana handgun.nbc`news hasrned ose weapopo were boht by ex-girriend, though not the same girlfrieje whohoiled that resainini orr. leleer, we are told 2020to 300 people wfwe- insihe lawn wer r company behinde and p had that polole ficer not gaged the death toll could ve been so much higherer leer. >> miguel almagugu tonit, thank you. . > for the firir time the cdcd is recommending tha egnantom n n atte the smeme olympi in brazilil ground zeroor t t zika vus w qch i lilied to bibih dedects. there are now more than 100 cases i ithis d our rehemaa ell ports several wowen in the.s. have contract t. reporter: f weekskshs the centers r disease ntrol hada been on e loout for pregnant women
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countriewhererzika has been lind to mimioceplyly toy the cdc ( confirmed nine prnt amerin womennnhhh and is inveigatinothe possibib ten.. >>e descscben n who develoka after traving,g,ot it from place where zizi i isps@adadg and then areurrent pregegnt odelilired a child. >> repter: two pregncies end in abon. of the three bies bobo, onond d 6 bththeft. naonwide t tum p zika cases growing. there are nono24 states and whiton, d.c. wititirir zika virus. at leastst07 caseseso far, all involving people who he travavedbrbr and d now docts ateale chdrdr's r reah instute in washshgton are dihe alarm that the birth defect nkedzizi could be evemore devavaatinthan originally feare bin scans mparing microcephalycases, doc f a byraititka( s evelel@ mad itas almost` gone.
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and this new in such numbers isis unprented. i'veever sn e ke in my career. eporter:r:onig healthffffls are warng ere uld d houound of zika cases puerto riri thi summer, and the racece is on to distribute mosquito prororoion kits there.. rehema ell, nbc ws, new yo still aheaea toght, millis sasa dodald tmp accused ininast night's debate ofxploing undocumentor at t se ofis p ump wer. what rlly happened? toght the resultof nbc news investigation into that. also, you're not just seeg ings. that's a unicoco, sort of. and she lepolilen wiwiwihase t tt's noe uff of @ lend. you've got to se thisisnene t i ke it ing g makin y dollar cou. that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one i eara unlimited% cash bk on everything i buy for my studio. d that unlimited 2% sh back fromompark meansnshousands
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nonoto that ntroversy that has roaredack into the headlilis about nald trananone of t & momo famous properties that bears his nam p trump tower. trump, who vows to deport all undocucueded immigranan, was cused in last nighghs dete of `indocument labor himself at the sisi of p tower. nbc news has investigated what went on there fonon now, a tonight n newsenior inveigative correspondent cynthia mcfaddevealshat we f fnd. >>eporter:r:ast nighghrco rubio let ose ononald trump. >> you lieieabout the polish w r#trs. yeah, yeah, yeah. a w 38 ars agagh,d 38 years o. i guess ththe's a a atute of limitatio on ls.
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8080undocumemeed imgran didmuch of thenitialork on the own jewel of ememre in new york, trump tower, wch raraes theheueio dodold tru a poite? is it curate to sasa that trump tower, the nstruction of f , began on,the backs of posh workers who are& unpaid? >> oh, absolulel it's constructed on e blood, sweat and tears of t polish brigade as they we known inhe i iustrtr rorter: backcth- attorney w wdyloan ed dond d ump, hisis company and hers claiming they failed to acknowledge at let 0 0 ed lish men wking the e oks. donarumpmpestified and wawaaskewhat working off the oks in the cstruction ininstry meant. his sponsesei really dot t ow. >> rortete they haha no proteive eqpmen no helmets, hard hats. ` >> reporter: in hihi 19 testimonyonald trump denied%he knew the workererwere illegal. 9did it ever come to your attenti that t any of those polisis rkers were iegal aliens?? >>eally still dot know that.
5:47 pm
memehat they were e illegal aliens. >> iseems was saying in essencthat everybody else itown knkn what wagoing on his own job site anhe didn't. >eportfr: danieie sullivan, labo relations consnstant who hadbenenonvictct taxvaon, testified that ding` thdemomotion trump himself knew he was using illegal workers on t sit there's'so qutiti in my mi. meme he said i i t t me point blankna >eporter: nbc ske wiwi sullivan in 1989. >> donald's lyly flat out. henew exactly what was happening. >> reporter: one of those worksayse s promises $ $anhohohoutasn't paid for all of h h w must have e en angry? >> verangry abouou that. >> r rter: he s one of only a fe poli workersith a p green card. several undocumented workers stified at e time thewere king oy $4 ahour while the amamican unn ers were
5:48 pm
they a ao saidididy wereot paid for monthshsf wowo, but at the e m% %ere too 0 afraido est outside e buildidi.. hey y log g fot gapeop that pelelere ry yaiaiof all of that. >> reporter: mr.r.rump p told us qt was the contraor resility t pay the demitioio rkers, not hind a federal court agreed. still, he nener reported the wororrs tried to get them deportrt. mr. trump so t td us he would have e ne nothing different. again,n,asbsnight, defendededimself. i've hirens of thousands of people er m m m >ana*a*om oer countrtrinstd of hiring americans. >> let me talk. i've hed tens of thousands of people. he brings up something from 30 ars ago. it worked out t ry . . everybyhapp >> you paid $1 million. >> the law wasasototly different. it was a totally different rld. >> reporter: in spite of what rubiclaims what trumpltimatel paid to ttle the matter w w sealed by
5:49 pm
final ruling oyet another case involng the polish wkers and trump tower, t t u. urt t appppls wrotete jththend time gegerally rereals at a falsepood d pes toto hi. but ent cocos tomr. trump'pepepe 9among tersonsider this. 9mike, onenof poli wrs w didnetly paid, toto me he thought donanaruru m b a a ry gooesiden anwawansidering voting for him. lester. >> cynyniaiacfadadn tonight, thank y y. we're backckn n ment witthat irs ck, far worse e anan wererfirst ld. how you' be e le t t tellllf yo data was stolen. your body wamada forbetter things than wheumaid arthrit. beforeou a a your rheulogist moveo a biologic ask ifeljanz is right for you. xeljanz smallllill for adults wit modedete to severe ra for whom metexatedid not rk well. xeanz can n duce joint painnd swelling in a alittle as two eks,s, and he stofurther
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sosoalk to your doctor, and for details, sit >stururngnnnns om t todod revealinininat a cyber atatck may he p affected far more pele thafirst reported. a a 700,000 househehdsay`yave had their informrmion sten. experts sawe couldld aududunt tax 44 returns. ththirs says i iwill notify theffected taxpayers in the coming days.
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ssing tonit to note tonight. ( best knownor playiyi apol creed traraer in the "rocky" movies has burton was a susful prize fighghr his own a young man before moving into acting, , appearing in six p "rocky" films allll (he w 78 years old. the 88th academy awards are this sunday mostompetitive in recent hisisry. many are betng onoricrio o ll take homhis first t best actor oar for "the revenant"nd br larn is t best actctss favorite for "room" a a overshadading is all the controvevey.9me lspkke lee e& and wi smi a boycotngn the ceremony ovehe lackk of color in n e top - actingegories. > coming up, the eat t orn escape and ase had
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wererehey seng. finally tonight, whwhher yoknew it or not, it's national ll aairy tale day, ad do we ever have the righghghorfor p the occacaon. it's about a beloved pet th gototoose and
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ybe e ststoror s sit seco are unicorns real? nbc's e fryer has s our tale. reporter:ne c c onon imagine w w w& drivers in rur califoia were thinking w wn t t gaoped into o gh >> the calls were mingngn asas u&ucurn running aroundut there on the r rdway. >eporter: i i happpped once upon a a team i imedeirasas ranchos, california whehe this creature lelepolice on a three ur chase. >> avenene1212nd roaoa 33, the owneneis trtrngoorralhe >> rorter:r:urut enicorn was a phony. she's a pony. her name is juliet and she bengngto 5 5 yelled tatum. p >> reporter:uliette wears the e rn to pose r professional picturur with chihiren and during the s 0 this wee she made a p run fofithe e inbow. >> she got afraid and runn away. >> reporter: and dashsh tgh orchdsdsnd darted ini& 0 and out of traffic.
5:58 pm
betealthier than w w would have imanene >> repr: a situation reminiscent of last year's lla drama in a azona. juliet was&entually wrangledededa neighbor with hor that lured mamaic ponynyut ohidingngng >> the call camemeut thth the unicorn was in ctody. ts t t sisiion was, that s thcomec eft& thatatas needed t time a i l ngh a a i ied. >> reporter: while liet escaped the ath of the law, tas not so neneus. .& >> she got in a timeut because she s being a bad . >> reporter: h h unicorn horn is s w gone replaced with two her horns, but at least evyone in this fairy tale led $& hahay every tetm joe fryer, nbcbcews.s. >> and twilleave with a ile on o ce on th f fday night. i'i'lest holt reportitg fros angeles. for r l of us at nbc ne, thank you for watchini and good d night. the weekend. the weekend.
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systen clclned out. ok r r diesel fueueednto the ununaded tanks at this w wtern coennce statioring a live thuday y rning. ate regulators ..... ivveststating as rest ofofur tip ... told us the company quickly realized the error andndollod procururto ety out the tanks and elh the linene they're onlyware of abfifi stomers who filledwith the wrg gaga stilll the divisioof oil sent outh inspector to test the fuel today as a safe g grd. e will have those e mples sent to our labilllhaveveesul for those someteme nt weekek nat sound: mechancis auto mechanics say, if y filled uwith diesel ... you'd kn it t pretty quick "if i runs a, which may may not, depeononhe car, but it runs it's probabab going smoke a make a lot of noise" darren dodd of autmith says it ouldn't use any long term damage t tthe e gine. but pairs could cost anyer from three hundrdr to a thousand dollars depending ononhat type of carajt t .


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