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tv   The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon  NBC  February 26, 2016 10:34pm-11:37pm MST

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,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,, [ cheeee [ chnd a alae ] >> svevetutuo 6b in rockefeller r nt ithe het of york k k , 's "the e ninit shsh srrininin jiy y llonon tonight, join jimmy and his guguts --- naanane. kese comedididiara nnhnajsksk. d fefefefeg d d legend ots . >uestlove: 426. te: : : now, here e i i mmy fallon!
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chchrhrhnd alams >> jim >> jimmy: he k k k alright.t. i appreciate it. thank you veryvery muc lcome. plplplp have a sea enjoy yoyoself.. weweome, everybody. omem eneny yoyjself.@ rex. e to "thtoght t ."." you ma it. you made it. [ chrs and applause thisiss the g time right here. the e e meme re's what tveryone is ta m m mout,f course, lala night was the t%h bl de ghihi featareall fifi & t t remainincandis.s. tey allll a of ininininininthings to at l lslsl think they d.d( e if you t t t t >> dodald playing -- [ [ lkov eh@othehe] dold?? donald, i understand rules are very hard for you. >> i have this boooo >> donal >> thankouor theook.k. [ lking over e eh hehe] >> peoe sadldlwatching this debate. [talklkg g er each her r r >> honon
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>> j j j jev the gls on n n "the heacaelor" were ke "this way tooh ama."" [ lauger ] is is too much applplse ] it czyzy he debebe,e,e/ple ced there was a wowon n at keke screaming i iththauce.[ [ [ t laughter ] yeah. and then hillary was like, "i'm sorry, i just love how this is going." @laugug ] [ applause ] aa! whoo! at one point durininthe e bate en donond d ump repe himsmsf, marco rubio -- whwas s sosoocked d r reatininin himsf callededmp out on it. take a look athis. >> yavavavnyifrent pls. you'lllle sosoany difffrent plan they're going to have many, ny dferere p pfs. now heks reatininhimself.f.@. >>o. nono chrs and applause e . i don'repepepeyself. i never repeat mysys [ laughter ] [ applause ] 000immy: : repeatatatdon' re mysysf.
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ours everyone s ing eangjme. othe lewawath i u wewen'n'direly m mtioned by another candidate, modetors didn't ca on you u u to rpond. i don'think ben carson was too ppy y t thisis check ititut. [ talking over eh other ] >> our policy y >> one at a time. >> governor sichyou have thfloor. >> i have a sponsese yoalhava a response,ut i i promised governor kasich he could respond. >> canomebeby attack me, pleaea? [ laughter ] p[ cheers a alae ] jimmy >> j)nmy: that is good. thennn s sd, "hey who turned ben's mic on?"[ laughtht ] come o turn t tt thing 'sototupposed to be e .. d like alwaybefore the@ dedete, the moderarar went over rles.s. rmrmly cdidates e cut off a aell wh the time isisp. bubulaststightas a aittle different. take a look. >> and as the candidates requested, a belelelll sound like this. >> damn, daniel.. [ laughter ] chee and applause ] >> jimmy: yeah, thth'shat it is. down, daniel do,ndada
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so t former presiden george h h. . sh a his wife babaararwere in tendance for the debite. or as jeb put t , , rsdeba i'm no is s e one you show up to? [ laughter thanks a aot, dad. [ [ plause just lile little league!e! and my graduation! [ lighhter ] and my weddidi. [ lit lahter ] ] this madadme laugh. isiis real funny last nit. ndsey graham, did yoyosee pthis?? he was talking aut the republican p pmama lasnight. and that he's been out of the raor a couple months, , he's really l%tting loose. chk out. >> the nice guy is ben carson. he triededo kill hisousin. [ lalalaer ] anhe h h h motr ininhe he with the hammerer how did i lose to these ys? [ laug myartytys going t[ b bep ] crazy. [ laughter ] [ cheers and appppuse ] >>immy: thehgo news is, even if lindsesesen't t ing to be presintntat least he can &
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wedding g ception. [ laught ][ applausewherarry ere e e s. pgot me c czy tech news. i saw that a company in boston built a 5'9" robot that can openoors andndnd actget theyeyidn't mean tst whether it canet up aftete being puhed, well, it' [ [ ughter ] ean -- [ cheers and applause ] not so tough, are you terminatoror [ lighlaughter ] a cocoany called boston n dynacs has b b a n robot that can w wk ju l la person and can evevaget back up i iyou knock it dodn. look athis. [ light ughter ] kind of kiki of scy, right?? [ light hter ] there's tually s se more footagagof where he even hasas a voice. you can tete what it is
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tch this. >> i'll pick up this box a a place it on the shelf.ththbox on e shelf. [ light laugug ] i willllow pick up this box. i have picked up the -- dammit, , rl.. [ lahter ]why y d u u that? just wanto pk up the box.. p[ laughter [ laughter ] all righgh no o re fooling arouou. just let me pick up the box. [ lalaht ] chchrs a ause ] a-hole. [ cheers and applause ] >>immy: we have a great show.
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[ cheersnd applause ] >>immy >> jimmy: ank you, rootsts ys, come back again next week. stevevmartin, edede brikelel margotobobob t ta fey. [ cheers and applause ] pharrell williams an gwgwye palalow will all be joining g . then we'll he music from santigold and is b bd who` we'v'vbeen tryg to get o whwh band ulyou like to - haha on that we ner had d the who o@ll be here neht week.>> steveoh! [ eers and applause ] >> jimmy: : ank you. our studio is going to b2eak.. they're going to break it in half. yeah. they'r'rvery loud. but first, you guys,s,rom fx's "the peoplplrsus - o.j simpson."& i'i'obsesued with lhis show. it's on n .. "the peoe versus o.j simpson: ameran cme sry," thehehe pand only nathan lanes here
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[ cheers andppuse ] he's fantastic. >> stuve: brirlianan @>> jimmy: he plays f. l l babafy and he's great i i the shok also here to talk about the new season o o"thehemerins," thehe loly kererrussell is dpping by. [ [ eers and applausus] we lovririussell! nathan, keri and i ire going to play game of pamid. yeah. i can't wait. that wiwl be fun. plus, you know h as loe from "24." i mean, comen. sha fantasc acactor. faastic comedian. reallyreat cheers and applause ] w love her. weave standup p me from ma lynn rajskub, ladieieand gentntmen.[ [ rs and appuse ] don't have time fororhis ---- ys todayays friday. that's usualal when i catch onerl l uff. i check k inbnb, return s#me maililand of course i ndnd t t ank k u tes.s. [ cheers and applause ] i was runng bit hind. so i thoht if you guys wouldn't mind, i'd l l lto e out weeklklthananyou notes right now. is that cool? [ cheersrsnd alause ] ththk you.
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ank you so much. james, can i have some thank u note w itingngusicicplease? [ light ughtht ] wow. s sveveveveveks weary >immy: this lool)ke -- not real. wax. wax figure? >> steve: x jas. >> jim: l right. madamemeussaud. [ ght laughter ] >>teve: or mr. tussaud.. >> jimmy: thananyou,resident @ ama, f f clolong the pson at gitmo b b bse i icosts the governme $85 million a year. like they say, gitmo money, tmo oblems. [ lauguger ] ] [ eers and applae ] ank yououoththk you, donald trump, for calling hillary y inton a a mahmallow. [ light laughter ] which is pretty tough talk coming from someone who is the same c cor as a circus peanunu [ laught ] ] [ [ eers and ause e just sin ying t. >>8vteve: ththth it. 's a tha youote. >> jimmy: i waonly saying thanyothat all. >> steve: ju sing that's
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[ light lauger ] >> jimmy: thank you, the woman in london n o is demandingng a lifetime supply yf kit-kats after buyingome that lacacd ffffs. [ light lahter ] as thehmaker ofofit-katatut it, , vee a break. [ laughter ] [ chrs and applause ] come on. >> steve: just break me off a a piece e that kit-kat r. >> j jmy: yeah [ light laughter ] thank you, prison guardsfor alledly finding boston bster whitey bger masturbating in his jail cell anth senenncing him to days of solitary inement. [ laughter ] if there is one way to p%nish h a guy thth likes to do thaha nd of ing is to ve him 30s by hself [ [ ughter ] [ cheers and applause ] tea y t t-- bulger. >> steve: bulger. [ light [ light t ughter ] >> jijmy: thank you, coming
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@one time you actctjly get to know what your house truly ells like. [ ghlaughter ] - [ applause ] >> steve: wow, when did we hav fish? [ light laughter ] jimmy: thank yo lacrosse plplers s r being rebllyly pathletic butterfly catchers. light laughter ] [ cheers a a applause ] >> s sve >> s sve: damndaniel. >> jimmy: yeah. [ light ughter ] ugh spsp>>teve i myvevevu e e at? >>teveveno.. i'm a t pepeon [ laug ][ talking ovov eacother ] >> j)jmyplayed ionce goofing around. >> steve:`thatubbeballs hard.. >> jimmy: i had someone jab me with a stick or something. >> stevevechasyou andpthenen hurling it. >> jimmy: that's whyhy stick to quiddich. [ lighlaughter ] >> steveyeah, really? i'll play the radio. ljghththuguger ]
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collect ntage phos f cally sayi, you know what would be fun? if decoratat my walls with dead strangers. [ [ ght t ughtht ] [ applse ] ththe they are. last one here. , , mn d , damn daniel. dmn, , niel. [ light laught ] yoyosold the rhts to damn dael, , ght? >> i did >> jimmy: to make a broadway musical? >> hugbroaoaay musical. >> jimmy: coratulations. that's b b, but u had thing to do with ttse two surfer kids, d you? >> steve: no.. no. but t ce they ar a aut me sellininthe ririririo it - >> damn daniel! >> jimmy: that rigig. ank you,u,ea urchins for being ththguy y eri of the ean. [ laughter ] thyou go.those are my tnk y n. [ chchrsrsnd applaus] 'lbe bwith more of "the
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>> steve: welcoce back. very fun welclcback t t"the tonight show we are here playininine tv gam ow cssic "pyrad!" 0playing tot arar mmy llon andiq trotter. [ cheers and applause ] i'm m urprossteve higgins. jimmy, who yououre elaying with tonighgh >> jimmy: you are -- you are in a great mood t t buddy. >> steve: thanan man. damn dananl. [ laughterer >> jimmymyhe stars in the new series "theheheple versus o.j. s spson: american crimeme story." please welcome natn lane! [ cheers a applalae ] >> ste: wow! and who's your partner tararar >> tariq: well, she's the star the fx drama, "thth amamicans" whi rurnsnsos the fourtheason n march
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pleaelcome kerrusselel [ cheers and applause ] >hank >> tnk you. [ cheers and applause e >>teveveokok. here's how we play. u will each be picng a a category and then you'll try get your partner to guess a many wordsr phphses in that cagory you can in 30 seconds. e team with the highest score t after four rounds the winn.. any questions? >> jim: : ah.. >> steve: eat. >> jimmy: you sasa that four - - >>teve: here are our tegogoes tonight. [ laughter ] have -- mix messagege x-f!ctor, johnoe, "hakuna tata." [ lahter ] >> i sve: feli-cit [ lahter get it& jimm whyon't y pick the first cacagory? >> oh nice. >orry. i'm sorry.
10:56 pm
were you holding back?k? > was a little nervouou i was hohoing on. go right ahead there. [ laug ] >> jmy: my god. >> stevewhat are y y gonna pipi? >> jimmy: i'm going to pic >> hakaka mata. >> jimmy: : kuna matata. ye. >> steve: thweweo.o. [ [ [ rs and appppuse ] >> jim: how i not -- wh woululululen t tnknkbout thada >> steve: : isis is -- this is '90s movies catcphrases. not t moviv catch phraseses 0s movie c cch phrases.>> jmy: '90s mie cch rase >teveu have 30 s 0n cwck. jimmy: okay. araryou ready? go >> jim: nny. [ laught i cat say the name of t e movie. gump. jenny sasa -- "fofoesgump." >> jimmyliliheheays, "go, , go." >eah.h. >> jimmyj okokokpass. [ lalahterer titanini titanic. >> life is sike a box of chocoles.. no. >> jimmy: no, yeah. something like that but you'd >> no. no. >itan. thtitanic. [laughter ] my: he standing onhe >> yeah. yeah. yeah. 0cause he s ss the cah phphse >> jimmy: okyeah.
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[ buzzer >> i4icatch phse. rs appe sve: oh.oh, bo h not t not since nick jonas. [ laughter ] hahasoonplayeded- has ayed thigama s swell >>ve:`all right, ,ariqiq >> the catch hhrase of titanic was, "t me othe raftft >immy: no, . it wasast --t wasn't - [ laughter ] 7 "i"i theing of t t world!" >> i'm the kininof the world," " ye steve: "king of the world," of course. h, i blo that ou >> steve: and "r"r, fost, run. j jmy: and "run, forest, run."" >> s sve: : t ife e le a ( a x of chocolqtes.s.s. unforest, run." >> well that c ce that took an hour.[ laughter ] ] ] >immy: it's not the clue. didn't -- atasn't the problem. >> a a right. p>> steve: all right, tariq. >> we got this. >>: "hakuna matata."." i'm sorryry >> tarweothis. wish i'gone to cocoegeg [ laughter >> tariq: okay. >> steve: tariq are you ready? >> yeah. tariq: : : ready. stevepipi a categogy my friend >>e t this yeah >>armymyategory -- okay. >> wararwe doingng >> tariq: john d. >> oh crapap >> steve: john d. these are famousple nameme john. >> tariq: ok, do i ge at to you? >> i donon know. his s at the answers on? steve: famous people nameme john..@ 3030econds on the ock, please. >> tar: okay.. >> steve: and go. >> famoupeopleamed john. okok.
10:58 pm
john leon. [ ding ] [ cheers and applause ]& >> tariq: okay.. the o her r e e o's named rhymes with -- twos. john ghes. >> tariq: yes.s.s.s. ding ] [ cheersrs alause ] >> tariq: okay.. "gase lightning." >> oh, travolt john travolta. [ ding ] [ cheers and applause ] >> tariq: yes, okay. did -- did an n bum th t t roots. "glory."." john -- >> tariqiq"glo." "glory." oscar d d nning. >> yes,si know. buzzer >>iq, dear. but we still --e still did bett tarar: yeahahwe didkay. [ lahter ] [ chrsnd applae ] >> stevehn legend. >> jmy: th's the attttude. >> steve: john legend. >> jimmy: that's the attitude, we still did better.0 >>8>teve: : l right, natn? >> thqt's s at i'm saying.g >> sve: nathan. >> cane switch to "t m mch gagagb >> j jmy: yeah. laugueer ] >> canane do the thing where u put on t t big hands and just hit me? [ laughter ] >> >immy: we did that la night. >> all rigig. >> jimmy: we dididlast night. >> steve: all righ nathan. allllht. >> steve: pick a category.y. >> so m going to pick a a category now. >> jimmy: ve youver do - it's "ththpyramid. u understa. >> yeah, i remember.r. >> jimmy: have your done a a pymid? >> ias e eited in the '80s& ey would write dick clark. i remember it. >> jmy: : .
10:59 pm
an-contra hearirgs. ye [ [ ughter ] les see.& what wld y yike me to pick? >> jimmy: oh, stop. alal? >> aight, mixed messages? >immy: yeah t tt's s at i'm feeling [ [ ughter ] [ chchrh andndpplause ] >> jimmy: >> jimmy: unbelievable. unbelievable. >> ste: : ways an tertainer. mixed messageg. thesesare ways to se a a memeage. dienenwayso nd a a message. you have 30 seconds on the @ clock. >immy: got you. >> steve: and go. >>n thcoutererer >> jimmy: text, texte-e-ili >> right. p[ ding ] a y shows up in a tuxedo a a says - - happypyday y y >> jimmy: a singg amam yourighgh [ ding ] 4 we're nking. jimmy: ohah. >> thehip is- im: th-- m mse code. >> y. ding ] [ cheers anduse e e on the tep, on thehe tetephone, you're writinto mee. i'll m mt you at theurant 30 minutes. >> jimmy: ohhat's one -- at's stop -- oh ,textiti. >.. [ didg ] [ chee ]you get in a plane and the e is -- >> jimmy: sky writing! >> yes. [ ding ] [ cheers and applause ] an indian uld d >> jimmy: smoke signal! >> yes! [ ding ]
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>> steve: oh! [ cheersnd applause ] wow! >> all right.p>> steve: wow! jimmy: : atatas g >>teve: wow. ( jimmy: that was gd. we did good. sure did. fes good. >tevevesix to three.. >> jimmy: you found your calling. >> that was good. man, you got a professional game show player. >> yeah. . >> jimmyyore good at giving g t good at receiving. p[ lalahter ] >> steve: hey oh! [ [ eers and applalae >> damn niel. >> steve: woah! >> jimmy: you knowowha meant. >> say f. lee ba. jimim: you know wt i meant. i know it's f. lee baile& steve: all righ kererer yeses tariq: you u this, keri. okaka >>kay. steve: are yoyoready? >>. lee babaey. >> s sve: f. lee bailey. i don't like lee bailey.y. jim: f. leeailey, yes. >> let's do this. >> which is ironic becausey porn name used to be f. me ily. [ laughter ] >> j jmy: that wasears. that was years ago. >> yea agogo my: no, we don't talal like that. weon't'talk like that.t. > steve: definitely. >> something for- 's stororfofoher ow. >> jimmy: : otheheshow.
11:01 pm
>> jimmyner here -- >e'll tell th jimmy: not thehtimeor the ace.& >> that's s talele steve: alalright. ready, keri? [ laer ] >> w wshould i -- >> steve: which category are you gonna pick? >> what should i choose? what should i oo? ititso we did mixed meagag. >> steve: yeye >> tariq: ok so we g theseee l lt. hehe what's feli-city? >> steve: u a pick that @one. >ike i have tot rig okqk. >> jmy: yeah, goheadad >> i'm goioi.. i'm going. >> steve: thesare major u.cities. >> okay. >> stetefoe wiwi get three and yoyotie, four and you n. >> okay.. oh, god. >> steve: 30 seconds on th clock. okay. coco on. we got this. got thi >> steve: d go. >> okay. the blank heat >> tariq: miami. >> yes. p[ ding ] ] [ cheers and applae ] >> city of brotherly love. >> t tiq: philly, adelph. [ ding ] >>ot it. [ cheers and applause ] the city we . >> tariq: nenenerkrkity. >> thehe ee go. ding ] [ chchch and appuse ] >> jimmy:t kind of c cegorisishis?s? [ laughter ] ]"warwe#stingn? "ahaha [ laug ] >> wt ofs anbig, big town big -- tariq: chico. >> yep.. [ ding ] < steve: woah! [ cheers s alause ] r the win!0 >> jimmy: : atatinof catatory thata i have "show@we thmone i have, ke, "run, rest ruru" you get what city are u inin [ ugughter ] it's like e u juju came out of a co?
11:02 pm
keri rsell. tariq!q!congratulations. >> thank y u. >> jimmymore tonigig show break, everybodydy i apologizfor that. [ chee andpplausus] 5353tate w s s wins, a t-mobilil.. whoa, whoa, whoa. li, folks. have to apologize, again. look, thoswere last years numbers. itisaysysighthtere the card.t-moleedre lcoveran la yr. and wi me e e totors t verin, t-mobile reaches prettytymuchveryone e`ey do. i'not t king responsilit thihie... -uh, verizononot i )wrg.....yes! not me!
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cheers and appppuse ] jimmy: our first guest is an emem a tony y ard winning to you can currtly sesehiin "the people versus o.j. simpson: americ crime ory,y,which airs tuesdays at 10:00 m. onl. is ntastic. diesnd genemenpleaea welcome na welcome nathanane!e!
11:07 pm
>> jimmy: naan lane. oh, it's great to have you ck >> thank you >> jimmy: thank you so much r inhe. thahyofofoplayininpyramid. oh, it was p,easurur jmy: thank you for coming back. >> thank you, well, not really. but, no, it was a pleasure. thanknu u r r ng mback. i felf my last appeararae ft so manunanswered questions. [ laughwer ] >> >immymyye. we'll have mfor you. >> but i iove beg here because i do a lot of tata shows.& but the way you pretd to care when i talk is -- [ [ ughter ] ] >> jimmy: oh, well se. >>- whwh keeps me coming ck. that and the fact t at everyrye here is so nice. everyone. >> jimmy: oh, my gosh. [ chee ] >> yes. >> jimmy: nice. xcept i did meetew iptetetehoeemed kindf i think was jush. >> jimim: ohyeahah -[ [ ughter ]he's feeeeng mucucuctter nowow&& >> oh, no. --hither was folllngng ound tel everybody what good ier goi to makeke >> jim: ye, ye. we love at guy. >>w, i !wawaeet.t. >> jimmy: we're sorry totoose && him, yeah. are you exexted about oscar weekend?0 this ioscar weekend. >> i kno t caucasianan awards. >> jimim: yes.s [ laughter ] is is s bibiyear. >> of course, t e annual ucasians are upon us. >> jimmyvery exciting.
11:08 pm
ou know, obviously there's a diversity problem at the oscars this year. and who better to comment on it than a aplplof white guys. >> jmy: ah. perfeft, yeah. laughter ] thatat what 're he to talk about. >> plus, we coul-- we cod pdo a whole shoabouthe of diverer in h llywood, b ifeelelegardless of color, , every actor is the samon t inde. sperate for tentio [ laughder ] ] and the oscars are on sunday and righabout now they'r starting to apply ry seaeaest'keup. >> jmy: oh, yeye, that's ghgh[ [ ughterer oh, yeah. i alalyset togo!d d tctctc at f show. youwl to o ve him t [ laughter ] >>immy: oh, my god..& e you gohaha big parar? >> yes, evy year i have a big oscacartrt@ people complained. heyeysked l lt ar abouthe bar. bub%-- [ laughter ] jimmy: yoyodidn dohth. >o, i iearned my onon >>my: ye.>> and this year i accepting credit c cds. [ l ughter b then ha lite vice for those ricicous red carpet interviews. nonody ceseses y y ye e weweg. jimmy: ye. who y'rscrewing and thratings will gthrough the
11:09 pm
[ cheers and a alause ] and my f f and my favorite movie ofhe year, cououe, was jennifer lawrence i "y. >> jimmy: oh, ah.>> it's a very inten film. it's allbout sellili mops. [ laugerer anansh s was phenomenal.l. ananhaha to say, the oen twins s re tremes as thehe mops. laught ] ] >> jimmy: that wasn't the -- that wasn't the o sen -- hahawasn't the olsenenwins? >> jimmy: no, you g tta > thihi so. you bettererhe their imdb. jimmy: did you stayay the edits? >> did. >> jim: : , you did not. >> the whole thing. u're m-- you kw, you're myw businessuru, my entertainmendustryryoda. have a questn. [ light ughter ] i'm m m st afraid to say it. it been hauntinge. the puppy y nkey by. >> jim: yeah? >> do you -%o o u ink it's real? [ laughter ] jimim: no. >> or computerenered, 'cauau i think it's real. jimmy: no i t tnk it's -- >> 'cause i was so dturbed when i saw it. -- i st up`py ga caviar. [ [ ug ] >> jimmymyyou were eatinthat duri the super bowl? i go to a verer-- i io to a a very high h d super bowl
11:10 pm
the puppy monkey baby.. it s#unds like something donald truru would hunt fo sport. . [ ughter ] but it ge mememeit gav an idea.(-(- >> jimmy: oh, ah. bauseyou know, me next pnovember, i thinink we c make ybododhappy we s ould elece hihiary-maomrnrn. jimmymyyeah, this is very intereing. which would bcacaidate who -- [ laughter ] >> jimmy: yeah. this is it'a good idea.a. [ cheers and applause ] >> who has -- it's the head pbernrn sanders, thaody of hiary clinton and the gs of marco rubio. >immy: yeah. and`dhe guys t this totother in a lab. jimmyit's a real thing.& >>8>8>hink we e uld makeke america eat t ain n e body rt at a a me..immy: ththk you very u're very smar thank you, natatn la. >> yeah. >>immy: i appreciate this. >> sure. >> jim: i nna`tete you that i lod i i ady told you this, but rerely lovov"the people vsus o.j. spson." >> i k ow. we h h atesting conversation backstage. tell me again why you think o.j. was innoct? laughter ] m kidding. m kidding. yeye.@ >> jimmy: yeah, . that's a rigigig
11:11 pm
bo you wouldn't stopncyou u got going. >> jimmy: no.i got on my highghgh got my soapboxi hahaa point to make. m loving it. >> yeah, it's grgrt. p>> jimmy: i'm loving every y second of f . i'm lovingry cracter that comes in. >> great. >> jimmyjo travolta -- >> tremendousv jim: : s beliable.. yhe got thehehe the eyws. oh, yeah, yeyh. noa trtrdo p pduction. thth is the only distracaion wahn travolta's eyebebws. >immy: : ah. 'cse it's like e ectly -- >> yea well, anyou@know, don't get me wrong. it's a brilliant performance. and he's the literally the nice guy in the world to work th. and the eyebebws l lk exactly like robert shapiro.o. >> jimmy:probert shapiro's, ye.& but they were b b. they we jurassss. >> jimmy: yeah >> 4brows,y re, yoyo knowowi believe they were e loan from the groucho marx estate. @[ laughter ] ooked like twohipmunks had climbed up on his@foreread and quietly di. [ laughter ] one day, during lunch, i'm prete heard one of them rk.. it was scary. it was scaryryladies and gentlemenf and, look, and he -- loo i'm'm so happyororhe success of the showowt because e ytyjng that hes erica to learn more e e t thth
11:12 pm
me. p[ uguger and applae ] >> jimmy: and that's -- and that's wha'sll about, righ eah. chrs a a ae ] pp jimmy:ythey love . >> thehererell in n . yoknowowloloourtnene kimim cucuy, moe, larry, shemp.hter ] >> jimmy: that's all of them. yes.s. shemp. >> shemp kardashian. the little known shemp kardashiaj >> jimmy: i never liked i never liked that kardaian. >> and kanan west is ranting ababt me on twititr. in 3, 2, 1.0 >> jimmy: no, ,nu deservevit. but yoguys have to watch this. it's phemena and you are great t everything. thank you. >imiy: : : you u reust grgrt in this and everybody is fafatic. >> thanknkou vy much. jimim: pleaseseheck it ouou "the people rsusus o.j.imps: amereran crime sty"y"irs tuesdayst 10:00 p.m. on n . [ cheers a appla] keri russell joins us next. stick around. shopping fororn susu well, this is thehtime. and your fd aler is the place, to get 0% financing for 60 months on a ford suv.
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mi l l lo's "confine" song ays inihe bkgrounun song ends i'i'captaiobvious.en i heaea thehebabaacac fofoesesent t de run. i'i' bnnnn l ovcacaca fololw oaptaininviousruns"
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[ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: our xt guest is a a goen globe ard winning`g ess who stars in t
11:18 pm
for it's f frth season mamah 16th at 10:0p.m. on fx. everyonelease welcome keri russell! [ cheers and applause ] >immy: hi! hey. >> hello >> hello >> jimmymykeri. >ello. >> jimmy: you look beautif. you lo stutuing.thk you so much r beon sh tt' ne. eers and appuse ] >> jmy: ease. >> thas very ne of you.. ( >> jimmy: thank you for playing pyramid, iuessss dude, you chose wrwrg. >> jimmy: dude, i totaildid. laughter ] >> i was - -i didn't kw whqh to do. i didn't'tnonoif i couou say thisis pi don't wawaa get i to it. >>ouououse wrong. >> jimmy: i'm just mad. i chose -- iidn't choose the teams. is that what you mean?&>> yeah. >> jimmy: i didn't choe e e teams. no, , wanna be your teammamama [ lauguger ]- you kn, we're ways -- we're always competitive. every ti you come on. we are, we ar t s also t kid, you ow, the e yiid ball who wasasike ayayortsoret andas , "she's n wonnanaatch
11:19 pm
mpetitive u we. >> yea >immy: u werereike althe ov the.>> like,i'i'goa gotcat j: . nathan!n youhave m , you ys keh ot""& >> y j: , ohdodo g g know eotr?r? anturns out u st did a a movie with h. >> we just l le ake vacations together. explaithis. 's's gstory. >> swee ppos to do sinan was e stayg at this s ncy hotel in lononn and then -- >> jimmy: they send yoyoto ndon to do the movie? >> r rht. d thenenhe--heir money kifell out. and d ey're like, "oh, just hahang tightht it was like nathan n d i i going around london having wonderful dinners. andnthen for a few weeks doioi nothing. and then i remember r wo u one morning and haipped this butiful like short story book underery bed -- underery bed?d? [ laughter ] [ cheersrs applause ] >>imna. you know,w,hat? you know, i was young. >> jimmy: and here we are, nine months laternd -- [ laughter ] [ laughter ] der your door.r. under your door. he slipped a book ununr your door. >> under my door.
11:20 pm
whas the note?e? >> ande's like i'm gonna wait th one outhome. >immy: yeah, heeft. heheplit london,eah.h. >> yh. >> jimmyi wawaa sasa cobgtutions to you. tnk. jimyore expti youthirba >>t's . immy: is autil. >>t ! >>immycongratulaons. [ eersrsnd appuse ] >> tnk you.. >immy: so happypyor y >> tha y. >> jim: is river exced? >> theve eed river d d lla e ve th've ready comewith nes jimmy: a theam >> willawia a ye-o >> jimmymyye. haslreaededshe sty ya. werli, um. ughter j j: ya? >> so,o,t'ndf what we go w bhesa ckckce, jewel necklace wou ood nana awewe [ lighlaught ] >> jmy: jel necklapyeah yh, it's an option.n. >> jmyyoga or jewel t& cklace hey, they're options they're all -- they're2 definitely names. >> yeah. [ lighghlaughter ] jimmy: well, congrats to whever the chi is s med. thankou. >> jimmy: wewee happy with yoga, whatever. now you're currentlyhooting "the americans" right now. >>eah. >> jimimand how are thth working thth into thplot? are they or non are they shooting ar it or what? >> i ka of people think pregnant ladies are scary.y.
11:21 pm
kn. >>my: susote, yeah. b, not t ide it. thert of wte wearinven inhe bedroom. [ laughterer >i=my: it's freezing in he yeah, yeyeye >> i'm so cold i must keep this on. no, there's, you know w lot of excuses and raised counter tops. >> jimmy: yeah. so, you don't see it. so it'not really -- @>> no, it's not part of the show. i'm just carrying lolo of giant salabols and thinglikeke that. [ ug ] >>, t eosahat look likik -sr iners." >>eah. yeah. here's a clip.p. a picture that smebody se & in. >>m-hm jim: i thinin-- [ lauger ] and so i didn'know if at was true or no so, tariq and i,e gogoside byb .& wewe a wig and redid it. [ laughtht ] and that'sot bada right? >> yeah. [ cheers and applause ] well, i ink weodeled that guy afteteu. >> j jmy: yoreally yidid 's thehehacter? >> yeah.>> jimmymyisishat the jimmy fallonig? >> yea li, knew ththou le to wearab lot of fvy y ner, too.@
11:22 pm
yeah. jmmy: : n yotell u atappeng"t"t"t perics"his s%s%? peasgsgfgurursr--ol n u kidi the oldest girl, the teenager, ouerbkss tt we're ies. imitibagshshshsssss zeat't'fufufmfwf >> jimmy: yeah.>> and r rlly is ssoso'syath a a mor abe nal humamaconononoamamamnamimindndt't't't't' -- - - ititit gooooshshsh >> jimmy: well, you'u' knoinin it out of the park andnd apprpriateteou comg back on the e ow.. >> thank y y.. ththththororavavavme. >immy: ne time i wannnnnntalk abobo yoga whwh yououome e ck. ovovyoyo >> that'd bebebeat!!! jmy: keri r rllllllll evererody!y! chchrs andndpplae e seseonononr r "ththththicans"s"s" prpriereremarch 16ththt 10100 p.m.m.n fx... 'll beight b bk wiwi stand-up comedy fromom mama lynn rajskub! stick ound!
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