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tv   Mad Money  NBC  March 2, 2016 3:00am-4:00am MST

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tomorrowro"fuller house,e, ve cererer >> love him. >>lulu actct stephen baldwin. jill's gototunff toet you organized ususus in timeor spring. >> andlliana lux for ss. ande'll p py ew with kids. but for now, it's spanky tuesday. >> no! i haha this! ,, nyon is simple -to keou money i'm hehe toxoxvevethe playing eld for all inors. ere's alalyl a bulrkrm someere d prome help moneyarow.% i'm c cr. welcome to crame. other people wananto make up frieies. i'm just trying to save you
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job isn't jususto e eertain e elylyo ththths nt?that'she perfection t#t# - asasononon liktoday because e you can read thehmarket like a map to f fd the answerer et me t mymyartogrhehes hat on expla the map that this market used tplease the bulls and go much hihiererhan ybody expected. dow roaring s4points, , p up d nasdsd up p 89%.- rs like many of thehsuper bullh days it's beginninin before many wake up. gotews from oversrss that pointed us thihithe @ th t tt could ta us s gherwhwh ee is n n? yoy/could ll by the way it's news frfm ovovseas that driv in ou go o bed at 11110 p.m. when theheututes aren't d#ing g much at t l and you wake uat 00. and they're flying, that's a sign that somewhere me pla we e t some good news atast. you n twt memef fou keep this schedule as i do and i'll
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from the same unlikely p pce -- china. first weearnedethat t ihe economy worse than expepeed -- -@-@-@ min nufauring the e we lel seven yrs whichs the last ti that the chchese got serious t taking grere leap fwardh their econy. now w meet t rday and w wh the weak numberss the starar araligigd fothe e ggest stimulul pacge yet, the year the mkey, i tnk thell morereoney to work t`an ppeople think. china caturnit'sone its before. who o ow, maybe e will gesome meaningful smus. at the very least t e lousy -chinesmanunuing nu tthe k aveveerwhicnt omck, , d t seson proceeded. far i iorornt, we have a shockingly dovish speechrom m ll dley. 's'she n yorord president who caused a recent sell-off by
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0we sincecehe rate hike. he set firestormncding here withtyos try when he id iwas all systememgo w wh the rara hikes because`e everythingngs hunky-dory. last night he gave a speech in china, on balance i'm less nfident than i was borerend d ote abt the e onomy. rt of thth reflects m) assessment thauncertainty to ththoutlook has increased and. downsi risks h ve crept up, quote. thth quote, at thimoment judge th the balance of risk totmy growth a a ilationon oututuks may b bstararngo ti to the downsnse. the recent tightening of financial marketcoululhave a a greatenetive impacacon thehe u.s.s.conomy should d tighteng proveersistent, endnd e. alali cacasay y ujuj. and throw in this.
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imant this dudley speech was to ohe turn thah you saw today even though it happened whenen most of you were sleeping. you have t t federal reserveveveve ading hawk sinthaybe asasoo bullish abobo the economy.anhe h h to adjust course for nenemore nate reality. a position totally at odds with s previousustatement. a repudiatn of them i would argue.. when y also fact in vishsh commen on "squawk k x" h h week from the st. . uis fed, 's c ctain thehe's no rate hike this month. at isn't what we were thinking as late asterday. it's also very sigigficant that dudley's comments cameot long before the release of the nonfarm m ploymentepon monday. dudley knows it will be not so hot permead the discussioi toy a`d thth booed the stks fth becae a weak employment mber meananthat the fed won't feel compelled d act this month. buu know wt el happened? if you go bababawo weeee ago we
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quality, with monen poing ou risky a#aets.s. and with invtors hiding in tra low w sk u.s. treasueses itas actually a frighting pthursday. maybe i'm missing the point here. the flows ha revererputttng an end tthflight to the pqualaly trade. the momoy going to the eg markets and junknkond funds. that's a huge revealaln reion. i don'n'trust it, t it is happening. how could ite? sile. think k ck to the mind set when we hhe flight to quqlityty the worod was susuosed to be @endmng. the the fed abououto tighten. th's total nightmare s#snario. but when the two biggest most visible fed hawks on the -- the ones who recognizethatathere are some real problems and then china recognizes they haha a genuine chce to dodoomethi big, welllllouour r re likely t twant to sell treasuries and g g more
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you n't have thehehinese pandndg and stay beariri. you want to buy risky assets not sell them. nono that brings us next maisise. got to figururououhow do you get more positive ababt stocks themselves if things really are that wk in the country that t dudley agrees with bulla. how can you thread that needle? fifst, you need some posive data to come out, ila, we ha a construction figures t tt was tive. w got a sll businesrvey in paycht an provement irg. wowo dudley hehehed d m nenervou here. be -- we got excellent numbers from ford. strong enough to call in the notion that t 're rerehing peak autotoales and thels wt thread the needle whh means you ne t/tsee some sengt but t so much th the n found doves ke dudley will feel like th need to back track.
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wantntrowtwtto sw tad, to put the federal ho i imore defensive, while we sort t tough the d ta. as`the bits s news comes outl ess whwh they have aatch every income has a catch.. what's t tt? oil.l. will oil behave, we have to say thth every d meaning ll it go slightly leaguer? we know if cde doe't go higher then they won b bable to s s sequity and my will (fault on theoles to the banks whwhh is the big sag took thearket by sto t t weeks ago. surerenoh the price of crude rallied nicely again. if you want t crocosm of the l ananaanks,'s go roroit. one of the mououed- - we'll use e more troubled gia oil companans isisarathon company. many had s sculad that it would the rksksf`the ad men drillingnd tyke take down the banks that sold ititillions. ensurededt thisldldno
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follow t sell@stock. it joined e ranks of devin, pioneer, hess and n wfield if offering equququto raise cash h please theheredidir,heatings agencies perhapspbebevse the her deals p p workrk welllfofoinvestors this mamathoneal was erbscribed and thcompana ended up offeri 145 million shares at $7$75 iece. e offeri wasasrice perfecil e stock rallied 30 cents. that's a huge gain for those who got in it. and d rathon wenfromheheot so h x credit to a good e. anothehewounded player saveded it's a reminr what matters to the market the oil stays hh nout l the sizazae cash stpped oil companies c raiai capil and the banks w o haha been takg it on the ch froqo e wowoies s s s oil loans are @f the hook. both the oils d the banks led @the market today w-- a plus bau o otter economic data interest rates rose which allows e bank to
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deposits. then that's workruay when we interviewed the ceo aneel bhusrit wawagogog lower and we sussed out it washarply better tn exctedn n is ow. i poundedethe table again is morning on m dasasand "squk of the d" ' en the report cat.t. it wn arly0%ay at encourages bursrshohohoe beenennxious about o oing many fast growing tech stks w wch includes broad com and thesual mbers of f.a.n.gich tend to ral toly w wn work day blows away the away the numrs. li it goes down wh tableau softwawa blew up.
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remember we heard from cynyn rodedewho told us last night that the rally tay would be crucl in determing i ithe s&p can ep climbing. she prprictetea ray wellit added more fuel to the fire. hehe's the bottom li. e map played pererctly for thososwho o n stocksoday as the plethora o oedle ming, needle thrhrdididiews came together in a single session. mamangngch roar innonolike a li, but like a gd old shshned bull. miael wyoyong, michl? caller: hey, jim, thanknkfor your time and d ppy belad birthday. thaha you very much.h >> caller: i'm 26 years old and i'm trying to take a aantagehe myoth h d i pickededp someme tesla. the firslot a st a 22% loss and at a 35% gai those e us ing t ofof ths are not able to o ade spec id. >> right. >> so o orderero take advange
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to te th22% ss i ith first lot of s sres. ven e e sadvanave trading out of the rotldshould d d liquididate the e e rere- >> well,l,etetgive y y thehe ry daughter wtsne foror graduation. t gog g g appen. anantherers a devaststintesla report and arewsws a of p per. enenple saw that they dn't ke`e yohaveo have convictn if you owowteslbecause it'sotot on any way can i elain it on price to enings s tio,o,n e to book, on reveve i can't base it on anythinininut if you he the cotiti the u cacaridet out. i do notave that conviction. i need some touch stones to make me f fl better. i need to go to adam in florida. >> caller: hey, jim. the f.a.n.g. scks have been undedepressureear t/atat ce foracebook. at are your thoughtstsn facebo with re to other -- >> > > > > created f.a.n.g. cause it a symbolicithing.
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a.n.g., th facebook. thththit can earn 4505inin017. look at , it'st 109. i me, i mememewhy can't ititelll30 times its eainin.sohat'how i come o the high vtion. if you look at thiyear's numbs you will think it's too expensiv if you look at n nt year's @numbmbs you thininit'soooo eap. the f.a.n.n. -- the cheapest i e e e whwhh is alphabet, but the symbobogog prem iflorida. prem. >> calalr: thanknkfor r ving m on. we'r'2a big fan. the whole family watches every night. >> wt't'up?? >> calaer: i wanted to ask y about pricele. >> i like the p2ice ne quarter. i went o oit w wh someone who o is thoo th howhe heck can the stock go down
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quarter wawaabsolutely trifi and yoowhat?t? i ve t tbe careful. i want to point out because i d d d a aut the mathtn, weather rd's fing anan offeng. don't overeray ie fofoil fuels. will exhaust the omless t of buyers. the market ge the lls what they wanted, aap that left to shrug off the nasty. the me behind modern and more, a a ocko quauaer rast week but t 't knockckhe bearsrsut.. ist time to start opping wayfr? haven cluse he ce > d lele showingng urure or determination. gooooooio. i ha afere deinwhen icoto e emttled stock,ltugh anyt can bou@" dodot miss my taken thth phar's latest isises. and i'll sw you how this
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>> annou >> announcer: n't miss a a second of f adey." terrrric quarterroyf the lineneailer that s furnrnururd rgrgbabao well sdio and d mberd/t seemo matt much tototototo it one it o of f e vicious ` - ttleleroundsut there and d d ofofhe float. who are suspicioio of the busissodelelo maerthth sm too.wh ty reported last week ey ball of t metcs by a veryarge margin. like the monster 81% revenue growth but after initially ` eing the stotos soar, the darn g has givevebackckn th ins. what goingng? - let'okj shndheheore t thcompy and eritded. backo "mad money." first, c cgratulatns, you made momoy thisuartrt. a lot of the bea said that wowod nener happ phow diyou do it?t?
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ni years which folks tend to overok. >> yesesthey do. it'sot a aotcom from three years o. >> i think the g gat thing about our buss is we have eat t unit econonocs. tht reas we're growing so fast, is on e back of repeat. if you looat nrder growth, % year over year w is great. but you look at the rereat ordeb grgrth, it dsn'tarry much ad cost. >> you're prriary versus at p pple you ha 450 engngeers today. what a they ----t do they dodo for you sohe others can't keep up? >> sure.e. so, you ow, , e thing about online businins yoyoclearlneede ((merchants s d merchandisinim andnd eay need great eratio operatatns s sply@chain but our rlrlrl entntely l e e e os superpowed byby chnology. w build our own software. so the enginrs are fuilding the systems which when customers
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pwhicrecommendations to service for them, how do we handnd the % transportation network, they're hahalingnwhat. so eveve piece of our b%sinene has a tremdous amounof technologygy >ell,l,hat's a int i too to. thththansportation you are movi and moving aggrsively into europe. at's going to cost money. i ow the moded shohod scale, but europe is a haha plala for amamamans to do siness. whwharyou sodentnt >> s younkw, we have been in europe for a n nber of yeaea. so we a a ay slow and methicic a aach europe. we enterer the u.kin8 and rmany in 2009 with a very small team. over the year, 7e feel like wewee lened the local marketxs ancompetits s d over last 1 1nths we e ve s sd d thteam one of the things we mentioneded on the call, whad 450 people b europe and now the merchandising, the s expeene&the lostics and customer service we dohat exllenenpr leing market is the , and we have seen that t e
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t the customer experernce to where it good. then youanarket it and rp yo customer base. knowininthatatou know youru ececomoms. knowing thatou're -- you have ododepept d it's getting bett. as you see with our siness, as you u mpheusiness, actually the business flows through. . >> why d/dyou neededurope? >> ioun't say yoneed % eueupe. the s. ihuart. europepes a very big pounitit it's as big as the u. markrk. wheyou lookokt the leadar, look at nenelilibubut a strong leadershsp posion in dhe unitededtatas. tey havavavtended tir resch tside the united states and are building a song internatiol business. ok at amazon, thth have a strong domestic siness - they have built strong busine outside the united statat. it's a big o oortututy.we t t t t thnogy we ilt, our understdi othe home market 's cegory that's unlikother caries pwe think we're in great
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>> wfair is channg theay ththeoplplshop for tir s. partf the @ ocesesis helng the consuuers scover the new possssility, i iterms s sen, pricecesesesee, inspiration. you're goingngatalog why do you need catalog? u ha a great onlin experien. we e`ve an credible onlin experien andnde doreat things otelevision w wh hpartners. we have inteated on hg tv anan -- iogld wld >> thent i g tke bbtawowr fits , ofofhe thingdiffffent about ho, home is unbranded. it's'sery visuau in n re. one of thereat opptunities when we ha a loyustomer and we have e er 5 m mlion tive customeme ai mentioned thth're growing ----e're growing ey're comini back. well it's a touch point for the cucucus. verymmersive and vervisual@ in nature. weweakakthisismagery in@th photo studios. these are product selections we
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opportunitto m me e e expeence more e e rsiv storeses now it's'smpnt b bauau our viewers ve b b bhurt b reststation hardware. me by willilms & sonona.( i'ng to distinguh why you're so chororcoen thth they were, beuse e ey we o orconfident. restoration in particular. botof them play a athe hihi end of the market. their prodts are very expensive. so m!king them affordabland allowing theheustomer to finina unique iteis a aig thing. there are a a mb of things we e do t tt'entitily difififnt an what they do.o. th're traditional l ventory players thatork ofa naow range. theyeye really storeas with cataerations that'a a del l at's workekeveve well r them. bunot whate do. r modeucoar lalaer it's aass business andith
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mehandising that we have i is a fferenbusisiss >> w w goingver your stoto with mheadriter, cli mason.n. he w saying at m me do the y have t/tdo? hon n ere stilbe a 3 3 t positi but i do fd mysesesen a curious position. of sing what do they wanan i mean, you -- you're profab, theyere worried out repeat business,s,our repeat business is d mucuc betttthan n thoht. you're wed about whether you'rereifffrent from erstock. well, you know, or amazon. it's clear that they could gun for you all they want, but it's noworking. t kjllg you. >> lk,nyime yohave a farowing companynywho isn't t pritable iour caca. rently turned pritab somemeolks may wt debate it. but at you wou say if u read the research on us the folks o have done real research who do consumer
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let'd is. it'seen a wildldeek so fa le ce forc t when you see accounting irregularities you d'tsk questions s waiair more clity. you sell sell . but n they equal sell? that's when of the cardinal rules for decas w. if you want to know why you onon ne to o ok at valeant, vrx. ev since we first learneat valeant usisa unorthodox practices toell l ugu it's's
3:28 am
the initial major charge as opposed to smaller leaks about how they're committing counting irrulities d leff has done some good works. ened litit thphmaceica little radical to calit enron. leff's point out that he new $ yorkrkimes" whh published e story about the odd relationship th athth c c cny wch i tchi theurfacece i n't t ow a lototf ut ththprice gogoinbut valeant emedike a mo aresse actor jthe same pligiw. once i iead tron stu i thought forgot it.
3:29 am
ththupsisisn'torth i iunless yohave total cfohathe shorshorllerwrg, i'tow ybuerce rept t dacocoort in t ts story. ev if itas being ud to movo invtoryryit w wldndt ding the earnings that t dly., it plus, it wouou still havav amazing cash flow. i watched big ackman and ceo ke pearsonage positive sto pbuure is sesstillldn heding dididihat l heaccotinwnwnwnhi hehe aepwh c csang as iplplted dodo to o i wasas gl m mrule h hn't failed me and then w wgreens announced a dealalith h leananand thk u u u 15 because e wawawaenenenod housese ofofofrorol. as we e e a a a likikananan respspt lgreenen my y arararlelele trust owow it. the vavavavastococdrifififdodo
3:30 am
asase becae of illness a a some real netiveublity from hillary clint idi is gem. >> it's called valeant pharmaceuticics. i'm goinafter them. this is predatory pricing. 'll make sure it is stopped. i'm hiary clton ani approve is message. >> the guy who said th there's no such thing as bad publicity had not watched that message. anyway, then camama second accoting bombshell. e company said it recognized too much profit in 24. en valeant exorated itself. the s.e.c. does the investigion. not e company. at ns came out stock w at . now ifadn'soldhe stock on the acunting irregularities means sellrenough, valeantnt which s the most disclosure saidhing about it on mday morning when they decided to
3:31 am
other stuff. when we did find out, the stoc t whacked, falling down to 65 and change close totoitron'$50 price --target and now it'truding at t ha of what we lelcned d d earned about t potential accounting irrularities. ihaeeeeeeeeseof keeping people out of stories that were leletitite, , t being ed with the accountntntchargege (((it is b b b bo o utt mes, t tre have ene misssssspportunitieses c w please disagree thth when i say coting irregulities equal sell a a tt t leant is a constant reminder of how righd % that rule . thisiss a nightmtme, b b let m giveveou the botm m ne. a n n n nre that could have
3:32 am
buburemeadage you n' be hurt bybyhis one again. in nersey up. e. >> caller:ello, cramer. >> joe >> caller: hey, i was the grand hyatt on saturday in new rk. for a t.d. ameritrade semi somee said t ty spotted you there. were you there? learning a lot from larry cramer i was there. what's going o caller: anyway, yeah, my question is about gilead sciences. >> rht.% >> caller: they seem to be doing the right thgs with go earnings. the approvals the hepatitis drug and analysts are saying they're giving it a $100 price target, but my concern is the political head winds. shld that op me from buyin it? > i have to telof the onev of e orsef
3:33 am
worries me theorst. itn pee , but i i won't tell you to ll off, cause it tooooooap ununun irrrrularities s ua sellll much more d eaea more tn 25illion a a a ans suffer frodiabetes. i will t tk to the ceo of the company who has an app tt makes their life easier. p and upore an 100%, see 0ift can stayn g od healtlt us the super tuesday edition
3:34 am
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wi crarar. b.cacae m m bececececem a woma.... #l gon cracessure ororononhehe? tatas an da. mama so10s weight. ree the rules.s. alwaysys earnrn nonone b bns o o o watataty alkakael hrt liefs.s. theyeyork andnd't t tte chalky.. i haha@
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> for >>r the last six montns all l thinonealth care have been i dangerenasosrugsnd hlth caren n n l has bebeme a major hot button issue in this presal election. hey,uper tuesd ile th won t t t t anyind govement actionon hti political @ims ma mical d diceses hard to ow steaea prirkininyouringe a zilllln memea day, yavav a sensor y a sensor you can stick oyour handndndt t ansmsmsmsmur b b b suls to o ururmartphphe ivivltimimimpppp w w h... sisi is w und wn $65 and to $65 and change.
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high flylug growth s sckin m m m mthurnraiaiaiai lyerer hohover,hetock hasebebnd bksm thlows. noi tomhap fofoits s s g. rororoe e q 2020.. s s xcom g t back? let's check in with kevin sayer tototorn more about the e mpmpmp the prospects. good to you. >> good >> gd d ee you again. . >> r r out, how w the launch gog?% >> the lauh is fanststt we added a aremeneous numbererer nenepatientstsn ththfourthth quarararar's'selelelceiveded >>owth is one where u'rere alal startg g talab me very bireimrsrsenen itedealth isntererte yore kin-- you're getting themdddd big companies s e e e ng to say,istete you c c dthis.
3:38 am
cgm in the u. now. we're trying to vehem to the phcycycyefppwe hconter patients cananto theocal drdrstore d t ather than theroce of gogog g through h nowow muchasier and much bet serve for ththpatits. >> i wasasurprisis to e e u launched this. worldwide. this wasasvse the ited ates there arlot of countriesn the europepet are , su, we reimburururur >>mbursement in rope is coming. eden has been n ry, very w wl l @ is yr. ppming in me oth@rouries. id launch it wldwiwi. this is firstptimemee have done that as weaid our call. th was a big stretch f f us. y y. >> b b s setch. we'e' lrning. >> well t ototthing that surprised me, yoyoplay with a a tally openand. you lk direcy abouth it yotaed about thehevi product and the medtronic product.
3:39 am
ere sayiyi, lien, wewenot t sing share.( we're e ill gaininghshare. >> our business over 50% th year. inurure,e grewas fast it ewewn ndur biggest market is inurope, w w doubled. doveryryell. & >> whyid you bring it up? u talked a aut abbott and libra and then the medicic @ore t end of t e q& whyhy did youobring them up?p? >> i iestors w wd d@ea they did?d? >> the people at the company want -- they wanteteto hear the things. we don't run t company day to day fothose guys. ifecute our`pls wewewew we'll do wel do well. okay. bu does sese that t were talkabout best in class accuracy vsus some of the other guys. it does seem to be the -- there's a ait of difference. that's me sayi that. >> there's a bitf a a
3:40 am
have st in ass accucu. and itters. itat it matte ovetime. >> this is somhing that thert loloof room. ou want the 24/7, 999 variance. ty ii was memeioned. th couou be the next big markor you. > it could be the nexexbig market fors. 's w we ha the verily partnershi there are tremusnsighthtthatomebody ask k arn about their lifestyle e d thr r tritn frea a continuous g monitor. differenthan the alerts and d e arms that have n/w, pwhere patients aresing this to dosensul and do things. will be a different syste buwe think ican be a hug market for us. ry ynsigigful patients. >> wt - you kind of dropd . vely i igole. juell peopop wthatatatrecps use seed lformate la tim we s ske now you're tryintoigure out how work together >> w wtingngo fire out% how to work togetherer our first efforts are produc develoent efefs whereby they're making lowow cost eleleronics for thtransmitter poion of our system. so we can take costs out of th thing g d ma isposable. th produ will focus on the ty ii i pulation.
3:41 am
em. theh we'llake that electronics ov timthe thingshat t t learned and ad i ) )ross the board. and ususit across the board. >> i typ >> i typically never talk about takeoverbut`i though medtdtnic, i mn, if the e ock drops too low aryou afraid -- medtronicscscsa ve inquisitivevecompan >> we're not afraid.d. we run oururusiness to executete or pns. >> all right. had to ask thaha when i looked d omof the - research, peop lowered the price earningsutut do think thathe politic cli could ear . is it weiririratou guys -- whicwould save the stea une would t lumped in w th the compmpies thatust raised the prices and really are a tax on nhe syste >> wnene to do a betetjob b b with data a at shows mh h h money we can sav anhow much we cabenet patient.t.% jim, i grew up a nbers guy. i d loveo able to put t tabab before people, here's what you spend on our system, re's what it saves y and hehe's t equatio this is whyo to have it. 're e ing to gr day that shs thth.
3:42 am
every confidce we'll get tt -- >> comomon that ow. m red of this industry -- i said it `tighthtththtop of the show. i'm tired his industry being blasted becae the are go tors wre saving the sy a a t of money, sosoome on when n u get the numbmbs. at's kev say, prpriden and ceo ofexcom. and they bring up the 0 compition. whw inin up their mpion if they don't think they're better? "mad money" is bk after eak. one e ngs)s) ere are you?u? well thehsquirre are back in thettic. m? your d d won't c cl an exteteinor.. can i ca you back, mom? he says it's personal this time... ou're a mom, you call at the e rst titi. it's'what you do. if you want to save fteen peent t me car insurancele yoyoswitch to geico. it's what you do.
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enjoy the e lili. >> annou >> announcererliing round isspspsored bybyd ameritrara. >> it is time. its me theightni round. you say the name of f e stock. -- sell sellell sellll ..
3:45 am
dave in illinois, , ve. >> >aller: d d dramer, a pal to your charible trt. ypal. >h,an schmas been on the show twice.@ he's t t ceo of f ypal. i have ttell ythe e alysys are discovoving w good -- do nosellllt, i wld be a buyer.r. coliinew jery. >> cler:r:, i'm a big fan. i nted tknow what you oughof consul enengy - y y ve iththboot from the s&p 500.n'ke fsis. calvin in connecticut? caller: hey, boo a. ice e rps ternrniol -- the -- it'sooooone. at stock has come down too ( much need t to ruell in cafo. ssl. >> calle >> calal the stock iy,
3:46 am
>> i don't k kw stumped e chump. i don't t ow -- let me d/dsome work.. let's go to phil in michig. phil? >alleleleooyah from n nthth miigig. whato yok of f fntntr? >> dodceurlink, but 'm a verin gu verizon has s en good me. t's go to rohawn in new rsrs. >> c cler: booyayafrfr & princeton. pxd -- >> pioneer, if you're buying a ghrowtwtone, do itit let'remeererhey y d a equityfferlor. richd in virnia. chard?d? >> caller: jim, thanks to you ananyour great utaffffor tawing call. oue welcome. >>allele'm u u25% in)spit t rlines. >uthe alineneare watoto cheaea
3:47 am
i like america i likepirit. d i likeoutuwest. all of them got too cheht. and at is s e e ncluon, dies and genenemen, , lighing und. >> lightning round i ispond by t.d. ameritradedes hacked all our technology. techlogy... say, have yoyoseen allllhe amazing chlo in gei's'sobile p? mobile app? ok. electronon id cacas, emergency roadside service, can evev smit a claim. wo.. ye'sobile app wowos s like a chaha... gegeo.o. expe great savgs d a whwhe lot m/re.. the's more enjoyableay tot 9 ur f try philp3' fibeg/ g gmies plus energsuppor itit a new fiber supplemenenthatatlps suppt regularity and d cles b vitamins to helpconvt fo to ergy. mmmmm, the are g gd! ce w phillips!
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3:49 am
> sp createby the politiciaia, the ct is at the health
3:50 am
weeded that's onef the things our leaderkeep complalning abobo. deite the flaw t afford care t is getting more and more heheth iurance. if you'rlooking for a creati% y to play the businene that might bebmore immune to polilical l anstanding, it is supet%esdada than the restptf the e alth c ce cort, consider n. they're a type of f al car cost containme that lets them m usthe expeise totoe the e busine side of things so t t hohoitalcan fofofoon t t papients. it s svis hehe carar orzationonand includinbig me ones lili smforor b ig ouits. this sto this stock has pulled ba rohly 23%. lilili a lot of the other stocks ana ey blew awaw the numbers whenent repoethan two weeks ago. thstk stard the rebound,d, but n't have -- budoeses
3:51 am
out more about the compa and welcomback to "mad money good to see you. ve a s s s >> always)a a a sure. >> eveime i tala to you, i i findhere's a new shortin . health cara in your excellent conferenceceall. you talkbout 9,0,0,0urs thth you quizzed. 54 and oarting to retire. you're going to findndurses for pele? >> well, you knothe shortage oflinicians ans l discipline nonojuststurse. phicians, in fact, a third o o the ysicians are0 and older so a good majority of them a beginning to r re and d donon have enough physicians to me in the mke he nursing sid a a halal ar50 and older and ininhe sury theysked rses at areou going to rerere and two-thirds ofhem said l lely within theexexex ree year. >> we always hear abouthere are thprpressisis whwhe peoplele can'n'get jobs. i mean, well, i'm unemployed.
3:52 am
categories n nds more people andthey're noaldoor 0 >> it'really been n amazing burst thate haveve seen ini mand. it's not surprising because of the shortages and we'rre just ae nnini thofeangs ahe shortas. but yove the o ftorsrs u know, really s sp back a a look at the mar factors th drive utililatioiod dema and the e onomy is a factor. in fac it drivivore vacancies, more job quits. we are at ththhighest gap ofojob opas and h hes within alth ca today. at means olilits having cllenges in h hing not only temrary, but permanent f. eay help them m l l roro ththpectrum. >> well, let's talk about t at. i thought one -- thiis dan pwhite, president, sasan a conference call, want to give you -- look at oururop 2 2 accounts. % of them now w ilize five re of the offefengs, so u get ininne, and thenall threst?
3:53 am
we try to look for multiple ways to help our clients ac the spectrum. you knowowin how we cacalp them to recrt clclicn, on n bod, cdeial, ,raininnd then optptize that workforce. you lk atome of the precece acqcqsitions of avavais % lastszeaea that was t thelp our clients t t better optimize the workrce theyeyave. ether it be temporary or permanent. en more cely the qcisition of b.e. smit-- >> which was almlmimmediate. bbsutely. it's not onlnlmemey added d @o the type services but hits an imrtant pa point for the e ient one of the biggest c caints that we have heardrom clients we can't do o e transftive rk we nene to don healthth& ca bececseset have gh leaders. so we acquired the largest ovider of interim and permanent placemenfor health re executives and in fact la year w walso acquiuid the rs stri and oererolutions that provide heheth care adership. one of e gshawas a a a
3:54 am
where you uldn't do well if everibodydyould find a jo they wouldn'need you. t it seems tre are verticals within your company thatre@e always going to be in demandnd thatatou just t n'n' yourself. >ou k >> you know, you havto member, agn, we have ltiple drivers withith siness. and it's yes, the economy. that's aorrelation betweendp and unemplmentntnd as unemployment is loit typically drives demand for servrves in our r siness. but that's n n the o oy ctor. again,h,ouavth ageing population whichchs ing to continue to create challenges. so we've wd very hararto ntinue to diversthth business and make e're adding on workforce lutis that can
3:55 am
acroross that trum.. and they td to be ss omically sensive he gher mgins which is s yo ve seen imimovent our ebitda manns over e years.s& yea then calalout the physysian permant placemenenbusiness, knomk k e ball out othpapa. a a rtular rean why divivionas so stng? welll whave a phenomena team ledy the founr, jim rrt and rk smith the president there. they have worked hard to continue tdidirsify the siness business and they've taken iin the the largsystems. nsidation has beef good for us. >nother theme tt's s en really trific. >> so yo >> so yoyoknow t ty have just ally- thththe hihion a cycycyers and theyeye evolvivi @theieir ss to c#c#in t chgeititthe nenes the nt. . hihiis aexamamof t individu stockckck the
3:56 am
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h we have the exclusive wi hohol,sh off the unid chnology bid a aightith
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morrowow snoelt snoelt >> it's wednesday, march 2nd
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