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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 7PM  KOFY  February 8, 2016 7:00pm-8:01pm PST

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>>. new at 6:00, the head of a local company creating a vaccine against the zika virus. >> he encouraged me to call abc, i think. >> the five points that make this suspected mail thief easy to spot. >> what the city of san francisco will, and won't do to help businesses that suffer through super bowl week. then... >> stuck on what to do for valentine's day? i'm michael finney. ahead on 7 on your side, romance without breaking the bank. maybe the groundhog was right. a week into february and feels like spring is here. the weather brought record-setting warmth across the bay area.
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let's take a look at san rafael. 101 didn't break high temperatures there, the record set in 1980, incredible. good evening, thanks for joining us. i'm ama daetz. >> i'm dan ashley. we have live team coverage of the unusually warm temperatures. >> spencer christian will show us which cities set new records today. >> yes. let's begin in walnut creek with laura anthony. >> reporter: early february, not busy time for ice cream stores but here in walnut creek, this place has been busy, a steady stream of customers all day thanks to the unusually warm winter temperatures. it seems to happen every year. a period of badly needed wet weather in the bay area, then, the spigot, turned off and in its place, sunshine, warm temperatures, more like spring than winter. >> what do you think about the weather? >> it's very nice, yet hot. >> warm in that sweater?
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>> yes. >> i know we need the rain, but it's nice to have a little break from it. especially when you have young kids. >> from the berkeley marina to downtown walnut creek, those in the east bay took time to soak it in. >> what do you think about the weather? >> i love it. >> that is fantastic. since it's been raining for the last couple weeks or months. so this is the nice break, for sure. >> temperatures climbing into mid-70s, and beyond, families came out, for ice cream. >> i was pretty excited about the warm weather. it's got to help. >> it helps a lot and we love it. >> we're in a drought. >> for ice cream. >> reporter: with no rain in the forecast for a week there is an under current of concern amid the sunshine. that this might last a tad too long. >> it's nice but we need the el nino back. it's the calm before the next storm. get everything growing, then,
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rain again. >> reporter: when the next rain will come is the big question. laura anthony, abc7 news. several cities set records for high temperatures today. >> abc7 news anchor spencer christian has the list. >> lots of record warmth today, here is live doppler 7 hd. clear skies across the bay area, here is a live view from our emeryville camera. you can see how clear the skies are and it was warm today. 12th record high today, san rafael, 74 degrees, napa, 78 degrees, breaks the old record of 73, shattering the record. oakland, 81. and oakland airport, 79. breaking the old record by nine degrees. san francisco, sfo new records for the date. and moffett field, santa cruz, new record salinas tied an existing record. we may have more record warmth
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tomorrow, i'll have the accu-weather forecast coming up in just a moment, dan? >> thank you, spencer. breaking news now in taiwan. another earthquake hit the island. the quake was centered in the northeast. just three days ago as we've reported, a 6.4 quake hit the southern region, killing 40 people. 100 people are believed still under debris in that disaster. no word on damage from today's quake. now that super bowl crowds are gone, san francisco is beginning totally winnings and losses. some businesses didn't do as well as expected. lyanne is live to tell us what the city might do for them. >> reporter: many people are surprised to hear that many businesses near super bowl city didn't score and many lost money. one supervisor is asking for compensation for the little
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guys. osumo suffered loss but slightly recovered. >> people were told to telecommute and them staying away hurt our business. >> these two regulars stopped eating out during super bowl week. >> i moved to my clients instead of them coming to me. too much confusion and too much traffic. >> reporter: high end restaurants experienced losses because locals stayed away, and many fans ate at less-expensive eateries. street vendors were forced to leave when super bowl city went up. >> the guy on the corner of market and drum, vendors, street artists, those people impacted who had valid existing city permits. >> the supervisor will now introduce a motion to compensate
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them, asking for half a million dollars. at a lunar new year celebration, san francisco mayor ed lee acknowledged not every downtown business did well. >> we'll take a look at what businesses did suffer, why they did. >> maybe send down a super bowl he yeahs onto instruct us how to conduct our business and how it's going to possibly affects us. crews are still working on tearing down super bowl city and there is talk of san francisco hosting the party again. experts say many hotels were booked solid. super bowl host officials are saying let's do it again. >> we're very clear from the beginning we did not want this to be a one and done, did not want to be a super bowl and waited another 10, 20 years to have one. >> everybody from the restaurant
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to the bellmen, everybody has been incredible. >> and there were issues. among them, estimated $5 million party bill paid for by taxpayer money, street closures that caused delays and debris that washed up after a fire works show. >> numbers show cal train carried nearly 50% more riders last weekend. bart set a record for most riders on a saturday in history, 419,000 passengers this weekend. three of the top ten days were set during super bowl week. zta carried 10,000 fans yesterday. the mayor made an unexpected announcement today. >> i will be retiring as mayor. >> the mayor says he's retiring with two years left in the term, he made this announcement on how the bay area performed as super bowl hosts.
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abc7 news reporter david louie has a look at 6:30. new details in a deadly car crash that happened just hours after the people in the car left the nfl experience saturday night. the car carrying men crashed at 9th and brannon. the chp says the they spotted the driving doing do nuts. it sped off, crashed into a taxi and burst into flames. >> reporter: both of the passengers graduated from pittsburg high school. the families are urging people not to rush to judgment, saying their loved ones got into the wrong car. >> none of us was there in the car during the last moments. and roland wasn't driving. >> his sister remembers him as funny, trying to better himself.
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he was a passenger in a fiery crash in san francisco saturday night. the driver slammed into a taxi. police say the car was doing doughnuts, side shows are popular, but dangerous stunt. she says the station was out of her brother's control. >> i have another younger brother and we worry about him all the time and tell him, yeah, you're hanging out with your friends but realize your life is in the car as well. >> his stepmother's home security camera recorded him leaving on saturday. this is the last time she would see him. also, in the car, 27-year-old from bay point and a 31-year-old david hamilton the third. the group was in the city for the nfl experience, his best friend wishes he had been there to prevent this from happening. >> this could have ended way woe than just three people dying. even the taxi driver somehow t boned or however that happened.
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wasn't killed in the accidents. little kid wasn't run over from traveling through san francisco. a manager says the driver has two black eyes and stitches. the impact nearly took down a street light. the city replaced it this afternoon. in san francisco, abc7 news. a man was shot in daily city by police officers responding to a domestic violence call on st. francis boulevard. an officer confronted the guy shot him, once. we're learning one of the two people killed in marin city had been working to turn his life around for the better, cheryl jennings featured one of the men on "beyond the headlines" two years ago. he worked with a nonprofit organization performing stars in marin.
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he was shot to death with his father in law. it happened during a large fight. new at 6:00 a bay area company is working on a vaccine for the zika virus. abc7 news was in redwood city where researchers say they're progress on a vaccine. the company says zika is similar to other viruss for which they have been able to make vaccines, however, will take years. >> the important thing is demonstrating safety. you're going to be giving this product to healthy people. >> president obama is asking congress for nearly $2 billion in emergency funding for vaccine development, education, and mosquito control. zika is transmitted by mosquitos and linked to birth defects. a reward is being offered for a suspected mail thief caught on camera wearing a pg and e vest. >> dan noyes is here with details. the suspect was caught by a
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doorbell camera. take a look. coming up on abc7 news at 6:00, where, when, and the clues that could lead to his arrest. ♪ [ music ] >> performance or political statement? a look at the motivation and meaning behind beyonce's outside performance at the super bowl. plus... >> what is different about lunar new year celebrations as we new year celebrations as we welcome the year of the
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you know that guy? there is a $10,000 reward leading to his arrest and conviction after he was record the ed taking mail while wearing a pg and e vest. >> the homeowner watched this live, happening on the phone, right? >> imagine the feeling you're watching it happen. we aren't sure if the suspect is a pg and e employee, that is part of the investigation underway. i'm about to show you great new technology and the clue that's can catch the guy suspected of a felony. >> you're watching what authorities say is a crime in action. a man wearing a pg & e vest, taking mail from a pacific heights home two months ago. the doorbell beamed this video, live. >> i thought it was a mailman until realizing someone was taking mail out of a box instead of in the box. >> what is that like? to be watching live, some guy
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taking your mail? >> well, yeah. i felt helpless. >> he doesn't want us to use his last name to avoid more trouble. the technology could have allowed him to yell at the suspect. he did call his neighbor who works from home. >> this is a wet shoe print and your mailbox is open. and there are catalogs. >> steven is worried about stolen cards and identity theft. he called the police and spoke with one of the security investigators. >> he encouraged me to call abc, i-team. >> pg & e seems to think i might have a better chance at spotting the guy. do you know this young man? wearing diamond earrings, a big watch, a new heavenly ski resort sweat shirt, and that pg & e vest? >> he's working on camouflage and nobody is going to give him
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a second look. >> i took the video to veteran postal inspector. he tells me if you know who this is, you may receive up to $10,000 from the postal service for arrest and conviction. >> stealing mail is a federal offense, phone shall penalty five years in prison and a $250,000 fine. >> if there is no arrest, he hopes airing this video sends a warning to neighbors and message to the bad guys. >> maybe people that are stealing mail or packages might they know their image is going to be in social media. >> if you know who that is, call the postal inspector. pg and e declined an interview but told me no employee was working in the area at that time. i asked if an employee could have done that on their own time. they said, good point and will dig into it more.
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>> thank you, dan. >> well, a tentative agreement has been reached for certain lecturers, it will be paid out over three school years. today the cfo of yelp announced he's leaving after five years. today, stopped and the website suffered a loss in last year's fourth quarter. >> let's take a look now outside on the day of record-setting warmth. this is the view of the bay bridge from our south beach camera. it was spring like today. >> yes. records breaking apparently. >> highs from official reporting stations following more records than that. and we may have more records tomorrow.
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so quite warm for us. here is a look at live doppler 7 hd. clear skies and now into evening hours, and here is a look at current temperatures, 64 in san francisco. 67 across the bay in oakland. 70 in concord, 68 in brentwood. santa rosa, 71, still mild. around the bay area, and strong rip currents are a possibility facing beaches looking out oaf san francisco along this clear image, here is our forecast feature, mild to warm, possibly, records likely. and cooler wednesday, not a major cooling trend it's going to get warm again next week. here is why we have warm weather.
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we have an off shore flow that is going to keep conditions warm, well above average for the next several days. here is a look at projected highs. average high this time of the year only 62 degrees. so temperatures rise sharply going into next week. that will be the pattern most of the bay area. overnight, clear skies, low temperatures from mid-40s to low 50s and tomorrow's highs in the south bay, sunny skies, and mid to upper 70s. on the peninsula, mid-70s. 76 the forecast high in mountain view. a record high for tomorrow, downtown san francisco, topping out at 71 degrees tomorrow, up in the north bay, low 70s, san rafael reaching 70 will be a
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record high. on the east bay, 74 in oakland. a record high for the date and we'll probably see a few places there hitting 74 and 75. inland east bay, highs in the low 70s. here is the accu-weather forecast. and that tapering off, valentine's day, looking nice, lovely and heart warming day. >> all chipotle stores shut down four hours to train for food safety.
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outside of the peet's coffee, this guy inside, warriors star steph curry and it was a big draw. >> yes. >> and chipotle closed down every location for a food safety meeting. >> abc7 news is here to explain
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the mission and the wake of several food borne illnesses and outbreaks. >> yes. not only did it shut down from leek a.m. to 3:00 p.m. today from coast to coast, but it live streamed the event to talk about new efforts to ensure food safety. >> i'm excited to announce this program. not only a fresh safe local produce, but also help local supply yirs be sapp safer in everything they do. >> this is the chipotle during closed hours. last year, 500 customers in 13 states, including 234 here in southern california were sickened by salmonella or noro virus, customers today support the turn around plan. >> i think it's trying to
7:26 pm
improve their hygiene, it's a positive thing. >> shares down 3.3% to close at $444 but look at this. down 40% since august. the company hopes to turn a new leaf and this might be a good start. this sign offered a rain check. >> a major study is examining the possible health impact of sib sin theter turf. scientists want to know how it could affect humans. the california environmental protection agency hopes to have results in 2018. >> there have been three dozen
7:27 pm
studies that have not produced definite answers. >> you may remember the despite at san francisco's beach chalet soccer field. the new fields opened in december. >> can you feel it? relief. right. >> in santa clara, these people are ready to do it again. and... was the half time show more than just entertainment. >> jimmy kimmel welcomes de-marcus ware.
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♪(rock music) ♪(rock music) the steakhouse thickburger. onion strings, blue cheese and a1 sauce on a burger. only at carl's jr. >> sky 7 hd flew over levis stadium 12 hours after the super bowl ended and confetti still
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littered the field. there is kind of a regional sense of relief. >> and the success has organizers optimistic the bay area will be in line for future super bowls. >> there is a sense of mission for security, and transportation. fans had high praise. >> we love the venue. security lines were no problem. the biggest problem is getting out well. chose uber. they had a problem with transportation because roads were closed. >> 20 arrests were made for intoxication, counterfeit goods, but no serious assaults. the ceo says the commissioner and team owners indicated they were pleased. >> nothing but compliments and
7:32 pm
excitement. so you have that, it sets the stage for our ability to host another super bowl in 5, 6, 7 years and we have the resources. >> an analysis will be done to measure the economic impact on the region. organizers know some restaurants are doing great and others got hurt. the lesson is that wealth can be shared by the cities. >> when we work together, it's everything we have to have in the silicon valley. >> thank you for coming. thank you for hosting. we did a great job. so this is awesome. >> abc7 news expected a 50% increase in travellers. security check points stayed
7:33 pm
open and rental cars increased staff. airlines added 12 flights today. >> everything went smoothly for us. very smooth through here. >> the airport had championship sherts ready to go for happy denver fans. sky 7 hd fly over executive airport. the faa expected a thousand planes to bring fans into the bay area. >> football fans still have a lot to talk about today from the game itself to the half time show. >> some criticized beyonce's black power salute during her per yoermance. cheers for alicia keys who
7:34 pm
saluted protestors. >> thank you for your commitment to making sure justice is done for mario woods. >> this was an act of high principle. >> former black panther leader says she reached out to keys about woods. >> she said she wanted not only to see justice but gave honor to the mother of mario woods and said we have to keep this movement going so we can end this kind of police killings. >> beyonce's back up dancers were dressed like black panther women. the group black lives matter posted this video and beyonce's mom shared these pictures. an sfpd spokesperson says the department does not comment on individuals expressing their views while exercising their first amendment rights. mayor ed lee responding today to his comments telling a reporter
7:35 pm
that woods death was by a firing squad. >> i was expressing the emotion a lot of people feel. that is why we called in the department of justice. >> mayor lee should resign. this business of calling in the justice department is a stall that will take months for an investigation. >> brown says she hopes alicia keys and beyonce can use their voices again to galvanize others. >> if you remember these kids with cold mrai, check them out. they're members of the youth or kes stdr dr orchestra l.a. they spent a week in rehearsals, sometimes with chris martin and coldplay. >> every time we rehearsed it's like getting our own, personal
7:36 pm
concert. >> i am so grateful i got the chance to do that. >> the orchestra has seen an influx in interest after the performance, also, the marching band from uc berkeley tweeted this photo with wondering who the band was? it was us. super bowl representatives managed to keep it a surprise. >> that is not easy to do in an age of social media. >> deconstruction of super bowl city is underway. if they reopen early, we're going to send out a push alert through the abc7 news app. down load it now. >> won't that be nice? >> yes. >> well, welcome to the year of the monkey. >> yes. today marked the lunar new year. coming up, how the monkey makes it a little bit fun. >> in terms of going out for dinner, the prices in san
7:37 pm
francisco have gone up by about 4.5%. >> still ahead, michael finney explains how to celebrate valentine's day without breaking the bank or checking any hearts.
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students from sanford and uc berkeley will appear in the semi finals of the jeopardy college championship. the cal contestant is nicky peters from idaho. jeopardy airs after abc7 news at 6:00 at 7:00 p.m. and a smart young person in the bay area had a chance to make a million dollars today on whiz kids week of who wants to be a millionaire. >> partly due to the fact that mars is atmosphere is thinner than that of earth, which is reduced by 30% there? >> that is the question that ultimately stopped a sixth grader. he used his lifelines and walked away with $30,000. the correct answer is a, the
7:41 pm
speed of sound. >> today marks the start of the lunar new year celebration in many asian cultures. it's the year of the monkey and it began with a bang. jonathan bloom explains what some of the traditions are all about. >> you'll find kids on stilts, and more dressed like this. in the chinese zodiac, the monkey is set to be innovative, quick moving and occasionally mischievous. the mayor presented the lighting of firecrackers to scare off evil spirits and there is the dragon. >> it's a mighty powerful animal. the dragon comes around, it wards off the king of the animals. >> dragon and lion dance s are done in the streets, schools, and businesses. >> around chinatown, going to oakland just to perform. >> and the colors are no
7:42 pm
accident. >> red and gold. good luck and money. >> these mightiest of animals require mighty athletes. >> they were played on the ground. very acrobatic now. >> celebrating the lunar new year is not just chinese tradition, other cultures also celebrate it. >> happy new year. >> vietnamese cuisine is known for noodle soup. but not for the new year. >> we have pork and it's very special, all of the vietnamese family has that. >> for the year of the monkey, the chinese eat monkey food. >> a lot of tangerines, banana. a kumquat tree brings good luck, and food coloring. >> i'm lucky to be giving this envelope. >> they're filled with cash and the monkey is said to bring
7:43 pm
prosperity. in san francisco, abc7 news. >> do you play video games? some people made it a full time job making big bucks. enter the word of e-sports and how to, tonight on abc7 news at 11:00. >> next, michael finney shows >> next, michael finney shows how to have a romantic date
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it took joel silverman years to become a master dog trainer. but only a few commands to master depositing checks at chase atms. technology designed for you. so you can easily master the way you bank. well, the am of money people spend on valentine's day is expected to hit a record high. >> yes. michael finney reminds us love doesn't have to be expensive. >> that is the 7 on your side take. nearly everything. the national retail federation predicts americans will spend $20 billion before valentine's
7:47 pm
day is over. we went on a date with a couple that agreed to take a challenge. marcy and gailen had been dating five months. >> valentine's day is always a hard holiday i think for men. >> janet is a relationship expert and calls herself a valentine's day coach. >> do we do something? what if i don't know if i'm in love with you yet? >> and adding to pressure is the cost of going out on a date. the average man spends $142 on a valentine's day date. twice as many as a woman. for the bay area, it's higher. lou is with the school of management. >> in terms of going out for dinner, the prices in san francisco have gone up by 4.5%.
7:48 pm
>> he says a night at the theater, $219 and a nice stay in a hotel, $397. we challenged them to find romance without breaking the bank. marcy and galen are fans of the show "downton abby". they began at this store in petaluma. chickaboom vintage. the couple enjoyed playing dress up. >> that is a tie. >> i love it. >> their date continued tudor rose. it was a perfect treat. >> like whatever we do, just being together makes me so
7:49 pm
happy. cheers. >> the total cost of the valentine's day? $30. >> oh. >> wow. >> pretty cool, huh? >> we have tips on our website, check them out and to see the rest of my reports you can go to and click on the sections tab and select 7 on your side. >> right. >> turning to weather now. tomorrow, this warmth is going to be with us for a while. across the state tomorrow, sunny and warm with the exception of eureka, which will be mild and see a few clouds. down south, highs in the mid-80s in l.a. and palm springs. look for records in oakland tomorrow, san jose, 76 and here
7:50 pm
is the accu-weather forecast. this is something lovely, for loving and being loved. >> thank you. >> i love it. >> all right. lots of love going on here, super bowl, larry beil is here. you were at the game. >> the game was sloppy but fun to be there and gaga was phenomenal. musicians may have outplayed some of the players. does cam newton deserve to get
7:51 pm
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good evening, super bowl 50 was the perfect finish for peyton manning. this is a day filled with cam newton bashing. he may like his he wrecked the
7:54 pm
panthers offense, societying th commissioner saying the honors mean nothing compared to the win. >> two more rings is something with me for my life. i'll be able to be with my brother's sport for eternity. and that is truly beautiful. you know, it is inspiring not only me, but everybody to be better. >> and he's about to be a free agent. the twitter verse cruise yi fiing cam newton for his pouting. >> nothing different. >> just played better than us. >> i don't know what you want me
7:55 pm
to say. we lost. >> if you want to bash him, bash him for the right here, not diving on the fumble with the game on the line. he didn't want to get blasted. go. go for the ball. i'd like to see him handle the post game better and just humiliated on a world wide stage. hopefully, he'll learn from this and figure it out. cam's buddy, steph curry was pounding the drum for the super bowl, steph may have had the biggest hits of the day for carolina. and steph wooz diplomatic. >> not been in his shoes i'd try
7:56 pm
to show you my best. >> steph never loses. that is the oakland native star, over his career ran over 9,000 yards in a nine-year nfl clear. he had niz left knee soaked up today and missed all of the 2013 season and will be reevaluated in six weeks. he's the guy the warriors need. >> hopefully, he'll be back and it's a huge part and had a good year and so we're just keeping
7:57 pm
our fingers crossed. >> new york knicks lost nine of the last 10. warriors assistant luke walton becomes an instant candidate for the job. the knicks will pay off roughly $11 million they owe derek fisher. that is my kind of job. abc7 sports brought to you by bank of the west. >> beyonce's bay area sleep over, how she found her home away from home. >> neighbors in san francisco trying to stop a rehab center for sex offenders from relocating next door to them. the meeting about to get underway just minutes from now.
7:58 pm
>> here is tonight's prime time line up. at 8:00 it's the bachelor, castle, and abc7 news at 11:00. >> look for breaking news on twitter at abc7 news bay area. >> from all of us, we appreciate your time and will see you again at 9:00 and 11:00.
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