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tv   ABC7 News 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  February 8, 2016 9:00pm-10:01pm PST

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it is about 65 degree ins san francisco right now. we are in a mid winter wave of warm weather that pushed some cities into the record books around the bay area today. good evening.
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amma is on assignment. let get started with sandhya and live doppler 7hd. this is nice. >>reporter: it is indeed dan. temperatures rose ncaa and record fell. show you exactly where the records were set for today. new ones at kent field, san rafael, both mid 70's. 78 in napa. look at downtown oakland. 81 degrees. forget spring. almost summer like there oakland airport 79. san francisco sfo both new records for today. and there were a few areas down toward monterey bay that also set records. san josebku bay. 75 was8y(xñ8 previousd;fumk rea cusz in thel mid 80's. people are asking9lñ59 what hapd around.r 0ç quick comparison&s. sea you willv03o to thef] present today tht update. well, el nino has weaken near the equator.b/
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we still have it classified as strong event :td keep in mind that he will nino often produc produces a wet spring. winter isn't overd and we still have few months of spring tog o go. so as of right now i want to show you this and sky clear for the time being but i track the possibility of rain. dan i'll be back with the details coming right up. >> bring the rain on. we need it. thanks very much. first votes in new england primary being cast as we speak of 3 site where voting opens at midnight. you lock at live picture midnight voting has been new hampshire election tradition since at least 1948. it has a handful of votes and voters will bring you the results during the newscast. we have more on the campaigning now from manchester. >> it's a privilege to be part of democratic process. >>reporter: with the rest of the granite state now just hours away from making their decision.
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>> i want this job because i love this country. >>reporter: the candidates worked into the night to win them over. >> this is sort of our final love fest, all right because tomorrow you have to get out and you have to vote no matter what. >>reporter: donald trump still ahead by double digit in the poll leading rubio. >> i need your vote. >>reporter: and ted cruz. >> all about. >>reporter: trump drawing huge crowds tonight and following the message from democrat bernie sanders. >> it's a movement folks. it's a movement. >>reporter: sanders was what he calls a revolution is ahead of hillary clinton by 23 points in the latest poll. >> tomorrow the people of new hampshire will have the opportunity to say that enough is enough. >>reporter: clinton though feeling confident. with bill and chelsea help hoping for repeat of the success she had in new hampshire in 2008. >> i will get up every day and
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do all that i canm to make a real difference for you. your families and our country. >>reporter: while clear front runner in the poll the out come tomorrow of course could be much different with 44 percent of voters tonight still undecided. manchester, new hampshire. hillary clinton and president obama are both coming to the bay area over the next two weeks. the president will be in $ thursday forwill be in fundraiser. clinton 10 days later for fundraiser built as conversation with hilary for young leaders and women in tech. >> former new york city mayor bloombergn9 told the financial times that he's looking at all options when it comes to running for president. calling the presidential race so far quote an insult to voters. >>reporter: moving on football fans still have a lot to talk about tonight from the game itself to the half time show. >> the ♪ . some criticize beyonce
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black power salute during her performance. melanie spent today looking performance that night. >> cheers for performer alicia saturday night 0who saluted protestors. >> i want to thank you for your to make a show of justice is done for mario woods. >> this was a courageous act as well as one of high principal. >> former black panther party leader brown reached out to keys about woods. >> she took a very strong standby saying that she wanted not only to see justice she gave honor to the mother of mario woods and also said that we have to keep this movement going so that we can end this"k. >>reporter: during her half time performance beyonce back up dancers were dressed like black panther women. >> i was extremely proud of that.
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>>reporter: group black lives matter posted this video. while beyonce mom shared these pictures on instagram. in sf pd spokesperson said the department does not comment on individual expressing their opinion or view while exercising their first amendment rights. mayor ed lee responding today to his comments telling a reporter that woods death was by a firing squad. >> i was expressing the emotion that a lot of people feel about how mario woods was killed.1t that's why we called in the p)tment of justice trial take a look at the police practices. >> mayor lee really should resign. this whole business of calling in the justice department advertise a stall. it will take months for an investigation. >>reporter: in the mean time brown says she hopes miss keys and beyonce can use their voices again to gallivanize others. melanie woodrow, abc 7 news. this is a live look over superbowl city from the visa everywhere sky cam after whirlwind couple of weeks.
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tear down of superbowl city well under way now. we were over the plaza this morning as crews remove pieces of concert venue and corporate show case. work started before yesterday's kick off to the gym and expected to last through friday. streets in the area closed for most of the week. now that the superbowl crowds are gone san francisco is beginning to tally the wings and losses. we know some businesses did not do as well as they expected which is now prompting mayor lee to see what went wrong. here's lee ann. >> japanese restaurant suffered losses early in the week but slightly recovered over the weekend. >> i think a lot of people in the financial district were told to tell he commute so we are typically busy that's our clientele so them staying away definitely hurt our business. >> the 2 regular stop eating out for lunch during superbowl week. >> i moved to my client instead of them coming to me. too much confusion. too much traffic. >> high end restaurant like the slanted door and boulevard also
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experienced losses because local stayed away and many superbow÷u÷ fans ate at less expensive eatery. they were forced to leave when superbowl city went up. >> shoe shine guy on the corner of market and drum. the vendor. streetcar holders. street artist. those people who were directly impacted who had valid existing city permit. >> supervisor will now introduce a motion to compensate them. he's asking for half million dollars. at lunar new year celebration in china town]!dñ he acknowledgh not every downtown business did well. >> we'll look at what businesses did suffer. why they did. >> restaurants had this advice for the mayor and other city officials the. >> maybe send down a superbowl liaison to actually instruct us a little bit more how we conduct our business and how it's possibly going to affect us. >> that's if san francisco decides to host another superbowl. something the city
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is already considering. in san francisco, lee ann, abc 7 news. dates have been set for 5 day strike at all 23 campus. union leaders voted over the weekend for walk out to be held from april 13 to the 15th an april 18 to the 19th if no contract agreement is reached. members want 5 percent salary increase for 25,000 workers. university has offered 2%. stay with us.v more aheadre4 on 7 this night. cominguñ$u(. new d%b!ils tonight in a deadly the people in thexx car left the nfl experience. spring like weather had people doing some very springr like things.d sandhya will be right back with a full forecast for the rest of the week by the way. stay with us. stay with us. ?dews
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the car carrying three men crashed at 9th and brannon. chp says an officer spotted the driver doing do nut and tried to get him to pull over. the driver took off. crashing into a taxi and then the car burst into flames. we spoke with one victim's family. >> none of us was there in the car with them during last moments and you know roland wasn't driving. >> the sister remembers him as funny and always trying to better himself. he was a passenger in a fiery car crash in san francisco saturday night. the driver slammed into a taxi while fleeing chp officer. police say the car was doing do nut side show. popular but dangerous stunt. they said the situation was out of her brother's control. >> i have another younger
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brother and we worry about him all the time and wemy tell him yes you hang out with your friend but you also got to realize that your life is in the car as well. >>reporter: the stepmother home security camera recorded this is the last time she would see him. also in the car 27-year-old gene junior from bay point and 31-year-old david hamilton the third from antioch. group in the city for the nfl experience. graduate from pittsburgh high school. best friend wishes he had been there to prevent this from happening. >> this could have ended way worse than just threeñ people dying. even taxi driver somehow t bone or however that happened wasn't killed in the accident. agent kid wasn't run over from traveling to san francisco. >>reporter: manager at joel cab says the driver has 2 black eye and stitches. impact at the crash nearly took down a street light. city replaced it this afternoon. in san francisco abc 7 news. in daly city man shot today
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by police officers responding to a domestic violence call. it happened on st. francis boulevard. neighbors said they saw a man with a knife chasing a woman. officers ran after the man through the back yards of homes and officer eventually confronted him and shot him once. police not giving any new details about this tonight. man is expected to survive. big rig flipped over in vallejo this afternoon spreading a big mess on highway 37 at the sonoma boulevard off ramp. it happened at 3:30 p.m. you can see the vehicle on its side there. the big rig was carrying chocolate powder that is used to mix in to drink. driver was pulled out and sent to a local hospital. talk about the warm weathe weather. enjoyable for most of us but troubling to those counting on el nino to bring drought relieve. here's laura. >>reporter: it seems to happen every year. nice period of badly needed wet weather in the bay area. and then suddenly the spigot turns off.
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and in its place sunshine and warm temperatures. more like spring than winter. what do you think about the weather. >> it's very nice. yet hot. >>reporter: warm enough sweater. >> yes. >>reporter: >> i know we need the rain but nice to have a break from it especially with young kids  marina to downtown walnut creek those in the east bay took time to soak it in. what do you think about the weather. >> i love it. >> fantastic. especially it's been raining for the last couple of weeks or last couple months so this is a nice break for sure. >>reporter: with temperatures climbing to the mid 70's and beyond family came out for ice cream. >> pretty excited about the warm weather. has to help right. >> helps a lot. we are excited. all the staff excited we just love it. >>reporter: we are in a drought. >> ice cream. >>reporter: but with no rain in the forecast for at least a week there's an under current
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of concern amid the sunshine. that this might last a tad too long. >> it's nice but we need the el nino back. it's the calm before the next storm. get everything grown then rain again e-just when that next rain will come is the big question. in walnut creek, laura anthony abc 7 news. that ice cream looks good. it does. >> as laura point out when the next rain will come is the big question and guess who has the answeruyñ. sandhya. >>reporter: that's right. right now it's looking like february 17 through the 19th is when we might see some written. i know. >> unfortunately and/or fortunately if you like this kind of weather. >> we love the weather but we need rain. >> exactly. we'll probably see more records as we head towards tomorrow. that's for sure. if you look at live doppler 7hd sign of things to come. skies crystal clear right now. take a look at those high for today. in case your area not in record territory it was warm anyhow.
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75 in santa rosa. 77 in richmond. got up to 79 in half moon bay and antioch livermore 73 degrees all the asterisk here indicating where the records were set. 78 nap a.71 fairfield. now take a look at the temperatures now. 68 degrees in oakland. close to 70 degrees as much higher than0h what you would see for a high for today. 66 in downtown san francisco. many areas are really running mild right now and the visibility is really terrific from our east bay hills camera as we look a fog is not a problem. mild warm again tomorrow. record high are likely with slightly cooler weather as we head towards wednesday. take a look at what is bringing us the warm pattern. this area of high pressure. keeping all theié storms well to our north so we have this warm wind coming down and that means more records are possible as we head towards tuesday. when you take a look at our temperature trend for san jose pretty much tells the story ampled9 high of 62 degrees. look at the rest of the next 7
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difficulties. and we are going to be hovering well above average right on through friday before temperatures drop down to the 60's then bounce$tight back sunday and monday. not factually what we need to hear in the drought but that's>. first thing tomorrow morning.xt startsqt out clear. cooleste spot in the inlandá valley. low midgp 40's around santa ros, napa, soñ this will remind.o you upper 40'se) you will need the extra layer. 5>s right around the bay and& hig?@#or your tuesday with mixx possibility of a record. 77 los gatos. gilroy 76.:p 75 sunny valley on the peninsula. temperatures in the mid 70's palo alto mountain view likely a record if it hits 76. 69 in pacifica. mn it's a beach day downtown san francisco. 71 degrees. 69 in daly city. north baylow 70's. napa sonoman3, santa rosa, 70 i san rafael.úk that would also be a record and
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in the east bay 74 in oakland. fremontó6. inland eastzk bay 71 concordva3 livermore. accu-weather 7 day forecast.:u more like spring than winter. right on through the end of the work week. and then heading into the weekend cloud things up a litti9it)u. but notice the temperatures do come down a little bit towards the end of the work week. so we head towards wednesday, thursday, slight dip in the temperatures and then valentine's day bright and sunny for your loved ones heading into monday we have sunshine as well. keep in mind though dan it is winter. things can change very rapidly and bring rain drops back into the world. >> 70's i. all week mid 70's. >> i know it's really unusual. from basketballer to barista. golden state warrior behind the coffee counter thatvún% everyby wanted to see. look at the lines.ú.ñ look at the lines.ú.ñ some waited
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well on the court green all nba defense can help get steals in full court press how is he with an espresso machine. aba
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8 bathrooms. vanishing edge pool. l spa. even and/or charred and some chickens. people magazine says she got it for 10,000 a night though lis listed for 30,000. beyonce tweeted thexh(hotoless night post superbowl enjoying some dessert by the pool after her performance. well do you play video games. some people have made it full-time jobs and are actually bringing in big bucks doing it. enter the world of e.sports. inside look shows how to rake in the dough playing the games that you love. >> make enough to support myself and east bay which is saying a lieutenant. >> find out how you can too. tonight on 7 news at 11:00 over on channel 7. stay right here. come up next. another half hour of abc 7 news is next. >> we'll use that as a model for what we did on it next. >> superbowl is barely a memory and already talk of hosting another gym. tonight how success spilled over well beyond the bay area.
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>> also the zika virus. cdc puts it on the highest alert and bay area company hunts down a vaccine. >> chipotle shuts down for a few hours to train the employe employees. what they learned about food safety today. all of that and a lot more for you if you stay with me. another half hour of 7 news
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or have a urinary tract infection, or uti. side effects may include allergic reactions, injection site pain, fatigue, uti, painful urination and difficulty emptying your bladder. tell your doctor your medical history. muscle or nerve conditions, medications including botulinum toxins, antiplatelets and blood thinners, may increase the risk of serious side effects. ask a urology specialist if botox can help calm your bladder. visit and learn how botox can be a low cost option. good evening once again. we begin this half hour with superbowl 50. host committee santa clara leaders did a post mortem on how things went over the past couple weeks today. and thrilled with the feedback that they are getting from the nfl, team owners and fans. here's david louie. >>reporter: there's no0n need for a guest comment card. superbowl visitors are he fuse
9:30 pm
i have in the praise for how well come and treated. >> from the moment we stepped off of the flight until just now it has been wonderful. i have enjoyed myself immensely here. >>reporter: it seems people broke the habit of ticketing and actually showed theiren beginninging side. what did you like about the bay area. >> how nice everyone is. they are much nicer than in chicago. >>reporter: and there's a pay off for this economic shot in the arm that will take weeks to research but which anecdotal appears to be a given. >> wine country packed. so many things going on. pebble beach. slowest week of the year ful that the renal benefited beyond just where the game was played. >>reporter: orderly no threats came n.20 arrest were logged not one was for serious assault. people felt safe amidst very visible and tight security. there was plenty to do including concert and community celebration ins santa clara for residents and visitors that attracted thousands.
9:31 pm
left clear impression the regis ready to do another superbowl after three years of multiple agency and cities planning and working together. volunteer is ready are you ready to have another superbowl in the bay area. >> absolutely. absolutely. go eagles. 49ers. raiders. bay area. >>reporter: in santa clara, david louie abc 7 news. >> she's got it. mayor of santa clara made unexpected announcement at that news conference. i will be row tiring as mayor effective tomorrow morning. mayor matthews says he's stepping down with two years left in the term. retirement is as you heard him say effective tomorrow. if you walk around parts of san francisco today you may have thought were you in downtown denver. we were at fisherman's wharf couldn't turn anywhere without seeing some one with an orange broncos jersey. many fans stuck around for sight seeing after the superbowl win that translated to a lot of green for local businesses. >> how much money do you think
9:32 pm
you spent here. >> a bunch. a lot. >>@ a bunch. a bunch.sñ >> i don't know man. 5 or 7000 dollars. i don't know. >>reporter: who can keep track right. that did not include the cost of the superbowl tickets despite the great weather here most denver fans want to get home for the championship parade b&@;?zñ+w button up thee experience for them of course. >> there is a major development tonight as we move open in the zika out brick. late today the cdc moved the virus to its highest level of alert and the president is now asked for nearly 2 billion dollars to fight zika at home. lindsay has the story. >> tonight big questions about travel to brazil. home of one of the biggest outbreak of the zika virus and the 2016 summer games. with the olympic 6 months away estimated half million people expected to teach. the real dilemma for the athletes. >> very difficult to give advice to people who have devoted the last x number of years training for that cdc and
9:33 pm
nih give them the facts and the evidence based information. >> u.s. olympic committee  54& to the cdc.0. while olympic officialå in rio are trying, to downl play the threatjr. u.s. soccer) chief medicalsf officerztells members of the u.]r women soccer team who won# medal are tñj)jt all necunwary precaution in reyq)d to the 33-year-old u.s. sprinter dd trotter there's no question at all. >> i don't care what kind of virus and stuff come out we are going to finish this one out. >>reporter: rising concern about the zika virus promptsed to ask congress for 1.8 billion dollars to help deal with the threat. lindsay davis abc news new york. mean time redwood city company working on vaccine for the zika virus. researchers at this company say they are making progress. company ceo says he's hopeful because zika is similar to other virus for which they have been able to make vaccines but he says the process will take
9:34 pm
years. >> the chipotle mexican food chain closed down all of the locations today between 11 and 3 for all hands on deck food hour for lunche0. comes in the>u wake of several food borne illnesses and out brickals. more than 50,000 employees+ñ tuned in by satellite to hear founder and ceo steve els talk about new effort to ensurec food safety. >> i'm very excited to announce the new program her d.not only will it help ensure reliable source of fresh local produce and also help local suppliers be safe in everything they do. >> abc 7 news was at the san francisco fisherman wharf chipotle. chain committing 10 million dollars to help local growers provide the chain with produce and meat that meet their food safety protocol. last year 500 customers and 13 states including 234 southern california were sicken by salmonella, e.coli or norovirus.
9:35 pm
customers who tried to visit today support thisv turn around plan. >> store posted a sign in front offering a rain check for free burrito for those who turned up today and couldn't get in. millions of people around the world are celebrating the lunar new year. look at the celebrations here. very old tradition in chinav. as we continue. in honor of black history month we use our abc 7 news bay area instagram fe to celebrate the people making a difference where you live. today we recognize the african ameran art and culture complex in san francisco historic jazz preservation district. this month the complex is featuring a series of events called black expression matter matters. learn more on our 7 news bay area instagram feed. i hope you will check that out when you have a moment but stay when you have a moment but stay here back in just a moment
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announcer: through presidents day at sleep train, get up to four years interest-free financing on tempur-pedic, and save up to $300 on beautyrest and posturepedic, plus same-day delivery. hurry! this special financing offer ends presidents day at sleep train.
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some very=ñ interesting>r vo of lunar new year's celebration in small village north westb of beijing.ó 500-year-old tradition is páhváu can tell. but also dangerous. villager throw molten metal against the city wall and%v performed by plaque smith and started because the paelt l wlaement could afford fireworks and tradition for 500 years. as i said spectacular. >> it is the year of the monke#w and in san francisco china untown it began with a bang. jonathan bloom explains what some of the traditions are all about.
9:40 pm
>> find a few kid on stilt. many more dressed like3n this. in the chinese zodiac the monkey said to be innovative. quick moving and occasionally mischievous. >> we have to much washington jjrjjjátk business. >> mayor lee preside over the lighting of firecracker. scare away evil spirits and if that doesn't work there's >> this is a mighty tough animal when the dragon comes around it ward off the king of the animal. >> dance done in the streets in schools at businesses. >> we are here around china town. oakland. >> colors no accident. >> red and gold. >> make no miss at that time mighty animal require some mighty athletism not like before when i saw this was on the ground. very acrobatic now past 20 years. >>reporter: celebrating the new year not just a chinese tradition. lots of other culture that celebrate
9:41 pm
including many right here in china town. happy new year. vietnamese cuisine known for the supervisor but not for the new year. >> this means we just our family vietnamese family every single family has that. >> for the year of the monkey the chinese eat monkey food. >> a lot of tangerine. a lot of banana. >> this tree bring goods luck and red food coloring. >> cup cake. and this. >> i am very happy to be giving you this red envelope. >> given as gift usually filled with cash. after all the monkey said to bring prosperity. this is for you. >> thank you in san francisco abc 7 news. >> happy new year coming up next on 7 news at 9:00. can you guess the top 5 superbowl ads that ran during superbowl ads that ran during the
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the amount of money people spend on upcoming valentine's da/ is expected to hit anw recd high. but michael remind us that love doesn't have to be expensive. >>reporter: this couple of sonoma county have been dating for just 5 months. the pressure to come up with a perfect valentine's date can be intimidating. >> valentine's day. >> always a hard holiday i think for men. >>reporter: janet is a relationship expert and calls herself a valentine's coach. she says new couple may be internalizing all kinds of questions. >> do we do something for valentine's day. what if i don't know if i'm in love with you yet. >>reporter: adding to the pressure is the cost of going out on a date. afternoon man spends 142 dollars on a valentine's date. twice as much as a woman. for way area couple the cost
9:46 pm
even higher. the school of management here at the university of san francisco. >> in terms of going out for dinner the prices in san francisco have gone up about 4.5%. >>reporter: he says dinner for two with bottle of wine averages 103 dollars in the city. night at the theater 2 19 dollars. night stay in hotel 3 97 dollars. we challenged marsy and galen to find romance without breaking the bank. marsy and galen are both fans of the television show downton abbey. two decided to go on a downton abbey them early valentine's day. it began at this store in petaluma. chick boom vintage. >> how much# fun is that. >>reporter: couple enjoy playing dress up and imagining themselves in the various pieces of clothing. >> that's a must hat. >>reporter: date continued attitude or rose tea room in
9:47 pm
santa rosa. it was a perfect inexpensive early valentine's day treat. >> like whatever we do just being together makes me so happy. tishltion total cost of marsy and galen valentine's date? 30 dollars. now we have additional tips on making your valentine's day special all on our web site. 7 on your side. >> pretty good tips there. all right. let's take one last look at the weather forecast. sandhya is here. do you expect a fortune spent on you for have tines day. >> oh, sure. don't make me look bad, dan. take a lookk at live doppler 7v the skies are clear and here's a look at our season to date so where we stand in terms of rainfall san francisco 93 percent of average santa rosa 87 oakland 85 percent live more 96 and san jose you are doing a little bit better at 103 percentoj of when is our next rain chance unfortunately not for
9:48 pm
awhile. we take you out to february 16. still dry here in the bay year. between the 17th and the 19th there are hints that winter may be possibly returning so these when we look at our next rain chance. forez the time being, thoughdc,e are expecting warm weather up and down the state. more records are likely down in los angeles. 85 degrees tomorrow. 86 palm springs. tahoe 58. 65 in eureka. here in the bay area asterisk indicating potential record. 74 oakland. 70 san rafael. 76 san jose. definitely mild to warm as luke at the accu-weather 7 difficult forecast with perhaps a little bit of fog returning on wednesday. that's the slight dip in the temperatures. only to see the temperatures come right back up again on thursday. but here's the deal. you don't need expensive gifts dan. how about some sunshine for have tines day. it will be a nice looking forecast. obviously rain would be nice too. >> thanks very much. well now the other ethic battle during the superbowl this year. not on the field but on the screen. here's david muir with those best ads.
9:49 pm
>>reporter: every year americans and favorite superbowl ads. usa today with the ad meter now in the 28th year ranking the top 5. coming in fifth hyundai after ryan reynolds toast of the tow town. in fourth dorito going to the dogs. >> what? >>reporter: in third place dorito againn . dad proving to be distraction during the ultrasound. item a race to second place in the stampede of the weiner for heintz. and no. 1 another from hyundai. first date. >> why don't you go ahead and take my new car. >> dad never far car finder the movie the carnival the kiss. >> you are messing with the wrong daddy. >> of course one of our favorite weather tech floor mat. third 84 in a row at the superbowl and made in america message. >> it's the people. american workers. >>reporter: traveling to the
9:50 pm
factory a year ago tonight telling us after the ad with 3 88 percent judging the favorite ad 3 words. >> made in america. >>l that'syi david muir report. sports director larry is here. i watched your coverage yesterday from the superbowl. it's hard work down there but must have been fun to be part of it even though it went the greatest game. >> always exciting and the crowd was into it. more bronco fans clearly because proximity i think than carolina fans. it was odd tom brady they introduced him and bunch of other guys he was booed. roundly. bay area guys all the pwrovrping 0fans. that came off on television. tom brady not happy. >> people love me. not here. not in denver they don't. >> any way the winner we look back at superbowl 50 as von we look back at superbowl 50 as
9:51 pm
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i want to show you some cutting edge technology. this is a vhs tape. push that tape in and hit play. this is a flip phone. have you seen these before? it's called a compact disc. oh. looks like we're getting a facsimile. what year is it to you? it's old. you'd rather use newer technology? definitely. well, i've got something to show you. this is the 2016 chevy volt. it uses extended range electric technology. the prius hybrid uses battery technology developed 15 years ago. chevy expects volt drivers to get over a thousand miles between fill ups. it's got every technology there is. the prius actually belongs on the table.
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come up tonight at 11:00. >> you have a right to be upset. >> among ri meeting tonight at san francisco. the six rehab center neighbors are now trying to stop from setting up shop. plus raking in cash. playing video games. meet the professionals. who make a living playing the games they love. pretty good living. joy us for 7 news at 11:00 over joy us for 7 news at 11:00 over on channel >> larry here with all the sports. superbowl wrap up. >> superbowl 50 in the book. not a great game. kind of sloppy but perfect finish for5ólx peyton manning ie chooses to retire and really go out on[a the high note. while we wait for word on peyton's plans this ist9 the dy filled with cam newton bashing and von miller pressuring. like his budweiser but superbowl 50 was really miller time. he wreck the panther offense setting the tone with the sack and touch down reward handshake
9:55 pm
commissioner goodell this morning and miller says the individual honors really mean nothing compared to the win. >> superbowl ring is something i'll keep with me the rest of my life. i'll be able to be with my brothers for eternity. i will be able to be with those guys for 100 years from now and that's truly beautiful. it's those guys that bring me up on those thursdays and those wednesday when it's rough. they get me through the day. personality in the locker room but everybody in the locker me room to be better. >>reporter: the twitter verse working over time. cruise finding cam newton for his po game pouting"3. three minutes in the entirety of comments before he just walked off. >> we'll beç/ back. play nothing different&p. no. just play better than us. i don't know what you want me to say. we lost. not diving on the fumble here with the game
9:56 pm
on the line. just look like he didn't want to get hit. like he was tired of getting hit. that's okay. i'll let somebody else pick it up. certainly would like to see him handle the post game situation better. dan were you talking about this that's something a professional is about. leadership is about. but he's4young and maybe not mature enough at this point. got humiliated on a worldwide stage. hope he will learn and figure out. it's not an ax murderer. people crushing him on line. curry pounded the drum for the panthers. open the superbowl. he was asked about cam's very short press conference today at warrior practice and steph says don't judge him so harshly. >> anybody can probably say he could handle the situation better but having not been in his shoes i can't really tell you how i would have respond entered that moment. would i try to do my bestcc but i'm sure he would probably say the same thing going into it.0 not expecting to lose. >>reporter: steph wins
9:57 pm
championship that's the difference. the one of the few people who spoke less than cam last night was share shown limp. the tweet there. that was the cleat hung up on the line. oakland native and former cal star hobbled by injuries this season. hanging them up. ran for more than 9,000 yards in the 9 year nfl career. just two more"dñ games before te all star brick for the warriors hosting rockets tomorrow night awhile. had the left knee scoped today to clean up cartilage. missed 2013 season because of surgery on the right knee. he will be reevaluated in 6 weeks. he's the guy the warriors really, really need for a long play off run. >> big loss.6%u8m hopefully he'llm+be backxñ befoe . butt he's a huge partoi of our] . really>z had a good year(÷. excellent yearzn. i just feel badk for him. it's a contract year. he's young. sos we are just keeping our
9:58 pm
fingers crossed. he will be okay. >>reporter: the 96 fired head coach fisher today. he lasted just a year and a half. former laker star 96 lost 9 of the last 10. feeling was he mam player to coach fast enough. warriors assistant luke walton becomes an instantbl candidate8q for the job. he's instant candidate for every job. 96 will pay 11 million dollars they owe derek fisher thanks for stopping. ears your check. head coach george karl the next to get fired maybe as early as wednesday. karl winningest active head coach in the nba but not going well in the state capitol. 10 games under 500. 8 games out of the 8 final play off spot in the west. the sports brought to you by cam situation. hen kaepernick6l was in the same spt nfl holds these post game press conferences in one big room and the winners and losersu and
9:59 pm
so you are hearing all of the opponent celebrating only feet away from you. they are on the other side of the curtain. it's an awkward situation. they could fix. that but he has to step up also and be responsible. >> you are a pro these part of the gym. winning and losing. that's this edition for 7 news. for all of us here, we appreciate your time. appreciate your time. see you in an hour over on abc
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