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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 1130PM  KOFY  February 12, 2016 11:30pm-12:01am PST

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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> a bizarre attack on the golden gate brynn. someone armed with a blow gun of all things shot darts at two visitors walking across the bridge. good evening. i'm dan ashley. >> i'm ama daetz. let's show you a live picture. the attacks happened around 2:00 on the east sidewalk of the span. >> sergio is live at vista point about what they revealed about this story. >> the good news here is that neither one of those people were seriously injured. they were on the brynn and walking toward vista point. they were treated by a paramedic on scene and then released. the california highway patrol wants to track down the person or the people who did this.
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most blow darts are about four inches long according to the highway patrol one penetrated a thigh pretty deep. >> and it was able to go through his jeans and his leg about two inches. >> as paramedics arrived a second walked up and said she was also hit. >> she was struck in the kneecap. it had gone into the skin. >> so far investigators believe the dart was launched by a car driving northbound on the bridge. they are working with the golden gate bridge authority to see if they have surveillance video to capture the culprits behind the attack. bob bow was showing his family from london this vaw. i showed him and his cousin a picture of the dart. >> it was scary, but then again you can't hide. you have to look out for your. >> you don't know what will happen. >> according to the chp
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neither dart seemed to be poisoned. investigators will return to the scene tomorrow with the two victims to pin . exactly where they -- pinpoint exactly when they were hit so they can determine when the suspect car was on the brynn. abc7 news. >> tonight we have a new look at the off duty richmond police officer shot and killed in his home. he was killed during a domestic dispute. his family came forward in an emotional tribute. we are also learning more about the man arrested for the crime. alan wang is live in vallejo with this developing story. alan? >> according to family members the two men had a good relationship. in fact, he spent a lot of time here at the family home. how did this happen? i spoke to a neighbor who gave insight on what might have lead to this murder. >> our door bell started ringing off the hook and she was banging on the door. >> it was the wife of the
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murdered polic she told her neighbor that robert vega shot and killed her husband. >> what were the exact word she said? >> that he has been hearing voices lately. this is the devil. >> many are wondering how a seemingly good relationship between the 15-year police veteran and the father of his grandson ended so tragically. police say there was an altercation involving the two men. gus' daughter angel and the couple's 6-year-old son and from the church the family forgave vega and praised the police officer's life. >> the life of a police officer that he devoted to helping others and the life of a father that he ultimately sacrificed protecting his family. >> robert vega was at the family's vallejo home regularly and even called gus dad. neighbors at his fare feel apartment say robert vega
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appeared to be stable. >> he had himself under control. >> the family says robert vega is an army veteran who was deployed to iraq and recently working. >> there was wreckage of an abandoned home behind a toeing company. they got the call at 2:theater. they had it out in an hour, though they were slowed by the fallen power lines. video shows smoke pouring out of the home. no one was hurt. finding the cause though will be difficult because it is unsafe. firefighters facing dangerous conditions on the paw t -- peninsula jie. that is a power line arcing in belmont. firefighters pulled a dog and a cat and gave it oxygen.
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the dog wasn't hurt. ?ai new at 11:00, a -- new at 11:00, a facility was shutdown because of health violations. they found bedbugs, sewage leaks and the san antonio manor. they received a tip and visited the home several times citing it for 56 different infractions. these pictures are from the mountain view voice. not only was it deemed unhealthy, but it was unsafe. they found renovations done without permits and structural deficiencies as well. managers have appealed the closure. new at 11:00 from san rafael, a community group called for the boycott of two stores for selling what they call alco-pop. youth for justice called for an alco-free zone. the group marched in protest and they asked them to stop selling those drinks which
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include 4loco and mike's hard lemonade. the drinks are marketed to kids and they are concerned with a new product that just hit the market. >> there is eight versions on the outside of the mike's hard lemonade can. it has 8% alcohol content and they are sweet and youth oriented flavors. >> this same group tried to get the drinks banned across the state, but that effort failed. new details tonight on the group of nuns facing eviction from the tenderloin in san francisco. they now have an unlikely savior. the chronicle says motivational speaker tony robbins met with the nuns and handed them a check for $25,000. they heard about the plans to raise rent by 50% and they wanted to help. they have lived there for eight years and they run a soup kitchen for the homeless there. big crowds welcomed pope
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francis to mexico city. they are asking him to address the violence and the drug war and the government corruption during his five-day visit. an official welcoming ceremony is expected tomorrow followed by the mexican president and mexican bishops. 4 million people are expected at mexico city's roman catholic shrine. a peninsula community rolled out the red carpet not for movie stars, but for surfers. >> the best wave riders took part in the surf contest. the top surfers road waves as high as 40 feet. >> janet is there to honor the big winners. janet? >> the party is still going on in the restaurant here in half moon bay. 300 people were invited including the surfers they are celebrating, the big wins and more importantly all of the fun they had doing what they love best. the man of the hour, ni
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lamb. >> he has been surfing since he was five and he dreams of winning the titans maverick. he did it earning a cool $30,000 to boot. >> this wave is incredible. >> his father watched nervously. >> in the final he got a horrible fall right toward the end and it looked like he got five waves after that. and it wasn't any fun. >> it was another crowd favorite. he took second place. >> it was my first contest. >> the big surf competition took over the small coastal town. >> to have another thing to bolster the economy is great. jay that energy is is proving to last through the night as the town transformed into hollywood with 24 of the world's best surfers strutting
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their stuff on dry land. in half moon bay, abc7 news. >> just incredible what they do. those big waves are going to continue this weekend. >> here is sandhya patel. >> dan and ama, we will talk about the surf and the record heat and we will talk about the possible rain coming our way. your valentine's day weekend forecast coming up. >> and the hidden meaning of emojis. what your kids are really saying when they text the symbols. >> and caught on camera. the crash involving a member of president obama's motorcade. >> and comedian bill murray is known for antics at pebble beach, but some starstruck fans are not laughing. >> first here is a look at what is coming up on "jimmy kimmel live." >> thanks, dan and ama. look what we got on the show. >> gorm clooney -- journal clooney -- george clooney says he is arriving for
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vaw -- vaw knee shaw, san ramon and san mateo. >> emojis are everywhere. you can see a huge range of pictures and symbols all over social media. some even use them in a hidden language. kristen sze explains why parents need to pay attention. >> you may call them modern day high hieroglyphics. pictures meant to say more than words. >> end the conversation with a chipmunk. she thinks it is cute. >> adding a facial expression or whatever it lightens the mood. >> it can be sweet and silly or scary. a new york teenager accused of threatening police with a gun
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emoji on social media. in illinois, prosecutors say another teen shows support for isis by tagging violent videos with emojis. good or bad, emojis are changing the way teenagers in ter act. >> it is sad. children don't know how to talk to one another. >> the 12-year-olds and 13-year-olds have had emoji since they were using cell phones. to them it is how they communicate. >> paul booth is a media professor. >> there is something primal and something about an image that communicates emotion to us. >> some parents worry emoji are a barrier to underking kids and keeping them safe. >> what's the problem? >> i don't speak emoji. >> it illustrates a real life problem. many adults find deciphering the emoji impossible. we found an expert to decode this one. >> we have cool look.
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>> eddie says many teams use emojis like code. >> they talk about sex and they talk about drugs and they talk about neighborhoods. you name it. >> with thousands of emojis out there they say it is the leatest version of an age old problem. >> parents create languages. any kind of slang and anyway to communicate in that sort of secret. >> what do your kids say about that? >> mom, you are lame. >> did they use a certainy mow scree to explain that? >> yes. >> for parent trying to sort it out, there are websites to help you translate and of course there is the simplest tool of all. >> asking their children what do these emojis mean. >> when you both understand what an emoji means communication is facilitated. >> kristen sze, abc7 news of the. caught on video today, an officer riding with president obama's motorcade in l.a. suddenly spins out crashing into the 405 freeway wall.
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it happened as the president headed to the airport after a day of fundraising. the officer was taken to the hospital, should be okay. an investigation is underway to figure out exactly what happened out there. bill murray has promised to replace fans' cell phones after he threw them from a rooftop bar in caramel. murray was in the area playing at the pebble beach pro a.m. as he does every year. he was hanging out at a bar when people were taking photos of him with the flashes on, and some just 10 feet away. he grabbed the phones and chucked them. today he apologized and pay for the phones. he will to the be charged. >> don't mess with people's phones. the weather is looking good for the holiday weekend. >> yes. sandhya, it is spring-like. >> absolutely spring-like, dan and ama, and we will carry it into next week before we see the changes. i do want to show you a
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spectacular sunset. the sun went down at 5:45 and it was an incredible burst of color at the time of the sunset and that was due to what you are looking at on live doppler 7hd. obviously they are with us. no rain at this hour, but we have fog. sfo and half moon bay is down to a half mile now. so to start off your weekend you will need to watch out during the morning hours. the temperatures are in the 50s and once again we do have a high surf advisory. it will remain up until 8:00 p.m. tomorrow night. look at the current wave height with the possibility of strong rip currents and sneaker waves and large breakers. be careful out there. the waves can be dangerous and they combine pull you into the water. with the beach weather coming up, it is hard not to head to the coast. here is a look at sfo and you can see the fog. it is low down on the deck. warm up begins for valentine's day. possible records for monday
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and tuesday and much cooler weather is coming your way. the temperature trend sums up what everyone will see which is it a warming trend for the second half of the weekend. it is carrying over into monday which is a holiday for many kids and tuesday. and then we cool it down. the temperatures will be closer to the average of 62 degrees by wednesday and thursday. a beautiful valentine's day forecast. clear skies, mid40s to low 50s with your loved ones. obviously if you will enjoy the day, the sun will brighten your day. it will basically be in the 70s and comfortable weather. we have been using the storm impact scale to rank our systems. one is light and five is severe. february was dry, but not for long. wednesday night is a one on the storm impact scale of the a light system coming through. going into thursday morning it looks like it is about a quarter of an inch.
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there is another system on saturday, a week from today, that could bring us more rain. the fog is the concern in the morning. most areas will start out in the 40s, san francisco 51 and for the afternoon it is a beautiful day if you will be in the south bay. gilroy 72. 71 in san jose. 69 in sunnyvale. upper 60s redwood city and menlo park. 65 in half moon bay. downtown san francisco is ict is 7. daly city is 64. nothing but bright conditions and milder than normal conditions in the north bay. 69 san rafael, napa, santa rosa and calistoga in the low 70s. 70 fremont and 70 concord and 71 livermore and plenty of sun. accu-weather seven-day forecast, if you are having a picnic outside and going to the beaches it will be beautiful. warm it up for you for that second half of the weekend. it is continuing into early next week with near 80-degree record. the storm comes in wednesday
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night into thursday. it is a one on the storm scale. animals want to show their love for one another on this holiday. >> still ahead, the special celebration for announcer: through presidents day at sleep train, get up to four years interest-free financing on tempur-pedic, and save up to $300 on beautyrest and posturepedic,
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for people. the academy of sciences sent this picture of a working sending out valentines. they collect the cards and then give them to the females who use them to line their nest. it encourages breeding. >> he is regifting. >> dress to impress.
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>> a little nba action. allstar weekend in the nba. steph curry and klay thompson and our own allstar, larry
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abc7 sports. >> klay thompson and green participating in the skills department. director larry beil made it through and he is beginning our coverage of allstar weekend. >> the last time the warrior had three players making the allstar team and the year was 1976. rick barry, smith and wilkes. it is steph, clay and draymon
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and they know how special this is. >> they had two other guy having the full squad and all that we accomplished. >> it is amazing this far just to be a part of this around all of the guys. >> i am so excited about that. >> i know it is warm and sunny in the bay area this weaken, the low in toronto is expected to be around minus 6. the high could be as high as 3 degrees. oh canada. larry beil, abc7 sports. >> that's good for him. round two held in pebble beach. up like the weather in toronto you don't have to worry about making the cut. you get a shot at all three courses. one of the most beautiful places in the world. golfer's paradise and we will start out with the celebs. the par five and 14th at pebble.
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catches the lip of the cup. birdie on the handicap hole. a nice birdie here on monterey peninsula. to the pros. the number one in the world at 10 and at monterey. he is three under after two rounds. phil mickelson and the early clubhouse leader with a six under 65. 666 at pebble. he has the lead at 11 under and he is a co leader who shot a course record of 11 under 60 at monterey peninsula and just missed the round for tomorrow. and tomorrow the giants host their annual fanfest. they met with the media and even shot a few commercials that will air during this season. the giants won the world series in 2010, 12, 14 and it is another even year. the media is talking about it and so are the players. >> it would be ridiculous. it would be a cool story. obviously everything will
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lineup that way to do it again, to have it work out how it has the last five years. that's our goal and that's what we want to do. >> this report is brought to you by riverwalk casino. i don't think any of us felt sorry for larry. >> no. it was hard. >> i just wish his coat hadn't arrived. >> ouch. >> love larry. >> all right, abc7 news continues now on-line, twitter, facebook, all of your mobile devices with our abc7 news app


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