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tv   ABC7 News 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  February 17, 2016 9:00pm-10:01pm PST

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their. >> showed him the back room where skip was found dead and told him the dog had been left alone by the worker that was supposed to be watching him. for 15 minutes. >> he said he was attached with a harness to a sink next to the area on the floor. i asked to see the harness and he showed me a choking restraint leash. >> he you can never take your eyes off him or never leave him alone. it would be like leaving an infant in a doctor's office with a rope around his neck. >> a petco spokesperson said an
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independent veterinarian explanation suggests he may have suffered a cardiac event and there was no evidence of trauma. petco paid for the expenses related to the death. the company also offered them additional money which they have declined. >> we need to be able to grieve the death of our dog. we can't. we can't. because there's all of these unsaid answers. we can't find out why he died. >> petco did concern he was left alone on a slip lead for five minutes. a violation of policy but not his cause of death. abc 7 news. >> for two adays, abc 7 news followed the story. it touched everyone and introduced us to heros. wayne friedman found another hero today. >> social media has a way of
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bringing people together. >> as soon as i saw the story i was moved by it. >> lisa teaches 4th grade in foster city. she never owned a horse but was touched by the story of valentine's day. a 6 day old foal. he was there shivering with a broken hip. >> it's a surprise he survived at all. >> she hasn't had much sleep as she nursed valentine while hoping to raise thousands for his medical care. little did she know that across the bailey is a set up a go fund me account that raised more than $15,000 in 18 hours. >> one of my favorites was $100 from a 10-year-old girl that sent in all of her savings. >> that money made a huge difference in valentine's life. yesterday at the veterinarian hospital x-raies and scans revealed he will not need surgery. just rest and expensive rehab.
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they continue to look for his owner in and around morrison canyon. they do not suspect foul play. that owner has until monday to claim him and might still get stuck with bills when identified. >> if we can find the mother of the horse that helps us. >> if no one steps forward valentine becomes the property of fremont which will find him a home. they have plenty of offers and one big benefactor. >> it restored my faith in humanity. abc 7 news. >> what a story we have to share with you as well. an 11-year-old boy that found himself dangling was saved by quick thinking bystanders.bivv7 it was all caught on video. the boy slipped after leaning oj ski pole. the others on the chair struggled to hold on to him but they were losing their grasp. they set up the fireman's net
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underneath the boy. they caught it all on video and said the boy looked calm and was smiling after the rescue. >> wow. >> good for him. >> fortunately it all went well. >> all right. well we have some rain coming down now, drew. >> it has been. now focused into the south bay at this hour. there's downpours that are out there. we'll show you kind of a have and have not situation. we'll show you the haves first. we'll get you down to street level. pops of yellow and orange. redwood city getting downpours down right now. this is all moving off to the north and east. they'll see the downpour the next 15 or 20 minutes or so. we'll take you into the south bay with san jose on the edge of light rain. >> indicating light rain. that's the similar story in san francisco right now.
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even into oakland. really light rain but you do notice drier air is now working into this storm system so it's wrapping itself upright now. the other big story, this cold front has brought in much colder air. 24 hour temperature change. some spots anywhere from 15 to 16 degrees cooler now than this time yesterday. 49 in santa rosa. 50 in san francisco. a cool 50 in heyward. 52 san jose. right now a cool 49 degrees. on the storm impact scale, rating from 1 to 5 gives you a better idea of what to expect. so the one that's happening right now over us is still a 2 but it's really the focus has shifted into the south bay where we do have the toxic downpours developing and could be some isolated wind gusts between 10 and 30 miles per hour. future weather picks it up at 11:00 at night. the most activity around fremont or san jose at that hour. the front gets out of here. behind the front there may be an
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isolated shower first thing thursday morning because you may have that to contend with. even at the lunchtime hour we're still not completely dry. it's not until the later afternoon and early evening hours that drier air takes over the entire region and we don't have the threat of a shower. overnight tonight a few of the scattered showers still with us. upper 40s to lower 50s across the board and highs for your thursday. it's going to feel cool but this is where we should be for this upper 50s to lower 60s with a scattered shower out there. nothing like we saw widespread today. to take a look we also have a winter storm warning in effect in the sierra. watch these numbers. 38 inches potentially falling. you could see perhaps 32 inches of snow in kirkwood. 2 feet in tahoe city. 20 inches at incline village. so tough travel here the next 24 hours but after tomorrow afternoon it should be easy going to get to the mountains to see that fresh powder. especially over the weekend. take a look at what we're
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tracking for friday. another round of rain happening. looks like a one on our storm impact scale and likely coming in the afternoon. accuweather forecast shows you a scattered shower tomorrow, rainy and breezy here tomorrow afternoon. dry for the weekend and we'll warm up monday before we track another chance of rain potentially coming our way on tuesday. >> very good. >> still to come on abc 7 news at 9:00, the season is still on hold. find out why the delay. >> the snapshot of the bay area housing market. where do we stand on
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announcer: through sunday at sleep train's presidents day sale, save up to $300 on beautyrest and posturepedic, get three years interest-free financing on tempur-pedic, plus same-day delivery. hurry! sleep train's presidents day sale ends sunday. this is abc 7 news. >> they decided to keep
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commercial crowd season closed until more is done. they're looking for a partial opening if the crab are safe. it was put on hold when a dangerous toxin was detected. the decision to close the season was difficult but the fears of customers being killed or injured outraged the crabbing industry. officials declared some fishing areas safe to open for recreational crowd fishermen. >> a mixed report for california's housing market. buyers snapped up more than 27,500 houses and condos in january. that's the highest total for the month since 2013. however, the total was still well below average for the month of january since the firm began tracking sales in 1988. despite the lackluster sales the median price jumped to $625,500. that's a 15% increase over january of last year. a south bay real estate agent
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said after searching listings she could only find four single family homes at or near the median price. >> there's a new front runner in the race for president. >> also tonight the huge turn out to see the pope, both in mexico and the united states. how the visit became an issue in the presidential race. >> also underfire. two officers are trying to arrest a man when he pulls out a gun. their quick action and the moments that followed. >> and a report that the companies that services air companies that services air force one is owned by
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>> live from the kgo tv broadcast center, this is abc 7 news. >> we'll begin this half hour with the race for the white house and the new national poll out tonight that shows donald
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trump is no longer the front runner. >> the wall street front runner shows ted cruz with a 2 point advantage over trump. marco rubio is 3rd with 17%. >> john kasich, ben carson and jeb bush follow and three days before the crucial south carolina primary there's been a huge endorsement tonight and abc news reporter has more on that. >> there are just three days until republicans vote in south carolina and governor nikki haley is hoping her endorsement can give a win to marco rubio. >> ladies and gentlemen, if we elect marco rubio every day will be a great day in america. >> south carolina's popular governor has enjoyed approval ratings of 81% and rubio polling at 14% could use the boost. >> if we lose this election we lose more than an election. i believe we lose the american dream. >> ted cruz throwing down the gauntlet with donald trump. >> donald i would encourage you if you want to file a lawsuit,
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challenging this claiming it is defamation, file the lawsuit. >> trump has been threatening legal action over this cruz ad released in the wake of justice scalia's death. >> i'm pro choice in every respect. >> we cannot trust donald trump with these decisions. >> on the trail trump says cruz is a liar. >> he says he's not pro life. i'm not? i'm pro life. you can't lie about people like that. >> but the ad doesn't seem to be hurting trump's poll numbers in the first southey&z fprimary state. in fact adding together the numbers for rubio, bush, carson, and kasich the number is less than the numbers that gives trump the lead. >> in an increasing campaign for anyone but trump mike lee will be campaigning for cruz in the morning and rubio in the afternoon. abc news washington. abc news has learned president obama will go to cuba
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on march 21st and 22nd. deputy national security advisor ben rhodes will make the announcement at tomorrow's briefing. the last and only u.s. president to visit cuba was calvin coolage in 1921. he bought gec in 2013. the company services the president's jet as a contractor for boeing. the air force told usa today that it considers the security of air force one a top priority and that there are stringent security protocols in place. also they say the contractor does not have unsupervised access to the claim. the white house declined to comment. >> now to pope francis and his historic visit to mexico. he held a mass at the border with the united states. he was on one side and el paso on the other. the visit is making headlines here in the u.s. terry was with the pope in
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mexico. >> he stood on the rio grand and head bowed in silent prayer. across the river a few feet away in the united states americans including undocumented immigrants prayed with francis remembering the thousands that died in the desert trying to get to the u.s. spiritually there was no border here today. joyous crowds on both sides. a hugely symbolic celebration. a message from the pope. this week donald trump sent a message back in an interview with fox business. >> the pope is a very political person. i don't think he understands the danger of the open border that we have with mexico. >> but mexico has embraced this pope. at one point yesterday mobbing him and almost toppling him. don't be selfish he said. and at every step francis has spoken out blasting some businesses and slave drivers that exploit employees and taking on the violence of the
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drug trade here in this city once racked by thousands of murders but now climbed down to manageable levels. >> for francis this isn't about politics. it's about taking in a stranger and welcoming the refugee. he would say that's chris juan. >> all right. so south carolina now. not talking the primary. a new hi released video of a deadly police shooting. it shows the misstruggling with the suspect and then he pulls out a gun and begins shooting. what happened next. >> what looks routine is about to turn deadly. >> just relax. >> a police sergeant in south carolina questioning 21-year-old ryan over marijuana and expired car registration. >> listen to me. this is a misdemeanor, okay? >> but then ryan pulls a gun shooting an officer in the leg. the sergeant fires back.
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>> shots fired. shots fired. >> suspect down. >> the shoot out captured on police cameras now becoming as common as flashlights. today 76% of all departments used some type of camera. then there is citizen video. recording moments like last year when another south carolina officer shot and killed walter scott as he ran away. that officer now charged with murder. >> cameras cut both ways. they can either justify someone's behavior or not. we've seen plenty of police shootings in a recent past where they showed bad police behavior. >> with the help of this video both officers are clear and are now back to work. abc news denver. >> manny is being knocked out by nike. the oregon based company teinated his endorsement contract following his claim.
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he made the comment this week. he now apologized for the remark. the 37-year-old is running for a senate seat in the philippines. >> u.s. stocks post higher today. the dow jumped by 257 points to finish at 16,453. the nasdaq went up 100 points and the benchmark s&p 500 was up 31 pushing it out of correction territory. the games came as the minutes from the federal reserve federal meeting suggested that interest rates would remain where they are for awhile. >> up next, radar sensors and automatic steering. those are two parts of toyota's new technology packet for one of the most popular cars in california. how this could make a prius that will drive itself. >> in honor of black history month we're using our bay area instagram feed to celebrate the people that made a difference where you live.
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we remember the oakland giants. all black professional baseball players that proceeded the san francisco giant. and this photo shows the team in 1912 long before the color barrier. that was 1947. you can learn more on our bay area instagram feed. area instagram feed. check that o
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a sacramento woman is making history. she's now the first african american to be the head of programming at a major network. abc named her to lead the entertainment division. she is credited with helping develop many of the big hits
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including scandal, marvels agents of shield and how to get away with murder. >> well, the number of new cars sold in california last year passed the 2 million mark. that's an increase of more than 11% compared to 2014 and it's double the national increase. the honda civic, honda accord and toyota prius represent the first three car models sold across california. >> john actually went for a ride in the new 2016 prius to see how the beginnings of self-driving technology are making things safer. >> when toyota launched it's first prius starting a car with a button was revolutionary enough. now on the fourth major release some things haven't changed. >> 58 miles per gallon in the city. >> in fact the whole car is covered with sensors hidden in
9:41 pm
grevi grevicies. >> it's part of toyota safety steps. >> that was a lane departure? >> that warning is nothing new but when the cars cameras detect you drifting out of your lane the steering wheel will nudge you back in. >> still needed to turn it but it started to turn it for me. >> there's warnings when you're starting to back into something or the car could protect pedestria pedestrians. >> you can avoid hitting somebody. >> they're part of a larger vision for toyota. they'll eventually form a car that can drive itself if you want it to. >> what if cars could be trusted partners. >> it's been just a few moments since toyota announced a robotics partnership. the first self-driving car was a prius and the computer vision is similar to what cars will need to start driving themselves. the new prius knows traffic
9:42 pm
conditions and displays the speed limit on the windshield. whether you obey it is up to you. >> i do know the speed limit. i just don't abide by it. >> abc 7 news. >> up next on abc 7 news at 9:00, a very big check for a florida couple but there's still big bucks up for grabs from the billion dollar powerball jackpot. (vo) want to be happy with your next vehicle purchase?
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>> two san francisco restaurants made the list for semifinalist for best new restaurant. it was nominated with it's
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hawaiian inspired cuisine and the new mexican restaurant. the two restaurants are in competition with 25 other new restaurants across the company. >> the oscar statues are going old school. they're designed around an original oscar from 1929. here's the old statue on the left and the new design on the right. they look a little bit similar. the academy says it's restoring features of the original design using digital scans and 3-d printers. this is video doing other work. it takes three months using the process. it's still plated in 24 carat cold. it weighs 8.5 pounds. chris rock hosts the award show on sunday february 28th on channel 7. >> be sure to tune into that. one last time i want to talk about the weather. we got a good storm in here tonight. >> to tell us where the rain snou let's get to drew.
9:47 pm
>> we'll have some isolated showers for the first thing tomorrow morning so we'll need that umbrella for your thursday as well. we're tracking much of the activity to the south. palo alto, a downpour has developed there. we widen out the view more and you see most areas are seeing light green on the screen. that's from oakland, heyward, and san jose at the hour. as we move to the north drier air is working in behind the systems. you notice in the north bay we have pockets of drier air but we're tracking some snow developing and thunderstorms to lightning strikes as the system pushes off to the east. winter storm warning until 4:00 tomorrow afternoon. one or two feet of snow. look at the peak wind gusts today. clocking a 63 miles per hour wind gust. angel island 54. 49 miles per hour. oakland 44 and san jose 43 miles per hour wind gusts. as we go into the early morning hours on thursday that cold front gets out of here and we
9:48 pm
still have some isolated showers. we'll have some first thing on your thursday. so 7:00 thursday morning we'll need the umbrella in some spots as light rain is still in the forecast. we'll have the scattered showers for you on your thursday. winds down in the afternoon. by friday another front moves through here. it's a one on our storm impact scale. saturday and sunday dry. we bounce back into the 70s. >> two of the three winning ticket holders $1.6 billion powerball jackpot has now come forward. >> the question remains who bought the winning ticket in southern california. the ticket was purchased at a 7-11. >> and not by us. >> the hundreds of people showed up to celebrate their town's newfound tame and fortune. >> some people came forward to claim their share of the jackpot. >> one are saying they're
9:49 pm
dreading this moment. >> teach a class on how to keep a big secret. >> we just kept quite. >> absolutely quite. >> maureen smith and her husband say they told no one they were holding on to a winning powerball ticket from the drawing in january. worth a third of the record $1.5 billion jackpot. he even kept going to work as an engineer. >> the first day i arrived late to work they all suspected i won it. >> but tonight they're saying more money more problems. >> i lost over 10 pounds too. a lot of pacing at night. >> they didn't want to talk about children but put their one month sum of 328 million into a trust for their family. they won with numbers they have been playing regularly for 30 years. and couldn't feel more blessed tonight. abc news tallahassee. >> good for them. >> absolutely. >> all right. >> i would love the dread of having to spend 3 or 4, $500
9:50 pm
million. i'm extremely wealthy. i just do this for kicks. >> a lot of money on cold medication. >> i'm dying here slowly. rest time isover. back to work for the golden state warriors. back after the all-star break and ready for the stretch
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>> coming up tonight at 11:00 the return of the rain in the bay area, falling trees, slick roads, thousands of people left in the dark. live team coverage. >> not one but two sexual assaults near the cal campus. the warning going out to students tonight. >> that coming up over on channel 7. >> this report is brought to you by your local toyota dealer. >> all right. a lot of sports to talk about tonight. >> good stuff? >> yeah. it's interesting. you guys wagering on whether my voice will hold out until 11:30 tonight. e has put most of her money on not making it. >> the overunder is not in your favorite. >> i understand that. i have beaten the odds before.
9:54 pm
after a few days off the warriors are back in the bay area. the final 30 games in the regular season. the quest for history is friday night in portland. resuming practice today. trade deadline is tomorrow. don't expect the warriors to do anything. they won't disrupt a team that's gone 48-4. need to go 25-5 the rest of the way. that would set the all time single season record owned in 96. the head coach says his team is ready for the final stretch. >> we got up and down the floor. everybody looked like they were in good shape and refreshed and excited to be back and ready to close out these last 30 games. >> baseball is back. spring training has arrived for the giants. pitchers and catchers reported today in scottsdale, arizona. gearing up for another even year title run including jake peavy
9:55 pm
trying to rebound after a disappointing campaign. >> this is a gift right out at the belt. >> in 2015, jake peavy started two games in april before a back injury sidelined him until july. he's determined not to let that happen again this season. >> smarter and differently and use what got us healthy last year and what we did throughout the season. we did a lot of the same exercises to make sure that we stay in line with what happened. >> jake is a hyper competitive rson and he can be misunderstood on game day as he tends to yell and scream at well nothing when he's on the mound. >> the way you can beat and the way you can play is the one thing that you can't control and i'm going to do that. i certainly can. lost every option to win for the giants. when you're watching me i can promise you you're getting everything i can give on that night. good, bad, or ugly, it's all
9:56 pm
that i've got. >> but off the field he's a totally mellow guy. he loves playing guitar in the locker room on game days, mainly the grateful dead. >> music has a constant heart beat and it keeps everybody nice and relaxed and free and easy. doesn't get us up worked up. met metallica another local band that we love. >> with the additions, peavy will be at the bottom of the rotation but he cares more about winning than what day he pitches. >> anybody would have been happy with one of those guys. to add two of them with the mix really excites the guy here and shows the level of commitment that our ownership and front office have to give us the first chance. certainly be trying to outdo each other but we're all in the same team and trying to help and make each other better. >> in san francisco, abc 7 sports. >> bruce is heading to spring
9:57 pm
training kind of ailing. he was hospitaled. two stints put into his heart. this year he flew to scottsdale two hours after having his shoulder scoped to clean up bone chips. he was in pain in that left shoulder for a year now and decided to get it checked out because he couldn't take a full swing at the at&t pebble beach national pro am. now pitchers and catchers report on saturday. a good chance for coaches to take a look at the bull pen which they hope has been fixed because last year was a disaster. like every spring it's a brand new looking a's roster but a lot more returning players this year and that includes the catcher who with a career best 18 homers last season. he actually -- well he says he doesn't see the constantly changing roster as a big disadvantage. >> everybody has a tun of roster turnover. it's the norm for everybody. you're in a new place tomorrow that you weren't in yesterday.
9:58 pm
we have a low payroll and that's the way it is. we love it that way. we grind. a lot of times it's guys like me. second or third chance. it's a comfortable place to play and we're -- i'm honored to be a part of it. >> honestly, what's he going to say? it's not that bad. it's okay. abc 7 sports brought to you by toyota. >> money ball. >> what are you going to do? >> this is a disaster. give me off this. they'll make the best of it like they do. warriors this saturday we have them on abc 7 against the clippers, big judge match and can the warriors get the record 72-10? they can do it? and they said if they don't get hurt, they'll go 25-5 easy. >> really? >> that's what i heard and i was like, nate, nate. >> he calls it like he sees it. >> he reminded me you're talking to the hall of famer. he doesn't real dloi that. >> fun to watch. >> great. you'll be will there after the
9:59 pm
game. >> yeah. my voice is going to be ready for saturday. >> thanks larry. >> thank you for joining us tonight. >> all of us we appreciate your time. >> abc 7 news continues online, twitter, facebook, and all of your mobile devices with our abc 7 music app. we'll see you at 11:00. >> i left it, man.
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announcer: this program contains material that may be disturbing to some audience members. view discretion is advised. today, terror at a crowded midnight movie in aurora, colorado. >> 315 and 314 for a shooting at century theaters. announcer: deadly shots fired. >> they're saying somebody's shooting in the auditorium. >> i got a whole bunch of people shot out here and no rescue.


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