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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 7PM  KOFY  February 23, 2016 7:00pm-8:01pm PST

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>>. abc7 news is live at one of the many rallies against apple. and this poster went up at a high school. see the journey to change the campus culture. >> talking with the director whose real life story inspired this pixar animation. and a man buys a new iphone, and it is or theed stolen, coming up next, avoiding the
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latest stolen phone scam. the federal government is stuck on this screen and investigators request for apple to help them crack the code is the reason for rallies around the world today. >> good evening. i'm dan ashley. >> seven rallies are happening here in northern california including santa rosa and los gatos. >> but the largest rally is expected to be in san francisco. that is where wayne freedman is live. >> this has a name, they call it great encryption debate. at stockton street near market they're estimating 30 people. they have more than 30. the fbi and justice department want apple to open the lock to a private device and there is a principle, they say, a precedent. it's the kind of rally the
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founders of our bill of rights never imagined. >> it is a law going back to the 18th century in american history they're using as a basis for the law. the law, on the face is unclear as to what it can compel people to do. >> this rally might never have happened if not for december's terrorist attack in san bernardino. as part of the investigation, the fbi wants apple to write code allowing them to being is hes data of the accused attacker, sayed farook. >> this is about the fbi seeking to enlarge it's investigative powers at the cost of privacy security. >> apple could, if it wanted to develop a patch to the system that would give the fbi what it wanted, then, destroy it afterward. the one time use. but apple doesn't want to do that because it will say, this is setting a precedent because
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next time the fbi comes along we'll have to do it again, and the next time local cops we'll have to do it for them, too the fbi argues this is a matter of national security. quote, we can't look the survivors in the eye or ourselves in the mirror if we don't follow this lead. attorneys for victims feel the same. >> this is a very emotional issue for the victims in this case. the pain is still very palpable. it is critical they get this information that they get these answers. >> representing apple, ted olsen, a former assistant attorney general who lost his wife on september 11th. >> there is no limit to what the government could require apple to do. if it succeeds this way. >> it is a 21 century argument, based on a document hand written on parchment. a poll o americans were divided
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roughly 50% on this, both ways. mark zuckerberg is in support of apple, and bill gates tends to be on the side of the fbi saying it's only one phone. live in san francisco, abc7 news. new at 6:00 a former teacher today pleaded not guilty to charges of possession and distributing child pornography. he remains in jail tonight. he worked as a substitute teacher at two private cools in contra costa county and was arrested last week. a school poster meant to honor black history month ended up offending students and the student who posted it has been transferred. black students plan to attend the school board meeting. today, they walked out of school and to city hall. abc7 news is live from the school district with reaction to what is going on.
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lyanne? >> reporter: there is a board meeting tonight. and the superintendent promised them their concerns will be heard tonight. this poster was created by a student of another minority group at lowell high school, showing rappers including snoop dogg, a picture of president obama wearing a diamond stud earring and the hash tag, gang. it was meant to acknowledge accomplish manies of african americans. black students say it's another example of racism at this highly academic school. >> throughout the years, the african american community and minorities went through certain situations in which we do not feel we're respected and welcomed within the school community. >> reporter: african american students makeup only 2% of the
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student body at lowell. >> some alumni were angry about it, too. this happened to me 20 years ago. here here now to get justice. >> reporter: just about every high ranking school district official showed up, promising to do more to change the culture at lowell. >> we cannot say we live if a post racial society. our students are telling us they're feeling things happening to them in school so that is extremely important to me. >> i believe that they're picking this up at all. >> reporter: the students vow to take concerns to members of the school board. happening now, the first meeting to look over a san francisco proposal to demolish
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part of interstate 280 and move the last cal train station. it calls for tearing down 1.2 miles of 280 and converting it to a boulevard as well as adding a tunnel to connect to the new transbay transit center. hoping the current yard will open upland. a new agreement, limitations for google buses with limitations. new restrictions will ban large vehicles on small streets. other elements will be reviewed after six months. a fully auto nomus car could soon take a step forward, a bill would authorize testing the cars with no gas pedal, brake pedal or steering wheel. if her bill passes the transportation authority could legally test car was out those
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features at the station at the concord naval weapons station. >> the mayor of san jess yeah plans to ask the city council to reverse a decision to give a fired police officer his job back. officer phillip byte was fired for tweets directed at black lives matters demonstrators. we learned he got his job back. vic lee joins us live with the latest developments. vic? >> reporter: well, ama, the fact that officer white got his job back surprised the mayor, but officer white appealed his dismissal and won. now, the naacp wants to challenge that ruling in court, and so does the mayor but others say that is going to be an uphill battle. >> the violent tweets sent by the officer just over a year ago, directed against black lives matter supporters. >> it does not help the department to have an officer
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who is engaged in this kind of communication coming back into the force. >> reporter: threaten me or my family, example, i will use my authority to kill you. the tweets led to protests after an investigation, the then police chief fired white but he was reinstated this month, after appealing his dismissal through binding arbitration. the ruling said that the firing was too severe, given white's unblemished 18-year record as a cop and community service. but the mayor wants the city council to challenge the ruling. >> the chief needs to be able to have latitude to make personnel decisions to respond in a way that sends a message to the community and to the force about
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the kinds of values. >> the city attorney says overturning will be tough. >> there needs to be some egregious violation of law or the arbitrator does something totally wrong. >> and doyle says there is no evidence any of that happened. the city council takes this up next week. vic lee, abc7 news. is there an animal killer on the loose in the north bay? investigators believe poison cookies killed a horse and dog in sonoma county. the humane society posted photos of the cookies on facebook. take a look. deputies say they're laced with oleander, which is poisonous to animals. investigators have a person of interest but not a suspect. police are looking for an uber driver who reportedly assaulted a man. the victim says he confronted the driver about speeding and was taking pictures of the license plate when the driver
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got out of the car. that driver reportedly yelled and grabbed his shirt and pushed him. the driver left when his passenger arrived. >> a father visiting from india to celebrate his father's wedding has been found dead. deputies identified the 55-year-old today. a boater spotted body. he took a walk after the wedding february 13th. deputies searched three days but could not find him. investigators say they may never know what happened to him. oakland and san francisco passed laws in weeks that require fire alarms to be locked inside unattended vehicles. mayor ed lee says federal agents should follow the rules. the prevention of this has to happen from everyone who aauthorized to carry a weapon. in these cases whether a park ranger, federal official, we can't tolerate that irresponsibility. >> oakland consider consider a
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resolution asking president obama to to require federal agents to lock up their weapons. san francisco requires that from officers of the last year, four people were killed in the bay area by weapons lost by federal agents. a woman's body, minus a head, arms, and legs. >> i'm sure shun was down here and knows more about it. >> at 6:30, details about who made that discovery and why police are not calling this a had many side yet. and next, how soon smart gun technology could be in the hands of san francisco police officers. i'm spencer christian. i'll show you when we can expect the next chance of rain, coming up. and the
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homes, vehicles, a buddhist temple is gone along with two homes, five vehicles and three sheds, all because of candles left burning. firefighters say it took an hour and a half to knock down the fire. four monks were asleep inside when the fire started. the republican caucuses are underway in nevada and there appears to be a front runner. abc7 news was in sparks, nevada where donald trump was greeted like a rock star, he held a
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morning ral in sparks, and urged the crowd to get out and caucus on his behalf. and trump said this of ted cruz. >> he's like a little baby. soft, weak, and little baby by comparison. but for lying he's the best i've ever seen. he's the best. >> abc7 news reporter laura anthony is in nevada covering republican caucuses. the live report is coming up at 11:00. trump's opponents dideir best to dismiss the attacks, ted cruz met with supporters in crescent city today and the g.o.p. field dwindled to five candidates now, tonight, caucus goers are deciding who to support. and the next big showdown for
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democratic candidates comes saturday. >> and a massive political battle in the war on terrorism, today, the president sent congress a plan foreclosing the guantanamo bay center. reaction was swift and strong. democratic congressman from the east bay eric swalwell tweets it's time to close guantanamo bay. the republican senate majority, who are the guantanamo bay terrorists that potus wants to import to the u.s.? >> keeping this facility open is contrary to our values. it undermines our standing in the world. and is a stain on our record. >> the plan calls for transferring most of the remaining 91 detainees to other
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countries, the most dangerous will be relocated on u.s. soil. current law bans such a transfer and republicans call the plan dangerous. >> we're not going to close guantanamo bay. we shouldn't be releasing the people that are there now. they're enemy combatants. a uc davis professor warns we must not close guantanamo bay only to replicate it here. >> we want to change the culture of the place and end to the lawlessness and abuse and torture taking place there. >> president obama hopes to sit down with lawmakers to move the plan forward. san francisco's police chief says allowing to let his officer tryout smart gun development and says he backs technology that
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would put fingerprint scanners on guns. without it, guns would be as useful as a locked smart phone. >> think if we had guns only of use to the officer identified with the gun that would be a good thing. >> suhr stopped short of requiring officers to switch to smart guns. manufacturers say the technology is a few years away. a proposal to limit off leash areas is drawing criticism and other areas will have off leash areas reduced. >> what a great day to take yourself for a walk i.
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>> i did that today. >> put yourself on a leash? >> i was unleashed today. >> oh. >> living dangerously. >> we have mild, clear conditions with high clouds and that has been our pattern. 62 across the bay in oakland. low to mid-60s as well, 69 in fremont. and cooling begins friday. there is a slight chance of north bay sprinkles as well. and look for a possibility of breakers, and a possibility of dangerous sneaker waves. so taking a look at how dry
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february has been. nearly six and a half inches so far, not even quite three quarters of an inch. and the average amount of rainfall in san jose, three and a third inches so far this month has not had, well, just barely three tenths. and hoping for more rain. the prospects are not looking good. here is the increase in clouds and a chance of rain or sprinkles in the north bay friday evening that will move out by saturday morning. and skipping to sunday, another wave of showers moving through the evening and that moves out as well. so again, a little rain appears to be on the way. not enough to end the dry spell.
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overnight, temperatures low to upper 40s and home, near 70 at the coast and low to mid-70s inland as well. here is the accu-weather forecast. friday, temperatures above average for the weekend and two slight chances of rain and another warm up next week. by tuesday, highs into mid to upper 70s again. >> beautiful. >> spring fever. >> yes. >> thank you. >> the abc7 news at 6:00 continues, lucas in limbo. >> the latest snag for his long-planned museum.
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more trouble for george lucas, planning to build in chicago hit a snag but one city may be ready to come to the rescue. >> as alisa harrington explains there is new hope he could bring the project back to the bay area. the goerng lucas museum was set to be built in a galaxy, or city, far, far away, chicago but the project is on hold, pending a lawsuit accusing the museum of violating the development laws along lake michigan.
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if looking for a back up plan, city leaders in oakland hope he'll reconsider his home state as a place to build. the mayor says it's planned for a museum in chicago do not come to fruition, we'd be thrilled to explore the possibility of the project coming to light in oakland. >> i think it would make a lot of money. so it would be a good fit. >> yes. a good idea. the city has been progressing over the past years and that would be just an excellent thing to come to us that a lot of people would enjoy. >> not to mention the perfect back drop for fans, the oakland crane, rumored as inspiration for the ad in empire strikes back. >> is it's a great urban legend and we're happy to promote it. >> they'll check out our restaurants, and great music seen.
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>> city council member says they have the perfect location, the historic auditorium along lake merit, sitting behind the oakland museum. a judge is expected to rule whether or not to allow construction to continue in march. in oakland, abc7 news. well, as you know the oscars will be handed out on sunday, you can watch live right here on abc7. among nominees a short created by pixar. what you're seeing really appears on screen, coming up, meet the director who inspired this oscar-nominated story. >> and personal information by california children is about to be released. and a gruesome discovery has investig
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a disturbing discovery in
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the marchlands, a container of human remains. a woman's torso was found. >> tonight, the search continues for other body parts as well. >> law enforcement agencies spent the day searching the pier for the rest of a woman's body. fremont pd says her arms, legs, and head were cutoff. >> surprised by not shocked. >> larry has been casting here 20 years. >> nice place to come out. >> sources tell abc7 news the original car was a body in a suitcase. the coroner performed an autopsy. >> i'm surprised when they'd pick up the suitcase here and look at it. >> a spokesperson would not
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confirm what it was found in. the spokesperson said investigators do not know if the torso was dumped or floated from elsewhere in the bay. >> someone was found here and knows here about it. >> it's not clear how long the woman's body was in the water off at this location. one another note, police are calling this a suspicious death investigation for now, they cannot yet call it a homicide since they're trying to determine how the woman whose remains were found actually died. >> the doctor for the u.s. supreme court said justice scalia suffered from a number of ailments and we're just learning he had seen his doctor twice in the week before he died. he had coronary artery disease, was obese and had diabetes.
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and senate republicans say they will deny hearings for any potential replacements to the bench. parents across california are in a rush to fill out a form they hope will keep their children's information private, but it won't. the information includes test scores, discipline records and mental health records. the group is trying to determine if schools are doing enough to help special needs students. many parents thought they can opt out of sharing the information if signed a form, however, it's just an objection letter. school districts are following the order but said they understand parents' concerns. >> there is a concern that once you release data can you control it? and if it's released first time, can you ever put it become in the box? where it is confidential? >> the court set up an expert to
7:34 pm
oversee the release of the information. >> the oscars happen live on sunday and one nominee in the best animated short is pixar's super team. >> this is a seven minute film and directed by a guy named sanjay. >> is that kid you? >> yes. it turned into little sanjay he says he never meant to direct a movie. >> this is not part of the plan. >> the producer says he was talked into it. >> it was not easy for sanjay. it forced him to be vulnerable. >> he grew up in california and
7:35 pm
his parents were immigrants. >> i was the only brown kid. >> he would worship his god and his shrine and i'd worship mine, the super heros. >> america had lots of character that's looked like this, but not many that look like this. >> like a real family that was an immigrant of color. >> they never expected to make the trip to the red carpet, nor diversity to become a hot topic. >> we learn there'd is a big audience for this who needs to see those cells. >> feeling like an ambassador for those people. >> feels scary. >> it's a piece of hindu philosophy. >> you have a right to the work but not the reward. it helps alleviate the pain and
7:36 pm
suffering. >> sa snchlt nvment jay knows the work is of a team. >> when nothing is working for you, it is the best. >> that is fabulous. >> don't miss it. a baeshgly man paid $600 cash for an iphone. >> just a few problems. >> i can't text and make phone calls. so the basic things that a phone should be able to do. >> it's a problem, right? what this man went through before calling michael finney for help. and if you suffer from migraines there is new technology that blocks pain without drugs or injections. >> pain in the eyes no longer
7:37 pm
there anymore. >> how freezing the
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fit bit stock hit a low when
7:40 pm
plunging nearly 21%. the first trading day after the company warned investors sales and earnings will be lower than expected. some say they're just a fad. bit bit lost a quarter of the value over a month. since ipo, the stock is down more than 50%. >> it's been two years since wireless carriers began blocking service on smart phones. >> one consumer found out it is not fool proof. >> scammers are still finding a way to make a buck off the stolen phones. michael edwards with listen to music on his new iphone 6 and he can take pictures. other than that, it's useless. >> a good paper weight.
7:41 pm
>> i can't text or make calls. the most basic things that a phone should be able to do. at&t gave him a shocking answer. >> it had been reported stolen. >> his iphone just showed up on national data base of stolen phones so at&t had to cutoff service. >> instead of the person committing the crime get in trouble, i get the consteek kwenss. >> he did buy it from craig's list but first made sure it wasn't stolen. >> the manager ran the information, the serial anymore. >> mike and the seller met at an at&t store. the seller handed him the phone, still sealed. the manager checked to see it was listed on the stolen phone data base. it wasn't. >> so everything was good to go. >> he paid $580 in the store,
7:42 pm
at&t turned on service and mike used the phone two months until it was black listed. he says police won't take a report and no one wanted the phone. >> apple won't take it back. at&t doesn't want it i know 7 on your side can help people. >> we contacted at&t and found out the phone wasn't reported stolen until two months after mike bought it. the investigation told us we're looking into this matter. >> i hope my fingers are crossed. >> so what's happening? at&t would not tell me whether or not it will provide a new phone, and says disclosures could impede it's ongoing investigation and i will follow
7:43 pm
up and get back to you on it. >> to move over, fantasy football. >> tens of thousands of people >> tens of thousands of people are betting on "the
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. a towing vehicle caught fire and los angeles airport police tweeted these photos and firefighters helped put out the flames. and the plane was towed to a gate to be inspected for damage. >> move over, fantasy football. the hugely popular tv show led to thousands of articles. tonight, bachelor fantasy leagues. >> during the day, these women work together in a health care
7:47 pm
business, on this night, they're bonding over "the bachelor". >> they aren't just watching, but they're playing along using an online game site. >> we're justing form, how do they go into the game. what strategy they have. like how we went into fantasy football. >> i was really excited. >> it is one of several web sites now offering leagues modelled after fantasy sports. >> here, they have all of the different points. you get just ten points for kissing and crying and more for sneaking yoo the suite or being. it is run by a couple guys in
7:48 pm
chicago. first, it was just family and friends, then, caught fire. >> when i first started it there were 5, 10 people. >> the team also runs leagues for other shows but "the bachelor" is the most popular. >> i think that we'll see it joe. >> and the site updates each score. >> you don't have to do a lot a lot of leg work. >> no. we have to watch and drink wine. >> it's not just women choosing teams. this group is in belmont. they've been hooked for the past six seasons. >> all of us can connect to love and relationships. >> who has a good personality? some heart there?
7:49 pm
>> you can have a train wreck that everybody hates but gets a ton of points. >> it's based on who i find the most attractive. >> and others embrace it. >> you still have time to form a league before the finale. there will be a league this year for the oscars as well, we have a link on we get things going. >> that is true. >> back one more time, let's talk about the warm weather. >> the word goes together yes. >> tomorrow, dry, mild temperatures, high temperatures mid-70s and a chance of rain only about 10% as the weekend approaches and here is the accu-weather forecast.
7:50 pm
a slight chance of rain sunday, that is it. there is your rain fantasy. >> nice pattern we're in now. thanks. >> below the hours. >> thank you. >> we're going to check in with mike shumann live, and the former a's star knows how to attract attention with his new ride. rere
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good evening, geents had a first full squad work out tonight and the question is, how is this going over with angel pagan? hi, shu. >> nobody wants to change positions at this point in the career or level, but angel pagan played a lot of left field and willing to take one for the team.
7:54 pm
he said he wanted to talk to denard so there is no dissension among them. >> we looked on how to have a word. and in order to work well we have to have great chemistry. i don't want anything to be between us. i don't have hard feelings. >> we haven't done that yet. and so i think we're on the same page. >> the team asked me to move and i'm here to do whatever the team needs me to do. i'm just going to give 100% and so that is a good center fielder. >> the switch might keep a gun off the dl and has no problem
7:55 pm
with span winning. >> i bring a lot of hope they'll play the game the right way. and do the little things. my game is all dirty, dirty stuff. you'll see home runs, hustle. >> manager bruce bocci is not worried about them making a switch. >> we think it's the best way to go. and that is a nice luxury. >> when you don't care who gets credit that is what wins championships. reporting live, i'm mike shumann, abc7 sports. >> andrew bogat was huge last night for warriors. i would think, but with his back and achilles tendon iffy,
7:56 pm
they're thrilled to have him acquired. he quickly figured out they have fantastic chemistry. >> very excited to be here. and i got to know the guys a little bit tonight. they're a great team. great organization. and this team is great i can tell they love each other and have fun out there. >> stanford forward is a physical player. he's going to apply to try to get this year of eligibility back. >> the niners assigned garrett selleck, he played in 11 games
7:57 pm
last year and had 19 catches for 186 yards last year. this is fun. the mets in style, just bought a tricked out polaris sling shot, customized with carbon fiber seats and a 12-speaker sound system. he's got a lambo. it's just part of the collection. it's just walking around money considering he just signed a three-year, $75 million extension. not sure if it's street legal, but it looks good. question, better hair, angel pagan or anderson verajl? >> if you have a big arm like that, you deserve a big car. >> practical. >> very practical.
7:58 pm
>> sure. >> join us tonight, a new human yoid robot, see what happens when it gets pushed over by a bully. >> this is video from a caucus site in las vegas. laura anthony will have a live report on winners, losers and what is next. that is our report. >> thanks for joining us.
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