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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 1130PM  KOFY  April 30, 2018 11:30pm-12:00am PDT

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the first have crossed. after a difficult journey from their home countries a small group from a caravan of mostly migrants now have a shot at finding safety here in the united states. good evening. i'm dan ashley. >> and tonight we learned the criminal justice department filed charges against 11 crossing illegally and several others are among those trying to gain legal entry. >> kate larson spoke to a bay area man at the boarder helping these migrants and is in the newsroom with more. kate? >> we've learned tonight that eight women and children were allowed into the san ysidro point of entry to begin the process of claiming asylum in line with u.s. law enforcement however, there are many more
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migrants till waiting for their opportunity to present their case. >> this is women and children, fathers grandchildren. >> speaking to us via skype, alex mensing speaks to us about this woman. she was unfortunately, threatened by gang members and was given time to flee. >> reporter: mensing is a volunteer and like others from the organization he's traveled with the caravan on parts of their journey from honduras, el salvador and guatemala and mexico and sometimes by train or bus and other times on foot. when the caravan finally reached the border over the weekend customs and border protection told the refugees they were at capacity. >> what the members of the caravan decided to do was to stay to set up camp outside the port of entry. >> reporter: vice president mike pence is a few hoursway checking on the construction of the barrier along the southern
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border. >> this is the beginning of keeping our promise to the american people that we're going to build a wall. >> reporter: president trump reinforcing that sentiment calling the caravan a threat to national security. >> you've got to have a wall, and we node border security. >> reporter: mensing has been a part of other var cans in the past and says in those instances asylum seekers wererocessed much faster. kate larson, abc 7 news. >> uber says tonight it is committed to doing more to strengthen passenger safety following an investigation into sexual assault claims against drivers. cnn found 103 uber drivers in the united states who were accused of sexual assault or abuse in the past four years. the drivers were convicted, arrested and are wanted by police vore been named in civil suits. in the statement irish says, quote, these stories are horrific and our hearts go out to the victims. we worked with cnn to understand their findings and determine that uber did 2.4 billion trips in the united states in that same period. >> facebook is investigating
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whether an employee abused their role in order to stalk women online. abc news has confirmed the menlo park company is aware of the claim and is investigating. the company was alerted by jackie stokes, the founderf network security firms spyglass security. in a statement facebook says, quote, we have a zero tolerance approach to abuse and improper results result in termination. >> startling statistics about the facebook campus in menlo park and 911 calls. in the past 14 months facebook employees have called 911 approximately once every two days. request? c 7 has the story now from menlo park. >> reporter: see for yourself. max churny of market watch obtained the call logs. people refusing to leave the menlo park campus and some causing a disturbance, a reckless driver and countless medical calls and more than 100 accidental calls or pocket dials over the past year. one of the most serious calls
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involved a security officer being sprayed in the face with mace. business insider crunched the numbers. 239 calls to 91 is between january of 2017 and this march. that's about one call every two days. >> we currently can support the calls and response with facebook. >> reporter: the mayor of menlo park said facebook is a good community partner and for the most part a safe place. >> we are working with facebook as part of their expansion in the city to help support additional officers. it will be supported long term through their increased property taxes through the city. >> facebook released a statement that says the safety of our employees is paramount and we work hard every day to obtain a safe and secure environment for our security. security at bay area tech companies are of more concern now after a disgruntled youtube
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wounded shot employees of san bruno. >> in los angeles today, good samaritan helped one person escape a burning big rig crash and slammed into a car. three people were injured and two critically. the-snarled traffic just before the russia hour commute. >> up here a car smashed into the back of a chp cruiser on the shoulder of i-80 and fairfield this evening. three people inside the car suffered major injuries and you can understand that. firefighters used the jaws of life to cut the roof off the mangled car to get the victims out. the officer's injuries are minor. >> an out-of-control backed straight into an old navy store in sante race, rosa this afternoon. the sedan slammed throug the front door of the shop around 4:30 and came to a stop 30 feet inside. a shopper inside was hit but declined medical treatment and
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the driver also suffered medical injuries. despite the big mess most of the dej was cosmetic. a san francisco woman is desperatically seeking the public's help to retrieve her stolen pug. he's in bad need of his medication. lilian kim has the story. >> reporter: stephanie lee has been spending every waking hour searching for filo, a 12-year-old pug show adopted nine years ago. he was stolen at 8:00 p.m. thursday outside of whole foods at the corner of market and delores in san francisco. >> my dog was right there. where this little guy was sitting the exact same spot. >> reporter: gave stephanie a copy of the suite video showing a person interacting with filo, picking him up and walking away with him had. the person is said to have blond frizzy hair. whole food employees told stephanie this person has been inside their star in the past. stephanie said time is critical.
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filo is deaf, blind in one eye and needs to take his cancer medication daily. >> i've been walking up and down market. i've been going every neighborhood in san francisco to try to find him. >> reporter: in addition to fliers, stephanie is spreading the word face to face and through social media. >> i follow like a big part of me is missing right now and i just want to reunite with him and be able to take him home and i can'tp imagine how scared he is right now? friends and family are doing what they can to help. many have chipped in for a $5,000 reward for filo's safe return. in san francisco, lilian kim, abc 7 news. >> safety inspections at the golden gate wind look more like cirque du soleil perform apsz. take a look. see what we mean in the images from sky 7. this is the first time crews have inspect the the towers at such close range. this extra step was prompted by new federal regulations. the inspections will take about a week. well, still ahead on "abc 7
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news at 11:00". >> the breathing dog owner is shocked after seeing her puppy advertised for sale online. i'm michael finney. ahead, a warning for anyone looking to buy a pet. >> plus, what an arena and a new look at the warriors spectacular new home and -- >> one of my biggest concerns when it went missing was that someone might kill themselves. >> a dangerous joyride leads first responders to this surprising discovery. the story behind him a unique yellow submarine ahead. >> i'm meteorologist sandhya patel. we'll show you a pattern of what's coming straight ahead. >> but first here's what's coming on "jimmy kimmel live." >> tonight we have a new mean tweets. also, while i'm comparing old men to reptiles, ever notice that samuel l. jackson looks like a snapping turtle.
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a movement is under way to stop what a watchdog group calls internet schemes targeting dog lovers everywhere. >> yeah. it's just awful. 1 on your side's michael finney looks what's being done to shut them down. >> now hat 6:00 we were all talking about if and i introduced to you two families who lost thousand of dollars trying to buy pets they never received. now here at 11:00 meet the grieving pet owners who found their dog offered for sale on suspicious websites. even though their dog is dead. >> would you like a cookie? >> wendy hicks enjoys her corgis and so does judy newhouse. she's been training them as show dogs for 20 years. she finally remembers one of her
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favorites. abby is the most special dog in te world. when abby retired, judy's good friend wendy adopted her. it didn't take lock for abby to become wendy's favorite but abby developed cancer and had to be euthanized about a year later. >> and, sorry. anyway. abby has horrible. >> last month judy was stunned to see be any being marketed for sale on she believes the pictures of any were taken off her facebook page. >> it's degrading to show my beautiful dog pregnant on a hill for somebody scamming people out of money. >> wendy was so angry she contacted corgi precious puppies asking to buy the dog she knew wasn't even alive. >> they were more than willing to take the $800 for her. >> has been tracking this coined of scheme
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for different dog websites around the world and talked to the administrator via skype. paul brady says he gets complaints from people who say they lost money trying to buy all kinds of breeds from different online sites. >> today i have found another ten websites identical in action looking completely different. >> pet scams forwards any abuse reports it receives about a pet website to the company that registered the domain name. corgipreciouspuppies has since been shut down by the registrar but wendy found a website with a similar layout and photos under a different domain. elegant corgi puppies. >> it's like whack a movement you get them taken down here and they will pop up somewhere else. >> the website is using the same two pictures of any and this one and this one are abby. >> i'm frustrated and angry about it. i would love for them to put this team out of business. >> 1 on your side contacted the company that registered both
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domain names and said when it gets both reports of abuse it investigates an act on those complaints. it's technically infeasible to scan every domain that's registered. elegant corgi puppies has since been taken down. >> pet scams gave us contact information for both websites and we reached out but we did not hear back. >> what a story. >> thank you, michael. >> we are getting an updated look at what will be the new home of the golden state warriors. police released new renders of their arena in san francisco of course. the chase center should be hope in time for the 2019-2020 nba season. >> the owner of this homemade submarine that was found floating in the bay near emoryville yesterday says he needs to find $2,000 to get her creation out of an impound lot. a marine scientist said someone stole the sub named fang tooth.
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it the goes 30 feet deep and is used for the volunteer community submersibles project. >> it's about giving people access to explore the oceans in a way that they would never ordinarily have access to. >> the alameda county fire department handed the sub-reason to barry brother's towing until when they can pay the impound fee. >> really nice days out here. >> let's get to meteorologist sambatel for what's coming our way. >> we'll warm it up around here. t me show you a sunset from earlier this afternoon and evening. east bay hills camera. 7:59 and the sun went down and as you watch this time lapse, you'll notice a few passing clouds across the bay. this is just an indication of what's to come. you'lle seeing a lot more that have which is sunshine as we go into next several days and it will certainly be warming up. live doppler 7 right now showing you a few clouds right along the coastline right now and it has
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been snowing. we're coming up on may and we've been seeing snow at the highest elevations. it has been unseasonably cool for most of april other than seven days where we had above average temperatures. you'll notice most of that is blue. that's about to change and this pattern that we've
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>> they have been complaining
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it's way too windy. hang in there. spring is a busy time of year and we'll see the winds relaxing as we head through the workweek. >> get a kite in the meantime. fly a kite. >> it's a math problem with an easy solution. the active kindness behind this positive picture next. >> and tomorrow on "good morning america," the two "dancing with the stars" contestants who were b&pminated on opening night.
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it happens to many parents. they struggle to help their kids with math homework. one dad found help of all places on a brooklyn subway. can you see him here in a red jacket teaching himlf how to do fractions again so he could help his son with his homework. had a man who happened to sit next to him is actually a former math teacher and offered his assistance. it added up to a feel-good photo
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that's now gone viral. >> good for him. >> yeah. and i probably should.actions and here's sports. >> a lot going on. >> yeah. things generally add up for the sharks tonight either but nick hundley had one at-bat and had one job to do and he did it. everybody loved a walkoff and for the second game in a role the sharks came back from two goals down to force overtime. the shots and stops were some
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jimmy garoppolo has yet to lose as an nfl starter and tonight he shared some of his game magic with the sharks, and he didn't even wait for the announcer to finish introducing him. >> quarterback, jimmy garoppolo.
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>> let's go, man. >> the sharks were pumped up enough to take a 1-0 lead in the second period and jonathan mars vault scores of first of three vegas goals all within 5:00. evander kane back from suspension pulled the sharks to within one. with two minutes to go, sharks still trailing by one and look at hertl. he pops it in just in time. overtime is coming. in o.t. william karlsson has te speed on the outside all alone and gets it up and over martin jones' right shoulder. ouch, that's the game-winner. the sharks lose 4-3 and now trail the series 2-1. >> a lot of tight games, the last two specifically, and they got their bounce and -- and just kind of stole this game and we'll be ready to have game three and four in the building. >> caught the wrong end of it tonight and had a big one there the other night and we'll take a
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look like we always do and we'll figure it out and cover a little bit and we'll ready to go for four. >> joe panik had surgery today to repa a ligament in his thumb and he's expected to miss at least six weeks. theews game as the giants started a three-game set against the padres at at&t tonight, and this little guy loving the guy. top of the sixth a hot shot right through evan longoria's legs. a run scores on the errors and the padres end the inning up two. giants down one and bases loaded. two out. that's former padre nick hundley and a game-winning hi. a lot of fun at at&t late. giants are now a game above .500 with 56-5 win >> steph curry is officially listed as probable at game two in the warriors series across the pelicans but steve kerr left
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any doubt he fully expects curry to play. fans are excited and his teammates are just as excited to see him back on the court again escially his fellow splash brother. >> can't with a wait to see him out there especially knowing steph. i know it's been killing him. he's great at holding his emotion and i know he's been dying to get out there. he looks as red as ever. >> all eyes are looking towards kurie. >> thanks, mindy, very much. >> to abc 7 news thatontinues online, on twitter and facebook and all your mobile devices with our abc
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