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tv   ABC7 News 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  May 1, 2018 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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in one little box. excellence créme from l'oréal paris. i've had a few. most impactful. my hair color. garnier nutrisse. nourishes while you color. plus avocado, olive and shea oils. changing my hair color changed everything. nutrisse. nourished hair. better color. this sfo employee was supposed to be starting a new life in las vegas. instead he's dead and a coworker is in jail tonight accused of his murder. his motive from investigators a failed relationship with his
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victim. >> a man who wanted to date one of his coworkers is accused of killing his fiance. >> chris wynn has more now from daly city. >> reporter: they've charged kevin prasad of south san francisco and donovan rivera of hayward in the murder of donovan city resident mark moangaicate. t the arrests were made on thursday after investigators linked prasad and rivera to the shooting using cellphone and social media evidence. charges were formally filed yesterday including murder, assault with a firearm, and firing into an occupied vehicle with an enhancement of lying in wait. >> we will be doing a background on these two individuals to learn every minute of their life we can learn about.
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>> reporter: the victim worked at sfo with prasad who investigators say tried to pursue a relationship over months but she rejected him multiple times thinking he was harmless. wednesday he followed the victim and his fiance back to her home and opened fire as they had backed into the driveway. she had just finished her last day working at the airport. >> he's my life. he's everything. >> reporter: the victim's mother was inside the home at the time of the shooting. >> i saw my son with blood in his mouth, and i saw a hole and i say what happened, what happened. and i run upstairs. >> reporter: and the victim and his fiance were just days away from moving to las vegas together with hair 2-year-old daughter. both are eligible for the death penalty which prosecutors will determine whether or not to pursue in the coming weeks.
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police are searching for a man who led them on a three-hour chase in an rv. it started in hollywood and went up north with more than a dozen chp patrol cars following. that suspect was a 46-year-old oregon man when he had a 3-year-old boy and a 4-year-old girl in that rv. when s.w.a.t. officers opened the motor home they found the children were safe but the suspect had gotten away. two suspects are under arrest for albany's first murder in three years. the victim now identified as raphael was found with a gunshot wound sitting on a bench sunday morning. thanks to witnesses and other help from the community the albany police have arrested two suspects in the case. 21-year-old kala gibson and
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thomas shimura of oakland. both are being held in jail on murder charges. the principal of per sin yo middle school in san francisco sent out a warning today. he said a student was walking when a man took her hand and tried to get her to go with him. she went to school and reported what happened. police were called immediately and are on the look out now for this suspect. new developments tonight on san francisco's motorized scooter invasion. the transportation agency voted on a pilot program that would regulate these companies. >> reporter: the message is clear. if you want to operate powered scooters in san francisco as a company you must have a permit. the san francisco metropolitan transportation agency board of drectors voted to offer five companies a permit to operate up to 500 scooters each, allowing
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for a total of 2,500 scooters on our streets. >> with a limited number i think it's as good as can be viable. i think we're worried about a flood and overconcentration on our streets and sidewalks. >> reporter: these companies must now educate its customers on the law. why don't you wear a helmet? >> because it's harder to carry with me and it's not provided. >> reporter: yeah, but it's for your safety, right? >> yeah, but not smoking is good, not drinking. there's a lot of things they suggest. >> reporter: scooters cannot be used on the sidewalks. you must use a designated bicycle lane. >> people are riding them on the sidewalks obstructing paths of travel. >> reporter: the board will issue fines against some of those companies when some of those terms are violated.
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the company must also ensure all of its riders. deltrice boyd said even with all these, she'll still ride them. in san francisco leanne melendez. california and several other states are suing the environmental protection agency. governor brown announced the legal action this morning. they accused the epa of violating the clean air act. the epa wants to roll back standards aiming to double the average fuel economy of new cars, suvs and light trucks by 2025. >> states representing 140 million americans are joining together to sue out law pruitt.
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not administrator pruitt but outlaw pruitt. he's breaking the law. he's flouting the clean air act and the legitimate needs and well-being of the american people. >> governor brown is referring to epa chief scot pruitt who's in a series of ethic investigations. mark zuckerberg took on some tough questions today. and he also made some big announcements. he introduced some new features including one that will let users clear their browsing history and another called watch party. and facebook is getting into the dating game. >> this has been an intense year. >> reporter: mark zuckerberg wasted no time addressing the l elephant in this giant room. >> what happened with cambridge analytica was a major breach of trust.
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it took data people shared with them and stole it. so we need to make sure this doesn't happen again. >> reporter: but now. >> we're reopening app reviews so you can all keep moving forward. >> reporter: with some changes. >> some of our developers have to go through an extra level of scrutiny to ensure they're actually using the data in the right way. >> reporter: it's part of a mounting number of issues for facebook. for nearly 20 minutes zuckerberg addressed all of them conceding facebook wasn't ready for the 2016 election. >> we said we would never be unprepared for this again. >> reporter: all this talk about trust is at a time when people needed to hear. and he used congress to introduce watch party and -- >> we are announcing a new set of features coming soon around
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dating. >> match, which is the owner of some other dating apps, the shares did take a big plunge on the market as soon as the announcement was made. >> reporter: and facebook sure goes a lot about that unless you use the new feature to clear your browsing history. he says there's more like it to come. jonathan bloom, abc 7 news. >> abc news has confirmed that fates book has fired an employee who allegedly used work granted access to stalk women online. yesterday we were told facebook was investigating. the company was alerted by jackie stokes of the company spyglass security. steph curry is back after an injury, and he immediately made his presence felt. >> sports director larry beil is live at oracle. larry? >> reporter: i'll tell you what it is just thrilling to see
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steph curry. he came out tonight and within seconds launched his first three of the game. this place exploded. it's a tight one in the third quarter, and we will have highlights when we come back. thanks, larry. also more than a name. what it would mean to declare part of san francisco the leather district. warmer air today finally arrive back to average. but tomorrow the warmup continues. and still ahead crews put together an entire house in eight hours time. this kind of construction does save some time, but does it save money? back in a moment. crystal geyser alpine springpasses through here, and is bottled right here. at the mountain source. naturally.
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geyser! [echo]stal! [echo] crystal! [echo] geyser! [echo] crystal geyser. always bottled at the mountain source. naturally. how you doing, everybody. larry beil live outside oracle arena where we had the long awaited return of steph curry tonight in the game two of warriors play off series with the pelicans. steph did not start but came off the bench and provided instant offense. steph coming back from a sprained go, end of the mark at
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the first quarter, launches immediately and oracle goes nut. curry from way out. are you kidding me? curry had 12 points in the first 12 minutes of the first half. instead shawn livingston for the jam, and the warriors offense is clicking. we are tied at 38. then the turn over feeding draymond green from the jam. and curry loving it from the bench. but the pelicans would not go away. anthony davis with a monster jam. draymond green answering with a finish in a foul in the second half. curry, no. warriors led by three at had half, and that's where we are right now. it is 73-70 warriors in the third quarter. going to be a wild fourth here at oracle.
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let's go to lebron and the cavs for game one of their series. cavs come back from a 14-point deficit. hubrawn warb the fa-- lebron th. and they got four chances to win this game and cannot make a shot. and they go to overtime tied at 105. first 30 seconds of the over time and it's kyle corver, and they steal the game in the north 113-112. one player goes on the injured list. he's got inflammation. and madison bumgarner he's cleared to play catch and
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hosting the san diego padres. not a lot of fans, frankly, at this game. but andrew suarez getting his first start. christian villanueva and pitching well and getting some help. and travis agadives and makes a catch. right now it is a 2-2 game. the a's in seattle facing king felix or the artist once known as king felix. here it comes and there it goes. his seventh homer of the year. seven for jeb lowery. it's a 1-1 game in the fourth. and uh-oh, you see his reaction and you knew.
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seattle up 4-1 right now and they lead 5-1 they're in the sixth inning. let's talk hockey and the san jose sharks are tough, agonizing overtime loss last night in the tank to vegas. they took too many bad penalties and it cost them with power play chances. game four of these series will be tomorrw night in the tank. the sharks looking to tie that series up at two games apiece. let's check out the work for the goaltender, and that is mark andre flurry who was on fire. stopped 41 of 42 shots. what a save there. that would have ended it. he couldn't believe that one didn't go in. martin jones pretty good in that as well. but willy carson to give the team a 2-1 series lead. and that was a winnable game. >> we got a game plan and i
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don't think we've completely eshcuted yet. i think we're doing it in bits and pieces. and we see the success we're getting from it when we're doing it well. >> you're seeing that throughout the line-up. so i believe our game is there. i think anyone in here would tell you that. >> they've got their balance and just kind of stole this game, and we'll be ready for game four back here in our building. >> yeah, game four tomorrow in the tank. you've got the sharks in the south bay, the warriors here. the giants and the a's also with action. nothing but fun. abc 7 sports brought to you by toyota. back to you. >> that is fun. great stuff, larry. >> you can see it's a nice night outside. >> it is a nice night. it was a little breezy in spots. >> and those winds tomorrow will usher in even warmer air. and those numbers finally back to reality today where they should be in the 60s and 70s,
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but mild air continues for the rest of the week. live doppler 7 shows you partly cloudy skies overhead. they will fizzle over the next hour or two. a picture outside. showing you a little built of fog over san francisco, and along the coast tomorrow we will have fog early in the morning but a lot of sunshine will be on the way. and that is great news because you take a look at the sunset tracker. yes, we turned the calendar page to may today. you combine that with the earlier sfooi earlier sunrises as well, we're going to gain about 49 minutes of daylight over the next 31 days. the longest day of the year that comes in june. we have almost 51 hours daylight. blowing around the pollen we
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have in the air right now, and this will continue tomorrow as well unfortunately. 52 right now the current temperature in san francisco. 57 in san skrojose, 55 in napa concord. over the next 12 hours a bit of cloud cover. away from the most a majority of the region will have mostly clear skies. 50 in concord and dropped to about 44 for napa for the next 12 hours. satellite radar combine you can see that spin, that area of low pressure over nevada. that brought some show toorz ere southern half of the state today. right behind it low pressure build in that. that's warm air that moves in once again tomorrow. that's going to setup shop here for the weekend. some early fog. otherwise some sunshine by the early afternoon. we're already 70 degrees by
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midday. and most spots away from the coast near 70 achieving higher temperatures. 53 in san francisco tomorrow. about 74 and sunny in san jose. 74 santa rosa and napa. 71 for antioch, and 74 the high in livermore. the accuweather forecast planning the next seven days for you tomorrow it's a nice fran. that pollen will be blowing around. a little change thursday, but by friday even warmer air moves in. by the weekend saturday and sunday it is nice out there. and by monday and tuesday temperatures still above average this time of year. so the warmup continues the next seven days. well, analysts were worried about apple's earnings
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apple led a rally about tech companies to help markets move towards mostly positive ground. the dow dropped 64 points but the nasdaq gained 64. apple stock gained about 3, about 2% in value. after apple announced its results. >> apple says it sold 52 million iphones and 4 million macs. >> apple shares were up 4% in after hours trading. all right, so if you love fit bit your doctor may soon be able to get your medical records right off your wrist. >> that's right. the fitness tracker maker is going to tap into google's technology and connect the devices to electronic medical records systems. >> it is also moving to google's
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cloud storage platform because much of is already certified as complyi complying. coming up next at 9:00 we'll go to washington. the questions revealed. >> what special counsel robert mueller reportedly wants to & the president. and also the doctor who once said the president's health is astoningly excellent says his office was raided and the president's records taken. and the gas prices on the rise. we have the sum
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good evening again. we'll begin this half-hour with president trump's former doctor
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claiming that the president's long time bodyguard raided his office and left with his only copy of mr. trump's medical records. >> dr. harold bornstein told nbc news that the happened last year, just days after he told a newspaper he had prescribed hair growth medicine for his patient. >> reporter: tonight the white house responding to a starting allegation, saying it's not uncommon the president's medical records would be transferred after a candidate becomes president. that explanation comes after a new report and interview with donald trump's doctor when he say a candidate. claiming his office was raided after president trump took office. >> i feel raped. raped, frightened and sad. >> reporter: he was the physician who claimed during the campaign trump's health was quote astonishingly excellent.
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he's claiming that one month after president trump took office the president's long time personal bodyguard who was chief of oval office operations at the time came into his office. the reason bornstein claims to nbc was two days before the so-called raid. revealing to "the times" trump took a drug to promote hair growth. tonight the white house are not deisaying the drug was not obtained. >> that was what was taking place is those records were being transferred over to the medical white house unit as was requested. >> reporter: this is now the second doctor who's connected to the president making headlines. the president's white house doctor ronny jackson now saying
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this. >> he could live to be 200 years old. i don't know. >> reporter: now he will no longer be the president's personal physician. but he's still in the white house medical unit. abc news, new york. >> now to that list of questions for president trump for special counsel robert mueller. they touch on the firing of michael flynn, james comey and that trump tower meeting. the president fired off a tweet calling the leak of questions disgraceful. here's abc news reporter mary bruce. it's a list of nearly 50 questions, lines of questioning mueller shared with trump's own legal team. the list now published by "the new york times" in what the president is now calling a disgraceful leak. >> russian collusion, give me a break. >> reporter: trump insists mueller's list has no questions on collusion.
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but that's not true. the special counsel has questions about paul manafort, once the president's campaign chairman. according to "the times" mueller wants to ask trump what connections did he have to any outreach during the campaign about potential assistance to the campaign. mueller also wants to & the president, when did you become aware of the trump tower meeting, that infamous sit down of don junior, jared kushner, manafort on dirt they had on hillary clinton. >> when you look at specific questions of out reach aren't these questions about collusion? >> once again i'm not going to get into a back and forth about questions leaked or anything to do with the special counsel. >> reporter: much of mueller's list centers on possible obstruction by the counsel of the president. they want to know what efforts
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were made about seeking immunity or possible pardon. >> when i decided to just do it, i said to myself, you know, this russia thing with trump and russia is a made up story. >> reporter: and when trump told russian diplomats in this oval office meeting that firing comey had taken the pressure off, what did he mean by that? and also what zdiscussions did the president have on terminating the special counsel? and we also have sentencing updates on michael flynn. now mueller's team and flynn's lawyers are asking for another 60 days before sentencing him. it's a clear sign that flynn is still working with the special counsel and that they don't want any sentencing to get in the way of that. mary bruce, abc news, the white house. new developments now in that standoff at the border. a handful of migrants, part of that caravan from central america have now been processed
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by u.s. customs agents. but more than 100 others are still waiting in a tent city. >> reporter: tonight those migrants camped out on the mexico border celebrating. 14 of them entering the u.s. to officially begin to petition for asylum. after the 2,000-mile month long trip from southern mexico they now face an asylum process that could take years with long odds to gain citizenship. custom and border patrol claiming 11 migrants have attempted to enter the u.s. illegally. some seen here scaling the fence while others waiting patiently setting up camp on cold concrete. >> these are 150 others still waiting their turn. they're told it could be days between waiting and getting their application in for review. >> reporter: she was kidnapped in her own home and held-hotsage
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by a gang. she says it's not easy to live in a country where you're always afraid. tonight they're hopeful they wont have to fear any longer. an abandoned high rise building in downtown south palo, brazil caught fire and collapsed early this morning. firefighters say at least one person was killed and at least three people including a mother and her twins are missing. it was a former federal office lately occupied by squatters. it did start on the first floor. mayday sell breaks took place not just around the area but around the globe. union workers shutdown a road as part of their protest. the crowd wasn't quite as big as it has been in the past. demonstrators set cars on fire and smashed the windows of a mcdonald's in paris.
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aaa says the average is $3.66 a gallon in california. eva explains what's going on. >> reporter: if you're planning to travel this summer expect to dig deep in your wallet. analysts are predicting the most expensive driving season in four years. about to be on average $2.77 a gallon. up 30 cents from last summer. the reason for this basic supply and demand. slashing the supply, global economic growth increasing the demand. experts say look to those apps that help you find the cheapest gas in your neighborhood, the cheapest day to fill up, monday. eva pilgrim, abc news, new york. well, today the effort to repeal california's gas tax moved to fresno. republican candidate for governor john cox turned in two boxes of petition signatures
9:38 pm
today. he's delivered boxes to election offices already. cox says it's an effort by politicians to cover up the fact that the state is wasteful and inefishiant. >> they spend money like drunken sailors. >> they say it's being funded by money that's already been raised and repeal would threaten public safety. federal authorities are issuing warnings to makers of liquid nicotine whose packaging resembles children's juice boxes, cappedies and cookies. the fda says it's illegal because children can mistakenly drink the liquids. exposure to nicotine can cause seizures, coma and heart failure in children. so it's quite serious. more than a dozen companies received the warning letters. a catholic high school in
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the detroit area has backed off. the controversy began last week when one of the ponchos was displayed in the lobby. a sign noted that ponchos would be handed out to girls at the door that did not meet dress code requirements. they were widely ridiculed. they released a letter saying its intention was never to make students feel uncomfortable but to remind all students and parents of their formal prom dress policy. ponchos will not be passed out at a prom. a beauty queen is undergoing life changing surgery. >> a stroke dramatically altered her looks. we're going to tell you about the procedure that could bring them back. it all begins june 17th with jeffrey osborn and pebo price.
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>> the shows are all free on
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a beauty pageant contestant who suffered a debilitating stroke went through an eight hour surgery today to repair her face. >> at the age of 20 julia hernandez had everything going for her. with her pretty face, infectious personality and smile. she won beauty pageants. but in 2013 her world collapsed. >> a cluster of blood cells that burst in my brain, and it caused a hemorrhagic stroke. >> reporter: the massive stroke
9:44 pm
crippled her but most of all it paralyzed her face. >> i looked in the mirror and i was shocked. >> reporter: but julia had a strong family who helped her through those difficult times. among them her twin sister and her father. julia found meditation which helped calm her anxiety attacks. she went back to school and got her college degree. julia also discovered something else. that beauty was only skin deep. >> there's so much more beyond that, behind that that makes you a valuable -- you know, a valuable person. >> reporter: though julia had a newfound spirit her face was still partially paralyzed. her twin sister a medical student began doing research. >> yi was looking at some of th things that could help with her facial rean maegz. >> reporter: the answer she founds was right in her
9:45 pm
backyard. this morning julia went into surgery an eight hour procedure where the doctor and his team would trance plant muscle from her thigh to the paralyzed section of her face. >> we're trying to restore the smile. the smile is an incredibly important feature of life. you don't realize it until you lose it. >> way to go, julia. well, meteorologist drew tuma is up next with the forecast. >> plus the new open space that's so much more than that. the history behind this
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people gathered in one palo alto neighborhood today a family's new home was delivered and installed in just hours. >> it's a prefabricated four
9:49 pm
bedroom three bathroom house. the family demolished their old home ipfavor n favor of this ne. >> the family designed it with all fixtures and tile and then it was shipped to palo alto. >> everyone is curious particularly because it's being built in a factory, and they think it's going to be just a cookie cutter house. and i think they'll all be surprised to see it, and we're thrilled in how it's turning out. >> the home was built by planned prefab. the company says owners can save about 20% to 25% on this house. >> the builder said it cas about the same as it would on a normal home but saved on construction time. the city unanimously passed a resolution creating the leather district. >> the area is home to gay and pink bars which stress thousands of people every year to
9:50 pm
celebrate leather sexuality. >> reporter: everyone knows the castro but now another lgbtq neighborhood is getting recognition. it showcases the leather scene, a distinct part of the gay community. the city believes its decade long history should be provided and protected as development rapidly transforms the landscape. >> so just having some recognition that this has history and as people move into it that they understand there's something here before them. >> reporter: jonathan shroeder is general manager of mr. s. leather. he believes the special designation will ensure that businesses like his remain. other supporters who showed up last week are also hopeful the leather district will mean access to city funds and community input to future developments. he owns a nightclub.
9:51 pm
>> we have a tech economy and an older creative economy. so i think we need to move forward without losing what we've treasured. >> reporter: the resolution which unanimously passed today was cosponsored by supervisors jayne kim and jeff shihi. >> we're really trying to preserve those vital parts of the lgbt community that have been so central for us to participate in the way we've been able to participate in the life of this city. >> reporter: today he proposed another cultural district for a place you think would already be one, the castro. in the newsroom carolyn tyler, abc 7 news. >> a note of passing now from the lgbt community dyson bike founder wolf died. on her motorcycle the group says sunny blazed a new path forward
9:52 pm
for women and lesbians by defining gender stereotypes. you will be very glad to hear that a dog is now safe following a harrowing rescue today along a steep cliff in san francisco. but it was not easy. sky 7 spotted a firefighter trying to pull a dog to safety after it slipped 60 feet. it all looked like it was going well until the dog got away from the rescuer and ran back up the cliff. the dog finally came down after apparently spotting someone it knew. let's get a check on our weather. >> we're in for a nice night tonight and an equally beautiful day tomorrow. a look at the coastal cover bidding in the next 24 hours. lows tonight not all that low. mid-40s to lower 50s the game of the game for the next 12 hours. crow need a jacket on, certainly
9:53 pm
don't need it by the afternoon. by 4:00 you see most spots in the bay and inland are going to the mid-70s. highs wednesday midweek sunshine. nice and coastal cloud. 63 and a little bit breezy in san francisco. 74 in san jose, 76 in concord and 77 the high tomorrow. certainly mild inland. the accuweather seven day forecast shows you that warming trend continues. very warm here on friday especially as you head into the weekend. saturday and sunday not much in the way of change and even tomorrow, or i should say next week, the early parts of it above average 70s and 80s along the coast. >> stay with us. when we come back a new
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coming up tonight at 11:00 a story you'll see only on abc 7, a young child attacked by a pitbull. her mother is upset, neighbors
9:57 pm
are scared but people who live with the dog say it's harmless. facebook announced a new dating app. join us for abc 7 news at 11:00 over on channel 7. >> the south bay is getting a new park that's nearly nice the size of the mere woods. >> the bear creek preserve that was in the works for nearly 20 years. >> reporter: this red wood forest has it all. beautiful views, are red wood pond home to turtles, even bats. >> the pleasure especially on a hot summer day it's going to be such a huge attraction and people are just going to love it. >> reporter: bear creek preserve was once home to a logging operation and also a site for mansions for descendants of the
9:58 pm
cold rush hair r era. it was purchased in 1999 by the midpeninsula open space district and open state trust. it was to create trails. dragonflies and song birds will be ready to greet them. >> you'll recognize and hear a lot of the different chirps and songs the different birds are singing. it makes for a really incredible nature hike. >> reporter: non-native plants will be removed as part of the restoration. the chapel will remain. it was built in 1909 and was originally a mansion. >> it will focus on the site's cultural history. so you'll be able to come here, take a tour. eventually we'll probably have a cellphone audio tour where
9:59 pm
people can learn about this fascinating history. >> reporter: the complete restoration of bear creek red woods is going to take about 20 years. but the first phase will be open about a year from now. david louie, abc 7 news. >> spectacular. >> thanks for joining us tonight. >> from all of us here we appreciate your time. >> that's right. we'll see you again at 11:00 over on channel 7.
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- i'm former fbi agent joe pistone, the real "donnie brasco."


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