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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 7PM  KOFY  May 2, 2018 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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the power of the pacific. the waves and the wind prove too much for the salvage operation. and sky 7 captured every moment of it. >> it could have been one of the worst aviation disaster in modern history. showing how close a plane came to landing on top of another plane at sfo. >> i am jonathan bloom with a start up called rome that let's you live and work anywhere. swept overboard. sky 7 captured every moment of
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this operation that didn't go as planned. thank you for joining us. i am ama daetz. >> and i am dan ashley. take a look at this. a crew had attempted to salvage a boat. >> the wind and waves got in the way. melanie woodrow walks us through what happened. >> reporter: suddenly taking a turn for the worst. sky 7 overhead capturing it all. two of the workers grabbing each other's hands for safety. >> what i thought was my guys did exactly what they were told to do in that situation which was go overboard and swim away from the wreck. >> reporter: the two men had bruises but no broken bones. moments later, the boat sinks. >> sometimes it works and occasionally it doesn't. and this was one of those times it didn't.
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>> reporter: this is the second failed attempt. >> a significant storm front that came through which prevented us from safely being able to do the work. >> reporter: first responders rescued four people from the boat this weekend. they were sailing when they ran out of diesel on their way to san diego. surf conditions are the biggest challenge. the company is now working at a plan with pacifica police department to salvage the boat. melanie woodrow abc7. it was tough to take your eyes off the boat. you can watch over 20 minutes of the footage from sky 7 unedited and uninterrupted on our website go to let's take a live look at san francisco international airport new details are merging tonight how one plane came in seconds of
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causing one of iation's biggest disaster. this video gives us a better lack of how close air canada came close to crashing into a plane. lined with other planes waiting to take off and if you look closely, air canada's landing lights illuminated jets. you are about to hear from one of the pilots. >> where is this guy going? he is on the taxi way. >> united one, aircanada flew directly over us. >> the air canada flight aborted its landing. >> the faa revealed that three close calls were due to pilot
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error. a sky west pilot turned onto the wrong taxi way. and in october of last year, an air canada crew landed despite several orders to abort their approach. and in january of this year, an aero mexico crew. this is certainly not what you want to see when you get a window seat on an airplane but it is what passengers on board a southwest flight saw today. that plane had to make an emergency landing in cleveland. wayne freedman is on the story. >> reporter: if it is possible to take a modn day miracle for granted that would be air travel in the 21st century. >> you got to have trust. >> reporter: and then the unexpected occasionally happens. >> i need everyone to grab their belongings.
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>> reporter: from chicago to newark after emergency landing in cleveland. a window that cracked with a loud pop. studying material science and failures. aircraft windows are almost an inch thick. they hardly ever break. >> these will weather due to debris hitting the windows. >> reporter: only yesterday, the crew received a hero's welcome at the white house. another problem to explain. >> they will see whether this is something that occurred instantaneously or occurred over a period of time. and you can generally trace back
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the fracture. >> reporter: southwest has flown since 1998. for many years in a livery representing shamu killer whale. at oakland airport wayne freedman abc7 news. we are getting a first hand perspective of the search for the las vegas shooter. >> we are going to go left. >> reporter: new video released by the las vegas metro police department from the night of the las vegas shooting. body cameras capturing the moment police approach and enter the room of the shooter. guns are strewn on beds 23 in all. thousands of rounds of
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ammunition littering the floor. and the body of the shooter on the floor. killing himself but not pulling off the deadliest mass shooting in history. sweat could be seen pouring down the face of one officer as they try to differentiate hotel guest from the shooter himself. >> there is a shooter! >> reporter: today's release is just the beginning of a massive trove. hundreds of hours of video from body camera and audios of 911 calls that will be released. jory rand. >> taking the lives of several people. the same school etcheber
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attended. 54-year-old till low. and 34-year-old michelle vo. >> the first death has been reported in the national food poisoning outbreak linked to romaine lettuce. the death reported here in california but no specific details available. 121 people got sick in 25 states. at least 52 people have been hospitized including4 with kidney failure. health officials have tied the e. coli outbreak to romaine lettuce. the video shocked not only viewers but also b.a.r.t. directors. vic lee followed up with the
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transit agency today to see what has been done. >> reporter: rick came to the city four years ago. he said the b.a.r.t. corridor is a refuge from the elements. his buddy steve says b.a.r.t. police make their presence known. >> they make them leave. >> reporter: drug users shutting up, slumped over and unconscious amid pools of vomit. all of this as consumers walk through the passage tunnel. b.a.r.t. says it was taken early in the morning when officers were on a shift change. >> they learned the patterns of our officers. we are making changes. >> reporter: b.a.r.t. has hired two-dozen more cleaners and planning to bring in more
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officers and community service officers to patrol. corridors were clean when we visited around midday. lots o b.a.r.t. police but they can't guarantee it will be like this all the time because it is a societal problem. supervisors president agrees saying that is why she wants safe injection sites. >> i want to try something that i know is working in places like ncouver, canada. >> reporter: b.a.r.t. also partnering with agencies. >> what do you think of b.a.r.t.? share your thoughts. the suspects in the golden state killer case is expected back in court tomorrow. appearing briefly in court for a hearing today. this is video from his arraignment last week when he formally heard the charges
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against him. investigators arrested him one week ago today. they say they used dna to identify him as the killer responsible from at least a dozen murders and almost 50 rapes from 1976 to 1986. 20/20 is going to devote this week's episode to the killer. you will hear from some of the survivors and families of those killed. 20/20 airs friday night at 10:00 p.m. followed by abc news at 11:00. manyay area students walked out of class today to support the sond amendment. downtown college prep in san jose. and california high school in san ramon participated. in san ramon, 75 students left
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class. coming just after a month after walkouts. >> kids walking out and represented in the media, they don't necessarily represent our whole demographic. >> this walkout w peaceful and short. only 16 minutes stand for the second walkout happens in at least 30 states. latest poll finds that a record of voters believe it is important to restrict the guns more than protecting the second amendment. well a lot more to come. the drought sadly is creeping back into california and water shortage alert is now in effect. >> a look at where drought like restrictions making a comeback. >> enjoy cool, breezy rooftop conditions. fog will make a serious push
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inland tonight. get your phone and go to do you agree with the boy scout's name change. >> it is droppg the word boy and beginning to accept girls next year. gives the decision a thumbs up or thumbs down. on
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you could generate your own energy, at home. or to save energy, unplug unused appliances. do your thing, with energy upgrade california.
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new at 6:00 getting our first look at what workers see as they inspect the golden gate towers. 500 feet tall.
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inspections will last all week long. sky 7 got video of the workers monday. looking at every rivet and seam apparently. what needs to be done to keep the span standing strong. this is the first time they are inspecting the towers at such close range. in the past they have used bin knocklars. below average rainfall forcing californians to cut back on their water usage. >> we could be in for another dry season ahead. >> abc7 news chris nguyen has the story from santa cruz. >> when i am doing the dishes i don't run the water. i have a bowl and a scrub. >> reporter: the santa cruz city council has issued a stage 1
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water shortage. no washing down hard or paved surfaces such as sidewalks and driveways. >> we actually use a self-dispensing method so people can take as much water they want rather than giving somebody a 16-ounce glass of water. >> officials say they want to avoid tapping into the supply unless it is necessary. the city's largest water source is experiencing lower than normal levels and expected to dwindle in the coming next. >> two thirds of average annual rainfall and one third of flow in the river. it is another dry year. >> reporter: its ten reservoirs are just under half full which is below the norm for this time of year. asking to conserve water by 20%
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anding outdoor watering to no more than three times a week. back over the summit a message of conservation dominates the discussion. >> the small parts adds up tan aggregate of a lot. >> reporter: remains in effect until the end of october. chris nguyen, abc7 news. yesterday, ceo mark zuckerberg announced big headlines that they are get into the dating. >> we need to ensure that the technologies that we are building together aren't just cool burk they are good for people. >> stressing the need for taking a broader view of technology. filing for bankruptcy and
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closing its doors, cambridge analytica says it is losing clients and facing legal fees over the up roar of the facebook case. hundreds of schools are getting water stations. the sugar sweetened beverage tax voters approved in 2016. and all new water stations should be installed over the summer. happening to want, the sharks hope to even up their playoff series against the vegas golden night. here is a live look inside the tank, the sap center. they are down in the series 1 game to two. hoping to tie it up tonight. th warriors play their next playoff game against the pelicans on friday. and game four will be here on
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abc7 on sunday. stay with us after the game with all the highlights and live post game interviews. time to check on our forecast and how nice it is outside. >> spencer christian is out in the elements tonight. >> absolutely. nice from where i am up on the roof. mainly blue skies. a surge of coastal fog that will overtake us. you can see how clear the skies are over the bay. and the fog over at the coastline. live look at sutro tower. 57 degrees here in san francisco. 58 across the bay in oakland. mid-60s in mountain view and san jose. gilroy 60. you can see a few little fingers of fog beginning to push through the golden gate. temperature reading in the mid-60s. and 64 at livermore. and from the east bay hills
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camera, views looking eastward. fog reaching out into many inland communities. mild and sunny days ahead through the weekend. minor fluctuation. look for the fog to be dense out over the bay. and overnight lows will be mostly in the upper 40s to around 50 degrees and visibility will be quite low. what is bringing us that current pattern is this alignment of systems. low pressure to the east and southwest and high pressure to our northwest. cool water temperatures. temperatures down in the low 50s. so we have the cool brisk flow. not gusty but surface winds blowing fro ten to 20 miles per hour.
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18 at livermore. 14 at san francisco. 16 at mountain view. breezy, cool, and pleasant. and tomorrow another pleasant day. upper 50s on the coast. and mid to upper 70s in inland locations. napa down south, look for high of 74 at san jose. here is a look at the accuweather seven-day forecast. won't be much change. except sharp increase of temperatures on friday. temperatures drop off a little bit on saturday. and saturday through next wednesday, steady pattern. inland highs in the upper 70s to low 80s. mid 70s right around the day. no rain in sight of the next seven-days. we may have rain later in the month. but at the moment seems far off. >> thank you so much.
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>> sta with us. coming up next, a new record for
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the nasdaq dropped 29 points. tesla stock rose a bit but has been dropping in after hours trading. investors got their first look at quarterly earning reports. plagued with production issues falling short of expectations. the fremont factory is making 2300 model cars each week. to turn a profit, they say they need to make 5,000 per week. back in 2016, have a million yers put down a thousand dollar dosit to get a car. tesla admits some have. now the official logo for the san francisco municipal
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transportation agency will include a worm m and sfmta. b.a.r.t.'s guaranteed car pool parking program has extended to its knewest station, warm springs. be sure they have a parking spot up until 10:00 a.m. if they use the ad scoop. twelfth station to have guaranteed scoop parking. coming up next, a look at the convenient excuse these camps are giving people. >> promised refund of a rijuana company is shrouded from smoke. changing its name, dropping the word boy because starting next year, girls will be
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included. >> live poll is open now. go to more to come here.
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an eye sore, a health hazard and sadly a fact of life in oakland. trash piles make the homeless encampment worse. laura anthony explains what oakland is going to do about it. >> reporter: oakland mayor libby schaaf announces she is beefing up to combat the litter problem. immediate funding to hire three litter enforcement officers. >> they are going to help trace who caused that dumping to begin with. >> they are going to be garbage sleuths. >> reporter: the problem is
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especially acute around the city's homeless encampment like this one in west oakland. >> the dumping is ridiculous. people will come down here and give the homeless their used mattresses. >>eporter: under construction at 27 street. once the tough sheds are completed and the residents move in, the city will come through and clean up all the debris that is left behind. >> look at this trash. >> reporter: an activist, a mayoral candidate who has done his own digging into the oblem. >> we have to cash someone and we have to prosecute because this is a crime between our community. >> reporter: how do you catch them? >> they dump during a time frame. >> reporter: residents can call 311 to report the activity.
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$1 million settlement has been reached between an oakland landlord and his tenants and the city. also agreed to restore kitchen and bathroom iffacilities that tore down. claiming their new landlord created substandard living conditions to force them to move out so he can renovate the building and rent to wealthier. a family found living in a makeshift shack. the family was live anything joshua tree national park with no water or electricity. >> i am hoping they can resolve so st. so they can get their kids back. >> the children between 11 and
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14-years old remain in the custody of state welfare officials. joining real estate agents and construction officials in sacramento to promote a package of bill to address the need for more affordability housing. the loss of thousands of homes across the state to fire and mud slides combined to reduction of housing stock. >> building today one third to what we used to build in the peak. so effectively, we are under building about 60 to 70,000 units a year. >> lawmakers on both sides of the aisle agree increasing supply to loosening regulations is a start to the problem. program which is more than 100-years old will now be scouts bsa. tell us what you think on
7:35 pm >> give it a thumbs up or down. go to really very easy to do. >> and we will keep voting open. as lyannemelendez explains the confusion over the name change. >> she is super spunky. some people call her a spit fire. >> reporter: her daughter is now a cub scout. jordan admits at first she was like in a black hole. >> a bunch of stars around you and you are a planet who doesn't know where to go. >> reporter: now she says she is one of the boys. her brother hayden enjoys their time together. >> now that my sister is a boy scout we can go together and do camping. >> the boy scouts are letting them do certain things that fit my daughter. >> reporter: the main complaint
7:36 pm
coming from girl scout parents is that the organization has never had the amount of rugged outdoor activities that the boy scouts have. as of february, the boy scouts will be called scouts bsa. up to each troop whether or not to allow girls and if they do, initially boys and girls will be in separate units while still participating together in outdoor activities. >> you can serve the entire family. boys and girls in the same family going to the same activities. >> i love the outdoors because i really like camping and my brother used to go and i wanted to go too. so we have gone camping a lot and i really like it. >> reporter: the girl scouts are not happy with the new policy fearing they may lose girls. >> boy scouts say change is always a work in profit.
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>> you can see the live results in the poll. you can still vote. we would love to hear from you. go to and you don't have to sign up. how would you like to live in bali or work in london. we will go roaming with a company that can make that possible. >> with weather like this, who wants to leave the bay
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look at that cutie. happy birthday princess charlotte. turning 3-years old today. shore lot is expected to be a flower girl at the wedding this month. the palace released new details of the wedding. the newlyweds will ride in an open carriage. the royal mint has created this
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commemorative coin. the royal wedding is on saturday may 19. there will be a special edition of good morning america starting at 2:00 a.m. live from windsor, england. more and more people are working from home and now one startup thinks it is time to take a fresh look on what show me all about. jonathan bloom takes you to romrom roam, not the city. >> i am the first roamer here in san francisco. >> reporter: james price can work from anywhere. but working in his apartment got home. >> some of it is isolation. we love the idea of being able to work from hom and then we get home and we miss all of the community. >> reporter: that's is what rome is about. >> more and more people have jobs that let them work and live
7:42 pm
anywhere. >> reporter: roam brings the community. a different kind of home. one you can stay in for months or weeks before going to roam's other cities. >> you feel like you are in a big house. >> you get immediately in touch with peopl who might have been staying here for two weeks ready and they know interesting neighborhood restaurants and we create that sense of belonging. >> reporter: you might think roam is for people who might want to be social all the time. the founders. by having a bar, a facafe and
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chef's kitchen, people meet and even cook for each other. in most locations we are constantly sold out and profitable in those locations. >> reporter: they will open new york later this year with further plans across the u.s. rome wasn't built in a day. >> we keep trying to work from home but they won't let us. >> i know. california legalized the sale of recreational cannabis four months ago. and it did not take long for
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a classroom surprise today was literally music to the ears of a teacher in the south bay. music teacher of andrew hill high school received a $2,500 education grant. he didn't know he won until today's check presentation. saying he is honored by the award and to be a teacher. >> and part of a band where students come if and they don't
7:47 pm
no, they don't know what they want to do and bringing that music into their life. >> the grant was awarded by the farmers insurance thank america's teachers. he will buy new band uniforms to replace the current ones that are about 25-years old. >> michael finney is received his first complaint about cannabis products. >> the first that we can put on air. a bay area woman requested a refund for the hemp oil. >> i am stretching here and back here. >> reporter: stretching out her back to deal with the pain she suffered since being rear-ended on the freeway. >> it hurts really bad. very painful. >> reporter: she went online and
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discomfort. a friend gave her a sample and it worked and she purchased it from a company. >> salve is an ointment. >> reporter: victoryia decided she didn't want oil and wanted a refund. >> they would tell me we refunded your money. check your bank. >> reporter: the president and ceo of canaway parent company sent us a long explanation and asked us to share itith victoria. she was pleased with the letter. >> he has taken full responsibility and has it lined up how it happened. >> reporter: the product was returned and the refund delayed
7:49 pm
a month. telling us our internal customer service and overall check and balance system did not perform as intended i, stuart w thompson take full responsibility. he offered her a complementary product for her troubles. you know the number, (415) 954-8151. and you can reach me at my facebook. thas. check out the sea lions. this is our favorite. a new camera. >> brand new camera at pier 39. >> i think you have a monitor out there checking out the forecast. you can see right now fog building along the coastline and so far hasn't begun much of a
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push. we will see low temperatures mainly in the mid to upper 40s. 7:00 in the morning, commuters in the morning going to face reduced visibility. and then we will see a nice w m warmup in the afternoon hours. upper 60s to near 70s around the bay. and it will be breezy again especially at the coastline. here is the accuweather seven-day forecast. warm up on friday. then we will have minor cooling on saturday and saturday to next wednesday, little change. thanks. and larry beil is here now. >> wild warriors news. >> you all are too nice to ever suggest you would want to punch
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somebody in the face on live television, right? >> if you want, i will step aside and you can say what you want. charles bark lay said
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good evening. despite a growing list of injuries, the giants are on a little bit of a roll now. they are wearing orange and in mccovey cove. mccutchen scores. scarey moment. look out. pitch off the left triceps giants would take a 5-2 lead. to the fourth, it is hunly. you rarely see a right-handed homer. huntly four to five.
7:55 pm
big moment for will smith. gets the swing there. they win their fourth series in a row. and 9-4 is your final draymond green is a professional irritant. >> i just want somebody to punch him in the face. i really do. >> you don't like draymond? >> draymond, he really showed tremendous restraint last night. rondo was trying to provoke him. draymond would not take the blake. he is tumbling around with the unibrow. and would not risk rejection. as for sir charles, he tried to apologize. punch me in the face when you see me, or no one cares what you
7:56 pm
would have done. you're old. and it is what it is. drop the mike. >> he is a hem of a play-- hell player. what i said was wrong and i apologize. >> draymond's mom was upset. tweeting this. charles barkley, i wish you would. you think shaq had you running? a couple of years ago, i was at the all-star game, i saw chuck out of his way out of the arena. he spots draymond green, and turns around and says to him, i like the way you play, keep doing what you are doing. so all of this is basically made for tv drama. so was the return of steph curry. out for five and a half weeks
7:57 pm
and he is launching and it is nothing but the bottom of the net. curry scores 28 points in 28 minutes. and after the game, kevin durant was asked about how antsy steph was when he was out. >> anxious. a couple of days ago during practice, he couldn't stop running and jumping and making weird noises. i am glad he is back. i was worried about him for a second. >> i would like to hear more about the weird noises. sharks lineup. thornton could be on the verge of returning. he is the longest tenured shark. suffered a left knee injury. listed as a game time decision. coach not giving us very much hints. >> game time decision.
7:58 pm
i can't be clearer. i haven't decided ony lineup. done. >> you know, just thoughts. we have to take care of business first. and play as long as we can. and hopefully have that happen. >> game time is a few minutes away. and joe was not on the ice skating. >> thanks. >> join us tonight at 9:00 at kofy-tv 20. the search begs for a new u.s. factory at 9:00. and on abc7 news at 11:00. that is what san francisco chief bill scott told abc7 news right after he was hired. tonight he is apparently changed his tune. line up at aifgt, the
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goldbergs. goldbergs. then stay with us for abc7 news
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vanessa: ready for your big birthday surprise? blindfolded? this could be anything from a bullet to the head to that amazing coke/pepsi taste test. well, we don't have any soda, so good luck.


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