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tv   ABC7 News 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  May 2, 2018 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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. just a few feet from disaster. you can see it here. tonight the video that shows how close an air canada flight came from hitting other planes sitting on an sfo taxiway. good evening and thank you for joining us.
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i'm oma dates. >> and i'm dan ashley. there are now details tonight how that plane was moments away from causing as you can see there a major disaster. >> the video of the july incident was just released by the transportation safety board. >> reporter: this new video was shot by an airport surveillance camera and missing one of four commercial jets sitting on a taxi way by mere feet. it's the most chilling look yet how hundreds of passengers waiting for take off could have been the victims of a catastrophic crash. it mb cleared for the tower. instead ofsten otrajectory to land on sfo's taxiway c. air canada 759 captain told mtsb investigators, quote, as they approached the runway something still felt odd and he elected to go around.
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the first officer said the captain asked if he could confirm the runway was clear. he looked up and expected to see the runway. however, when he looked up he could not understand what he was looking at. the first officer continued quote, they thought they were at 400 feet when they initiated the go around. he was shocked how low they were. besides the video the mtsb released 33 documents it compiled. there has been no finding of human error or if an electronic safety has been at fault because of the investigation is still underway. they indicated they would have no comment about the video or documents released. just last week the faa recertified the facility after its annual safety review during which all systems are checked. >> late tonight air canada provided this statement to abc news. safety is air canada's top
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priority. based on preliminary review within the airline, we have already implemented measures to change procedures, technology and training to advance further safety. also developing tonight the new scare for passengers onboard a southwest chicago. the emergency follows the death of a woman who was nearly sucked out of a plane when an engine broke apart in midair last month. here's abc news reporter lindsey janice. >> reporter: tonight another scare on a southwest flight. passengers terrified after this window cracked midair. >> there was a loud pop. >> something cracked the window. >> reporter: flight number 957 took off from the chicago airport for newark just after 9:00 a.m. less than an hour later the pilot diverting to cleveland. the crack on the outer windowpane not deep enough to cause depressurization inside the plane. >> this is what we call a precautionary emergency.
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in other words, it's not an immediate threat because there's no loss of pressurization. but anytime you have windows compromised, you want to get down as quickly as you can. >> reporter: the 737 and its passengers landing safely. just two weeks after passenger jennifer riordan was nearly sucked out of a southwest plane after an engine busted the window next to her. tonight a southwest spokeswoman saying the decision to divert today's flight was made from maintenance review of the multiple layers of a windowpane. southwest says that window was inspected just last month. the faa is also investigating and says this type of incident is rare, happening 26 times since boeing has been flying the 737. nbc news, newark. the power of the pacific
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ocean revealed itself today as you can see behind me when crews tried to recover a sailboat that had washed up on the beach a few days ago. surf battered salvage workers. those lines link the sailboat to a tugboat several hundreds yards off pacific state beach. today's recovery plan called for pulling it back out to deeper water. everything appeared to be going well for a few seconds until one side of the sailboat dipped below the waterline and as you can see it began to capsize. one of the recovery team members even climbed on top of the boat's cabin, there he goes, and he tried to stay safe and the tug kept pulling until the surf overwhelmed the disabled boat and began sinking. two crew members now clung to the rails and to each other hoping to escape. they needed help immediately. it was a dire situation. it appears both of them had
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flotation devices and they stayed above water until a coast guard boat rushed to help them. the men had some bruises and broken bones, but okay, though. moments later the boat sank. reportedly a candidate for the vacant chief's job at the los angeles police department. he's scheduled to interview for the job according to its anonymous source. after a 2017 career with the lapd. the l.a. times report says he's one of five cappndidates to replace chief charlie beck retiring in june. saying chief scott is focused on this city and the police department. a brief court appearance today of the suspect in the golden state killer case. the lawyer of 72-yield joseph deangelo asked a judge to stop prosecutors from taking any additional dna from her client. this is video from the
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arraignment last week. the judge did not rule on the motion. police arrested deangelo a week ago today. investigators say they used dna to identify him as the killer responsible for at least a dozen murders and 50 rapes from 1976 to 1986. and you should know that 2020 is going to devoted this week's program to the golden state killer in its entirety. the history of the suspect joseph james deangelo and why it took so long to make an arrest in this case. watch 2020 on abc 7 followed by abc 7 news on channel 7. investigators say the suspect grabbed the laptop from a customer at cafe strada on college avenue. this cellphone video shows two good samaritans trying to hold him until police arrive. and all of a sudden a second man just punches one of the good
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samaritans in the head. the two ran off in a a blue impala. the city will hire one new cleanup drew and several enforcement officers specifically charged with sifting through litter to root out illegal dumpers. abc news reporter laura anthony has the story. >> this is direct response to demands from the community. >> reporter: oakland mayor libby shaft announced she's beefing up her city's approach in the form of a request of $500,000 in immediate funding to hire three litter enforcement officers. >> these litter enforcement officers are going to be like trash detectives. their job is to actually analyze the dumping that's being done and try and trace it back to its source. >> reporter: the problem is especially acute around the city's homeless encampments like this one in west oakland. >> the dumping is ridiculous.
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people who are either too lazy or think they're doing goodwill come down here and give the homeless their used matchterouses. >> reporter: the problem has been dealt with to some extent to the tough shelters near downtown. once the tough sheds are completed and the residents move in, the city will then come through and cleanup all the debris that's left behind like this. >> this is reactive. >> reporter: ken houston is a mayoral candidate who has done his own digging into oakland's mounti mounting dumping problem. >> we have to catch someone and we have to prosecute. >> how do you catch them? >> they dump between a certain time frame. >> reporter: the city offers rewards for those who report illegal dumping. residents can call 311 to report the activity. laura anthony, abc 7 news. up next the viral video. drug addicts shooting up as
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commuters walk through a san francisco bart corridor. and we talk a lot about how people are leaving the bay area. but the numbers show california's population is actually booming. which cities are seeing the most growth? meteorologist drew tooma with the forecast. we'll take a look how long that fog sticks around tomorrow. and a look at where drought-like restricts are making a comeback. stay with us.
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this video went viral. drug addicts shooting up as commuters walk through a downtown san francisco bart corridor. the video shocked not only viewers but bart directors. abc 7 reporter vick lee followed windup the transit agency today to see what's been done since that video went public last week. >> you're still on drugs? >> yes. >> do you shoot? >> oh, yes. >> reporter: he came here four years ago. he says the bart corridor is a residence for elements. >> anybody that sits down and looks like they're loitering they make leave. >> reporter: drug users shooting
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up, slumped over unconscious amid pools of vomit. all of this as commuters walked through the passenger tunnel at civil center station. bart says it was taken early in the morning when civic center station just opened when officers were on a shift change. >> the addicts obviously learned the pattern of our officers. we're making changes to those shift patterns, shift change. >> reporter: bart has hired nearly two dozen new cleaners and plan to bring in even more janitors and community service officers to patrol san francisco's downtown stations. civic center station's corridors were clean when we visited around midday. but they can't guarantee it'll be like this all the time because it's a societal problem. >> i want to try something that i know is actually working in
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places like vancouver, canada. >> reporter: bart is also partnering with agencies that provide help for drug users and homeless people. california's population is set to reach 40 million people later this year. the state added 309 new residents in 2017 raising the total population to 39.8 million. densely populated areas, of course, like the bay area saw the most growth due to immigration, birth and housing construction. >> we think it's probably going to happen sometime before the end of the summer. so maybe august, september. it's always a little bit unclear when that actually happens but we are getting pretty close. >> of the state's ten largest cities sacramento grew by the largest with a 1.4% increase. below average rain in recent months has issued a cut back on
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water use. >> amid concern we could be in for another dry season ahead. >> reporter: in santa cruz water conservation is the game and residents are choosing to play it. >> when i'm doing the dishes i don't run the water. i turn off the tap and i have a little bowl and and scrub. >> reporter: for the sixth time within the last ten years the santa cruzsi city council has issued a stage one. restaurants are being told to serve water only upon request. >> we actually use a self-dispensing method so people can take precisely as much water as they want rather than giving someone a 16 ounce glass of water. >> reporter: officials say they want to avoid tapping into the reservoir supply unless absolutely necessary. that's because the city's largest water source ins, the s
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lorenzo river. >> it's another dry year. >> reporter: in san jose the santa clara water district says its ten reservoirs are just under half full, which is below the norm for this time of year. valley customers are being asked to conserve water by 20%. and. >> the fact that our water basins in very good shape bodes well for us. it means we don't need to necessarily move to that next level. >> reporter: back over the summit a message of conservation dominates the discussion. >> everybody if they do their small parts, the small parts adds up to a lot. >> reporter: the city restrictions remain in effect through the end of october. all right, abc 7 news meteorologist drew tuma is tracking what we hope is nice forecast. >> yeah, he's here with the latest. >> especially those warmer temperatures will change through
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the weekend. live doppler 7 along with satellite you can see along the coast all that gray. that is our marine layer. it's thicker tonight than it was last night, and the fog will make it push inland. picture outside. a live look from our exploratorium camera. san francisco already shrouded in fog. some of the tops of the buildings cut off. and that's just an indication how deep that fog is right now. that fog will push inland overnight. many of us will weigh up to fog first thing tomorrow morning. temperatures only fluctuating a little bit. in fact, early next week even warmer air moves in. but today our warmest spots got near 80 degrees inland. 52 right now in san francisco. we're at 60, though, in san jose and concord. 54 in oakland, and 52 right now in santa rose. a lot our screen
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overnight tonight. a lot of us will see fog first thing tomorrow morning. drops to about 50 in oakland. antioch dropping to 48 degrees. live doppler 7 along with satellite, low pressure pushing off to the east. high pressure building off to our west. this high pressure will bring us tranquil weather over the weekend. but the two are opposing forces. it has been breezy over the coastline. and those winds come off the ocean water only in the low to mid-50s, that's going to keep the coast rather cool during the afternoon. so the 12-hour plan reflects that. the coast kind of stuck in the 50s. but as you get away from the coast tomorrow afternoon we rebound back into the low if not middle 70s for a lot of us. a lot of clouds early on. sunnier skies as we head towards the afternoon. 63 with afternoon sunshine in san francisco. about 74 in an jose.
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74 san rafael, 66 in oakland and 75 in antioch. a lot of 70s and 80s. but new york city inure nation's capitol will top out in the 90s. the pollen forecast fluctuating between moderate and high the next four days. oak, ash and sisickmer. temperatures back on the rise monday and perhaps a little cooler next week. but temperatures all seven days are above average this time even with those fluctuations day to day. up next a settlement following the arrest of two men at a philadelphia starbucks. you might be surprised by the
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deal they got. and the most annoying thing about flying. air travelers reveal w
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remember those two black men arrested a at a philadelphia starbucks last month? well now the city of philadelphia has reached a settlement agreement with these men. each man will get just $1, but the city has also agreed to spend $200,000 for a program for young entrepreneurs. the men were arrested while waiting for a business meeting to begin at a starbucks. starbucks has apologized. all-st all starbucks stores for one day this month will close for training day. more than 18,000 surveyed
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said seat kickers were the worst for a flight. the inatetentive parent, personl space violators and audio insensitive. well, the agency that runs money muny is getting a new look. now the official logo for the transportation agency will include a worm style letter "n" and the initials sfmta. some say the color reminds them of dodger blue. they tweeted the dodgers don't have a monopoly on blue. up next never before seen video after the las vegas massacre. >> yeah, the police body cam video.
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you will see and hear the moment they stormed that hotel room. also the president new attorney reveals something about the hush money paid to stormy
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and we begin this half-hour with new gemts in the las vegas massacre. >> late today authorities released body cam video and 911 calls as the worst mass shooting in modern american histories was unfolding. >> 50 people were killed and nearly 50 were wounded. several months into the investigation the motive is still a mystery. >> reporter: the new video shows the s.w.a.t. team clustered in
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the hallway outside the sniper's room, no sense of what they'll find when they blow down the door. >> breach, breach, breach. >> reporter: that deafening explosion. one officer's body camera then revealing the moment he spots stephen paddock's own surveillance camera hidden on the surveillance cart. the officers gingerly entering the hotel suite with the deadliest maz shooter in history. those deadly high powered rifles resting on a chair. thousands of rounds of ammunition. by the time the officers arrived at the 32nd floor creeping down the hallway, dripping with sweat, going low behind their shields. >> okay take a deep breath. >> reporter: paddock was already dead. he'd shot himself after he'd gun down 58 innocent peel and wounded hundreds at the concert playing out down below. what's most striking of seeing those first three hours of this
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body cam footage is how much time elapses. we so those officers going floor to floor methodically. we see them breach the wrong rooms. and more than six months after this attack we still don't have a final police report, no time line and no firm understanding of why stephan paddock did this. former new york city mayor rudy giuliani says president trump reimbursed his attorney michael cohen for the $130,000 paid to adult film star stormy daniels. giuliani who recently joined trump's legal team told fox news tonight that the hush money was perfectly legal and was not campaign money. he claims there was no campaign finance violation despite the fact it was paid in the weeks before the 2016 election. president trump previously has denied knowing about the payment at all. >> now to the major shakeup at the white house. another key player is leaving president trump's legal team as
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robert mueller appears to be increasing the pressure in the russia investigation. >> reporter: when we first asked the president was adamant he'd be more than happy to talk to special counsel robert mueller. >> would you be willing to speak under oath to give your version? >> 100%. >> reporter: but now nearly a year later a tense standoff. so tense abc news has confirmed mueller told the president's lawyers he could be compelled to testify. john dowd the president's lead lawyer told abc news he fired back. saying this isn't some game, you are screwing with the work of the president of the united states. dowd has since left the president's legal team and today another shakeup. out, ty cobb replaced by emitt
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fud. >> almost everything that i was brought onto do has been accomplished. >> reporter: cobb had employed a strategy of patience with mueller. >> you'd been preaching cooperation with mueller. is that going to change? >> cooperation was definitely the right move and definitely the path that would lead to the quickest resolution. so i hope they'd work something out. >> reporter: so today rudy giuliani who was leading negotiations with mueller says it depends largy on the special counsel. >> if they have an open mind of that this is something we would consider. if they don't we would be foolish. >> reporter: giuliani told "the washington post" any interview must be limited in scope. if the special counsel tries to
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compel the president to testify, the president could fight it, but it's a battle that would likely go all the way to the supreme court and would be very difficult to win. when richard nixon tried to fight a subpoena to turn over his oval office tapes he lost in the supreme court from 9-0. so now the president's legal team trying to limit the time and scope of the interview with the special counsel. they're also saying they'd like to know the questions in advance. vonthen carl, abc news, the white house. the data firm at the head of facebook's privacy scandal is filing for bankruptcy and closing its doors. cambridge analytica says it is losing clients and facing legal fees because of the up roar of from the facebook case. the dow sunk and the dollar rose after the federal reserve left interest rates unchanged, which is what investors and analysts expected. closing under 24,000. the nasdaq dropped 29 points.
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tesla stock rose today and dropped about 5% in after hours training. >> the company's biggest net loss ever in a quarter. tesla has ben plagued with production issues following the new model 3. the factory making about 23,000 cars each week. to turn a profit tesla says it needs to be make about 5,000 per week. it's already the best selling electric vehicle in the u.s. by a significant margin. and it's about to become the best selling premium sedan in the u.s. beating even gas powered cars. ceo elon musk says the fremont plant is jammed to the gills, and he's planning to announce the new location of an suv factory. it will produce the company's fourth car and will be called the model y. it could setoff another gold rush to cities and states that
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want to play host to the plant. the production of long-range vehicles would begin in about two years. get out your phone please. go to >> do you agree with the boy scouts name change? >> give the decision a thumbs up or down at no log in or registration required. simply cast your vote
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the boy scouts are getting rid of the word "boy" as girls prepare to join troops across the country. >> in a program more than 100 years will now be called scouts
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usa. >> give it a thumbs up or thumbs down. just go to slash vote. >> and we're going to keep the voting open as abc 7 reporter lyanne melendez describes the name change. >> reporter: she was the first girl in her den. jordan admits that first she felt like she was in a black hole. >> it's like there's a bunch of stars around you and you're like a planet who doesn't know where to go. >> reporter: but now she says she's one of the boys. her brother hayden a boy scout now enjoys their time together. >> now because my sister is a boy scout we can now both go together and do camping. >> i think the boy scouts are, you know, letting them do certain things that fit my daughter. >> reporter: the main complaint coming from girl scout parents is that the organization has
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never had the amount of rugged outdoor activities that the boy scouts have. as of february the boy scouts will be called scouts bsa. it will be up to each troop to decide whether or not to allow girls, and if they do initially girls and boys wil be in separate units while still participating together in outdoor activities. >> we could serve the entire family because you have boys and girls in the same family going to different kinds of activities. i mean that was the reason we moved in the direction that we did. >> i love the outdoors because i really like camping. so my brother he used to go camping a lot and i really wanted to go, too. so we've gone camping a lot, and i really like it. >> reporter: the girl scouts are not happy with the new boy scouts policy fearing they may lose girls. the boy scouts saying change is always a work in progress. >> all right, you can see live
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results of the poll on the bottom of your screen right now. >> absolutely. 71% saying no. you can still vote. go to well, meteorologist drew tuma up next with an update on the forecast. >> plus the v
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we're getting a look at what workers see as they inspect the golden gate bridge towers from 500 feet up. inspections are continuing all week. they're looking at every rivet and seeing what needs to be done to keep the spans standing strong. this is the first time crews are inspecting the bridge's towers at such close range. it was prompted by new federal
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regulations. the oldest known male dolphin in captivity the u.s. and a visitors favorite at six flags has died. they say that he apparently died of natural causes. he was 54 years old. the park says he served as an important animal ambassador to mellians of guests over the years. six flags staff says he was ruggedly handsome, joyful and playful. 60 small quakes were detected in the area this morning. this is a video of the volcano from last week. the mayor's office says county, state and federal officials are all making preparations for a possible eruption. residents are being told to prepare to evacuate. one last time i want to
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update the weather forecast here in the bay area. >> yeah, guys. and we continue to track that fog. overnight tonight a lot of gray shading indicating that low cloud cover, that fog for many of us. 50 below in oakland. about 50 in san jose. dropped to about 51 in san francisco. the story tomorrow we have a lot of cloud cover early on. the afternoon feechars lot of cloud cover along the coast. for many of us 60s and 740s so it's a comfortable afternoon. 74 in sunny san jose in the afternoon. 66 in oakland. san francisco half moon bay it will be breezy. 72 santa rosa and 73 the high in napa. i'll show you tomorrow we have a foggy start. temperatures jump into the 60s and 70s. it's a warmer day on saturday. some minor fluctuations and a breeze on the weekend.
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but fog and temperatures above average for this time of year. more and more people are working from homes these days. in some cases all the time. now one startup things it's time to take a fresh look what a home start-up is all about. taking you to rome, not talking about the city but a new place to live and work in san francisco. >> reporter: james price can work from anywhere. >> my business is working with corporate clients from over the phone. >> reporter: but working from his apartment got old. >> i think we all love the idea of being able to work from home. and then we get home and we miss all the community. >> reporter: that's what roam is about. you bring your laptop. troem brings the community. in cities all over the world they're making historic buildings like this into something not hotel or apartments but a different kind
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of home. one you can stay in months or weeks before going to one of roam's other cities. >> you feel like you're in a big house with other family members. >> reporter: roamers can get a true taste of san francisco with the help of their newfound friends. >> you get immediately in touch with people who might have been staying in here for two weeks already. and they know interesting restaurants and know what to do during the weekend. >> reporter: with all these big communal spaces you might thing it's supposed to be for social events all the time. >> we're actually secretly awkward. >> reporter: by having a bar, a cafe and big chef's kitchen people meet and are able to cook for each other. san francisco is $4,000 a month. miami is 1,800. >> in most locations we are sold
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out. >> reporter: they'll open in new york later this year with further plans. rome wasn't built in a day. in san francisco, jonathan bloom, abc 7 news. plenty of sports to deal with tonight. >> we tried to work from home. they wouldn't let us do it. >> we should try to get a place together. how do you think that would work out? >> not so well. >> drew is the only honest person. sharks looking to even up their stanley cup series with vegas. to stop chasing the game, get a lead. marcus sorrenson is app
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good evening. when the sharks lost 7-0 in their series playoff opener to vegas it looked like this thing was going to be over in a hurry. not so fast. the sharks looking to even things up tonight in game four in the tank.
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nba star and mini grad aaron gordon opening the door for the sharks. san jose proud. no score in the first. check out marcus sorrenson. aka scorenson with a diving wrister to give the sharks a 1-0 lead. back on the ice and in the back of the net. right through the defender's legs right there. 2-0 teal in the second. and hurdle. he's having a great playoff run. 3-0. look at the helmet of brent berns. lost his mhelmet. he doesn't care. jones a brick wall. 34 saves. sharks win it 4-0. this series is tied at two games apiece. what a night in the tank. onto baseball now. the giants keep winning but they're losing players. the latest concern is pitcher johnny cueto who will get a second or maybe a third opinion
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on his sore elbow. giants and padres today they're wearing orange. nick hundley base hit to left. andrew mccutcheon scores. giants built a quick 3-0 lead. in the second scary moment for mccutcheon. look out. had to leave the game but not believed to be serious. third inning giants up 3-2. brian crawford. giants expanded to a 5. hundley again. and how many times do you see a right-handed hitter hit a home run to rightfield at at&t park? that is rare. they're cruising 9-3. will smith is back. his return from tommy john strikes out error. 9-4 is your final. how about the a's tonight? he's back with the club, gets a
9:56 pm
little help from his new teammates. d. gordon the center. have no fear jake spulinsky is here. launched to left. mariners take a 1-0 lead. 2-0 ends in the seventh. james paxten dealing. that was 97. he struck out 16, but when paxten leaves lowery pounces. eight homers, leads the american league with 30 rbis. somebody's going to get a fast ball in the ribs for that. that was in the ninth, and that is the game winner. a's with a big comeback. 3-2 is your final. draymond green we know he's tremendous for the warriors. also happens be a professional irritant. reminds me of some of the weather department. i'm not naming names. he drives opponents crazy and
9:57 pm
charles barkley as well. >> and just want somebody to punch him in the face. i really do. >> why you don't like draymond? >> draymond actually showed tremendous restraint last night. trying to provoke him, and he got tangled up with anthony davis there. draymond would not take the bait. sir charles ended up apologizing. first let's hear from draymond. >> punch me in the face when you see me or thought, no one cares what you would have done. if you ain't going to punch me when you see me, then stop talking about it. drop the mic. >> draymond is hell of a player annoys me at times. he's a hell of a player, but what i said was wrong and i apologize. >> two years ago i saw chuck, spots dri-mind and turns around
9:58 pm
to talk to green and said i like what you're doing. this was basically made for tv drama as was the return of steph curry last night. nothing short of stpectacular. naturally it's all net. 28 points, 27 minutes. warriors would not have won without him in this game. and afterwards kevin durant was asked about how antsy steph was while he was out. >> very anxious. a couple days ago in practice he just couldn't stop running and jumping and making weird noises. so i'm glad he's back. i was a little worried about him for a second. >> game four is on friday. rickey rubio out for the jazz in houston for game two. built a 19-point lead. throwing it down. rockets would close the gap. tied at 77. james harden with the left with
9:59 pm
authority. finished with 32, but the jazz want to talk about real authority, mitchell. that is slam dunk king right there. that's a vicious one-handed slam. 116-108 jazz win on the road. and that series is now tied at a game apiece, and they head back to utah. interesting. abc 7 sports brought to you by toyota. some great playoff action. the sharks tie it up at two games apiece. the monte carlo is going to be jumping when the sharks return to vegas. coming up tonight on the abc 7 news at 11:00 some say it would be too graphic for fourth graders, seven hours of debate and still waiting for a decision tonight about a controversial east bay sex ed curriculum. >> to use this as a screen board to anything else. >> that is what stran's chief bill scott told abc 7 news right after he was hired. now less than 18 months into this job tonight he's apparently
10:00 pm
changed his tune. join us over on channel 7 at 11:00. from all of us here we appreciate your (dramatic music) - i'm former fbi agent, joe pistone,
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the real donnie brasco.


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