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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 7PM  KOFY  May 3, 2018 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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break being news. a suspect has been found dead in mill valley. a man considered armed and dangerous. two teenagers convicted of murder. a 2016 plop siroposition. they call it a loophole in the law. trans female to circumnavite the globe. meet the sailors whose dreams sank along with their boat stuck offshore of pacifica. thieves make off with pricey camera gear and priceless photos. i'm jonathan bloom with a plea from a photographer and a
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newlywed couple. now from abc 7. live breaking news. two people are in the hospital and we've just learned the man suspected of shooting them has been found dead. >> miss are lifting the perimeter in mill valley where they told people to shelter. dorset lane, meadow drive, low immediate a drive. >> dion lim is live with the full story tonight. >> reporter: yeah. dan and ama, we got the new information moments ago in a press conference that yes, the suspect in the shooting is dead. right away, i want to look at the new video from sky 10. you can see in this video the s.w.a.t. team busting down the door to one apartment in this apartment complex. using flash bang device. we presume this is where the suspect was hiding out. that suspect described as an 80-year-old male. two people were shot this afternoon, a man and a woman. they have been taken to marin
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general. their conditions are not known at this time. i spoke to a mother whose 1 1/2-year-old son was inside a nearby daycare when the shooting took place. >> i wanted to get him and be sure he's safe. >> yeah. >> what was running through your mind? >> the worst. everything you see on the news. everywhere else. especially right now. it's terrifying. you know, you feel helpless as a parent. you can't be there to protect them. >> reporter: that mother planning to hold her son just a little bit tighter tonight. now, back out here live. you can see there are still lots of different agencies who are on the scene trying to wrap this investigation up. but still, these neighbors along east blythedale, they cannot access this road. not able to return home or to their vehicles. we'll stay on the scene and bring you the latest as it happens. reporting live in mill valley, dion lim, abc 7 news.
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here's an aerial view of the scene again. the shelter in place order for the surrounding neighborhoods has been lifted since the suspect has been found dead. but this is that neighborhood. >> as the story unfolded, we sent out alerts with the abc 7 news app to keep people informed immediately. you can be as well. the app is free to download. good evening, i'm dan ashley. i'm a.m. daetz. eight years after the murder of a 15-year-old boy in san jose, twot men convicted of the crime could soon try to use what some are calling a loophole to appeal their way out of prison. >> it's connected to proposition 57 which has sparked debate across the state since being passed by voters in 2016. >> chris nguyen is live at the juvenile center with the story. chris? >> reporter: ama and dan, the family of the victim says this has been a nightmare. at times they felt like there's no end in sight. in san jose, a family is still fighting for justice after so
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many years of heartache. >> the thought of him getting out is really scary. because for society, i wouldn't want him living next door to me. >> in 2009, randy thompson, who was 15 and 16 year oiled jay williams stabbed to death michael russell at his home in san jose. the three of them were classmates at santa teresa high school. thompson and williams admitted to worshipping the devil and wanting to kill for the thrill of it. they were tried as adults in separate trials and eventually sentenced to 26 years to life in prison. with the passage of proposition 57 in 2016, cases like these could return to the spotlight. angering those who view it as a potential loophole. the goal was to reduce the overcrowded prisons by expanding parole eligibility for nonviolent criminals. however the measure gave judges, not prosecutors, the power to decide whether to try certain juveniles as adults in court. thompson has yet to exhaust his appeals, so he'll likely be
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allowed a transfer hearing in juvenile court. santa clara university law professor can't imagine thompson being released but says these types of cases have to make their way through the courts on a circumstantial basis. >> the appeals will run their course. from here on out, proposition 57 has a very, very clear procedural mechanism for dealing with all of these cases into the future. >> thompson had a detention hearing today at the santa clara juvenile center. a formality on the way to a transfer hearing where a judge could decide if he should have been sentenced as a juvenile hear than an adult. the victim's family believes that williams is likely to appeal as well. in san jose, chris nguyen, abc 7 news. hearst a live look at the san mateo bridge. a crash happened earlier this afternoon. it involved several vehicles, including a big rig. all lanes were shut down for a
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time causing major backups. some people had to be extricated from the vehicles. a lot of crunched cars. so far no update on whether anyone was taken to the hospital. a bizarre murder of a former sfo employee. he was shot dead in front of his fiance in the driveway of his home. a day later a former co-worker and another man were arrested and charged with mark's death. the motive, investigators say, kevin wanted to date mark's fiancee. the details of the exclusive jailhouse interview. >> kevin and donovan are being charged with the murder of 31-year-old mark among acat. she was engaged to his love interest. the district attorney spoke this week about the alleged motive. >> he and the victim they had
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never had a conflict or any fight, battles or anything like that. he simply happened to be the boyfriend of the woman he wanted in his life. he figured the way to get her in his life was to be there for her as she would be the grieving person, not knowing, she would not know he was the one who ended her boyfriend's life. >> he was calm and soft-spoken. he did not want to address the allegations that he shot him last week. he did not want to talk about rivera who drove him to and from the shooting scene. he told me i'm an innocent man and is shocked as hell. he worked together seven years ago and have been friends ever since. that he's never known him to be a violent man. he told me he was driving him around last wednesday for three or four hours saying he told me to just drive. rivera says he did not know if
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per sat had a gun or a romantic interest in her. he told me i'm very upset at kevin. he tk me from my family. i have no criminal history. i don't own weapons. i asked rivera if he shot him. he said i think he did. i was scared. i heard shots. rivera says after he heard shots, per sad ran away and he drove off panicked and didn't see him again until the following day in jail. however, the d.a.'s office says rivera drove per sad away from the crime scene. meanwhile, per sad says he's looking forward to his day in court. both he and rivera are scheduled to appear in court on may 8th. kate larsen, abc 7 news. in pacifica what began as a dream has become a hazard beneath the waves of the beach. yesterday we showed you the failed salvage effort of a sailboat. now the situation is more complex. abc 7 news reporter wayne freedman is live from lind march
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beach. >> hard to tell you about over my shoulder, there is a ship. sunken beneath the waves. you might be able to see the tip of the mast at this point. like the tip of an iceberg, like the tip of the problems that pacifica faces in trying to get rid of it. >> lind he march beach, an inhospitable place to run aground. is there any other kind? >> we were pushed aground. >> that's the woman dealing with the sad ending of her 33-foot sailboat. it ran aground last weekend, then sank yesterday during efforts to tow is free with more lives en dawningered. today we found the inexperienced crew of four stranded in a motel room living off charity with no ney left and their investment on the bottom. >> so everything is gone. there's no hope to rebuild or get her back. >> the trip lasted less than two days. what remains of the boats is a major hazard for surfers as
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tides expose and hide the mast. >> it's steel. it's harder than my head. >> you don't know it until your foot is tangled in a rope or get stuck with a piece of metal or something. i don't know. it's dangerous. >> legally, owners are responsible in a case like this. tawny and her co-owner claim they have no money and the wreck fills with more sand every day. >> are you worried about the sailboat. >> hearing all the bad news about removal costs and the tens of thousands of dollars and about present risks. >> unknown currents, unknown hazards, lots of floating debris. >> the sad ending of a sailboat, she left san francisco bay on a voyage around the world, but got only so far as pacifica for her crew, the opposite of a bon voyage. >> we have each other. that's what we've got. >> in pacifica, wayne freedman, abc 7 news. sky 7 got really incredible video of the boat salvage attempt yesterday. you can watch over 20 minutes of
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the footage unedited and uninterrupted on our website, the ntsb released new footage, this picture gives us a close view of how serious the damage was to that engine. another picture shows the damage inflicted on the front edge of the left wing. according to investigators, the pilot struggled to handle the ane after an engine blew. engine fragments broke a window and a woman was killed after partially being sucked out of plane. other parts of the plane were nicked. if you're one of the more than 330 million people who use twitter, you should probably change your password. the san francisco company says a bug exposed them in an internal log. twitter put out a statement saying there are no signs of a hack or anyone stealing the passwords. it has fixed the problem. it's not clear how long the bug
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was exposed before it was noticed. users now see this message when they log in explaining what happened and prompting them to change their password. using one killer to catch another. up next, a look at how the recent arrest of the golden state killer could help lead investigators to the zodiac killer. i'm spencer christian. fog on the coast. reducing visibility for morning commuters. i'll have the accuweather forecast coming up. get out your phone. it's time to vote. go to let us know what would make you leave the bay area. >> housing costs maybe, crime, traffic? you don't need to log in or sign up. go to and vote.
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the man accused of being the golden state killer must provide dna and body photographs to prosecutors. the judge made the ruling during a closed door hearing. joseph deangelo's lawyers asked the judge to block it. the sacramento county district attorney's office is not commenting on why it's seeking the dna and photographs of his body. the next hearing in the case is may 14th. the golden state killer is suspected of a dozen murders in nearly 50 rapes across california in the 1970s and '8s. 2020 is devoting the episode to the golden state killer and the history of the suspect. they'll look at why it took so long to make an arrest. it airs tomorrow night at 10:00, followed by abc 7 news at 11:00.
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do could the dna search that led to the alleged golden state killer finally lead the police to the alleged zodiac killer. investigators think itcould. kristen sze is here with that story. >> the zodiac killer confirmed to killed five people, though he claims to have killed dozens more. i'll show you a google map of where the confirmed klings happened. take a look. we've got san francisco, sorry. go back there. i'll highlight that for you. san francisco, napa county, vallejo and also benicia. those are the confirmed spots. the sacramento bee reports that police sent dna of the zodiac killer to a private lab, hoping to build a jeannette he can profile. that is -- it's hoping to help investigators track him down using a family tree tracing that helped them find the golden state killer suspect. they have dna from a stamp he licked on one of the letters he
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sent to police and newspapers taunting them with mysterious ciphers. over the past half century the search for the elusive serial killer resulted in books, movies and even confessions and we just received a statement from vallejo police saying they do not try to take advantage of emerging technologies or they want to take advantage of the emerging technologies and forensic science to assist in the identification of a suspect. there is no suspect they emphasize but perhaps they'll have more leads when test results come back in a few weeks. >> thank you so much. leaders in the east bay are hoping a multimillion dollar investment will help create thousands of new jobs. it's being distributed through a community development group. they plan to invest a significant portion of the 3.2 million in small businesses in oakland and alameda county. congresswoman barbara lee says the jobs that will be created
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are sorely needed. >> it's important to have jobs like these. we have so many people living below the poverty line and deserve an opportunity for a good paying job. when i see in the trump administration is a disinvestment in job training and workforce training and job creation. >> the seed money is part of a program funded by the federal home loan bank of san francisco. it is not always easy for them to find work because they lack experience, obviously. a new concept is addressing that issue while helping tech companies with the growing demand for skilled workers. abc 7 news reporter david louie shows you how the people shores model is helping to change lives. >> lost in the world but i found myself. >> this is going to be a big change? >> yes. >> anthony moffitt is just starting a new tech training program.
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unlike other programs, it myers trainees as they successfully complete two months of training. they will earn $15 an hour and do projects for a number of silicon valley tech companies. >> with gaining the experience, i see, i guess, becoming a more professional, well-known graphic designer. >> melinda burns was homeless. others in the program are on the autism spectrum or victims of domestic violence or in need of new skills. he pioneered this concept in india, where it's called rural shores. 4,000 people have received training and jobs. in silicon valley, he wants the trainees to stay on and develop their skills as paid employees. >> unless they have employment, they'll go back to square one. they need to have the path to have a full-time job with full benefits and have the comfort and safety net so that is important. >> that's made possible because a number of tech companies hire a number of the graduates to do work for them. >> private companies that believe in this great model.
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the people shore has put together. they're bringing their kind of services, trusting in people shore to deliver. everything we've seen indicates that this is a successful model. >> san jose mayor, sam liccardo dropped by to hear firsthand about this unique approach to job training. 20 people have already completed training. more are in the pipeline. people shores operates on a for-profit basis but reinvests earnings into expanding the program. in san jose, david louie, abc 7 news. all right. we have pretty nice day once the fog cleared out this morning. >> that's right. that is the time of year. spencer christian is here with the forecast. >> it was stubborn. it hung around for much of the day. but we had sunny skies later in the day except the coast, which is the case right now. the fog is beginning to push beyond the coast. locally out over the bay and locally to inland spots, especially in the north bay. we still have beautiful outside
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pictures to show you. first, it's pretty breezy out there along with the increasing areas of fog. along the coastline, cool conditions with breezes up to 26 miles per hour. here in san francisco right now. 16 miles per hour across the bay and 22 in fairfield. makes it feel cooler than it actually is. here's a view from mt. tam looking at that finger of fog coming through the golden gate. that's a whole hand. it's 56 degrees right now in san francisco. 60 in oakland. 63 degrees in mountain view. san jose, 67. 54 in half moon bay. check out this view. this is stunning from the east bay hills looking toward the west, southwest, wispy clouds above. thick low clouds below. these areome more temperature readings right now. 61 degrees in santa rosa and novato. 68, 72 in concord and 70 degrees in livermore. this is the view from emeryville looking at the city of san francisco. about to be swallowed up by the
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advancing fog. fog near the coast and bay overnight. we'll have a one-day warmup tomorrow but breezy and cool over the weekend by a few degrees. it will be warm tomorrow, cooler over the weekend and more warmth early next week. overnight, look for this picture. fog along the coastline. fog over the bay, locally inland. maybe not widespread. lows in the upper 40s to low 50s. on we go to tomorrow afternoon. at that poin the fog will have pulled back to the coastline. breezy once again and high temperatures range from low 60s at the coast to mainly upper 630s and low 70s along the bay. inland areas will warm up to 80 or above. 80s at concord. up in the north bay, mainly upper 70s. ukiah, 81 will be the high. looking ahead at the maximum temperature range for the three days beyond tomorrow, saturday gets cooler. highs reaching to the upper 70s
7:23 pm
inland. cooler on sunday. only mid-70s inland. the warmth bounces back on monday. high temperatures back into the low to mid-80s inland. the seven-day forecast. mainly dry through the forecast period. there could be morning drizzle on sunday with the low clouds and the cooler conditions. a little bit more moisture in the atmosphere. temperatures as i mentioned will rebound on monday. next week we'll be mildnd dry. >> very nice. >> thanks, spends. the boats are coming in. what would make you leave the bay area? crime, traffic. >> use your phone to go to abc and vote. how big of an impact one of these factors is having on
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♪ for the latest styles where you'll spend less. ♪ spring dress. ♪ ♪ you gotta go to ross. if you want to save big on dresses for every occasion, you gotta go to ross. a new study confirms that the bay area is getting so expensive, a lot of low and middle income families can't afford to live here. >> go to to weigh in and see your responses in real time. >> right on theottom of your screen. next ten, nonpartisan think tank conducted a study of demographic shifts. it found high wage workers continue to move to the bay area. >> the salaries have increased 43%. middle income workers have seen
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a 29% growth and 17% for low-income workers. one realtor we spoke to say many sellers are moving out of the area. but those determined to stay are finding ways to finance. >> if you get creative, i have been able to get people into houses. i also think part of it is not selling your family house. >> in 2016, the median home price in california was more than $266,000. greater than the median home price in the united states as a whole to give you some perspective on how expensive it is here. >> to take a look at the poll, 60% are saying housing costs. go to >> we'd love to hear from you. it's taken six years but a local taco chain is closing in on a big goal to raise $1 million for public schools. see how theve gotten this far and how you can help. plus, for the first time a northern california county is saying no to sanctuary status.
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next, a deadly police shooting is ruled excessive shooting is ruled excessive force in
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a richmond family that says it has been pursuing justice for four years for their son may finally be getting it. a civilian commission ruled that a police officer used excessive force when they shot and killed their son four years ago. >> this could affect cases in the future. eric thomas has the story. >> reporter: this surveillance video shows the last few moments of life for 24-year-old richard pete i perez inside a liquor store in september of 2014. ju a few minutes from now, he will be shot to death by a richmond police officer who claims perez was trying to wrestle his gun away. >> they slandered my son's name and they -- they're slandering themselves with all the deception in the cover-up and stuff. >> the recycling business shows how they feel about the shooting.
7:32 pm
>> it's about truth and justice. >> they agreed in a 7 to 1 vote that excessive force was used. >> they found no wrongdoing at internal affairs. >> i saw what i saw. >> attorney david brown heads up the commission. here's what they saw from the liquor store where perez died. >> a warning it's very graphic. >> they stopped by after a night of drinking. but the clerk refused to sell them more alcohol. >> wallace jenkins tried to arrest him for being intoxicated. jensen said he fired at him after -- a dying perez stumbled back into the store. that's not the way the commission saw it. >> i saw a fair amount of evidence that led me to conclude that the circumstances were such that that young man didn't need to die. >> the commission will recommend changes to the police department.
7:33 pm
but its recommendations are not binding. officer jensen retired on disability a couple of years after the shooting. the perez family settled a civil lawsuit for more than 800,000. but the ruling gave them something money can't buy, vindication. in richmond, eric thomas, abc 7 news. new developments with the cleanup of the hunters point naval shipyard in san francisco. the department of justice says two radiation control technicians admitting to cheating on soil samples. each man falsified records. the two were employed to take samples and send them off to a laboratory. instead of tag they substituted clean dirt from other areas in the naval base. new details on the stormy daniels payment. president trump today confirmed that he did know about the $130,000 paid to the porn star and he repaid the money to his
7:34 pm
lawyer michael cohen. the details first game from rudy giuliani. last month the president denied knowing about it. up until now we did not know about him getting paid back. it caught those closest to the president by surprise. >> first awareness i had was during the interview. as mayor giuliani stated, i'll refer you back to his comments. this was information that the president didn't know at the time but eventually learned. >> questions are swirling around whether it's legal. the questions may cause more headaches for the white house. >> a white vote the to fight the law. they joeted to adopt a resolution it would kpliet with federal sanctuy laws.
7:35 pm
california's sanctuary law limits state and local authorities cooperation with federal immigration officials. two counties in southern california, san diego and orange already passed similar resolutions. new at 6:00, half of southwest new flights to hawaii will connect with the bay area. oakland and san jose airports are expected to offer the new flights. southwest announced it's going to have four airlines to other airports, there's a new nonstop flight to vegas leaving on sun country airlines. flies until the end of august starting at $59 one way. public schools long relied on the generosity of their communities. one restaurant owner has gone beyond her duty.
7:36 pm
selling tacos helped to buy ipads and other schooley sengss. the mother of who special kids. the as the owner of several -- they came up with a formula for giving. >> so from september to may, we give 15% of a month's worth of monday proceeds to that school. >> for example, the taco-licious supports nine schools in that specific community. every month, one of the nine schools get the -- >> if we can raise 15% for the whole month. they can get 3 to $5. depending if it's five months. if it's cinco de mayo, you're going to to get a lot of money. so that's 18 more schools that get funded. garfield elementary in north
7:37 pm
beach use its money to buy chrome books for third to fif graders and ipads. >> it solidifies the mess annals we try to keep in school. we're all a community. local tut. they started donating to schools in 2012. so far they've raised 1 million d to celebrate getting to the million dollar mark, they will have a party on may 14th. all money will go to the mason scholarship award to help seniors from underserved community. go to college. writing it down on my calendar. may 14th. done. i truly believe san francisco needs to really support its public education. >> strong schools make a strong city. even stronger than the margarita's she serves her customers. lyanne melendez, abc 7 news.
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fantastic. a season. oakland taken from this yuck. their plea for return of their wedding photos. also ahead -- also ahead -- i'm michael finney with
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hello, i'm vincent, this is livingston, that's tangella, this is our haunted house and every saturday night on kofy tv-20 we present our show creature features, where we show wonderfully horrible films and horribly wonderful guests. do join us, please?
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weddings are supposed to be happy obviously. this one was, but what followed was heartbreak for the couple and the photograph. >> abc 7 news reporter jonathan bloom explains why they're making a plea for someone to bring back priceless memories. >> she want today bring back a traditional memory. >> traditional vietnamese garb. >> they came from new york and so did the photographer who was excited to visit california. >> how beautiful it is. >> but that excitement turned to horror at the entrance to redwood regional park. they looked for a good spot for portraits. >> i couldn't believe it happened so quickly. >> everything was taken.
7:42 pm
>> it was surreal. what do you mean? like, everything was taken? >> the police report shows $20,000 in camera gear, a purse and two laptops. >> it doesn't happen like that in new york. >> the equipment wasn't the biggest problem. inside the camera was a tiny memory card with all of the photos of her wedding and the hard drive from two other weddings. >> they're irreplaceable. >> shots of family. >> photos are especially important in the vietnamese tradition. they're keepsakes. >> every family, they get their pictures taken with t bride and groom. they're used to personally thank each guest. >> she was frustrated to learn that they rarely respond to car break-ins. >> no oneas there to help us. we lost our stuff. we wrote a report. >> police declined our request for an interview. >> the newel --newly we had --
7:43 pm
they hope someone returns it. please return to abc 7. >> jonathan bloom, abc 7 news. we hope that the person watching has a heart. they'll do the right thing. well, coming up next oabc 7 news at today, we're out here with some surprising facts about type 2 diabetes. so you have type 2 diabetes, right? yeah. yes i do. okay so you diet, you exercise, you manage your a1c? that's the plan. what about your heart? what do you mean my heart? the truth is, type 2 diabetes can make you twice as likely to die from a cardiovascular event, like a heart attack or stroke. and with heart disease, your risk is even higher. but wait, there's good news for adults who have type 2 diabetes and heart disease. jardiance is the only type 2 diabetes pill
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blue apron is selling meal kits at costco stores in the bay area. blue apron said the kits are geared towards families and don't require as much time to prepare the subscription kits. they're 30% cheaper. the company is hoping to expand to costco locations as well as other grocery chains. kelloggs is well-known for cereal, but that's not what's selling well. egg owe waffles. frozen food sales up 10% for kelloggs this year. >> lego my egg owe. ten more days until mother's day. >> do you know what you're getting for mom? >> michael finney has ideas. >> 86% of us will celebrate mother's day this year. on average, we'll spend $180.
7:47 pm
that's serious cash. so spend wisely. ask around and you'll find we're beginning to think about what to buy mom. >> i just got a card. compliment it with a present. i'm not sure. >> flowers and i don't know what the gift is. definitely flowers and something else. >> part of the mother's day big -- >> i think i'm going to get some chocolate. flowers. maybe some jewelry. >> classic stuff. >> yeah, yeah. >> they are classics for a reason. moms like them. >> if you want your money to go further, the experts at deal news will tell to you think outside the box. >> don't think jewelry, we're not going to see great deals on jewelry. think high tech. does mom need a new tv. tv's go down. janice leberman says kindle e-reade e-readers, ipads and clothing will be on sale. if you want to think outside the
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box, she has this suggestion. >> if you have theuts and you can do it, get a great deal on a bathing suit. the inventory is there. i'm not sure why, but they're offering deals pre-summer >> the gift card girlfriend, shelly hunter says for your mother's day meal, you can save a bit if you get in on the restaurant bonus offers now out there for mother's day. >> for example at panera, if you bought a $50 gift card, you can get a bonus card worth $10. >> consumer min a miller is all about the bonus gift card. she likes the flexibility. >> what's nice about gift card, i can use it for myself or give it to someone el. plus i get the extra $10. >> bonus gift card can be tricky. because normal gift card rules don't apply. >> for example with the panera gift card, you buy it now and the promotional gift card will be good if june. upscale restaurants like
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morton's steakhouse are offering bonus cards, as are stores like j.c. penney, the gap. i'll post a link so you can see and get in on some of the bargains. i want to hear from you. my hotline is open monday through friday from 10:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m. the telephone noum is 415-954-8151. you can reach me on my facebook page and anyone gutsy enough to buy their mother a bathing suit on mother's day, i don't know. >> that's guts. >> thanks, michael, very much. three peregrine falcon chicks on the top of city hall fitted with identity bands to be tracked and studied. uc santa cruz expert did the honors today. he says the chicks are almost full grown at three weeks. it's the best time to lock on the bands with the unique number and letter. by six weeks, the chicks will fly. feathers and learn how to
7:50 pm
and check out the sea lions. we're looking live at them on the pier 39 camera. i see lions. get it? i've been worki on that all day. >> that's a good one. i see spencer. >> i'm glad you showed that picture. i was going to show you. they're basking in the glow of the setting sun. i was eager to get to the punch line. i clearly know better. the sea lions were not approving. live doppler 7. fog moving in from the coast and there are the sea lions again. the fog will overtake the bay and move locally inland overnight. 40s to around 50 degrees.e upper tomorrow, the fog burns back to the coastline. a warmer day generally. inland highs in the low 80s
7:51 pm
tomorrow. mid-70s around the bay. low 60s on the coast. the accuweather seven-day. temperatures will rebound at the beginning of next week and then we'll have a sort of steady pattern for most of next week. >> excellent. on to sports.r. lot of warriors news. >> good life as a sea lion. >> put you on tv now and then. like our sports producers. sorry, scott. steph curry getting ready for game three with new orleans and talking about the decision to hold him out of game one. did the warriors make the
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good evening. warriors took off for new orleans as we inch closer for a possible and another fourth straight meeting with lebron james. first the dubs flying off to new orleans, they play game 3 tomorrow night. game 4 is saturday afternoont 12:30 here on abc 7. the warriors up 2-0 in the series. they've won 22 of the past 24. steph curry will play game 3. the team holding him out of game
7:55 pm
1 because of his bruised knee. that was the right call. >> the three days that i had between game 1 and game 2, i noticed a significant difference in my body. it was a wise decision, i think, healthwise. i think it definitely paid off to be patient with it. if it was up to me, i probably wouldn't have en able to answer that question. it probably would have been a dumb decision. >> i said saturday. game 4 is sunday. don't listen to me. >> not on the plane today. patrick mccaw who continues to recover from a falln a game march 31st. he has a bruised spine. recovery has been slow and painful. he's about to begin shooting and running drills. he'll be reevaluated in a few weeks. nba tonight, game 2. cavs and raptors in toronto. everything, everything going for cleveland. kevin love, the no look flip over the shoulder backwards. love went for 31 points and 11
7:56 pm
boards. the cavs are actually down two at the half. enter lebron james. doing it himself. had 43 and 14 assists. 27 of his points coming in the send half. an efficient 19 of 28 from the floor. cavs win 128-110. take a 2-0 series lead back to cleveland. the knicks they've tired david fizdale as the new head coach following a lengthy search for a franchise trapped in a bermuda triangle. they're lost forever. physical a terrific young coach fired by memphis. warriors, assistant mike brown was a candidate for the knicks job. to the ice we go. the sharks have had two blowouts and two overtime games in the playoff series with vegas. who knows what to expect in game 5 tomorrow in sin city. sharks have donskoi back in the lineup. head coach peter deboer didn't know he would play until minutes before they dropped the puck.
7:57 pm
made an impact immediately. a critical goal with five seconds left in the first period to give the sharks a 2-0 lead. >> he's playing well and confident. he's carrying the puck and attacking. he has that one-on-one ability that not a lot of guys have. that can make people miss. it was a big goal, big time for us. >> feels like your old self a little bit as far as your skating goes. obviously, you're moving really well last night. >> glad to hear that. i think it's a big part of my game is my skating. it's what i've tried to bring every night. i'm glad. >> donskoi, great speed. >> falcons quarterback, matt ryan signed a contract extension. five years, 30 million a year. first player in league history to make that much annually. the guaranteed money, 100 mill guaranteed. ryan turns 33 this month.
7:58 pm
hasn't missed a start since '09. nfl record 151 games. very happy to hear about that. aaron rodgers, next up to get his contract redone. >> should have been quarterbacks. again, warriors game 3 tomorrow. game 4 sunday here on abc 7. thanks, larry. join us tonight at 9:00 on coffee tv 20. what women should and should not eat to improve chances of getting pregnant. tonight on channel 7. first let's say i wonder how you would pick this man for me. some pay for personalized matchmaking. >> what they say happened when they signed a contract to help find love. tonight at 11:00 on abc 7. coming up tonight, it's grey's anatomy, at 9:00, catch
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station 19 followed by quantico and stay with us for abc 7 news at 11:00. >> that is it for this edition of abc 7 news. look for breaking news on twitter. i'm ama daetz. i'm dan ashley. for all of us here we appreciate your time.
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