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tv   ABC7 News 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  May 3, 2018 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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and that breaks nudes is in hawaii for an eruption is
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underway at the kilauea volcano. this is video of people evacuating on the east side of the island. lava has already begun to seep onto the highway. >> a growing certain that an eruption could happen. several earthquakes and a collapse of a crater floor that the kilauea volcano was waking up. a woman is dead and a man an intensive care tonight after a shooting. >> yeah, the man suspected of shooting them is also dead. >> reporter: just before 6:00 tonight a s.w.a.t. team busted down the door of an apartment using some sort of flash bang
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device. police found the suspect inside. he was described as an 80-year-old man. >> i drove as fast as i could and talk today a couple of people that said it's safe. but until the tape goes down and you have him in your arms you don't know. >> police were investigating the moat frfb the shooting. police put up an advisory to stay indoors. the suspects at the center of a bizarre murder of a former sfo employee break their silence. mark mangaccat was shot dead in his driveway last week. a day later a former coworker of the couple kevin prasad and another man were arrested and charged with mark's death. the motive investigators say kevin wanted to date mark's fiance. kate larson has new details now
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on an exclusive jail house interview. >> reporter: they're being charged with the murder of 31-year-old mark mangaccat who was engaged to pruodd's coworker and love interest. the district attorney spoke this week about the alleged motive. >> mr. prasad and the victim had never had any conflict or fight, battles, anything like that. he simply happened to be the boyfriend of a woman he wanted in his life. and he figured the way to get her in his life was to be there for her as she would be the grieving person. not knowing she would not know he was the one that had ended her boyfriend's life. >> reporter: he didn't want to address the allegations that he shot mangaccat late last night. rivera on the other hand spoke openly telling me i'm an innocent man, i'm not violent
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and that he's shocked as a hell. he worked together with prasad seven years ago and he's never known to be prasad to be a violent man. he said he drove him around for three or four hours saying he told me to just drive. rivera saying he didn't know prasad had a gun a romantic interest. he said i was doing so well. i don't have a criminal history. i don't have weapons. i asked rivera if he shot mangaccat, and he said i think he did. i heard shots. i didn't see prasad again until the following day in jail. however, the da's office says rivera drove prasad away from the crime scene. meanwhile prasad says he's looking for his day in court. both are scheduled to appear in court on may 8th.
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the man accused of being the golden state killer must provide dna and photographs of his body to prosecutors. a judge made a ruling this morning. his lawyer's had asked the court to block the search. this is deangelo from his initial court appearance last week. the next hearing in the case is may 14th. 2020 is looking into the golden state killer's past and why it took so long to make an arrest. it airs tomorrow night at 10:00 over on channel 7. vallejo police would hope to track him down using the same family tree tracing used in the golden state killer case. he was never caught. if you are one of the more than 330 million people who use
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twitter, you probably should change your password. the san francisco company says a bug exposed them in an internal log. twitter put out a statement saying there are no signs of a hack or anyone stealing the passwords and it has fixed it problem. it's not clear how long the bug was exposing passwords before it was noticed. users now see this message when they log in. explaining what happened and prompting them to change their password. new developments now in the cleanup of the shipyard in san francisco. two radio techinations have admitted to cheating on radio samples. each man was sentenced to eight months in prison for falsifying records. the two were employed by government contractors to take samples and send them off to a laboratory to see if it was radioactive. instead of doing that they substituted clean dirt that was taken from other areas on the
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naval base. what was a dream has become a hazard. yesterday we showed you the failed salvage effort of that sailboat. well, now the situation is even more complex. abc reporter wade freeman explains. >> reporter: an inhospitable place to run aground. is there any other kind? >> it wasn't a matter of running aground so much as we were pushed aground. >> reporter: it ran aground last weekend and then sank yesterday during efforts to tow it free with more lives endangered. today we found the mostly inexperienced crew of four stranded in a motel room living off charity with no money left and their investment on the bottom. >> so everything is gone. there's no hope to rebuild or get her back. >> reporter: the trip lasted less than two days with remains of the boat now has become a major hazard for surfers as tides expose and then hide the mast. >> it's steel.
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that's harder than my head. >> you don't know until you get your foot tangled in a rope or get stuck with a piece of metal or something. i don't know it's dangerous. >> reporter: legally the owners are responsible in a case like this, but tawny and her co-owner claim they have no money and the wreck fills with more sand every day. hearing all the bad news about the removal costs in the tens of thousands of dollars and the risks. >> unknown hazards, lots of floating debris. >> reporter: and so the sad ending. she left san francisco bay on a voyage around the world but only got so far as pacifica. for her crew the opposite of a bon voyage. >> we have each other. that's what we got. >> reporter: wade freeman, abc 7 news. >> and sky 7 really got amazing v video of the boat salvage attempt yesterday.
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you can watch the unedited and uninterrupted. what would it take to make you leave the bay area? housing costs, crime, traffic? we want your opinion. just go to and vote. also it's taken six years but a local taco chain is closing in on a very ambitious goal to reiss $1 million for public schools. you'll see where they've gotp and how you can help. we're on our way to a warmer day to end our workweek. i'll let you know if this is going to last through the weekend coming up. and nasa's new mission to mars. what
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the markets were pretty flat today. the dow gained 5 points. the nasdaq lost 12. tesla stock alone lost more than nasdaq dropping 15 points. it is the first trading day since tesla released its quarterly earnings report. in a conference call ceo elon musk reportedly caught off some analysts who were asking questions calling them dry, boring and not cool. investors criticized musk's reaction since his company may
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be in need of cash very soon. tesla is struggling to speed up production of the new model 3 car at the fremont factory and says it will not reach a profitable production level until this summer. a new study confirms that the bay area housing market is getting so expensive many low and middle income families just can't afford to live here anymore. what factor would make you leave the bay area? housing factors, crime, traffic? go to nbc 7 to vote on your responses. >> reporter: as bay area home prices go up those who cannot afford them leave. and those who can take their place. >> housing prices and housing rents are getting too high. >> reporter: a founder of nex 10, a nonpartisan think tank in california over the past decade. >> san francisco bay area was
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the only metropolitan area hat had a net inflow of people, and the reason for that was the increasing number of high wage jobs. >> reporter: the study found wage growth over california workers over the past decade up just 17% from low income workers, 29% for middle amcome and 43% for those at the high end. she acknowledges that many of her sellers are moving away. but those determined to stay are finding ways to finance including getting loans from family members. >> if you get creative i've been able to get people into houses. and i also think part of it is not selling your family house. >> reporter: richard antonio is with public advocates inc., a public housing organization. >> we're all impoverished when
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the people who we need to fill those roles are not our neighbors. >> reporter: in oakland, laura anthony, abc 7 news. >> and according to the study a housing shortage is a huge contributor to the exodus from california between 2011 and 2016 california added just 171 homes for every 1,000 people. so which factor would make you leave the bay area? housing prices, crime, traffic? again, you're looking at it right here. you can see 57% are deciding housing cost right now. just go to to weigh in and seeour responses in realtime. >> we'd love to hear from you. public schools have long relied on the generosity of their community. but one restaurant owner has gone beyond her civic duty helping to raise $1 million and they've done it one taco at a time. >> reporter: who would have thought that selling tacos could help feed the minds of hundreds of students?
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sarah and her husband are the owners of tacolicious restaurants in san francisco, san jose, and palo alto. the parents of school kids they came up with a formula for giving. >> so from september to may we give 15% of the proceeds to that school. >> reporter: so for example the tacolicious restaurant in the mission district of san francisco supports nine schools in that specific community. every month one of the nine schools gets the funds. the this month it will cut a check to mission high school. >> if we can raise 15% those three schools are going to get. >> reporter: they also have restaurants in the marina and north beach districts. so that's 18 more schools that get funded. one of the schools that have benefitted from one of it
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tacolicious re tacolicious restaurants is garfield elementary. garfield used its money to buy classroom ipads and chrome books for its 3rd to 5th graders. the principal says it's made a huge difference. >> it's 2018 so a lot of technology is really benefitting the teaching and learning in our classrooms. >> i really truly believe san francisco needs to really support its public education. >> reporter: customers may come for her strong margeritas but. >> one taco at a time. it adds up. meteorologist sandhya patel here with the forecast. >> that fog, reduced visibility. we're going again into another foggy morning buts it's going to be different. not as widespread as we have seen. right now we are seeing a mix of
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fog and high clouds. i want to show you a time lapse from our future tower camp raw. take a look what's happening late this afternoon and evening. the fog layer went from being pretty deep to becoming shallower. the marine layer is getting compressed and as a result tomorrow morning you're going to see clearing sooner and those temperatures are going to rise as a result. so definitely will be experiencing changes even though it's not going to last very long. concord tomorrow afternoon, 80 degrees. so it's going to be warmer than today and noticeable. back up again on monday and back down again. it's the roller coaster that we're used to here in the bay area in the springtime. right now i do want to show you a live picture from our abc 7 news pier 39 camera. you can see some sea lions in the foreground. okay, it's hard to see. 52 right now in the city.
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oakland 59 degrees. san jose and mountains in the mid-50s. currently our chilliest spot half moon bay at 52 degrees. temperatures right now low to mid-50s from santa rosa to napa. fairfield, 54 degrees. and this shot just lights up the sky from our exploratorium camera. the tower is all lit up in green. we're trying to figure out why it's all lit up in green. it is going to be breezy and cooler this weekend. taking you into the overnight hours. the fog pushing into parts of the bay, but it's not going to go well inland like it did this morning. there will be fog around in the north bay, parts of the east bay and along the entire coastline. as we go into the afternoon hours the fog pulls away and just about everybody will be seeing sunshine with the most noticeable warming away from the coast. temperatures first thing in the
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morn, in the 40s, 50s. fog will be pretty low on the ground so you will need to watch out. 82 in morgan hill, 74 sunniville. 74 in redwood city. mountain view, a cool day in pacifica still. 64 in downtown san francisco. the sea breeze will still be with us but not as strong as it has been. 50s at our beaches and in the east bay temperatures will be in the upper 60s to mid-70s. 73 degrees in union city, 68 in berkeley. head inland and it's going to feel warm because it will be warmer. hear's what's going to happen as we go into saturday temperatures will be coming down a bit. cooling continues on sunday, and then as we go into monday numbers are back up again.
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you feel a bit like a yo-yo, that's basically how spring is. enjoy it but weather still looks like for cooler activities. there will be some drizzle in the morning and cooling in the afternoon. warmer monday. temperatures going down again middle of the week. you can download the accuweather app and keep track of those temperatures. and ama and dan i mentioned yesterday i believe the fog is the constant here around this time of year. coming up next a smarter trash can lands in san francisco. so what makes it so darn smart? and the
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you could save energy by living off the grid. completely. you could generate your own energy, at home. maybe you could save energy by weaving your own shoes... out of flax. or... just set the washing machine to cold. do your thing, with energy upgrade california.
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some bay area singles paid thousands of dollars for
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personalized matchmaking but wound up in court instead. 7 on your side's michael finny will show you what happened when they signed a contract to find love. that's tonight tonight at 11:00 over on channel 7. if you drive through east palo alto prepare for northbound 101 to be fully closed tonight. cals trans will begin closing lanes. there will be a full closure just before midnight. crews will build a pedestrian and bicycle overcrossing. san francisco is going high tech to cleanup city streets. today mayor mark farrell announced intlinstallation of n smart technology. they feature foot pedals so pedestrians don't have to touch the handle. the solar powered beeins can al
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hold five times more. coming up next when did the president know? >> president trump is now acknowledging he repaid his lawyer for the hush money paid to stormy daniels. the question now is was that money paid to help him win the election? also a woman accused of kidnapping a baby and raising her as her own comes face-to-face with the birth mother. >> and what women shoululd and
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good evening once again. we'll begin this half-hour with president trump now
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acknowledging that he knew about the payment tostormy daniels and that he repaid that money to his attorney michael cohen. >> four weeks ago the president said he did not know about the payment or where the money came from. abc news reporter jonathan carl has the latest. >> reporter: today for the first time president trump acknowledged he reimbursed his lawyer michael cohen for the $130,000 pay off to porn star stormy daniels. last month the president flatly denied knowing anything about the hush money. >> did you know about the $130,000 payment to stormy daniels? then why did michael cohen -- >> you'll have to ask michael. >> do you know where he got to money to make that payment? >> reporter: cohen claimed he paid daniels out of his own pocket, what we didn't know until now president trump paid him back out of a personal
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account. the president mc's new lawyer r giuliani broke that news on fox. >> that money was not campaign money. sorry, i'm giving you a fact now you don't know. it's not campaign money. no campaign finance violation. >> so they funneled it through a law firm? >> funneled it through a law firm and the president repaid it. >> oh, i didn't know. he did? >> yeah. >> reporter: stormy daniels signed the hush agreement just 11 days before the election. but julie insisted it had nothing to do with the campaign. >> it wasn't for the campaign. it was to save their marriage as much as. >> reporter: still minutes later he suggested the hush agreement wasn't about the campaign after all. >> imagine if that came out october 15, 2016. >> so to make the go away they made this --
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>> cohen didn't even ask. cohen made it go away. he did his job. >> reporter: now the white house is facing a crisis of credibility. >> did you know that the president did not tell the truth when he said he didn't know about the payment? >> reporter: the denials about the hush money are the latest in a long list of statements by the president that have turned out to be untrue. >> when the president in the white house show what appears to be a blatant disregard for the truth, how are the american people to trust or believe what is said here and what is said by the president? >> we give the very best information that we have at the time. >> reporter: the press secretary sid when the president issued his denial on air force one he did not yet have all the facts. >> as rudy giuliani stated this was something that was not known. >> the reimbursement was happening long before the
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president asked about this. >> was that a question or -- >> i'm saying how could he not have known he was paying him back? >> reporter: rudy giuliani says cohen made the payment to stor stormy daniels to protect the president from personal embarrassment not political damage. that's an important distinction because if it was made for political reasons the payment could have violated campaign finance law. jonathan carl, abc news, the white house. >> there's word from capitol hill tonight that the house chaplain will keep his job aft all. he first admitted his resignation at the request of speaker paul ryan. but after criticism from both sides of the aisle speaker ryan has reinstated him. father conroy who is a catholic breast-feed has been chaplain since 2011. a new york city jung has ruled in favor of a condo board at trump place. they sued to remove the president's name from the
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building after residents complained the name would hurt property values. trump place is one of six places in manhattan bearing the same name. since the 2016 election three of the buildings have removed trump name. for the first time a county in northern california has voted to fight the state's sanctuary law. they voted unanimously on tuesday to adopt a resolution that it would comply with federal laws and not be considered a sanctuary jurisdiction. it limits states and local authorities cooperation with federal immigration officials to counties in southern california. san diego and orange have already passed similar resolutions. well, now to an emotional hearing. she pleaded guilty to kidnapping a newborn baby girl 20 years ago and raising her as her own. she was confronted today by the
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baby's birth mother who shared the heart break of losing her girl. >> reporter: tonight the woman accused of kidnapping a baby and raising her as her own coming face-to-face with that mother. >> when i held my baby, she was so beautiful. she was so beautiful. >> reporter: gloria williams stole her baby from this florida hospital back in 1998 by posing as a nurse. >> i just know where my baby is at. i just want my baby back. >> reporter: that baby raised for 18 years as alexa until tips led police to williams in south carolina where she was arrested. alexis still calling will ymiam mother. her biological mother today emotional about all those lost years. >> that is my child. i am your mother. i am your mother. >> reporter: alexis is still trying to get to know her
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family. her biological mother asking the court to show no mercy. gloria williams is facing up to 22 years behinds bars. eva pilgrim, abc news, new york. if you're a woman who's trying to get pregnant it might be a good idea to eat more fruit. that's according to researchers. researchers followed nearly 6,600 women. those who ate fruit less than one time month took longer to get pregnant. well, a thief in oakland stole more than a photographer's camera. >> yeah, takeb from this truck priceless memories for a pair of newly would.
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weddings are supposed to be happy, and this one was but what followed was heart breaking for the couple and their photographer. >> it really was. abc 7 reporter jonathan bloom explains why they're making a public plea for someone to bring back their priceless memories. >> reporter: roselen wanted a trudepositi traditional wedding to honor her parents. her husband came from new york and so did the photographer who was excited to visit california. but that excitement turned to horror here at the entrance to red wood regional park where haze team got out of their truck to find a good spot for portraits for the couple. >> i honestly was in a state of
9:41 pm
shock. >> reporter: the back window was broken and everything was taken. >> it was kind of surreal. what do you mean everything was taken? >> reporter: the police report shows $20,000 in camera gear, a purse and two laptops. >> it doesn't happen in new york. in new york you would never get away with that. >> reporter: but the equipment wasn't the biggest problem. inside the camera contained all the photos and other photos. >> irreplaceable. shots of family. >> reporter: photos are especially important in the vietnamese tradition. they're used as keepsakes. >> that's what's used to personally thank each guest. >> i actually felt like we were alone. no one was there to help us. no one was there to tell us anything. >> reporter: police declined our request for an interview. the newy wed couple hopes
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someone with the hard drive will do the right thing. >> drop them off somewhere. attention somebody, please return to abc 7. >> reporter: jonathan bloom, abc 7 news. meteorologist sandhya patel is next with an update in your weekend forecast. and a bay area dog wins a national c each day researchers make discoveries that bring us closer to the moment when all cancer patients can become survivors. their progress is made possible with the help of clinical trials. clinical trials are the brightest torch researchers have to light their way towards better treatments. and if you've been diagnosed with cancer, they may be your brightest ray of hope. speak with your doctor and visit clinicaltrials
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to learn more together we can stand up for all of us.
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it's been six years since the last landing on mars. now nasa is sending a robotic geologist to dig deeper than ever before to take the temperature of the red planet. the mars inside spacecraft is set to launch early saturday. it's the first time nasa has
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launched an interplanetary mission from the west coast. all right, here on earth let's check our weather. >> the weekend is almost here. meteorologist sandhya patel. >> yeah, and the weekend looks good. we're tracking a mix of low clouds, high clouds tomorrow afternoon. we'll be seeing sunshine just about everywhere. mild conditions at the coast. temperatures in the 60s. inland areas you're going to be warm. getting up into the 80s. so your fridays are looking good. the weekend is looking nice as well, but just trending a bit lower in terms of your temperatures. average high 72 degrees. dropping back to average over the weekend only to come up and warm up quite a bit on monday. so the ups and the downs continue. if you're going to mountain view art this weekend both days it's going to be mild weather on saturday. a little bit cooler and a breezier on sunday. and if you're going to any of the sinko demayo festivities in
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the bay area including the one in san francisco and the mission, this is how it's going to look. cloudy and it will be breezy in the afternoon. just pack on an extra layer. you know, it's typical san francisco weather. accuweather seven day forecast, warmer tomorrow, cooling with a little more of a murearine influence over the weekend. fall again tuesday, wednesday and then back up again. but it's at least not major shifts in our weather. >> absolutely. okay, if you're making plans it's the first weekend that you can see an iconic broadway show in san francisco. plus if you're a fan of comfort food we'll have something you'll love in the north bay. >> reporter: we are taking you behind the scenes of "the color purple" with one of the stars. ♪ the song i've never heard
9:48 pm
i guess that means you are just too butiful for words ♪ >> reporter: her favorite song in the show, which she describes as a love story between two sisters. the actress took us behind the scenes to show us all the secrets you won't see on stage. every night she has to stow her engagement ring in this orange pouch before the curtain goes up so she can transform into her character. it's been a journey to get here, she tells me. >> this is the first time i've ever done this at an interview. >> if you could go back and give your 15-year-old self a piece of advice, what would it be? >> i still think about that question. i still think about that question. you are truly loved and you're truly supported and that you're somebody's and that's all you need. >> reporter: the color purple runs through the 27th and we
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posted the whole dressing room interview with this incredible actor on what it took to get here. we posted on our website >> and there's a lot more to do. learn to make the perfect mac and cheese and veggies picked fresh from the garden. and we haven't forgotten about cinco de mayo. well, the stakes are high in the wackiest pet names of 2018. >> yes, let's meet isabella miss world boo-boo. >> her owner looked to the character bella in the popular series twilight for inspiration. she then thought of the rapper
9:50 pm
pitbull who goes by the name ms. worldwide. she was chosen for more than 700,000 insured pets in the nationwide's database by public vote. >> so now we know. onto sports. >> larry, what's your cool name? >> well, i don't want to get into it. it's not suitable for our viewers. what kind of dog would sir charles be? would he be a doberman or chihuahua? he just barks a lot. >> big shiwah-wah. >> the warriors are in new orleans still thinking about sir charles, charles barkley
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good evening. this really is much to do about nothing, but some of the warriors are none too pleased are charles barkley's
9:54 pm
halfhearted apology on tnt after saying he wanted to punch draymond in the face. they were trying to bait him, pick up a technical. charles apologized but he insisted he meant what he said even after apologizing and that did not work for steph curry. >> i wish when i was growing up that my mama like said something to me like i was in the wrong or something and she wanted me to apologize and say something about something i did wrong and i said i'm sorry, but i still meant it. i would have got slapped in the face. >> i think one time i said i wanted to punch -- and immediately regretted it. he ignored me for the next five minutes. >> steve kerr making light of the whole thing. patrick mccaw continues to recover from a scary fall. march 31st recovering.
9:55 pm
cavs and raptors everything going for cleveland. kevin love, no look flip over the shoulder. 31 points. but the cavs were actually down two at the half and lebron james just took over the game. he's making jump shots now with regularity. 27 points came in the second half and 19-28 shooting. the cavs win again 128-110. they own the north now and take a 2-0 series lead back to cleveland. sixers and celtics a hamstring issue back tonight. 13 points with authority. attacking the rim. boston came from a 22-point deficit in this game.
9:56 pm
they led by 4. they call him scary terry and that's why. missing here and rujeer with a rebound and jason tatum. celtics win 108-103. to the ice we go with the sharks. they've had two wipe outs in their playoff games with vegas. who knows what you can expect from game five tomorrow in sin city. he didn't know he would play until minutes before the puck dropped. don sport with an immediate impact. this was a critical goal through the wickets there with only 5 seconds left in the first period. that gave the sharks a 2-0 lead. >> he's playing well and confident. carrying the puck well and attacking. he has that one-on-one ability that not a lot of guys have that can make people miss. and that say a big goal and big
9:57 pm
time for us. >> feel like your old self a bit as far as your skating goes because obviously you were moving real well last night. >> i think it's a big part of my guys my skating, and that's what i've tried to bring every night. and yeah, i'm glad if it looked good. >> baseball tonight is mariners with three game series. first inning robinson base hit off munigha, d. gordon scores and again to all fields. gordon scores 2-0. next batter is nelson cruz. here it comes, there it goes. his seventh of the year. he allowed four runs in all of april. not so hot so far. mariners win it 4-1. giants have the day off.
9:58 pm
signing a contract extension five years at a cool $30 million a year. he's the first player to make that much annually in the nfl. guaranteed money because that's what's important in nfl contracts is $100 million. hasn't missed a start since '09. wow, abc 7 sports brought to you by toyota. it's good money if you can get it. >> all right, coming up tonight on abc 7 news at 11:00 we will continue to follow that breaking news out of hawaii. evacuations ordered in residential areas after mount kilauea erupts. and first their homes were burned and now thieves stole valuable material from the construction. a south korean barista is back with more latte art. >> he re-creates famous
9:59 pm
paintings. the masterpiece starry night was a sensation. >> more than a hundred people he says visit to see the tasty creations. >> he serves his latte cold because warm coffee can really distort the drawings. >> how can you drink that? >> it's amazing. thank you for joining us. >> from all of us here we appreciate your time. >> we'll see again at 11:00 over on channel 7.
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(ominous dark music) - i'm former fbi agent joe pistone, the real donnie brasco.


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