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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 1130PM  KOFY  May 3, 2018 11:30pm-12:00am PDT

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that breaking news is happening on hawaii's big island now. hundreds of residents evacuating their homes. the concern, the erupting video. >> this is drone video into the newsroom. terrifying to see all that lava on the roadways. and, leilani estates subdivision. man who took the video, said it sounded like someone threw rocks into a dryer. >> cars trying to got to safety.
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behind them. that is lava boiling up from the ground. look at that. one witness says they heard a boom with a strong smell of sulphur dioxide. >> we knew something was happening. within minutes. we had seen smoke. now we see all this lava across the street. and it is pumping right now. so this is opening up. and this is, this is our next eruption. >> the eruption comes after hundreds of earthquakes this week on the eastern side of the big island shaking the eastern side of the island. >> the constant shaking opened up cracks as you seep there in the road and the subdivision hawaii's governor called in the national guard to assist with evacuation efforts. >> good evening. thank you for joining us. >> stay on top of the latest developments in hawaii downloading our news app enabling push alerts. >> back here in the bay area, north bay residents are dealing with the aftermath of the bay fires. they're facing heartbreak tonight. >> they are, more from a santa
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rosa neighborhood targeted by thieves. >> reporter: parts of santa rosa were leveled by north bay fires last year. today on willow green place, some semblance of a neighborhood is coming together, a disturbing blow. thieves broke into several trailers, stealing tools and material from construction crews. >> to set back financially. a set back in time. really upsetting to, everybody. >> we should be out there working building homes. for the, for these -- people that lost their homes. and it sucks that, that, they're taking away our ability to, to, do our job. >> heavy equipment now blocks storage containers and locks are in place. but the feeling of being violated is still there. >> every day we face a new obstac obstacle. then to have this happen is, just really sad. >> the one thing just about everyone can agree on is that there need to be more eyes on this area. and so the sheriff's department, community members, and even the construction companies, have agreed to work together and step
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up patrols. >> they're driving looking for anything suspicious. >> i think everybody will chip in. and you, know, watch out for each other. so, a good community. >> still, the time line hasn't changed. the first home should be finished by june. in santa rosa. it was a dramatic day in mill valley when residents of an apartment complex were told to shelter in place after an armed, dangerous suspect shot two people killing one. abc 7 news anchor has the latest. >> an active shooter and shelter in place rocked neighbors here to the core. >> i heard the shots. i know that they shot the landlord and killed his daughter. >> pure chaos and confusion after news of a shooting and armed and dangerous suspect at an apartment complex along east
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blythdale in mill valley. >> i see a chp officer running down the street with unconscious woman draped over his shoulder. >> two people shot. a man in icu at marin general. a woman later died. dramatic video from sky seven shows the moment the swat team bust is a door to an apartment then enters. sheriffs confirming the suspected shooter, man in his 80s is now dead. >> he was a crazy old man who lived below me. never saw him. >> parents whose children attend day care, stood behind police tape waiting on word their children are safe. >> you feel so help loss as a parent. you can't be there to protect them. it's awful. >> terrifying ordeal for residents of this usually, safe, quiet marin county neighborhood. >> i don't lock my door. >> you are kidding me? >> think i will now. >> nez wthose who live here can return home not without an id. one student has minor
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injuries after a gilroy school bus hit by suspected drunk driver this afternoon. most damage to the front of the bus. see the broken windshield. the gilroy school district says all 46 students on board are fine. the driver who struck the bus was arested. >> the suspects in the bizarre killing of sfo employee, gave jail house interviews to abc 7 news. the two men are accused of killing mark mangakotz. riviera had no idea, that he had a gun or a romantic interest in his fiancee. i am upset at kevin. he took me from my family. i was doing so well. i have no criminal history. i don't own weapons. a stranded boat has now become a hazard tonight in pacifica. the boat ran aground over the weekend. and sank during a rescue effort yesterday. legally the boat owners are on the hook. it could cost tens of thousand of dollars to remove the
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wreckage. they spoke with abc 7 news today and say they have no money and are stranded in a motel room. one of them, says the conditions they were dealing with overwhelmed them. >> it wasn't really a matter of running aground so much as we were pushed aground. once the riptides caught us in the bay they just pushed us fast e and faster. >> the four person crew had set out to sail the world. now they're hoping people will keep them afloat during a gofund mepage campaign. >> twitter tonight advising you to change your password after a bug left potentially all of twitter twitter's 330 million password vulnerable. >> they take your password. through a certa program. they generate random numbers and letters. >> process, hark, as the cybersecurity expert, explains, it should prevent any one from ever knowing your twitter password. >> what happened in this one, this is not working. >> the bug allowed unencrypted
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password to be stored in an internal database. meaning twitter employees had access to them. if any one hacked in they could also potentially access the pass words. >> the software created by human. and you know, fixed by human. and hacked by human. we are going to face this every single day. >> in a blog, twitter wrote. we have fixed the bug. our investigation shows no indication of breach or misuse by any one. still the company is advising use herrs to change their passw. some are making it more seriously. >> i got the notification i should secure my account. >> if someone hacked it or something it would have been a big problem. big issue for us. yeah, we will change the pass words on all. >> experts say people should change their password every 90 days make sure they're long and complicated. angry singles take their match maker to court.
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>> it was just very disappointing like i felt like, they weren't -find itting me the right person. >> next, 7 on your side's correspondent shows what happened. >> also, scary moments in the north bay for a trapped dog. >> first a look at jimmy kimmel live, after abc 7 news at 11:00. >> thanks. here is what going on in our nick of t neck of the woods. >> any one named their child barry. >>
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several bay area women contacted 7 on your side saying they paid thousand of dollars to a match making service. but ended up losing love and
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money. >> we are joined now with how some of them fought for their money back, michael. in court. a reminder for all singles looking for love. >> a big warning. it is what it is. the women who hired the match making service warned, you should pay attention to the contract with the match maker. not to the salesman. promising love. >> from the balcony of her home, gabrielle can see for miles. some where out there, there must be a soul mate. >> even going into the dating world felt scary. >> divorced mother of six. she was starting over. >> to do the whole match thing it felt overwhelming a awe she tried online dating. mobile dating. thousand of profiles. >> might as well pay somebody to do it. >> drawn to an ad for silicon valley match makers, billing itself as local personal dating service. >> i'm just going to get support in this part of my life that feels hard. >> she want to san jose office. she says a salesman promised her one date per month with men
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closely fitting her criteria. athletic. loves children. >> j kated. financially stable. world travel. >> then paid $3,600 up front for four months of match making. >> first guy never called. >> dating service advises clients gentlemen should make the initial call. >> the next two dates never did call. >> he was in a bowling shirt. and his hair was long. and he was quite heavy. >> she ended up with three dates in four months. but says, none came close to the type sunny requested. the company says it provided her with four additional free months of services. introduced her to ten men in all. she accepted seven as matches for potential dates if both agreed to meet. >> when you go in for the sales pitch, ty're great. >> shirley of san jose says the salesperson from silicon valley match makers promised her a tailor made date each month too. so she signed a $2,200 contract.
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she says she was matched with a man who is a devout christian. >> i said did they mention to you that i am atheist. >> he said, no. >> shirley says match makers rarely contacted her after the company gave her four months on her contract. they both wondered why their match makers were calling from different area codes than the local office. they were surprised to find out it is part of a net work of companies operated in oklahoma. the come pans have similar names and similar web sites. some with the same stock photos. same description of services. the company declined an on-camera interview. a spokesperson said the company full filled its agreements with all the women. the contracts say the company does not guarantee a specific number of in troe ductions. cannot make any satisfaction guarantees. and, the clients are not making a decision to join based on representations by agents. silicon valley match makers says it offered to waive the $120
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shirley owed on her contract if she agreed to take down her negative online reviews which it called inact rid. shirley and gabriella asked seven on your side do they have the right to a refund. >> it really is buyer beware. >> we asked, law profess ier, david levine. >> if it is n written in the contract. then it just doesn't mean anything. >> still, shirley took her complaint to small claims court. before the hearing, silicon valley match makers waived the $1200 she owed and dropped the demand to take down negative reviews. a woman who asked us not to use her name, also sued in small claims court. saying, silicone straly match makers gave misleading information about her dates. for example, she said, her match maker described one date as a real estate agent with a large income. in fact, he was an uber driver. the judge awarded her a full refund of her $3,500, but did not award triple damages as
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requested. brotherton holdings relies on personal information provided by clients. if of a client lies about personal traits. attributes or profession that is out of our control. it also said all businesses that provide professional services to individuals have clients and or customers who are dissatisfied with ser virs services. we are no different. we pledge and in most cases provide the best possible service to our clients. brotherton said, less than 3% of thousands of northern california clients have filed formal complaints. and it has many satisfied bray area clients who did not want to be i didn'tified. it provided e-mails from some. steve and i hit it off famously, right from the start when we met. thank you for a wonderful match. and charles wrote, right from the beginning. carol and i were seeking the same dream. and became friends at first and then our relationship blossomed and we fell in love. >> our legal experts says you
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should read any dating services contract very carefully. those are the only terms you can count on. >> wow. all right, thank you, michael. >> all right. moving on. a rather unusual dog rescue this evening in petaluma. a >> she got her paw wedged between the house and concrete slab. fifighters came in. broke up the concrete. the dog was trapped. >> other than being shaken up. the dog is expected to beep okay. the homeowner thinks the pet might have been chasing after mice. they want to do. the dog is okay. >> yeah. >> all right. time to turn to our weather. a nice day after the fog. >> it did. tomorrow and the weekend. sandy? >> yeah, the fog is going to disappear faster tomorrow. expect it to warm up. nice looking day. dan, alma. sh you a time-lapse from the east bay hills camera. watch the fog rolling in tonight. looks like a water fall there. basically what was happening is
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that it looked like the marine layer was making a big push. as the day went on. the fog layer begin to compress. right now, it is 1400 feet deep. not 3,000 feet like we had, yesterday, night, and, this morning. which is why it took forever for the fog to burn off. especially inland. but, this time around. different. right now the fog footprint has not pushed very far. near the bay. along the coastline right now. your temperatures amount this hour. it will, see, pretty much uniform in the 40s. the 50s. a look at what its ahead. emoryville camera. showing you the shallower marine levelenn't distance. foggy areas for the morning commute. one day warm-up its expected tomorrow. and then breezy and cooler for the upcomg weekend. let's talk about the weekend. skip over friday. why not. here imtz when os what you can . saturday, cooler. minor cooler. mid 50s to the 70s. certainly see an increase in the cloud. it will be breezy and cooler.
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on sunday. so, definitely, be aware of that. if you have outdoor activities. live picture from the camera. you can see the fog there in the distance. ove shaky view. the fog will be pushing right over the bay. along the coastline. going to be thick in spots. do be aware of the fact that visibility may be very reduced. because the fog will be close to the ground. by the afternoon. looking at sunshine just about everywhere. in the morning. layers, what you will need. mid 40s to the low 50s. as we head into the afternoon hours. low 60s to the low 80s. mild to the coast here. inland areas, nice and warm with temperatures in the loyfts for friday. where you she'd be for this time of year. making plans for cinco demayo. weather is great. in the mission. upper 50s in the morning. cloudy. need a jacket. temperatures will be coming up into the low 60s. cooling in the evening. accuweather seven-day forecast. sunny, warmer one toen the
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workweek. as the we head into the weekend. temperatures slowly taper off, more cloud. little drizzle. and then warming back up again monday to fall, middle of the workweek. download accuweather app. check out the temperatures any time you want. but for now, all eyes are on the weekend. >> usually are. >> thanks. >> you're welcome. >> tomorrow on "good morning america," gma investigates iphone cables. iphone cables. >> yes, are
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the stakes are high in the wackiest pet names of 2018. meet isabella, miss worldwide boonen from san jose. >> the pit bull pup top dog in the nationwide insurance naming contest. her owner, looked to the character bela in popular series twilight for inspiration. >> then she, thought of the rapper pit bull, mr. worldwide. isabella born on halloween.
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her name was completed with, boonen. there you go. >> perfect. very fitting. >> all right. >> on to sports. >> larry, what do you have? >> wonder how booboo feels about the tiara. >> warriors want to finish the pelicans. took care of charles barkley tonight. did you believe apology from sir charles, he wanted to punch
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good evening. this really is much adieu about nothing. some of the warriors are not pleased with charles barkley's half heart add poll gee after saying he wanted to punch green in the face the other night on
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tnt. made the comments after warriors won game two after new orleans. game three tomorrow. in the big easy. draymond involved in chatter in game two. really looked like the pelicans were tryingo bait him. he was restrained. i mean the calm one. sir charles apologized. but also then insist heed meant what he said. that did not work for steph curry. >> wish when i was growing up that my mama, like, like, said something to me i was in sunny wanted me to apologize. or say something. i am sorry, but i still meant it. i would have gotten slapped in the face. >> think i said i wanted to punch marv al berlt in the face. i immediately regretd it. he ignored me for the next few minutes on the telecast. at halftime we made amend. we were fine. >> steve kerr, keaching it light. no big deal. nba, cavs, raptors. who've rules the north. apparently cleveland does. kevin love, doesn't like playing in the post. got to love that. no look flip off glass.
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love for 31 points. cavs down two at the half. lebron james. said he was tired the other day. he is exhausted all right. to the tune of 43 points. and 14 assists. had 27 in the second half. the cavs, they're breaking hearts in canada. 128-110. a 2-0 series lead. heading back to cleveland. baseball. as, mariners. rubber match. three game set. first inning. base hit. scores dee gore dochblt 1-0. off to the third. same duo. cano, gordon. 2-0. next battler is nelson cruz. not going to be a slap single here. this is crushed. a two run blast. seventh of the year. he allows four runs and six innings tonight. he allowed four runs in all. of the month of seattle wins it 4-1. rememb when derek carr signed the $25 million deal contract last summer. highest paid guy.
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falcons quarterback says see you and raise you. five years, $150 million.ear. the nfl all about guaranteed money. $100 million guaranteed for matt ryan. ee 20 records. 4,000 yards in eechl of the past seven seasons. wow. abc 7 sports. brought to you by riverrock casino. aaron rodgers, former cal star, green bay packer quarterback. next up. so, the minimum, negotiation begins, at $150 million. >> nice. >>


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