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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 7PM  KOFY  May 4, 2018 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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a big mistake by the top man in a local police department. hear the police chief explain what dhe to get his gun, badge and department laptop stolen. ⌞> more than 24 hours after gunshots took lives in -- we are piecing together the relationship between suspect, and the sole survivor. >> a now suspected bank robber. who breaking his silence to talk with abc7 news. >> i never seen anything and never imagined something like this happening here. >> the shock hasn't worn off. one day after a tenant pulled a
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gun and started shooting. we have learned why he targeted his victims. >> mill valley police say this is the result of a landlord tenant dispute. one person survived is in intensive care tonight. >> this all unfolded yesterday. life from the scene now. >> neighbors who live at the apartment complex tell me the suspected shooter was a recluse and kept to himself. according to the sheriff a possible motive for the shooting an impending eviction. >> it was a long painful day. >> reporter: pi lar lives in one of the nine units. and knew one of the victims. >> she loved pets. i have a dog too. we were just talk. i could see her walking her dog. she could see me. we just had a not a very close
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relationship, but we were good neighbors. >> reporter: a 71 year-old tenant. is suspected of shooting his landlord. over a pending eviction. >> really sweet guy. couldn't ask for a bter laetter landlord. considerate and fair. >> i see a chp officer. running down the street. with an unconscious woman. like draped over his shoulder. >> reporter: one neighbor describing her as the apple of her fathers eye. >> she would help him when somebody moved out and place needed renovating. she would be there. >> reporter: today we know the dramatic scene from sky 7 showing the swat team breaking down a door. the suspect was found dead from an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound. a notice from the coroner sealing an apartment shut. >> he never came out.
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he was very eccentric. two years i saw him twice. >> reporter: requesting privacy. new at six. gilroys police chief today explained how he became a crime victim himself. and in the proces how he violated the law and his own department policy. chief scott smith truck was stolen from the jr. college parking lot on april 27. a decision to leave the badge and gun in the vehicle when attending a graduation ceremony was made when he saw medal detecters at the entrance to the event. he says he didn't want to draw attention to his job. as a peace officer. so he left his gear in the truck. not in a lock box. as required by state law. >> there's certainly is an administrative sanction. that'll be as a result of this. >> police say they recovered the stolen truck. not the gun or badge. he's asked the city manager to
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bring in a third party to help investigate. a celebrity chef in the east bay is behind bars tonight because he stand accused of robbing bank earlier this week. he talked with abc7 today. inside the detention facility. >> he admitted to robbing this bank arntd 11:00 a.m. wednesday. he said i went inside and said good morning. nobody moves this is a robbery. i talked with him armed with only a reporters notebook. no camera. no cell phone. sitting in a jail the celebrity chef described his desperation. after his restaurant closed down in late 2016. he became unemployed. he said we had been struggling financially. and i have a family. he said i feel bad. it wasn't something i was planning or doing for a living. he claims wednesday morning he decided to get money and went to
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the bank. it was a fake gun. a bb gun. he said he told the teller nothing is going to happen. just put the money aside. >> it was a pistol a firearm. that's what we were reacting on. >> did he threaten the clerk? >> he presented it in a manner that was threatening. they complied and gave him the money. >> witness accounts and surveillance video enabled police to get a license plate number on the mercedes. after the robbery. he came back here to his home. police say he had about $15,000 in cash. they followed him as he drove from his house and arrested him at this athletic club parking lot. just three hours after of the heist. he is facing robbery charges and held on $100,000 bail. he asked me to call his wife and ask her to post bail. she didn't answer her phone. he said he wrote a letter of
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apology to the bank. that says in part i'm sorry for the inconvenience. to be in front of you with a gun. >> the southern california father accused of torturing 12 of his 13 children faces additional charges. prosecutors filed eight new perjury counts today against david turpen. related to the forms he filled out to home school his children. he appeared with his wife. both of them have been charged with 28 felony counts including child abuse. torture and false imprisonment. their starving children were rescued after a 17 year-old escaped in january. and called 911. connecticut supreme court are versed a murder conviction for kennedy cousin. who had been found guilty of killing his neighbor in 1975. convicted in 2002 of killing a 15 year-old.
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he was the same age at the time. but he was not arrested until he was in his 30s. conviction.turned the murder saying his lawyer was ineffective and his right to a fair trial was violated. >> the victim spent much of her childhood in the bay area. before he family moved back east. >> a federal employee akdsed of spying for china only to see the charges dropped has won the fight to get her job back. there there's a growing concern of espionage charges being directed at chinese. >> it's her job to forecast flooding. she never expected the flood of support from stngers. especially from this group. the committee of 100 and others. nearly four years ago she was accused of spying for china. working at the weather service in ohio. the charges were
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dropped. but the doc fired her anyway. >> officials not only made up false allegations. but also covered up a an important investigation. that was especially designed to determine whether any action could be taken against me. >> with legal bills mounting. supporters held fundraiser for her defense. such as this one. > there have been hundreds of donors with relatively. and very enthusiastic. >> days ago a judge ordered the she be reinstated with back pay. members of the congressional asian pacific american caucus raise questions early on that race was being used. in espionage cases. that suspicion has been supported in the new study. after analyzing data. she says she loves her job and looks forward to returning to the weather service. >> i don't have any relatives
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here. or in china. but during the entire time i found that a strong support has been with me. >> the case is not over. her employment attorney says he may file a malicious prosecution case against the commerce department. and they can are appeal her reinstatement. >> wells fargo will pay $140 million to settle a class action lawsuit over the account scandal. the bank denies the claims. but agreed to the settlement. >> facing serious questions from one of her own detectives ability the arrest of a suspected child molester. >> i team reporter is hear with the story. >> this is an extraordinary step for any current member of the
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law enforcement to speak out against the top brass. detective says sheriff smith and her supervisor delayed the arrest of a suspected child molester for days so they could have better media coverage. >> my confusion turned to out rage. i didn't agree. i expressed that fact. but the order was coming from the captain. i'm just a deputy. i have no say. >> sheriff smith declined an interview. when i tracked her down, she denied it. i'll dig deeper boo this. with e-mails and texts on abc7 news at 11:00. >> very interesting. >> tonight roigt before the news at 11 there will be a special edition of 2020. dedicated to the golden state killer case. you'll hear from his alleged victims and those who dedicated their lives to hunting down the suspect. people like bay area investigator. talking to abc7 morning anchor
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about the conversation. >> i spent time talking to investigator paul holes. he's been able provide really interesting information about why the killer may have stopped and started again. he said what was significant about the end of the crime spree is the goeltden state killer ran into problems. and fts confronted by some of his victims and got into a fight at one point. and almost didn't get away with some crimes. >> you can watch the 2020 at 10:00. followed by abc7 news at 11. >> the controversial plan to transform peoples park in berkeley. it includes taking care of the homeless who live there now. >> this is not a movie. this is real life. a volcano erupting spreading lava into backyard in hawaii. hear from people who had to evacuate. >> a nice warm up today. get ready for a breezy cool down
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tomorrow. >> warriors looking to go up 3 games to none. against the pelicans. putting the pels in a real bind. on sunday catch game four of the second round series right here on abc7. coverage begins a noon. and stay with us after the game. with all the highlights and live post game in make ross your destination for savings. if you're looking for an incredible selection of the brands you love, this season's newest trends for a fraction of what you'd pay at department stores, ♪ you gotta go to ross about type 2 diabetes.with some surprising facts so you have type 2 diabetes, right? yeah. yes i do.
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the strongest measured 6.9. they haven't felt a quake that strong in decades. they were strong enough to create lands slides. >> we ha the latest on an urgent situation. >> all with heard was a boom. what's that. and you smell the sulfur. >> reporter: neighbors watched as the earth split open. and lava flew into the air. >> this is our next option. >> reporter: he's been broadcasting the destruction live on facebook. >> if we can get first responders. anybody watching. >> reporter: nature is a powerful force. >> is the house still going to be there. it might be. >> reporter: thousands evacuate in the island paradise. this is a google earth map of hawaii. you can see the activity that's happening here isn't near where all the resorts are located. it's on the southern edge of the island.
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near the national park. this is the big volcano with the smoking crater. the lava is coming out of this volcano. it became active in the 80s and the lava is flowing in this direction towards the populated areas. including this neighborhood. there are eruptive fishers where lava shooting out of the street in the middle of the densely populated area. here, here and here. this one in particular is where we saw this dramatic picture at 4:00 in the morning hawaii time. literally looks like fir >> it will come out of ground at 2,000 degrees. it's going to cause brush fires. >> an expert on volcano emergencies and the fires bring gases that could mean more evacuation. >> we have to watch for the weather development. the wind. >> reporter: a.4 quake hit the island. and there could be more.
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>> there is a proposal to upgrade california's emergency alert system following recent natural disasters. supporters say the north bay wild fires highlight the need for a uniform statewide system. many people in the fire zone say they didn't receive alerts to evacuate due to cell phone towers being damaged. lawmakers are proposing a red alert system that would send out emergency messages to residents in a certain area. >> everybody that lives there and also the tourists should be able to be notified. we didn't all do a great job of notifying people that were in harms way. we need to improve that. >> the proposal made it out of the committee. governor brown announced funds to complete the project. now to the latest development in san francisco motorize scooter invasion. a crew from public works has been out today picking up scooters that are blocking
7:18 pm
sidewalks. so far the city confiscated 450 schoolers. earlier this week the san francisco transportation agency agreed on a pilot program to regulate the scooters. the sharks are looking tput the brakes on the bart extension to downtown. the parent company filed a lawsuit claiming the project didn't plan for construction impacts and parking. it can't comment on pending litd ga litigation. but it understands the push for parking. >> we can't do anything to harm the best parking in access of any entertainment facility in the bay area. that is one of the competitive advantages we enjoy. >> the lawsuit seeks to have all work stopped on the project until the sharks concerns are addressed. >> tomorrow for the first time ever, nasa will launch an interplanetary mission from the
7:19 pm
west coast. a rocket destined for mars will lift off. as early as 4:00 a.m. it will carry the mars lander which is equipped to dig into the surface of mars. something nasa has never done before. also launching, two small satellites. wally and eve. after the characters from the 2008 movie. nasa picked the names because the satellites mover with cold gas. about the size of a briefcase.s. nasa has never sent any out of earths orbit before. they hope will send back data quickly. as it descends to mars which should happen around thanksgiving. it begins tomorrow. >> all right. we are at the weekend.
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>> it's friday. >> i never lose sight of how close the weekend is. i'll tell you that. what a great day to end the week and begin the weekend. here's a look at live doppler. sunnykies now. low clouds are building offshore. we have hig clouds above. brisk out there. the breezes are. we have wind speeds of 21 miles per hour. here in san francisco. 15 miles per hour in all around the bay shoreline. and a bit inland. 12 to 13 miles per hour. breezy but still much milder than it was at this hour yesterday. check out the 24 hour temperature change. it is six degrees warmer in hayward. and mountain view. than yesterday. eleven degrees warmer in fair field and livermore. eight degrees warmer in san jose. breezier and warmer. the sea lions are enjoying the evening sun. pier 39 camera. here's a look at current temperature readings.
7:21 pm
58 degrees. oakland 64. 75 san jose. 79 gilroy. a view looking west ward. more temperature readings. napa 62. fair field 79. and from looking down into the bay. a nice clear view. we'll see coastal fog over night. breezy and cooler this weekend. and sunnier and warmer will settle in on monday. that maybe a one day warm up. here's the forecast into the late night and over. high clouds pasdsing over and deeper layer fog building along the coastline. and pushing locally over the bay. then by midafternoon tomorrow we'll see hazy sunshine. with fog lingering at the coast. and tomorrow night the fog begins to surge inland again. and will begin the day sunday with linger fog near the bay and coast. it will clear back to the
7:22 pm
coastline. going swoo sunday afternoon. the over night temperatures will be generally in the upper 50s upper 40s rather to low 50s. tomorrow highs will range from about 59 half-moon bay to 62 san francisco. 66 oakland. and mid-70s inland. it won't warm up a lot tomorrow. sunday will be perhaps even cooler by a degree or two in some locations. we get that one day warm up on monday. and it will bring temperatures back up into the low to mid-80s. here's the 7-day forecast. once again that is just a one day warm up monday. much like today. tuesday temperatures will drop back down to about the average range. it will be slightly cooler on wednesday. and at the endf next week thursday and friday it warms up again. like a roller cster ride. >> all right. thank you. talk about a welcoming
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they are ready at the new york stock exchange. con stelation brands which ma s makes -- apple closed at an all time high. after his company bought more
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stock in the tech giant. >> the u.s. unemployment rate a the the lowest since december of 2000. the rate fel to 3.9% in april. it has been holding at 4.1% for six months. >> president trump spoke at the nr args annual meeting in dallas today. much of what he said seemed unscripted. including the second amendment. parkland shooting. north korea. russia investigation and kanye west. midterm elections he told the crowd they cannot get complacent. referring to the february mass shooting in florida. the president reiterated his support for arming teachers. trump had said he was open to raising the age of purchasing rifles to 21. but later walked back some of the proposals. >> your second amendment rights are under siege. but they will never ever be under siege as long as i'm your
7:27 pm
president. >> it is the fourth year in a row that trump has spoken to the gun lobby. the nra spent $30 million to help elect mr. trump in the 2016 election. >> some angry singles take the match maker to court. >> it was very disappointing. i felt like they weren't finding me the right person. >> next, zemseven on your side
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50 years ago peoples park in berkeley was the site of antiwar protest. now it's a haven for the homeless and drug users. >> soon berkeley plans to built housing for homeless and students. a controversial plan given the site history. >> abc7 has the story. >> >> reporter: peoples park was born in late 60s out of the oppositi to government policy including the vietnam war. it was part of the free speech movement. cofounder says it always will be.
7:31 pm
>> it's probably the only place in the country that you can go sign up and have rally. and say what you want. >> reporter: he opposes plans to build university housing on the site. but students and neighbors say the park is more known for crime. and homelessness now. than free speech. >> it's dangerous. we get a lot of alerts saying there's armed robberies that happened. it gets the students on their toes. >> reporter: only a small percentage of the 42,000 students live in the few housing spots cal has. the university says this plan would change that. and more. >> we ca put up student housing. we can meet the university responsibility to work with the city and address the homeless situation. we can take a major step in combatting crime and revitalizing the neighborhood. >> reporter: they have about 8,000 student beds on campus. this is all part of the plan to double that. the peoples park plan calls for building enough housing for 1,000 students on the three acre site.
7:32 pm
as well as up to 125 permanent housing units for the homeless. the money would come from private developers working with the university. berkeley mayor is on board. >> there will be people that passionately agree with the vision. i have heard from some already. the majority of the city is ready. >> reporter: some of the homeless worry they're being blamed for problems in the park. and it's a plan to move them out. >> you can say it's a bad park. all you want. then if you be around long enough kids come. and students come. all type of people come. >> reporter: if all goes planned the project will take four years to complete. >> developing news a world renown speed climber is in surgery right now. for injuries he suffered in a fall. he posted this photograph of himself with the caption well there's a rese going on. it's me. i think i broke my leg.
7:33 pm
rescuers be safe. he was safely taken off the mountain today. he broke both his leg and heel heal. >> several bay area women contacted seven on your side saying they paid thousands of dollars t a match making service. but lost out on love and money. >> how some of them fought for their money back in court. reminder for singles. >> these women who hired the match maker service warn you should pay attention to the contract with the match maker and not to the salesperson promising love. >> from the balcony, she can see for miles. somewhere out there there must be a soul mate. >> going into the dating world. felt scary. >> a divorced mother of six. she was starting over. >> to do the whole match thing. if felt overwhelming. >> he tried online. mobile. and thousands of profiles. >> i might as well pay somebody
7:34 pm
do it. >> she was drown to an ad. billing itself a local and personal dating service. >> i'm going get support. that feels hard. >> reporter: she went to the office. she says a sales man promised her one date per month. with men closely fitting her criteria. athletic. loves children. >> educated. financially stable. world travel. >> reporter: she paid $3,000 up front. for four months of match making. >> the first guy never called. >> the next two dates never called either. >> reporter: she went on a date sfl he was in a bowling shirt. and his hair was long. he was quite heavy. >> reporter: she ended up with three dates in four months. but none came close to the type he requested. the company provided her with four additional free months of service. introduced her to ten men in all and accepted seven as matches for dates.
7:35 pm
if both agree to meet. >> when you go in the sales pitch. they're great. >> the salesperson from silicon valley match makersromised her a tailor made date each month. and signed a $2,200 contract. matched with a man who is a christian. >> i said did they mention i was atheist. >> they wondered why the match makers were calling from different area codes. than the local office. they were surprised to find out it's part of a net work of companies operated by brother ton holding ton oklahoma. the company have similar names and similar web sites. some with the same stock photographs. same description of service. the company declined an on camera interview. a skesperson said the company has fulfilled the agreement with the women. the contract say the company
7:36 pm
doesn't guarantee a specific number of introductions. cannot make any satisfaction guarantee. and the clients are not making a decision to go based on representation by the agent. they say it offered away the $1,200. she still owed on the contract. but only if she agreed to take down her negative online reviews which is called inaccurate. they asked seven on your side do they have the right to a refund. >> it is buyer beware. >> reporter: we asked law professor. >> if it's not written in the contract. then it doesn't mean anything. >> reporter: stil she took her complaint to small claims. just before the hearing. match makers agreed to waive the $1,200 he owed and drop the demand to take down the negative review. a woman who asked us not to use her name also sued. saying silicon valley match makers gave misleading
7:37 pm
information ant dates. for example. her match maker described one date as a real estate agent with a large income. in fact, he was an uber driver. the judge awarded her a full refund of $3,500. but didn't award triple damages as requested. it relies on personal information provided by clients. and if a client lies about personal traits or profession. that is out of our control. it also said all businesses that provide profession services to individuals have clients and or customers who are dissatisfied with services. we are no different. we pledge to and most cases do provide the best possible service to our client. it has many satisfied clients who didn't want to be identified for privacy reasons. it provided e-mails from some.
7:38 pm
charles wrote. right from the beginning. we were seeking the same dream. and became friends at first and our relationship blossomed. and we fell in love. >> our legal expert says you should read any dating services contract carefully. those are the only terms you can count on. all right. thank you. cal students graduate soon and tonight meet a pair of students. twins. with a lot more than looks in common. >> may the fourth be with you. see how strong the force is with the kids. patients at children's hospital san francisco.
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in two weeks time students from the school of business will gather at the greek theater to receive diplomas. >> identical twins. the first in their family to graduate from college. >> big deal. obviously. abc7 has the story. rr they are identical. they have certain features that tell them apart. facial hair and a broken nose.
7:42 pm
>> right here where my nose dips in. it should be a straight line. it dips right here. that's how most people can tell usapart. if someone calls the wrong name. we might play into it. before they cam on. >> reporter: cameron is older by one minute. >> i always wondered what it would be like to be a twin. >> wow. you're like me. that's amazing. can you cover me at work? >> sure. >> really. isn't this story not about you? >> yeah. i guess you're right. >> reporter: what is it like to have two of you? >> no matter where we have gone in life i have somebody i can lean on. when things get tough. >> reporter: educated at cal. cameron doesn't brag about it. but he has a slightly higher gp ax than tyler. something they tried to hide in
7:43 pm
the blue collar community. >> back home it education isn't as valued as it is especially at berkeley. >> reporter: they do almost everything together. they have had many of the same classes and both have been hired as apple in their finance department. apple knew they were twins. >> hard working. conscientious. very respectful and supportive and empowering of the other students. >> reporter: they credit their parents for putting education above all things. >> the fact we got here means a whole lot. it was like we didn't just took a step. we took a leap. >> reporter: sometimes success comes in pairs. >> incredible. >> okay here's a question. maybe a silly question. are you ready for the weekend? >> yes. sea lions are. live now from our new camera. at pier 39. >> spencer has the weekend forecast forb&p
7:44 pm
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7:46 pm
happy greeting from chewy. to all star wars fans. today is may 4th. the official holiday for the all things star wars. think may the force be with you.
7:47 pm
a new program called roar for change. from now until may 25, disney wi donate a dollar to unicef for every person who posts, likes or shares a roar. to social media and uses hash tag roar for change. >> nice. while fans everywhere look to geek out on may 4th. children celebrated in an extra special way. >> they hung out with the star wars new film. we have the story. >> reporter: the force is strong with these star struck kids at children's hospital in san francisco. whose smiles are beaming brighter than life sabers. as they enjoy the special star wars party. with the star of the movie. >> having a mind of my own.
7:48 pm
>> the back story of hans solo. how he becomes friends with chew baa ka. seeing their hero comes to life gives jedi strength to the patients. >> i think it's cool. because how those celebrities and all this people come here and just like support the kids. >> the children delighted in playing with r 2 d 2. meeting pilots and masters. d posing for green screen photographs. that teach them the magic of movie making. and learning an important lesson. >> are you tough like luke sky walker? >> yeah. i'm tough. >> this is the third annual may the fourth party. at the hospital. it's a collaboration between
7:49 pm
lucas film disney. and the foundation. >> the intent the hope is to use characters and experiences like the star wars experience to provide moments of joy and comfort. to patients and families in children's hospital. >> joy, comfort and for many of these kids, confidence. >> i'm going to be a hero some day. >> you already are. >> nice to see them smile. >> disney of course is the parent company of lucas film and abc7. >> all right. may the fourth be with us this weekend with the weather. >> i can't wait for the weekend. let's get into this. we have mainly sunny skies low clouds and fog are building offshore. with a few high clouds that will filter over the bay area. the fog will stay mainly near the coast. and lows will be in the 40s to low 50s. tomorrow look for filtered sunshine. cooler and breezier than today.
7:50 pm
highs reach the low to mid-70s inland. sunday will be like that as well. 7-day forecast. we'll warm up monday. only for one day. temperatures drop back tuesday and wednesday. and they'll be another warm up developing the end of next week. >> all right. warriors are in action. >> the pace is frantic in new orleans. the warriors try to go up 3-0 on the pelicans. fights for their play off lives and steph flexing. in
7:51 pm
7:52 pm
7:53 pm
warriors playing the pelicans. up two games to none. looking to put a strangle hold on the series. pels won't go quietly as home. steph curry getting the start in this game. wrapped up by holiday. still makes the shot and flexing. for the fans. i work out. he's only four of 15. here we go again. green and ron do. get in line. 25-14 pels. look at drew holiday isolation on steph. that's wt they'll try to do. attack him defensively.
7:54 pm
down 12. iguodala with authority. defense optional. from way downtown. ten threes for the pelicans. anthony davis getting ball in close to the cup. repeatedly. new orleans on a run. ad with 20 and 13 last check. thomp son started to heat up. and buries the three. he was scoreless in the first. down six a the break.ter. it's 90 to 70 pelicans in the d. we'll have game four sunday here on abc7. at 12:30. keep the play off theme rolling. crucial game for the sharks in vegas. tied at two games a piece. game five winner wins the series 80% of the time. looking to break the pattern and take the series lead for the first time.
7:55 pm
that would give them a close out game sunday in the tank. >> the odd number games are important ones. in every given play off. for this one to be able to go up 3-2 and come home. would be huge. >> we won in here. they won in our rink. and i'm not a big believer in the home ice thing. we have to come and execute and play. >> to baseball. while they wait on a decision whether cueto needs tommy johns surgery. they open a ten game road trip in atlanta. stratton is here for the long haul. seventh start of the year. freddy freeman a two run homer. braves up two in a flash. top of the second. giants tie it up. thanks to blan co. a two run triple. giants put up six in the inning. it's 8-3 giants they are in the seventh. raiders looking for line backer. signed away the leading tackler
7:56 pm
from the arch rivals the chiefs. dereck johnson. he played 13 years for kansas city. 14 probowl selection. the question is how much does he have left? he'll turn 36 in november. becomes the eighth free agent that the raiders signed this off season. who is 30 or older. looking for vets who can help win right now. >> we want to get better. there's a strong sense of urgency. we added young defense i have tackles and line backer. we like the direction we're headed. getting a guy like johnson i think could be huge. >> 49ers holding camp. second round pick crazy fast. set a record with nine punt return touch downs at washington. he sees himself as wide receiver. he's very good in that role. he knows as a rookie you have to do whatever it takes to get on the field. >> i have been around sports enough know that it doesn't
7:57 pm
always work out that way. there's a learning curve. there's someone ahead of you that's better. and there's really thing you can do is work as hard as you can. >> that kid is electric. he'll be fun to watch. >> thanks. >> join us tonight at 9:00 on coffee tv. california has just become the fifty biggest economy in the world. we'll lock at how it became such an economic jaug juggernaut. >> we're continuing to follow the developing news out of hawaii. hundreds are escaping from the lava including a family who moved to the estates only after their home burned in the north bay fire. coming up tonight at eight. it's a new episode of once upon a time. followed by marvel agents of shield. catch 2020 about the golden state killer and abc7 news at 11. >> a prior may of 1977 this day was just the fourth day of the
7:58 pm
fifth month of the year. then we heard a story from a long time ago in a galaxy far far away. star wars became an instant worldwide sensation. and enduring culture icon. that is as strong today as it ever was. ever since this day has become a holiday for fans around the planet. the force as depicted in the movie is not rea but what it is and what it represents certainly is. the force for good that connects human kind is very powerful indeed. the internal struggle between good and evil to walk in the light not dark. a theme. human beings have fought our own versions of darth vader and the empire for thousands of years. star wars resonates so deeply because it taps into the themes. on this special day, i'm among them. may the fourth be with you. i always love to hear from you. follow he on twitter and
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facebook. >> all right. thanks for joining us.
8:00 pm
okay, i understand apple, blueberry, and pumpkin, but why do you always make a rhubarb pie? nobody likes it. -mnh-mnh. yeah. it's the oakland of pies. i like it.


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