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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 1130PM  KOFY  May 4, 2018 11:30pm-12:00am PDT

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are you guys okay? >> emergency in paradise, hundreds of evacuated as earthquakes jolt hawaii's big island and lava oozes closer to a residential neighborhood. i'm dan ashley. >> i'm ama daetz, among those concerned about theirhomes, pair of residents who moved
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after they lost home in the north bay fires. >> can you imagine in katie utehs with developments. >> reporter: street level as hawaii's kilawaia erupts. a family who relocated from santa rosa following the north bay fires shared this video. never expected to be in the path of a natural disaster again. earthquak earthquakes registering at uc berkeley. >> it's this little piece. >> reporter: larst so far, 6.9 magnitude quake. epicenter in closed section of hawaii volcanoes national park. >> this is the beginning of the big earthquake. >> reporter: it can detect sizeable earthquakes worldwide. >> instruments with measure
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magnitude 5 to 5 1/2 or greater anywhere in the world. >> reporter: rarely threatens home. >> could something bigger come, we don't know. >> reporter: 1,800 people have been evacuated. abc7. >> united and hawaiian airlines are allowing passengers to change their flight without paying a fee. >> from lafayette after injuring both legs after falling on a ledge in yosemite, summit of the 3,000 foot rock formation, medical helicopter airlifted him this morning. he runs a climbing gym in concord. 15-year-old girl recovering after bitten by small
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rattlesnake in clayton. dana hills before 5:00 p.m. police and firefighters called to the scene, paramedics treated the girl on the spot before she went to the hospital. party on the eve of cinco de mayo in san jose. >> and sharks have a playoff game at home on sunday. >> katie marzullo with the story. >> reporter: what you see behind us is dui checkpoint, chp driving home the message that drunk driving will not be tolerated. at the same time gearing up for a weekend of large crowds. it's a tradition in san jose to celebrate cinco de mayo. >> think of mexico, how they crossed border, struggled in life. >> reporter: it's a day of pride or a business opportunity.
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>> cinco de mayo and 16th of september. main one. also because i get more work to do. this is where i get my living. >> reporter: for others a day to party and could last all weekend. >> let's go sharks! >> reporter: saturday is cinco de mayo and sunday the sharks play at home game six. san jose police anticipate the crowds will increase. >> special operations out in force, plain clothes officers and uniformed officers. working longer shifts this weekend. >> reporter: also sending message with overnight dui checkpoint. >> number one priority to make sure we get all those drunk drivers off the roadys. >> reporter: everyone is rooting for a safe weekend. in san jose, katie marzullo,
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abc7 news. stunning reversal for infamous murder case. vacated kennedy cousin's conviction and ordered a new trial. cornell bernard spoke with those who grew up with mokly in the east bay. >> stunned and disgusted with the justice system. >> reporte reacting to stunning news about the murder of her friend martha moxley, at center of infamous murder case in connecticut which drew international attention. kennedy cousin michael skaeckel convicted of bludgioning her to death but supreme court reversed the decision and ordered a new trial. justices ruled that former defense attorney failed to
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present evidence of alibi. she lived here in piedmont, went to middle school, childhood friends say she was one of a kind. >> never met someone who wasn't a friend. >> reporter: long argued the innocence, wrote a book about it. >> i'm just very happy. michael's been through a nightmare. he's innocent, we're happy that he's finally getting justice. >> reporter: a blow to moxley's mother. >> i'm so convinced he's guilty, no question about it. >> martha didn't deserve this. >> reporter: hopes family can endure another trial. released in 2013 after a decade in prison. cornell bernard, abc7 news. and we have news about us. abc7 sports anchor and reporter mike shumann announced
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resignation. admitted to taking a jacket belonging to golden state warriors on assignment in san antonio. released the statement, it is with sadness that i announce we have decided to part ways. i regret any embarrassment i caused the station. my recent actions do not represent the high standard of conduct expected at kgo or the integrity with which i have conducted my career. nothing but great memories working here and covering four world series, three super bowls, three nba championship runs, a stanley cup. i want to wish the station and all my colleagues the best as they move forward. it has been my pleasure to work with you. i also want to thank all the great viewers who supported me through the years through thick and thin.
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great run from super bowl champion 49ers to riding in parades with other champs in city by the bay. as 40-year resident, humbled by the support. hope to see you down the road. abc7 president and general manager released this statement. we thank mike for his 24 years with the kgo team and wish him all the very best. let me add that shue is a good guy, made a mistake, we wish him well. >> we do. still to come, san jose county sheriff facing queions from within the ranks. >> confusion turned to outrage, i didn't agree and expressed the fact. >> did sheriff lori smith delay arrest for suspected child arrest for suspected child molester for days for better
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geyser! [echo]stal! [echo] crystal! [echo] geyser! [echo] crystal geyser. always bottled at the mountain source. naturally. a shocking allegation coming from within the santa clara county sheriffs office tonight. >> that top brass delayed arrest of suspected child molester for days for better media coverage. >> investigation only on abc7 news. >> you don't have to be expert to see the potential danger here. detective who worked the case feels to strongly that delaying the arrest was wrong is speaking out tonight. >> arraigned on three felony counts this coming monday. teacher from broadway high
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school accused of molesting a girl last summer. >> and associated with little league team. around children constantly. >> matt peyton the primary on the case. he knew he was under investigation. considered him a flight risk. >> several things running through my mind as potential hazards. desire to pick him up immediately was strong. >> got the warrant and scheduled arrest for friday, surveillance team in place, word came down it was called off. >> going to wait until monday because better press day. >> tells me he was outraged and didn't hide the feelings seen though he thought it came from laurie smith herself. >> think it came from the sheriff. she was aware of the investigation because the school
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district was involved. >> to put the priority of good press, and i know the election is coming, it's unfaithomable, despicable. >> i contacted spokes people. see mail, assertions are patently false, interview requests denied so as not to give any further credence. found her at election event. >> reporting that your office delayed the arrest of suspected child molester for media purposes. >> that's been looked at. we communicated with your channel. >> it's not true? >> no. >> detective on the record on camera saying it is true. >> it's not. >> detective provided text statements. need photos of the suspect, got
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them, thanks. less than an hour later, off until monday, sorry, not my call. fired off e-mail later that day. feel it's negligent to leave a child molester free for any length of time. i understand the desire for positive press but don't feel it justifies withholding action. arrest came that tuesday and received wide media coverage. >> there are reasons sometimes to delay serving arrest warrant. media attention is not one of them. >> former san francisco police commander headed sex crimes unit, now a professor and cochair of the law enforcement advisory board. >> if it's that straightforward, wait for a better press cycle, that's wrong, unacceptable and should be answered for. >> tells me he's faced pressure.
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he's on paid administrative leave his lawyer says for trying to document the treatment he received. >> on paid administrative leave for allegations he improperly recorded conversation with superior officer. that's the extent of it. >> says speaking out has nothing to do with politics. >> i despise politics, want to be a good cop and take bad guys to jail. >> sheriffs department wouldn't adess his status. sayi saying personnel issue. >> golden state warriors lost against the new orleans pelicans, forcing game five at oracle. >> kendrick lamar concert scheduled that night pushed back one day to may 9th. >> hip-hop star is expected to perform to sellout crowd. weekend is finally here.
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it is the weekend. not going back. >> sandhya. >> how could you lose track dan? time lapse from brand new abc7 pier 39 camera. check out sea lions, adorable in the foreground. basking in the sun. in the backdrop the clouds are increasing as the day went on. not only high clouds but low as well. if you look at picture closely, this is what we're going to see tomorrow. live doppler 7 already tracking some of the clouds in association with a system off the coastline, holding the temperatures up tonight, quite comfortable in the 50s, 60s. live picture from mt. tam cam, beautiful view of san francisco tonight. has been breezy this evening but primarily near the coast. picking up over the weekend, wind blowing the pollen around.
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if you have allergies, will be tough this weekend. tree pollen is high, grass is moderate, weeds pretty much nonexistent. it's that time of year for bad allergies in the bay area. emeryville camera, fog layer has redeveloped. down to about 1,000 feet. not going far. near the coastline, stay there for overnight hours with high clouds. breezy and cooler this weekend. spotty drizzle. system will squeeze out a drizzle, drop the temperatures and kick up a wind. mid-40s to the low 50s. a few mid-50s. not terribly chilly but have a light extra layer. breezy at coast. up to the 70s inland. mild but not bright skies,
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filtered by the mid and high level clouds. forecast for cinco de mayo fe festival in the mission. need a sweatshirt or jacket. in san jose it will be nice, mild start, pretty mild in the afternoon, mid-70s and dropping. download the accuweather app and challenge out the temperatures. a's against the orioles will be cool. 54 degrees later on at night. cooler for weekend. 50s coast and 70s weekend. warm up, it's up/down time of year. overall pleasant. >> thanks sandhya. the local police chief on the may the
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may the fourth be with you. >> bay area police chief once did the biddingf the emperor and darth vader. >> tweeted this picture. imperial storm trooper in "return of the jedi." >> always wanted to be actor. this mug didn't work out. put a helmet on me. realized would be my path. >> last film in first trilogy. sports teams -- >> tough night. larry beil is here. >> two playoff games tonight, warriors and sharks, neither
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went well. don't make the unibrow
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good evening. steph curry turned back into a mere mortal and the warriors ran into a buzzsaw in new orleans, pelicans beat the dubs every way possible in game three of the playoffs series. you need to be on stilts for any chance of stopping anthony davis. steph getting the start after the knee injury, flexing there after foul bid jrue holiday, but he struggled. 19 points on 6 of 19 shooting. they attacked him. steph has no chance of stopping him. klay thompson started cooking in second but finished with 26.
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pells stay hungry. with authority, anthony davis, a monster. game high 33 points. 18 rebounds. win easily 119-100, game four sunday here onbc7. >> we're in a really good position right now. doesn't feel great coming out of the locker room losing the way we did, but up 2-1, chance to go 3-1 on sunday. >> what was the key overall in contributing to their low numbers? >> really think i'm going to tell you that? >> alvin will tell you nothing. sharks playoff game against vegas, two blowouts, two nail biters, tonight both. sharks scored with seconds on
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the clock. three seconds tonight. james neal rebound. alex tuch, hand/eye coordination to tap past martin jones. sharks wake up on kevin labanc goal. final 5-3 vegas. 3-2 series lead. game six is sunday back in the tank. >> we thought we had a chance for sure. were we playing good enough? not at the moment but got better at the end. that needs to continue now. doesn't matter what we felt. >> it's must-win game six. baseball, giants starting ten-game roady in atlanta. gregor blanco, two-run triple. score six times in the inning. brandon crawford. hit a home run and giants win 9-4. evan longoria also homered in
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the game. a's and orioles, fuoosball in te tree house. khris davis, next batter, matt olson, high, deep, aloha. guy in orange made the catch out there. a's win by 6-4. abc7 sports by river rock casino. going to be fun on sunday, warriors game 12:30 on abc7, see how they respond after getting punched in the mouth and sharks must-win also sunday in the tank or season is over. >> after theb&p


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