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tv   ABC7 News 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  May 6, 2018 9:00pm-9:30pm PDT

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>> peril in paradise as lava keeps flowing from kilauea. >> no end in sight to this disaster. number of homes destroyed on the big island has shot up to at least 26. >> yet another fissure has
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opened to spew even more lava and gas into the air with at least nine active vents. >> no time table for when they'll return. >> abs nancy gonzalez has some of the stunning images from this story. >> reporter: orange lava from the ground as more fissures open up. >> it was fuming. it was roaring. it was incredible. it was thundering. >> reporter: many preparing for the possibility they may not be able to return. this house destroyed where at least nine fissures have erupted so far. >> living here that's the gamble you take with all this beauty. and it's the volcanos. you have to just know that you live near an active volcano.
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>> reporter: volunteers setting up shelters. >> we needed to get information and we weren't find ago central place to do that. so i came together with my computer and we are asking that everyone provide us their name and phone number and if they have any pets. >> reporter: small earthquakes after a magnitude 6.9 quake here on friday. the largest to hit weigh in more than 40 years. the main concern now the lingering danger from sulfur dioxide the fumes from fissures immediate threat to life. >> only about half of the evacuated residents are being allowed back in. and only able to stay for a few hours. because officials are concerned the winds could shift carrying the toxic fuels. something they are keeping an ooh very close eye on. abc news hawaii. >> areas of hawaii national park reopened after they were shut down due to on friday due to dangerous gases in the air.
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earthquake friday especially the strong 6.9 magnitude quake did a lot of damage. national sporks person said soft opening with only limited services available. hawaii national park is popular spot and one of the few safe places for visitors to view volcanic activity. >> tomorrow more than 9,000 service workers at the university of california set to begin three day strike. union represents employees like custodian and security guards, they are expected statewide and locally u.k. berkeley. the union says sympathy strikes has been authorized for workers union and the california nurses association. ucsf medical officials say they rescheduled appointments in preparation. >> the body of a missing fisherman from daily city recovered yesterday. they found the remains of 39-year-old johnson ink 2:00
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yesterday on levy around the false river. missing since april 28 when he and another fisherman were thrown off their boat near antioch bridge. passer by rescued the other man. neither were wearing life jacket at the time. >> now a shooting that left one man in critical condition last saturday. police arrested 20-year-old of oakley and 21-year-old in attempted homicide. cell phone video you see here that night shows several gunshots being fired and people screaming at ship avenue. no one else was hurt. we also have new details about the man who died following a hit-and-run crash in the east bay. victim is 63-year-old man from antioch. investigators said he was hit and killed friday night along highway 4 near bisqueler road.
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officers were on the scene searching for clue. they think they were sold by 2006 tundra pick up or sequoia suv that might be miss ago front right headlight. >> and shooting involving a police officer. vet ors say adult man was found shot to death just after midnight story road and jackson avenue. in a second incident a few hours later, an officer opened fire on a robbery suspect near the san jose state campus. nobody injured in the gunfire. police say they were arrested and shut down many neighborhood streets during the investigation this morning. >> california republicans are denounce ago self proclaimed neo nazi running for u.s. senate as republican. he has been essentially banned by the gop and his reaction to getting kicked out is creating a stir. abc 7 news reporter cornell bernard has the story. >> reporter: leading republican candidate. self proclaimed and tie sem
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might patrick little pose this video on website after being rejected from california republican convention saturday. >> they had me in the building because i won't serve israel. >> reporter: little is seen standing on israel flag and even spits on it. >> jew those are not three letters that start the word judiciary. >> reporter: many clips have been removed by youtube due to their offensive nature. little who claims to be from albany is running against democratic diane finstein. put him in second place with a poll. board vote on resolution to condemn this guy. he has no support in the california gop. little's campaign website identifies him as a white advocate who favors limiting representation of jews in government. >> sne like this man comes
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along and sees the opportunity only needs a few -- >> reporter: isn't surprised because california republican party often won't challenge seats in blue districts. >> mr. little cannot win in california. but what he can do is use the number two position for a platform to raise his anti-semitic profile. >> reporter: did not respond to our request. in san francisco, abc 7 news. >> jeff sessions will visit the border. supposed to have a visit to the u.s. mexican border comes by stops by president trump and pence in months. >> deadly fire in florida may be first directly related to vape pen. inside the home nearly half
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burned. investigators are awaiting an autopsy for official cause of death. government report says nearly 200 people have been injured between 2009 and 2016 from electronic cigarette explosions. firefighters say vape pens can be extremely dangerous. >> and a small or little larger than a fire cracker in your hand and it can explode and then at that point it can project either the pieces of the lighter itself or the vape pen. they become pieces of flying debris and shrapnel. >> experts say explosions can happen if the lithium battery in the pen over heats. the shape of the device can cause them to act like flaming rockets. >> for many north bay fire victims flames erased years of memory. >> see how volunteers fill voids lost in the fires. >> and perhaps it can be described as only in san francisco. just ahead, we'll take to you a few simply known as how weird. >> and a little later in sports
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t the warriors looking to rebound from game three blow out in new orleans and we'll at the you ho this did. >> and meteorologist temperatures rebounding tomorrow after a cool weekend. but we have wild swings in the numbers crystal geyser alpine spring water starts here, passes through here, and is bottled right here. at the mountain source. naturally. crystal geyser is the only major u.s spring water bottled at the mountain source. naturally.
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geyser! [echo]stal! [echo] crystal! [echo] geyser! [echo] crystal geyser. always bottled at the mountain source. naturally. photographers and special event companies teamed up to help families who lost everything in last years devastating wildfires. those volunteers help the fire victims voids the loss of precious family photographs. today families lost their homes invited for three 30 minute professional photograph irs. 8 paragraphers were able to photograph about 8 families. >> so many gratitude.
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sweet people are sharing their stories. and it really made all of the effort putting this together really worthwhile. >> digital images will be delivered to families in the coming week right in time for mother's day. >> and east bay state assembly man will hold a hearing at the capital tomorrow about driverless cars. assembly man jim fraiser will be for safety. one of the 207 iks to be discussed is how to balance the concerns with the public benefit of those driverless cars. event begins at 2:30 and live streamed live 0 online. >> day for eccentric celebrations. >> yeah, just ahead book artist parades we'll ever see. >> and meteorologist super model is up ahead with the ac u forecast. >> drew has gotten really big. >> in sports the warriors and sharks both had big playoff
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games tonight but only one team had kevin
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>> an eclectic crowd broke down in san francisco today. they are feeling it. in the crowd i can see. the annual how weird festival brought together a diverse crowd to south of market area. music, art and creativity. celebrates everyone's differences and independent spirit of the city. >> turn off the disco ball or larry will never stop. >> art parade that you would expect to see burning man took over key west florida. about 20 mobile sculptures took part including one that spooked
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president trump all by kinetic creativity and everything from car parts to apply ances to bikes and build their floats. the parade is attribute to florida keys folk artists. stanley who was known for his quirky creations. >> now your tach u weather forecast withdrew tuma. >> accuweather finishing temperatures cool for this time of year limiting sunshine, but as you head into tomorrow afternoon you'll feel some warmer air. life doppler 7 fair amount of high cloud koefr overhead right now. managed to squeak out a few speaks of sunshine earlier this afternoon but tonight with cloud cover overhead we do not have moisture to deal with. picture outside live look from top pier 15 you can see we don't have the low cloud. good visibility from vantage point. and any fog will be very limited
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only along the coastline. temperatures 50s and 60s. 54 in san francisco. 58 in mountain view. same in san ramon. santa rosa checking in with temperature 59 degrees. over the next 12 hours, numbers drop. fog confined to the immediate coastline tonight. away from the coast we'll have really good visibility which means tomorrow we'll feature a lot more sunshine then we had today. so here's the set up in the atmosphere. live dob bler 7 ripple of energy to our north area of low pressure scooted by us today. it brought the cooler air both today and yesterday. but we are in pretty progress pattern which means high pressure quickly building in tomorrow. what that will do is set up shop over top of us tomorrow. bring warmer weather, but also brighter skies. however, right behind that, another area of low pressure that moves in midweek and will bring another cool down.
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so going to be some rapid swings in our temperatures next couple of days. 12 hour day planner tomorrow is all about the warmer air tomorrow afternoon. limited early morning fog by 4:00 you can see on the coast still a little chilly in the 50s but away from the cow's would go into the upper fikts. warmer spots in land closing in 80 degrees. so one of those days we have wide ranging temperatures depending where you live. highs monday 65 in san francisco, in 67 in san jose. 69 in oakland. about 78 in san that rosa. up to about 80 degrees. what to expect this week? all about our temperatures. tomorrow much brighter and warmer afternoon than what we experienced over this weekend. but by wednesday, midweek, it turns much cooler and the clouds come back. so wednesday this week does look to be the coolest day we have in the accuweather forecast. by thursday and friday, it's a late week rapid warm up. all indications this weekend it will be sunny and warm for may,
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much different than what we experienced. forecast, medium to high, oak mulberry main offenders. limitsed morning fog, copy forecast on tuesday, much cooler next week, but the numbers bounce up by thursday and friday mild to warm. and set to sweet next weekend. lots of sunshine above average for this time of year. >> now, abc 7 sports with larry beil. >> good evening, steve kerr wanted warriors to bring force in game four playoff series with the pelicans. message heard loud and clear dofs with decisive win. steph and the warriors on fire early. clay thompson with 3 of his 13 points. next position steph with 3, finished with 23. warriors 18 in the first half led. watch steph and clay exchange spots. and the pelicans guarding no one
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in particular. and anthony dixon arms had 26. lead shaved down to 7 at the half. but warriors 33-18 in the third. durant throwing it down. this is a great matchup kd over ad. who has the longer arms there? durant led all scores with 38. once the slim reaper gets going, good night. dofs had 28 assists. little particular tach toe action with a basket, blower alert, blow out alert. dray monday with a many haer. after losing game three 19 warriors win game four by 26. 118-92 take three series lead. >> how bad game three went and had to assert ourselves and turn the page and get back to warrior basketball flt that's something we are good at. >> way better as applier when i
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don't care at all. when i play free and aggressive and forceful. and i was able to make a couple 3s in second half bu it was just sticking to what i do. >> you are not going to beat them if you can't score 115 points. i don't care how good your defense is. i don't care what you do. you have to be able to score 110, 115 points to have any chance to beat them. >> both ends of the floor i thought our effort and the way we played was night and day from game three. so that's our team that you saw tonight. >> for sure game five is tuesday at oracle flt sharks must win game six against las vegas. trail three games to two. 6-18 all in game six. golden fans of the golden nights that's commitment right there. and they are polite. they passed on food to sharks lady. sharks could not ged anything past andre. second period bad turnover by
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san jose. then with a gift. 1-0 vegas. jones get turned away. 1-0 game. late second period smith appeared to go off the post, then went in. 2-0 vegas. four games to 2. season over for team teal. >> we always felt like we had a chance and came up short this one. it's right there. it's fine line. so we just have be a little better. >> giants and braves on willie mays 87th birthday. say pablo top of the third tied at one. sandoval with rbi single. look at the speed from allen on third, joe panics replacement, blanco doesn't get off the
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ground and safe. and tying run at third. giants win again 4-3 first sweep -- no, no, no. who wrote that. no, it was july of last year. a's and o's, i have to get one of those. pedro alvarez, whoops, both guys safe. scores on ground out to tie. matt olsen he has power, this is in the gap, left center, oh, what an effort by craig begin t gentry. that would be final a's sweeping. worse record. nice to win. and say happy birthday to willie mays. >> first ally hoop on
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tonight on abc 7 news at 11:00 raw power of nature on full display. just getting into the newsroom incredible images of lava shooting 300 feet in the sky nearest den shall neighborhood on hawaiiig island. >> and after louisiana kmedian tweeted he opened the warrior star would get shot. >> first charles barkley now this guy. >> what a mess. >> a ven tears infiniti war dominated box office. >> super hero film second highest grossing film two weekend with star wars force awakens, all-star from marvel topped the billion dollar mark in 11 days, first movie to do that. marvel owned by disney. >> to the top five now after
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avengers infiniti war overboard opened in distant second. quiet place in third, round be quiet place in third, round be top five i feel pretty and patrick, you seem pretty pissed today. what's going on? pissed? oh, no, i'm not pissed. everyone always thinks i'm so dramatic. "there's always something wrong with patrick." well, i'm sorry, folks. no show today. all right. lacey, what's going on with you? i am dying of loneliness. ah, there it is. the matinee performance of "okla-homo." i can't find anyone of any substance. every guy i go out with turns out to be a superficial idiot.


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