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tv   ABC7 News 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  May 8, 2018 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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students at san ramone valley high school hug and place flowers outside a swimming pool where a fellow student died today. >> the student was pooled out of the pool by fellow students and taken to kaiser walnut creek where he was pronounced dead. >> laura anthony has the story. >> with truck 35 for an
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emergency. it's san ramon valley high school. >> reporter: the 911 call came in just before 2:00 p.m., just after lunch at san ramon high school. a male student was found at the bottom of the pool unresponsive while police investigated a defibilator apparently used to revive the young man was still sitting near the deep end. abc 7 news has learned the student was discovered near the start of it fifth period freshman pe class. as the students were lining up they spotted a body at the bottom. >> this happened right after class. they quickly jumped in, she quickly jumped in and gave cpr until the medics came. >> they so far have not released anymore details about the victim and/or his condition. adan believed it was a student who dresses next him in the locker room.
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>> i know the kid, and it's just hard knowing that he's there one second and now he's not. i don't know he's going to be here tomorrow, and i hope to god he is. >> reporter: to update our story we've learned from the danville police that this teenage boy has died. the boy who was found here in the pool earlier today. danville police are investigating. we're still awaiting official information or any information really from the high school or the san ramon valley school district. laura anthony, abc 7 news. the mor mon church announced tonight it will completely sever ties with the boy scouts of america at the end of next year. the religion will move it's remaining boys into its own scouting program. the announcement marks an end to a close relationship that lasted more than a century. the exit by mormon leaders comes after the boy scouts decided in 2015 to allow gay troop leaders
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and announced last year it would allow girls to join as well. erin persky is breaking his silence four weeks before voters decide whether to recall him. he's been criticized for giving a six month system to a stanford student convicted of sexual assault. >> reporter: he says he was surprised by the backlash after he sentenced stanford student brock turner. students says persky's sentence was too lenient. why speak up now. >> i really think judges should typically zip it and take the heat, take the criticism. it's only when you get to a point where there's a very real chance that the recall will be successful, it gets serious for me. >> reporter: friends and supporters of the victim in the
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turner case collected petition signatures to recall persky. the election is four weeks away. persky says if he's recalled it might undermine the public confidence that judges will make the right calls. >> whether the public will believe that, whether they'll believe that a given judge is willing to risk his reputation, her job, her career over a difficult decision. >> reporter: however recall organizer and stanford law professor says in persky's case confidence needs to be restored. >> judge persky is elected. he is accountable to the people he serves, and on june 5th wee confident that the voters will vote against him to recall him. >> reporter: judge persky says this recall has been difficult for his family. he has sons age 7 and 9 who he's trying to keep insulated.
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he says it's tougher on his wife. hawaiian officials ordered new vacations tonight. the emergency agency is telling everyone in the lan puna area to leave immediately. this comes after two new vents opened. keith brook returned to find a mountain of lava from a fissure in his backyard. at least 20 homes now have been destroyed by these lava flows. >> wow. >> reporter: tonight on hawaii's big island residents on edge bracing for more lava flows after two new cracks in the earth opened up overnight. the tropical forest now a river of ash and red hot lava. roads slowly being consumed by a wall of molten rock. the number of destroyed homes rising overnight to 35. you can see the lava has destroyed that home right there,
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and it's also completely taken over this road. in some places it is stacked some 20 feet high, and you can feel the heat radiating from it. while the lava flows are quiet for now, hazardous fumes are still being released into the air. the national guard taking constant readings. >> we've to turn back because it's getting too high. >> reporter: how many times have you had to turn back inside? >> there's been at least three times. >> reporter: there's lines of cars of family waiting to see if their homes are still standing, nearly 1,800 displaced. what's the saddest 'ing the frurigfr thing for you right now? >> i saw three houses burning down to the ground. >> hawaiian tourism officials are trying to get the word out that travelers should not change their plans because of the volcanic activity. they say the airports are open,
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resorts and attractions are all operating as usual and the air quality is clean and safe except for the area where the lava is actually flowing. and the park has announced it has reopened the kalewailauea visitors center. live doppler 7 and this swing back to spring. >> yeah, already see the cueloo changes at this hour. you can see the fog has descended over san francisco. visibility has been fluctuating. in the past hour or so the lowest visibility we have seen is less than a 0.05 of a mile. temperatures out there 50s and 60s the name of the game. 64, though, in san jose. it's all about the fog tomorrow
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morning. future weather showing you 7:00 in the morning it's widespread cloud cover and fog first thing. warmer air in just in time for the weekend in the full accuweather forecast in a few minutes. former california governor has died. he was 89 years old. he served as california's chief executive from 1983 to 1991. he spent four years as california's attorney general before being elected governor. economic policies that led to california creating 2.8 million jobs kwurg his time has governor. a big boost today for university of california hospital workers on day two of their three-day strike. registered nurses and other employees also walked out in support. abc 7 reporter leanne melendez has more now. >> reporter: then a third union
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joined them, the university professional technical employees. >> an injury to one is an injury to all, and we can't tolerate that. >> we all work together and if they're not high quality, i'm not going to be able to deliver high quality. >> reporter: hospital employees with the federation of state, county and municipal employees will be back to the day after tomorrow. >> that's how we were able to move nurses around and give additional ratio coverage because we actually had additional staff. >> reporter: the uc system says it can't afford the salary increases that the union is demanding. in addition to higher wages the union wants less outsourcing of jobs. >> the service workers who devoted their lives to this
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hospital average $40,000 a year. >> reporter: a recent report by hud, the department of housing and urban development found that a family of four in san francisco, morin, and san mateo counties earning $135,000 or less a year is considered low income. uc's six medical sisters have been impacted including student health centers and campus facilities. there's no indication both sides are ready to head back to the bargaining table. well, the warriors are trying to closeout the second round of the playoffs right now at oracle. >> and that's where larry beil is live for us tonight. >> reporter: the warriors know that the rockets won tonight, so houston's already in the western conference finals. the question is can the doves take care of their business and finish off the pelicans tonight? we'll have the highlights coming up. thank you, larry. and protecting bay area
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neighborhoods from wildfires. tonight a look at what happens inside of a
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how you doing, everybody? larry beil at the call seeium
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complex, and we are live. we've got the a's playing to my right, oracle arena to my left where the warriors are trying to finish off the pelicans in game five of the series. it is going crazy inside. everybody is having a party including draymond green and the pelicans huddle. he's like, hey, can i join you guys? steph curry to klay thompson who throws it down. 4-2 doves. steph curry with the handles right there. durant with authority. but it pelicans would not go away. steve kerr also timed out, a three point game and anthony davis, he's impossible to stop the unibrow. man, loves to get up as high as he can. durant for three, rattles it home. 59-56 warriors at the break, and
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then the patented warrior third quarter surge. durant and curry. steph doesn't want to dunk it so k.d. obliges. the warriors are pulling away 88-65 in the third quarter. let's check out it rockets with the chance to closeout their series against the jazz. but the rockets, they know it's time to close. james harden, steel and finish at 18 points and cp 3. chris paul had never got toon the finals. had 41 and 12 assists. they advance to the conference finals, and they will host as the one seed in the west. unfortunately, can't say the sharks are advancing in the playoffs. this was locker room clean out day in san jose for them. and what makes it especially
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tough is they would have been playing game seven tonight with vegas if the sharks had been able to prolong the series on sunday and capture game six. instead, get all your clothes together we're packing for the summer. and we learned tonight joe thornton tore his acl and ncl back in january. same injury from last year but opposite knee. he says he's open to signing another one year contract if it means returning to san jose. >> you know, i want to come back, and i think, yeah, i'm sure we'll try to work something out. you know, i'm -- it's no secret i'm a shark. i want to come back, and know i'm going to be healthy when i come back. so i'm sure we can figure something out, but i want to come back. >> i have no doubt, and i told him i have no doubt he can
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recover from this. >> reporter: two acl injuries in back-to-back years. pablo sand doefoval, and the fa is mocking him. here in the third jorge high deep and on the mound first batter he faces carlos an santana and that is gone. his fifth of the year. and the giants fall. touching moment for steven piscotty getting a nice ovation following the passing of his mom yesterday, a couple of days ago actually. he ended up with a base hit but really an emotional scene here. third inning tied with the bases loaded, nobody out. marcus simmons forced 2-1 a's. that's all they would get in the inning. and in the fifth it's sprayer,
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two run score and right now it astros are leading 4-2 in the seventh. how about a taste of history? here we have it. james paxten tosses a no hitter, beats the blue jays. it was a 5-0 win, struck out seven and did it only 99 pitches. it's the six no-no in franchise history. and because paxten is canadian, the game was in toronto, and he does it in his home country. abc 7 sports brought to you by toyota. let me tell you, this is place in probably about an hour it's going to be a dance party. everybody is going to be dancing out here with the music because it looks like the warriors, they're up 20. they're going to win this game, going to move onto the west finals and it's just going to be party time and i'll be in the middle of it. >> good job, larry. fun stuff. all right, let's turn our attention to the weather. >> meteorologist drew tuma here
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with the forecast. >> certainly tracking that fog and dense along the coast. live doppler 7 along with satellite right now showing you that gray shading. this thfis the fog warning that will stretch into the east bay over the next couple of hours. so a lot of us tomorrow morning waking up with gray skies. showing you the san francisco skyline right now cut in half. that fog, the cloud cover, that ceiling is very low at this hour. pond is still an issue right now. tree pond still running at high levels. your main offenders gas pollen now on the rise. when the sun is out numbers very high. 63 though, and 61 in concord,
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and mild spot in antioch. there could be a coastal drizzle. for you folks along the coast you may need your windshield wipers early tomorrow morning. live doppler 7 along with satellite here's the setup. we can see an area of low pressure to our north brought that cold front today that ushered in the wind. the cooler temperatures late tonight and a cooler afternoon for your day tomorrow. right behind it we're in a really progressive pattern. high pressure builds in thursday night into friday. and that means overnight warmth will return as well. your 12-day planner on your wednesday a gray start for a lot of us. by 7:00 in the morning most of us are holding in the 50s. by 4:00 even with a decent amount of sunshine it is a cooler afternoon. a lot of spots will be stuck in
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the 60s around the immediate shoreline. a high of 69 in fremont. about 67 in richmond. 73 and sunny in san jose tomorrow afternoon. that warmup that will hit us by the end of the week, areas like red wood city, concord and santa rosa compared to tomorrow. friday some 10 to 11 degrees warmer. oakland will finish out the week 8 degrees warmer and san jose 8 degrees to round out the week. a bit of a dip in our temperatures tomorrow. planned the next seven days for you. cooling continues around your wednesday here. that sun will help to warm us up with warmer winds. friday we're calling it warm to mild out there. on saturday it's going to feel warm no matter where you are. and mother's day looking sun soaked and spectacular.
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the cdc tweeted a picture affpapoppy seed muffin and added this, ticks can be the size of a poppy seed. can you spot all five in this photo? the responses range from i'll never be able to eat poppy seeds again. they issued a tick in cheek comment saying sorry we ticked some of you off. don't let a tick bite ruin your summer. i can see their point. >> yeah, i think i spotted one. up next president trump tears up the iran nuclear deal. >> the fact is this was a horrible one-sided deal that should have never, ever been made. >> what he's putting in place of that deal. iran is already warning might what come next. voters went to the polls today with the country watching for any sign of a mid-term blue wave. and the annual development
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made with delicious cholula hot sauce,ack. crispy jalapenos and pepper jack cheese on a signature bun. yep, this is my third one today. the new cholula buttery jack. part of the buttery jack family. only at jack in the box. and we begin this half-hour with the primaries in indiana, north carolina, west virginia and ohio. >> results are pouring in with what some are predicting will be a new wave in the mid-terms. >> reporter: in a closely watched senate primary race in west virginia state attorney general patrick moracy won the republican nomination. they feared that out liar candidate would be the nominee. but hours after the polls closed
9:31 pm
he trailed the two candidates and then conceded. >> in any event, it didn't work out. >> blankenship built on anti-establishment campaign similar to trump's in the general election. he say recently released from prison on misdemeanor charges after 29 employees were killed in a mining explosion. running ads against senate majority leader mitch mcconnell that had a racial tone towards his wife transportation secretary. scar candidate roy moore failed to clench the senate seat in a ruby red state, trump personally weighed on on the race, tweeting that blankenship, quote, can't win the general in your state, no way. president trump won west virginia by more than 40 percentage points. >> in indiana republican greg
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wens w pence won the nomination. and mike brawn who fashioned himself as a trump candidate won the primary after spending $6 million of his own money. abc news, washington. let's turn your attention next to president trump's decision to pull out of the iran nu nuclear deal. in a speech seen here in the united states and carried live in iran he called the deal disastrous. america's allies had urged the president not to do this, and they are reacting and so is iran tonight. abc news chief white house correspondent jonathan carl has more. >> reporter: denying our allies and keeping a campaign promise, president trump is taking the united states out of the iran nuclear deal. >> the fact is this was a horrible one-sided deal that should have never, ever been made. it didn't bring calm. it didn't bring piece. and it never will. >> reporter: this is no half
9:33 pm
measure. the president declared he is reimposing sanctions waived as part of the deal, all of them. >> america will not be held hostage to nuclear blackmail. >> reporter: under the iran nuclear deal iran agreed to shutdown its production of weaponers grade uranium and allow national inspections. but the president says it falls short and it doesn't prevent iran from supporting terrorism or building up its missile program. >> at the heart of the iran deal was a giant fiction that a murderous regime desired only a peaceful nuclear energy program. >> reporter: anguished by today's decision former president obama. the iran deal his chief foreign policy accomplishment. today in a statement he warns the united states could eventually be left with a losing choice between a nuclear armed iran or another war in the middle east. and tonight from iran's
9:34 pm
president an ominous threat. asawn ruhoney announcing he has ordered iran scientists to prepare to start enriching you're yanium again if necessary. when i recently asked the president with that prospect he answered with a threat of hez ow own. >> you'll find out about that. they're not going to be restarting anything. if they restart they're going to have big problems, bigger than they've ever had before. >> reporter: today the president cast his message to iran as a message to north korea. >> the united states no longer makes empty threats. when i make promises i keep them. >> reporter: the president announced mike pompeo in korea again tonight laying the groundwork for the much anticipated nuclear summit with kim jong-un. perhaps the most anticipated is
9:35 pm
how a nuclear deal with north korea would be verified. after all north korea already has nuclear weapons and it is the most secretive and isolated country on the planet. jonathan carl, abc news, the white house. >> european leaders say they would stay committed to the deal even after president trump's announcement. british prime minister theresa may, french frezpresident emman macron and gutierrez had all warned the president not to scrap the deal. a shell company company that president trump's attorney michael cohen used to pay hush money to stormy daniels received more than $1 million to a company. releasing a memo today detailing what he said were wire transfers from the russians going into and out of the shell company
9:36 pm
account. that russian oligarch has close ties to russian president vladimir putin. president trump has acknowledged the payment was made but denies the affair and says the money had nothing to do with his campaign. >> the issue of artificial intelligence is so hot the white house plans to hold a summit this thursday to discuss all the ramifications. many in big tech expected to be there. among those on the list representatives from facebook, amazon and google. the main topic will be how to regulate this emerging technology since so many companies are now experimenting with ai. google's developer conference comes just two days before a white house summit on artsficial intelligence. jonathan bloom found out today's announcement was all about technology getting smarter. >> reporter: 7,000 app developers became 7,000
9:37 pm
screaming fans as google took the stage and announced a bug fix. but the rest of the show had a theme, art official intelligence. >> i think the big story with ai is we can useatizetilize a toole the app better. >> google can understand the friends in a photo and in one tap share the photoee with friends. >> reporter: the google assistants has new voices. >> good morning, everyone. >> i'm your google assistant. >> reporter: including some famous one. ai makes them sound human, so human google had an assistant schedule a haircut. scott stein had comments about that. >> i thought that was really creepy. why are you placing robo calls to people who aren't in it on.
9:38 pm
>> reporter: google's self-driving car unit made a surprise appearance to talk about it. >> we're not just building a better car. we're bidding a better driver. >> reporter: we lost say wamos ceo in a court case with uber. >> we have pedestrians who are dressed in inflatable dinosaur costumes. now, we haven't taught our cars about the jurassic period but can still classify them correctly. well, there's now a job opening for every unemployed person in the country. the labor department reported 6.6 job openings in march, a record high matching the 6.6 americans looking for a job. stocks partially recovered in the final minutes of trading after a day long slide. the dow was up nearly 3 points.
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the nasdaq closed up just over 1 1/2, and the s&p was down less than a point. the operatic flash mob that showed up in oakland today. >> this week it's about made in
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people hanging out today at oakland city center got an operatic surprise. a flash mob of 50 broke out into song during lunchtime. it helps develops and promotes singer's careers. organizers say this impromptu choral event took about ten months to plan, and from the
9:43 pm
looks of the crowd it was well worth it. >> at the valley center for performing arts to give money to the upcoming and singers out there. san francisco celebrated some of its creativity of its home grown small businesses today. inside city hall for sf made, the pop up shop feechatured mor than 40 artists and makers. the mayor checked out their handiwork. >> sf made and what we're doing here in san francisco, i want to doing everything i can as mayor to support our small businesses, really to support san francisco products. we have such a growing industry here in our own city is awesome. oftentimes people aren't aware of it, so events like this really increase awareness. >> the mayor said he also did some mother's day shopping while
9:44 pm
praising local businesses for employing thousands of people in san francisco. if you haven't made it to the san francisco's museum of ice-creamyet, you are in luck. it's been so successful it's running for another four months. it'll now run through the end of september. tickets for the extended run will go on sale tomorrow. tired of the bay area housing crisis? who isn't? right now you can solve it with a game. it allows you to get a better understanding of some the issues at stake. as you can see the game tackles issues like travel, views, gentrification and open space. it's designed for 2 to 12 players and typical games run an hour, maybe two. it was developed as an educational tool for the bay area renters fed rageration. meteorologist drew tuma is standing by and an update on our forecast. and coordinating responses
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to fast moving it's not just any streaming.
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seven months ago deadly wildfires sparked across the north bay killing more than 40 people and destroying thousands >> today pg&e revealed a new state-of-the-art operations center. >> reporter: this is utilities hub for all of its wildfire prevention measures in northern and central california where they'll coordinate efforts with first responders and deploy their own fire fighting teams headed by its partners cap stone fire and safety management. >> the risk of wildfire season is so great that we felt we needed really to stand up a specialized function that specifically is looking at wildfires. >> reporter: critical to the
9:49 pm
op center is a weather station that kicks back reports from high risk fire zones and tracks monitors the areas. this is also where pg&e will make the controversial decision whether to shutoff power to communities. >> the risk of a fire starting and the risk of its spreading is so severe that as a last result shutting down the power makes sense. >> reporter: the op center comes on the heels of the deadliest and most destructive wildfires in the state's history. the north bay wildfires where more than 6,000 homes were destroyed, 40 people killed. the santa reesa fire department says at least two fires were caused when pg&e's fire lines aren't setting fields on fire. it's been slapped with more than 100 lawsuits. but pg&e says the north bay fires were not the new reason for the new op center.
9:50 pm
>> it's really focusing on the conditions that are changing. >> the lawsuits were they -- >> not a factor at all. >> reporter: both puc and cal fire are investigating to find out what caused them. most of it lawsuits, by the way, claim thia tilt failed to main tape its power lines andthality pg&e did a poor job of clearing vegetation from around their lines. vick lee, abc 7 news. >> meantime people in the north bay keep finding ways to give in the aftermath of last fall's fire storm. >> tonight the story of a different kind of gift. not money but one of life and hope. >> reporter: it's a big garden for a small backyard. but when penny philips goes to work here the green thumb takes over and for good reason. >> the fact most of these plants are my moms. >> reporter: these photos left behind after the north bay fire
9:51 pm
storm and another project for the future, 40 saplings. it's taken to her place well beyond lemonade or lemon meringue pie. >> people would say, yay you're doing good with your lemons and then we caught on fire. >> reporter: turns out there were a lot of lemon trees throughout coffey park and the burn zone and people began to missed them and then they foundufound out about penny. that is tonia williams just after she picked her sapling this morning. it >> it's right there. >> that's all that's left? >> that's it. >> i think it's one of the sweetest things penny can do to
9:52 pm
give back. now that word is out penny is trying to keep up. in a region that has suffered so much penny's lemon tree gesture matters. >> giving people back a little something that's alive, everything was gone. >> reporter: not gone anymore because the lemons trees are making a come back. wade freeman, nbc 7 news. >> so nice. >> yeah, really nice. let's talk about the weather forecast as we hit midweek. that midweek forecast features cooler area, and tonight we have fog that is hopefully dense in spots. oogt visibility haes been fluctuating the past hour. forecast showing you tomorrow morning the majority of the region waking up to gray skies
9:53 pm
about 7:00 in the morning. and we do expect the areas that do have the fog only confined to the coastline. drop into the 50s across the board. 53 in oakland, dropped about 54 and a little coastal drizzle. tomorrow the take away, clouds to southbound. 66 in oakland, up to 63 in san francisco. the accuweather seven day forecast tomorrow is the coolest wave had and looking nice and bright. and early next week twarm paper to partly cloudy skies. 60s and 70s the name of the game next week. stay with us. uber is going to new heights. >> yeah, the the
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coming up tonight on abc 7 news at 11:00, guess what, the war wrrz i moving onto the nba conference finals. sports director larry beil will have that for us. also an sf police officer is now being accused of making up stories ubhimself including his role in the death of osama bin laden. and his proud armenian heritage helped shape his vision
9:57 pm
for california. tonight the reaction to passing of former governor george dumagian. >> reporter: urban elevation in l.a. is closer than you think. using your uber app you'll be able to show up at a sky port near you and fly to work in what uber calls vertical take off and landing aircraft that will travel more than a thousand feet above the ground at speeds of 150 to 200 miles an hour. >> we really want to show the people of los angeles what will it be like in 2023 when we launch this for real, when you can push a button, get a flight and cruise over traffic as
9:58 pm
opposed to riding it. >> the two day conference bringing together leaders in e theavuation and technology industries as well as government stakeholders uber says will help them figure out the safe and right way to deploy uber air. nasa is among them. uber announcing today nasa will help create industry standards, route paths and faa procedures. meantime aircraft manufacturers are showing off their prototypes. >> our goal is it's got to be quiet, 100% environmental conscious, emissions free and affordable. >> reporter: the aircraft transporting four passengers at a time. >> in the the beginning the prices will be similar to what we had with uber black, a more luxury service. but over time we'll estimate it'll be roughly the same price
9:59 pm
of a uber trip the same distance. >> we'll be wizzing around soon. >> all right. well thank you so much for joining us tonight. >> from all of us we'll see you again in one hour. >> that's right. over at 11:00 on channel 7.
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