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tv   ABC7 News 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  May 9, 2018 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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three american prisoners held in north korea are on their way home right now. president trump first tweeting the news. they're flying out with
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secretary of state mike pompeo. this is the first glimpse of that long journey home during a fuel stop in alaska. good evening and thank you for joining us. i'm oma dates. >> and i'm dan ashley. president trump says he will personally welcome the three men home when they touch down at joint base andrews about 11:00 our time. >> abc news reporter terra palmerry has more now from washington. >> it represents something very important to this country. >> reporter: after spending years in a north korean prison enduring hard labor the three men are on their way home. they're expected to land on andrews air force base during the early hours of the morning with secretary of state mike pompeo. president trump tweeting i will be there to greet them, very exciting. >> and i appreciate kim jong-un doing this. >> reporter: pompeo had been in
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north korea to lay the ground work for the upcoming summit. the status of the hostages was considered an obstacle ahead of the upcoming summit. the president said the location for the meeting is set and will be announced in three days. >> will it be the dmz. >> reporter: the president has remained optimistic about bringing lasting peace. >> a lot of things can happen. a lot of good things can happen, a lot of bad things can happen. >> reporter: and surprisingly admitting he's not ready to take a victory lap, saying he would rather have a successful mission rather than a nobel peace prize. >> the prize i want is a victory for the world. >> reporter: when the president's attorney rudy giuliani said the hostages were already released, and at the time the white house couldn't confirm it. abc news, washington. >> again, the plane carrying the three freed prisoners and expected to land sometime after 11:00 our time tonight at joint
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base andrews. we will bring it toia live over on channel 7. iranian forces fired 20 rockets from inside syria towards its positions on the golden heights. the attacks were seen as a response to the u.s. withdrawal from the iran nuclear deal that president trump announced this week. israeli military defense says some intercepted those missiles and jerusalem has retaliated with rocket attacks near damascus. back in the bay area officials say pepper spray was released in a high school classroom in san jose. this all unfolded at oak grove high school around 3:00. ten students and a teacher in a biology class were affected. students reported a strange smell and some were having trouble breathing. some were decontaminated and sent to the hospital, some sent
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home. some students left without receiving treatment. >> if one of those students who left, here's this message. what we want them to do is shower at home, wash their clothing, and if they start to experience any symptoms at all, we want them to call 911. >> the symptoms can include trouble breathing, teary eyes or itchiness. also at valley medical center four medical workers had to be decontaminated overnight. it started after a workering in hallster had chemicals splashed00 them, and during the flight some crew members reported having some respiratory problems and itchy faces. firefighters didn't know the exact chemicals the original patient was exposed to but narrowed it down to two acids and two bases that could have been mixed together. >> we were able to determine that it was just stuff that needed to be deconned with soap and water, and we were able to
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do that with the assistance of valley medical personnel and get the patients cleaned up. >> workers were evaluated by doctors and they appeared to be okay. the usgs is kilauea volcano, if explosion do occur at the summit areas within a half-mile would be subject to bombardment by material weighing as much as 10 to 12 tons. lava from the volcano has destroyed up to 36 structures so far this month. the hawaii national guard says it will be increasing its patrol after reports of burglaries. about an hour agoest was a magnitude 7.2 and followed by a 4.0 a minute later. and then two 2.7 quakes and nearly a dozen after shocks since then. there have been no reports of
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injuries or damage. let's talk about our weather. we are seeing some strong winds coming off our ocean tonight. >> drew? >> yeah, oma aama, and dan we'r seeing those winds. it is bouncing a bit. those winds have been pretty active all afternoon. they continue to do so. sfo has wends over 30 miles per hour. fairfield, wind gusts 25 miles per hour, 15 that currentgust in oakland. but the winds will strengthen especially friday night. so it's for that fact we have high wind watch going into effect friday night, lasting through saturday morning for high winds. saemgs t essentially the north bay hills and the east bay hills and the santa cruz mountains. the highest threat with these winds friday night will be above a thousand feet in our hills.
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those winds will come out of the north east. 24 to 40 miles per hour gusting higher than that. there is a chance we could have some downed trees and power lines. we'll detale til the numbers inn the full accuweather forecast. new details tonight about a police officer who accused other officers of ethnic discrimination. >> reporter: it was in april when this officer of afghan dissent filed a formal complaint with the city. >> i experienced racial and religious harassment. >> reporter: he claims someone even sketched an isis flag on his locker with an inscription go back. he did not want to be identified for safety reasons. san francisco public defender jeff adachi who represented him at the meeting gave examples.
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>> his sergeant which is his superior officer asking about his background and and saying do you know about any talibans. >> reporter: abc 7 news has learned that in 2013 he was subject of a napa all points bulletin in a suspicious persons case. they alerted he told a woman on a dating website he was a high level cia agent and he was involved in the killing of osama bin laden. they issued this bulletin about their encounter to bay area law enforcement agencies. in 2015 the officer applied to the oakland police academy. the department told abc 7 news he briefly attended the academy as a trainee and that in march he was dismissed by the department. a source with knowledge of the dismissal says the officer was kicked out for, quote, unkru
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untruthfulness in assignments. gray says the reason for his dismissal from oakland depends on who you talk to. and he add izhis client passed a lie detector test and a background check when he was admitted to san francisco's academy. gray also says the officer denies putting himself out there as a cia agent and using an alias. he also denies saying anything about obasama bin laden. he cannot comment because he says it's quote, an employment matter. san francisco police also declined to comment on the specifics of the story including questions about the extent of its background checks for new recruits. a spokesman says only they're taking the officer's complaints seriously and they're conducting a thorough investigation. vick lee, abc 7 news. thousands of striking university of california cooks, cust toadians and other workers
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will be back on the job tomorrow. members of the american federation of state, county and municipal employees union wrapped up their three-day strike today. they were join said once again by nurses, pharmacists and other medical staffers. the walk out forced medical centers to close and reschedule thousands of appointments and surgeries. reports say the union is demanding 20% raises over three years. the uc system is offering a 3% annual raise. a fired alameda sheriff's deputy is now working as a school resource officer. and school officials learned about his past on facebook. >> it's not the way that you would ideally want to learn about something in somebody's background. >> only on abc 7 news the second chance for a deputy who was accused of covering up a vi videotaped beating. a helicopter captures a
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crash with nature that was a little too close for comfort.
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only on abc 7 news an alameda county shaefrs deputy fired for allegedly bribing witnesses is once again a police officer in california. >> osborn was one of three
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deputies in to lose their job in connection with a 2015 beating. as of last week he's now protecting kids as a school resource officer. >> school officials learned about this on facebook. >> reporter: in this may 1st facebook post gus teen police department writes we are proud to introduce shawn osborn, our newest full time police officer. they write he's a 20-year vet and also filling in as a gustine officer. you can see osborn in this video swinging a gold chain that reportloadly belonged to petrov striking him more than 40 times after he led them on a high-speed chase into san
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francisco in 2015. osborn arrived afterwards. the allegation, that he gave petrov's gold chain to a homeless couple who witnessed the beating to silence them. osborn was not charged criminally. brian is gustine unified school district. some commenting on the police department facebook post. >> that's not the way you would ideally want to learn about something in somebody's background. >> reporter: ballenger spoke to the police chief. we assured they'd gone through an expensive background check. >> reporter: neither the police chief nor the city manager responded to our requests.
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osborn will fill in as sro through the end of the school year. ballenger says he'll work with the police department to hire a new one in the new year. four more states are now reporting deadly illnesses. the centers for disease control and prevention has sickened 21 people in minnesota, north dakota and texas. that brings the total to 149 victims in 21 states including one death in california. officials say it's unclear if newalenessess are still occurring or if there's just been a lag in reporting illnesses. we have an update on the gray whale that washed up on angel island. it was a 44 foot long female. her injury was likely in
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collection with a ship, a propeller, perhaps. a helicopter captured a sicacker santa cruz county encounter that was a little too close for comfort. it shows a dark figure in the water. that dark figure is a great white shark, right? at one point the kayaker falls into the water to make it even worse. he scrambles back up. the helicopter pilot says he circles around to make sure he's all right. all right, let's turn our attention to the weather. >> meteorologist drew tuma is here. getting a bit cool out there. > tonight will be breezy. but we will usher in warmer temperatures just in time for the weekend. live doppler 7 along with satellite showing you it's a
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really quiet picture. some high clouds streaming in from the north bay, but we will not have the fog. it's balancing a bit, but we have really good visibility out there. fog will not be an issue for most of us tomorrow morning, but that wind is circulating a lot of pollen out there not only tonight but also the next couple of days. tomorrow it'spedeium. as we get you into friday, especially saturday with warmer temperatures and the winds picking up, right now your main offenders are oak and mulberry trees and grasses still on the rise, too. sempture wise right now out there 50s and 60s the current readings. 59 in san jose and right now vallejo checking in with a temperatur of 62 degrees. fog really limited overnight
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tonight. pretty much right along the coastline near the santa cruz mountains. for most of us it's a mainly clear sky with high clouds passing from time to time. and upper 40s through lower 50s will be your starting temperatures. what we have are two features to our coast. first, an area of low pressure to our north and an area of high pressure to our south. over the next 24 hours we'll continue to have these gusty winds. the winds will kind of ebb and flow tomorrow morning. away from the coast it's not all that bad. we do expect the winds to pick up onshore as well. you see by 5:00 in the evening gusting along our coast and throughout the area we'll likely see wind compare from about 10
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to 24 miles per hour. a lot of sunshine tomorrow, and it will be a bit warmer tomorrow afternoon than we happen today. it was 70s around the immediate day shoreline. so 71 your high tomorrow for your month, about 65 and breezy in san francisco. and antioch the warm spot coming in at 88 degrees. even warmer friday. but remember those winds create a high wind watch friday night into saturday morning. there's a warm weekend, and then early next week, guys, temperatures go back to reality so to speak. 60s and 70s for much of the lat r part of the forecast. coming up next solar required. and amazon's drone program and amazon's drone program gets snubbed by the
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geyser! [echo] crystal geyser. always bottled at the mountain source. naturally. starting in 2020 all homes built in california will be required to have solar panels. under the new rules residential homes and low rise apartment buildings constructed after 2020 will include solar panels. the panels will only kpaberate the energy crisis from local leaders. >> we've been working with the builders for the last ten years to get them comfortable with solar and they absolutely are. >> however, solar panels are expect today jack up construction cost saids by over 10,000 per home. the state's building standards commission must give final approve for that plan. spacex will conductitial
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latest launch tomorrow at cape canaveral with a new version of the falcon 9 rocket. it's the last major version of the vehicle that spacex plans to make. it's designed to improve the mannequin nine's reusability, and that's something they need. the new rail cars will run on both the richmond fremont line and the day springs city line. foilss expect to have 80 new cars in service by the end of the year. up next the president's attorney under scrutiny. the millions paid to michael coman. >> also they knew they were in trouble immediately.
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and a man's offer to help save his man's
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this is a live picture from joint base andrews with three american detainees freed by north korea at last are expected to arrive in less than two hours. they left pyeongyang on a flight with the secretary of state mike pompeo. president trump says he will be there for their arrival even at that late hour. as you can see a large american flag is there to greet the men. we'll have live coverage of their arrival over on channel 7. now of our other top story
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which has to do with the president's attorney michael cohen. what was the money for and where did it go? >> reporter: tonight more cameras and new questions following it president's personal attorney michael cohen. >> any response to avenatti the. >> his response is inaccurate. >> how do you feel about you may have changed an election? >> a memo alleges cohen used the same shell company that facilitated her payment in that hush agreement for essential consultants for transactions totaling $4 million in 2018. and tonight questions surrounding the $500,000 avenatti says he received from a company, a russian billionaire who reportedly attended the
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neweler investigation and was questioned by the team. it says it hadding to to do with vexilberg. and now we're learning of other companies who paid cohen millions in looking for help working with president trump. >> now you have the right hand of mr. president, of mr. trump all of a sudden starts taking all this money for american corporations and then what. >> among the payments $200 from at&t. the company says they paid to get insight into understanding the new administration, and pharmaceutical giant acknowledges they paid cohen
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1.2 million. now to an abc news exclusive. the hero pilots who got that swet flight down after an engine failure that resulted in a midair explosion. for the fist time they're speaking out about that emergency. you'll probably remember the shrapnel shagsed a woom. a woom w a woman was nearly sucked out and pulled back in. she did not survive, though. >> reporter: describe to me the moment when you heard that bank, what kind of bang, what went through your mind? >> it was rather radical and then yawned and began its beautiful dissent.
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and-round randall handled it. >> we're passing it through about 2,300 feet when we heard a loud bang and hap darren is just very easy to communicate with and we had to use use hand signals because it was loud and it was just hard to communicate for a lot of different reasons. >> you can see the entire interview friday night on 2020. we move now to president trump's new pick to head the cia. gena hasical was on the hot seat on capitol hill being drilled by senators of the records involving advances techniques.
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abc news reporter mary produce has more. >> q. latifah: 30 years in the chateaux a covert agent. >> i think you will find me to by a typical class american, but her career has been anything but typical. i recall my first meeting with foreign agent. it was on a dark moonless night with an agent i'd never met before. >> what we do know today sparked protests. hasic hasical reportedly led a black site prison in thailand where suspects were reportedly water boarded. >> i would not restart under any circumstances an interrogation at cia, under any circumstances. >> but democrats press further.
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do you believethal previous interrogation techniques were immoral -- >> senator, what i believe sitting here tad is we support the higher moral standard. >> will you please answer the division? >> tenure, i think i've answered the question. >> you said not only does it work but you would bring it back. >> i would bring backwater boarding and a hell of a lot worst than. >> if this president asks you to do something that you find morally objective, will you car it out in that option or not. senator, my moral compass is strong. i would allow the cia to
9:36 pm
undertake activity that was immoral. >> reporter: right now she does have the support of at least one democrat, senator joe mansion of west virginia which means as of now mary has the best to appear. senate democrats head by ed marquee filed a petition today. the cia is a rule allowing congress decisions by government agencies. it would prevent owners from blocking or suspending traffic. los angeles police are looking for whoever took the iron man suit from a movie prop storage facility. the iconic suit was used in the 2008 iron man film starring of course robert down, jr.
9:37 pm
it is estimate today be worth $325,000. a report was filed yesterday but the seat tewent missing. let's take a look what he posted on facebook. he first offered a truck as part of a river. i would do anything to trade places with her, but as you know that's impossible. robinson's wife suffers from a nonreversible liver disease and a trance plant is the only option. the controversy brewing as
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some pet store owners are trying to keep a chain store out of their community. >> healthy spot is a pet and grooming chain store with 13 locations in southern california. abc 7 news reporter explains the controversy. >> reporter: san francisco's snowy valley neighborhood is known for being child and dog friendly. it's also one of those places that embraces small business. so when it was known at the southern california pet and grooming chain store wanted to leave into the lection other pet store owners protested. >> are they going to poach the groomers? are they going to come in and offer like crazy coupons, free grooming, you know, just because they can until it hurts the small local grooming shops? >> healthy spot is requesting a
9:42 pm
conditional use permit from the platting condition. in order to obtain one healthy spot would need to prove two things. one that there was there was a need and a desire like the pet store. she says there are enough pet stores and groomers within the community, but this valley resident disagrees. >> they offer different services to different pet stores, so maybe they can work together to up with options. >> arial mudean ezsays she'll continue to buy at her local pet shops. only a few chains have been allowed here because the community wanted them.
9:43 pm
in san francisco, lyanne melendez, abc 7 news. and nasa releases an amazing video of
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drones flying without a pilot in sight. today the federal government announced the first ten plays where they will allow it to happen on astruct strictly experimental basis for the time being. jonathan bloom explains what it means for the future of drones. >> reporter: never in trngz has something so little been so big. >> the most significant new development in aviation since
9:47 pm
the beginning of the jet age. >> reporter: announcing the next ten applications. google's parent alphabet will ma work towards builders, and amazon even with videos like this did not make the list. >> kansas as you know is the air capital of the world. >> reny, where a start-up will delivery ne delivery program will truly save lives. >> it will open up a whole slew of new opportunities for industry. >> david berman works at airmail. they needed special kmechlitations for instance to fly at night. >> things like water intrusion which can only be detected at
9:48 pm
night. >> he spent six years working on the faa. >> we're not used to seeing this. >> reporter: other countries soar past the united states with excelling real world uses for drones. north carolina neal says possible opinion is clear people are worried about safety and privacy. he says the gump is doing the right thing by making these applicants work with their communities. >> drones might be operating in downtown areas, and people want to have a voice how that takes place abc 7, news. nasa has released new tadata collected by the juneau mission during its fourth pass over the planet. its infrared companytures were
9:49 pm
to give an insight how the inside of the polls work. the lowest is negative 117 degrees pharfahrenheit. >> not quite that cold. >> draw tooma here with the weather. a few high drouclouds from to time, but that's about it. we do not have any moisture at the time being. for now, though, 40s to 50s for next hour, some patchy fog stretching down towards santa cruz. a reel start high it for the day, high on thursday. 65 in san francisco, about 69 in oakland, 74 in an jose and 78 the high in sans santa rosa. it's only a nice looking day. we'll have party cloudy skies
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early on. otherwise a lot of nine for most and temperatures pretty much where they should be. bright and breezy tomorrow and guesty in our hills. saturday and sunday spring and warmth and mild inland monday before temperatures drop a bit tuesday and into wednesday. >> thank, drew. well, if last night win over the wellkens, the golden state holders tickets go on sale. >> warriors insiders get their shot at 3:00 p.m. for the squleneral public. game 1:00 against the rockest is set for may 14th in houston. >> and the good news is the tickets will be dirt cheap. >> you know what, that's show
9:51 pm
and tell. four years in a row now. the rockets have the best record in the league, warriors wrrz were number two. woo squemay need a bit of swrega
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good evening. warriors came in second to the rockets in the west this year. they lost two out of three in houston for regdular season. but odds have made the warriors favorites to win in houston. doves and rockets remember opening night? for the win. a fraction of a second too late. see the red. still in his hands so they lost by one. and also two meetings in january. both teams had key players out in those games. we know this, it's going to be the biggest series chris harden
9:55 pm
and james have ever played. another speed bump in the way on this magical run. >> i think harden missed a game, k.d. a game, andrew a couple. it's a weird game because we haven't played them in so long. >> i think both teams are different, playing better. i try not to look at those games. it's a matter of playing well and we'll see what happens. >> we don't have to say nothing. >> we aren't talking about how bad we want to runoff and play somebody. if you're in the way of that, then you happen to be in the way. but we're not walking around like, yeah, we want to play them in the conference final. it doesn't matter to us what he
9:56 pm
plays. >> i like his jacket. joel embiid, and how about jason tatum up to al horford. it's a 2.5 boston lead. joel embiid powering to the hoop. no call, missing, stripped, ball out of bounds. terry rojeer knocked it off his knee. five points left, for three and now it's down to one. philly needs two to tie. the long in bounds pass is intercepted. 114-112 celtics move on. giants playing the phillies tomorrow. 10:00 a.m. pacific time. you can only watch that game on facebook. so watch the game and maybe post pictures of your break gast at the same time. two for one.
9:57 pm
a giant fan gives a kid the ball and he throws it away. this is again franco. that is way out, 3-0. bases full, phillies in the fifth. str strattan. the final in this game was 11-3. on this day eight years ago dallas brayden tossed the 19th perfect game in league history. the historical moment couldn't have been scripted anymore. his grandma was there to witness it. it was great. she came down from the stands and they had an emotional embrace. first pitch at the colosseum and
9:58 pm
let's hug it up. so sweet. a star cruising most of the day. sliding catch and no score in the sixth. jeb lowery, or he is so hot right now. defending champs in the seventh. next batter is derek fisher. dead center, back-to-back jacks. his get swept 4-1. have you ever tried doing yoga in steel towed construction boots? the warriors held a yoga class for all those building their building. warriors pose, warriors building. lisa is the senior director of corporate dmukzs and the
9:59 pm
teamioga instructor. she teaches agdilla to avoid injuries. i was going to do bow and arrow, and they told me i was out of time. i was going to demonstrate but the clock is the clock. >> well, there is the 11:00. we will carve out some time for that. >> coming up tonight in ubt an hour three freed americans who are held prisoner in north korea are expected to live in washington, d.c. we're live as president trump welcomes the men home even this late. also the great lengths and many miles two people traveled to save a trapped kitten. >> the bad news is all for the moment we appreciate your time. >> not allowed to touch the set. >> we need an excuse.
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do it. >> d (dramatic music) - i'm former fbi agent joe pistone, the real donnie brasco.


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