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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 1130PM  KOFY  May 9, 2018 11:30pm-12:00am PDT

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only tylenol® rapid release gels have laser drilled holes. they release medicine fast, for fast pain relief. tylenol® breaking news, three american men get their freedom back tonight. >> and any minute now they're expected to land at joint base andrews. let's take a live look now at the military airport in maryland where the president,irst lady and vice president are waiting to greet the freed prisoners. >> north korea released them as gesture of good will before meeting with president donald
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trump and kim jong un. >> any moment now the president is expected to leave the white house for joint base andrews. this release of these prisoners, symbolic and a victory for the president ahead of his summit with dictator kim jong-un. >> welcoming three detainees from north korea. >> represents something important to this country. >> reporter: landing in alaska before meeting with mike pompeo, president trump tweeting, i will be there to greet them. very exciting. >> and i appreciate kim jong-un doing this. >> reporter: status of the prisoners was considered an obstacle ahead of the upcoming summit. from t white house president
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said the location of the meeting is set, announced in three days. >> will it be the dmz? >> it will not. >> reporter: president cautiously optimistic about denuclearizing the korean penin la. >> lot can happen, good things and bad. >> reporter: saying would rather have successful mission than nobel prize. >> prooize i want is victory fo the world. >> president trump is expecting to leave the white house with the first lady any moment now. live ptures as well waiting for that moment here in washington. again the ex-prisoners released a statement through the state department thanking president, secretary pompeo and people of the united states for bringing them home. reporting live, abc7 news. >> thank you kenneth. another live look. vice president mike pence as
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kenneth just mentioned, partf the team from the u.s. government to greet the three men as they return to the united states. two planes, one with former detainees and another with mike pompeo aboard, landed in anchorage, alaska, en route to joint base andrews, not far from washington, d.c.. expect for trump and his wife melania to join them. detained with heavy labor in north korea. as soon as they arrive, we'll bring you live update, carry it right here. >> for now tell you about high school students in san jose recovering tonight after apparent pepper spray incident in classroom. dozen people had to be
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decontaminated. >> sitting on the grass, asthma, eyes burning. coughing. >> reporter: one of six people taken to the hospital after incident in high school in oak grove, sanjose, reported strange smell, having trouble breathing. moved to lawn for treatment. >> can't go to her, might be contaminated. of, what is i don't know. >> 12 decontaminated on campus, others taken to hospital. >> had friends, coughing bad, skin red. >> reporter: the school district said it believes it's pepper spray. unknown number of students left before help arrived. said they should take precautions. >> one of those students who
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left hears this message, shower at home, wash their clothing. if they start to experience any symptoms, call 911. >> reporter: including trouble breathing, teary eyes, itchiness. abc7 news. ac transit bus driver arrested today for carrying a loaded gun on the job. alameda county sheriffs say that stephen williams had e-mailed supervisor saying he would carry a gun out of fear for his safety. deputy met with the driver and found a loaded pistol on his person. posted bail. new developments, released this sketch of suspect who robbed teenager of cell phone at gunpoint, saturday in downtown palo alto, approached, demanded the phone.
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refused. pulled out gun, still refused. punched teenager and took his phone. vigil for student found dead in danville. 15-year-old ben curry was found at bottom of the school pool yesterday afternoon, pulled to surface but attempts to revive him failed. counsellors were at school to guide students. police still investigating how he died. sfpd officer with disturbing questions in past could be accepted to police department is raising questions. how thorough are the background checks for candidates? >> it appears that background checks don't catch everything, why this particular officer was able to slip through the cracks. >> this is the officer detailing
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harassment he says he experienced at the police department. >> racial and witness harassment and blatant misconduct against citizens. >> of afghan descent doesn't want identity known. but he was suspect. said he was involved in the killing of osama bin laden. >> all kinds of reasons they leave the police academy and could be hired somewhere else. >> teaches criminal justice at usf. every peace officer goes through state-run background check. >> if you're not arrested, police report not generated, might not pick it up on backgrounds investigation. >> according to attorney denies
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putting himself out there as cia agent and using aliases, saying anything about bin laden. still under investigation, internal affairs and equal opportunity employment office. police department in central valley faces criticism after hiring new officer fired following brutality case in bay area. shawn osborne was a deputy for 20 years before losing his job in 2013. here's why, camera captured two other officers beating a man they chased. believe that osborne took a gold chain, gave to homeless couple to silence them to not tell what they saw. posted that osborne would be a
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school safety officer. >> not the way you want to learn about something in background. >> fired other two deputies, charged with assault in connection to the beating. earthquakes centered around geyserville, 4.2, 4.0, and two 2.7 quakes andaftershocks since then. no reports of damage. warning that kilauea volcano could have explosions, sending rocks flying into the air to pelt areas within a half mile of the summit. lava flows destroyed 36 buildings so far. forced nearby residents to evacuate. >> feel the lava flowing under you. sitting in the living room, feel
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the vibration, it's strange. >> national guard is patrolling evacuated areas following report of looting. plane descends. >> people behind the controls at the time are sharing their experience. >> first thoughts actually, here we go. >> coming up, pilot tammy jo schultz talks about the moment she knew the plane was in trouble. dead whale in the bay has issuing warning to visitors. sandhya patel, windy and warming days ahead, with a warning. coming up. "jimmy kimmel live." >> thanks. it's all here for the taking tonight. there's a scene in the movie you speak wooky with taco
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has your love for tacos turned into an obsession?. my $3 taco deal with three of the tacos you love and a refreshing drink can help. try my $3 taco deal today. new at jack in the box. there ya' go. breaking news in emeryville, live look at accident blocked all but two lanes, as many as six cars might be involved in the crash. no word on when all lanes reopen on westbound i-80. new details of gray whale dead in the bay, likely died after hit by boat. off angel island, the rangers urging people to stay away. >> studying the gray whale, first spotted floating friday,
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by saturday the carcass washed up next oakland airport. tuesday had it towed to angel island for neck ropcy. the carcass was bruises and fractures in the skull. believe the adult female was hit by large boat. >> on inaccessible beach. >> spoke by phone from the island. place to research the whale. visitors need to stay away. >> visitors have tried to access the beach on a very steep, almost cliff-like terrain. it's not safe. >> marine mammal center hopes research will protect animals and habitats in the future. abc7 news. two southwest airlines pilots speaking publicly first time since landing crippled jet
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liner safely after engine failure. hearing the challenges that they faced on april 17th. parts of the jet's left engine broke apart, shattered a window, causing loss of pressure, put on oxygen masks and described what they did next exclusively to abc7 news. >> we had to use hand signals because it was loud and it was hard to communicate for a lot of different reasons. >> one passenger jennifer reardon sadly died after partially sucked in broken window. ordered inspection of the same type of engines in the tragedy. much more in abc news exclusive interview on "20/20," abc7. tune in for that. weather.
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>> gorgeous day today, lite bit cooler and windier, meteorologist sandhya patel is here. >> reverse the trend but not wind. cooler to warmer, wind will increase. live doppler 7 right now. we do have high clouds passing through the bay area, breezy across some parts of the bay area, live look from east bay hills. breezy, bright, milder tomorrow. warmer into the weekend with nice conditions, changing but nice, for mother's day. wind trend into the next day or so, what is going to happen. typical breeze expected into tomorrow. afternoon/evening ramp up 25 to 30 miles an hour. which we expect around this time of year. no surprise. windier conditions are yet to come friday night. right now temperatures are pretty mild.
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most in the 50s, 60s, 48 degrees in los gatos, wind is holding the numbers up. high wind watch, north bay, east bay hills and santa cruz mountains. northeasterly wind, dry out fuel. if we had moisture in the fuels, higher fire danger. downed trees and power lines not out of the question. be vigilant. friday afternoon the winds kick up. friday night, calistoga, over 30-mile-an-hour winds, gusty into the wee hours of saturday morning before relaxing. because of the wind, fog will be patchy tomorrow morning. few patches. clearing. mid-40s to mid-50s to start the day. milder afternoon. inland highs in 80s warmest
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spots. coast the 60s. still enough of a breeze. if you suffer from allergies, tough day. mother's planner. morning fog, 7:00 a.m., winds relax. cool to comfy at noontime. mild inland, fog at coach, breezy but not windy. download the accuweather app and follow live doppler 7 anytime you want. breezy and milder tomorrow. gusty winds in hills for friday. warming up to low 60s, mid-80s, warmer, sunday mother's day cooler. carry over to the middle of next week. overall looking fantastic. >> thanks sandhya. all right. let's take a live look now. go outside, joint base andrews, we're awaiting the president and
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first lady as the three americans are finally being freed by north korea. >> vice president mike pence is there with his wife, president trump arriving any moment now to greet them. expected in within the next 10 or 15 minutes. we'll keep you updated. tomorrow on "good morning america,"
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a live look once again at joint base andrews. president trump and melania trump have just arrived to greet three americans held in north korea doing heavy labor for upwards of two years. 2:30 in the morning at joint base andrews where the greeting
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will take place when the americans return home. >> and will bring it le. waiting on special report. for now president and first laid have just arrived and waiting for detainees to arrive. >> no doubt very close. president wouldn't have arrived too far ahead. sports. warriors turn three-point shooting to art form, rockets have taken it to another level,
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good evening. rockets are obsessed with
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beating the warriors, what houston's gm has been dreaming about. warriors hoping to turn the western conference finals into houston's nightmare. opening night, october 17th, kevin durant, would have been the game winner but tad late, won by one. this will be the epic clash of the titans we've been waiting for all season long. >> were guys missing in all three games we played both sides. harden missed a game. k.d., andre. >> both teams are different, playing better. try not to look at those games. >> want to win another championship, don't matter who is in the way of that. if you're in the way of that, you happen to be in the way. >> nba tonight, sixers and celtics, game five, joel embiid enjoying grapes. 18 seconds left.
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philly down, powers to the hoop, misses twice, lot of contact, no call. out-of-bounds, stripped by terry rozier, sour grapes. five seconds left, j.j. reddick, hits three. one-point game. philly needs two to tie. marcus smart intercepts the bomb there. boston is going to the eastern conference final to face the cavs again. b boston takes series. threw a perfect game on mother's day. grandmother at game came out to hug her grandson, pitched his way into baseball history. today threw out first pitch, one more hug. perfect.
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now. defending champions get to daniel mengen in the seventh. max stassi hits home run and derek fisher the same, back-to-back blasts. a's swept 4-1. brandon belt foul ball, throw it's back. that's the enemy. in the fourth, maikel franco against chris stratton, way out, 3-0, in the fifth bases loaded for carlos santana, drives in a pair. giants trounced again. outscored 26-5 in last three games. abc7 sports by river rock casino. >> that's not good. >> don't have to be sports expert to know that. >> abc7 news continues online, twitter, facebook and mobile


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