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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 7PM  KOFY  May 10, 2018 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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breaking news. a san francisco police officer who accused other officers of discrimination has been fired from the department. the late-breaking on this story. they only took the appliances, we show you what's left after airbnb guests ransacked their home. why is this clinic on the verge of shutting down? how the heck do you lay down 3.2 miles of the wrong track? now, from abc 7, live breaking news.
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and good evening, i'm dan ashley. >> i'm ama daetz. sources say that sfpd officer who accused other officers of religious and ethnic discrimination has been fired. >> they will only say the officer has left the department. yesterday we reported new details about the officer's past that raised questions about his credibility. >> the officer of afghan descent filed a formal complaint. he said he was discriminated against because he was muslim. >> in 2013, the officer was the subject of a napa police all points bulletin. apb. police were told that he told a woman on a website he was a high-level cia agent and involved in the killing of osama bin laden. >> we learned that before he joined the sfpd he was kicked out of the oakland police academy for untruthfulness in
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assignments. we were told yesterday that he passed a lie detector test and background check when he was admitted into san francisco's academy. >> he denies putting himself out there as a cia agent and using an alias. now we will continue to keep an eye on this story and update you on our app as well. and now to a story you'll see only on abc 7 news tonight. >> they called my mother right away and said you won't believe what happened. >> here's what happened. an airbnb rental ransack, tonight only abc 7 news has the story of a bay area homeowner's worst nightmare. sheriff's officers and airbnb are looking into the burglary. >> the owner was shocked when she found out what had happened to her house in discovery bay. eric thomas shows how much those burglary ars got away with. >> reporter: the entrance to the weekend home in discovery bay
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says "welcome". it does not say "help yourself." but between sunday and thirursd, the people who rented the home did just that. the first warning came when her mom checked the security cameras. >> 3:00 a.m. is when my mom noticed that the security camera went out. that's when she thought, okay, something's wrong. >> reporter: emily, who doesn't want her las name used says that's because burglars took the security cameras. >> basely all the appliance, espresso machine, blender. >> reporter: cleaning staff found the full extent. they took washer and drier and tried to take the dishwasher and couldn't. this door was ripped right off its hinges, and this hinge damaged so badly it comes right off in your hands.
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the burglars coated the floors with vegetable oil. they have reported the climb ri airbnb and the police. >> it's insane. is it, was it that worth it? >> reporter: airbnb sent us a statement saying they have zero tolerance for this behavior and the renter is permanently banned from their platform. the family will be supported with their million dollar host guarantee program. now to new developments in the ongoing saga of the central subway project in san francisco. the wrong track was laid down. not a little bit, over three miles of it, and it now needs to be ripped out and replaced. the subway will replace the muni t t-3 line. the project is already a year
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behind schedule. dion lim is live with this story. >> reporter: it almost sounds like a bad joke. how on earth could contractors install regular strength steel when they are supposed to install extra strength steel. one thing is for certain. this is causing lots of headaches, and not just for drivers. >> this whole city is hard to drive around. >> reporter: jack hughes has been making deliveries for years. news of more delays is the last thing he wants to hear. >> i'm literally driving two and a half times more miles, looking for parking. >> reporter: independent auditors discovered contractors installed 2.3 miles of regular strength steel, not extra strength. the inbound and outbound tracks passing market street will have to be ripped out and replaced.
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>> oh, really? >> reporter: already nearly a year behind schedule, the latest delay could push completion into the early part of 2020, unacceptable for jane kim. >> i am now a co-sponsor of the hearing. and we will hear it on the oversight committee. we have o gto get ahold of thes run away contracts. >> reporter: the cost is also exceeding the original $1.6 billion price tag by tens of millions. sfmta is asking they pay for all costs for repairing the track. >> when a contractor installs or does anything that is against what is specified in the contract it is up to them. >> reporter: there's nothing much they can do. >> we have to deal with it. glad they're going to fix it instead of live with it. >> reporter: our call seeking comment was not returned.
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dion lim, abc 7 news. doing the right thing, that's apparently what motivated a murder suspect to plead guilty today in a shocking courtroom confession. the 19-year-old victim named her killers with her last breath. abc 7 news reporter leslie brinkley was in court today for the plea and explains what it means for the second suspect in this case. >> reporter: lysette quest's father sat in silence as he learned that one of the accused in the murder of his daughter was pleading guilty. the charges were read aloud and he loudly replied, murder, guilty, assault with a deadly weapon, guilty, causing great bodily harm, guilty. the charges could potentially put him away in prison for life. >> it is his hope and his wish that his decision to take
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responsibility today will bring some level of peace and closure to ms. questa's family and loved ones. >> reporter: earlier in the day, gross's pregnant girlfriend entered a not guilt plea to the same murder. it was back in february that 19-year-old lysette questa was found mortally wounded and crawling. she had beentabbed repeatedly. she later died at the hospital after giving authorities the names of the two people she said attacked her with a knife. gross and leonardo wer arrested at this home in modesta and charged request questa's murder. shaken family members declined to comment on camera after the pleas were entered. questa's father had this to say. >> no. they have to pay for what they did. it won't bring her back. but i just don't want them on the streets.
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>> reporter: the d.a. indicated to the judge that they will pursue sentencing as a first degree murder. there will be no trial. gross will be back in court on june 11. in dublin, leslie brinkley, abc 7 news. new at 6:00, two sonoma county fire dartments work together to put out this structure fire. the santa rosa fire department posted this on twitter. it started around 1:15 this afternoon west of lano road. governor brown issued an executive order to protect communities from wildfire. it boosts education and outreach toe landowners on the most effeive ways to reduce vegetation and other fuel sources on private land. the budget includes $96 million to support this initiative.
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a peninsula doctor is among those concerned about the future of an addiction treatment plan at a time when opioid addiction is a major problem, demand for intervention exceeds capacity. david louie has the story. >> reporter: andrew blatt specializes in addiction. he learned that the future of a chemical dependency program in san mateo was given a limited reprieve from being closed. he believes a 21-bed facility is vital to addressing the growing issue of opioid addiction. without such a program dr. grad explains what he thinks would happen. >> people would be taken care of on regular hospital floors with people who are not skilled with taking care of these issues, both from a physician standpoint and from a nursing standpoint and a social services stand point. >> reporter: they would not provide details about its
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dependensy treatment program. they sd there are no dramatic changes at this point or in the chemical dependency program. our concern is a closure would limit treatment opportunities when the need is greatest. >> i'm shocked to hear that they would do that, because what we hear all the time is how there's an epidemic of people who need help with this. >> reporter: jim buckner is the chief operating officer and intake manager at project 90, a san mateo non-profit that has operate add treatment program for 46 years. >> anytime a treatment program closes it's a great loss to the community. >> reporter: alumni say they're going to put publish pressure on center hill not to shut down the program. david louie, abc 7 news. a vacaville school bus driver faces a child abuse charge after an incident involving an 8-year-old girl
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with autism. >> surveillance video has been obtained and we are here with the story. >> the girl's parents want you to see this video, because they want to know if other children have paced the same treatment. the parents are planning to sue the district. 64 year old bus driver wanted the girlo sit while others filed off. she ripped away her backpack, the girl crying. then the driver tried to get her off the bus, an incident that led to that criminal charge. >> just seeing the level of anger and violence that this woman that it was okay to impose on an 8-year-old special needs girl was absolutely uncalled for. >> i dig further into what happened. you'll hear what kloppson said to the little girl. that's coming up on abc 7 news at 11:00. >> look forward to that report, thank you, dan. next on abc 7 news at 6:00, a team coverage explains why two
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mayoral candidates are forming a partnership. >> even though one of them can win the job. strong gusty winds are coming our way. i' give you a look at the weekend forecast in just a moment. a couple is told their concert tickets aren't good. but this time counterfeit tickets weren't the issue. i'm michael finney, we'll sort it all out.
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a broad rally sent stocks solidly higher for the second straight day and extended the market's gains for a the week.
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the dow climbed to 7,439. the s&p rose 25 points. less than a month until the june primary, and the mayor's race in san francisco took an odd turn today. >> two of the candidates form add an alliance to try to defeat london breed who leads in the polls. >> could that work? >> reporter: while london breed was busy casting her vote, her two opponents were rolling out their new campaign strategy. >> i'm proud to be the first candidate with mark leno to take advantage of the choice voting system. >> reporter: because san francisco has rank choice voting, people can pick their top three candidates. now mark leno and jane kim are asking their supporters to vote for them as their first and second choices, which could jeopardize l general ard -- jeopardize london
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breed's chances. let's say i vote for leno as high number one, kim number two and breed number three. but let's say that leno comes in third. he is now out of the race. but my vote now goes to kim. it's worked before in the 2010 oakland mayoral race against don peratto. then candidates joined forces early on in the race. quan ended up defeating peratto. a political strategist say it is >> rebecca caplan was never d. going to win that race. she was willing to sort of be wingman, wing woman for gene quan. i'm not sure jane and mark are going to be each other's wing people. they both want to win the race. >> reporter: here's how brieed
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reacted. >> i hope think makeey make a g decision to put me in office. >> reporter: it's still any one's game. lyanne melendez, abc 7 news. >> now she, plained how rank choice is behind kim's and leno's strategy here. it's a complicated issue. >> this is what san francisco voter also see when they vote for mayor. the ballot asks you to pick a first choice, second choice and third choice. but once you pick them, then what? how does the rank choice voting algorithm come up with the winner? let's go to the abc 7 cafe. i'm going to explain using sticky notes. we'll keep it simple. let's say purple is my top choice. but if can't take purple, i'll take blue, and if blue doesn't win i'll go with orange. now let's add up everybody's votes. 20 sticky notes for every
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candidate. purple has 7. if it has over 50% as in11 votes, it wins the election. if it doesn't have the majority things get interesting. the bottom votegetter is eliminated. that would be orange. orange voters. now we go to your second choice. two more for yellow, one more for purple. purple still doesn't have majority. so now, a new round. the new bottom, blue, gets yoe limb mated. and blue voters' second choice votes are distributed. and thousand and now we have a majority. yellow is the winner, even though it started out with fewer first-choice votes than purple. get to know the candidates in the mayoral race. we have a questionnaire from each candidate on abc 7 kristin sze, abc 7 news. the date has been set. in just over a month the net
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neutrality rules will be repealed. the fcc voted in november on blocking websites or charging more for delivery of certain sites. but the fight isn't over. senate democrats have forced a vote on the issue next week. abc 7 news weather anchor spencer christian is tracking the forecast. we're almost to the weekend. >> and mother's day is coming up. >> we have changes coming up before mother's day arrives. you probably noticed how breezy it is. it's still mainly sunny out hear. we have --we have a nice day. it is 60 degrees in san francisco right now. oakland, 62. upper 60s in mountain view and san jose. 71 at gilroy, 55 at half moon bay. this is the east bay hills camera. we have a few then clouds around and fog is way offshore.
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napa, 72. mid-70s at fairfield, concord, and 70 at livermore. this is the view from our abc 7 pier 39 camera, looking at the sea hlions. but it will be gusty in the hills tomorrow night. sun e sunny and warmer. let's take a look at surface wind conditions right now. pretty windy, 24 miles per hour here in san francisco. all around the bay, wind speeds between 15-20 miles per hour, and those winds are going to increase. and going into the next 24-36 hos, as a result, a wind advisory is in effect from 7:00 tomorrow evening until 5:00 saturday. winds will be 25-40 miles per hour with gusts expecd to reach 55 miles per hour which could increase fire danger. and certainly, there will be blowing debris.
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bear that in mind. on we go to our forecast animation. i want do show you how clear it's going to be along the coast the next day and a half or so, going through the day tomorrow and tomorrow night. but midday saturday, we'll see fog coming back to parts of the coastline. it will fill in. so mother's day will begin with fog at the coast. and it will be a slightly cooler day than the next two days will be. overnight, look for clear skies with low temperatures mainly in the low 50s. then tomorrow, sunny and warmer. still breezy. highs will range from mid-60s at the coast. and mid-80s in the warmest inland locations. on saturday, very similar conditions to tomorrow. it will cool down on sunday, mother's day, mainly mid to upper 70s. and it turns even cooler on monday. here's another look at that cool down. there will be minor cooling on sunday and further cooling going into early next week.
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by wednesday and thursday of next week, look for high temperatures to be below average. a big warmup tomorrow to a fairly significantcooldown late next week. >> that will be nice. coffee is key. >> local research
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you wouldn't believe what's in this kiester. a farmer's market. a fire truck. even a marching band. and if i can get comfortable talking about this kiester, then you can get comfortable using preparation h. for any sort of discomfort in yours. preparation h. get comfortable with it.
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better luck tomorrow with perhaps a minute to go. spacex aborted the launch of a falcon-9 rocket which would carry bangladesh's satellite. it is bike to work day, and with traffic worse than ever, people are urged to give two wholes wheels a chance. cycling cheeraders waved signs, directing bikers to stop at an energier station. the stations provided coffee, snacks and bike tuneups. cyclers say it gives you much more fry dom. >> it's wonderful to see the freedom of the bikes zipping by while vehicles are stuck in traffic. >> they are offering free membershi
7:27 pm
memberships which usually kwost $15. there could be one secret to more productive meetings, coffee. uc davis found that participant whose had coffee before the meeting rose the performance than those without coffee. they tested out decaf. those who had caffeinated coffee gave higher ratings. >> chocolate ice cream might be a good idea. hawaii's volcanic eruption could go from bad to worse. >> gases aren't all that people have to worry about. >> who is this random person texting mebout a political campaign? i'm jonathan bloom with how they got your number and why it's legal, ahead on abc 7 news. also hear four new murder
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made with delicious cholula hot sauce,ack. crispy jalapenos and pepper jack cheese on a signature bun. yep, this is my third one today. the new cholula buttery jack. part of the buttery jack family. only at jack in the box. . we have all heard of robocalls, but lately, political campaigns have been doing
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something else. now they're texting you. >> ah, they are. abc 7 news reporte jonathan bloom explains how they got your number and why it's legal. >> how would you react if you got a random text from a campaign? >> not favorably. >> reporter: and yet that's exactly what happened when our co-worker reggie got a text from gavin newsom's campaign. >> it's like an invasion of your privacy. how did this political like whatever get my number. >> some company sells it? >> reporter: turns out they had your number all along. just like political phone banking, campaigns are texting you at the number you gave when you registered to vote. >> i am so grateful to all of you. >> reporter: it started durk the last presidential campaign. now newsom's campaign is one of many. >> texting hundreds of thousands of voters for a week. and this is an effort to talk to voters in a way that's native to them. >> reporter: in 2018, texting is how we communicate.
7:32 pm
campaigns have seen the results and they're giving it two thumbs way up. >> it's unheard of compared to e-mail or traditional phone or door-knocking operations. >> reporter: most people we've talked to rather a text than a phone call. >> with a text can you read it and oh, okay, whatever. >> reporter: and that's exactly what the campaign is hoping for. rose is a real person. the law requires every text to have a real volunteer at the other end. >> if folks do want to unsubscribe or be remove, we do that immediately. >> reporter: supervisors look over the texts and make sure it's done. in san francisco, jonathan blume, abc 7 news. new at 6:00, no one was hurt, thank goodness, after a esla crashed into a starbks in los gatos. it happened at about 4:00 this afternoon on blossom hill road. there were employees and customers in the store but no injuries. the building did obtain minor structural damage.
7:33 pm
n word yet on why this car crashed. we sent out this push alert today through the abc 7 app. the suspected golden state killer charged with four counts of first degree murder in sacramento county, these are in addition to those in orange and ventura counties. he is suspected of 12 murders and 50 rapes in the 1970s and '80s. we have the details of today's charges. >> reporter: he may be hd to picture as a prolific serial killer, but prosecutors have pegged joseph deangelo as the man behind at least eight murders attributed to the golden state killer. today the number was bumped up by 50%. >> i have decided to file four counts of first degree murder. with special circumstances against joseph james deangelo. >> reporter: prosecutors say
7:34 pm
deangelo was behind a 11-year reign of terror in california in the 1970s and '80s. the former police officer and father of three a suspect in more than 120 blurks, more than 40 rapes and now 12 murders. >> each of the four counts carry the potential for sentence of life without possibility of parole. or the death sentence. >> reporter: santa barbara d.a. dudley's charges are in connection to two double murders, two doctors in 1979 as well as sherry domingo and gary sanchez in 1981. both those cases happened in the goe leida area. >> we never stopped hoping or believing that an arrest would be made. >> reporter: investigators were able to track down deangelo after using a free online didn't matching site. they are they found one of his relatives was a close hit to dna found at a crime scene.
7:35 pm
that led to a match when they checked deangelo's dna. a big break for families of those killed decades in the making. >> violent cold case never grow cold for victims or their loved ones. they never do. in fact, most of them spend their lives feverishly seeking answers and desperately hoping for justice. >> reporter: rob hayes, abc 7 news. three americans held prisoner in north korea are enjoying their first evening back on u.s. soil. kim dong-chul, tony kim and kim hak song waved to onlookers in maryland at 3:00 this morning. president trump and the first lady were on hand to greet them. mr. trump called the return a quote, special night for these three really great people, his words. he also thanked the north korean leader, kim jong un. >> he was nice in letting them go before the meeting.
7:36 pm
i mean, frankly, we didn't think this was going to happen. and it did. >> the three men are now under observation at a military hospital. they will be reunited with their families after what hospital officials call a quote, optimal period of decompression, which we hope won't take too long. hours after the prisoners' release, president trump tweeted the date and location for his historic meeting. the first between the sitting u.s. president and the leader of communist north korea. it will take place on june 12, a little more than a month from now, in singapore. developing news now from hawaii where scientists are warning that the kilauea volcano is on the verge of a new explosion. increased seismic activity has been detected. a big eruption could send ash, steam and sulfur and toss six-foot wide boulders up to a mile away. the park which is normally open 24 hours per day is closing at
7:37 pm
10:00 tonight and will be completely shut down tomorrow. a well-traveled man spent the day in san francisco in marin county today, taking selfies for a cause. lgbt rights. micah minor is in a journey that will take him to all 417 national park sites across the country. at each site, i photographs himself holding the rainbow flag in front of an iconic monument. in this case the golden get a bridge. he says the message is inclusion. >> to make it more welcoming to lgbt people. it's traditionally a space that lgbt people don't see themselves in. i am taking a picture in front of the most iconic sites. >> the selfie today was from the marine head lands. he will set a record for non-stop visits. you pick a seat.
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>> one music loving couple called 7 on your side. also ahead. a san francisco cpany designed a royal slipper for it's not just any streaming.
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all right, the royal wedding of prince harry and meghan markle is less than 10 days away. >> one local company created a royal slipper fit for a princess, and melanie woodrow shows us what it looks like. >> reporter: from san francisco to kensington palace. birdies are making quite the royal splash. >> we believe we are creating quite a new category in footwear. >> reporter: thiey started the company to solve a personal problem. >> it happened over a text message. why can't i find something fashionable and comfortable for the entertaining space of my house. >> reporter: soon they gifted birdies to meghan markle who shared pictures on her instagram account. >> there was speculation that she was dating prince harry, and i thought, wow, wouldn't it be great if she became a princess. then on cyber monday they announced their engagement.
7:42 pm
you can only imagine what the announcement and cyber monday did for our business. it was unbelievable. >> reporter: these co-founders decided to create one of a kind bridal slippers for one of their favorite pan favorite fans. >> we used ivory satin. it's not super blingy, and then to give it a twist and make it feel more royal and bridal, we added pearls along the edge. >> reporter: markle's slippers have already shipped. only one other replica exists. >> we envision her in this beautiful ballroom as she gets dolled up and a robe and something comfortable to wear that gets her exced about walking down the aisle and marrying her prince. >> abc will have complete coverage of the royal wedding on saturday, may 19th. a special edition begins at 2:00 a.m., anchored live by david
7:43 pm
muir and robin robertsn windsor, england. coverage goes at 8:00 a.m. followed by abc 7 news. look at the sea lions soaking up the sun. spencer has the weekend forecast for us, next. plus, have you heard of the #rebrand a species?
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a couple's plans to see one of their favorite groups in concert hit a surprising sour note. >> it sure did. as so many do, they turned to 7 on your side. >> the good vibes disappeared when the venue told the couple their tickets were no good. they had been purchased from a well-known third-party ticket vendor. >> alex a, play "diamonds on the soles of her shoes." >> it is best known for the collaboration with paul simon on "graceland." julia knew how much her son bob enjoyed them. >> i saw it on stub hub and thought it would be a great christmas gift for him. >> bob had been looking forward to the concert for months. he had seen the youtube channel,
7:47 pm
but he wanted to see them in person. before he left for the hour-plus ride to the concert, he called the green music center at sonoma state to make sure there were no surprises. >> if i'm going to go that far, i want to make sure everything's okay. is there any cancellation of the artist or anything else? and sure enough, there was. >> reporter: the concert was still on, but he was told the tickets were no good, that his name was not attached to the tickets. >> i said i don't understand, we bought these, and they said sore eye, there's no way we can seat you, those are just not good tickets. >> reporter: he got on the phone to stub hub. by the time it was determined the tinckets were good, it was too late to drive to the concert. >> we didn't get to go. >> reporter: not quite. the couple called 7 on your side and we contacted stub hub.
7:48 pm
stub hub told us in the rare instance where something goes wrong, every ticket is 100% guaranteed. while we provided the beardsleys get to attend as planned and dn hope they will give stub hub a second chance. >> you have a great reputation and support people with small things like this and appreciate it very much. >> big or small, we want to hear from you. if you need help with a consumer issue or problem, our 7 on your side hot leline is open weekday. you can also reach me on my facebook page and through abc 7 >> good work as always. all right, let's take a look at these little tiny critters. this pair of baby long-tailed weasels, yeah. they're be being treated at the peninsula humane society's wildlife care center in burlingame. >> good samaritans brought them in after they were found
7:49 pm
abandoned on a hiking trail last month. staff at the center could hardly believe their ooeyes. >> weasels are nocturnal and rarely seen by humans. only one other has ever been admitted to the center. have you seen the new animals taking over twitter? check out the #rebrand a species. >> this one was designated as twinkle toes. this one is called hipster horse. >> the aquarium went all out with this thing. this one is panda dolphin, also known as an orca whale. how about dad bod for this fish. >> or this one now called swimmy saurus. it is a collaboration. one last time, we want to update the forecast. >> i don't have any fancy names. here's a live look at doppler 7.
7:50 pm
we have breezy but generally mild conditions. overnight look for clear skies, continued breezy with overnight lows mainly in the low 50s. a little cooler in the valleys. then tomorrow the warming continues. we'll see inland highs in the mid-8 0s. upper 70s around the bay, mid-60s in the coast. strong breezes as a matter of fact, it will be quite warm, especially inland. here's the accuweather seven-day forecast. saturday will be just as warm as tomorrow. very little change. it will cool down on sunday, which is mother's day, but it's going to be a pleasant day. low 70s around the bay, and further cooling going into next week as a few more clouds come into the picture. bear that in mind, the wind is whipping up particulate matter, especially brutal pofor those o us with allergies. a little trash talking going
7:51 pm
on in warriors land. >> yeah, larry. >> subtle, subtle. you've got to play it cool. let the mind games begin. steve kerr getting set to showdown with the rockets, discussing jewelry among other things. oh, that's right. the rockets don't have any championship rings.
7:52 pm
7:53 pm
7:54 pm
good evening. the warriors have won the nba championship in two of the past three year, but they're about to face their biggest test in the west since this magical journey began. and steve kerr began playing subtle mind games with the rockets. they were about as relaxed as you could be. this will be the fourth straight trip to the conference finals while the rockets last reached these heights in 2015, losing to golden state. kerr knows the dubs have a clear edge with experience on their side. >> i like where we are. our guys have rings. that's a good position to be in. to me, the hardest championship is the first one. i like our position. we're going to go in here, knowing we're the defending
7:55 pm
champs, you know, we've got a couple championships here the last few years. let's go get another one. >> we definitely expect to win a championship this year. so i'm sure they feel the same way. their fan base is itching for championship. our fan base is itching for a continuous ride. >> it's going to be fun. if you watched the giants/phillies game this morning you had to be on facebook, because that's the only place you could see it. kind of a nice change to watch a game on a laptop and scrub your personal data at the same time. lookout! incoming! first batter of the game, blanco, his first homer of the season comes off velasquez. another homer in the second. alex hanson, a new second baseman, his third of the year. the giants are up 3-0, what
7:56 pm
could go wrong? the phillies have plenty of power. carlos santana, they outscore the giants. tiger woods and phil mickelson used to be better rivals, now they're friends. they were paired together in florida, home of the famous island green on 17. mickelson shot a 7 other 79, doubled 16. and the water on 17 for a double there. tied for 139th. tiger much better for eagle on 9. hadley, wone of six players on top of the leaderboard. the lead at 6 under par. dustin johnson had five birdies on the back nine. it's a six-way tie at the top. everybody at minus six. a big fight weekend coming
7:57 pm
up in san jose. bellator will be in the first round of the heavyweight indigr prix. going to punch you in the face! the actn takes place saturday at the s.a.p. center, one of saider's favorite venues. >> it's a great crowd. they're knowledgeable, they've been following the sport. there's a lot of hard core mixed martial arts fans. >> he looks like a guy i do not want to fight. if you want to move to colorado. a player is selling his house. it comes with its own ice rink. not regulation size, but big enough to skate around and shoot. when you're done, you hop over to the bar. they have a bar, six bedrooms, seven baths, 16,000 square feet.
7:58 pm
price tag of $5.2 million. and zamboni included. >> wow. >> that make it is for me. zamboni? >> that would be $20 million here. >> absolutely. >> thanks, larry. join us tonight at 9:00 on coffee tv channel 13. the latest number of registered republicans at 9:00. then on abc 7 news at 11:00, women are told to avoid alcohol during pregnancy, but what about pot? dispensaries may tell you it's a good idea, but what do doctors say? >> look for breaking news on twitter, w appreciate your time. i'm dan ashley, >> i'm ama daetz. for all of us here, thanks for joining us. it's not just any streaming.
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