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tv   ABC7 News 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  May 10, 2018 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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new developments in the saga of a central subway project in san francisco. workers laid three miles of tract with the wrong grade of steel. good evening, thank you for joining us. i'm oma dates. >> i'm dan ashley. the entire length of track will
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now have to be replaced. >> construction has been going on since 2010. the project is already a year behind schedule and this will push it back even further. >> it sure will. here's abc news anchor dion lim. >> reporter: jack hughes has been making it in san francisco for two years. i want contractors discovered they installed 2.2 miles of regular strength steel, not extra strengthen as the contract called for. the inbound outbound tract will now have to be ripped out and replaced. >> oh, really the. >> reporter: already a year behind schedule the latest delay could put completion into the early part of 2020 unacceptable
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to jane kim. >> we will likely hear it on the committee. i chair an government audit and oversight committee. we have to get ahold of these run away projects. >> reporter: the cost has also exceed its original $1.6 billion price tag by tens of millions. requesting they pay for all costs for removing and replacing the track. >> we don't anticipate any additional cost to the city because when a contractor installs or does that isn't specified in the contract it's up to them to replace that. >> reporter: pedestrians and drivers we spoke to say there's nothing they can do. our call to them seeking comment was not returned. abc 7, news. a tesla went through a front door of a starbucks. it happened around 4:00 near highway 17. there were employees and customers in the store, but
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fortunately no one was hurt. the santa clara fire department says the building sustained minor structural damage. it's being checked out to make sure it's safe. we are still waiting for word on what led to that crash. sources tell abc 7 news an sf pd officer has been fired. yesterday abc 7 news reported new details about the officer's past that raised questions about his credibility. in april the officer of afghan descent formed a formal complaint. he wanted his identity protected for the safety of his family he told us. earlier this week abc 7 news learned that in 2013 the officer was the subject of a napa police all points bulletin, an apb. police were arrted that he told a woman on a dating website that haefs a high level cia agent and that he was involved in the
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killing of osama bin laden. abc 7 also learned before he he joined sf pd he was kicked out because of quote, untruthfulness in class assignments. that the officer denies putting himself out there as a cia agent and using an alias. he also denies saying anything about osama bin laden. we will of course continue to keep an eye on this story and update you here and through our app as well. doing the right thing, that's apparently what motivated a murder suspect to plead guilty today in a shocking courtroom confession. the 19-year-old victim named her two killers with her last breath. she died in february. a driver in livermore found her crawling on tesla road suffering from stab wounds. leslie brinkly was in court for today's plea and what it means for the second suspect in this
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case. >> reporter: her father sat in disbelief as he took in the news that one of the two suspects accused of murdering izhad daughter was entering a guilty plea in court. the 19-year-old solemnly faced the judge today and his jail house guard as the charges were read aloud. and then he loudly replied murder, guilty. assault with a deadly weapon, guilty. causing great bodily harm, guilty. the charges could potentially put him away in prison for life. >> it is his hope and his wish that his decision to take responsibility today will bring some level of peace and closure to her family and their loved one. >> reporter: uraler in the day his pregnant fiance entered a not guilty plea to same murder. it was back in february that the 19-year-old was found mortally wounded and crawling along a rural stretch in livermore.
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she had been stabbed repeatedly. she later died at the hospital after giving authorities she said the names of the two people who stabbed her. shaken family members declined to comment on camera after the pleas were entered. in a previous interview with abc 7 news her father had this to say. >> now they have to pay for what they did. it won't bring her back, but at least they're not on the street. >> reporter: the da indicated to the judge they will pursue sentencing as a first degree murder. there will be no trial. gross will be back in court on june 11th. the suspected golden state killer was charged with four new counts of first degree murder in santa barbara county today. these charges are in in addition, keep in mind, to the two murder charges filed against
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joseph james deangelo in sacramento county. he's spected of 12 murders altogether and almost 50 rapes in the '70s and '80s. >> violent cold cases never grow cold for victims or their loved ones. they never do. in fact, most of them spend their lives feverishly seeking answer. >> deangelo is 72 years old. he remains in jail in sacramento after being arrested last month. illegal immigrants testifying in court in california will no longer have to answer questions about their immigration status under a bill that's on its way to governor's desk. lawmakers say many illegal immigrants choose not to testify in court or even report crimes because they fear being deported. they say the measure will encourage immigrants to come
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forward and participate in the legal process. >> so no more of this wild west situation where attorneys go into court and essentially harass immigrant witnesses by asking them about their immigration status. >> the measure includes an urgency clause, so it will take effect immediately if the governor signs off on it. less than a month now until the june primary, and the mayor's race in san francisco took kind of an odd turn today. >> two of candidates formed on alliance of sorts to try to defeat london breeds who leads in the polls. but did it work? >> reporter: her two opponents were rolling out their new campaign strategy. >> and i'm proud to be the first set of candidates with state senator mark leno to truly take advantage of the rank choice voting system. >> reporter: because san francisco has rank choice voting people can pick their top three candidates. now mark leno and jayne kim are
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asking their supporters to vote for them as their first and second choices which could jeopardize london breed's chances of winning the mayoral race. let's say i vote for leno as my number one candidate, kim, number two and breed number three. but let's say that leno comes in third. he is now out of the race, but my vote now goes to kim. it's worked before in the 2010 oakland mayoral race again don purodo. then candidates joined forces early on in the race. quan ended up defeating lurato, but it may not work this time around he says. >> rebecca kaplan was never going to win that race. she was willing to sort of be wing man, wing woman for jane quan. i'm not sure jane and mark are
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going to be each other's wing people. they both want to win this race. >> reporter: here's how breed reacted to the new alliance against her. >> i'm presenting my case to voters, and i'm hoping that they make a good decision to put me in the mayor's office. >> reporter: polls indicate nearly one third of san franciscans are still undecided. this means it's still anyone's game. abc 7 news. california is getting even bluer. the percentage of registered republicans had fallen to a new low. there are as many republicans as there are independents. it now stands at 19.8 million voters. the secretary says that's the highest percentage of californians registered to vote in decades. the deadline to register to vote in the june 5th primary is just 11 days away. and we put together a little explainer of the text messages on our website on
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coming up next, they even took the appliances. >> yes, tonight only abc 7 news shows you what's left after airbnb guests ransacked their host's home. also -- >> they underestimated the size, scope and scale of the magnitude. tonight you're getting a better picture of the massive cleanup effort following the north bay wildfires. >> and meteorologist sandhya patel here with the forecast. >> and fire a big concern as winds are about to pick up. a look at the wind advisories coming up. a san francisco company
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an airbnb rental ransacked. tonight on abc 7 news has the story of a bay area homeowner's worst nightmare. sheriff's deputies and airbnb are bo now looking into this burglary. >> first hint that something was wrong dame a few days ago. the owner was shocked what had happened to her house in discovery bay. >> eric thompson shows us just how much burglars got away with. >> reporter: the entrance to her
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weekend home says welcome. it does not say help yourself. but between sunday and thursday the people who rented the home did just that. her daughter emily says the first warning came when her mom checked the security cameras early tuesday morning. >> 3:00 a.m. is when my mother noticed that the camera went out, the security camera went out. and that's when she thought, okay, something's wrong. >> reporter: emily who doesn't want her last name used says that's because the burglars took the security cameras and that's not all. >> the tv's gone, basically all the appliances like the espresso machine, blender. >> reporter: to add insult to injury they sold the washer and dryer and apparently tried to take the dishwasher but couldn't. and there was nothing gentle about this crime. this door was ripped right off its hinges and this door damaged so badly it comes right off in your hands. the burglaries coated the floors
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and steps in oil in hopes of hiding fingerprints. airbnb says it's working with the family to make things right. meantime the victims have questions for the burglars. >> it's insane and it's like is it that worth it. >> reporter: airbnb sent us a statement saying they have zero-tolerance for this behavior and the renter is permanently banned from their platform. and the family will be supported with their million dollar host guarantee program. in discovery bay, eric thomas, abc 7 news. to the north bay now. a long awaited update about the cleanup efforts after those north bay fires. >> according to fema and the office of emergency services most of the work is finished. >> reporter: what a difference seven months can may in the charred ruins of coffey park. that was then and today -- mike williams has his future in his hands literally. that is the benefit of it being
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a contractor rebuilding the home p>> life for me will always be before the fire and after the fire. >> reporter: and after the cleanup. today fema and the california office of emergency services shed light on how they managed california's biggest cleaning project since the 1906 earthquake. >> i think everybody sort of underestimated the size, scope and scale of the magnitude. >> reporter: the state and federal government spent $1.3 billion removing 2.2 million tons of debris that spread out would cover 314 square miles. 314 square miles is a lot of debris, and this over here just a small portion of it. all these cars from the fire zone. more than a football field's worth. could you even estimate how many cars are here? >> i have absolutely no idea. >> reporter: christian burns works for one of seven different debris sites in four counties. fema and the army corp got in
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this area early they said today because of flat topog raeraphy access. he pointed to burned fence posts left partially embed in the ground. one might call it progress with some figerative splinters. when will it be over for you in. >> when the trees come back. >> reporter: in santa rosa, wade freeman, nbc 7 news. now to check on our weather as we get closer to the weekend. >> that's right. meteorologist sandhya patel here with a few subtle changes. >> yeah, you're going to notice it's going to be even warmer tomorrow dan and ama. you will notice a few low clouds passing through. it's a lonely patch sitting here half moon bay, right here. and it's pretty much going to sit there and get blown away as
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the offshore wind or the down sloping wind picks up. i do want to show you what's ahead for your weekend. if you're already making plans for moms, here's a look. low mid-60s to the low 80s. mother's day will be cooler but still pleasant. 70s right along the bay inland and you will see a few high clouds and some patches of fog out there. i want to show you a live picture out there. you will notice that the wind is little bit on the gusty side over the higher terrain. the hills are going to see those winds increase even more as we head into tomorrow night. a live picture from our abc news exploratorium camera. 54 degrees in the city. 56 in oakland. about 61 degrees, pretty mild in san jose right now. and our coolest spot is half moon bay. golden gate bridge is visible. 64 in santa rosa, 57 in livermore and one other live
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picture from our emeriville camera. it pretty much spells out tomorrow. sunny and warmer through saturday. pleasant and mild for your mother's day plans. here are your wind advisories. this area will see gusts up to 40 miles an hour or more blowing debris around and may cause difficulty driving. the north bay and east bay hills the advisory begins at 7:00 p.m. tomorrow night, runs until 5:00 a.m. saturday. the concern here is fire danger and also the potential for down trees and power lines, and gusts may reach as high as 55 miles an hour. now, we did have some rain in the spring, so there is still some moisture in the fuels, but the concern as the wind ramps up in the northeast, it will dry out vegetation even more. hour by hour tomorrow afternoon a little breezy out there, but it's really late tomorrow afternoon to the evening hours when the winds begin to
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increase. tomorrow night about 9:00 p.m. you're looking at winds close to 30 miles per hour, over 30 miles an hour late tomorrow night and topping that in fairfield 5:00 a.m. saturday before the winds begin to relax later on saturday afternoon. but that wind is also going to push those temperatures up. so it is going to be warmer tomorrow and on saturday as well. temperatures in the morning mid-40s to the low to mid-50s, clear skies and then for the afternoon go ahead and get away with shorts and short leave in the south bay. 85 in gilroy. on the peninsula 76 menlo park, and downtown san francisco 71 degrees. breezy along the coast there and downtown san francisco it'll we nice. heading into the east bay in the 70s to 80s. 83 in concord and livermore. here's what's going to happen saturday night into sunday. that sun is going to come back
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in for the south setting the stage for cooler weather on sunday. so if moms don't like it too warm, don't worry we have her covered. sunny and warmer for friday. mids 60s to low 80s. temperatures will be very close to that on saturday before we start to see those numbers trending lower for mother's day. still pleasant, cooler pattern to start off the workweek with below average temperatures. upper 50s along the coast, and there will be more cloud cover as well. but the all important mother's day forecast is looking good. well, a stretch of the san francisco waterfront is about to make ross your destination for savings. if you're looking for an incredible selection of the brands you love, this season's newest trends for a fraction of what you'd pay at department stores,
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♪ for the latest styles where you'll spend less. ♪ spring dress. ♪ ♪ you gotta go to ross. if you want to save big on dresses for every occasion, you gotta go to ross. a groundbreaking today on a development ten years in the
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making at san francisco's shipyard. the 28-acre development will include up to 2,100 residential units, 30% of them affordable. there will also be parks, space for artists and a lot more. supervisor alea cohen says the revitalization builds on a connection to the piece of the waterfront that has never been accessible. >> beyond access this project will deliver about $750 million of public benefit to our san francisco city. $750 million. >> the project will take more than ten years to complete. celebrating 150 years of ministry this afternoon at its oakland center. the center sisters started in canada but came to oakland in 1858 to establish a school. they went onto establish schools
9:27 pm
in hayward, san francisco and morin. their mission focuses on the education and empowerment of the poor and disadvantaged. stay with us. coming up next the dramatic homecoming. three american prisoners arrive home in the middle of the night from north korea. and now the president reveals when and where he'll meet face-to-face with kim jong-un. also new details tonight on the threat from hawaii's kilauea volcano. what scientists are detecting that's causing c
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and we begin this half-hour with the emotional homecoming that played out in the middle of the night.
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>> three u.s. citizens held prisoner in north korea arrived home shortly before midnight our time as president and first lady were there. >> and tonight the president has revealed when and where his face-to-face with kim jong-un will happen. jonathan carl has more. >> reporter: just hours after his dramatic 3:00 a.m. welcome ceremony for the prisoners freed from north korea, president trump tweeted a save the date for his meeting with kim jong-un. singapore, june 12th, we will both try to mick it a very special moment for world peace. the return of the prisoners sets the stage for the historic summit with kim jong-un. >> why do you think he decided to free these prisoners now? >> i really think he wants to do something. i think he did this because i really think he wants to do something and bring the country into the real world. >> reporter: the president praised the north korean
9:32 pm
dictator. >> we want to thank kim jong-un who really was excellent to these three incredible people. >> reporter: the prisoners described their new freedom as a dream, but their experience in north korea sounds more like a nightmare. i had to do a lot of labor, he said. but when i got sick i was also treated by them. later vice president pence told me one of the men hadn't seen daylight for a very long time. >> it's heart breaking to think of it. >> reporter: but the focus of the dim-trump summit is nuclear weapons not human rights. the north korean dictator and secretary of state mike pompeo were all smiles after meeting for the second time. appearing more like old friends than adversaries. kim waved good-bye as pompeo drove away. today their pictures were plastered on the front page of north korea's state newspaper. kim is signaling he's willing to give up his nuclear weapons.
9:33 pm
do you believe him? again, someone described him as a mad man, brutal dictator, has killed his own people, starved his own people, allegedly killed his own people. >> meantime sources tell nbc news president trump lashed out at other cabinet members at yesterday's meeting. the president's anger was apparently stoked by attorney general jeff sessions who said the department of homeland security could just arrest people at the border. "the new york times" reporting that two of her colleagues drafted a resignation letter but has not submitted it.
9:34 pm
tahomeland security spokesperson says it's not true. new details from the threat of the kilauea volcano. they believe the lava could mix with ground water. >> reporter: tonight hawaii's big island bracing for a blast. three new cracks opening up since tuesday. the national guard took us in and what you're looking at right behind me, this is actually fissure 15, the newest fissure that just broke open. the lava from these neighborhoods coming from a crater from mount kalewaya 25 miles away. this is the biggest flow and continued at least a half-mile. in some places it's about 20 feet high. now all eyes where the lava lake has dropped a thousand feet, nearly reaching the ground water. if that happens it could create steam driven explosions,
9:35 pm
powerful enough to send rocks as large as 6 feet in diameter or as heavy as seven tons flying up to a half-mile or more. >> and it's usually not one explosion but a series. as the ash falls and piles up, it's not a safe place to be. >> reporter: since the eruptions began 36 structures lost and five cars destroy. they haven't seen a one like they're predicting since 1924. and when that happened it sent ash 20,000 feet into the air. so they're closing the park friday for safety reasons, and it will remain closed indefinitely. abc news, hawaii volcano's national park. there has been a medical break through for the army. plastic surgeons at william bow minute medical center in texas successfully trance planted a new ear on a soldier who had lost hers in a car accident.
9:36 pm
growing the ear under the skin allows new blood vessels to form apparently. the army says the private had been waiting for the surgery over a year. the technique will encourage feeling in the ear when the process is complete. doctors say in five years time if someone doesn't know her, they simply would not notice. >> that is incredible. the royal wedding of prince harry and magegan markle is les than ten days away. >> one local company created a slipper fit for a princess. >> reporter: from san francisco to kensington palace making quite the royal splash. they turned cofounders bianca gates and melissa started the company to solve a personal
9:37 pm
problem. >> the idea happened over a text message. >> why can't i find something fashionable and comfortable in the space of my house. >> there was speculation she was dating prince harry and i was like wow, wouldn't it be great if she becomes a princess and last year on cyber monday they announced their indpa gaugement and you could only imagine what that combination did for our business. it was unbelievable. >> reporter: these cofounders decided to create one of a kind bridle slippers for one of their favorite fans. >> it's ornamental but not super crazy or very bringy or anything like that, and then give it bit of a twist and make it feel more bridle and royal we added pearls around the edge. >> reporter: markle's slippers have already been shipped. >> we're investigationing henvis
9:38 pm
beautiful ballroom that she has comfortable fun and fabulous that gets her excited about walking down the aisle and marrying her prince. >> reporter: melanie woodrow, abc 7 news. is it a new use of technology or an invasion of privacy? privacy? >> we will tell crystal geyser alpine spring water starts here, privacy? >> we will tell passes through here, and is bottled right here. at the mountain source. naturally. crystal geyser is the only major u.s spring water bottled at the mountain source. naturally.
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geyser! [echo]stal! [echo] crystal! [echo] geyser! [echo] crystal geyser. always bottled at the mountain source. naturally. it's a bit unnerving and possible someone could send a chand to your smart device without you ever knowing about it. berkeley researchers found that apple's siri, amazon's alexa and goog's assistant can all be hacked by hiding commands in music and even spoken words. researchers have been able to
9:42 pm
dial phone numbers and open websites. but in the wrong hands it could be used to unlock doors, wire money or buy stuff online simply with music playing over the radio. amazon, google and apple say they are taking steps to make the systems more secure. we've all heard of robo calls but latery political campaigns have been doing something else. >> yeah, they're texting now. jonathan bloom explains how they got your number in the first place and why it's legal. >> reporter: how would you feel if you got a random text? he's not the only one. >> it's like a little bit of your invasion of your privacy. how did they get my number? >> reporter: there are plenty of theories. campaigns are texing you at the number you gave when you
9:43 pm
registered to vote. it started during the last presidential campaign. new newsom's campaign is one of many. >> texting hundreds of thousands of voters per week and this is an effort to talk to voters in a way that's native to them. >> reporter: texting is a way we communicate and like it or not campaigns like newsom's are seeing results and they're giving it two thumbs, way up. >> it's unheard of compared e-mail and the traditional phones and door knocking operations. >> when you answer the phone it's annoying but with a text you can kind of read it and you're like oh, whatever. >> reporer: the law requires every text to have a live volunteer on the end. >> if folks do want to be unscribed or removed we do that immediately. >> reporter: the newsom campaign says supervisors look over the tecs and they'll make sure it's done. in san francisco, jonathan bloom, abc 7 news. stay with us because we have
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has your love for tacos turned into an obsession?. my $3 taco deal with three of the tacos you love and a refreshing drink can help. try my $3 taco deal today. new at jack in the box. there ya' go. all right, someone here is about to have their first mother it was day. well, are you ready for mother's day? we have you covered. >> reporter: it's all about mom this mother's day weekend and there are plenty of ways to celebrate around the bay. if she's an art enthusiast she'll love the estate on saturday. guests will love an exclusive tasting. it features nearly 30 sculptures from world renowned artists. live local music will round out the afternoon and the vip
9:48 pm
reception starts at 11:00. general admission starts at noon and runs to 4:00 p.m. the golden gate rose society team up for the 44th annual rose show. exhibitors show their judged and award winning garden roses sunday from 12:30 to 4:00. rose arrangements and rose fotog rae fotography will also be up for competition. or how about treating her to a mother's day brunch? enjoy gorgeous views at lake merit and a deliciomenu with de options. for details on all these events and more just go to our website, we'll link you up with a line. >> how's weather going to be, though, for mom? >> good question.
9:49 pm
meteorologist sandhya patel with the answer. >> it's going to be pleasant. sunday there will be some fog around. 40s, 50s, so not terribly cold. still cold elsewhere at noontime. and the sun goes down and it will be pleasant. so i think there'll be something for every mom out there. live doppler 7 showing you a few clouds and few patches of fog. tomorrow afternoon don't expect any fog. it's going to be clear from coast to inland. windy around the hills. temperatures in the 60s to the 80s. so a warmer end to the workweek. saturday is going to be pretty nice as well. sunday, mother's day. you notice those temperatures are trending lower, but it should be very nice still. and monday we continue with that cooling trend. it's very well-set by this temperature trendographic much average high of 68 degrees, couple of days above average and then we go down, way down.
9:50 pm
accuweather forecast warmer pattern next couple of days. mother's day is looking very beautiful we'll go with cooler and cloudier. around this time of year we start to worry about fire danger, which is coming up tomorrow night. so when that cooler weather settles in with more clouds next week that'll be a good thing. >> thanks, sand hu. on to sports. >> larry beil is here. >> i can't wait for the series to start, but we got to wait until monday. steve kerr, he knows something about winning titles. what do the rockets know about that? oh, that's right. the only
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good evening. the warriors have won the nba championship in two of the past three years. they started this magical run
9:54 pm
and coach steve kerr he's begun to play some subtle mind games with the rockets. game one is on monday. they were about as relaxed as could be. it's going to be their fourth straight trip to the conference finals. while the rockets reached these heights in 2014 losing to golden state, steve kerr knows the barriers have an edge of experience on their side. >> i like where we are. our guys have rings. that's a good position to be in. to me the hardest championship is the first one. so i like our position. we're going to go in here knowing we're the defending champs, knowing we've got a cup of championships here the last few years. let's go get another one. >> we definitely expect to win a championship this year. so that comes with a lot of pressure, and i'm sure they feel the same way. their fan base is itching for a championship. our fan base is itching to continue this ride. >> it'll be fun.
9:55 pm
if you were watching the giants-philly's game this morning then you had to be on facebook because that was the only way to see it. american ninja warrior hosted akbar manila. yikes, first pitch. here it comes, there it goes. his first homer of the season. 1-0 giants. struck out 12, but gave up another homer in the second. alex hansen, his third of the year. the giants struck out 55 times in the series. that's a new franchise worker. philly win 6-3 to outscore the giants 32-8 in a swing game. they used to be bitter rivals and now they're friends. this tournament home of the
9:56 pm
famous aisle of green on 17. nicholson, he had a hard time. 7 over 79, bogeyed 15, doubled 16, water on 17 for a double there. he's way back. tiger much better. eagle on 9, the eagle lands. he's even par 72. hadly one of six players on top of the leader board. birdie on 5 gives him a share of the lead at 6 under par. just trickles in. justin thompson had five birdies on the back 9. six way tie at mean s 6. it is a big fight weekend in san jose. the current lightweight champion will be taking on king mo. he won nine of his past ten bouts. he's moving up in weight class. action takes place saturday. that is one of bader's favorite
9:57 pm
venues. >> i fought here i think in 2013. to be back it brings back those. ryes. it's a great crowd. you know, they're knowledgeable. they've been following the sort. there's a lot of hard core mixed martial arts fans and that's what makes it fun. >> absolutely. this is fun, too. game 7 jets and predators. winner gets a date with vegas. throws it and how did that go in? had his skate right up against the post and somehow it got through. that's a soft goal. that's what we call in the business. and paul beats with a backhand flip. they pull him. one of the best goalies in the game. ten minutes into the game they yanked him. ful yoif you're looking for a he in colorado, selling his house in the denver suburbs. it comes with its own ice rink.
9:58 pm
not regulation size but you can still shoot and skate around. six bedrooms, seven baths. 16,000 square feet, and this home could be yours for the low, low price of $5.2 million. and best of all there's a zamboni included. yeah. abc 7 sport brought to you by toyota. how many homes for sale in the universe have a zamboni included? >> yeah, that seals the deal. >> first one i've ever heard of. coming up tonight on i-team exclusive. disturbing video we're going to show you of a local bus driver bullying a child with autism. our dan noise digs for answers. and a dramatic police raid after a bay area teen hacks into the school's grade system. he talks to us about why and how he did it. finally here tonight is the
9:59 pm
world premier of solo, a star wars story. >> to celebrate some fans have been camped out in front of the el capitan theater for days. >> it's centered on the early adventures. it's in theaters everywhere may 225th. >> that's all for us tonight. thanks for joining us. >> from all of us here we appreciate your time. hope to seal you again in one hour on the big 7.
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(dramatic instrumental music) - i'm former fbi agent, joe pistone, the real donnie brasco.


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