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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 7PM  KOFY  May 11, 2018 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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>> make canning cars just for california and they went directly it the president to make their plea. >> have san francisco values here. new at 6:00, can't wait until election date and it is changing their strategy. >> a woman finds an invitation from walt disney himself to disney land's opening day. today, in washington d.c.,
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some of the world's top auto makers met with president trump. making a different version of vehicles just for california. i am ama daetz. >> and i am dan ashley. the current administration wants to roll back some of the obama era policies. but california is against it. >> chris nguyen has the update. >> reporter: president trump hinted at signs of cooperation. >> we have a great capacity for building. we imported a lot of cars and we want those cars to be made in the united states. >> reporter: the president instructed his administration to explore california. auto makers concerned about the potential of having to engineer and produce two versions. immediately after the meeting a
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group of ten democratic lawmakers sent a letter defending the policies. >> saying we need more flexibility. and on the other hand saying we want to deal with kpafl. >> reporter: this month california joined other states. however epa officials have been circulating a draft that would freeze the levels. >> to say this is about job or more choices for people and cars, diminishes and fails to mention the health consequences. >> reporter: auto makers have been lobbying the trump administration. chris nguyen, abc7 news.
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a fuel efficient car could pay off these days. california gas prices currently 70 cents higher than a year ago. and as usual, san francisco drivers pay the most in the bay area. gas is ten cents cheaper in oakland and san jose. >> cars on the eastbound lane moving just fine. sky 7 was over the multivehicle crash that shut down all lanes of eastbound traffic. the chp re-opened all lanes more than an hour ago. and no one was seriously hurt. >> a car burglary ended with an
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officer involved shooting in san francisco. an officer and one of the suspects was injured. melony woodrow has the details. >> reporter: the investigation began at steiner street and geary b geary boulevard at 1:00 a.m. got into a parked vehicle. >> we are not confirming the status. >> reporter: he collided with two sfpd vehicles. >> i am not able to state whether the shooting was at a moving vehicle or not. >> reporter: place have not said if the suspect was armed. >> we just got hit by a car.
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can you give me a 408. >> reporter: that officer was treated and released at the scene. >> a number of factors are involved here. what how the officer felt their life was in danger, what the actual suspect was doing at that time. >> reporter: taken to the hospital with nonlife-threatening injuries and since been booked along wit jones. los angeles county authorities say a 14-year-old used a rifle to shoot a class mate in palmdale.
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david louie talked with neighbors. >> reporter: it was bedtime when residents of snowberry court heard something unusual. >> i heard two sharp bang bang noises and a voice and a car speed away. >> reporter: a man had been shot in the face. bloodstains indicate he may have tried to knock on doors to get help. >> my husband came out and walked up to the end of the cul-de-sac and didn't see anything. >> reporter: the victim left the neighborhood walking down this sidewalk leang a trail of blood. he arrived at this convenience
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store ten minutes later. walked inside and asked customers to call 911. officers are not releasing the victim's name or if they have any leads about the suspect or suspects. a resident said that 29 mill meter bullets were found at the scene. investigators gathered evidence and documented the scene. police are assuring residents of the neighborhood there is no reason for them to worry. >> we don't believe that the people are from the area or there is a connection to that neighborhood. so we don't think the neighbors have anything to worry about. >> a quiet neighborhood. we have lived here 31 years and no problems at all. >> reporter: in sunnyvale, david
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louie. los angeles county authorities say a 14-year-old used a rifle. the victim was shot in the arm and he is expected to make a full recovery. >> i just hoaeard. and i thought it was construction. i didn't worry until i saw crowds and crowds of people. >> we should be worrying about our tests and finals not if we are going to get shot in school. >> still trying to pin down the exact motive. >> inonoma county, there are increasing concerns about a vanishing flag. a rainbow flag that someone or group of people have stolen several times. >> reporter: a rainbow flag tossed from the bridge to the
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bottom of the russian river. >> they left it so we could see it. >> if this were an american flag, everybody would be in an up roar. >> reporter: six rainbow flags disappeared from the county flag pole. she fought for and gained approval to raise those flags. but someone keeps taking them and leaving notes supposedly signed by veterans. >> it is a flag about unity and being understood and respected of who you are. >> hatred will not win. love will win. and we won't stop. we have a legal right. >> reporter: guerneville is an odd place to encounter. the sheriff's department says it may have a lead in the case. surveillance video could be a part of it. as you will see right here,
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whomever took the flag covered up the lens just before the theft. believing it may be a homeless person whom she and others have helped in a local shelter. >> all the free food and the people who served the homeless, three quarters of the people were gay people. >> reporter: feels more troubling than a mere misdemeanor. your time or your money. that is the decision people may have to make while using a ride share at uber or lyft. the airport is considering a two-tier pricing system that charges more for curbside pick up and drop off. >> reporter: dan, some will be willing to pay extra money to be dropped off or picked up right here at curbside.
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now others say they don't mind walking a little if they can save some money. how much money, we have no idea. both sides are still talking about that. keeping cars moving is an endless battle outside of sfo. congestion is being blamed. sfo thinks they have found a solution. they want to charge premium pricing for curbside access. a lower fare would be charged to those willing to walk from the central garage across terminals one, two, and three. >> not to be able to have uber, it is a free experience. >> we had it in florida where it was banned from the airports for a while and that was a hassle. going over there would be fine. >> reporter: over there is the top level of the garage which
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would be converted to a drop off and pick up area. theifference in price is significant between the ride sharing and airport. here is how lyft responded today. we are currently working with sfo to reduce congestion. the taxi companies say the new structure is fair since they are not allowed to pick up passengers at curbside. >> i'm glad. they deserve it. >> reporter: why is that? >> for the cab drivers. >> reporter: the extra funding would go directly to sfo for roadway maintenance and improvement. seattle is the first city in the nation to allow companies like uber and lyft to unionize. and that is going to be
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challenged again. seattle's law has been seen as a test case for regulating the entire industry. less than six months ago, recreational cannabis has been legal in california. today we found out if it is living up to its expectations. >> i am spencer christian, quite a warmup today but the wind is increasing significantly. closer look at my accuweather forecast. get ready to vote. would you make starbucks bathroom
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happening now, taylor swift fa fans backing up traffic. here is a live look of nearby city of santa clara. putting in the final pieces of set and performance. there is another one tomorrow same time, same place. new at 6:00, a san francisco mayoral candidate is under fire for pposal to eliminate sanctuary city laws for violent felonies. she said her plan quote makes san francisco a more violent and safe city enough is enough and time for a good dose of common
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sense in uncommon times. today, leno took it further rescinding his endorsement. >> used donald trump's language of suggesting and promoting his myth that immigrants are quote murderers, rapists. this is dangerous language. also, new at 6:00, the data of 895 patients at zuckerberg san francisco general and la honda hospital was compromised. a former employee at a third
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party medical transcription company gained unauthorized access. all of the data has been recovered and the affected patients have been informed of this incident. the justice department says it does not appear that any of the data was used or sold. starbucks changing its customer only bathroom policy. >> the bathrooms will now be open to anyone. we want to know what you think about that. if you made the rules, what would the policy be? >> yeah, you can weigh in going to >> reporter: this is the video that went viral immediately last month. two black men arrested. they were told they couldn't use the bathroom and declined to buy a drink while waiting for an
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acquaintance to arrive. critics accused the workers as racism. >> we don't want anyone at starbucks to feel as if we are not giving access to you to a bathroom because you are less than. >> reporter: from now on the key to the bathroom would be given to anyone who asks, regardless of race, sexual orientation, gender or background. customers we spoke to says that is the way it should be. >> there were times when i feel obligated to buy something even if they don't make me. >> reporr: trying to help someone who is down on his or her luck or maintain a clean facility for customers. they have to have rules to keep the homeless out of their
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bathrooms. >> they go inside and take a shower and do their biological needs anywhere in the bathroom. at one point we found even evidence of needles on the floor. >> reporter: marketing experts say it is a smart move on starbucks' part. eric thomas abc7 news. you can take a look at the live votes coming in. you can see 64%, the majority saying only for customers. >> go to to weigh in. there is no log in, no sign up, no hassle. we would love to hear from you. let's turn our attention to the weather because the weekend is upon us. >> and it looks nice. >> rising tvemperatures and increasing wind. skies are sunny and no fog at the coast. pretty breezy and brisk.
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ten degrees warmer in san francisco right now and in napa and in hayward than at this hour yesterday. i told you about those winds. h this is the view from sutro tower. we have mid-70s at mountain view, san jose and gilroy. here is the view, lovely view of the pre sunset sky. it is 83 right now in santa rosa and low 80s at napa and novato. and this is the view from our abc7 sea lions. sunny and mild to warm tomorrow and a little bit cooler on mother's day. wind advisory in effect. all of the bay area hills. especially north bay and east
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bay. gusts and maybe exceeds 55 miles per hour. driving conditions difficult and look out for blowing debris. clear skies along with those winds. mild overnight and tomorrow look for warm or mild to warm day. at the coast high temperatures in the mid-60s. inland low to mid-80s. mother's day shaping up to be a nice day. every quadrant of the day there. skies sunnier and sunnier going into the afternoon hours. ending up with temperatures in the late afternoon. and upper 50s on the coast. lovely day, just cooler than tomorrow will be. as you can see, in this accuweather seven-day forecast comparison of saturday and sunday, you will see temperatures dropping off rather sharply from saturday to sunday. still a mild and pleasant day under sunny skies expected on
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sunday. slightly cooler on monday and further cooling going into the middle of next week. steady pattern for next week. and no rain in sight which is not necessarily good news. >> if it is going to be sunshine, i might as well go out and enjoy it. the latest evacuation warn it's not just any streaming. it's "watch what you want on the fastest internet" streaming. it's "live sports so you never miss a goal" streaming. it's "dvr shows because you'll never know when you'll need it" streaming. it's streaming from xfinity that makes your life...
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three, two, one, zero. ignition, lift off. >> today space ex successfully launched a falcon rocket. everything went smoothly today. residents of alaska startled of a tsunami threat to the entire u.s. west coast. wasn't until after the two-minute warning told this was a test. more residents on hawaii's big island are being warned to e
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evacuate. be ready to leave quickly if they have to. geologist warned an explosive eruption could throw toxic gas. you will see what is behind an east bay b driver.e against >> exclusive video from that bus from special needs students and digs into a possible lapse of training and
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no, i can't. >> talk to the police and that
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backfired. we're done. >> the iteam dan noyes confronts a bus driver. the bus driver facing criminal prosecution. >> dan noyes is here with the story. >> the parents are concerned this may have happened to other students. they gave the video for this report because they want answers about what happened and the school district's training and oversight. that right on a tuesday day begins with a stern warning after an eight-year-old girl temporary blocked the aisle with her leg. >> if you kick your feet out to keep her from moving, you are going to be on the window, got it? >> reporter: it escalated and
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the special need students began to file off. klopson wanted the little girl to stay on. >> you're misbehaving. you are not supposed to do what you are supposed to. sit down. and you can have it back. >> reporter: three minutes later, a staff member comes to get the girl. oh, she is only two. how outsild are you? one? oh, no. a baby. >> reporter: then klopson gets even more physical. >> you might think you can get away with this, but not on my bus. now, are you ready? let's go. let's go. yeah. >> reporter: the girl hits her head on the floor and the
7:33 pm
struggle continues for a minute. the staff member standing there. >> help you sit up? get up. you want to crawl, you can crawl. >> reporter: then the driver closes the door. are you done?ight back. reporter: the family's lawyer calls that false imprisonment. >> she is trapping her there to continue to be violent and to represent her. >> reporter: the teacher's aide walks away. for three and a half minutes klopson are alone. she rips off her jacket. >> na, na, na. are you done? >> reporter: klopson tries.
7:34 pm
>> i don't like you. >> i don't like you. >> stop it. >> no i am not going to stop it. >> reporter: she finally opens the door. klopson notices she draws a crowd. >> it's okay, i didn't hurt her, guys. it's okay. see you after school. that should be interesting. >> reporter: vacaville unified fired her. she has pleaded not guilty. >> this person has no business driving a special needs bus. >> reporter: board members are demanding answers from the school district. >> where is the training? why is she driving a special needs bus? she has no clue on how to handle the situation. >> reporter: i tried to question about the training and oversight
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about her school bus drivers. no one from the district will talk because of the ongoing criminal case. her surveillance video has been provided to the iteam. >> it shouldn't have been. they will make a big deal about that. >> reporter: she declined to comment further. >> i can't say anything until i talk to may lawyers. >> reporter: if you have info on this or other stories i should investigate, call me. of course dan did a lot of digging on this tesla crash. the battery reignited while sitting at a tow yard. juan diaz.
7:36 pm
38-year-old walter huang died after his model hit a safety barrier. the ntsb investigating the crash specifically whether the autopilot feature has anything to do with it. moving on, a tax revenue from legal recreation cannabis sales total $60.9 million totaling this year. includes state cultivation, excise and sales taxes. it does not include local, city or county tax revenue. three months in, the state is 35% to the way of that figure. governor jerry brown released the final budget
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proposal. the governor's $199 billion spending plan puts aside $9 billion in california's rainy day plan. homeless problem as well as schools, and mental health problems. the governor says lawmakers should not be giddy over california's projected surplus. >> all the people that want things won't be getting what they lake to have. >> the budget surplus is $3 billion more than the governor projected in january, thanks mostly to higher than expected tax revenues. governor brown made another important announcement today. introducing the brown's first
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dog. a marin woman's father actually helped build disney lnd. >> vallejo diving into the summer sport of
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a sport na dates back to the days of lumberjacks, floating logs. >> dig your heels in. >> reporter: michael camp never has done this before. >> i needed some help. >> you were right at the edge. >> reporter: for abby delaney, log rolling runs in the family. >> my mom is a seven time log rolling champion. logs weighed 500 pounds and was difficult to bring them into swimming pals. >> reporter: so abby helped
7:42 pm
design this log. now she is traveling around to start log rolling programs at pools across the country. >> teaching me and my staff how to teach kids. >> reporter: standing up on the log and staying up is a lot harder than it looks. and that means log rolling is one heck of a workout. >> i was having to go forward and backward and felt like i was doing a dance sort of. >> reporter: when you play for real, you are not thinking about burning calories, you are thinking about winning. competition is head to head. two people on the same log. >> trying to be the last person on top of the log. >> reporter: matches can last for seconds or minutes. and sometimes a tie, it is
7:43 pm
usually obvious who won. abby thinks that makes log rolling great for spectators. >> our goal is to make log rolling an olympic sport. >> reporter: jonathan bloom abc7 news. all right. so are you ready for the weekend? take a look. it looks like nice weather in this live
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it's not just any streaming. it's "watch what you want on the fastest internet" streaming. it's "live sports so you never miss a goal" streaming. it's "dvr shows because you'll never know when you'll need it" streaming. it's streaming from xfinity that makes your life... simple. easy. awesome. get started with xfinity internet for $40 a month for 2 full years when you sign up for tv. plus, get 3x the speed of at&t and directv. click, call or visit a store today.
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a fire breathing dragon float actually caught fire today at dizsney world magic. extinguished the fire but no one was hurt. rummaging through old boxes of family heirlooms, you might wonder if they are valuable. >> maybe silver, or autograph photographs. a marin county gasped with
7:47 pm
excitement. >> she asks michael finney if she struck it rich. >> reporter: building the most iconic place in the world disneyland. how much are those treasures worth? >> all who come to this happy place, welcome. >> reporter: that is walt disney himself. welcoming the world to disneyland on opening day in 1955. >> at that time it was the biggest thing going. >> reporter: this is cathy sullivan of mill valley. and she was there that day at the tender age of eight. >> little parade. >> reporter: cathy had no idea how famous disneyland would become. >> he was a carpenter and helped build disneyland. a letter signed by walt disney. >> reporter: cathy was rummaging
7:48 pm
when she found this letter. addressed to her dad from walt disney himself. >> oh my god. wow. >> reporter: the letter said disneyland was almost fully built. >> he appreciated the hard work. >> reporter: and invited the whole family to the park. also she found her father's id tag. >> it is not a real signature. it is a printed signature. >> reporter: disney's handwritten signature would have been valuable. but this one was a printed stamp on the page. this was only a form letter with her dad's name inserted at the top. >> the type set of his name versus the biody of the letter was slightly different. >> reporter: this id card was
7:49 pm
the most value. her guess 500 or 600. >> bottom line is that it doesn't have anywhere near the value i hoped for. >> reporter: and now, if you find a treasure and want to find out what it is worth, palomino says go online and find an expert or put it up yourself. the answer is how much buyers are willing to pay for your item. >> neat find though. >> sure. updating the mother's day forecast. >> spencer bk with the latest. >> things looking good right now. sunny skies, breezy conditions and overnight it will remain relatively mild although quite windy. will have lows in the mid-to upper 50s for most pt.
7:50 pm
tomorrow it will be breezy again and quite warm. and low to mid-80s inlands. check out the accuweather forecast. cooler tomorrow but pleasant lovely day and further cooling going into next week. but sunday looking glorious. counting down to monday. >> oh, yes, larry beil. >> i wish we could get to monday. steph curry knows exactly what the rockets want to do. theyant james harden to go right at him
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good evening. would klay thompson leave tens of millions of dollars to stay with the warriors. klay was open to a four-year $102 million extension. i am open to the same. the warriors say no talk is taking place on this. but that would follow the trend with kevin durant leaving 10 million last year to keep the
7:54 pm
group together. steph curry knows houston wants to attack him. they would love to get steph, guarding james harden as often as possible. and steph says bring it on. >> every single day. i hope it is every single day. play team i try to do that constantly whether it is cleveland in the finals or whatever team tries to do it. >> we need a different, to keep that motor going, keep you hungry. with us going in, first game of the series, it is a different challenge for us, but i think we play or best when our back is against the wall. >> game one monday in houston. playoffs are a different deal. they live by the three, they may
7:55 pm
die by the three, he wants to see how his system works against the dubs. >> last year, try to get better than them or what is the use. yeah, but that say compliment to them. imagine if the giants traded buster posey. that is what mccutchen meant to pittsburgh. here is his first game at bat. >> number 22, andrew mccutchen! >> now i am getting the chills listening to that. they love him back in pittsburgh. giants down 2-0. jackson a two run single. watch evan longoria. will you please get out of my
7:56 pm
way? bottom of the inning, os sunna, pih-hit. the pirates are leading. sunny gray, first time they have seen him as a yankee. chris davis, they call him crush for a reason. two batters later, here it comes, and there it goes. chapman says hello. fowler's first major league hit off of gray. and there is symmetry right there. fowler's family loving this. score up seven-5. tiger woods close to missing the cut on 17. the famous watering hole ten feet away. missed the bird.
7:57 pm
having yourself a day challenging. ten under, that would be the course record, six straight birdies on the back nine and a u lot of water there. five shots ahead going into the weekend. tiger made the cut and mickelson did not. >> rough weekend. >> well, he will be watching. relagzing weekend. >> you could run but wouldn't do any good. advanced capability of a robot. the iron man triathlon expected to provide big boost. with the special election to fill the rest of the term.
7:58 pm
the candidates are making its cases. one of the major issues is the homeless. an issue that everybody agrees it is out of control. it as an embarrassment for a world class city. mayor's pass should never have allowed the homeless problem to reach this crisis point in the first place. so too are the number of car break ins. like the homeless problem, it is a lot like closing the barn door after the horses get out. this is a city that is as rich as it is beautiful and no excuse for what is happening. whoer is elected next month, stop talking and start fixing things. let me know what you think. follow me on twitter and facebook. >> thank you for joining us. look for breaking news on
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twitter. i am ama etz. >> and i am dan ashley. for all of us, we appreciate for all of us, we appreciate your time and see
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good morning, kyle. oh, good morning, sir. hey, morning. whoa! check out, mr. b! nice threads! (chuckles) uh-oh, did somebody die?


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