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tv   ABC7 News 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  May 11, 2018 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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good evening. thank you for joining us. i'm dan ashley. >> and i'm ama dates. the wind is picking up especially in the north bay and east bay hills. >> here's what it looked icsalin santa rosa just a little while ago. >> reporter: take a look at the current wind conditions. the higher elevations is where we're seeing those gusty winds. they have been steadily increasing. knoxville creek, 37 miles an hour. you will notice out of the northeast very drying wind.
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atlas peek, 28 miles an hour. at the lower elevations it's pretty light. a little breezy around fairfield. the higher elevations under that wind advisory until 5:00 a.m. tomorrow. it's the north bay mountains and east bay hills. du gusts may reach as high as 50 miles an hour which is why there's concern for downed trees and power lines and the rough time driving on the highways. so please take it easy out there if you are going it pea out and about. and make sure you have any loose items secured or tied down if you have them in your backyard. now to the controversy swirling over what was said inside the white house about senator john mccain who is in a battle with brain cancer as you know. it's been learned that during a meeting at the white house a staffer said mccain's opinion doesn't matter, he's dying anyway. now mccain's daughter says how is this person still employed.
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here's abc news reporter mary bruce. >> reporter: tonight no explanation, no acknowledgement and no apology from the white house. >> again, i'm not going to validate a leak one way or another out of an internal staff meeting. >> reporter: press secretry sarah sanders repeatedly refusing to address comments made by a white house aid who dismissed mccain's opposition saying it doesn't mat, he's dying anyway. mccain is battling brain cancer. on "the view" today his daughter suggesting history will be on his side. >> these people nothing bergers. >> reporter: and she wondered why that aid, kelly sadler still has a job. >> i don't understand what kind of environment you're working in where that would be acceptable and you can still come in the next day and still have a job. >> does she still have a job? >> i'm not going to comment on
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an internal staff meeting. >> reporter: cindy mccain tweeting directly at sadler, may i remind you my husband has a family, seven children and five grandchildren. joe biden saying decency in the trump administration has hit rock bottom. the attack on mccain came a day after the senator forcefully opposed trump's pick for cia director gina haspel over her role in enhanced interrogations. saying her refusal to acknowledge enhanced torture is disqualified. on fox business yesterday a retired lieutenant general disparaged mccain's experience. >> the fact is john mccain, it worked on john. >> reporter: but there is no evidence mccain caved under pressure. instead giving his captors false information. the host of that fox business program later apologized. but there's another apology
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mccain still has yet to receive. one from the president who famously questioned mccain's past during the campaign. >> he's not a war hero. he's a war hero because he was captured. i like people that weren't captured. >> mary bruce, abc news, washington. tonight free empty police are recovering a body found in the marshlands off the city's shore. a hiker took police to the body found around 4:00 this afternoon. alameda county coroner's office officials used a specialized boat to reach the body. new details about an officer involved shooting overnight. no one was hit but one of the suspects was hurt nonetheless. >> reporter: san francisco police say it began with a car burglary here at steiner's street and gary boulevard around
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9:00 a.m. the 21-year-old ran where he got into a parked vehicle. >> we're not confirming its status as to whether it's stolen or not at this point. >> reporter: police say he drove to the nearby 1500 block where he collided with two sf pd vehicles and an officer involved shooting occurred. today officers went door-to-door looking for surveillance. >> at this time i'm not able to state whether the shooting was of a moving vehicle or not. >> reporter: an officer was injured. >> we just got hit by a car. i hit my head. >> reporter: that officer was treated and released at the scene. this time to polic and mccallister streets where he stopped at civic city plaza and was taken into custody. internal affairs division, district attorney's office
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independence investigations bureau, and department of police accountability. >> a number of factors are involved here. how the officer felt their life was in danger, what the actual suspect was doing at that time. >> reporter: he was taken to the hospital with nonlife threatening injuries. in san francisco, melanie woodrow, abc 7 news. now to oaklan where fire crews responded to a deck collapse. sky 7 checked out the damaging from the air. fire officials say two people were taken to the hospital with injuries. the incident happened near morcome place. hawaii's governor is asking president trump to declare the state a major disaster as volcanic activity continues to threaten people. residents were advised to locate vacation shelters and be ready
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to leave shad gnat volcano erupt. scary stuff. well, starbu k k you thion. if you made the rules what would the bathroom policy be? >> right, only open to customers and open to all. eric thompson explains what could prove problematic with this policy at stores you visit in the bay area. >> reporter: this is the video that went viral immediately last month. two black men arrested at a philadelphia starbucks in april. they were told they couldn't use the bathroom and declined to buy a drink while waiting for an acquaintance to arrive. critics accused the workers of racism.
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yesterday starbucks' ceo held a forum and said it wouldn't happen again. >> we don't want anyone in starbucks feel as if we're not giving access to you to use the bathroom because you are less than. we want you to be more than. he says from now on the key to bathroom will be given to anyone who asks regardless of race, sexual orientation, gender or ethnic background. customers we talked to said that's the way it should be. >> i think having access to a public bathroom is a human right. >> sometimes i feel obligated to buy something. >> reporter: business owners in san francisco say they face an almost impossible choice. try to help someone who's down on his or her luck or maintain a clean facility for their customers. patricia says they have to have rules to keep the homeless out of their bathrooms.
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>> they take showers, and at one opponent we found evidence of even needles on the floor. >> reporter: but marketing experts say it's a smart move on their part. >> and you can see the live votes coming in. right now 68% say only for customers. >> yeah, the poll is still open. just go to to weigh in. sign-up, and we make it very easy. the defends in the ghost ship case are back in court. what their attorney was willing to do to get his cliepnts out o jail and what the judge ruled also. >> we have san francisco values here. they are distinctly different from donald trump's. >> the new debate. it's changing their strategy. and still ahead it runs like a human, even jumps like one. we're going to look at the
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enhanced capabilitie
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the ghost ship warehouse fire case was back in oakland court today. one of the defendants was trying to get bailed out using a new decision from california's supreme court.
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leslie brinkly explains. >> this is the first time a judge has acknowledged that our defense has merit. >> reporter: harris' attorney offer said to help pay for harris to be released. harris along with derek almenna, the founder of the arts collective known as ghost ship are each charged with 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter for the fatal fire back in december 2016. today a judge turned down a motion to dismiss those charges. almena's wife believes her husband is being scapegoated. >> i'm really disappointed the motion got dismissed today. i don't think that was right. >> reporter: but almenna will have a chance to speak in court. >> we intend at trial to put our
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client on. so he will be testifying and testifying on his own behalf. >> reporter: attorneys are also pushing for an evidentiary hearing before a trial judge. >> they botched the investigation, failed to preserve the crime scene and then they released all of the contents to the owner. the owner is essentially giving the murder weapon back to had suspect. >> reporter: harris will be back in court may 24th for his bail hearing. the ghost ship trial itself is set for july 16th. i'm leslie brinkly, abc 7 news. a san francisco mayoral candidate is under fire by her fellow candidates over a proposal to eliminate the city's sanctuary law protections for violent felons. on wednesday she introduced a ballot measure that would allow law enforcement to promote viol
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violent felons. her proposal prompted a firestorm of responses from other mayoral candidates. today leno took it a step further reasoneding his endorsement as a third choice candidate. >> she has used donald trump's language of suggesting and promoting his myth that immigrants are, quote, murderers, rapists and child molesters. this is very dangerous language. >> she told nbc 7 news she stands by her proposal and any comparison of her to president trump shows how desperate the other capped dts are. the governor's $199 billion spending plan puts aside nearly $9 billion in california's rainy day fund. the package does call for some
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additional spending to help californian's growing homeless program. as well as money for school, state buildings and mental health programs. the governor says lawmakers should not be giddy about california's projected surplus. >> the legislator will have some ideas. we'll work together. but i can tell you all the people that want things won't be getting what they like to have. >> the budget surplus is $3 million more than the governor had projected in january mostly to higher tax revenue. almost 150 kids attending hidden valley elementary school lost everything after their homes burned down in the wildfires. the school satellite campus was destroyed. financial services company kpmg sent over hundreds of books and backpacks to help out. and as you can see they were warmly a warmly received. >> excellent.
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>> you know what else will be warmly received, i think the mother's day forecast. yeah, it'll be nice enough to warm mom's heart. you will notice that we pretty won't have any fog to speak of. there are a few wispy clouds passing through the bay area. the system has been creating some snow showers. low pressure producing that moisture there, and that's why we're caught in the middle with the windy conditions over the higher elevations tonight. now, this afternoon that same wind direction, north-northeasterly wind helps pushed those temperatures up. from the low to mid-80s inland to places like livermore, concord, santa rosa. san francisco, 68. if you wanted to get mild weather you'd have to be in half moon bay, 66 degrees. that was one of our cooler spots, believe it or not. so it was a beautiful spring day. and in case you want to take mom
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to beach this upcoming weekend, take a look at the forecast. tomorrow will be the warmer of the two. on mother's day there will be some low clouds and fog around. a little bit cooler. upper 40s in the morning, upper 60s in the afternoon hours. i want to show you a live picture. notice the flag is swaying in the breeze there. so the lower elevation breezy for some. but it is definitely windy at the higher elevations. abc 7 news exploratorium camera showing you a downtown view of san francisco. mountain view, san jose still pretty mild. half moon bay, 52 degrees and a live picture from our emeriville camera. you'll notice the visibility is terrific as we look across the bay there and towards 80. 75 right now, still warm in napa. 73 in concord. one other live picture from our east bay camera and you can see san francisco nice and clearly. sunny and mild tomorrow.
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notice that camera is bouncing so it is windy at higher elevations. here's your hour by hour forecast for the wind. 11:00 tonight there will be some gusty winds around. 30 miles an hour while you're sleeping around midnight in fairfield at the higher elevations we'll continue to see those strong wibnds. and that's why there is a oncern you could see some strong winds and power lines or tre trees going down. really mild start and then warming it up for the afternoon. look at the south bay reading. santa clara, 78. 79 in san jose. if you're going to be on the peninsula really nice looking day. 64 in half moon bay. nothing but sunshine in downtown san francisco. north bay, the beaches in the 60s. just about everybody else in the 80s. heading into the east bay temperatures range from the mid-70s to the 80s.
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inland areas, walnut creek, 82 degrees in concord. so a nice warm one. morning overcast, and temperatures in the 50s. we go with sunshine by noontime in our inland areas, and in the afternoon it'll be nice and warm. around the bay and inland but cool near the coast. so if you're going to be near the coast with mom, make sure she has a sweater with her. 7:00 in the evening mid-50s to low 60s. temperatures falling for mother's day but still pleasant. cooling carries over right on through the workweek next week until about thursday before things reverse. >> very good. sandhya, thanks. up next facebook's big move into san francisco where the company is planning to setup shop. also. >> three, two, one. >> the unveiling of a nearly life-sized panda at a bay area
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tonight facebook is planning to expand its san francisco presence in a big way. the san francisco chronicle reports the menlo based company is expected to lease all of the office space at the new park tower on howard street. the new building has 750,000 square feet of office space and 14 sky decks. this is video from property management company jll which declined to comment on the report. facebook now has enough space to accommodate 8,000 workers in san francisco. two new additions are doing swimmingly well in their new
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environment. meet two african penguins who have just graduated from swim school. they tweeted this picture saying every hatch represents a success. in nature the african penguins population has fallen 95% in just the last century. a joyous tribute in san francisco today to friendship and late mayor ed lee. >> three, two, one. >> cheers greeted today's unveiling of a life-size stach ow of a panda at diane feinstein elementary school. the panda was unveiled by the girls who designed it. the original design was chosen from some 300 entries by some five san francisco schools. the small pandas came from
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changdu, china, san francisco's city. >> always be everybody's friend. >> an artist created the life-sized statue which was named edwin after san francisco's late mayor. they went directly to the president today to make their case. >> also you'll hear from the female passenger who was on that swet flight just two seats away from the woman who was nearly sucked out of window. plus. in her first jail house interview a woman accused of sending a man make ross your destination for savings. if you're looking for an incredible selection of the
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some of the world's top auto makers met with president trump amid a struggle that could result in them making a different version of vehicles just for california. >> now, the current administration wants to roll back some of the obama era policies that are now in place. but california is against it. >> abc 7 news reporter chris wynn has the update. >> reporter: talking about the future of the country's auto industry president trump hipted at signs of cooperation but maintained his promise to put america first. >> we have a great capacity for building. we're importing a lot of cars, but we want a lot of those cars to be made in the united states. >> reporter: in a meeting today with some of the world's top auto makers the president exploring california. auto makers are concerned about the potential for having to engineer and produce two versions for each of their
9:31 pm
vehicle models if california is able to montane its own set of standards. immediately after the meeting a group of ten auto makers sent a letter to executives defending the obama era regulations. >> they're talking on both sides of their mouth. they're playing up to trump saying we need more flexibility, we want a national standard. on the other hand they're saying, well, we want to deal with california. >> reporter: this month california was joined by 17 other states in suing the trump administration in its plan to reconsider the standards. the current rule calls for an average of 50 miles a gallon by 2025. would also challenge california's ability to set its own rules. >> to say this about jobs or more choices for people in cars diminishes and completely fails to mention the health consequences. >> reporter: auto makers have been lobbying the trump administration to revisit the
9:32 pm
requirements saying they'll have trouble reaching them because more people are buying trucks and suvs than ever before. chris wynn, abc 7 news. >> meantime the trump administration is ending a project that measures greenhouse gases. the $10 mill wherein a year program led by nasa uses satellite and aircraft instruments to monitor methane and carbon dioxide emissions. it's been critical to help scientists measure and analyze global pollution. critics say without this information it will be harder to create policies that limit climate change and its effects. we're hearing for the first time from a passenger on that southwest flight. she was sitting two seats away from the woman that was nearly sucked out of the plane. >> reporter: passengers on that southwest plane were just 20 minutes into their flight when shrapnel from a broken engine blasts through a window. >> and almost immediately i felt the are rush of wind.
9:33 pm
>> reporter: passenger jennifer riordan was being sucked from her window seat. macky two seats away. >> what did you see? >> the bottom part of her rib cage was out the window and i had leaned over to pull jennifer in. >> reporter: between the two women a young teenage girl. >> she tried to pull jennifer in as well. a very brave girl. >> reporter: unsuccessful, but doing whatever she could to comfort jennifer. >> i put my hand on jennifer's back so she would at least know we were there. >> reporter: passenger tim mcgenty rushing in to help. >> i went to the window trying to -- >> reporter: he too helpless, no match for the enormous pressure. the memory is overwhelming. >> just trying to pull her in, and it was -- you know,
9:34 pm
couldn't. just couldn't. >> just awful. that was martha radts reporting. you can see the full interview at 10:00 p.m. over on channel 7. a woman accused of sending 65,000 text message tuesday a man after just one date is now speaking out in a jail house interview. >> i met him online. i was looking for my healing ange a psychic i met told me i would meet a healing angel. >> reporter: she said she met him on luxy, a dating site where millionaires go to find love. and if you ask her the spark was instant. >> i thought we would do what everybody else did. >> reporter: found out that spark was one-sided. >> you don't stop giving even if
9:35 pm
you don't receive. you all of a sudden receive a lot. >> reporter: that's one way to look at love but paradise valley police say she took it too far. we're talking 65,000 text messages in the last few months, chilling threats. according to police reports some of those texts read, quote, i don't want to be a murderer. police reports say she also texted the victim saying she would cut up his body, wear his body parts and bathe in his blood. >> i don't want to talk about that. >> she ignored questions about showing up at his work claiming to be his wife or allegedly breaking into his home and bathing in his tub. when we asked her if she would actually hurt him. >> no. oh, my god, no. i love him so much. and if he doesn't like it then i'll go home and i'll love my exboyfriend. what am i supposed to do? >> she's expected in court next
9:36 pm
week. a fire breathing dragon float actually caught fire today at disney world's magic king d. it happened during the festival of fantasy parade. spectators didn't seem too concerned as you can see from this video. cast members moved them away from the flaming float and extinguished the fire. no one was hurt fortunately. a health item tonight to pass along. aew study has found a possible link between food and fertility. they found among those who ate fast food foufr times or more perweek the risk of infertility increased from 4% to 16%. and it also increased for women who didn't eat as much fruit. researchers admit more studsyy needed. but they urged more women to get into a routine of healthy eating before trying to get pregnant. there's a familiar ring to the top baby names in the u.s. for 2017.
9:37 pm
for girls ema tops the list for a fourth straight year while liam pushed noah aside. fourth isabella and james. and fifth sophia and logan. the list is compiled by the social security administration. >> dan and ama not on the list. >> no, not at all. coming up next law make ross your destination for savings. if you're looking for an incredible selection of the brands you love, this season's newest trends for a fraction of what you'd pay at department stores, ♪ you gotta go to ross
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♪ for the latest styles where you'll spend less. ♪ spring dress. ♪ ♪ you gotta go to ross. if you want to save big on dresses for every occasion, you gotta go to ross. all right, you'll find this fascinating maybe terrifying or both. robot maker boston dynamics has posted a new video of its hugenoid robot named atlas. in the video atlas demonstrates
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its running ability reminiscent of a person. it runs over grass demonstrating its ability to run easily over uneven terrain. captioned it with the question, getting some air, atlas, as if the robot had gone out for a run on its own. at the end of the video it pauses and jumps over a wall there. as you can see its emotion are very human like. they're going to take over. >> i'm intrigued but a little frightened. coming to it bay area with a high tech twist. >> jonathan bloom headed to the pool with a lesson in logroll. >> dig your heels in. >> reporter: michael camp has never done this before. >> it threw me off for my first couple of tries i definitely needed some lp. >> reporter: good thing help is here. for abbey delaney logrolling runs in the family.
9:42 pm
>> my mom is actually a seven time logrolling champion. >> reporter: abbey has done it since she was a kid but back then there was real wood. so abbey helped design this plastic pool you fill with water. here she is trying the first prototype of the key log that felt like the real thing. now she's traveling around to start logrolling programs across the country. >> she's teaching me and my staff how to teach this to kids. >> reporter: kids and maybe a clumsy reporter. in case you couldn't tell standing up and staying up is a lot harder than it looks. that means logrolling is one heck of a work out. >> i felt i was doing a dance almost with my arms and legs. >> reporter: but when you play for real you're not thinking about burning calories. you're thinking about winning.
9:43 pm
the competition is head to head, two people on the same log. >> and you're each basically trying to be the last person on top of the log. >> reporter: matches can last for seconds or minutes. and although there's sometimes a tie it's usually obvious who won. abbey thinks that makes logrolling great for spectators. it's even better in slow motion. >> our goal is to make logrolling an olympic sport. >> nasa is ending its first helicopter into space on its next mission in mars. scientists want to see how heavier air vehicles will operate on the red planet. it'll fly a lot like a drone but without a joystick. instead the helicopter will receive commands in advance. nasa also showed us the chopper being tested here on earth. meteorologist sandhya patel
9:44 pm
standing by for a final check on the mother's day forecast. >> and crammed and crowded by ride shares. ride shares. sfo could take steps crystal geyser alpine spring water starts here, ride shares. sfo could take steps passes through here, and is bottled right here. at the mountain source. naturally. crystal geyser is the only major u.s spring water bottled at the mountain source. naturally.
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geyser! [echo]stal! [echo] crystal! [echo] geyser! [echo] crystal geyser. always bottled at the mountain source. naturally. ahead up if you're going to the golden gate bridge on mother's day. the welcome center on vista point parking lot will be closed from 11:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. asking the district to use alternative forms of transit or use nearby parking lots. uber or lyft drivers get ready to pay more or be dropped off at sfo. there's so much congestion they're getting ready to approve a two tier system. abc 7 news reporter lyanne
9:48 pm
melendez. >> reporter: have you been to sfo lately? congestion here being blamed on the number of uber and lyft cars that pick up and drop off customers. sfo thinks they now found a solution. a lower fare would be charged to those who want to walk to the central garage. the top level would be converted to a pick up and drop off area. the sacramento couple doesn't mind paying more. >> for one thing we consider things like our age now, the convenience of coming door-to-door. >> reporter: rita says she's fine with the two tier pricing structure. >> walking a little saves the price. that's why we get uber i think. >> reporter: the difference in price is still being negotiated between the ride sharing companies and the airport. regardless of what they decide the airport commission says the new fees will be in place by
9:49 pm
july 1st. here's how uber responded today. the proposed fee increase goes sense sfo's consumer friendly approach and will not help to reduce congestion at the airport. meanwhile the taxi companies say the new structure is fair since they are not allowed to pick up passengers at curbside. >> i'm glad. they deserve it. >> reporter: why is that? >> for the cabdrivers. for the cabdrivers. >> reporter: the extra funding would go directly to sfo for roadway maintenance and improvement. in san francisco, lyanne melendez, abc 7 news. time for one last check of the weather. we love the weekend. >> we do. >> sounds like you're both ready for the weekend. take a look at your 12 hour planner. temperatures in the 50s. going to be warm at lunchtime especially around the bay and inland. and you'll notice those
9:50 pm
temperatures in the low 650s to mid-80s 4:00 a.m. sun goes down, still comfortable just about everywhere. no rain in the bay area tomorrow afternoon. warmth inland with those 80s. 60s along the coast. and if you're looking for the warmest day, tomorrow will be it. the temperature trend for san jose, average high 75 degrees. notice it's above average tomorrow and then trending lower, cooling below normal this time of year. sunny, mild in the morn, mild in the afternoon and then mother's day is looking fantastic. just not as warm. we'll keep the cooling process going through the workweek, low 70s inland. a mix of sun and clouds. not toon
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good evening. andrew mccutcheon is a hero in pittsburgh. he played there for nine years. tonight returning to steel city as a member of the giants. if only cuch could pitch because the giants really need some arms. >> in second right fielder number 22 andrew mccutcheon. >> how cool is that? tremendous ovation. they still love him, always will. to the game now. giants down 2-0 in the fourth. austin jackson a 2 run single. the funny play is right here. evan longoria. josh bell almost hit this one
9:55 pm
across. that made the 8-2. bases loaded. he needs to hit a six run homer, which does not exist. 11-2 pierrates the final. they have now lost five straight games. facing sunny gray for the very first time as a yankee. chris davis greets him. his tenth of the career. a's up 1-0. and sunny gets pulled after giving up five runs. bottom five here comes the judge. kendall for a three run blast. erin judge, and judge's tenth of the year. top sixth lowery, is it fair or is it foul? that is gone. his ninth of the year.
9:56 pm
stanta stanton up with the bases loaded and to lowery who makes the catch. and top eight rejoice. the a's with their fourth homer. the a's hit four bombs and tack on some more to win ten. they're at 500. 19 and 19. so would clay thompson leave tens of millions of dollars on the table to stay with the warriors? indicating clay was open to a four. year $102 million extension. so if he goes for that he gives up free agency and gobs of cash. the warriors so no talks are taking place on this right now because they took place earlier and will finally be finalized in the off-season. as for the upcoming series the western conference finals, steph curry know that the rock is going to try to attack him relentlessly on the defensive
9:57 pm
end. and steph says oh, yeah, bring it on. >> every single play. i hope it's every single play. i play teams that try to do that constantly whether it's cleveland or finals the last three years, we handle our business. >> sometimes you need a different challenge to kind of keep that motor going, you know, keep you hungry. so with us going in on the road first game of this series, it's a different challenge for us. but i think we play our best when our backs are against the wall. >> the rockets have the best record in the west in the regular season. but even they know playoffs are a whole different deal. they live by the three, may may die by the three. he wants to see how his system works against the doves. >> they're going to say. whether you say it or not say it last year 29 other teams had tried to get better than them or
9:58 pm
what's the use? that's a compliment to them. golf, second round of the championship. tiger woods close to missing the cut. here he is on 17th. this is the signature hole, and he lands it. miss the birdies but sneaks through at minus 1. challenging the course record off the green and gets it to go 10 under. that would be the record. but on 17 there's the water. look out. kerplunk. ties the course record. tiger made the cut. field did not. mickelson, by the way, was wearing a long sleeve dress shirt and it was 90 degrees and everybody was giving him a hard time about it. >> what are you doing? >> it didn't help his game. >> i played that golf course.
9:59 pm
17 is visually intimidating. it's not that hard a shot but visually -- coming up it's more than just a race in sonoma county. the big boost the iran man triathlon is expected to give to communities still recovering from the north bay fires. and also hear from a san francisco mayoral capped dt over on channel 7. >> but that is all for now. as always we appreciate your time. >> from all of us thanks for being here. see you at 11:00 on 7.
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(dark ominous music) - i'm former fbi agent joe pistone, the real donnie brasco. the mafia put a contract on my head,


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