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tv   ABC7 News 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  May 13, 2018 9:00pm-9:30pm PDT

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>> announcer: now from abc7 live breaking news. >> that breaking news and attempted baby abduction in san francisco, the attacker tried to grab a woman's newborn baby on natoma street in the mission district. there was a struggle with the baby caught in the middle but that mother eventually got her baby back. >> the attacker and three others ran away. police have arrested them and they've been positively identified by the mother and witnesses. the baby is being checked out of the hospital and right now police are still on the scene talking to witnesses and gathering evidence. we'll have much more about the
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attempted abduction tonight at 11:00 including surveillance video coming into the newsroom at any moment. >> with that, good evening, everybody. i'm dion lim. >> i'm eric thomas. thanks for joining us. the man suspected of being the golden state killer expected in koerlt tomorrow morning. >> joseph deangelo is charged with the murders of 12 people across california and is suspected of more than 50 rapes. for the first time we hear from the mother of the golden gate killer's final victim who was raped and killed in irvine in 1986. >> reporter shelby davidson has the story. >> i left for vacation and gave her a kiss good-bye. >> reporter: that was the first time diane stein left her daughter "home alonhome alone o. it was the last time she ever saw her. >> this was one of the situations where they call you in the middle of the night and give you the news that your daughter has just been murdered. >> reporter: she was in mexico with other family when that call came in. >> that's the first thing a
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mother thinks. oh, i want to go home real quick and help her, but you can't. >> reporter: 3,000 miles away, she was helpless. >> i cried all the way home. i cried on the airplane. everybody in the airplane felt bad for me and my little son was running through the aisles. my husband finally held him. >> reporter: jennelle was her firstborn, just 18 years old at the time. >> she was happy finally. >> reporter: do you know what she wanted to do? >> she didn't talk to me yet. we got robbed of all those things. >> reporter: diane can remember strange phone calls in the weeks before the murder. >> we thought he did it in the child's voice. it was some kid just fooling around and he would say, i'm gonna kill you, in a low, almost childish voice on the phone. >> reporter: decades later with phone records from other victims, investigators believe it was the golden state killer. >> i'm gonna kill you. >> he usually watches people for
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a little while. she had just called a friend and heard a noise. >> reporter: jennelle was found by their realtor the next evening. >> when he walked in with somebody to show the house, he found her on the bed dead. >> reporter: officers say she was bludgeoned to death in their irvine, california home. >> he tide them up with marine knots and raped them and did whatever he wanted. >> reporter: after 40 years on the run, joseph deangelo was arrested. >> some day we'll get a chance to talk to him. ask ask him why did he pick my house. >> that was shelby daniel son reporting. prosecutors from four districts are now coordinating their efforts. >> a viral video is creating a fire form in the san francisco mayor's race. those who say they are supporters of london breed crashed kim and yelled insults at her. >> [ bleep ].
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[ bleep ]. i ain't trying to hear it. >> abc7 news asked kim this afternoon about what happened. she says she's not taking it personally. >> while slurs and ethnic based slurs are never okay, we also have to acknowledge that there has been a divide in our city and across the country based on race, gender and so many other identities. >> breed held a campaign event today in the marina district. she told abc7 news she has seen bits and pieces of the video and is aware of what happened. breed added the people were not part of her group and does not condone their behavior. >> well, i don't tolerate racism of any kind. and, you know, it was really unfortunate some of the comments were made. and i just don't tolerate that. >> the two candidates could come face to face as soon as tomorrow. they are both scheduled to appear at the commonwealth's club's mayoral forum. >> the former police commissioner has died. he resigned early why this month. he didn't reveal a reason for
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stepping down. he spent 7 years on the civilian oversight panel. family and friends have not revealed how tur man died. >> a sonoma county deput should survivor after getting shot. they were called to the jolly washer gas station on highway 12 because of an employee acting strange and refusing to leave. when two deputies arrived, they say the man opened fire. one deputy was hit. they arrested the man when his gun jammed. >> it is a somber man for an oakland family. christina davis leaves behind seven children after she died in a terrible car crash in florida. now the community is rallying around the family to help. abc7 news reporter cornell bernard has details. >> she was the best mom ever. she was the best wife ever. >> reporter: la donald griffin can't believe his wife christina davis is gone. she leaves behind seven children ranging in age from 5 to 15. davis was visiting relatives in jacksonville, florida in march
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when a fiery car crash took her life and the lives of her sister and her boyfriend and a 9-year-old nephew. >> it was like worst day ever. we was on the phone, me and my daughter patty was on the phone with her when it happened. >> reporter: la donald held on to the urn containing his wife's ashes. they traveled to florida for the funeral but didn't have enough money to return to the bay area. the nonprofit oakland public education fund helped with airfare to get the family home and get the kids back in school in oakland. >> i miss my friends. >> eventually they're going to realize that mom is not there. but that's the least thing i can do is to try to gather the community together and support this family. >> our kids have over 3.5 gpas. she made our kids better, she made me better. >> reporter: so far a gofundme page has raised almost $12,000 to support the griffin family in their time of need. >> we thank every last person that donated. even though we don't know you,
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it's going to a very good cause and we're going to make sure the kids get everything they need out of that. >> reporter: griffin says he is committed to keeping his family together, holding on tight to precious memories of a beloved wife and mom. in oakland, cornell bernard, abc7 news. >> tomorrow san francisco superviors will focus on the controversial clean up at the hunters point shipyard. dozens of homeowners in hunters point are asking the u.s. navy to retest the soil under their homes for toxic residue. earlier this month two men pleaded guilty to cheating on soil samples during the clean up. they found at the tra tech, the company responsible for that clean up falsified nearly all of its soil tests for land slated for housing. they are expected at the hearing. >> israel is holding festivities to celebrate the opening of the u.s. embassy in jerusalem. the u.s. has sent a delegation for tomorrow's opening. president trump's daughter ivanka and top advisor jared kushner will be on hand.
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the move is highly controversial sparking protests by palestinians and straining relationships in the middle east. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu thanked president trump for what he calls a bold move. >> we are deeply grateful and our people will be eternally grateful for his bold decision. >> -- >> the embassy used to be locate ed in tel aviv. >> well, today, tim cook made a touching tribute to former apple ceo steve jobs. >> he was my friend and mentor. >> cook used what he learned from jobs to inspire these new graduates. >> plus gorillas are critically endangered but there is new hope for their survival. >> and i'm meteorologist drew tuma. we are wrapping up a weekend that was breezy and on the cool side, but cooler air moves in
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later this week. we'll detail that with the forecast coming up.
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there is new hope for the survival of gorillas in the wild. a new landmark survey found many more than previously thought. the survey published in the journal science advances was the culmination of a decade of work. scientists counted 360,000 gorillas over that time, about double earlier estimates. you're looking at file video of a random gorilla encounter. now, the news today isn't all great. gorilla populations are down 20% in the last eight years. most gorillas do not live in protected areas. >> apple ceo tim cook returned to his college roots this weekend. he gave the commencement speech today at duke where he received a business degree in 1988. the head of one of the premiere
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tech companies challenged him to think differently in his speech. he also shared how former apple ceo steve jobs helped inspire him. >> from him i learned to never be content with the way that things are. i believe this mind-set comes naturally to young people, and you should never let go of this restlessness. >> cook touched on technology and the dizzying pace it's advancing. encouraging the graduates to use it to make the world a better place. >> well, of course, it's a special day for mom, and one bay area tradition focus iz es on mothers who are sometimes overlooked. >> i feel really special, not forgotten. >> a look at how themothers fro all walks of life are celebrated in san francisco. >> we have a cool week ahead. drew tuma up next with the accuweather forecast. >> klay thompson says enough of the questions. the warriors are off to houston
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and ready for the western conference finals. and pink power to the giants. they finally get on the pennsylvania and get a win. a great performance by one player in particular.
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mothers from all walks of life are being treated today. >> abc7 news was in san francisco where the hamilton family center took care of the moms today at its emergency homeless shelter. there was a brunch, gift bags and that's not all. >> the mothers received makeup and hair styling sessions. it definitely touched those who were being pampered today. >> this is special, you know what i mean? people take time to remind us that we're somebody, you know what i mean? regardless of where we're at, we're special enough to take the time to do this. >> the hamilton family center is
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in the tenderloin neighborhood. it provides shelter for about 300 families. >> announcer: now your accuweather forecast with drew tuma. >> we're stuck in this pattern over the weekend with morning clouds and some afternoon sunshine. that pattern continues into the week ahead and cooler air will move in as well. certainly does not feel like may for a good portion of the region. live doppler 7 along with satellite tonight showing you our skies are dry, however you can see t cloud cover right along the coast. and it will make its trek east over the next couple of hours. the picture outside from the rooftop camera at kgo along the embarcadero showing you pier 15. the flags atop the pier are waving ever so gently. a light breeze not as active as earlier, but some areas are windy. 23 miles per hour, 14 in concord. elsewhere around the region, winds generally between 5 and 15 miles per hour and that wind direction continuing to come off that cool ocean water.
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right now most spots have fallen back into the 50s at this hour. we're at 57 in hayward, 56 in san mateo. cool 52 in santa rosa. right now san ramon checking in with a temperature of 55 degrees. so, from accuweather forecast, cloud cover along the coast will spill into the bay. a lot of us tomorrow morning will wake up to gray skies once again. pretty much on either side of about 50 degrees for your morning lows on your monday. so, the bigger picture, live doppler 7 along with satellite, we are kind of stuck in a rut so to speak. we have this area of low pressure just to our east. it is just sitting and it's just spinning there. it's not going to be moving tomorrow. the next couple of days. that will continue the trend of cooler afternoons and those winds will become active once again tomorrow as well. tracker wind showing you tomorrow morning it's pretty light in most spots. however, watch as we get into the afternoon, those winds will pickup once again. by 5:00, they're coming off the
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cool ocean water gusting between 10 and 20 miles per hour. and likely we'll have gusts higher than that locally in some spots. it's pretty much a carbon copy forecast tomorrow what we had today. early on knot morning a lot of cloud cover out there. we'll see the slow pull back of the cloud cover to the coast throughout the morning. by the afternoon away from the coast, you see a lot of sunshine but it's breezy and that breeze keeps us either at or slightly below average for this time of year in most spots. so, a cool 61 in san francisco tomorrow with morning clouds to afternoon sunshine. it's breezy in the south bay. san jose up to 72 degrees, about 71 the high in concord, 65 in oakland. go to about 64 in santa rosa. and 63 the high in richmond. so, the accuweather seven-day forecast as we plan the next seven days for you, it's all about the gray skies in the morning, afternoon sunshine. it's breezy, too, as well. we'll continue that trend in terms of our clouds in the morning for tuesday. it's still cool for may even into wednesday. we're tracking coastal drizzle out there.
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the cloud cover the fog sticks with us the end of the week. the upcoming weekend, temperatures by sunday getting close to average for this time of the year. >> announcer: now sports from abc7 news. >> the western conference finals start tomorrow in houston. nearly a week after golden state wrapped up its series over the pelicans, but the extra rest may come into play. the first time steve kerr's postseason coaching career, the warriors don't have home court advantage. the team left for the rockets hometown this morning and check out stevphen curry. he boarded with snacks. jordan bell giving klay thompson, earn him some rookie status on the plane. as casual as the team seems leaving the bay, the warriors know they're on the business trip of the utmost importance. >> playing to get to the finals, playing for a championship. so that attention to detail and that intensity that we have to play with has got to be at an all-time high.
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>> it's four teams left. we're eight wins away from getting a championship again. so, i mean, we've got to be able to find it at this stage of the season. >> lebron james and the cavs got man handled by the celtics in game one of the eastern conference finals. look at cal's jaylen brown, the block of kevin went in. on the other he connects beautifully on the jumper. he finished with 23 points. boston led by 26 at the half. they smothered the king, held him to his 15 points on five of six shooting. and then five of 16 shooting. look at jason tatum. the three over tristan thompson. his mom loved t. boston rolled 108-83. game two is on tuesday. after getting swept by the phillies in a four-game series and losing the first two in pittsburgh, the giants needed to leave pennsylvania with at least one win. they tapped into the power of
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pink. pablo sandoval wearing it well for mother's day. a great day for derek holland. he thought the strike out ended the inning. it was out number two. all good. shut out innings for holland. scoreless until the 6th when hernandez led off with a shot he put just out of the reach of a leaping cory dickerson. later in the inning, two on for nick hundley. he made sure dickerson can't get this one either. a five-run inning for the giants. they make it whole. they finally break that six-game losing streak, 4 and 6 on the road trip. monday is home against the reds. a poignant moment before today's rubber match between the a's and yankees. the yankees made a $10,000 donation to als. the mother of outfielder who passed from the disease, this game belonged to john carlos stanton. off brett anderson, that's his 10th home run of the year. stanton went four for four with
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three rbi. the top of the 8th a great behind the back snag. matt joyce is retired. yankees win 6-2. the a's opening three game series in boston tomorrow. to the final round of the players championship, brook -- brooks koepka, second shot on the par 5 16, he tied the course reported with a 9 under 63 as he posted an albatross. he finished tied for 11th as did tiger woods. he had four birdies on the front and was poised for a top ten finish, but, yeah, 17 proved to be his kryptonite. double bogey there. nobody seriously challenged webb simpson, the wire to wire leader. he still double bogeyed 18 and finished four shots ahead of the field. it's simpson's 5th pga tour victory, biggest at the open here in san francisco in 2012. the warriors held a practice after landing in houston and when we come back at 11:00, we're going to get steve kerr's take on the mental state of his
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team. they are let's just say they are bored of sitting. it's been a while. >> you can see they're ready to go. >> clay said enough of a question. >> they're ready to kick it. i said kick it. you thought i was going to say something else. >> no. >> coming up the avengers continue to smash records worldwide with an amazing opening in china. >> the numbers just ahead.
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tonight on abc7 news at 11:00, breaking news in san francisco. witnesses are sharing surveillance video of that terrifying mother's day attempted kidnapping. much more on that at 11:00. >> and we're following breaking
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news tonight in sonoma county. one person is dead after a stabbing on campus at sonoma state university. join us for those stories at 11:00. >> finally tonight, this weekend the avengers infinity war had the top box office opening ever in china at $200 million. >> the souped up superhero film earned more than $1.6 billion this worldwide. in the u.s. this weekend avengers beat out several mothers day contenders earning $61 million. melissa mccarthy debuted 18 million. thriller 16. over board and a quiet place rounded out the top five. >> we should mention avengers is owned by our parent company disney and a look at its big test next weekend when "deadpool 2" opens. >> but that's okay because we own that one, too. [ laughter ] >> it will be fine. >> it's all good. do we get to see them for free? >> no. that's it for abc7 news at 9:00, next newscast at 11:00 on 7.
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