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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 7PM  KOFY  May 14, 2018 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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for the first tame tonight, hearing from a mother of a two-nth old baby who nearly had her child kidnapped. nine police reports accuse a santa clara county councilman of improper behavior or sexual abuse. growing calls for his resignation. >> this is absolutely appalling. a fairfield mother accused of neglecting ter children.
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last week, four police reports were filed. that number is now nine. >> it's a big problem and getting worse. rising number of accusations that may force him to reseen. good evening, i am dan ashley. >> and i am ama daetz. a civic teacher at santa clara high school and running for a seat on the board of survisors. >> reporter: today the mayor of santa clara is asking city council member cas serta to resign from city council. last week we knew of four accurs and tonight, we know that number has reached nine and
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the mayor is calling the allegations quote credible. >> as a mother, i feel sad for the potential victims. i have students. >> reporter: we have reached out to him by phone, e-mail and in person. and have not been able to reach him. he has previously denied the allegations. his city council term is up in november. a statement was issued asking him to terminate that position. there is a meeting tomorrow night and the council will address accusations. the mayor will consider officially admonish him and start the process to censure
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him. at the meeting he will. we will continue to follow that story. new details on the attempted kidnapping of a two-month old child. hearing from the baby's mother about this. she was carrying her child when another woman tried to snatch her baby right out of her arms. dion lim has the story. >> i was scared. very scared. >> reporter: for this mother and her two-month baby, the experience can be described as a nightmare. trying to abduct her daughter.
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neighbors, sprang into action. >> i was like what's wrong with you. leave her alone. that's my baby. >> reporter: they got the suspect who is now charged of felony kidnapping and child endangerment to let go of the baby. >> we ran out and said, get out of our neighborhood. >> reporter: in recent months neighbors say the area has turned into a haven for homeless. >> i noticed a lot more of the homeless population moving down this way. and setting up different camps. >> reporter: from littering and breaking in car windows people are fed up. >> defecating, urinating, sex acts. you name it. >> i would hate to get chased out. >> reporter: residents say they
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have little hope san francisco will clean up their streets. dion lim. explaining why it did not notify parents and students about a student's arrest in campus. 18-year-old was arrested last tuesday and accused of sending threatening messages to a student at another schooling. the school district released a statement explaining why it did not release a safety alert. quote based on the fact, including interviews with the student, school counselors and administrators and police investigators, it was determined that the student doesn't pose any threats. police found the couple's ten children living in squaller. reporter laura anthony is live
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with the latest. >> reporter: this afternoon here in a fairfield courtroom a judge raisedhe bail for the father to more than $5 million. the mother strongly disputes the serious allegations that her husband intentionally hurt the children. ina rers says charges that she and her husband abused and even torture their ten children are untrue. >> these are ludicrous, unfounded and ridiculous. >> reporter: she is out on bail after her arrest in late march. rogers invited reporters into her hom which she claims was
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left messy by police. the bathroom is covered by what appears to be cat feces. fairfield police arrested her husband. charged with nine felony counts of child cruelty and counts of torture. >> intelligenceal abuse resulting in puncture wounds, burns, bruising and injuries consistent with being shot with an air soft gun or pellet gun. >> we believe that nine of the children were abused. >> i got pregnant at the age of 16. >> reporter: rogers told us she has 11 biological children. three before meeting allen. and eight in the past ten years. she told us she home schools the children while working full
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time. >> you will find nothing. >> reporter: allen is being held on $5.2 million bail. unsettled feeling tonight for staff and feeling at sonoma state university. a deadly stabbing in a dorm. wayne freedman has new information from investigators tonight about the crime and those involved. >> reporter: finals week, and yet this morning one major distraction. the information coming from this press conference. >> this is not a random act. it appears that everybody was aku acquaintances. >> reporter: a murder last night. arresting 19-year-old tyler branton. a nonstudent visiting the
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campus. the victim was also a nonstudent. >> you think they are visiting friends here. >> reporter: police say they found branton with bloody evidence outside the dorm. and is not resisting arrest. >> i was over there when it happened and it was crazy and just absolutely so heart breaking. >> reporter: after the incident most people on campus assumed it was taken place between two students. and when they learned both men were outsiders, they felt more vulnerable. >> that is a scarey part. >> we are sheltered. and some people do come in that aren't supposed to come in. >> it is hard to accept. >> reporter: especially here. at sonoma state, it has been tough to look at books today when also looking over a
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shoulder. wayne freedman abc7 news. a sacramento judge delayed a decision today on whether search warrants should remain public. these sketches show d'angelo standing in court. charged with 12 counts of murder. in court today was the god daughter of two murder victims. >> after 40 years i thought this was never going to be solved. this has been something we dealt with. andhe pictures on the news that they keep putting out there, have beenhe ones in my house since i was a little girl. so all been unreal. >> media outlets want search warrants unsealed. the defense claims the information could taint jurors and witnesses.
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a decision expected on may 20 ninth. >> getting our first look of a man arrested on suspicion of stealing rainbow flags. 56-year-old vincent o'sullivan. al six rainbow flag were taken from a poll. one of them being tsed into the russian river. detectives believe the man also threatened to set off a pipe-bomb at the guerneville safeway. flags flying half staff today. in onnor of turman.
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friends found his body inside his home yesterday. fourth. he joined the commission in 2012 and became president in 2016. california became a sanctuary state meaning local authorities don't work with federal agencies on local enforcement. san francisco became a sanctuary city. and the woman wants to amend it. after a cool day across the entire region, clouds rolling back in tonight. take a look at how long those clouds are sticking around. get out your phone, what do you think about legal sports gambling in california? >> a supreme court ruling today
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opened the door for that.
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this is a live look at santa cruz. this weekend, oh, it was far from it. two violent incidents happened at the santa cruz boardwalk. david louie has how this is impacting visits in terms of safety and the tourist business. >> reporter: a shot was fired from inside a two door compact
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parked inside this lot. a man was hit in the upper torso. dying later after taken to the hospital. calvo charged with involuntary manslaughter. what led to the shooting isn't clear. >> he just stayed in our hotel. >> reporter: you are that concerned about it? >> yes. >> reporter: how do you feel today? >> not that bad because it is brig daylight. >> reporter: police say boardwalk visitors have not to fear. >> it was four individuals talking together and there was nobody outside of the vehicle that was in immedte dang. >> reporter: a 17-year-old man was stabbed on the inside of the boardwalk. the incidents are not related. >> instances frankly are very,
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very isolated and happen rarely. >> reporter: acts of violence can hurt businesses. the hope is people will keep coming. >> the boardwalk in the area has been the safest area you can possibly igine. most of the time. and this is a surprise to me as well. so you know, i hope that it is contained. >> reporter: investigators trying to determine the owner of the pistol involved in the shooting. in santa cruz, david louie, abc7 news. a supreme court today opens the decision to open the doors of state gambling. >> it is a topic of today's live poll. what do you think about this? >> is this a new source of tax revenue, is it going to cause problems or do you not care?
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go to >> you can see results change at the bottom of the screen. california one of the states where sports betting will be legalized. >> i think it is a great thing. going to create more jobs and revenue for the state and people are going to be doing it no matter what. >> much of the betting expected to happen online presenting another opportunity for the tech community hoping to make further inroa inroads into sports gambling in general. >> abc7 news kristen sze is here with that part of our coverage. >> adam gray is moving forward today to amend a bill. now that the supreme court ruling has come down, it will go
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through the committee process in sacramento. if the proposed amendment gets two thirds of the assembly, it goes on a statewide ballot to be ratified. a law pfessor at santa clara university cautions don't bet on a quick rollout. >> in california probably has other state laws that already have those prohibitions. and so california would have to repeal those and if they wanted to create a structure for that sports gambling. >> amendment backers expect oppositions from tribal casinos card rooms and racetracks. they expect a lot of report. and estimated 20 to $40 billion of black-market sports betting goes on right now in california. >> thanks so much. >> and you can see the results of our live poll at the bottom
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of the screen. >> half people responding say it will only cause problems. you can still vote go to >> let's talk about the weather. looking ominous behind us. >> drew tuma is here with the forecast. >> you can see that marine layer expanding at the early morning hours. showing you that cloud cover clinging to the coast right now that eventually will expand across the entire region the next 12 hours. thunder showers popping up. high elevation snow. this will all fall apart as the sunsets this evening. we were able to get late day breaks of sunshine over the city of san francisco. a live look from our emeryville
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camera. it is breezy. winds have been active today gusting to 24 miles per hour in fa fairfield. and 15 in san francisco. constant onshore wind coming off of a cool ocean water. the ocean only 54 degrees so wind in san francisco keeping us at 57 right now. 55 in san jose. and 60 in oakland. so overnight tonight, here is the call, coastal drizzle will be developing. the bigger story for the majority of the region. mid-40s to lower 50s. future weather, hour by hour at 6:00 in the morning. socked in. a rlly show retreat of that cloud cover by the coast. by 9:00 in the morning. starting to see breaks. but elsewhere still deang with
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grey skies. by midday and into the afternoon, seeing more in the way of sunshine. and coastline is going to be grey all day. 12-hour day planner on your tuesday starting off with overcast clouds across the region. by the afternoon, that breeze will pick up once again gusting 25 miles per hour. keeping temperatures on the cool side for may. 64 in santa rosa. and concord up to 67 degrees. plan the next seven-days for you. coastal drizzle. late day breaks of sun. socked in. cool for may on thursday and then we will slowly recover attorn temperatures that are closer to average. that marine layer is going to be with us each and every morning the next seven-days. >> thanks.
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field floated across san
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expansion of guaranteed parking. drivers who use scoop are guaranteed to have a space before 10:00 a.m. app matches drivers and riders to similar routes. one parking lot is closed for construction as crews build a new parking garage and put in shops and other amenities there. other parking stations have guaranteed parking for scoop users as well. >> not unusual to see mccovey cove covered with kayaks. but unusual to see a rugby field. 40 of the best men's and women's international team will be in that tournament. >> that is a fun idea. >> coming up, the first lady is going to be hospitalized all week long. the health problems melania
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the political drama continues in san francisco over a mayoral candidate proposal to change the sanctuary city law. carolyn tyler has the latest on the current controversy. >> reporter: mayor mark ferrell and others who gathered today feel san francisco's values are under attack. >> we are a sanctuary city. it is in our dna, and it is who we are as san francisco. >> reporter: the sanctuary law limits city agencies.
7:31 pm
the proposed change will no longer shield felonies. >> why do they want protect dangerous felonies? >> reporter: mayoral candidate authors the original sanctuary city law when she was a supervisor. and others later amended it. she want it back to what she intended. >> if you are convicted by a jury of a violent felony, murder, rape, mayhem or a crime punishable by death, you will not be protected by san francisco's sanctuary law. it is that simple. >> here we are having the candidate looking for the highest office in our county n
7:32 pm
pandering to the same thing we hear from washington on a regular basis and that is wrong. >> they will not bully me. i will go forward. >> reporter: she has until july 9 to collect just over 9400 signatures. carolyn tyler, abc7 news. a man who yelled vulgar racist comments during a talk apologized today. >> that man interrupted events. aj's apology was posted on facebook. he says he is not a racist just upset because london breed wasn't invited to the forum. >> i said things and i shouldn't have said it. i am going to apologize. because that is not me.
7:33 pm
>> in response to the incident, breed said she does not tolerate. we are just three weeks and a day away from the june primary, we have complete coverage on including interviews with each of the san francisco mayoral candidates. get prepared on new at 6:00, the issue of campaign financing. debate for two candidates running for alameda county district attorney. >> never take contributions from law enforcement and i pledge to you that i will introduce legislation to stop district attorney's from being bought off by police officer unions. >> this is a law enforcement job. i am the chief law enforcement officer of the county. and it is important to have law
7:34 pm
enforcement support. it will not work for someone to dislike the people that they work with so intensely. >> price is running on a platform of reform at the county da's office saying she will be an administer of justice to hold police accountable. o'malley says she has been endorsed y officials in her re-election bid. calling for retesting over allegations surfaced that fake soil samples. abc news reporter lyanne melendez has the story. >> on the record.
7:35 pm
>> reporter: undergoing testing and removal of toxic materials left behind by the navy. recent allegations of improper clean up has an entire community demanding an investigation. >> we have been saying that the data that was collected has been fraudulent. that the navy has been lying to us. >> two whistle blowers have admitted and convicted of faking soil samples. to demonstrate that the radioactive waste from ships was being properly handled. burt bowers is a third former worker. he was terminated in 2011. >> we caught them. but at the time we caught them, we were kicked off the project. >> reporter: received hundreds of millions of dollars to perform the work. the company is now offering to
7:36 pm
pay for and hiring an independent contractor to do the retesting. >> standing behind the work that it has done and performed the services it was contracted to do to the standards that were set by the navy under the contract of the navy. >> reporter: the area has the largest redevelopment project in the city. >> we were told no, you are sfe. it is okay for the children to play outside. i am a living witness thus far, we were not safe. >> reporter: the navy told supervisors it too was recommending that retesting be done. in san francisco, lyanne melendez, abc7 news. a judge has agreed to the diocese of oakla request. wants more inspections and testing to see what it will cost to make repairs and who is responsible for paying for those
7:37 pm
alleged defects. include damaged dry walls. the work will be done this month and expected to take four weeks to complete. the cathedral was widely hailed for architectural design when it was opened. an ohio house was reduced to rubble today. the reason, that is still unknown. also ahead. >> it was named one of the top trends of 2017. we will take
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two new fissures.
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kilauea began erupting on may third. it is still a significant problem. an explosion destroyed a home in cleveland, ohio. look at what is left of it. one woman who was in the home was taken to the hospital. she is in critical condition. neighbors say it sounded like a bomb. it looked like it as well. so far not clear what caused the explosion. crews were on the scene cutting off gas supply and investigating. the united states formally moved its embassy from tel-aviv to jerusalem. he formally recognized israel as the capital. all in jerusalem for today's ceremony. president trump appeared in a
7:42 pm
videotaped message. benjamin netanyahu called today a victory for the trump administration. >> president trump, by recognizing history, you have made history. >> but for the palestinians, today was the deadliest day in gaza. at least 52 palestinians were killed during mass protests. melania trump will likely stay in the hospital all week for under going a procedure today. actress margot kidder has passed away. best known for playing lois
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a record setting spring. in april, the port of oakland handled more imports than ever before in its 97 history. this is the season for the stuff, car camping has been taken to a different level. >> michael finney has this timely feature. >> show up with one of these and
7:47 pm
you are guaranteed to camp the eye of your neighboring camper. you have the inspiration for rooftop tents. michael fox has been going rooft rooftop camping with his family. there is a logical reason for wanting to set up your tent on top of your car. >> you have this thk pad. >> reporter: he says it eliminated a lot of hassle. he bought his from aompany called tepui. you can take it on and off the way some people remove roof racks. you can pay tepui $75 to put together your tent or put it together yourself. tepui says it is all about
7:48 pm
convenience. >> it is all about making camping easy. there is a whole group of people that can't afford motor homes and travel trailers. >> reporter: these tents range from $1,050 to 2550. rooftop tents was named one of the top trends. >> everything is ready to go on top of their car. we are seeing millennials want to get up and camp more often. can you fall out of these tents? >> it is not a tent that you can fall out of easily. when you back out of the tent and you know immediately where the ladder is. >> michael tells us it would be hard for him to return to traditional camping because the comfort level isn't there. i want to hear from you.
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the hot line is open week days 10:00 to 2:00. the telephone number is (415) 954-8151 and you can reach me on my facebook page. >> that is so fun. and further away from the bears. thanks. >> well this was a mother's day to remember for a pleasant hills family. needing help after a woman fell and was hiking on mt. tam. the chp air lifted her out. this is video. the woman is expected to make a full recovery. >> good work all the way around. update the forecast, and a little dodgy out there. >> we are tracking those winds. and the fog returning tonight and a cool afternoon tomorrow. the coastal cloud cover right now is overtaking the city of san francisco. and still have clear skies from the south bay and inland.
7:50 pm
and that will change over the next 12 hours. here is the call, overcast skies for the majority of the region. could have coastal drizz developing as well. tomorrow is a slow retreat of that cloud cover back to the coastline. so by the afternoon, we will call it a blend of sun and clouds away from the coast. breezy and rather cool. 63 behind oakland. and 59 and cool in san francisco. 68 the high in is santa rosa. so the accuweather seven-day forecast. stuck in this pattern with morning fog. wednesday is cool with anyone in the 60s. we bounce back a little bit late in the week with temperatures coming back in the warmer spots. thanks. the clash of the tight tanitans
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seems like we have been waiting all season for the series. the dubs under dogs in the game. game one in houston. harden likely mvp. this is the very first play of the game. you might want to guard the guy with the beard who is left open for three. draymond green shoves harden for no reason at all. and he has been right on the line with this game. early first quarter. here is draymond. and barks it is ref.
7:55 pm
almost impossible to guard over loony there. kevin durant with authority, he's got 17, and they have no answer for kd. dubs down seven. klay thompson, lay-up. and right now it is 47-42 second quarter. the struggling giants could be getting a facelift. bumgarner nearing a return. first bullpen session. the big lefty eligible for returng on may 25th says he is on track. >> on his way this point. he is on schedule. just a matter of when we bring him up.
7:56 pm
>> a's manager is now a special addition to the red sox. joyce's second homer. getting it right back with a 21 on the corner. top six. olson high, deep and aloha means goodbye. and this game, just went final a few moments ago. the a's win it in boston. hosting the reds tonight. legalized gambling could be coming to california. but in a f years, you may be able to two to the arena, stium, buy your hot-dog and place a bet on your team, or against your team. it is about money, money. how much would the state tax per bet, where does the money go. the indians casinos we have in
7:57 pm
california and it will make gambling easier. >> it is there. you permit more states to benefit. i don't see anything different. >> you have fun at the arena, at the stadium, and while you are wamping it, it benefits everybody. >> oh my god. >> how's it going? >> on mother's day, jon gruden surprised moms of raider nation. offering to do laundry for them. who knew he was knowledgeable on
7:58 pm
laundry. and good with the folding. >> thank you. join us tonight at 9:00. on kofy tv channel 13. we will plain at 9:00. and at 11:00, a north bay student was ravarrested in scho. ammunition found in his car. >> coming up, danging wicing wi stars, the crossing, abc7 news at 11:00. that is all for now. we are out of time. we appreciate your time. i much dan ashley. >> i am ama daetz, and for all of us here, thank you for joining us. joining us. >> see you
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why are you making a snack? we had couscous an hour ago. honey, couscous is not a meal. it's an appetizer with ambition. it's like the jeb bush of food.


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