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tv   ABC7 News 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  May 14, 2018 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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om can be ineffective. try mr. clean magic eraser with durafoam. simply add water, and use in your kitchen for burnt on food, in your bathroom to remove soap scum, and on walls to remove scuffs and marks. it erases 4x more permanent marker per swipe. for tough kitchen and bath messes, use mr. clean magic eraser with durafoam. brand power. helping you buy better. good evening, and thank you for joining us. i'm dan ashley. >> i'm ama daetz. we did have an earthquake tonight. >> at 7:18 two miles east of
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oakland. >> take a look at what it looked like. it appeared as a sharp jolt. b.a.t. suspended service while the lines were inspected. >> the police and fire dispatchers told their crews in the field. >> we just experienced an earthquake. >> man, a 3.5 is considered minor, but it was felt across the east bay and even in san francisco. >> it's amazing how many people call in. >> drew tuma is here with more. >> the usgs put out a map. a lot of us felt that quake. you see the squares shaded in different colors. folks felt it all the way as far north as santa rosa and santa cruz. everything has quieted down now.
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and now we're tracking the marine layer. you push in a little tighter into the heart of the region. already have low cloud cover over san francisco. stretching into the east bay as well. ma rain, you've been socked in the cloud cover all day. future weather showing early tomorrow morning, 6:00 in the morning, we're going to be dealing with a lot of low cloud cover, some coastal fog and drizzle. we'll time out how long it takes the cloud cover. i'll see you in just a few minutes. >> drew, thanks so much. now is as good a time as any to get prepare pd .you'll find guidelines for stocking an earthquake survival kit and an earthquake plan for your family. >> there's growing fear tonight over a potential explosion in hawaii. 19 fissure have soaped, spewing hot lava and toxic gases. the civil defense has now issued
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a condition red for high levels of sulfer die yok side. condition red means an immediate danger to health. at the same time, lava is mixing with ground water at the volc o volcano, and that combination could lead to an explosion, sending boulders the size of cars into the air. matt gutman has more. >> reporter: tonight, the ground in hawaii's big island cracking open and blasting out gas and lava. >> at least four fissures opening up since saturday, including the biggest one yet, jets and steams blasting out spatter as high as 500 feet in the air. steam rising from roads split by the molten rock beneath. those constant eruptions sounding like thunder claps. >> today, we boarded this helicopter to get an up close view of the rift zone. >> you can see those lines and fissures over there. and basically, they are spewing toxic gases thousands of feet into the air. and all the vegetation to the left of it has been killed because of those gases.
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>> much of the lava flowing out of these fissures comes from a crater 30 miles away, its floor collapsing two weeks ago. >> it's not it's a hurricane and you think okay, in three days it will be here. this is almost like a slow motion train wreck. >> the worry, mass evacuations could be necessary. officials warning residents. >> we would like them to be ready and prepared to evacuate at a moment's notice. >> residents are lining up for respirators. >> not everybody can just get on a plane and leave. some people can and some people are, but the rest of us, we're here. >> reporter: now all eyes on the crater where the lava lake has dropped more than 1,000 feet, nearly reaching the ground water. if that happens, it could create steam-driven explosion, powerful enough to send rocks, some as large as trucks flying up to half a mile or more in the air. it could spew ash over a 12
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square mile area. but the bigger health concern right now is what you're seeing behind me, the combination of steam and gas. right now, it is blowing offshore. if the winds change and it begins blowing on shore it could become a major health hazard. some 50,000 people who live in this part of the big island. matt gutman, abc news, hawaii. >> developing news in fairfield where a couple is facing child neglect, abuse, and torture charges. >> police say they found the couple's ten children living in squalor. but the mother is defending herself and her husband. >> my husband is an amazing person. i am an amazing mother. >> reporter: standing in the door way of her fairfield home, ina rogers said charges she and her husband abused, even tortured their ten children are untrue. >> the torture allegations are absolutely lewd carouse. these are unfounded and ridiculous. >> the 30-year-old rogers is
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back out on bail charged with abuse after police returned her 12-year-old son to the family home after he had been reported missing. rogers invited reporters into her home, which she claims was left messy by police. all of the children sleep in one room and the bathroom is covered with what appears to be cat feces. fairfield police arrested ro jers' 29-year-old husband jonathan michael allen. he's been charged with nine felony count os of child cruelty and seven of torture. he's pleaded not guilty. >> the children described incidents of intentional abuse resulting in puncture wounds, burns, bruising and injuries consistent with being shot with a pell let gun or an air soft gun. >> based upon what i've seen, we believe that nine of the children were abused. >> i got pregnant at the age of 16. >> reporter: rogers told us she has 11 biological children ages 4 month months to 14 years old.
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three she had before meeting allen and eight in the past ten years. she told us she home schools the children while working full time as a medical technician. . >> i told the police, take my children in and get physicals on them. give them x-raies, do whatever you have to do, you will find nothing. >> reporter: allen is being held on $5.2 million bail. in fairfield, laurie anthony, abc 7 news. santa clara's mayor urged a council member to step down now that a total of nine police reports have been filed accusing him of sexual abuse or improper behavior. he's a civics teacher at santa clara high school and is running for a seat on the county board of supervisors. the city council will take the first step tomorrow to condemn him and ask for his rez situation nation. >> i think eventually he will find that the community is asking for the resignation and it will be difficult for him to conduct his work as a council
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member with the community outrage. >> records surfaced last week indicating students accused him of unwanted hugging and inappropriate comments. the complaints go back to 2002. he denies the accusations. today, search and rescues dogs found the body of a richmond man who was reported missing two months ago. 65-year-old thomas mularkey disappeared at bear valley resort. the alpine county sheriff's office says it fs offers its sincerest condolences to the mularkey family. >> another supreme court issued a landmark ruling that could lead to betting in california and across the country. justice samuel alito wrote congress can enforce betting but
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if they choose to do so, the states can do so. what do you think? is it a source of tax revenue? will it cause problems? or don't gamble, don't care. which is your opinion on this? weigh in at abc 7 we'll put it across the screen for you. and while you do that, take a moment to watch this report. abc 7 news reporter jonathan bloom explores what legal sports betting would look like here in the bay area. >> still going back at the wall, and it is gone! >> reporter: some say it's a home run. like sports. >> >> i think it's a great thing. it's going to create more jobs and revenue for the states. and let's be honest, people are going to do it no matter what. >> reporter: some in vegas, some under the table and some using onsite websites. >> look at garoppolo in the pocket. >> reporter: sports leagues have all made statements committing
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to support the integrity of the game. >> they came out early and said they would like 1% of the handle. that's all money wagered. that's insane request. for bay area fans it means you could come to a venue like at&t park and find a betting window right next to the team merchandise store. >> it could be a multibillion dollar market. >> a venture capitalist said not just in traditional sports. >> e sport and sport betting could lead to interesting outcomes. >> reporter: even letting spectators bet from inside their vr headsets or with their tv remorts. >> i think you're going to see big media companies in the u.s. trying to attract partnerships. >> there could be losers, gamering who get too deep. >> it's difficult to make a living gambling op sports. only about 2.3% of gamblers win over the long hall. >> reporter: there's one other loser -- >> the neighborhood bookie sadly looks like he's on his way out
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of business. >> jonathan bloom, abc 7 news. >> so again, is legal sports betting a source of tax revenue? will it cause problems, or maybe you're one of those people who don't gamble and don't care. we would love to hear from you, though. the results are coming in live across the bottom of your screen. it will only cause problems. seems to be the majority of your opinions. 52% believe that is the case. 19% say don't gamble, don't care. weigh in at abc 7 you don't have to sign up or register. it's easy. we would love to hear from you. >> for the first time tonight, we're hearing from the mother oafter 2-month-old baby who nearly had her child kidnapped in san francisco over the weekend. >> also, a homeless man now called a hero after another man's attack on two elderly by. >> also, the heavy marine layer is sticking around. we'll be right back with the full forecast. it's not just any streaming.
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new details on the attempted kidnapliping of a 2-month-old child. a woman tried to snatch her baby out of her arms. abc 7 news anchor dion lim has
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the story. >> reporter: she experienced what can only be described as a parent's worst nightmare when a homeless woman tried to abduct her daughter. >> reporter: a neighbor and her husband seen in this video taken by a nearby resident sprang into action. >> i was like what's wrong with you? i sads leave her alope. and she said that's my baby! >> they got the suspect, diamond harris who is now charged with felony kidnapping and child endangerment to let go of the woman's baby. >> and then we ran off, hey, get out of ore behind nap don't come down our street no more. >> reporter: in recent months, neighbors say the area has turned into a haven for the homeless, some of whom create chaos. >> over the last few weeks i've noticed a lot more of the homeless population moving down this way and setting up different camps along the different corners.
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>> reporter: from littering into the streets to break into car windows, people like patricia are fed up. >> defecating, urinating, sex acts. you name it. we've seen it on this street. >> i would hate to get chased out just because it's not safe anymore. >> reporter: residents say they have little home the city will do anything to clean up their street. dion lim, abc 7 news. >> and we are getting our first look. and we want to share that with you, at a man accused of stealing rainbow flags and making threats in the north bay vincent o'sullivan was taken into custody and was due in court tomorrow. he could face charges of making criminal threats along with hate crime enhancements. six rainbow flags were taken from a pole outside the chamber of commerce. one of them ended up tossed into the russian river. detectives believe the man suspected of stealing two of the flags also threatened to set up a pipe bomb at the safeway in
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order to harm members of the lgbtq community. . a man who yelled comments during the talk of candidate kim apal jazzed today. >> [ bleep ]. what you going to do [ bleep ]. >> that man identified only as a.j. interrupted kim during an event saturday in san francisco's filmore. a.j.'s apologies was posted today on facebook. he said he's not a racist, just upset because london wasn't invited to the forum. >> i said some things that were very neck tif, derogatory. i shouldn't have said. i'm going to apologize to the asian community. because that's not me. >> reporter: in response to the incident, bree said she does t not --
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>> we have complete coverage of the primary including interviews with each of the san francisco mayoral candidates. get prepared on abc 7 >> we put a lot of information on the site for you. >> three weeks from the june primary. what's going on with this weter? >> drew tuma is here with the late pest. >> seems three weeks too early. a lot of cloud cover ahead. pwe're going to have gray skies across the entire region. already having that cloud cover, filling back in from the coast and spilling into the bay. the picture tonight, live look from our exploratory camera, we have the marine layer overhead, the low clouds, coastal fog. it's really not out of the question, especially tomorrow morning. along the coastline could have a little coastal drizzle. we do have some encouraging news in terms of pollen. it is coming down. tree pollen is down to moderate levels from high a few days ago. so good news there. grass pollen still at medium levels as bem -- well.
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the uv index is running very high. you could still get burned if you're not wearing your sun screen. winds are still active. 12 miles an hour at san francisco, about 22, though, in fairfield. breezy through the delta this evening. 15 right now through concord. the wind direction has been constant off the ocean water. helping to keep temperatures below average for this time of year. only 55 right now and san francisco with low cloud cover. 54 currently in santa rosa. so overnight tonight, here's the call. we will see a lot of cloud cover overhead. temperatures pretty much on either side of 50 degrees. and likely some drizzle developing right along our coastlines. so if you take the golden gate bridge early tomorrow morning. y may have to use the windshield wipers. that is what is responsible for
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that marine layer being thickener the morning and also for the cooler temperatures during the afternoon. it's a lot of cloud cover, the fog along the coast. and it's rally going to take its time breaking down across the region. most spots are dealing with overcast skies. the south bay inland, we're seeing sunshine. but still, parts of the north bay, oakland along the coast, still dealing with that marine layer influence. so take a look. a 12-hour day planner, gray skies to start. drizzle on the coast. the breakdown of the cloud cover throughout the day. it's breezy once again. that's going to help to team temperatures below average for this time of year. cool for may. 59 in san francisco tomorrow. a cool 60 through afternoon sunshine. in oakland, about 70 degrees. 64 in santa rosa. antioch up to about 70 degrees.
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plan the next seven days free. we have that morning cloud cover slow to break down. wednesday, with we're still socked in with the clouds. that's going to keep temperatures stuck in the 60s across the region. nurz still cool. temperatures start to rebound op friday. temperatures slightly below average. and even early next week, all indications of the pattern. it stays just the same. >> an entirely new form of
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>> she was celebrating the day by hiking with her family when she fell and injured her ankle. highway patrol was called in. this is a woman in the rescue basket at the bomb of the screen. the trail was just too steep for ground units to carry her out. so they carried her in the chopper. she's doing just fine tonight. >> might not be putting the cable cars out anytime soon, but workers are putting the finishing touches now on an aerial tram in downtown san francisco. when operating, it will run from a plaza next to the sales force plaza to the roof top park. it will carry up to 20 passengers at a time free of charge. this is not in lake tahoe. this is in downtown san francisco. next tuesday, sales force will host a grand opening celebration at the plaza who mark the official opening of their landmark tower. >> a heads-up for travelers going to san francisco sfw
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international airport. the light rail system will be shutting down at 8:00 p.m. until 5:00 a.m. crews are starting work on a new station to link the train system to the grand hyatt hotel set to op next summer. the airport will provide bus service to people between terminals and the rental car center. southbound 101 along the peninsula will be shut down overnight tonight and tomorrow. cal trans will open between marsh road and university avenue between 11:00 tonight and 5:00 in the morning. traffic will be diverted off the freeway at marsh down middlefield road and back to the freeway at university. officials say the closures are necessary to install girders to widen the willow road overpaz. a lot more to come. the first lady is going to be hospitalized all week. >> also, violent backlash today as the u.s. opens up its new
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embassy in jerusalem. >> and remembering the actress best known for p
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>> first lady melania trump is in the hospital recovering from treatment to treat a benign kidney condition. >> reporter: president trump late today boarding marine one heading to the hospital to visit his wife. first lady melania trump is at walter reed medical center, the white house making the surprise announcement that she's being treated for a benign kidney condition. this morning, doctors performed a procedure to plug up a blood vessel to stop bleeding. aides say the procedure was successful but released no other
9:31 pm
details. it is unclear exactly what her condition is. but she will likely remain hospitalized for the rest of the week. this comes as the first lady has recently raised her public pro-foil fooil. she was last seen on the tarmac in the middle of the night welcoming home those americans detained by north korea. last week she unveileder new platform called be best. >> let's teach our children between right and wrong and encourage them to be best. >> as she asked for kindness, president trump sat there looking on, later joining her on stage for a kiss. today, he was not at the hospital for her procedure. instead, a senior administration official telling abc news he spoke with his wife beforehand and with her doctors immediately after.
9:32 pm
>> president trump was asked why he wasn't with his wife during her surgery and he didn't answer those questions. the white house won't answer those questions either. >> there were mas protests over the opening of the u.s. embassy which just moved from tel aviv to jerusalem. previous presidents have called jerusalem israel's capital but did not move the embassy, amid concern it would hurt teams attempts to achieve peace there. terry moran. >> reporter: it was ivanka trump who did the honors to you had. the curtain came down and the first daughter took the mike. >> welcome you officially and for the first time to the embassy of the united states here in jersalem, the capital of israel. thank you.
9:33 pm
>> at that moment on the gaza border, an awful scene unfolding. tens of thousands of palestinians, some waving their flags, the flags of a people without their country, a human tide of protests against the u.s. embassy opening. jerusalem bla claimed by both israelis and palestinians. >> israeli security forces first fired tear gas into the crowd an dropped it from drones. then they opened fire. >> it's turn into a grim day here in gaza. a steady stream of ambulances coming in. '. >> most of the people being brought in have gunshot wounds to their lower limbs. >> some protesters praying amid the chaos. a striking scene. others threw stones, used slingshots. at least 55 protesters were
9:34 pm
killed according to palestinian health authorities and more than 2,700 injured. the shrouded deadlined hospital hallways, their grieving loved ones in inconsolable. such a stark contrast in jerusalem. >> my friends, this is a great day in israel. >> jared kushner pointedly scorned the protesters. >> those provoking violence are part piston problem and not part of the solution. >> reporter: here, there was music and prayers led by pastor robert jefrs of dallas who has preached that jews are destined for hell, along with mormons, hindus and muslims. >> pray for the peace of jerusalem. >> reporter: president trump spoke via a video statement. >> our greatest hope is for peace. the united states remains fully committed to facilitating a lasting peace agreement. >> reporter: president trump believes moving the u.s. fwaes
9:35 pm
here will make peace more likely by taking jerusalem off the table. but jerusalem is off an emotional issue for israelis. they came it is the eternal capital of the jewish people. however, families have lived here for centuries and centuries and they believe this city is their capital. since president trump made this announcement, the palestinians have cut off all contacts with the u.s. administration. so restarting the peace process, which is already on life support, looks to be a very dificult task indeed. terry moran, abc news, jerusalem. president trump is facing criticism from both side of the aisle for working to help a chinese telecom company hit hard by sanctions he imposed. it started with this, the president tweeting he's working to give zte a way to get back into business, adding, quote, too many jobs in china lost." last month, the commerce compartment blocked zte for
9:36 pm
seven year, accusing it of the doing business with north korea and iran in violation of u.s. sanctions. lawmakers are now questioning why president trump wants to give zte relief on sanctions while some of american's closest european allies are facing sanctions for dealing with iran. here's a strange story. there's fallout from a decision to bring a live tiger to a high school prom in miami. the school said it was part of a prom theme. >> reporter: the prom theme -- welcome to the jungle, complete with a live tyinger. tonig tonight, the miami high school apologizing, admitting they took things too far. >> we bring this cage and there's a tiger there, which was insane. >> performers with flaming torches while the tiger paced in its cage. >> this was surprise entertainment. these animals are not entertainment. >> christopher columbus high
9:37 pm
school's principal saying we regret the decision having live animals at our prom. they were displayed in a very controlled and safe environment. but experts say the school put the tiger in a bad situation. >> it's going back and forth, back and forth. its tail is slashing back and forth. >> all signs of distress. >> the principal tells us he trusted the teachers organizing event, but moving forward administrators will have a more active oversight role. abc news, miami. >> former chipotle manager in fresno has been awarded nearly $8 million after being falsely accused of stealing. in 2015, jeanette ortiz's bosses claimed to have her on video stealing $656 from a safe. she accused them of setting her up. last year week a jury agreed with ortiz, ordering the company to pay up. >> police are praying a homeless
9:38 pm
man for stopping an attack on two women yesterday. a man walked towards the women and attacked both of them. but in an instant, another man appears and running the attacker down and holding him until the police arrived. the two women in their 70s was dazed. both were taken to the hospital but they are, we're glad to tell you, expected to be okay. >> well, she brought lois lane to life in the 1978 film "superman" and its three sequels. margot kiter died in her home yesterday. >> making sense of senseless killings by lois lane. >> margotki kitter was lois lan. >> good evening, ms. lane. >> reporter: that first exclusive interview with superman. >> do you have a girlfriend? >> reporter: not exactly hard hitting reporter.
9:39 pm
>> i'm here to fight for truth, justice and the american way. >> reporter: but it took the celebrity profile to new heights. >> here i am, holding hachbds with a god. >> reporter: kitter's combination of pluck and vulnerability won her the part. in real life, she suffered from mental illness. >> i could have gotten better years and years ago had i had the courage to face that something was wrong. >> reporter: but for most of us, margot kitter will always be lois lane. >> you've got me, who's got you? >> david wright, abc news, new york. >> she was great. well, just ahead, scientists point to evidence that there are with water geysers on one of jupiter's moons. >> and the royal wedding. why meghan
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>> we are just days away from the royal wedding. and there are reports that meghan markel's father won't be there. >> reporter: just days before he was to walk his daughter down the aisle, tonight tmz says markel's father will not attend the event after an embarrassing report on sunday accusing him of working with the paparazzi to stage photos. the father of the bride seen reading up on britain, exercising with hand weights, even getting measured for a suit. the 73-year-old now telling the website the photos look stupid and hammy. meghan's estranged half sister saying it was all her idea to recast his image after unflattering photos in the press. >> i am entirely the culprit. there's a lot of scrutiny that it was money motivated.
9:44 pm
it was not. it was my suggestion that to benefit him and the royal family. >> markel says he's recovering from a heart attack six days ago but won't go to the wedding because he doesn't want to embarrass his daughter or the royal family. the palace tonight, not confirming the report, but saying this is a deeply personal moment for ms. markel in the days before her wedding. they ask for understanding and respect to be extended to mr. markel in this difficult situation. the royal relationship with the paparazzi has been a painful one. harry talking about their role in his mother's death in this bbc documentary. >> one of the hardest things to come to terms with is the fact that the people that chased her into the tunnel were the same people that were taking photographs of her while she was still dying in the backseat of the car. . stay with us, drew tuma will be back in a moment with more on the thick marine layer settling in on us.
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scientists say they have found the best evidence yet that there are geysers on the jupiter moon europa. you can see one guisener this photo. astronomers made the break through by digging through decades old data collected by galileo, the last mission that went to europa. >> amazon says it's bringing. amazon go to san francisco. the first store opened in january in seattle, only to employees. the stores are like 7-elevens, outfitted with cameras and sensors but no cashiers.
9:49 pm
customers walk in, grab sandwiches and food off the shelf and walk out without stopping to pay. customers scan their phones on the way in and are automatically charged for their items as they exit. >> some people try that now even without the technology. >> we mentioned the earthquake that jolted parts of the eastbound and san francisco about 7:18. maybe you felt it. >> drew? >> yeah, get to street level where the epicenter was. a wildly felt earthquake earlier this evening. highway 123 just to the east of oakland a couple of miles. you can see right there, that was a 3.5. the wider picture, as we stretch it out and show you the entire region, what ewe're talking about tonight, that marine layer, coming on back from the coast to the bay, ummer 40s to lower 50ed. gray skies for the majority of the region for tomorrow morning.
9:50 pm
could have coastal drizzle as well. just deal with that if you're close to the coast tomorrow morning. high tuesday, only 59 from san francisco. 63 in oakland. about 70 in san jose. 64 the high in santa rosa. >> r we're is you can in a pattern of morning clouds. afternoon sunshine could have coastal drizzle even wednesday morning. temperatures kuhn of rebound a bit early into the weekend. it's a nice weekend all in all. we'll stay sunny in the afternoon and mild conditions inland, thanks, guys. >> all right. oakland oakland turned into warriors tur to have night. >> transformed into a big watch party for tonight's big big golden state warriors bin 50 another watch parties will be held for every dubs away game until they win the nba championship title this season. >> what a great setting.
9:51 pm
that looks fun. larry is here with sports. >> highlights of this great gait. >> it was fun, it was tense early on. >> it was back and forth. charles barkley has declared the series is over after one game. there's no point. don't even play the rest. it's over. highlights coming up next. the well-being
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of the neighborhoods where they live and work. they train part-time to be ready to serve at all times. selfless service- it's what inspires the men and women of the army national guard to be part of something greater than themselves. visit to learn more.
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>> good evening. the warriors started a playoff series on the road for the first time under steve kerr. kevin durant was amazing and the dubs snatch home court away from the rockets. outside the arena, the giant head and beard of james harden. you can actually walk into his head. i've done that. draymond green, also get into his head a different way, with an elbow to his throat. draymond admitted to being overamped later. houston when he had the step back, it's impossible to defend. kevin durant with authority down the middle. but the warriors, they were down
9:55 pm
seven. harden trips over kevon and goes down. i'll hit a wide open three. harden is okay. 41 a piece in the second quarter. durant, who's stopping that? nobody. over cp3. giving away like a foot. the beard, a force. throwing it down. fast break. game high 41-56 overall at the half. klay thompson, the splash and the kiss. yeah, that was the three. he had six threes, 28 points. durant over his old okc buddy, harden. durant, 37. 12-point warrior lead and klay has time to dribble, have a sandwich and knock down a three ball. dubs take it 119-106. game two is coming up on wednesday. >> all i heard is let's go in there and try to win. we're just trying to win every game we play in.
9:56 pm
tonight we're able to do that. >> the series is far from over. we're not going to relax. we're still not where we want to be and we have a long way to go. >> we try not to focus on this being on the roe or trying to win the first game of the series. we just want to focus on what we need to do every possession and let the rest cake care of itself. >> our guys have a lot of experience and they felt this. they relish it. and i think they took the challenge tonight and played awfully well. >> is it discouraging to you to see james score 41 points ayou lose by double digits? >> no, i'll just tell him to get 55 next time. that will take care of it. >> they may need james marden to get 50-plus. madison baumgartner threw his first bullpen session today. he could be back as early as memorial day. the rest of the giants getting set for the reds.
9:57 pm
giants up 3-1 in the second. races around first to make it a 4-1 game. went out in the sixth. billy hamilton strikes out buster posey. in the eighth, giants are leading. sox took a 2-1 lead. jonathan lucroix. matt olson, he has some power. that's gone. 5-3 athletics. red sox close within a run. the difference maker, they call him crush. khris davis, his 12 to the year. hah's hold ton to win 6-5.
9:58 pm
game two, western conference finals. vegas comes out aggressive. they force the turnover. jonathan marchessault puts the knights up 2-0 in the first period. again, it's marchessault. oh, back hand. two goals for him on the night. that would be your final score, 3-1 vegas. series tied a game a piece. sin city on wednesday. >> how is it going? >> oh, my god! >> making a mother's dpa cameo. surprising moms of raider nation. and he offered to do their laundry. this was sponsored by tide. he didn't just randomly go down the block just feeling the moment. they put him to work. who knew john was acknowled acknowledgeable on laundry as he
9:59 pm
is with wide banana. >> it's nice to have something to fall back on. >> i just hope the little shorts were supposed to be that little. i hope they were kid shorts. coming up at 11:00, the bay area was rattled by a quake tonight. we have reaction from near the epicenter. and we'll show you the moment it hit during giants game. >> plus, a north bay student arrested at school. ammunition found in his car. what changes parents want made. that's over at 11:00 on channel 7. >> but for now that will do it for this edition of abc 7 news. >> we appreciate your time. we hope to see you in one hour over on the big 7.
10:00 pm
- i'm former fbi agent joe pistone, the real 'donnie brasco'.


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