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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 1130PM  KOFY  May 14, 2018 11:30pm-12:00am PDT

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resist. okay, this is getting a little weird enjoy the go with charmin oh, my god the house the going to fl. >> a jolt struck in oakland. >> we take you down to the street level showing you 10% on your highway 13. power was felt across the bay area. all the way down south to santa cruz. there's no major damage reported but it got the attention of people all over the bay area.
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>> we had so many calls here to the news room. katie is live tonight. >> reporter: atalked with a woman here. she said not only did she and her son feel it but she checked in with family members. the 3.5 earthquake hit just after 7:1 p.m. >> the house just shook. i have a cockatiel. >> i was sthinking duck and
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cover. bay area commuters may not have felt the jolt. bart put trains on hold. >> for inknow at this point. >> and of course this is a good time to remember to get an earthquake survival kit ready. you'll find news on our web site. we dent out a pushout before they settled on a final mag any stud. if you want immediate notifications be among the first to known. download the news app.
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>> we moved to the june gloom. we are going to see drizzle overnight. you'll notice a closer look. livermore out to the inland valleys. i'll is an hour by hour look coming up. parents accused of torture, child abuse and child endangerment. >> i strive myself on being a good parent. >> she says accusations that her ten children have been tortured
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are ludicris. >> my husband looks like a scary individual. that's why people so quick to judge him. the investigation began after one of the children were reported missing. garbage spoiled food. human and animal feces throughout the child. >> the children describe incidents of intentional abuse including puncture, being shot with a bb gun. >> rogers insists therest no proof. >> take my children in and get physicals on them, give x-raies
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on them. you will find nothing. >> reporter: more charges would be filed against the mother. an decision on that will be expected in the next few days. pressure to resign. domin dominic caserta is running. >> i think that eventually he will find that the community is asking for the resignation. it will be difficult for him to conduct his work as a council member. >> reports have surfaced of
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inappropriate conduct. a homeless woman accused of try to go natch a woman. the child's mother says she held on as hard as she could. harris charged with felony kidnapping a two month mystery ended. search and rescue docks found his body at the resort. he was reported missing on march 14th following a day of skiing.
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parents say they did not get word of an arrest. a student accused of making criminal threating. >> reporter: this mom kept her son out of school on monday after multiple calls to the high school went unreturned. >> i just want to know what's going on, not a week later. >> according to the pd the student sent threatening messages. police came to interview fry here at novato high. police did not release the details until late monday.
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this mother has been speaking to a dozen frightened families. >> if you don't give kids or parents information don't shame them for rumors because they don't know anything. they are terrified. >> we probably should have put out more information about it. >> soup are inten dent sadistur says fry does not pose a threat to the students. in novato, abc 7 news. thousands of fissures have opened up. they warn people that the gases being released pose an immediate danger to public health. tonight they are warning residents that volcano could still explode. just ahead, a foreman
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chipotle manager gets a nearly $8 million payout from the country. the president could face legal problems if the he doesn't meet a critical deadline tomorrow. the store that will let you in and out with no cashier at all. a big road win for the warriors. we have all of the highlights and reaction. >> all of that is coming up. here is a look at what's coming up next. taco taco are you one of the millions of americans living with a taco obsession? my $3 taco deal with three of the tacos you love and a refreshing drink can help. try my $3 taco deal today. clear! taco! taco! new at jack in the box.
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has your love for tacos turned into an obsession?. my $3 taco deal with three of the tacos you love and a refreshing drink can help. try my $3 taco deal today. new at jack in the box. there ya' go.
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a man falsely accused of stealing. her bosses claim today have her stealing $626 from a safe. she accused them of setting her up after she filed a workers compensation claim. last thursday a jury agreed with ortiz ordering the business to pay up. president trump is running out of time and loopholes. unless he asked for an extension tomorrow is the deadline for the president to file his personal financial disclosure report as required by law. he may land in legal trouble. >> in willful omission can subject a filer to criminal and
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civil penalties. so he would quite literally be committing a crime. >> the new personal lawyer last week questioned the applicability of the ethics law calling the payment to daniels an expense. the first lady has a successful proce successful proceed yur. >> tonight the president lifting off to see his wife in the hospital being treated for a kidney condition. th first lady underwent a procedure for a benign kidney condition. the president tweeting heading over to see our great first lady melania. thank you to all of the well wishers. pence following up with a tweet he and karen pence are relieved and they are praying for her. a senior administration official said he wished her well before.
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melania revealed her cpaign to mbat cyber bullying. >> let us teach our children the difference between right and wrong and encourage them to be best in their individual paths in life. >> days later she joined president trump, vice president pence far late night photo op. melania will stay in the hospital in the the end of the week. >> i think the important things are that there was a benign kidney condition so that's obviously good news. the procedure went well. >> the white house said in a statement the first lady looks forward to a full recovery so she can continue her work on behalf of the children everywhere. it is the longest period spent by a first lady since nancy reagan spent a week in the hospital for a massectomy.
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amazon says et is bringing amazon go. it opened in january in seattle as we reported at the time only two employees were testing out the concept. the stores were outfits with hundreds of cameras and sensors but no cashiers. customers walk in, grab sandwiches and drinks off the shelf and walk out without paying. they are automatically charged as they exit. a celebration took place tonight. fans took over 9th street between washington and broadway for a watch party. you do notice some jackets that that crowd. >> yes.
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andy has a lack at what's ahead. >> yes. you probably want to hang onto the jackets. >> yes. if you're going out and about in the mornings in the afternoons along the coast. you'll see that the marine layer was pretty deep. the low clouds pretty extensive. so as you start making your plans for tomorrow keep this in mind. i do want to show you where those temperatures are headin because of the deep marine influence. livermore's average high, you'll be below average. you'll notice it's not until the end of the workweek until you get back closer to average. it is not going to happen for a few days. i want to show you live doppler 7. you notice low clouds into the low bay, parts of the east bay and into san jose we are
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starting to see the gray skies tonight. i want to show you what's causing that big marine push. we have an area that brought thunderstorms. there is another area heading in our direction. that's basically keeping the on shore flow going and it will keep us on the cooler side of normal. temperatures in the 40s. the 50s across the region. this is how you'll start off the morning. as you look towards san francisco. it is going to be overcast. widespread low clouds and spotty morning drizzle. breezy and cool conditions in the afternoon. get used to the pattern. one thing you neat to look for is damp spots due to drizzle. overcast and misty if you take the fairy across the bay. it is going to be cloudy requiring that sweater or jacket. 5:00 a.m. tomorrow. notice how widespread the low clouds are.
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they are barely budging. you'll have to wait until about noontime before the inland areas start to see the sun. you'll see low cuds until later in the day. temperatures upper 40s to low 50s first thing in the morning. it is great sleeping weather tonight, that's for sure. tomorrow afternoon looking at a breezy day all the way into the low 70s. most of you will be in the 50s and 60s. this is what you expect to see as far as the gloominess. you can download the app and keep track of the weather any time you want. cool and drizzly wednesday. the low pressure system crosses the bay area. we'll take a few days before we catch up to where we should be this time of year. friday and saturday mid-to upper 70s. warmer, that's for sure. coast will be a little bit warmer and minor dip on sunday
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only to recover again on monday. the general theme of the forecast at least through thursday we'll be cool. >> i love it. thanks. a senior prank maybe gone too far? not according to police who loved it. details are next.
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just when you thought we'd eradicated taco bell's naked chicken chalupa it's back with a vengeance. along with a spicy new wilder version. so when it comes to taco bell's mild or wild naked chicken chalupas, heed my advice, and say no to spice. brought to you by the council and not taco bell. this is no crash at all. it is a prank by the senior class in wisconsin. it is just black paper and tape. they put an old junker. they put it right outside the principal's office. they deserved an a.
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even the police pised the prank tweeting these photos. >> a lot of effort. >> yeah. >> high degree of difficulty. speaking of which, charles barkly says it's over. >> yes. rockets were obsessed with beating the doves working all season to get home court advantage. that is gone after one game. the doves with too much fire power in the series opener. we'll hearrom them. sports the next.
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kevin durant amazing and the dubs snatch home court advantage just like that. they have a giant head and beard. you can walk into his head. trying to get to his head the old fashioned way. he admitted his but overramped. kevin durant a force all night long slamming right there. harden trips over him and he goes down. klay thompson wide open. harden okay. 41 all in a second. durant, how do you stop this. nobody is stopping it. the beard off the dribble with authority with a punch. here he is again on the fast break. we are tied at 56 at the half. klay thompson, the splash followed by the kiss.
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he had 28 points. durant over his old buddy harden. look at clay. he was wide open. take 119-106. game two is wednesday. >> all i have heard is let's go in there and try to win. it ends up being a home court. we don't look at it that way. we are trying to win every game we play in. >> we try not to focus on trying to win the first game of the series. we need to focus on what we do every possession and let the rest take care of itself. >> they have felt this. they relish it and i think they took the challenge tonight and played awfully well. >> is it discouraging to you to see james score 41 points and you lose byouble digits. >> yeah.
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>> simple math. giants got a big tournament coming up in july. brandon belt is try to go hit the rugby out there. giants win 10-7. they back at 500. that's a serious a's fan in boston. the difference maker, they call him crush. chris davis, his 12th of the year. i salute you and your teammates salute you, yes. a's win it. abc 7 sports, something to keep an eye on. i thought seth looks a little off. we'll see ihe practices a tomorrow


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