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tv   ABC7 News 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  May 15, 2018 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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life. these like satanic things that they're trying to say i do. in jail and speaking out. jonathan allen defends himself against allegations he tortured and abused his own children. >> tonight his wife faces nine new counts of child abuse herself. >> reporter: jonathan allen the father charged with torturing his ten children predicted from jail today that he will be acquitted. >> you can't even ask me or tell me what i've supposedly done. >> reporter: his wife left her fairfield home today saying she was going to meet with attorneys. but by afternoon the solano county d args's amended their complaint against her to include
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nine felony counts of child abuse. >> it is extremely egregious. what happened to these children is beyond belief, but it did happen. >> reporter: the da says the mother as well as the father are both to alleged to have had a role in planking, strangling and even waterboarding some of the children. animal and human feces making some hallways impassable according to police. the investigation into abuse started in march when a 12-year-old boy ran away. authorities returned him to the family home in fairfield, which led to the arrest of rogers for child endangerment. neighbors say the ten children are now being cared for by their grandmother at this house in antioch. >> i see the grandkids here every day. she'll go shopping with them, give them food, make sure they have food and clothing. and she's just a great lady. that's all. >> reporter: the children's
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mother iina rogers will be back in court here tomorrow morning to face those nine felony counts. her bail could be raised to $900,000. abc 7 news has obtained v o video showing an armed robbery in progress. >> vick lee walks you through what was record asked how it could help catch the suspect. >> we had gone to a graduation party we were coming back to the house. we had taken a car home. >> reporter: it was the end of a fun saturday night. they'd gone to a party. as they said their good-byes someone came out of the shadows. >> get against the wallmer. >> the three friends do not want their names used for safety reasons. for this story we're calling him
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derek. >> we thought maybe he was asking for directions or asking for money. then we saw the gun and realized it was a whole different situation. >> take out your wallet. take off your ring. >> i'm taking it off. >> you give me your purse. give me your ring, give me all of it. >> reporter: the gunman seemed nervous. he said he meant business. >> don't turn around. if you turn around, i'm going to shoot you in your leg. >> shoot me in my leg, i was somewhat relieved if that say the scenario. >> reporter: derek skinned his knee and scraped his thumb. fortunately, that was the extent of his injuries. police captain jack hart was amazed at the quality of the video and audio. >> because the quality and availability of the video are so great we're finding so many of
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these cases are more volvable now. >> reporter: if you recognize him call police. we posted the video to we've also posted it throughout our abc 7 social pages. vick lee, abc 7 news. a shakeup in a san francisco police commission tonight that could have an immediate effect. the board of supervisors has decided not to reappoint two commissioners. there are already two other vacancies on the saeb member commission. that means there are now just three sitting members and that's not enough for a quorum to decide on policies such as use of force or to take up disciplinary action. he issued a statement saying, quote, i am extremely disappointed the board of supervisors decided to politicize the appointment pr z process at such a crucial time in our city. let's turn our attention now
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to the eruption of kailauea. now, at any time what's happening could become much more exploes. ch in addition, civil defense officials have declared a code red for the air quality near inactive fissures. abc reporter matt gutman has more. >> reporter: tonight the start of main eruption scientists predicted blackening the sky over kilauea. that stack of ash towering up to 4,000 feet, and tonight new warnings about those fissures. a 20th fissure cracking open the earth and pumping out clouds of sulfur dioxide. officials here declaring a condition red in parts of the big island with gas posing an immediate danger to health. we drove through, some of the roads impassable. these pants haven't been burned. it is some of fumes that have
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actually killed them over the past ten days of continuous exposure to this hazardous gas. at least five new eruptions since saturday a ratting some 400 residents who stayed. >> shaking your house. >> oh, yeah, every five seconds, boom, boom. >> reporter: barely a half-mile away. there's explosions of gas and rock sending those boulders hundreds of feet in the air. but you can also see the shock waves and the heat just radiating right there. it's just starting to hit the water table triggering an explosive eruption. the ash and gas being spewed out by eres is hazardous. they're saying people living nearby should avoid exposure to the outdoors. they're also warning this could last weeks to come.
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volcanologists say it could smother parts of the island and even close airports. >> the national weather service says two fatalities happened in the national parng. the oth the other fatality happened sunday. that's where a san diego hiker fell down a sleep slope after slipping on ice and snow. hikers and climbers are cautioned winter conditions still exist at high elevations. the political aspirations ended today for a councilman who was running for supervisor in the midst of a growing harassment scandal. he resigned his seat and suspended his campaign for county supervisor. he faces several claims of sexual harassment from students at the santa clara high school he taught and from some campaign
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staffers as well. one of his staffers said he made unwanted advavgnces and inappropriate comments. >> i told him to stop, but he didn't pay attention to that. and it continued, and it got worse over time. >> in a statement he says the allegations against me are false in every sense of the word. yet i have been tried and convicted in the court of public opinion without due process or recognition of my distinguished service to the school or the city. his council seat will be filled by appointment in the coming weeks. major legal problems for california's right to die law. ruled that lawmakers acted illegal illegally. the judge kept the law in place for now. the law allows terminally ill adults to obtain a prescription for life ending drugs if a
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doctor has determined they have six months or less to live. stay with us. safety in the skies. the scary moments at sfo. someone points a laser at a united flight arriving at the airport. you're going to hear the pilot in action. in china a copilot was sucked partially out of a window. passengers bra passengers braced for the worst. tonight there could be some drizzle first thing. we'll detail the timing coming up. and tesla sets a new record. we'll be right back.
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you are looking at our live camera of san francisco's internuncial airport with 13,000 planes land every month. but the islets aboard an international flight arriving this morning had a laser pointing at them on final approach. thank goodness the plane arrived safely. however, the problem of laser strikes happens more often than you might think and they're very dangerous. abc 7 reporter david louie has more. >> reporter: the united flight was approaching, and the jetliner preparing to line when the radio piloted air-traffic control. >> yeah, it looks like we had
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some sort of laser activity. >> roger, 2,000 feet on the left-hand side. >> left-hand side about 2 miles out. >> reporter: this safety video by the federal aviation administration gives you an idea how blinding it is. it's a bad time for a cockpit crew to lose their bearings. >> if you're doing all those critical things during your landing, watching the airspeed, the angle of attack, lining up with the runway that's the last time you want to have distractions. >> reporter: the laser strike had no operational impact and the plane landed safely. laser strikes or illuminations happen on average 18 times per day across the u.s. the three bay area airports had 362 strikes last year. pointing a laser at an aircraft
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is a federal crime. laser devices are readily available. we sfoupd an assortment of laser pointers at a south bay electronics store raising in price from $15 to $16. the number of incidents is trending down but still numbered over 6,700 last year. dave u david louie, abc 7 news. a copilot survived a fright after nearly being sucked out of a plane. it was on a domestic flight in china when the windshield burst at nearly 30,000 feet. there was no sign of a problem before it shattered, just a huge noise. he said the copilot was sucked partially out of the cockpit and survived because he was wearing a seat belt. he only had scratches and a sprained wrist.
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the plane made an emergency landing. why that windshield suddenly shattered is unknown. back here on the ground tesla has a new world record to brag about sheing its tesla x toei towing a 287 pound. it set a few guinness for being the heaviest tow for an electric production passenger vehicle. southwest airline rolled out a sales fair. some as low as $50 one way and more for the longer ones. be sure to read the small print. some of the lowest fares only good on flights on monday and wednesdays. and tickets must be booked by friday. twitter trying a new policy
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to hide mean tweets. instead of being deleted their tweets will be tossed into the show more replies section, which most people don't read. twitter says it's a way to target those users who negatively impact. meteorologist drew tuma is here with the forecast. >> yeah, you're absolutely right. chilly out there. in fact, today once again it was actually below average this time of year. live doppler 7 showing we've got some gray contours on the screen after a decent amount of sunshine earlier during the day and during the afternoon. showing you the beautiful lights of the bay bridge. a ferry coming into port at the san francisco ferry building. clouds overhead.
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and they'll continue to thicken overnight tonight. but if you are thinking this night has been so chilly, you take a look and may in san francisco the temperatures have been very much below average. in fact, halfway through the month we've seen only four days with temperatures above average for this time of year. a lot of blue on your screen. and unfortunately, if you're a warm weather lover that trend will continue for a couple of days as well. we're not going to see any intense warmth headed our way. 10 right now the current gust in concord, and 16 oakland, and 65 in san rafal and san francisco. already have the clouds streaming in from the coast. other side of 50 degrees will be our temperatures to start your
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day on your wednesday. live doppler 7 along with satellite we've been tracking it for several days sitting to our east. that continues to usher in the cool air, the breeze as well in the afternoon. and we're also tracking a second ripple of energy. this is short wave right off our coastline that will move onshore overnight. and what it will do, enhance the marine layer and also brings a chance of a bit of drizzle. the corner of your screen, 5:00, 6:00 in the morning you see the pops of green and that's that chance of drizzle. and it's not only along the coast tomorrow. i wouldn't be shocked if some of us have to use our windshield wipers tomorrow as we go to work and to school. future track rainfall, not a lot of rain by any means. it's just a bit of moisture moving our way before we start to clear out our skies by the afternoon. highs on your wednesday, take a lok at this.
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once again we're still cool for this time of the month. 59 in san francisco. freezing once again especially low the delta. 63 envallejo and oakland. and the accuweather seven day forecast cool tomorrow with that drizzle chance in the morning. as we get to thursday we're still below average with our temperatures. a bit more mild montana day especially inland. we bounce back up. saturday it's a mild afternoon, but we drop right back down for the second half of the weekend and we'll call it cool for spring monday into tuesday. well, peter pan, crew ela devil and mickey cholula hot sauce is teaming up with jack in the box for the cholula buttery jack. a little hot sauce there... woah. what's happening?
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a san francisco federal judge has struck down oakland's ban on coal shipments. the shipments were to take place here in west oakland at the site of a former army base. it was expected to bring thousands of jobs to a historically poor african-american neighborhood. oakland passed the ban two years ago citing health concerns. oakland city attorney office released a statement which reads in part the court's ruling is disappointing. we are reviewing the ruling and will discuss our optionwise the city council. today marked the official groundbreaking for seniors in walnut creek. it's a continuing care retirement community which will provide a range of benefits to residents including medical air of it's located next to shops. 80% of the one and two bedroom units have already been sold. it should open in 2020.
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animals today made their way to the contra costa fairgrounds in antioch. the live stock shown by children is said to be the highlight of the four day fair which runs through thursday through sunday. this year's fair is expect today be one of the biggest ever with more than 200 animals including lamas, goats, pigs and sheep. up next the new warning from north korea. >> yeah, it is now threatening to cancel the summit between kim jong-un and president trump. what the north wants stopped. also the fate of the daca program is in the hands of the court. the small but powerful protest that helped dissuade a judge's ruling. plus. >> and i knew right away i was on the table for three days for surgery. >> actor william purts battled ca
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good evening once again. thanks for staying with us. we'll begin this half-hour with north korea. >> nat past hour a north korean official says this country husband no interest in a summit with the united states if it's based on a one-sided demand to give up its nukes. >> now, this announcement follows an earlier warning from the north threatening to cancel the meeting altogether with president trump and kim jong-un. >> jonathan carl has more. >> reporter: at the triumphant late night return of american prisoners president trump made it clearhy has high hopes for his meeting with kim jong-un. >> i really think he wants to do something and bring their country into the real world. >> reporter: but today a
9:30 pm
setback. angry about annual joint u.s.-south korea military exercises now underway, north korea abruptly canceled a meeting with south korea scheduled for tomorrow. the north korean central news agency added this message, the united states will also have to undertake careful deliberations about the fate of the planned north korea-u.s. summit in light of this provocative military ruckus. the developments seemed to catch the state department off-guard. north korea had agreed to let those military exercises proceed as the summit was being planned. >> we have not heard anything from that government or the government of south korea to indicate that we would not continue conducting these exercises. >> reporter: it's a setback, but it's hard to tell how big a setback. there had been a remarkable thaw in u.s.-north korea relations. secretary of state mike pompeo greeting kim jong-un warmly in pyeongyang. >> do you deserve the nobel
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prize, you think? >> praeeverybody thinks so, but would never say it. >> what does the president think can be done in a single day with kim jong-un? >> certainly the best outcome would be an agreement for complete and total denuclearization. >> there's no indication the united states is willing to put an end to those joint military exercises with south korea. the only reaction so far from the white house to what north korea has said comes from the press secretary sarah sanders who says the u.s. will continue to coordinate with our allies. jonathan carl, abc news, the white house. now for an update on first lady melania trump. she was admitted to walter reed hospital yesterday. the white house says she underwent a procedure to treat a beni benign kidney condition. the president spent a little over an hour with her in the
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hospital. after the u.s. embassy move to jerusalem palestinians buried their dead. some of them returned to the border to continue their protest. israeli soldiers lobbed tear gas back at them. >> reporter: ivanka trump and jared kushner bidding israel farewell today. their work now behind them. they also left behind this. more clashes throughout gaza and the west bank. in beth luham israeli forces firing tear gas from mounted launchers. we saw protesters hurling stones with sling shots in a running battle that lasted for hours. this is now the front lines here. the palestinians are throwing stones, the israelis responding with tear gas. there have been several injured, no fatalities. in gaza two protesters were killed today. but it was more a day of grieving the 60 killed
9:33 pm
yesterday. a baby suffocated by tear gas laid to rest. they draped their flag over the little body. the trump administration standing 100% calls for an investigation. nikki haley rejecting any suggestion the israeli troops may have used excessive force. >> no country in this chamber would react with more restraint than israel has. >> reporter: then as the palestinian ambassador prepared to speak haley walked out. they have recalled their envoy v from washington rejecting any power talks. there was a protest outside the israeli consulate in san francisco this evening in support of the palestinians. today is also the 70th
9:34 pm
anniversary of the day which palestinians mark as the day nearly a million of them were forced from their homes by the israeli military. the first group of national guard troops has arrived at the california-mexico border. 51 troops were deployed yesterday. officials say their job is going to be behind the scenes providing support to critical border agents. last month governor brown committed to assigning 400 guard members to the border at the request of the government. the ninth circuit court of appeals heard arguments over the trump administration's effort to end it daca program. rob hayes from our sister station in los angeles has the story. >> reporter: they stood on the steps of the ninth circuit court of appeals and made as much noise as they could. the rally was small, but the issue was huge. the fate of deferred action of
9:35 pm
childhood arrivals, daca in the hands of federal appeals court. making the case the white house should be able to end the daca program. >> we're being forced to maintain a pall aets that gives afirmative sanction to 700 that you know illegal aliens. >> reporter: daca has shielded those from being deported. the trump administration tried to shutdown daca only to have a federal judge in san francisco block that decision in january. today attorneys for the state of california and the university of california argue to keep the injunction in place. >> you can't take a welcome mat and then use it as a rug to pull out from under individuals. you have to have some very strong basis to do it. the government did not present any such basis. >> a decision by the court not issued today, but those daca recipients rallying out front
9:36 pm
are gquick to give their sthans on the issue. author tom wolf has died. he passed away in a new york city hospital. his agent said he had been hospitalized with an infection. wolf is best known for writing "the right stuff" and the his writing style was filled exclamation points, italics and unique words. he was 88 years old. there now exists a powerful nontoxic cancer therapy. in the past cancer drugs could not be given in large enough doses to kill the disease because normal cells were killed as well. well dr. kenneth allen designed a therapy to protect normal
9:37 pm
cells while still nailing the cancer. the results have really been extraordinary. one of his patients is academy award winning actor william hurt. >> i was diagnosed in 2012 with grade four prostate cancer. we did want know initially it had metastasized in the bone. we knew it was in the lymphs. >> he was given five years to live. his cancer is now in remission. in addition to prostate cancer the treatment has worked in other types of cancer include lung, breast and blood cancers. in lab tests the molecule blocked viruses that blocked colds. researchers say the new molecule appears to be safe for human cells. they next plan to move onto animal and then human trials.
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>> the cure for the common cold, perhaps. stay with us. new developments tonight involving the father of the
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the royal wedding is just four days away. american megan markle is about to marry a prince. >> that's right. her father after saying he was not going to be the wedding is changing his mind. but a report suggesting he might be going into heart surgery. >> reporter: tonight shocking news. megan markle's father is to undergo heart surgery according to tmz is will not attend the wedding. thomas markle reportedly checking himself into a mexican hospital tuesday after saying he had a heart attack last week.
9:42 pm
after days of back and forth markle was planning to attend his daughter's wedding. markle telling tmz i hate the idea of messing one of the greatest moments in history and walking my daughter down the aisle. the 73-year-old had reportedly canceled his trip after accusations that he staged these photos with paparazzi. megan's estranged sister who publicly criticized the bride says she was behind the stunt. >> they have an ethical obligation to allow me to be portrayed as i am living a healthy lifestyle, not caught in unflattering positions as media vultures had done. >> there's no bigger media vulture with this wedding than you, is there ms. markle? >> before this latest medical setback megan markle was still hopeful her father would come. megan's mother dorria now the likely person to take her
9:43 pm
daughter down the aisle, the only member of megan's family who will be with her on her big day. >> queen elizabeth has given her written concept. it's hand written by artists and signed by the queen. it official recognizes the marriage and will presented to them after the wedding. includes a rose, thistle and shamrock. it also has golden poppies, a nod to markle's home state of california. >> watch special coverage of the royal wedding this saturday right here on nbc 7. robin roberts and david will be live in windsor, england. meteorologist drew teama next with the forecast. >> and say hello to robo fly. you've seen them in science fiction film, but nothing this
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tiny robotic drones might be the future but they've been tricky to get off the ground until now. the university of washington has created an insect-suzed flying robot. hasn't been easy. one of the biggest challenges has been the power source which makes it foo heavy to liftoff. but researchers found a way to tra tra transmit power to the robo fly. eventually thateam believes the robo fly could help out crops or sniff out gas leaks. finally tonight if you're a fan of disney films you probably heard about the seven dwarves.
9:48 pm
>> reporter: the faces of the tal wanted animators who created them have largely remained hidden behind the screen. the carator says walt disney himself referred to them as the nine old men. he said some like ward kimble or characters who could have come from central casting while others left the attention and bright lights to their animated creations. >> if you know disney's core movies like pinocchio and alice in wonderland and all those movies, the lead animators in those shows were the nine old
9:49 pm
men. >> reporter: han says it's a chance to walk back to the decades, to the moments when the magic first came alive. >> kind of a one stop shop fpin for the history of animation. these are the guys that started out and ended up developing this amazing art form as we know as disney animation. >> without their work all those characters might never have sprung to life. >> all right, let's check on our weather one last i'm. >> that cloud cover springing to life once again, guys. gray skies early on. a live look outside showing you the bay bridge. tonight we're seeing that drizzle not only along the coast but likely other parts of the area. especially inland tonight, upper 40s to lower 50s the name of the game. you've got the gray skies early on, that chance of drizzle especially along our coastline. noon the breaks of sun. by the afternoon more in the way
9:50 pm
of sunshine, but the breeze kicks in, and sometimes gusting 20, 25 miles per hour. 66 for that high in free empty, 68 san jose, about 64 the high in oakland. got some drizzle in the morning and still below average around here. midweek a bit more mild, especially saturday to start out the weekend. cool for spring on monday with temps a little bit up as we go into tuesday of next week. >> thank you, drew. >> tomorrow we do battle again. >> yeah, larry is here. >> we? may i put my money down on the rockets right now? the warriors are they greedee or content with a split?
9:51 pm
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good evening. the warriors did precise what they wanted in game one of the western conference finals. that is snatch home court advantage from houston and now plan to see the doubt in the hands of the rockets. the question for warriors, can they get greedy? are we looking at a sweep here? if you don't guard klay thompson, he's going to do that all night long. he scored 28 points. the rockets, you know the rockets are going to be d desperate. >> we set a great tone for ourselves, and now we've got an opportunity to take advantage and win tomorrow night and get a big lead. so that's the plan. >> i'm sure you go to any statistics the team that gives you the wins probably has the least amount of mistakes. >> getting greedy means playing
9:55 pm
another great 40 minutes and having the expectation. >> we're not satisfied. i mean have a golden opportunity tomorrow to take a good lead. and have a short memory in the playoffs. >> you could just tell when guys aren't happier, moving or having the same stats. so i just call guys and see how they're feeling. >> game two eastern conference finals lebron james struggled in game one. he came out firing in game two. lebron had 21 points in the first quarter, finished with 42 and a triple-double. cavs star jaylen brown throwing it down. with a drive, the score and a scream. and you know what he said, laurel. scary terry rogier and the
9:56 pm
celtics win game twenty-two. if you are old enough to remember of basketball you know today used to be a big dale. here's how the ping-pong balls fell. >> the second pick will be made by the sacramento kings, and that means that the number one pick in the 2018 nba draft goes to the phoenix suns. >> there is a reward for being really bad and you get the number one pick. they might take the arizona stand out deaundre. the hawks get the third pick, mavericks fourth, the cavs get the eighth pick which they acquired from the celtics in the
9:57 pm
kyrie irving trade. a really touching story in baseball. steven piscotty wanted to be traded to a bay area team because his mom was sick. they made the trade only to see piscotty pass away last week. this was his first at bat right here at fenway park, and he takes it out. this was clear over the green monster, looks to the heavens. and when his mom could no longer speak because of als, she would tap her heart to say i love you. pretty powerful moment. that was the only run for daniel. a two run double. a's win it 5-3. their first series win in boston since 2012. the giants hosting the reds.
9:58 pm
our director curt. look at curt. he scooted down to see the panda. instead me gets to see ty blach. he takes out the belt. slash down. bases loaded. pablo sandoval, a two run single. look at kerr. get back to work. learn your ros. 4-3 giants in the eighth. mariner's all-star suspended 80 games for violating major league's baseball performance enhancing drug policy. the biggest name to be suspended under this policy. 35 years old. he used a diuretic prescribed by a doctor in the dominican
9:59 pm
republic. officials felt he was using it to flush steroids from his system. that's going to cost him almost $12 million this year because he makes 24. coming up tonight a neighborhood cook out in oakland creating a controversy tonight. angry residents are marching to city hall with a message. plus. >> laurel, laurel. >> what did you just hear? laurel or yanny? the new clip just tearing the internet apart tonight. hope you join us for abc 7 news at 11:00 over on channel 7. >> it's obviously laurel. >> me, too. >> but we've got some folks up stairs. >> i think they should be removed because they heard something other. >> the voices in their head. all right, we appreciate your time. >> thanks for joining us.
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see you over at 11:00 on 7. (suspenseful music) - i'm former fbi agent joe pistone. the real donnie brasco.


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