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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 1130PM  KOFY  May 15, 2018 11:30pm-12:00am PDT

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that breaking news is in fremont. take a look. at least two people are dead after a crash involving eight vehicles on 880. debris from the crash is spread across the northbound lanes at the stevenson exit. two of the vehicles are just decimated. their exteriors shredded by the crash. >> just a debris field there on the highway. several people have been taken to the hospital. officers are sending drivers off the highway at stevenson and back on at the next exit after the crash. the chp is warning drivers to stay away from that area. now, stay with us for this breaking news by following us on twitter at abc7news bay area.
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terrible tragedy there on the highway tonight. good evening. i'm dan ashley. >> and i'm ama daetz. the abc 7 news app and push alerts we will let you know when that roadway fully opens again. first, though, to our other top stories. >> i'm like indiana jones when it comes to spirituality. but i'm not an animal. i'm not a torturer. and i'm not a monster. >> a fairfield father accused of torturing his ten children insists from jail tonight he is not a monster. >> tonight there are more charges against the couple accused of abusing their children. gulezian has the latest sfrelts fairfield. from me, this is torture. >> reporter: jonathan allen was emotional as he spoke candidly from the solano county jail. >> i'm not an animal. i'm not a torturer. and i'm not a monster. >> reporter: allen fiercely denies all allegations against him and his wife, ina rogers.
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he's charged with torture and child cruelty involving his ten children. >> i'm not a cruel dad whatsoever. i'm the most loving parent that i could possibly be. >> reporter: but authorities paint a very different picture. in this house where the children slept ten to a room and where animal and human feces were found the parents are accused of punching, burning, and waterboarding their kids. ina rogers was originally charged with misdemeanors and was able to bail out, and now the d.a. has amended those charges in this complaint to felony child abuse. she'll be here in court wednesday morning. i tried speaking with her and a cousin after the charges were filed. >> i'm sorry, miss. >> is there anything you want to say as far as how your kids are doing? >> no comment. >> reporter: but allen had a lot to say about his children, who are now staying with rodgers' mother in antioch. >> they are brainwashed because they are still chilen. >> reporter: allen insists they were one big happy but misunderstood family before all of this. in fairfield lisa amin gulezian,
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abc 7 news. oakland neighbors came together calling for civic action in response to a viral video showing a white woman calling police on african-americans who were barbecuing at lake merit. the group held a cookout and then a grill your government rally outside city hall. last month a woman reported the men, saying it's illegal to have a charcoal grill in the area. the wife of one of the men, michelle snyder, recorded it and says the woman stayed at the scene for two hours until police arrived. snyder thinks the incident was racially motivated. >> it was something about the way she was saying things, you know, you don't belong here. toe it's a lot of coded words. >> reporter: the woman who called police is heard on the video saying her complaint has nothing to do with race and that she was concerned about the use of charcoal. a judge has overturned california's right to die law. tonight the husband of a woman who inspired the law is speaking out against the decision. a judge in riverside county ruled that the end of life
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option act signed into law in 2015 was passed illegally. he says the legislature violated the state constitution because it was passed during a special session dealing with health care and he doesn't consider it a health care issu the law's supporters disagree. >> this is a matter of a terminally ill individual at end of life like my wife brittany menard of simply having the option to pass away gently. instead of suffering horrifically from what that brain tumor was going to do to her. >> diaz's wife brittany menard ved to oregon in 2014 to end her life after a diagnosis of terminal brain cancer. california's attorney general has five days to challenge today's ruling. developing news tonight. the san francisco police commission is effectively paralyzed after a surprising board of supervisors vote tonight. abc 7 news reporter kate larsen has the story now from city hall. >> they've completely neutered
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the police commission. unable to meet right now because they don't have enough people sworn in. mayor mark farrell who was or frustrated that the board of supervisors rejected his reappointment of joe marshall and sonia millard to the police commission. >> i reappointed them for a reason. they've done a great job for the residents of san francisco. this is all politics. and it's earrassing for the board of supervisors to do this. >> i want to say it's a shock because i had no idea that any of this was afoot. >> reporter: joe marshall has been a member of the police commission since 2004. without him and mellara the commission has only three members which is not enough to hold meetings or make decisions. if bill scott gets lapd's top job. >> all that work for now stops. i'm hoping everything goes smoothly in the interim. >> the business of the city still will be able to move forward. >> reporter: supervisor malia cohen voted against marshall and millara and says the board can fill several police commission vacancies in the next month. >> instead of just rubber
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stamping and going the easy route, which is what mayor farrell was proposing, i think we need to put a little more thought and enji into selecting highly motivated and new candidates. >> other supervisors who rejected the reappointments say they think the new mayor should make those decisions after the june election. kate larsen, abc 7 news. dozens of demonstrators h the streets of san francisco today to protest the killings of nearly 60 palestinians in gaza. they protested outside the consulate general of israel early this morning -- evening, rather. the protests in israel began yesterday, the same day the u.s. opened an embassy in jerusalem. today is also nakba day, which commemorates the 1948 expulsion of palestinians from their homes. to developing news now. tonight a top north korean official says his country has no
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interest in a summit with the united states if it's based on one-sided demand to give up its nukes. the announcement follows an earlier warning from the north threatening to cancel the meeting altogether between president trump and kim jong un. the resignation of a santa clara city councilman is official tonight. that's after allegations he sexually harassed fmer campaign staff members and students at the schools where he taught. abc 7 news reporter katie marzullo attended tonight's council meeting. >> so the next action is to accept the letter of resignation. >> reporter: the santa clara city council voted unanimously to accept dominic caserta's resignation. he would have faced his accusers at tuesday night's meeting. >> he's a sexual predator. he needs to be -- he needs to register. he needs to be -- it's just not right. >> i was saddened to hear that i was not the only one, that this was a pattern of behavior. >> reporter: lidia youngkind is one of nine people who have filed complaints with the police department. she was on caserta's campaign
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staff. other accusers were his students at santa clara high school. reports range from sexual misconduct to sexual assault. >> his actions have been a terrible strain -- stain on the city, and it's time for us to, you know, come together as a city and to move forward. >> reporter: the city council voted unanimously to adopt a new censure policy to deal with future council members who might violate the council's code of conduct. caserta released a statement that reads in part, "the allegations against me are false in every sense of the word. yet i have been tried and convicted in the court of public opinion without due process or recognition of my distinguished service to thechool or the city. caserta was running for county supervisor. he has dropped out of the race. in santa clara katie marzullo, abc 7 news. there's a big break in an identity theft ring that victimized almost 30 people in the south bay. abc 7 news was in cupertino where a stolen credit card was used to rent a room at the hilton garden inn. deputies were tipped off
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saturday and moved in. they say the suspects have stolen credit cards, checkbooks, electronic card readers, as well as -- five people were rested. investigators say they will contact all known victims. new details on a deadly explosion in orange county. investigators tonight say it was deliberate. a woman died in the explosion. three other people were hurt. investigators think the blast may have come from a package. it happened inside a medical office building. a nearby daycare had to be evacuated. first responders were seen helping escort children to a nearby target store. well, royal wedding excitement is reaching a fever pitch tonight. next an inside look at the preparations. why prince harry is so beloved in his home country. also the chaos in new york city as a major thunderstorm rolls through. really some incredible images to share with you. nothing like that here. but y may be dodging? drops tomorrow. i'm meteorologist sandhya patel. i'll show you when coming up. and the new audio clip
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that's tearing the internet apart tonight. >> laurel. laurel. >> what did you just hear? it's a question dividingur newsroom tonight and pitting friends and family against each other. we can't wait
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tonight new york is in a state of emergency after being battered by severe storms. time lapse video shows the heavy clouds darkening the city. they brought heavy rain and powerful winds to the atlantic coast. at least two people are dead as a result. the storm hit so fast it grounded planes and stopped trains. thousands of people were stuck in grand central station, crammed into the terminal during rush hour, as you can see.
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in connecticut lightning strikes forced the evacuation of the control tower at this airport in hartford county. look at that picture. tonight hundreds of thousands of homes and businesses have no power. we are now just four days until the royal wedding, and the love for prince harry and meghan markle is in the air in windsor. reporter david oana from our stiffer station in los angeles has the story from windsor castle. >> reporter: on this royal wedding week his face and name are everywhere. what is it about prince harry that is so alluring? >> bookmarks with harry because obviously -- >> you don't have any meghan in there. >> reporter: i meet author monica wisniewska at a coffee shop just outside windsor castle that will take place saturday. this polish immigrant no who now lives within walking distance of the castle jokes that she like so many other women had thoughts she and harry could someday end up together. >> fairy tale, isn't it? it's every girl's dream, isn't it, to marry a prince.
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>> reporter: yes it's a bit of a fairy tale but it does speak to the fact that harry is that guy people love. >> he's a little bit more normal. he's a little cheeky. he's a little naughty. he's -- yeah. i just think he's somebody you would want to go out for a drink with, as we'd say in the uk. take to the pub and have some fun with. >> reporter: royal expert james mccord tells me harry's former bad boy image actually has worked in his favor. especially now that he's clearly grown up. >> we all found niz antics in vegas in 2012 where he was caught naked and it was on camera quite amugz. but at the same time we knew that couldn't continue. we'd been wanting harry to settle down somewhat. >> reporter: but there's a much more serious size to the world loving harry. >> i think it's watching him walking behind a funeral procession as a young boy, just 12 years old, behind his mother's coffin when diana passed that got into the hearts and the minds i think of the british public. >> it all adds up to a royal who is the people's prince. even if there's not enough of him to go around. >> i haven't found mine yet.
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if you read my book, you'll find out why. >> reporter: monica was a good sport. and she's not unusual. we've in fact run into a number of women who felt that harry was the right guy for them, a modern-day prince charming. reporting from london, david ono, abc 7 news. >> hearts are broken. yeah. watch special coverage of the royal wedding this saturday right here on abc 7. a special edition of "gma" starts at 2:00 a.m. robin roberts and david muir will be live in windsor, england. >> all right. well, there is no bigger debate online tonight than yannyersus laurel. >> yeah. it's sort of an audio riddle of just one word with two possibilities. >> it's prompting the question, what do you hear? yanny or laurel? listen. >> laurel. laurel. >> okay. that time i heard laurel. >> but a minute ago you heard yanny. but upstairs you heard laurel. >> upstairs i heard laurel. >> i keep hearing laurel the whole time. >> i'm okay, i think. >> take a listen again. >> laurel.
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laurel. >> i still hear laurel. >> why would i hear it two different -- that time i heard laurel again. >> our producer john actually heard it one way, heard yanny, and then we brought him over upstairs and he heard laurel. >> is that like being ambidextrous? >> john, you're in the booth. what do you hear this time? laurel this time he says. >> so weird. >> it is weird. audio experts are offering reasons ranging from quality of the rorecording to the change i pitch in the device you're using. >> we have it on our website i just wonder if the source from our tease was different from this source that we played. >> maybe. because -- >> same source i'm told. >> it's a mystery. i hear laurel. i think i'm missing something. what do you hear, sandhya? >> all i've been hearing is laurel. >> me too. >> so dan and ama, i've played it over and over again trying to hear yanny. i don't hear it. hopefully, there isn't any debate over what you're seeing from our abc 7 news exploratorium camera. take a look at this time lapse.
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it was just gorgeous tonight. after sunset. clouds passing through. across the bay. not too many places where you can enjoy a view like this. it was definitely spectacular. the clouds have gathered tonight, and we are on our way to another cooler than average may day. when we take a look at the days so far, the first 15 days of the month, 11 of those have been below average for san francisco. only four were above normal. you're not imagine things. if it feels a little too cool or a little too breezy for this time of year, it is breezy to windy for this time of year but the cooler than average, it's been a theme. on that topic if you're going to the giants game tomorrow afternoon it's a day game. against the reds. make sure you pack a sweatshirt or a jacket with you. temperatures in the mid to upper 50s, so definitely on the cool side. live doppler 7 showing you all the clouds that have gathered across the bay area. let me show you what is keeping us in this cool may pattern. it's been one area of low
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pressure after another coming through. this is the next one. and this one is working its way toward us. there was another one over nevada that had brought those thunderstorms over northern california and the sierra this afternoon and is still keeping it a littlective to our north. temperatures right now 40s, 50s as we take a live look from our kgo roof camera. breezes are not an issue. cloudy morning with some drizzle. breezy and cooler than average in the afternoon. no surprise there. warming up at the end of the week. hour by hour we go. tomorrow morning at 5:00 when you're commuting do watch out for slippery spots. you'll need your wipers at times going into 8:00 a.m. when you're take those kids off to school or yourself to work. watch out. noontime a lot of clouds lingering still and right just north of lake county around the afternoon hours there will be an isolated shower or two. is this going to amount to much? no. but will it slow down your commute? absolutely. a few hundredths of an inch at best out of the drizzle or isolated shower. temperatures first thing in the morning upper 40s to the low
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50s. enough of a breeze to make it feel chillier. so definitely dress in layers and hang on to that extra layer because look how cool it stays along the coast. in the 50s inland and around the bay in the 60s for your wednesday. accuweather seven-day forecast will feature cool breezy conditions for your thursday as well. milder weather on friday. and if you've been waiting for warmth check out saturday. i think you have something to look forward to. near 80 inland. upper 50s along the coastline. temperatures do come down for the second half of the weekend. for those of you who like it cooler. and then a typical pattern going into early next week. i'm sorry. i still stand by that. i hear laurel. >> all right.
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well, is he breaking in or just breaking? in fresno last week this thief
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busted into an office, then busted a move in celebration. >> police found the break-in bandit on surveillance after someone reported their laptop stolen. turns out the thief had keys to the property. police found the suspect, who had several laptops in his possession. >> not a great thief. but he can dance. >> did it with flair. >> he's got style. >> that'll go well in jail. >> yeah. really. in sports a truly touching moment in the a's game this th evening in boston
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good evening. stephen piscotty wanted to be traded to a bay area team because his mom was sick. the a's made the deal in the
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off-season, only to see gretchen piscotty pass away last week. stephen came off the bereavement list today, and mom was certainly on his mind. the a's are in boston. this was piscotty's first at-bat since coming off the bereavement list, and that ball is crushed. clear out of fenway park. stephen taps his heart, looks to the heavens. when his mom could no longer speak due to a.l.s., she would tap h heart to say i love you. piscotty said he felt pure joy in that momentight there. the rest of the game 3-1 in the fifth, andrew benintendi makes it a one-run game as the only earned run for daniel mengden. he michd well over six innings. eighth inning mark canha a two-run double giving the a's some insurance. a's win again 5-3, their first series win in boston since 2012. giants hosting the reds. our director kirsch at the yard loves his panda hat. 3-0 reds. brandon belt taking out the belt. splashdown. his eighth homer of the season. 3-1 game in th fourth bases loaded pablo sandoval notorious
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bad ball hitter goes down to get that one, two-run single. longoria and crawford both scored. loving it. my hatits great. one-run game. tomlinson singles up the middle. brandon crawford scores. giants win their third in a row by a final of 5-3. as gordon gekko once said, greed is good. the warriors need to get greedy in houston. they won the opener. a win tomorrow, they might sweep the rockets in the western conference final. steph curry admitted he tweaked something in game 1 last night but he was dunking in practice today. take a look at this. i'm saying he's okay. what's the mindset heading into game 2? >> we set a great tone for ourselves and now we've got an opportunity to really, you know, take advantage. >> getting greedy means playing another great 48 minutes and having the expectation that we can come out of here with two wins. >> we're not satisfied. i mean, we have a golden opportunity tomorrow to take a good lead.
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and you have to have a short memory in the playoffs. game 2 eastern conference finals, lebron struggled in game 1, held to 15 points, came out firing in game 2. the stepback 3. he had 21 in the first quarter. finished with 42 points and a triple-double. but the celts take over in the third quarter. jaylen brown with authority! former cal star had 23. three-point game. marcus morris drives and scores. and watch him scream in the face of tristan thompson. i said laurel! then scary terry. celts win game 2, 107-94 the final. abc 7 sports brought to you by river rock casino. >> you do that remarkably well. >> our audio experts in the sports department say if you hear low pitch you hear yanny, high pitch you hear laurel. >> interesting. >> we docto


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