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tv   ABC7 News 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  May 16, 2018 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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these aren't people. these are animal wheres, and we're taking them out of the the country at a level and rate that's never happened before. >> president trump lashes out at
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illegal imgrpmigrants, and his favorite target are the state of california and its sanctuary policy. >> i would suggest you look at the mayor, jeff. >> president trump hammered california today for its sanctuary city law wheres as, a just heard him ask the attorney general to look into obstruction laws. >> reporter: president trump not mensing words about illegal immigration. >> we're taking people out of the country. you wouldn't believe how bad these people are. these aren't people. these are animals. >> reporter: the president also suggesting at wednesday's round table the department of justice investigate oakland mayor libby shaft. >> there is potentially an i.c.e. activity planned.
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>> reporter:or informing communities about i.c.e. raids. >> to me that's obstruction of justice. >> reporter: at least 35 local california jerks including san diego and orange counties have come out against the state sanctuary law which limits corporation with immigration officials. >> we have a cartel in here, other organizations around the world active here. >> reporter: in a tweet wednesday governor jerry brown respo responding to the round table saying, quote, at real donald trump is lying about immigration and flying to dozens of politicians flattering him. as the sanctuary debate continues to play out abc news has learned the trump administration is now considering separating children picked up crossing the u.s. border illegally with their
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families and possibly housing them at military bases. abc news, los angeles. and we have new details on a deadly crash that shutdown part of 880 in fremont overnight. gist a terrible scene of carnage. after notifying the next of kin the victims identified as 39-year-old noel johnson, 14-year-old christine limis and 9-year-old brook limis. chp says none of them were wearing a seat belt and were thrown from the vehicle. and also believes the person responsible was under the influence. >> facing several charges tonight including gross vehicle manslaughter. he's expected to make his first court experience tomorrow.
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all three of the victims in this case, as you can imagine that community is mourning is hit very hard by this terrible news. abc 7 news reporter lyanne melendez went to the high school today where 14-year-old christy was a freshman. >> reporter: students at sierra high school in man teega were told by teachers this morning of her deeath. >> the school is really sad right now. i know a couple of my friends were crying over it. it's just a sad thing to hear. >> we became best friends in sixth grade. so she's been by my side ever since then and it's especially hard losing her under those circumstances. >> she wore cute outfits and was no nice. i went to school with her. >> reporter: here's what the school sent out today. we extend our thoughts and
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prayers to the families during this difficult time. 9-year-old brook limis attended brook elementary. she too died in that accident along with 39-year-old noel johnson. didi limisu is a distant cousin. >> i don't like drugs, period. i don't care if marijuana is legal or whatever. but i'm not into the drugs. >> reporter: the schools will have counselors on campus throughout the week for students and staff. in mantica, lyanne melendez. shawn michael down faces two counts of murder. he's been the only suspect since
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march of last year. he's accused of killing a 22-year-old and her 26-year-old faien faience in their sleeping bags. their break came when he was arrested for killing his younger brother and agreed to talk about the murders. a teenager who became violently ill from a take out salad is talking only with abc 7 news about what they experienced. they filed a lawsuit against the papa murphy's pizza chain. they claim they were sickened by eati eating tainted romaine lettuce from that restaurant. >> i never heard of e. coli before i got it. >> reporter: now she and her family will never forget it. >> i was crawling around the floor. it was painful. i felt like i was about to die. it was horrible.
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>> reporter: it started when this family came to this papa murphy's to pick up pizza and salad to take home from lunch. the pictures provided by attorneys from the hunter family. by thursday wake up with cramps and diarrhea. on friday so did her older sister. and by saturday her 3-year-old daughter was also complaining. >> just leave me alone. >> reporter: the toddler soon came down with a life threatening illness linked to e. coli. >> her kidney numbers, like her functions were dropping and her hemoglobin started dropping. >> reporter: it damaged her kidneys and red-blood cells. she still requires monitoring. >> as horrible as it is it could have been worse. there's another person in california who died from this same outbreak. >> reporter: the outbreak has
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affected 149 people in 29 states and has been traced to the romaine lettuce growing in the yuma area. the lawsuit seeks unspecified damages. eric thomas, abc 7 news. >> papa murphy's issued a statement which reads the health and safety of our customers is our highest priority, and we strive to ensure our products meet strict safety and quality standards. immediately upon hearing the announcement the cdc on april 13th and utof oan abundance of caution, and the statement includes unfortunately we cannot comment on any pending legal matters. this comes on a day the centers for disease control says it may finally be safe to eat lettuce again. the last batch of tainted lettuce let arizona on april
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13th and the growing season in yuma is now over, the cdc says it is unlikely that any of that lettuce remains tainted. a 24-year-old fremont man working as a lyft driver has been charged with plying his passenger with alcohol and drugs and sexually assaulting her. vick lee has the story. >> reporter: being held without bail at the alameda county jail. it was on april 8th when he picked up a 29-year-old woman in oakland. the woman told police he drove her to a friend's house here in berkeley but when she had gotten here her friend wasn't home. he then told her he was off-duty but he'd take her back to her place anyway. he drove past the exit that led to her home. since he had missed the turn off he apologized to his ride and told her he would get her something to eat.
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they stopped at this jack-in-the-box in fremont, ate their meal and left. police say he then drove to his apartment in the 38 block in fremont. police say once inside his apartment he offered her marijuana. police say he then took her up stairs to his bedroom, told her to rest, to lie down, that he was too tired to drive her home. that's when the woman says the sexual assault occurred. detective calvin told nbc 7 news he's being charged with multiple felonies. among them rape with an unconscious victim. >> with regards to marijuana and other types of alcohol or anything like that, that's going to be an important part of the investigation. >> reporter: he is no longer a lyft driver. a fairfield mom is facing nine new counts of felony child abuse as well as a previous misdemeanor.
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30-year-old ina rogers appeared in court today. the mother of ten was taken into court and booked into salono county jail. her attorney says she could only afford $50,000 bail, but the judge agreed with the district attorney and went with $495,000. this man, her boyfriend is also accused of torturing his children. his bail has been set at nearly $500,000. also check this out, where we found it snowing today in the sierra. look at these pictures. meteorologist sandhya patel here with ourfore ka forecast. >> it has been cooler than usual the last several days. i'll have the forecast. thanks, sandhya. and nasa releases its first of the kind supply of fresh-water and explains why so much of it is disappearing.
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strong earthquakes around the kilauea summit with expected to continue and become more frequent. still putting out a lot of lava and sulfur dioxide gas. a 4.4 earthquake shook the area
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today. and as we said more are expected. the earthquakes have caused structural damage in park buildings and opened up cracks on some highways. the public is being urged to use caution as changing winds push volcanic ash from kilauea. >> reporter: you can see that line of fissures. all of them appear to be active today. billowing that smoke, steam, ash and sulfur dioxide into the area. in fact, you can smell it right now. the cloud they're creating above is about 12 feet high. moving towards the populated area of hawaii right now. >> remarkable. that's matt gutman reporting in hawaii. back here a 3.2 earthquake shook santa clara this afternoon. maybe you felt it. usgs centered the quake about 15 miles east of downtown san jose.
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but the usgs says it was felt as far away as berkeley. it hit at 2:42 this afternoon and 2:46 a few minutes later. this push alert went out. download the app when you have a moment. it's free, and enable to the push alert so you can be the first to know when important newsbreaks. scientists have combined nasa satellite bfrgs on earth to show us where fresh-water is changing around the world. what they found is the earth's wetland areas are getting wetter and dry areas are getting dryer. agriculture played a key role in gru ground water depletion, particularly in california. southwest california lost 4
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gigatons per year. while we're talking about things happening in terms of our weather on our planet it is in the middle of may and it is still snowing. >> fresh powder fell around lunchtime today. the slopes suddenly closed last month at the end of the winter ski season. >> but that looks like february. >> meteorologist sandhya patel here with the latest. >> those are pretty pictures. and a few snow showers still possible in the sierra. we certainly are seeing some now. i'll show you that on live doppler 7 in a moment. some in the bay area seeing some cloud cover, some clear. we have seen not only rain showers but also some snow showers there, and we'll continue to keep track of this as we don't always see it in may, but i have seen it over the last two decades. in the sierra and northern
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california we did have some thunderstorms. it's all in association with an area of low pressure that is now spinning between california and nevada. so same system that provided the mechanism for keeping us on the cooler side of average this afternoon. so definitely a few degrees below where we should be for this time of year. but we're getting ready for a change. we're going to come back up closer to average on saturday. mild afternoon especially inland. you're going to be in the mid-70s around the bay. upper 50s along the coast, and then it's a cooler day on sunday. mid-50s to low 70s. a live picture right now from our exploratorium camera at pier 15. you see that breeze there. some of you on social media complaining about the wind. the wind is going to ease a bit, so tomorrow morning that will allow that to happen. the view right now not obscured by any fog. mid to upper 50s in san francisco, oakland, san jose still mild, 60.
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and half moon bay you're 54 degrees. here's the picture from the golden gate bridge camera, and the temperatures all in the 50s except in concord. the camera from emeriville, mostly cloudy through tomorrow morning. a little warmer the next few days. cool at the coast. and hour by hour we go, you're going to see the clouds regrouping. tomorrow morning starts out pretty cloudy between 5:00 and 8:00 a.m., as we head into the afternoon the clouds will thin out a little bit and allow the temperatures to come up. upper 40s to mid-50s for the morning lows. and tomorrow afternoon you're looking at a mild day in the south bay. 72 morgan hill, 62 in millbray, up to 67 menlo park, palo alto 68. along the coastline we'll keep
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you in the upper 50s. not a lot of change there along the coast. mix of sun and clouds in the north bay. 74 in santa rosa. 68 in san rafael. 66 newark. head inland and you're going to notice that it'll feel a bit better as those winds relax. mild conditions. 74 in antioch, 71 in livermore. we're getting close to where we should be this time of year. upper 50s to mid-70s on saturday. minor cooling sunday leading to temperatures really fluctuating within a few degrees with a slight chance of maybe a shower on tuesday. still a few days out, so we'll keep track of that. wednesday partly cloudy. download the accuweather app and check out those temps anytime you want. obviously we may be looking at doppler as well on tuesday when we have a possibility of some showers. coming up next are you an
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amazon prime member? there's another perk you should know about.
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a berkeley restaurant is closing its doors after serving the community for nearly 50 years. it's located in the berkeley marina and known for its views and waterfront dining. there will be a final celebration brunch on sunday july 1st. today the owners specialty restaurants corporation notified the city of berkeley it will be closing when the lease ends. with room for hundreds of diners his lordships has been a venue for many community events over the years. prime members can get an additional 10% sale items at the grocery store as well as a weekly discount.
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now the items are now available at stores and available nation would nice summer. to get the discount custors will have to sign into the their prime account. kylie jenner is bringing her make-up pop up shop to san francisco. it opens right next to the museum of ice cream. the reality of tv star and beauty mogul says there will be things exclusive to the san francisco store. it's likely there will be a long line by friday morning. >> the transportation department wants to know what you think about animals flying on airplan airplanes. the dot says it will take public comments before changing regulations on flying service animals. the public forum for comments will be open for 45 days. coming up, will the summit
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with north korea happen? >> yeah, tonight the stand-off before the summit. what the north koreans are saying tonight and how the white house is responding. also the u.s. senate gives net neutrality another chance. but what happens if it gets to the president's desk? and a concerned citizen brings in this cute puppy to police department, but guess
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good evening once again. we'll begin this half-hour with the potential major setback for president trump's summit with north korea's leader kim jong-un. >> we are less than a month before their scheduled face-to-face in sing more.
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north korea threatening to slam the talks. >> reporter: if president trump is rattled from the latest threats from north korea, he's not showing it. >> we'll see what happens. time will tell. >> reporter: earlier press secretary sarah sanders says the latest move by north korea came as no surprise. >> this is something that we fully expected. >> reporter: but the change in tone is dramatic. fr from the all smiles meetings from kim jong-un to the secretary of state to an angry statement by north korea's chief negotiator saying he is totally disappointed by the extremely unjust recent comments by u.s. official. he's singed out the american demand that north korea give up all its nuclear weapons before getting anything in return. >> we want to see the denuclearization process so completely under way that oats irreversible. >> reporter: north korea now says such talk could scuttle the
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summit. if the u.s. is trying to drive us into a corner we will no longer be interested in such dialogue. the north koreans seemed particularly upset by national security advisor john bolton who call on them to do what libya did more than a decade ago. >> we have very much in mind the libyan model from 2003, 2004. >> reporter: the libya model? after libya gave up its nuclear program libyan dictator was overthrown and murdered on the streets. north korea once called bolton human scum. today they add, quote, we do not hide our feelings of repug instance towards him. they may also be aware of the political stakes for president trump who has mused about winning a nobel prize. >> that's very nice, thank you. that's very nice. nobel. i just want to get the job done.
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>> reporter: despite all the back and forth planning for the summit continues. officials are eager not to do anything that would throw it off. that's why you see this mutded response from the latest from north korea. for now at least it's all systems go. jonathan carl, abc news the white house. >> house minority leader nancy pelosi is calling today a great day for democracy. she was referencing the senate just passing a measure to kill the fcc rule that scrapped net neutrality agreements from interfering with internet traffic and being able to speed up and slow down access to the sites. president trump is unlikely to back it. let's turn your attention now to the blockbuster settlement involving former gymnastics dr. larry nassar. his former employer has agreed to a $500 million settlement
9:33 pm
with hundreds of his victims. here's abc news reporter lindsey davis. >> reporter: just as we learned about that historic half billion dollar settlement, in the first interview in 2014 nassar even showed officers video what he described as medical treatment. >> especially during this i'm 10-year-old and 12 yooerds with their parents there. >> reporter: nassar routinely blocked the parent's view. two years later another accuser. police questioned if he got aroused while conducting the
9:34 pm
so-called medical procedures. >> if there was arousal, it would be because of whatever, i don't know. but i'm not trying to -- >> reporter: that 2016 complaint from rachel led to more allegations and criminal charges for nassar. >> this is what it looks like when the adults in authority do not respond proerly to disclosures of sexual assault. >> reporter: lippedy davis, abc news, new york. investigator are closely examining the device that exploded in a southern california medical building yesterday claiming the life of a 40-year-old woman and injuring three others. specifically they want to know the victims were targeted with that package. >> reporter: authorities say they don't know why the 40-year-old seen here on her
9:35 pm
facebook page may have been targeted. killed at her day spa just after 1:00 in the afternoon tuesday. >> we don't believe this was an accident. >> reporter: preliminary indications are a device was placed in a package and delivered to the a business. in a statement the u.s. postal service says the package in question did not go through the postal service mail system. the fbi says so far a motive is not known. neither is what kind of device may have caused the explosion. >> we have hundreds of investigators of all disciplines working around the clock to get to the bottom of this matter. >> reporter: the fbi says it served search warrants at three properties in long beach, and the blast sent debris flying and damaged some nearby buildings. it also forced the vacation of nearby places including a preschool across the street. the area remains closed off as the investigation continues. authorities also say three
9:36 pm
people injured in the blast are recovering. one person suffered smoke inhalation. at least two of the customers suffered serious injuries. >> the clothing was ripped and she was a little bruised and you could see bleeding going on. >> the injured victims are recovering in a hospital. they're currently undergoing surgery and are expected to survive. california's attorney general plans to appeal a ruling that overturns the state's right to die law. a judge in riverside county ruled tuesday that the end of life option act signed into law in 2015 was passed illegally. the law was approved during a special session of the legislator dealing with health care. the attorney general says he will seek an expedited review in an appeals court. a good samaritan brought in what they thought was a puppy to
9:37 pm
the bartlett, illinois, police department last week. let's show you what it looks like. the department resident picked it up and brought it to the police. however, upon closer investigation the small and helpless kreecreature was id'd as a puppy but a coyote pup. it's now at a wildlife rehabilitation center. life in limbo. more than seven months after the north bay
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residents of a north bay retirement community affected by
9:41 pm
the wildfires have filed a clas action lawsuit. they owned their homes but rented the land, and now they're afraid their landlord is trying to drive them away. here's abc 7 reporter wade freeman. >> reporter: into the golden years 47 of them together for dave and diana watson this 30 foot travel trailer hardly qualifies as the home sweet home they expected. >> you know, the first week i thought this would be fun. >> reporter: now it's just another of oh, so many post-fire trauma tales. we heard a room full of them today. >> this is not the way i expected anything to be. >> reporter: a burpt down senior living community. it is now cleared and suspiciously they say devoid of construction. they and their lawyers feel a plot, hence a class action lawsuit. >> they feel they're being pushed out because they want to bring new owners in that can pay higher prices. >> if you move what do they get?
9:42 pm
>> they get an empty lot and bucoo bucks. >> reporter: when we told him some of charges he described them as untrue. we asked him to elaborate. he says no comment until he sees the paperwork. >> it's immoral. >> reporter: that's debra collins. she and others are angry that hometown america intends to charge rent again in september. they think it's a squeeze. >> we're leasing space here, and we deserve to know what's going on. >> we don't like it. we're paying for an empty lot. they won't even let us put this unit on that lot. >> reporter: if it sounds complicated, it is. a post fire storm landlord tenant dispute on steroids. in santa rosa, wade freeman, abc 7 news. well, sandhya patel is up next with an update on our forecast. and
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it's the count down to the royal wedding now just three days away. who will walk megan markle down the aisle. will it be here mother as we now learn her father has undergone a heart procedure. >> reporter: tonight megan markle's mother arriving in london just as news breaks of her ex-husband's health. the website saying he's alert and coherent, but it's still unclear if he'll make it to the wedding. >> everything about him being under an incredible amount of stress is true. >> reporter: markle telling tmz
9:47 pm
believes his heart attack was brought on by a letter megan's brother penned, just one of the attacks launched by her half siblings. all of it painful for megan and harry, but royal experts say the queen is likely taking it all in stride. >> the queen has more experience than anyone in the world of negative media. this is not something that's going to ruffle her feathers. >> reporter: the palace new revealing new details about the wedding. prince george and princess charlotte will serve as pageboy and bridesmaid. it's unclear why megan's father is still not talking through official channels. just days to go and still a lot of uncertainty. abc news, windsor. >> special coverage of the royal wedding starts at 2:00 a.m. this saturday over on channel 7. >> be sure to tune in.
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well, the long anticipated sequel to the inieblcredibles ms is out in just one month. the par family is still trying to bring super heroes out of the shadows, but this time the mom is fighting crime while mr. incredible is home being mr. mom. >> there's a little bit of friction because bob thinks he's the best person for any job and helen is more conflicted about having to step away from the family for a moment. >> the movie continues to explore the theme that the avenger's franchise took up about super hero's place in society. the incredibles director says don't expect any cross overs with the avenger's universe. hear more from the director and the producers on our website, one last check on our weather. >> meteorologist sandhya patel
9:49 pm
is here. got a little snow on the sierra. >> it was interesting. and here's a plolook at a time lapse. had some clouds at different levels just before the sun was going down. made for a cool down. sun went down at 8:13 tonight. as the clouds regathered and tonight on doppler 7 there are clouds on the coast, parts of the north bay. but it is not completely socked in yet. tomorrow afternoon upper 50s to low 70s. we're going to go with a milder afternoon for your thursday. certainly not going to carry on with the theme. may average temperatures all t way through may 16th. most days only four days with above average conditions. san jose you'll still fall shy of what you should see for this time of year which an average of 76 degrees. you're going to be in the low
9:50 pm
70s for most of the next seven days. thursday, friday, saturday holding patterns. so we go to 50s to 70s and then minor cooling on sunday. the latest computer models i just started looking at them, are not so great on the rain drop idea for tuesday. >> sandhya, thank you. okay, making its only stop to the bay area today. >> sky 7 was overhead as the cyclists competed in the timed trial. making its way thru san jose and the outskirts of silicon valley. >> the next stage is tomorrow in stalkten. the race ends in sacramento on saturday. let's talk warriors basketball. >> yeah, we need to talk about his larry. >> i wish i could say something to impact. but the warriors do this all the
9:51 pm
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good evening. game two of the western conference finals, the exact opposite of game one. the rockets came out hungry and desperate. the warriors they came out, you know, come on, you got this, right? careless, no defense. they got smoked, and now we got a series. lil wayne in the house. good seats, too. courtside. kevin durant really the only warrior who came in to play. 38 tonight, falling finish to give the doves a one point lead. he had five turn overs so he took responsibility for that. 15 for the game. this leads to gerald green with authority, and the crowd erupts. and steve kerr is like i've seen this movie before. look at the ball movement here by the rockets. they look like the warriors. the result in eric gordon 3. the lead is 14. let's just say doves defense
9:55 pm
lacking. anybody want to guard trevor areesa? 19 point lead. a blow out alert. steph 16 points. i'm not sure if he's hurt or not. look at eric gordon. that was the dagger. he shot that from the parking lot. 27 for gordon and harden on an 11-0 run for the rockets in the fourth. finishing the dealer. 127-105. the series is tied heading to oracle on sunday. >> obviously now the cliche is we came here, we did what we were supposed to do and it's 1-1 and yalda, yalda but that's a good feeling. better than the alternative. >> great teams. it often comes down to which one has the edge in terms of the aggression and the desperation. they were desperate tonight. they played like it and we didn't. >> we had defensive lapses too.
9:56 pm
they're one of the best teams in the lead so figuring out confidence is tough. >> effort tonight was lacking. harvey, brandon belt hit another homer. but you got to hear what he said after the game that's going to make the news. look out. he's coming to run over us. just trying to be funny. brandon belt, his fifth straight game homer against the reds. barry bonds did it six straight. that one made it 4-3 giants deficit. they had based loaded. two out in the sixth. running this thing down. wow, that ended the inning. bottom nine, 3-2 count on belt. strike three, belt not happy with the call, fuming afterwards. >> did you feel like you got cheated on that last pitch? >> there's no question.
9:57 pm
it's tough because you hope that an empire doesn't affect the game like that, and he did and you're not sure if it's on purpose either. we heard that guy say multiple times, insiniate he's trying to get through the game fast. >> close enough you got a swing at it. finally got taller on the green monster. top five, a's down 3-0. crushed over the monster at chris. bottom sixth high deep and good-bye. 6-2 red sox. stev steven piscotty, an amazing play, into the stands and he makes the catch. and he's in the stands. originally they said he did want catch it and they looked again
9:58 pm
and reversed the call. boston wins the game 6-4. the a's unable to sweep. in fact they have not swept in boston since 1990. jets and knights tie the game a piece. 1-1 game in the second. can't handle the puck, and neil with a shot, gets his own rebound. vegas wins 4-2. they take a 2-1 series lead. so the question now is are you a glass half full person? >> i tend to be. >> well, i know you. if you're glass half full you say, well, the warriors split. they got the one game they needed. if you're a glass half empty person, you would say they lost by 22 tonight, what's happening here? i'm more of this is not the drink i ordered. >> i think they split it. >> we're coming home it's good.
9:59 pm
coming up tonight on abc 7 news at 11:00, take a look. do you recognize this man or maybe his dogs? san francisco police want to talk with him after they say his dogs bit four people. also after that tragic accident in fremont last night, so horrible, authorities are telling us the telltale signs they look for to try to spot drivers who are high. >> thank you so much for joining us. >> from all of us we appreciate your time. hope to see you again in one hour on the big 7. >> glass half full.
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(suspenseful music) - i'm former fbi agent joe pistone. the real donnie brasco. the mafia put a contract on my head,


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