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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 1130PM  KOFY  May 16, 2018 11:30pm-12:00am PDT

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and i'll live mine any way i want anything you want, want an-an-an i want, i want make it what you want take a close look at this picture and those dogs. san francisco police want your help finding this man. police say his dogs bit four people and another dog. good evening. thank you for joining us. >> the attack happened at delores park sunday. >> lillian kim has the story. >> reporter: mission delores park is generally a dog haven. >> we've got our dogs off leash. most dogs are really well
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trained. >> reporter: but on sunday these two pit bulls attacked another dog. a dog named bloom. the owner took off with his dogs before officers arrived in the scene. it happened in the grassy area above the basketball court. police say bloom suffered puncture wounds from her back. four people who tried to separate the animals were also bitten. people we talked on say the two pit bulls and their owner do not appear to be among the park's regulars. police say the the owner left the scene without providing identification or information regarding the dogs' vaccination records of officers were unable to find them. >> in my mind would you stick around to make sure the dog is okay and if the attack dog needed attention. >> he knows his dogs are aggressive dogs is that they are incapable of being in an environment like this, then that's hisesponsibility to aknowledge that and to keep them on the leash. >> reporter: anyone with
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information is urged to call the sfpd vicious and dangerous dog unit. abc7 news. president trump took special aim at oakland may or libby schaaf calling for an investigation into her february warning about impending ice raids. >> the president's comments came during a roundtable with officials who oppose the state sanctuary law. >> reporter: addressing a group of leaders who oppose sanctuary laws, president trump not mincing words about illegal immigration. >> taking people out of country. you wouldn't believe how bad these people are. these aren't people. these are animals. >> reporter: the president also suggesting at wednesday's roundtable, the department of justice investigates oakland mayor libby schaaf. >> there is potentially an i.c.e. activity planned -- >> reporter: for informing immigrant communities about i.c.e. raids. >> to me that's obstruction of justice. >> reporter: at least 35
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jurisdictions including san diego and orange counties have come out against the state sanctuary law which limits law enforcement with officials. the latest city hampered california joining the list with a unanimous city council vote tuesday night. >> we have cartels active here and other criminal organizations active here. >> reporter: in a tweet wednesday, governor jerry brown responding to the roundtable saying at real donald trump is lying about immigration, lying about crime is that blig the laws of california. flying in a dozen republican politicians to flatter him and praise his reckless policies changes nothing. as the sanctuary debate continues to play out, abc news has learned the trump administration is considering separating children picked up crossing the bored he illegally with their families and possibly housing them at military bases. abc news, los angeles.
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>> for her part, may o'schaaf said she is be letting the president's message distract her. she said spent the day presenting our vision to make college a reality for every child. now on to d.c. to fight for federal the dollars for affordable housing and homeless services. not distracted, not obstructing and doing my job. extreme vetting services to immigration and customs enforcement unless there's no reasonable alternative. the city council had an investment policy 5-1 last night. the ordinance was drafted by a coalition called deport i.c.e. the group says alameda, berkeley and oakland are considering a similar measure. a community is grieving. devastated after a tragic crash killed three people including two children. the driver police say is
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responsible is suspected of being high at the time. abc7 news reporter katie has the latest developments. >> reporter: it was a devastating scene on interstate 880 in fremont. five mangled cars, three people dead, one driver under arrest. he is in jail suspected of driving under the influence of marijuana. >> the signs present in the mouth, the eyes, the tongue. >> he said there are telltale spines a driver has been smoking pot. one of them is the smell of marijuana in the car. tran is accused of speeding and driving recklessly. he said it is often a misconception that maern makes people relaxed while driving. e victims have been identified as 39-year-old noelle johnson, 14-year-old christy, and
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9-year-old brooke. christy went to sierra high school and was a member of the future farmers of america club. >> i've known her since third grade and we've been best friends since sixth grade. it has been hard losing her. >> reporter: they were ejected from their cadillac escalade. the chp said it did not appear they were wearing their seatbelts. >> the school is very sad. a couple of my friends are really crying over it. it was a sad thing to hear. >> reporter: he is scheduled to be arraigned thursday afternoon. a sonoma county man has been charged with murdering a young man in august 2004. he faces two counts of murder. he is accused of killing 22-year-old lindsey and her 26-year-old fiance jason allen in their sleeping bags. sonoma county investigators spent more than 12 years pursuing the case. their break came when he was arrested for killing his young border and agreed to talk about
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the murders. a vallejo family is file a lawsuit against the papa murphy's restauranthain claiming they were sickened by roamaine let us. three members of the family got sick. they believe the could not will tap nation came from these salads. the youngest, a toddler, suffered a life threatening illness linked to yeek yeek that damaged her kidneys and red blood cells. >> her kidneys numbers, her hemoglobin started drping. >> the family is seeking unspecified damages of the. >> this lawsuit comes on the veryay centers for disease control says it may be safe to eat romeaine let us again. it sickened 173 people and killed one person. because it only has a three-week shelf life and the growing season in yuma is over, the cdc
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said it is unlikely any of that tainted lettuce remains. a teacher shortage, a qualified candidate shortage, oakland is dealing with it all. a job fair is helping applicants and the city. they teach different subjects and have different reasons for wanting to work in oakland. but they have a similar problem. >> looking at the open houses, the placeso rent. there's not much in our price nge. >> i live in san leandro. i'm experiencing the increase in rent as well. >> reporter: he would like the return to oakland as a special education teacher. >> the cost of houses in sacramento compared to in oakland, night and day. he would have to go where they can afford to live. the reason why oakland is having a hearted time hiring teachers. >> it is challenging because we're competing with those who
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have higher salaries. >> she is in charge of recruiting for oakland unified. she said they make between zprik $85,000 a year. they don't offer financial incentives like signing bonuses. >> in our district for health benefits, you pay about $30 a month. in other districts you might have to pay $500 a month. another benefit to oakland, teachers are often altruistic. >> teachers don't teach for the money. i'm here because i want to work the students. >> kate larson, abc7 news. a lot more to bring you. tensions in the middle east making their way to san francisco streets. >> this with the former israeli prime minister speaking inside. what police did to keep the peace. is there a doctor on board? the high profile hero who stepped up. there are changes ahead that you will certainly notice. and the historic town
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preparing for its moment in the spotlight. what makes windsor so special. all of that is ahead. first here's a look at what's coming up. thanks. >> okay, baby.
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a demonstration was held against ehud barak. he was promoting his new book. abc7 news was at the jewish community center in san francisco where protesters called attention to the nearly 60 palestinians killed in gaza this week. protesters also make their way inside, briefly disrupting his talk before being escorted out by security. theptd the talk was an opportunity for community members to engage in the dialogue on the issues. america's top doctor answered the call of duty on his flight. he sent this tweet saying he came to the aid of a sick passenger when flight attendants on his flight asked if there was a doctor on board. he worked a passenger who lost
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consciousness. he said he was proud to represent t u.s. public health service with his good deed. >> in the united kingdom tonight, the anticipation and excitement for the royal wedding is growing by the hour. you've probably heard of windsor but you know much more about this historic town. we go back in time tonight. >> reporter: if anything this wedding is an opportunity on expose the world to some offer england's finest details. to come to windsor is to get a feel of royalty as we've read about. >> this is windsor castle. it is spectacularly beautiful. even more so is the village outside the castle because. thanks to this facility being here for almost 1,000 years, the village itself has been able to maintain its sense of history. >> reporter: walking these cobble stone streets, people can experience the historic england. the restaurants and shops and the pubs. the two brewers pub and business
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is booming. and there is the corner ale and cider. it is a royal ale. they add someday american hops in meghan's honor. >> people are asking for it coming up to the wedding. i imagine on saturday, that's what they'll be serving. >> and there is nothing that says england more an rugby practice tft young men who embrace it are excited for saturday. >> it is great to see such happy faces around. to see the country coming together. it's great. >> in the midst of it all, americans who are equally excited. she's already camping out here days ahead of the event. it is her chance to see the royal couple. >> you dreel of falling in love with a prince or having a prince fall in love with you. this is a true life fairytale.
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a prince has fallen in love with a common girl and he is sweeping her away to live in his castle. >> she truly embraces the royal fairale. she said she even came down for william and kate's wedding in 2011 and she said it is all worth it when you get the up close glimpse of the new royal couple. abc7 news. >> a huge deal. special coverage starts at 2:00 a.m. this saturday right here on abc 7. >> be sure to soon in. very exciting. les focus on the weather forecast. >> that's right. here's what's coming our way. >> we have some fantastic weather. i want to show you a time lapse that i'm sure will capture your attention. check out coit towe the sun went down, the moon was setting, the silhouette was absolutely stunning. now if you didn't get enough of a close-up view, here's another view from the same camera as the moon was going down.
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visibility was terrific at that point in time. right now just checking all the observations. we have great visibility, ten mize or more. just an indication of what's around. north bay, parts of the east bay. you look at what happened. an isolated thunderstorm this morning in the bay area. a lot of thunderstorm activity was responsible. it was due to this system that was spinning. it is now moving out. it did produce some snow showers in the sierra nevada i know what some rain. and i know in may, it looked more like february in the tahoe area. we do see some snow showers in may, around that part of world. showers and thunder. if you're traveling to ta ho the next several days. really right through saturday. a slight chance on sunday. tomorrow there could be some high elevation snow. if you're thinking about going hiking in the mountains, it won't be ideal conditions. temperatures in the 40s and 50s. comfortable out there.
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and here's a look at your planner as we head into the next 24 hours. tomorrow morning, starting with clouds. 40s and 50s. partly cloudy and it will be a milder afternoon. looking at temperatures in the mid 70s for the warmest spots. from pier 15, giving you a great view from the ferry building in san ancisco. another amazing view. looking clearly across the bay. mostly cloudy tomorrow morning. a little warmer and then cool conditions at the coast. tomorrow morning, temperatures, mid 40s to the low 50s when you get going. there will be some cloud cover around. it will be cool still so you'll need the extra layer. and then upper 50s, low 60s, all the way to the low to mid 70s. you will see plenty of sun. the biggest thing is you'll feel a little warmer.
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game two, the exact opposite. the warriors came out, no defense, we got this. they got smoked. and now we've got a series. how about little wayne in the house? kevin durant, the only warrior who came to play. 38 tonight. the doves had the early 1-point lead. they had seven turnovers. so careless with the ball. 15 for the me. gerald green with authority. the crowd eresults. look at steve kerr. james harden. trevor ariza. out to eric gordon. 4-3 and the lead is 14. the rockets beating the doves. the doves' defense lacking, this would be ariza by himself. anybody want to guard him? blowout alert. not sure if steph curry has heard it. one of eight. 16 points. the warriors cut it down to 11. the dagger.
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gordon. insane three. he had 27. and so did harden. as they go onnnnnnnnnnn to the . houston takes game two. 127-105. the series tied heading to organizele on sunday. >>er now the cliche is we came here. we did what we were supposed to do. 1-1. yada yada yada. that's a good feeling. better than the alternatives. >> great teams. it oft comes down to which has the edge in terms of the aggression and desperation. they were desperate tonight and they played like it. and we didn't. >> we had a bunch of defensive lapses. the confidence. it's the nba. one of the best teams in the league. >> how about some baseball? matinee at at&t. a good reason to skip school. the giants trying to sweep the reds.
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homers for the fifth consecutive game one off the club record. but not enough. the giants fall 6-3. the rockies are in town tomorrow. the a's going for the sweep. not so fast. xander bogaerts, he has clout. the 3-run. mookie betts, a foul pop-up to denied. now he is in the front row. that's amazing. but the a's lose and do not sweep. 6-4. abc 7 sports brought to you by river rock casino. here's the good news. for the warriors since kevin durant joined the team, they are 15-0 at home with kd. but something is up with steph. i mentioned at this time other night. is there an injury with steph curry? i want to see the mindset in game three.
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i want them to get off their laurels. laurels. >> oh,
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