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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 7PM  KOFY  May 17, 2018 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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the current opioid epidemic is the current drug crisis in history. san francisco launched a first in the nation program to stop addiction on the streets. >> it's wrong on so many levels. >> meet of mother of a palo alto humanitarian for six weeks without charges. making money off the election. how you could walk away from the primary with 200 bucks. waiting for people strung out on drugs to come into
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clinics and hospitals to get treatment, it's not working. in it's not working but with 6 million and team of doctors, the san francisco project could work when it comes to helping drug addicts on the street. good eveng and thanks for joining us. >> san francisco is launching a program that's never been tried before. reaching oud ining out to addi. >> the federal government estimates more than two million americans will suffer from opioid addiction this year. >> every day more than 115 people in america die from opioid overdoses. drugs that include heroin and prescription pain relievers as well. we are joined from the news room to explain how france's new program can help change that.
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>> we have heard people say the heroin situation here in san francisco is out of control. this medication which is already being used has a high success rate. it's more practical than methadone. creating a team to go on the streets is the first kind of its nation. he was homeless and addicted to heroin until a drug changed his >> i'm three and a half years clean. never looked back. i'm now a substance abuse counselor in the east bay. i attend college. i have a home and a regular life. >> the mayor wants to fund team who will go out and distribute the medication to 250 more street add diicts during a two k period.
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>> bring it to people where they are. get people stabilized. then they're going to be able to move into those next steps. >> there's no high involved with it. yore just normal. you're normal. it takes away all your cravings and desires. >> the health department says nearly 60% of those began taking the medication are still working on being clean. to better understand the crisis here in san francisco, the health department estimates there are 11,000 heroin addicts who use needles. public works picks up more than 12,000 discarded needles every month. those needles are collected from homeless hot spots and encampments. >> before we're really going to solve the issue and make a dent, we have to be creative. >> the plan will cost 6 million dollar and will be included in the mayor's june 1st budget proposal.
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this is being called a potential game changer. abc 7 news. >> thank you. the house ways and means committee passed bipartisan health bills today to address the nation's opioid crisis. he says the legislation will help remove barriers to care and increase treatment options for those suffering from addiction. developing news in that deadly explosion in orange county on tuesday we've been following so closely. the victim's ex-boyfriend appeared in federal court this afternoon. steves biel has not been charged in the case but faces charge of possession of a destructive device. his ex-girlfriend picked up a package from a pile of mail at her day spa and it exploded when she opened it. her son says he's still trying to process his mother's death. >> so many unknown things and it's just all so sudden.
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>> so sudden indeed. neighbors have placed orange ribbons up and down the street to honor her memory. moving up here, this fire in redwood city has delayed commuters along the peninsula for several hours. our crew saw smoke rising about 1:45 this afternoo the fire broke out near a homeless camp near u.s. 101 near wood side road. look at what drivers saw as they headed past this scene and video abc 7 news viewer shared with us. the highway patrol issues a cig alert because it forced officers to block the right lane so firefighters had a place to work. all lanes are open again. we sent out this push alert through the abc 7 news app so you can watch the flames live this afternoon. in san jose explosive
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statements today from the former girlfriend of 49ers linebacker ruben foster during his preliminary hearing. foster faces charges with domestic violence. chris nguyen explain where is the case goes from here. >> reporter: against the advice of her own attorney, ruben foster's ex-girlfriend took the stand today breaking down in tears multiple times throughout her two hour testimony. she admitted to falsely accusing foster of domestic violence because she wanted to get back at him for breaking up with her. she said i was pissed and i wanted to end him. the testimony seemed to be credible. >> this was obviously a person that is very troubled. has a lot of issues and that played out today in this courtroom and it was very painful to watch. >> reporter: on february 11, sheriff's deputies were called out to his home aftereceiving three 911 calls from ennis who
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said foster punched her ten times. while testifying she said she made the story up and was injured the night before during a fight with another woman during a road rage incident. ennis testified she tried to bring false domestic violence charges against another boyfriend in 2011 when that man tried to break up with her. addressing her initial accusations, she said i didn't think it would get this far. she would go onto say she wanted to do the right thing by helping to clear foster's name. >> by her getting on the stand over her lawyer's objection and telling her story i think suggests this case is just not prosecutable for the da's office. >> reporter: next week the sdwruj will decide if the case goes to trial. foster's future with 49ers hinges on what happens.
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alameda county will not make changes. the panel had been considering making jury panels for all cases county wide. potential jurors could be called to serve anywhere in the county for any kind of case. that's how almost all jury panels work now except for certain misdemeanor cases. county wide panels means more diverse juries. others believe it invenss jurors by making them travel farther. they decided to hold off on making any changes at this point. a new development in regards to the san francisco police commission. the board of supervie vors rejected their appointment. that left three members. not enough for the commission to take any action. supervisors who rejected the reappointments say they think the new mayor should make those decisions after the june election. a palo alto man has been is
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sitting in a jail cell in nepal half a world away still waiting to see what charges he might face. his mother is pressing the state department for help but as days pass, her concern grows. >> reporter: mary is on the phone daily to nepal trying to free her son. 31-year-old wolf price was jailed six weeks ago. arrested after trying to stop a fight between a brother and a sister. >> there was his fight between him and his sister and my son broke it up. the kids started pounding his head on the floor to suest there was abuse. >> reporter: she said her son is there to help people. this is a documentary price produced about what he's doing. he's spent 12 years in nepal helping young women get the education not afforded to them. price built a shelter to house
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75 women. sg he's a hum humanitarian, an ordained monk. he's done all of these things and world traveler. >> reporter: she's worried about jail conditions. she's housed with 100 others and is not allowed fresh air or time out doors. four times by phone.alk to him >> i just have to take a break and as he said, i'm happy to be alive and i'm not being tortured. he said that. when i read that, my heartbreaks. >> reporter: the family has had to hire a nepali attorney but have not heard about charnls or a trial. >> reporter: the u.s. state department says mr. price's arrest, counselor have visited him. price's next initiative is awaiting his release selling art and crafts to provide income for those in need. >> he's an innocent person.
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he's being treated like a criminal. he's only done good in that country and helped people. >> we linked to david's story. help is wanted in the south bay for next month's primary election. santa clara county needs 1500 election officers to help work at polling places. election officers help voters check in, provide ballot, receive ballots and answer questions. you can earn up to $200. officers must be citizens who are registered to vote. legal permanent residents or students age 16 or older with permission from both parents and school principal. experience is not necessary and training is provided. to sign up look for a link on election day is tuesday, june
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5th. lot more to come. it's been months since mudslides rolled through santa barbara county. >> they were the result of wildfires and that's the key to a new bill that legislatures advance today. it aims to help out homeowners. as the week is winding down get ready for a warm up. that's followed by a cool down. next, the latest on a five car crash that claimed the lives of three members of one family. a mother and two children. stay with us.
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a file against a man accused of causing a crash that killed three people. he was driving dangerously and too fast tuesday night causing fatal five car accident on 880 in freemont. chp believes he was high on pot. he was supposed to be arraigned this afternoon but now there's a they. >> reporter: he will wait another day before making his first court appearance. 21-year-old dang tran is expected to be arraigned on gross vehicle manslaughter. he was driving recklessly at a high rate of speed on 880 tuesday night when his car caused a chain reaction. three people were killed including 39-year-old noel johnson and two young sisters.
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they were all part of larger, blender family. johnson, her boyfriend chris and their six daughters were riding in the cadillac escalade when it was struck. >> their baby was four on the day they got into the car accident. >> reporter: johnson's close friend told abc 7 news the family was traveling home from a birthday celebration that included stops at the zoo and santa cruz. >> she just put her life and heart and soul into being a mom to those babies and she was a great friend too. i have a lot of years of friendship with her and it's hard. >> reporter: counselors were brought into the school where brook attended. >> it's very, very sad to lose someone so young. it seems so senseless. >> reporter: of the five surviving family members one of the children is still in the hospital.
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tran will be back in court tomorrow. now to new developments. state assemblywoman christina garcia has been cleared of allegations that she groped a male staff member. garcia has been on unpaid leave since the allegations came to light in february. she's expected to be back at work on monday. new video has surfaced of the new york city attorney caught in racist rant at a restaurant this week p. he's been caught on video tirades before. kristin has the latest fall out. >> reporter: another disturbing video featuring attorney aaron schlossberg. the tirade began after the two strangers bufferined into each other on the street in 2013. >> what country you from? i'm going to call the police. you don't run into people. i'm a citizen here. you're not. >> i've never seen anyone like
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this in real life. it was so surreal. >> reporter: that encounter predated tuesday's incident when a customer captured this video. he yelled at employees for speaking spanish opinion. >> they're not documented. my next call is to i.c.e. i pay for their welfare and ability to be here. >> reporter: activists on twitter identify the raging man. they flooded yelp with one star reviews for his business. also today a new york congressman sent this grievance to the state court system asking his law license be revoked. the new york post today caught up with schlossberg and he was hiding his face with an umbrella. he may be running out of places to hide. he's been kicked out of office ace he was renting. all right. thank you. let's move on and talk about the weather which was really tough to beat today. we took drone view 7 today to
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capture this look. >> hard to beat a view like this on such a sunny day. abc 7 news weather anchor is here with the accuweather forecast. >> we're going to do a little weather improv. i can't display anything behind me. if the control room is able to take any kind of out door shot, any camera at all, roof camera, i can tell you what's going on. there we go. that's terrific. this is our south beach camera san francisco showing approaching marine layer that has engulf ed the coastline and the city of strans. here's what's happening. we have mild weather still in many of our inland areas. temperatures are in the 70s in some locations. it's getting cool near the coast and i don't have to tell you that with the approaching marine layer.
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overnight the fog will push out over the bay. early tomorrow morning 5:00 or so as commuters are going out. they will encounter reduced v d visibility. the fog is about to overtake san francisco now. commuters in the early morning hours will encounter reduced visibility. the fog will pull back by midday. we'll have high temperatures in the 70s. up in the north bay around santa rosa. places like concord. we expect a high of about 74 degrees. right a round the bay you'll se upper 60s. the next two days will be nice and warm. we'll see highs around 70, 72 degrees. on the coast up to about 60 or so and sunday will tn cooler
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and it's going to get breezy. temperatures will drop four or five degrees. once we get the computer going we can show you the fancy graphics we have. next, making history. >> what a decision made in the
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the future of a histoc hotel in fresno will be decided in palo alto. it was once considered the most
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luxurious hotel between san francisco and los angeles. it closed in 1983 and is now a shell of what it used to be but by getting the designation today, the property owners hope to rehabilitate it. >> it's a big day. i think as we continue to revitalize. >> with the designation the owners can take advantage of tax credits, not only are there plans to restore the hotel, the top could be turned into apartments. tonight is the second annual impact awards. honors individuals and companies diversifying the tech industry. jesse williams is the guest star. he also launched three mobile apps.
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>> you can reach more people than ever. you can make life more streamlined. it's a way to really broadcast and amplify your voice and your ideas. stay with us for abc 7 news at 11:00. premieres and finals tonight. tonight we look at the volcanic threat here in california. it's greater than you might think. also here, after the north bay wildfires, will the sad saga of the journey's end mobile home park end up at the sonoma county fire
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we learned about the latest eruption from the volcano in hawaii.
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>> several miles from the crater and the volcano is not done. scientists are warning the volcano is capable of more explosive eruptions in the future. that's the expectation, perhaps. >> for the most part it's following the prediction of most volcano experts from the fissures in the ground to the steam explosion near the crater. >> we see how one local expert is interpreting what he's seeing and the vol canos we should be keeping a close eye on. >> reporter: the volcano grabbed everyone's attention today. >> it caused a cloud that reached has high as 30,000 feet above sea level. >> that's what the activity on the value cay know has been leading up. red hot lava flowing down out of the crater. >> as it drops, the lava in the
7:32 pm
center will vent of the value cay know is meeting ground water. rocks containing ground water and cold water and rocks and hot magma mix explosively. >> reporter: it could bring localized damage and injury to the big island but no one knows for how long. >> it's a dangerous within a few kilometers at the top of the volcan >> reporter: it's also a reminder there are volcanos in the western u.s. and right here in california. last year the usgs said 16 active volcanos made its california watch list. he's co-authored work on how well communities repair for volcanic eruptions. >> that depends on the
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communities and how well their civil defense or national guard are attuned. >> reporter: communities in the west are already well prepared for natural disasters but in other countries preparation is more hit or miss. today marked the first anniversary of special prosecutor robert mueller launching his investigation into possible ties with russia and president trump's 2016 campaign for the white house. president trump tweeted today saying quote, congratulations america. we're now into the second year of the greatst witch hunt in american history. president's press secretary echoed those thoughts while house leaders want mueller's probe to end. >> they found no evidence of collusion and still strongly believe that it's a witch hunt. i'm not sure how we could be anymore clear. >> i think he should be free to do his job. i would like to see it get wrapped up. >> the democrats and republicans in the senate remain supportive
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of mueller's investigation. the senate confirmed gina haspel as the first female director of cia. former top intelligence officials say she earned the chance to take the helm of the intelligence agency. new at 6:00, a bill designe to help our survivors of the santa barbara mudslide passed the state senate. the bill would require fire insurance policies to cover losses for mudslides caused by the fires. lawmakers say many homeowner affected were not covered by optional flood insurance and were left with costly clean up and repairs. there may be new hope for em battled and very weary residents of santa rosa's mobile home park.
7:35 pm
>> reporter: it's a mutual accommodati accommodation. one man and an 80 pound black lab living in a rented fifth wheel. >> being in limbo is not knowing what's going to happen tomorrow. they haven't the funds to move from an unlivable community behind a locked gate which brings us to a second lock and now maybe hope. >> we pr powe to relocate those thoems that can be moved. >> reporter: now they want a long term lease from the county
7:36 pm
for the 2.3 acres. >> t not going to be the same but still in santa rosa. >> reporter: neighbors may be an issue. now this. >> it's a nasty neighborhood for a bunch of old people to be living in. >> reporter: he says don't worry about that. he just wants to be part of a community again. wayne friedman, abc 7 news. all eyes are onengland. >> prince harry and meghan ma markle will get married saturday. from pod to powder. from pod to powder. abc 7
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countdown continues. we're just two days away from the royal wedding. >> they will say their i dos on saturday at windsor castle. >> reporter: just 48 hours to go and meghan arrived at windsor todayyyyyyyyyyy as the final ret
7:41 pm
under way. the marching band, the choir and even the carriage even though it was empty today. it's the biggest operation the police have ever taken on. >> some you will see. some you won't see. some will be armed, some won't be. >> reporter: for the bride a more pressing issue. after a flurry of tabloid issues, he gmeghan released a statement. sadly, my father will not be attending our wedding. i hope he can be given the space to focus on his health. her mother arrived in town yesterday, meeting the in laws yesterday for tea. meeting prince william and kate and friday she meets the queen. if anticipation is killer. there's one moment in particular we're most excited about. >> the dress is really the thing. that moment she steps out with the car is going to be the moment of the day when everyone
7:42 pm
will just say wow. we will see this royal bride for the first time. >> reporter: rumors are still swirling about the dress designer. all eyes on australian designer. we're told that dress is locked in a secure location until the big day in that castle behind me. abc news at windsor castle. >> so exciting. special cover aage starts at 2: a.m. right here on abc 7. the forecast shows great weather in england. we're expecting a nice weekend here in the bay contrary too. >> that's
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we see this star on a mission to fight hunger. >> reporter: never thought it would come in the form of a fruit grown in africa. she's now using it to nourish and keep people here in the bay
7:47 pm
area healthy and hopefully soon around the world. at la cocina, she's a one woman show, pouring, mixing and modelling a drink. >> we used to make these drinks back home and sell them in the market. >> reporter: she and her sisters are carriers of sickle cell. >> my mother wanted to figure out the best way for us to have food that's not artificial. >> reporter: s moved to san francisco for college. when she lost her job, she found a turanga. >> my mom was absolutely right that i could bring something from my hometown and share it with people here.
7:48 pm
>> it's about 40 to 50% fiber. >> reporter: the goal is to provide an inexpensive and healthy food for people in the bay area and around the world. >> i have passion. i wanted to give people what i experience ed as a window. i want them to have as good of a healthy life as possible. >> what a terrific lady. if you'd like to nominate someone to be an abc 7 star, go to our website. we would love to tell their story. what great story that is. let's check on our weather. it was a nice day today. >> we still have mostly sunny
7:49 pm
skies. coastal fog is advancing fiercely and vigorously. let's take a look at what is happening outside right now. you can see the sea lion enjoying the daylight. these are our forecast features. it will be mild to warm inland. tomorrow and saturday. breezy and cooler on sunday which is bay breakers day. we'll see the fog expanding across the bay. these are windsor weather conditions. sunny, throughout the day. it will be about 57 degrees as guests arrive. by noon, tremperature up to 68 degrees. this is fahrenheit. it will be about 70 degrees
7:50 pm
fahrenheit which is about 20 degrees celsius. it will be sunny and bright with a temperature of 66 degrees. great wedding weather and great running weather here on sunday. sort of cool in the early morning hours which i think runners would prefer. here's the accuweather seven-day forecast. you can see the next two days friday and saturday will be nice and warm to mild in our inland areas. efb will be cool on sunday. toppg out at 80 degrees inland next thursday. >> royal weather for us. thanks. larry is going to take finely tuned warriors machine and look
7:51 pm
under the hood tonight. >> yes, he is. >> it was demolition derby last night. what happened in the game last night in was it the warriors or what the rockets did to them? we revisit a recurring theme with these
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7:53 pm
7:54 pm
good evening. before the playoffs we talked about whether the warriors would flip the switch and get serious. the warriors got blasted in houston game 2 of the western conference final. they come home for game 3 on sunday. it feels like we go. the warriors lost because of turnover story after every defeat in the playoff. that was the theme again last night. steve cur has to be so frustrated.
7:55 pm
they respond with focus and intensity. >> thinking a guy would be in place and he wouldn't. trying to thread the needle with a pass. we knew if we came out the first six minutes and really made them work it could have put ourselves in a much better position on the attack. >> we set the tone early with our own play. allowed them to get some confidence and some easy buckets in transition. we got what we deserved. they kicked our butt. you may remember their old mascot, thunder, who wow eed fa. he's passed away at the age of 44. we have no word on cause of death. the warriors ended up giving up the mascot.
7:56 pm
all right. onto baseball now. the a's are in toronto. they won't let him in the country until t case is resolved. former a josh donaldson? his fourth season in canada. top three, they call him crush for a reason. two run homer by chris davis. a's up 3-1. bad news for oakland. starter andrew trigs lost feeling in his pitching hand. threw six straight balls and had to leave the game in the third. the a's offense did not falter. a three run home match. right now it's 9-4, a's in the 7th.
7:57 pm
he was signed a huge deal last year to be the giant's closer. he's been hurt pretty much from day one. had surnl ri on his forearm last september. >> that's when he felt it and went back to back. things a little different with the procedure he had done. right now the plan is to have him go back to back. >> we'll see. texas rangers pitcher an athletic marvel. 44 years old and he's in shape. as is round in a shape. he stopped a line drive with his stoma stomach. that ball was coming at 102 miles an hour. th ball stood no chance against those abs. he said i have a lot of big belly, so i can take it. he pitched second and a third scoreless innings a the rangers win.
7:58 pm
he's 44 years sacrificing businr the game. >> that's an easy play for him. thanks. join us tonight at 9:00. a passenger running late for his flight would not take no for an answ answer. what he did next would land him in jail. that's at 9:00. 11:00, disturbing video. someone is targeting women in broad daylight. it's happened several times. coming up at 8:00, it's the season finale of grey's anatomy. followed at 10:00 by the season premiere of what would you do. stay with us for abc 7 news at 11:00. guests are actor will arnett. >> great line up tonight.
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look for breaking news on twitter at abc 7 news bay area. twitter at abc 7 news bay area. we appreciate your
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(blender whirrs) morning, everybody. oh. green is not the color for breakfast. unless you're dr. seuss. -(chuckles) dad, there's bacon and eggs over here.


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