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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 1130PM  KOFY  May 17, 2018 11:30pm-12:00am PDT

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could light up the room? new aveeno® positively radiant sheer daily moisturizer. lightweight hydration for positively radiant skin that lasts. aveeno®. naturally beautiful results® live where you live. this is abc7 news >> outrageous violent take-downs in broad daylight. someone is targeting women wearing gold chains in the east bay. >> good evening. i'm dan ashley. >> i'm ama daetz.
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the attacks are happening it across fremont. the are the six locations where the women were attacked. >> lisa is live from fremont police headquarters tonight with the story. lisa? >> reporter: dan and ama, police have added investigators and upping patrols because some of these robberies have turned violent. the video you're about to see may be disturbing. on may 6th, this surveillance video shows a woman filling her gas tank on fremont boulevard unaware of the man in the hooded jacket scoping her out. suddenly he lunges for her gold necklace. shocked she struggles with him as he drags her several feet while on ground, she even loses a shoe. finally he gets her chain and takes off. >> we're starting to experience more violent behavior by our suspects. they're not giving up and so it's very alarming to see some of this. >> fremont police have seen a 50% jump in the number of gold chain snatchings this year.
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there have been six this month alone. investigators believe this man may have committed two of the robberies preying on mothers picking up their children from oliveira and patterson elementary schools. >> it give a little feeling of insecurity to all of us, n only about the jewelry but like it's about dropping the kids in the morning and all. >> reporter: these are photos that have man robbing and wrestling a woman to the ground as s walked home with her child. >> we are not wearing much of gold these days. it's better not to wear it, just to be safe. >> reporter: all of the robberies took place in broad daylight and targeted east indian women. lisa amin gulezian, abc7 news. >> six uc berkeley police officers may lose their jobs after being accused of lying about patrolling a campus while they hung out inside the building. they claim they spent parts much their shifts in the math
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library. investigators used hidden cameras to catch the officers. they've been on leave since october. uc would not comment on accusations citing confidentiality laws. uc berkeley has fired a long time member of the athletic department after an investigation found he violated the university's sexual violence and harassment policy. muhammad muktar was accused by seven women of assault over a 20-year period including former player lay shah clarendon. in mid january she filed a lawsuit against the board of regents and an investigation was launched. the university says muktar was terminated last friday. cal athletics called the findings you be acceptable and such misconduct has no place on campus. >> look at this video. a pedestrian is crossing the street and nearly hit by a car. watch this now. so close. this happened in san ramon. it happened yesterday just after 9:00 a.m. at al costa boulevard
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and ironhorse trail. watch again now. the driver crashed into the car with the dashcam and a light pole. we are told no one was hurt or arrested but very close. a driver will appear in court tomorrow to answer charges of being high on marijuana in a crash that killed a woman and two young sisters. today's scheduled hearing was delayed. investigators believe he was speeding and driving recklessly when he hit a cadillac on 880 in fremont. the crash killed 39-year-old noel sxwraunz and her boyfriend chris's two daughters. >> she was planning a life together. and chris had his two girls can full-time and noel had her girls. they were just beautifully blended. >> the chp says none of the victims who died was wearing a seat belt. another child remains in the hospital. of politicians are moving to get a lawyer disbarred after he was seen on video going on a tirade against spanish speaking
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employees at a new york restaurant. the video surfaced following the incident on tuesday and quickly just spread across the internet. the lawyer has been identified as aaron schlossberg. reports say the rant started when he heard two people talking tone of the employees in spanish. well, it escalated from there. listen. >> they're undocumented. get out of my country. i pay for their welfare, for their ability to be here. >> abc news has learned schlossberg has been kicked out of his new york city office space as a result. >> parentsn north san jose say their kids health and safety are at stake if a road widening project goes school. >> over interstate 880 connecting charcot with a residential road behind the school. katie has more. >> all these people will get out of work and try to drive down there. >> reporter: people have a lot of questions about a proposed
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extension namely parents whose children go to orchard elementary school. >> i don't think we can solve our traffic problems on the back of our children. >> reporter: the extension would create a binge bridge for cars, bikes and beds over 880 connecting char could the with silk lane. silkwood lane would be widened to four lanes. parents say pollution is only the start of the worrieser. >> having to breathe, the second is safety. >> reporter: the wider road would take away square footage from the campus. >> we'll work hard to mobilize the community and hopefully make it stop. >> reporter: a spokesperson called the extension a vital connection across 880 and said public input is welcome. >> this is the process and we look at impacts, noise, sound, construction, developmental impacts that kind of thing. this is the right face in the project for them to weigh in. >> reporter: parents were discouraged. this first meeting was scheduled
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on the same night as orchard's open house. the city planned a second meeting on monday the 21st. katie marzullo,bc7 news. state assembly member christina garcia expects to return to work on monday after being cleared of accusations of groping a man hop worked for her. staff members say she use the vulgar language and sent staff on personal errands. she could still face disciplinary action for that. >> a great night for a great cause in san francisco and it's all the result of our good friend and abc colleague bob woodruff who just september me an e-mail two seconds ago. he brought his charity fund-raisers that raised millions in new york here to the bay area for the first time. kate larson has the story on standup for heroes. >> reporter: thousands of people cheering and standing up for heros. air force master sergeant israel
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del toro or d.t. >> it's easier for us to focus on recovery when we don't have to worry about our recoveries. >> reporter: when his humvee ied in afghanistan, he was burned on more than 80% of his body. three months later he woke up from a coma. >> we have a spirit inside of us that drives us. i had to find mine which is my son. >> reporter: abc news correspondent bob woodruff met him while they were both recovering from comas. woodruff was hit from shrapnel from a roadside bomb. >> i never thought about getting hit and then i did. but the fact we had a chance to start this organization and really have a pretty decent impact on the lives of people, i sometimes joke if there's any good news about getting blown up, it was this. >> reporter: this event has raised more than half a million dollars thanks in part to silicon valley. >> and their families have sacrificed a lot. >> reporter: craig new mark is a
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sponsor of the foundation. >> i figure if someone's willing to rick a lot maybe to protect me, i should give back everything i can. >> reporter: the bob woodruff foundation has raised more than $45 million to help veterans and their families. in san francisco, kate larson, abc7 news. great job. great evening. >> just a little more than 48 hours now till the royal wedding. > on the subject of great news. for the first time in days we see meghan markle and her mother. the sun is up in windsor. we're live from the castle with all the last minute preparations for the royal wedding. > and i'm sandy patel. i'll have a forecast fit for the prince and princess plus a look what you see this upcoming weekend here in the bay area coming up. >> and a passenger running late for his flight just wouldn't take no for an answer. what he did next would land him in jail. >> and later, these kylie jenner fans are in for a long night in san francisco but the payoff
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tomorrow could be huge. >> first leers a look what's coming up tonight on jimmy kimmel after abc news at 11:00. >> here's what you probably won't stay up to watch tonight. basketball. >> basketball is canadian. >> sorry. >> invented by a canadian james naismith. naismith. >> in springfield,
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you're looking at a passenger trying to break his way into a plane at melbourne airport in australia. investigators say the passenger was running late, pushed the crew out of the way and ran out onto the tarmac. >> he tried several times to open the door to the plane even using his feet. baggage handlers grabbed him and he was arrested for assaulting
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airport employees. >> here is a live look at windsor castle in the uk just after 7:00 a.m. on friday. prince harry and meghan markle have finally arrived to make last minute preparations for their big wedding. > the site of this weekend's royal wedding may be considered intimate. it will take place inside st. george's chapel which holds about 800 people. it is not being held in london. >> it's estimated by metropolitan police that there are over a million people lining the route for william and kate's wedding and half a million outside buckingham palace. the estimate for this wedding will be about 100,000 people. >> the chapel is steeped in history as you can imagine. this may sound eerie. numerous kings and queens are buried there. >> before they tied the knot, the next 24 hours could be a whirlwind for the couple. >> there remains a bit of mystery surrounding the wedding,
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who actually walk meghan markle down the aisle. >> reporter molly hunter joins us live from windsor in the united kingdom. hi, molly. >> reporter: guys, good evening. that's right. that's the big question, will doria, meghan's mom walk her down the aisle. it is rare but she wouldn't be the first. queen victoria walked all of her daughters down the aisle, too. ♪ >> reporter: the first glimp of the royal couple as they headed for rehearsal thursday in the back of the car, less than it's been a roller coaster couple of days for meghan after tabloid reports in recent days about her father, meghan released a statement thursday saying sadly, my father will not be attending our wedding. i've always cared for my father and hope he can be given the space to focus on his health but her mother did touchdown yesterday meet ath in-laws, prince charles and camilla for some tea and prince william and kate and friday she meets the
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queen. but no matter meghan's disappointment about her father she added in her statement please know how much harry and i look forward to sharing our special day with you. and we well the world's media and tens of thousands of fans cannot wait to share in every little detail. >> there's something very special and unique. >> reporter: already crowds lining the streets to watch the rehearsal. the band, the choir and carriage empty today but on saturday will be carrying the newlyweds. now, today is a big day for doria. she will meet the queen. normally meeting will your future son-in-law's grandmother not such a big deal unless she is the queen. >> who is in the wedding party? we're hearing it's going to be a cute wedding party. >> reporter: oh, the cutest wedding party that possibly has walked down the aisle. the youngest is 2 years old. the eldest is 7 years old and the stars will be prince george an princess charlotte.
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back to you guys. >> that's fabulous. molly hunter, thanks so much. tomorrow night at 10:00, tune in for a special edition of 20/20 focusing on the royal wedding and the fab four, harry, william, meghan and kate and all the preparations live at 11:00. >> after that get plenty of tea and crumpets and hang in. our special coverage starts at 2:00 a.m. right here on abc7. always fun to have a royal wedding. i think william and kate was 2011, if i'm not mistaken. >> it was a big deal. let's check on the weather. >> sandy patel is here with the weather fit for a queen and a king. >> absolutely. i want to show you the forecast. it is definitely fit for royalty in windsor on saturday when the wedding is taking place, the weather couldn't be better. in the morning it will start at 56, sunny. guests arrive, service starts at noon and the temperatures begin 0 rise with the procession beginning 1:00, 70 degrees.
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the evening reception it will still be bright and 65 degrees. not exactly a bright view but a cool view from our south beach camera. check out the fog coming in and just kind of surrounding suit tro tower this amp and evening hours. then as time went on, suit tro tower began to disappear in the fog. definitely around not just near the coast but starting to push over parts of the bay, as well as we check out live doppler 7, you will notice there's fog into the east bay, parts of the north bay and low clouds covering parts of the south bay tonight. temperatures right now in the 50s as you will notice. pretty much for everyone except los gatos at 49. tomorrow expect more of this fog. here's a look at the highlights expecting fog around the coast and around the bay in the morning for the commute. mild to warm inland the next couple days then breezy and cooler on sunday. for those of you who like it
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cooler, sunday is your day. a live picture from our emeryville camera. you can see the layer of fog in the distance there. tomorrow morning it will start off your day. it will be a gray day to start off. by 10:30, north bay, parts of the east bay already seeing clearing. quicker clearing expected except near the coast where some fog will linger typical around this time of year. inland areas enjoy plenty of sun. upper 40s to the low 50s. definitely cool enough and foggy enough to require a jacket or a sweater. but give yourself more time for the morning commute. visibility may be poor in spots. there could be spotty mist or drizzle. temperatures in the afternoon with the fog lingering near the coast in the 60s, right around the bay in the 60s. heading it inland, you'll see the numbers in the mid to upper seches for your friday. a good-looking day. if you're going to the game against account rockies tomorrow night at at&t park, 57 degrees at 7:15. it will turn breezy and later on
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at night, 54. so you'll need to bundle up if you're going. bay to breakers, could you not ask for better weather on this sunday. overcast conditions, perfect weather for racing. 54 degrees at 8:00 a.m. as the race gets under wed. 10:00, peeks of sun. check out those temperatures anytime you want. morning fog giving way to sunshine. typical pattern for your saturday. breezy with temperatures trending lower on sunday but right back up again as we head into monday. no major
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abc7 news was in san francisco's union square a short time ago where kylie jenner's pop-up store will celebrate its
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grand opening tomorrow. >> dozens are camped out hoping to be among the first to buy her own brand of cosmetics. one fan explained the appeal of her lip kits. >> it's good. the highlighter i feel good when wear them. i feel like kiley channeling kylie. >> fans tried to pier through the doorway to get a peek at what goes on sale tomorrow. >> kylie was inside her store tonight helping with the finishing touches. we have to wear a little makeup in this job. larry and i are going straight over whether he we're done. >> the matte finish is a big deal. my daughters. >> really? okay. not personal experience. >> i'm sure it's great. make like a billion dollars off this thing. the giants and rockies go to extra innings game ended minutes ago. what is wrong with steph? what is happening with the best
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abc7 sports brought to you by river rock casino. >> good evening. the giants opened a four-game series with colorado tonight. though we're more than a quarter of the way through the season, these division rivals met for the first time tonight. klay thompson at the yard. not worried about the dubs. enjoying a little popcorn. 3-1 rockies in the sixth. brandon belt deep to right center. is it ray double, a homer? posey thinks it's a double so he's sprinting. upon further review, it is a home run. hit the railing above the concrete there. so let's jog on home. what's his fourth straight game with a homer. tied at three. in the 12th, carlos gonzalez two-run single. and that's the game winner.
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rockies 5-3 in 12. the a's in toronto, no team in baseball has more homers on the road than the athletics. had three more to their total. khris davis, he should change his name to crush. officially. because that's what he does. 4 for 4 in the game. here it comes and there it goes again. olson a three-run bomb. it's a 6-1 a's lead. matt chapman, this is demolished. not quite jose canseco territory but way up there. his eighth. a's win. playoffs all about making adjustments. the warriors come home tied with the rockets at a game apiece. got to find a way to get steph going on sunday. his shot is way off. so far the best shooter on the planet is 2 of 13 from deep in the western conference finals. the explosiveness isn't there. steph says his knee wasn't hurt. if it was, he wouldn't be able to drive and score like he has been.
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curry not worried. >> i shoot the ball better and play better defense. other guys get involved. now we've got to go home and recalibrate. no panic, no house is on fire type of mentality in our locker room. we're in pretty good shape right now. >> he's not worried. you may recognize the name or may not recognize the same siddiqui fuller. he was the first man to wear the thunder mascot costume from 1997. today, sadly, the warriors released news fuller passed away at age 44. thunder got oracle crowds pumped before the team was any good. the dubs gave up the mascot when okc took the thunder nickname in 2008. abc7 sports brought to you by river rock casino. >> i remember kids and adults loved thunder when he came out. this was the man who really brought the energy. long before steph and


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