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tv   ABC7 News 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  May 18, 2018 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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there have been explosive devices found in the high school and surrounding areas. >> i was scared for my life. nobody should go through this. nobody should be able to feel that in school. >> there have been too damn many of these. >> ten people killed, ten others injured after another school shooting in america. good evening, thank you for joining us. >> it happened at santa fe high school southeast of houston. take a look at the suspect. 17-yield demetrios.
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>> shehe's charged with capital murder tonight. he was described as an introvert. >> reporter: suddenly the fire alarm sounded and gunshots rang out. >> you heard boom, boom, and i ran as far as i could. >> he shot one of my other friends in the head and her body fell down not too far from where i was from the table. >> reporter: the police rushed to the scene, students running for their lives, worried parents waiting for their children. >> she said, mom, there are shots. i immediately turned around and i said i'm choming, i'm coming. >> reporter: authorities identifying the shooter at a 17-year-old who surrendered to police. the junior varsity football player now facing capital murder.
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investigators say they also found explosives inside the school and in the suspect's car. the guns used, police say a shotgun and a .38 revolver legally own bide the suspect's father. the teenager posting this photo on facebook three weeks ago, a t-shirt with the words born to kill. tonight police still unsure what drove the teen to open fire on his classmates. >> his slate is pretty clean, so there simply were not the type of warning signs we see in other shootings. >> reporter: sadly an all too familiar scene playing out across schools. santa fe school skridistrict announcing all schools will be closed until next wednesday. offering grief counseling to those students and families affected by this horrible tragedy. chauncey glover, abc news. >>nd this is rather remarkable. houston texans football star
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j.j. watts says he will pay for all of the victim's funerals. this has been the fifth shooting since the attack at parkland high school in florida on valentine's day which left 17 people dead. >> that shooting prompted students to organize marches on gun control. organizes say they are saddened but not surprised by the texas school shooting. >> reporter: you can sense their passion and resolve to address gun violence and make schools safer here at santa clara university where 400 students participated in a march, and in san francisco as part of a march for our lives day. however, students aren't surprised there was a another shooting. >> the reason why we're talking right now, the reason this santa fe shooting happened is nothing really drastic happened, and i don't see why we should be
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surprised because nothing drastic has happened. >> the students are disappointed in some political leaders. >> their thoughts and prayers are going out, they're thinking about the victims. it's not enough. >> reporter: representatives from santa clara action program believe they need to continue to put pressure on elected officials. >> they're also dealing with a lot of other issues. and i'm not saying that's an excuse. i'm just saying we have to make sure we're consistently heard and we're consistently doing things. >> reporter: with mid-term elections six months away. >> i know a lot of times college students get caught up in school and everything and making sure you know what's going on and being an informed voter is really important because you can be more impassioned in your voting and make a difference. >> reporter: summer break is approachi approaching which could impact
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marches. >> what are we going to do between graduation for some of us and between our break and coming back to the school year to make sure kids are safe on campus. >> facebook has deleted the shooter's account saying the social media giant doesn't allow mass murderers or the representation of them on the site. the accounts copying the shooter are also deleted. the houston rockets are playing the western conference finals against the warriors as you know and the abc 7 news reporter continues team coverage with today's reaction in texas from both teams. >> reporter: the deadly shooting in texas has sent shock waves across the country. hitting close to home for rockets star crist paul. >> it's tough, man.
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it's scary that's becoming a norm here, and we got to do something about it because, yeah, i can't imagine something like that taking place with my kids. >> reporter: at today's practice in oakland steph curry shared those sentiments. >> it's a tragic situation that hurts your heart when you think about kids going to school being safe. it is an issue that's way bigger than basketball, way more important than basketball. >> reporter: the warriors organization has not shied away on speaking out on social political issues. head coach steve kerr an outspeaken advocate on gone control participated in a town hall in march to talk about gun violence. his comments came following a school shooting in parkland this year. recurring mass shootings something curry is tired of
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seeing. >> it needs to be addressed. >> reporter: and something he hopes gets addressed. abc 7 news. >> as part of abc 7's take action came pain we hapaign we of local resources on school safety. go to action. >> we have some breaking news from georgia where two people were shot near a high school tonight. both victims are mails. one is dead and the other was shot in the leg. there was a graduation ceremony happening across the street at the clayten county performing arts center. it's unclear if the people who were shot attended that garageuation. new developments now in a crash that killed a woman and two young girls this week. investigators believe the 20-year-old caused the crash while high on cannabis, but tonight he's set to be released
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from jail. why prosecutors had to let him go for now. >> reporter: the 48-hour window to charge the 21-year-old tonight, and at this point prosecutors say they don't have enough evidence to charge him. in a statement today the da's office said, quote, the investigation is ongoing, and the da's office requires additional information as well as investigation prior to make agdecision. he was booked into the jail tuesday accused of driving too fst and under the influence of marijuana when he caused this crash near 880 on stevenson boulevard. a family consisting of a man, and his six daughters were in this car when it rolled over six times. the family was headed home after celebrating another daughter's fourth birthday in the bay area. the family showed up in the courthouse for his arraignment which was postponed today.
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official charges would not be filed and transwould be released. >> unlike alcohol which can be tested immediately and the results are immediately known, marijuana requires a detailed blood test, and it's likely that the da has not received a toxicology report from the crime lab yet. >> reporter: as you can imagine those close to the victims are not happy. family friend amy moony spoke to me on the phone about tran. she said, quote, we know he's responsible for their deaths why haven't they been able to charge him? she also said, quote, they need to revoke his driver's license, they need to revoke his passport so he can't get away. prosecutors appear to be keeping open the option of filing charges in the future when they think the evidence supports it. eric thomas, abc 7 news. now to cuba and the tragedy in the air. more than 100 people are dead in the crash of a boeing 737 jet.
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the plane went down in a field shortly after take off from the international airport in havana. reports say three people survived the crash and are in critical condition. the flight was bound for a city 462 miles east of havana. officials say cuba's state own airline rented the plane from a mexican charter firm. violent eruptions are shooting fountains of lava as as high as 200 feet into the air in hawaii tonight. the eres are also spitting out lava bombs the size of refrigerators, destroying at least one additional structure and prompting new warnings to residents. 40 structures have burned and two more are threatened. a 22nd fissure opened overnight, but fissure 17 when you see here is the most active. >> it wouldn't be at all surprising that activity like
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that would continue. and so, of course, that part of the national park has been closed because it's not safe. these explosions can blow blocks of rock that are pretty big a considerable distance, and even the scientist at the hawaiian volcano observatory have now moved out, and they're now working remotely because it's just a bit too dangerous. >> there are worries of even bigger blasts on the way. some have compared the conditions at kilauea to those of 1924 when more than 50 individual explosions rocked the island for more than 17 days. >> those pictures especially at night. stay with us another dead whale in the bay area, the second of the day. >> one inn morin, the second in the east bay. also a black bear found wondering around a north bay town. what officials have decided to do about it. and meteorologist sandhya patel with the forecast. >> we have gusty winds out there. i'll let you know when those
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winds are going to relax. and bringing out the dog. the tsa is expecting a very busy summer and they need the help. stay with us. a
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as you can see behind me a whale carcass found on the open
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estuary earlier today has been towed to angel island. that's the second largest creature on earth. abc 7 reporter laura anthony has the story. >> this is my first time ever seeing s seeing something like that. >> reporter: they decided this would be a good day to go fishing. when they arrived they were surprised what they found. >> me and my father we get here and see this dead whale right here. it's kind of sad when you think about it but it's interesting at the same time. >> reporter: the whale, all 30 plus feet of it was wedged underneath a bridge near the jack london aquatic center. it's a body of water that flows into lake merit. while construction workers took pictures from above others came to the shoreline to see for themselves. >> we couldn't see it, so we hopped on our sailboat and came over and finally saw it. >> reporter: the whale had visible bruising and an open wounden its side. it's not clear if it's the same
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animal spotted on the bow of a ship entering san francisco bay earlier this week. by midafternoon a commercial diving boat arrived contracted with the marine mammal center to begin the praocess of removing the animal from the estuary. a lone diver went in and tied ropes around the mammoth creature before being towed in by a barge. in ecland, laura anthony, abc 7 news. >> a second dead whale was found washed up in the bay area as well. this 35 foot gray whale was found in morin county. some friendly faces will be greeting passengers at the international airport but their job will be business. the dogs with especially trained
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to sniff out explosives and potential bomb materials even in bags being carried throughout the airport. >> another benefit to the canines they provide a security capability and we can move through different airports. you'll see our canines working all throughout the airport. >> we got a demonstration of one of their capabilities when one of the bags spotted the bait hidden in a decoy bag. they also believe it'll allow passengers to move through the lines faster without sacrificing security. a black bear was seen wandering just a few blocks off of maine square. it eventually passed through the police department's parking lot, sauntering right along. these pictures are from the heelsberg poa. fish and wildlife were called, but they say as long as it wasn't aggressive they were just
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going to leave it alone. it's time to check on our weather for the weekend. >> yeah, meteorologist sandhya patel is here with what look like a nice forecast. >> yeah, it's going to be a nice weekend. you will notice what we typically see this time of year, the fog and low clouds are with us tonight, along the coast, the bay. we did see thunderstorms earlier in the day and some snow showers. what's left of this is isolated rain and snow showers in the sierra. take a look at the winds. it's been a gusty evening right now at 22 miles an hour in fairfield. a good indication we have a nice delta breeze going. that marine layer is deepening tonight, and that means many of you tomorrow morning will wake up to overcast sky. i want to show you the breezes for the next day or so. really going later on tomorrow you're going to be seeing those gusty winds again, and so do
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expect it to be a lot like today in terms of breezes. visibility is good as we look towards the bay bridge there. mid-50s, oakland, mountain view, gilroy, san jose one of our milder spots at 58 degrees. you can see those flags just swaying in the wind. temperatures are all pretty uniform. fairfield, 58. livermore 54 degrees. now, this is what it's going to look like tomorrow morning from our abc 7 exploratorium camera. low fogs and clouds pushing inland, and it is going to be cool at the coast and mild inland this coming weekend. you can see where the fog is sitting. by tomorrow morning it's pretty widespread. we will see some spotty drizzle between 7:00 and 9:00 a.m. and by noontime inland areas are starting to see the sun breaking
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through. along the coast we'll hang onto some fog. temperatures first thing in the morning in the upper 40s to mid-50s. drizzle is what's going to create some lipry roadways. so just be careful if you have early morning plans for your saturday. for the troafternoon you'll nee your sunscreen. a nice day in cupertino, 61 degrees. 59 in pacifica. downtown san francisco, 61 degrees. we'll hang onto some of the fog which you normally see this time of year in daily city. and in the north bay 50s along the coast. 71 in san rafael, 76 santa rosa. 67 caster valley. 73 degrees in concord, 72 in livermore, 74 in san ramon. if you're taking part in the beta breakers race this sunday
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you couldn't ask for better weather. temperatures at 7:00 a.m., 57 degrees. the race begins at 8:00 a.m., and it is still going to be on the cool side with some clouds and breezy conditions for the afternoon. you can download the accuweather app and check out temperatures whenever you want. morning fog giving way to sunshine except near the coast. breezier and cooler for your sunday, but we'll see those temperatures reversing going into monday, and really just the minor fluctuations from day a day for the rest of next week. i'm not expecting any major changes. you will certainly see passing high clouds and typical low clouds and fog every single day. we're in this steady spring pattern. >> thanks, sandhya. well, coming up next how to avoid heart problems in just 150 minutes per week. and what you need to know about san francisco's wackiest footrace also known as beta breakers. we will be right back.
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morning. several nearby streets will be closed to haze and then on fell into golden gate park. we'll stream the race live on we'd love to see your pictures if you're running or watching the beta breakers. please share your photos or videos with us by tagging your social post abc 7 news now. the 82nd contracosta fair opened at stores yesterday and runs through sunday in antioch. organizati organizers say this year's fair has something for everyone. the fair opens again tomorrow and sunday at 11:00. the count down is onto the royal wedding. we are just hours away from prince harry and meghan markle's nuptials. what can you expect. what can you expect. not many people can draw a
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it is 5:30 in the morning in lu lu london. the sun is coming up. this is live picture where in just a few hours meghan markle and prince harry will tie the knot with 800 invited guests and hundreds more watching on television. one of the best seats in the house, molly, good for you. >> reporter: dan, ama, good evening. well, it's evening there and morning here. already arriving at 5:00 a.m. and they're lining up to get
9:31 pm
that prime location. the night before the big day bride and groom are sleeping separately. the groom took a stroll around windsor with his best man, prince william. >> it was just really exciting to be able to meet one of them. >> reporter: meghan arrived at the hotel with her mom doria far from the clouds. this is what will be handed out to all wedding guests tomorrow. a traditional service led by the archbishop of canterbury. it will be harry's father, prince charles who will walk her down the aisle to be offered. many of the die-hard fans are spending tonight out in this chilly air. >> i've got a very thick shirts, gloves, i've got blankets and i
9:32 pm
think that will be enough for tonight. >> reporter: that's right, guys. we are ready. tons of people are arriving here. security is very tight. put my fascinators on, and i can't wait for the celebrations to get started. >> that is great looking fascinator. so what's the story behind your hat? >> reporter: well, this is pink fascinator i bought directly for this occasion, of course. but the women will all be wearing fascinators at the wedding. >> do you know what meghan will be wearing on her head, molly? >> reporter: good question. so we do know that after dark she will actually be wearing a tiara. she will have her choice of any tiara. guys, can you imagine walking into a room of the queens jewels
9:33 pm
and getter your pick? back to you guys. >> molly, you look fantastic. that's fun. >> any crown. that's wonderful. abc's live coverage begins at 2:00 a.m. the question is do you watch it, dvr it, not really your cup of tea? >> weigh in and tell us what you think. abc 7 reporter wade freeman looked into when royal wedding today and there are some local angles too. >> reporter: they used to say the sun never sets on the british empire even on a foggy day in san francisco, but that's not exactly accurate anymore. >> you have the commonwealth. >> reporter: we're eight floors up on the british consulates office get the scoop on the wedding. and do not send gifts, we learned. they have a list of charities. coffee pots?
9:34 pm
china? >> i think there are a few china things around. >> margerita glasses. >> i've been giving a tea time. >> reporter: speaking of tea we found a british experience ipjapan town. are you doing this because of the royal wed something. >> no. >> reporter: so for expert analysis we turned to the owner. she makes it sound like a fairy tail. >> and the outfits and the tiaras are really pretty and sparkly. and who doesn't love a little glitter? di diamond variety. >> reporter: we found no shortage of them in this place. >> we're worried about our wedding. >> reporter: granted san francisco city hall is not exactly st. georgia's chapel in windsor castle, but it's a lot more accessible. a city hall wedding costs $174 for a license and an officiant like kevin clark. no, he is not the archbishop of
9:35 pm
canterbury but every bride we saw here did feel like a princess. so will they be tuning in live at 2:00 a.m.? >> i'll watch the reruns. >> reporter: that is newly married couple awaiting the sunset. in san francisco, wade freeman, abc 7 news. all right, we are asking if you're watching the royal wedding tomorrow. >> yes, let's take a look at the results as they're coming in live on and much like earler i in the day 42% saying not really my cup of tea. 30% saying they'll get up earlier. >> it should be fun either way. so we hope you'll enjoy if you do decide to watch. 200 lemons, 400 pounds of flour and sugar. >> that's what's in prince harry and meghan markle's cake.
9:36 pm
she says it will have an ethereal taste and will be presented in a nontraditional way. >> special coverage of the wedding starts in just a few hours. you can watch all the pomp and pageantry over on channel 7 or stream it online through our app or all right, well, fans of kylie jenner were finally awarded for their patience this afternoon when she stopped in to her san francisco pop up. this was the line to get into the kylie cosmetics shop on grant avenue. jenner launched the brand in 2015. in the first 18 months she made $420 million. >> how is that even possible? >> i don't know, but she did it. stay with us. are you ready for higher bridge tolls? >> these driver are paying $6 each to cross the bridge, but
9:37 pm
tonight we're going to dig into the
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here's a question for you. would you be willing to pay $3 more dollars to pass a bridge if you knew it would go to traffic congestion? >> just what is that going to do exactly? >> traffic reporter alexa smith from abc 7 mornings got some answers. >> reporter: no matter how you get to work you've no doubt seen the impact. pack packed trains, congested highways and aging ferry systems are the norm. would you be willing to pay $3
9:41 pm
more to cross bay area bridges? >> no, that's a lot. >> reporter: how would you feel if most of that money went out to help out public transportation and not fix bay area roadways? >> that would definitely help. >> reporter: he helped put regional measure 3 on the ballot. >> it's a $4.5 billion measure that will provide for about 35 projects. >> reporter: he says a yes vote will raise money by increasing tolls on all bay area bridges except the golden gate. the first increase would be by $1 in january i and would go up again in three years and by 2025 thld cost you $8 to cross most bridges and up to $9 here on the bay area bridge. >> we want to smooth out the system, make it more efficient. we're going to smooth out the express lane system at the same time trying to move more people onto mass transportation. >> reporter: if passed there would be some road improvements, but most of the money would be spent on improving the bay
9:42 pm
area's existing infrastructure. it would provide for increased service on the bay providing more frequent service on existing routes and expanding others. it promises to replace bart's aging fleet of trains and help way pay for the extension and make improvements and expand amtrak. extending routes and improving fleets around the bay. from the looks of it the measure has something for every county. >> this is the first transportation tax i've opposed in the first 28 years i've been elected office. >> reporter: he says he's voting no on regional measure three mostly because those who foot the bill will see the least from its passage. he was once on the mtc board and he says its record of spending money well isn't good, starting with its decision to move its
9:43 pm
headquarters from oakland to san francisco. >> spent $250 billion for a building they didn't need. >> reporter: to pass regional measure three requires a majority of voters from all three bay areas combined say yes. >> we have an incredible life here, an incredible economy here, but we have challenges as a result of our success and we need to solve those things and this is one way the region can come together. >> the golden gate bridge is not included in the toll increase proposal because it's not owned looking at the bridge there, are going up as well. 25 cents starting on july 1st. but we are keeping the weather forecast at the same price point. no increase at all. >> not at all. >> preet
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plus, get 3x the speed of at&t and directv. click, call or visit a store today. property damage claims from the deadly north bay wildfires from last october exceed $3.3 billion. who should be responsible for paying victims? nbc 7 news anchor dionne lim has more. >> reporter: david was one of many who filed lawsuits on pg&e. dealing with the aftermath has been hard on his family. >> it's heart breaking because they're afraid. and they're afraid of fire and of night. and as much as you try to calm them, they still have the image of what we escaped etched into their minds. >> reporter: attorneys for pg&e and lawyers for hundreds of fire victims met in san francisco superior court friday for a hearing on the utility's liability for the fires. under the california
9:48 pm
constitution property owners can hold public utility responsible for damages under a term called inverse condemnation. pg&e's argument, they say they're a private company and are exempt from inverse condemnation, and should be allowed to recover any damages they are allowed to pay through rate hikes through their customers. >> here in our courtroom in sacramento they're employing a lot of scare tactics basically telling people they're too negligent to fail. >> reporter: issuing a tentative ruling saying authorize no basis for the plaintiffs' argument. >> you should be responsible for the things that you do that cause other people harm, and i don't think there should be an exception because you are a large, powerful, wealthy company. >> reporter: attorneys for pg&e declined to comment, but the utility issued this statement calling inverse condemnation bad for all californians. a closed door meeting with both
9:49 pm
parties is expected next month with a final ruling shortly after. in san francisco dion lim, abc 7 news. let's update the weather forecast for the weekend. >> meteorologist sandhya patel here with the latest for the weekend. >> really the weather is going to be fantastic. starting out bright, 56 degrees and going to remain bright and by evening temperatures falling to about 65 degrees. tracking quite a bit of fog and low clouds tonight. and here's a clichls of what your weekend is going to look like. you're going to see a compbination of the lower clouds and higher clouds for the afternoon like what you're looking at right now from our kgo roof camera. and toit will be breezy at time. a lot like today, upper 50s to low 60s near the coast.
9:50 pm
by noon you see the sun inland but clouds will hang around near the coast. sun sets, the temperatures fall. average high for napa is 77 degrees. you're going to see the downs and the ups. temperatures will fluctuate over the next seven days by a few degrees, and the accuweather forecast will take that a little further. the cooler of the two days for your weekend will be sunday with the cloud cover mixing in with the sun and fog heading into next week. but it will be a bit warmer on monday. all right, we have a big game coming up this weekend. >> sports director beil who's not royalty but he is a prince of a guy is here. >> very sweet. a rare complement. steph curry says his knee is fine, so what's wrong with his
9:51 pm
game? we'll hear from steph on steph. plus the a's, they love the long ball. i'm not used to
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9:54 pm
good evening. the giants they've been frustrated with the umpires in their past few games. brandon belt's vocal displeasure got a little private chat with joe tory at the commissioner's office. out tonight and not starting against the rockies because of a sore knee. on star wars at the yard. the force with gorkys hernandez leading off. nice way to start your game. his third of the year. gorkys his 3-0 last year. nolan arenado kills the giants
9:55 pm
with the bat. throwing from his knees, and that's a seed to get tomlinson. pitching well until that. a three-run homer by ian desmond who was hitting 171. three run rockies. bottom seven, pinch hint, 2 on and 97 mile an hour cutter. strike three again. rockies leading 4-1 right now, and they are in the eight inning. the a's happen to lead all of baseball hitters on the road. seven games down, three to go including tonight north of the border. is there something in the toronto water? a strange occurrence for the second straight night. an a's pitcher has to leave early because of an injury. a strained shoulder in the second inning. struck out seven and three and two thirds. tonight's home hitter is dustin fowler.
9:56 pm
first ever career dinger giving the a's a 1-0 lead in the third. tied 1-1 in the seventh. two outs and the a's string together three straight doubles. chad binder then fowler. that was also his career double, and that's the work of five relievers the a's win 3-1. steph curry is tired of everybody asking, so he wants you to know his knee is fine. now everyone wants to know what's wrong with his shot in the warriors need to make the adjustments. the rockies are attacking steph relentlessly. there's no need to switch. you don't have to guard him when harden is 30 feet away. stop doing that. they need to set more screens for steph, get the rockets moving and switching and then pass the ball.
9:57 pm
and the results even steph can score in one-on-one situations we should see more of the ball movement the warriors are known for. steph's confidence, not a problem. >> i've gone 11 and 0 before shooting for threes. you always shoot the next shot with the optimism and conference it's going in. you can work with stuff in between practices and games but never lose confidence in myself ever, never. >> i look at this and said this way before you guys ever said it, he was the best shooter that ever played. so i've got confidence in him on that side. i think we all do. let's just give it a rest. it's steph curry, what are we worrying about? >> cal against northwestern. bears in the fifth, scoots all the way around to third and then
9:58 pm
realizes, whoa, nobody is on the dish. safe. bears tied at 2. game goes to extras. top eight northwestern and the bears lose by that score. this is double elimination. to the ice, man do they know how to put on a three game show. blasting off in vegas. vegas leading winnipeg two games to one. the last game misled a shot and scored a point, and same thing tonight. florae thought he stopped that shot from tiler mores, the whiff and wily smith says i'll take that for the game winner. vegas wins it 3-2. they now lead the series three games to one. it's amazing when they're doing
9:59 pm
with an expansion team in vegas. coming up tonight on abc 7 news at 11:00, just moments ago the man specced of causing a fatal crash that left three people dead walked out of jail as you can see here. a legal expert weighs in what could happen next. and we're counting down to the royal wedding, that means kate and rings in the south bay. join us for the connections to the royal nuptials. >> thanks for joining us. >> from all of us, we appreciate your time. hope to see you in one hour over on the big 7.
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