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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 1130PM  KOFY  May 18, 2018 11:30pm-12:00am PDT

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geyser! [echo]stal! [echo] crystal! [echo] geyser! [echo] crystal geyser. always bottled at the mountain source. naturally. . >> announcer: live where you live. this is abc7 news. >> it's wedding day in windsor. we have live team coverage of the royal wedding including what is happening right now to prepare for the ceremony at windsor castle. our other big stories tonight. just moments ago a man suspected of driving under the flufls killing three people on a bay area freeway walks free. and a teenage mass murder suspect is in custody. nine students and a teacher at his texas school are dead. an nfl star is stepping up as he has done before to help out in this time of need. good evening. >> court documents say the gunman told police he spared
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people he liked so they could tell his story. >> tonight in san francisco american flags are flying at half staff to honor those lost in the shooting. natalie bruinel has the latest from texas. >> reporter: class had just started at santa fe high school around 7:45 this morning when suddenly the fire alarm sounded, then gunshots rang out. >> you here boom, boom, boom. and i just ran as fast as i could. >> he shot one of my other friends in the head and her body fell down not far from where i was under the table. >> reporter: the school put on lockdown as police rushed to the scene. >> he is shooting in one room. >> reporter: students running for their lives. worried parents waiting for their children. >> she said, mom, there are shots. i immediately turned around i said i'm coming, i'm coming. i stayed on the phone with her the whole time. >> reporter: when the gunfire ended ten were dead and ten others wounded. authorities identifying the shooter as 17-year-old dimitrios
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pagourtzis who surrendered to police. the senior varsity football player charged with capital murder. they found explosives in the school a in the suspect's car. he used a shotgun and a revolver legally owned by the suspect's father. the teen posting this photoon facebook three weeks ago a shirt with the words "born to kill". tonight investigators still unsure of what drove the teen to open fire on his classmates. >> his slate is pretty clean. so there simply were not the same type of warning signs that we have seen in other shooting. >> reporter: sadly an all too familiar scene played out at schools across the country. there have already been three public vigils held in the communities here to honor the victims and an outpouring from around the world. also defiance, people fed up and emotional saying enough is enough. something has to be done about
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the school shootings in americas. just a month ago, students at santa fe high school walked out of class to stand against gun violence with students across the country after the high school shooting in parkland, florida. this is the 22nd school shooting so far this year. tonight students from around the bay area gathered in san francisco to mourn and to demand change. cornell barnard has the story. >> reporter: a small rally on the steps of city hall, but with a large, loud message. >> what do we want? >> change. >> when do we want it? >> now. >> reporter: bay area student activists demanding change after yet another high school shooting. >> we are heart broken, but we are not shocked. >> reporter: students say school shootings have sadly become the new normal. >> our message tonight is that we won't stop fighting. >> reporter: jake cohen admits he is fearful at school. >> i have to use my fear to
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empower myself. >> reporter: mean of these students traveled to sacramento last monday to rally lawmakers for you gun laws. >> we are interested in legislation and getting our voice across. >> reporter: while the rally was happening students from mercy high school arrived for their prom at city hall. some say senior year has been tough. >> we have a right to our lives, we shouldn't be afraid of going to school. i don't want to get shot. i don't want to die. >> later the students staged a die-in on the sidewalk. houston texasan's football star j.j. watts says he will pay for all the victims' funerals. you may recall watts also raised $37 million for flood victims last year. as part of abc7's take action campaign we have a list of local resources on school safety. you can find your ally and connect with local lawmakers by going to
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action. one person is dead and another injured following a shooting in a parking lot near a high school in georgia tonight. there was a graduation ceremony taking place at the time. investigators say both victims are women and were not students. no arrests have been made. new developments in the deadly crash that killed three people on a fremont freeway. tonight the suspect damage tran walked out of jail. police suspect he was high at the time of the crash. abc7 news reporter katie utd as explains why he was released. >> reporter: escorted by family and deputies he was led from jail despite being accused of causing a crash that killed three people. chp says tran was under the influence of marijuana when he crashed into a family on 880 year stevenson boulevard tuesday. after someone is arrested and booked prosecutors have 72 hours to file charges or else the suspect must be released from jail. the alameda district attorney's office released this statement.
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the investigation in this matter is ongoing and the d.a.'s office requires additional information as well as investigation prior to making a charging decision. former prosecutor steven clarke. >> marijuana requires a detailed blood test, and it's likely that the d.a. has not received the toxicology report from the crime lab yet. >> reporter: marijuana cases are not as straightforward as alcohol. there is no court approved test like an alcohol breathalizer. there is also no legal limit established like the .08 for who will. >>he central focus is going to be whether he was impaurd by marijuana at the time he was driving. >> reporter: prosecutors could file charges once they have more evidence in hand. at santa rita jail in dublin, katie out a as, abc7 news. in less than five hours millions of people around the world will watch a california native become a princess. dawn just broke at windsor castle. that's where fraer and meghan markle will be married in a historic ceremony.
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we begin our team coverage. >> reporter: good morning from windsor castle. yes, it's morning time here, 7:00 a.m. if you can imagine, meghan markle is waking up right now my goodness excited about walking down the aisle here in windsor castle in just a few hours. look at the view behind me. only 600 people are going to be inside st. george's chapel when meghan and harry exchange their vows. 1200 members of the public are invited onto the grounds. that was a request that the couple made. there are going to be no world leaders, no heads of state, including the british prime minister, theresa may. who did make the kput and get the invite? besides immediate family and all the royals we are used to seeing, there are several celebrities. serena williams and preannika chopra will be here. so will david and victoria
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beckham. sting says he will be attending the wedding. elton john canceled two of his shows that were slated this weekend. of course we are expecting to see more celebrities that have been mum about the invites. but thewood mood here in windsor is pure excitement and joy. we have been here all week long. the crowds are getting bigger out on the street, everyone hoping to get a view of meghan and harry on their carriage ride through windsor. the town is only 20,000 people on a regular day. that's how many people live here. 120,000 are expected to start filling the city this morning. reporting live in windsor, abc7 news, back to you in san francisco. >> that's quite the difference. thank you so much brandy. today the people lined up outside windsor castle got a spial surprise when prince harry and his best man prince william came out the greet them. >> reporter: the night before the big day, bride and groom are sleeping separately. this afternoon the crowds went wild when the groom tack a
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stroll around windsor with his best man and brother prince william. >> congratulations. >> it was exciting to see harry. we were expecting meghan but william came as welling. >> meghan aclived at the clifton hotel with her mom doria. this is what will be handed out tomorrow. a traditional service pled by the arch bish off.canterbury. doria will bring her daughter to st. george's chapel but prince charles, harry's father, will walk her down the aisle. the town will triple in size tomorrow but many of the die hard fans are spending the night out in this chilly english air. >> i have got a thick shirt, i have got gloves. i have blankets and i think that will be nice for toght. >> tons and tons of people actually spent the night outside in the chilly english weather. i have got my hat on.
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fascinator is ready to go. can't wait for the celebrations to begin. abc7 news. >> special coverage of the royal wedding starts at 2:00 a.m. watch it here on abc7. stream it on line through our app or go to those fascinators are fascinating. our coverage of the royal wedding is not finished. there is excitement here in the bay area for what feels like a fairy tale affair. >> i'm very much in with the royal family. that's my thing. >> at one british pub that means take and even rings for revellers. two whales found dead today in the bay iria. scientists have a theory why it keeps happening. doubling lava spewing from the earth in hawaii. incredible new video tonight. it's going to be a gray, drizzly start tomorrow morning. i will let you know how the rest of the weekend is shaping up. here's a look at what's coming up on jimmy kimmel leave after abc7 news at 11.
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>> this is what we ve on the show tonight. is there anything you came here to tell me? >> i'm pregnant. >> thank
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two dead whales showed up in the bay area today. the first was a fin whale found in the oakland estuary, lodged, as you can see, underneath a bridge. sky 7 was there as it was towed out to angel island this afternoon so scientists can take a closer look. fin whales are one of the largest creatures on earth. >> and sky 7 was in marin county where a whale washed up at tennessee valley beach it was a female gray whale about 35 feet long. scientists plan to examine the carcass tomorrow.
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they add there is an abundance of whales in the area right now increasing the chances of a collision with a ship. to hawaii. violent eruptions are once again shooting fountains of lava as high as 200 feet into the air tonight. the eruptions are also spitting out lava bombs the size of refrigerators, destroying at least one additional structure, and prompting new warnings to residents to stay out of harm's way. hawaii county civil defense officials say 40 structures have burned and two more are threatened a. 22nd fissure opened up in leilani estates overnight but fissure 17 as you see here is the most active. it is quite active. there are worries of even bigger blasts on the way. >> the countdown to the royal wedding continues. a pub in san jose is rolling out the red carpet to the delight of nearly 200 wedding watch party
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guests. katie bar zullo is live at bring tanya arms. >> reporter: hi it's going to open at 3:00 a.m. i should say reopen at 3:00 a.m. that is to accommodate some very enthusiastic royal wedding watchers. of course not everyone in the south bay is quite that excited. >> as a true englishman it fills me with great fried and pleds your to say that i couldn't care less about the royal wedding. >> reporter: mixed reviews at san jose airport. david was picking up friends who flew in from london. >> i am not a royalist but i like having a royal family in the uk. i feel it's part of our culture. >> reporter: brittany just returned from a semester abroad. >> there is banners everywhere and it's cool to be there. >> reporter: it's good to be home, too. her mom alicia planned a royal watch party for two? we are going to have tea and scones. >> reporter: perhaps the biggest party outside of london is at britainia arms in san jose.
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the doors open at 3:00 a.m. >> shut everything else off and see something that's positive instead of negative all the time. nice way for people to get together. we are a british pub so i'm very much into the royal family. that's my thing. >> reporter: guests will enjoy a breakfast, wedding cake and souvenirs fit for a princess. abc7 news. >> that special coverage of the royaledding starts at 2:00 a.m. as we have been telling you. watch it right here on abc7. stream it on line through our app or go to abc7 what will the weather hold in england and here in the bay area for the weekend. >> sandhya patel has the answer. >> we have a forecast that is fit or royalty. look. as you will notice in windsor, saturday, tomorrow morning, guests arrive at 9:00 a.m. the service begins at noon. bright skies. procsion at 1:00. and you couldn't ask for better weather. mid to upper 60s for the ception. it will be sfit for a prince and
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a princess. 64 degrees. right now let's turn our attention back to the bay area. sun went down at 8:15. look at the cool view as the sun was getting ready to go down. we saw the marine layer the low clouds trying to re-establish. i love the colors here. the tower is in the center this beautiful time lapse. tonight the low clouds have progressed and we have pretty much overcast skies from the coastline except for point reyes out towards the east bay. and we are also seeing gray skies elsewhere as well. right now the temperatures are in a narrow range. numbers in the low to upper 50s from san francisco, oakland, to san jose. other temperatures, santa rosa, 51 right now, of a in concord. live picture from our abc7 news exploratorium camera showing you how your morning will begin. that's prosecute much on the cloudy side. the south bay, san jose is socked in right now. this is our san jose camera. you will notice really overcast
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conditions. typical for this time of year. low clouds, fog and i drizzle tomorrow morning. cool at the coast. minor ups and downs expected next week. if you are going to be out and about biking tomorrow it's going to be good weather, comfortable. sailing? do be careful. choppy out on the bay. small craft advisory is out. if you are hiking, a mix of sun and clouds. it is going to be good-looking weather. hour by hour. tomorrow morning 5:00 a.m. clouds, drizzle around 7:00 fom fog lingers at the beaches. for the rest of you you are looking at sunshine with similar temperatures to today. tomorrow morning, drizzly enough to where you will have to autos use your wipers at times. upper 40s to upper 50s. afternoon temperatures, anywhere from the upper 50s along the coastline where the fog is sitting, places like half moon pay. up to the 70s. if you are taking part in beta
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breakers on sunday you will nd mist to keep you cool. race begins at 8:00 a.m. cloudy. breezy and cool at 10:00 a.m. at noontime, gusty conditions expected. accuweather seven-day forecast. download the accuweather app and you can check out temperatures when you went. overall the weather looks perfect. her sister shut down the speaker net. >> today
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[ cheers and applause ] look at the crowds. abc7 news was in san francisco as kylie jenner arrived at her
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new pop up shop on grant avenue. hundreds of fans stood in line overnight to get a glimpse of the beauty businesswoman. at one point police had to shut down grand avenue because of the crowd. >> we didn't see it in the shot but larry and i were up against the barricade trying to get in. >> kylie! >> it was exciting. >> i'm just going to transition into sports. how will the warriors adjust to get steph curry going against the rockets? steve kerr weighs in on that. steve kerr weighs in on that. and will the
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>> announcer: abc7 sports, brought you the by river rock casino. >> giants have been frustrated
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with the umps the past couple of games. belt homered in four straight games. didn't start today on "star wars" night. red leader we read you loud and clear. is it okay if i'm on instagram. third of his year. he hit none last year. 1-0 in a flash but that' all the giants produced tonight. a throw from the knees a. rocket, to get tomlanson. holland was pitching well until there. three-run shot by desmond who came in hitting .167. 3-1, rocks. belt didn't start. sore knee. looks at strike three. shaw, great pitch. giants lose their third straight, 6-1 the final. the a's in toronto. they had the bottoms up beer filler. a's came in with a major league
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44 homers on the road. make it 45. a's take a 1- lead in the third. in the seventh, 1-1 with two down. a's, pendler, fowler and fegley. the a's win it 3 7b. by the time game three of the western conference pyoffs tips off the warriors whether have four days to figure out how to get stephen curry open shots and get him on josh hardin. curry missed some open threes but the rockets have done a good job contesting shots. steve kerr says he has faith game three at oracle will be different. >> steph has to shoot every time we get open. we are going to do a better job getting him open. as we get further and further from the injury he is going to be in better shape and good
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rhythm. >> stanford and washington state college baseball. popped up. the ball knocks the glove off of the player's hand. no problem. bare handed. stanford. one more look. now, what needs a glove? stanford wins 10-1. abc7 sports brought to you by river rock casino. that's the way a man catch a make ross your destination for savings. if you're looking for an incredible selection of the brands you love, this season's newest trends for a fraction of what you'd pay at department stores, ♪ you gotta go to ross


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