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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 7PM  KOFY  May 19, 2018 7:00pm-7:30pm PDT

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. it's almost like a fairy tale. >> tonight on abc 7 news at 6:00 meghan markle inspiring a new group of women and girls. the beta breakers is just hours away. it's a party for some and a major inconvenience for others. >> san francisco living up to its nickname tonight. the route is ready. runners are arriving, and the
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city is bracing for the return of the beta breakers. >> at least 40,000 runners will take part in the race's 107th running. >> joining us live at pier 35 where runners have picked up their package tonight. and what's new for runners this time around. >> reporter: hopefully they won't be facing this kind of wind. it's really gusty out here right now. they can go an extra 3 kilometers at the end of the run. if you're one of those overachieving runners and you want to go a bit farther you can do so this year. it's called the breakers bonus and you'll get a medal for doing so. you can expect the costumes, a scenic route and of course naked runners. you can see people picking up their packets at pier 35. they'll be running with 40,000 their closest friends. the race route starts on the bay side of san francisco and goes up the infamous haze hill, past
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almose square and through the golden gate part. there's a wide spectrum of participants from elite runners to people who just show up to party. >> i heard it's a fun race. it's been on my list for about 15 years. i've done various races around the bay area. this is my first time running this one. >> my friend is from chicago. we grew up together. he came out here in 1991 and i smoked him in that race. so he's back for a rematch. >> so this race, a tration for a lot of people. this race does shutdown maine streets and the city along the route. organizers trying to reopen roads by 2:00 in the afternoon. but if you can avoid driving tomorrow, do so. as you know costumes are always a big part of the festivities for beta breakers. i want to tell you that organizers are predicting that
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they're going to see a lot of royal wedding themed costumes this year. live in san francisco. >> i would love to see that, a fascinator while you run, how do you do that? >> as long as there are costumes. >> very true. speaking of wind, you see there that camera shaking around a little bit. also quite foggy in san francisco. what can we expect for the race tomorrow? let's get to meteorologist drew tuma. >> those costumes got to be pinned down tomorrow. that wind is going to be with us tomorrow especially along the coast. it's going to be a gray start. by 8:00 race is underway, 54 degrees. by 10:00 that wind picking up and gusts by midday 20 to 30 miles per hour and that is going to be a head wind. the coast is breezy tomorrow afternoon and evening once again
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we all will be breezy once again. we'll detail those winds a little closer and show you a fuller finish coming up. >> if you're going to be in beta breakers post your video and the photos with the #abc7now, that way we can find them and that way we may feature them on-air and online. investigators say a 17-year-old student walked into an art class and opened fire. reporter omar hernandez is in texas where the community is in mourning. >> reporter: as much as it's a story filled with terror, it's just as much filled with a community coming together. >> this is tough time. we've got a hurting community. we've got people who have lost loved ones, some of them students, some adults. we are going to pull through this. >> reporter: it's a new day for those in santa fe, texas. one filled with volunteering and
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blood drives, for example, and remembering the ten killed in the shooting. 17-year-old chris stone remembered by his sister as adventurous and a protector. being mourned deeply both here in the united states and in her native country. she was 17. sip cynthia tisdale was a substitute teacher and a mother. he survived. >> it went through my neck and came outright here. we can't just sit over here and mourn over it, because that's exactly what he wants. he wants us to mourn over it. >> reporter: the shooting suspect a student at the school is currently being held in solitary confinement. authorities say he acted alone and according to a probable cause affidavit spare the people he liked. now the focus is on what's
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ahead. >> we will once again laugh. it'll be a while, but we will get through is. >> reporter: in santa fe, texas. abc 7 news. red wood firefighters knocked down a two alarm fire that badly damaged an apartment building this afternoon. roads have been closed from wood side road to fair oaks lane. the cause is still under investigation. it was a royal wedding unlike any other. prince harry and meghan markle were married today at st. george's chap, windsor. there were rousing cheers for the couple. earlier meghan broke with tradition to make mos of the walk down the aisle alone. along with the celebrities who tnessed the ceremony, thousands lined the streets to wish the couple well. >> what is there not to by excited about? >> more than 250 member of the
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armed forces lined the chapel to esco escort prince harry and meghan's carriage. >> i like to think it means a lot to him that they are either service men and women, operations abroad. >> the newly weds will be now >> the newly weds will be now known as the duke and duchess of
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meghan markle's trailblazing walk down the aisle is inspiring many women especially those of color. >> reaction with this historic ceremony, david, long day for you out there. >> reporter: yeah, it's a pretty long day. actually we didn't even go to bed last night, so we're going on two days. but i'll tell you it was worth it. an absolutely beautiful ceremony, this town was absolutely loaded with people who were excited to witness this, and i was excited, too. and in standing with that crowd, i don't know if you could tell at home when you were watching at hole, but the crowd is extremely diverse. when it comes to royal weddings you don't always see that, but
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there were many people of color in attendance here, and that's no coincidence. meghan markle being a person of mixed race, a woman of color, she's inspiring so many people to join in on this celebration because they feel there's a marked change, a marked movement not just with the royal family but the world. and here's more. when meghan markle entered st. george's chapel and walked down that aisle it was a moment many people of color never imagined. >> i'm sure even her mother, just to think ever thought her daughter would be marrying into the royal family. and so it's almost like a fairy tale. >> reporter: with meghan suddenly it's a fairy tale that truly is for everyone. as you look through the crowd people of all colors were here today. >> meghan is biracial, and she's representing women of color. and that's why i'm here. >> reporter: and inside the
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ceremony obvious signs that this family is open to change. >> i love the fact that this ceremony included some of her cultural things such as the bishop. she did a wonderful job. >> there's power, power in love. >> and the choir, it was just stunning. >> reporter: another significant step to better understanding, measured in the future of little girls who show up in tiaras and princess dresses. >> i have two little girls and they're seeing meghan who is the same color as them. it's something they are going to remember. they're going to look up to her as a role model. it's amazing. just anything is possible for anyone of any color. i think it really brought the world together. >> reporter: it was really wonderful. you could see actually the hope in these people's eyes and the pride, the fact that the royal family now has been brought in meghan markle and she's making
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such a difference. and almost every person to a tee i talked with did you ever think this day would come, and now perhaps the world will follow. >> perhaps the most modern royal wedding of all-time, that is for sure. david ono, live in england. many watchers in the bay area got up early to say meghan and harry's wedding. others slept in and celebrated the post-wedding reception. >> reporter: a proper british tea party to watch a proper rebroadcast of harry and meghan's wedding at the sir francis drake hotel. >> i think it's really exciting, actually. i think they're really nice people. >> i loved it. i woke up at 3:00. her expressions and you see a lot of love between her and the prince. >> reporter: guests paid $125 to
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show-off their fascinators, drink tea, eat crumpets and scones and even some twists for meghan thrown in like doughnuts. >> people like doughnuts everywhere. >> reporter: nobody does pomp and circumstance like the royals, and let's talk about that amazing wedding dress. >> gorgeous. very elegant. she's a lovely person. >> reporter: mean time up on knob hill wedding bells were chiming here at grace cathedral. the bells chimed at noon. the church has ties to the u.k. >> i think they are a fabulous couple that are going to do good things for this world. >> reporter: harry and meghan, congrats from the bay area. cornell bernard, abc 7 news. >> now, if you didn't wake up early to watch the royal wedding, you can get a full
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recap at >> that time of year again. tens of thousds of people will overtake the streets tomorrow. >> yeah, so what kind of weather will they face? meteorologist drew tuma coming up with your accuweather forecast. what do t
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nba hall of famer bill russell has been released from a seattle hospital after an overnight stay. >> russell was treated for dehydration. in a light hartdhearted message twitter he said my wife continues to remind me i don't drink enough. >> late today russell tweeted out a photo saying he see back at home and rooting for the celtics against the cavs tonight. he attended of course the university of san francisco. and in accuweather we're talking about that wind that has been just so active today. it will do the same thing tomorrow and actually bring in some cooler air to finish off the weekend. take a look at live doppler 7. it is quiet for the time being right now. but as we advance it into a live
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look outside from a rooftop camera here at kgo along the embarcadero, yeah, you can see those flags. that wind is really active at this hour. at times it's been gusting 20, 30 miles per hour. it'll weaken just a bit early tonight. and tomorrow afternoon once again we will see those winds pick right back. we have 20 mile per hour in san francisco, 23 in oakland. a wind right now at 17 miles per hour there in san jose. and right now the wind especially through fairfield at this hour gusting to 29 miles per hour. so certainly it's cool out there temperature-wise, but that wind adding to that cool factor. only 66 in san francisco, 61 in napa, only 63 in san jose. these numbers are certaly cool for this time of year. only 54 right now at half moon bay. overnight tonight we've been stuck in this pattern for
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several days now. the cloud cover going to roll right back in. mid-40s to mid-50s the name of the game. i think we could see a couple of spots away from the coast that could see some drizzle early on. 7:00 in the morning beta breakers in san francisco, overcast sky. a headwind coming at you at 20 to 30 miles per hour for the runners. it certainly will be a bit harder race. and we see pockets of drizzle. the clouds very slow to pull back to the coast. what we're going to be watching in the afternoon, youee north of knoxville, there could be an isolated shower popping up in our hills. but that will be only issue we have in terms of precipitation. starting in the south bay 68 and breezy in san jose. so certainly below average for may. 61 for san mateo tomorrow, 66 in
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mountain view. cool and breezy and a bit of afternoon sunshine. 61 in downtown, and only 56 in daly city. about 71 for sonoma. oakland tomorrow a cool breezy 63. 64 for fremont. and inland it's a mixed bag of 60s and 70s. the accuweather seven-day forecast we're stuck in this pattern. morning clouds, and afternoon sunshine tomorrow it is breezy with those gusts over 20 moourps. temperatures at or slightly below average for this time of year. no team has had a better home court advantage for the warriors. over the past two seasons they've been unbeaten at oracles in the playoffs. and that's big and the series is tied after the doves one game
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one and were blown out in game two. steph has been a little off his game, but the warriors want to get him going on sunday, and to do that they just have to play better. >> there's no magic play we're going to come up with. we're not changing a whole lot in terms of what we do. we might add something here or there, but just got to play better. >> steph is going to help himself. he don't need any of us to create looks for him or anything like that. he's going to do that himself, and we know he will. to baseball, the a's have been playing the power ball. they led the majors with 45 home runs on the road. they've won all eight of their current road trip games for a total of 17 overall. but the one hit today might be the most dramatic of them all. gorgeous day in toronto. in a bit of trouble gives up a two run homer.
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jays put up four in the fifth. bases loaded with two outs and two strikes on chad pinder, and watch this. it's his first career grand slam, a former a's pitcher tyler clipper. the a's win it 5-4. they're two games over 500 and have won four of their last five. back here at home the giants trying to get at least one from the rockies. brandon crawford with bases loaded double down the line. the giants take the lead. they add another to go 4-2 after three. crawford crutches it outlet of the yard. it's a two run shot, three hits on the day, 4 rbi. 9-4 is the final. how about crawford? he is batting 450 in the month of may. >> you feel better at the plate, and that can go a long way.
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ended upcoming out swinging today. i think we ended up 17 hits. >> we're going to run into some guise sometimes that's going to pitch us and shut us down. >> justify became the first horse since 1882 to win a kentucky derby without racing as a 2-year-old to justify the expectations. >> it is justify in front. justify, he's unstoppable. he won the preakness. >> on a foggy and muddy track in baltimore justify with jockey mike smith gets to two thirds of the way to the triple crown. once again trainer bob baffert wins. ten fold was third. and you got to check this playoff from last night.
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stamford and washington state pop up. no problem, check it out. there goes the glove and here comes the ball. i got it, i got it. yes, you do. stamford goes onto win. your final, 10-1. game three of the eastern conference finals right now all cavaliers off to great start. they're up 16 in the first quarter. we'll check out highlights coming up at 9:00 and 11:00. >> don't need no stinking glove. >> very impressive. >> very impressive.
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tonight on abc 7 news at 9:00 over on kofy tv 20 a hands on event on the peninsula is bringing out people's creative side. plus. >> hands over your head. pretend like we're going to shoot you. >> where this dramatic confrntraticonfr confrontation happened.
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one student couldn't make it. >> cynthia petway was admitted to the hospital and was told she wouldn't be able to leave for three weeks. unable to attend her high school graduation that's when cynthia lost hope. they brought out their robot that utilizes two ipads allowing petway to be in another place without leaving the hospital. >> that's so cool. look at that. she was able to stay put while the robot walked across the stage on her behalf. >> now, that's not only tech logically clever, that's just clever. >> never seen that before. >> way to go for thinking of it. that's it for abc 7 news at 6:00. we'll see you once again at 9:00 and 11:00.
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