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tv   ABC7 News 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  May 20, 2018 9:00pm-9:30pm PDT

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>> announcer: live where you live, this is abc7 news. >> good evening. i'm eric thomas. thanks for joining us. >> and i'm dion lim. the eye congress i can beta breakers race kicked off for the 107th time. >> it didn't disappoint featuring creative costumes and unique styles. neighbors sand participants seemed to be on their best behavior. >> abc7 news's cornell bernard has the story. >> reporter: it's like that for phyllis. she's celebrating her 35th year running. >> i just love it. this is my most fun day of the whole year. >> reporter: sky 7 overhead as runners took off from maine and
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howard streets, some 40,000 people according to organizers. for a while there, a bunch of grapes was leading the pack. but men's elite runner from kenya finishe first at the great highway for the second year in a row. his time, 35 minutes 41 seconds. >> it is windy. still nice, but the day was still windy. >> reporter: jane from kenya was the women's winner with a time of 40 minutes. an endless stream of weird creative costumes not far behind. what kind of butterflies are you? >> the happe happy kind. >> reporter: these squid had a rough time. >> somehow we made it through. >> i'm a unicorn start up. you get it? >> reporter: by now. we found police confiscating alcohol from people. it is not allowed on the course. on fell street they have a love/hate relationship. som love it, some people really hate it. especially all the trash.
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this neighbor built a barricade around his house to discourage public urination. >> sometimes they get up here, they use the rest room or they broke my stairs. >> reporter: other neighbors say things are pretty calm compared to years past. >> i'm fine with this. this is pretty chill. >> reporter: party on beta breakers. in san francisco cornell bernard, abc7 news. >> oakland locals today hosted a huge barbecue at lake merritt dubbed barbecuing while black. the community event is in response to last month's incident when a white woman was caught on cell phone video calling police on two black men for using a charcoal grill. she said using that type of grill in that spot is illegal. the bystander who filmed it said the woman was being racist. >> if there is any reason she feels uncomfortable with people having a good time, why not come over here and join the fun so next time she wouldn't have any reasons to call the cops, you know? we were here unified, just enjoying this beautiful sunday without being harassed. >> several local stores, bakeries and barbecue joints
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donated food for the event. >> a palo alto pastor has resigned after series of expletive laden tweets. a twitter account has since been deleted but not before they were brought to the attention of the city council. abc7 news reporter lilian kim has this story. >> the tweets were distasteful. they were hateful and they were really -- should not be reflective of our community. >> reporter: palo alto mayor liz kniss said the tweets came as a shock to city council. they discussed them last week. >> i think as a parent you would not want your kids to be in that congregation singing or interacting with the associate pastor. >> reporter: stevens' tweets took shots at old people, the police and mostly the city itself. from palo alto as an elitist expletive den of hate, palo alto is disgusting. the twitter fall out has led to his resignation. >> it may reflect badly on the church at least for the moment, but it's not who we are.
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>> reporter: rick nixon is the senior pastor of first baptist church. his frustration was part of the church's permit struggle with the city over leasing some of the its space to outside tenants. while the tweets were in poor taste, stevens may have had a valid point. >> he could have made that critique in different language. maybe it would have been hospitable to at least some people. >> reporter: stevens declined to talk with abc7 news, but he told a local paper he plans to move to san francisco. in palo alto, lilian kim, abc7 news. >> today the first funeral was were held for some who lost their lives in the texas shooting. at least five vigils will be held in the coming days. the school and others in the city of santa fe will be closed monday and tuesday. here's abc7 news reporter elizabeth hur. >> reporter: with prayers and songs, the texas governor joined the santa fe community at a church service before stopping by the small-town high school to pay his respects to the victims
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and their families. >> we pray that god heal the hearts of the parents who have lost a child. >> reporter: two teachers and eight students were killed in the friday's deadly shooting and sunday afternoon a prayer service was held for 17-year-old sabika shake, an exchange student from pakistan. >> we are here today because we are united in a shared grief. >> reporter: the confessed shooter dimitrios pagourtzis entered the back of the school with two guns and authorities say explosive devices, but none of those devices worked. police say the guns used in the shooting belonged to the suspect's father. his attorneys maintain neither parent saw this coming. >> when the incidents started they were as worried about their kid as everybody else was. >> reporter: according to authorities, the motive remains under investigation, but sadie rodriguez believes her daughter shayna fischer was shot and killed because dimitrios had been pursuing shayna for months
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and her rejection made her a target. >> not even a week later, he just shoots everyone. you know? he shoots -- she was the first one. >> reporter: in response, the suspect's attorney called that pure speculation. whatever the motive, the governor says his hope is that the suspect gets swift texas justice. elizabeth hur, abc7 news, santa fe, texas. >> in the hours following the shooting facebook said they fought against a number of fake profiles claiming to be the shooter. the network company said fake accounts were created less than 20 minutes after police named the suspect. in one company profile was taken down, a doctored photo showing the suspect wearing a hillary 2016 hat. facebook has also remov the suspect's real profile. >> the president had a busy day on social media. in one tweet he demanded an investigation into whether an informant working for the fbi or department of justice infiltrated his campaign. abc7 news reporter richard cantu
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has the latest >> reporter: president trump wants answers the fbi had an informant in his campaign. tweeting, i here by demand and will officially do so tomorrow that the department of justice look into whether or not the fbi/doj infiltrated or surveilled the trump campaign for political purposes. the president insisting he has the right to intervene. >> you look at the corruption at the top of the fbi, it's a disgrace. and our justice department, which i try and stay away from, but at some point i won't. >> reporter: the issue, published reports during the 2016 campaign they summoned a professor to talk with several trump advisors. after those advisors had been flagged for contact with russians. the fbi director citing national security concerns has not revealed any further detail. >> the day that we can't protect human sources is the day the american people start becoming less safe. >> reporter: the justice department saying it will investigate and deputy attorney
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general rod rosenstein vowing to take appropriate action if anyone did surveil or infiltrate the trump campaign. there is also a published report about a meeting at trump tower three months before the election, during which donald trump, jr. met with an israeli social media entrepreneur, a representative of two arab princes and the founder of private security firm black water to discuss mounting a social media campaign to help elect trump. a lawyer for donald trump, jr. saying he was not interested and that was the end of it. the president tweeting, the witch hunt has given up on russia and is looking at the rest of the world. richard ccantu, abc7 -- abc new, new york. >> just before the puma pounced. >> launching cameras into space will be the cool est project of all time. literally. details on that ahead. >> and i'm meteorologist drew tuma. we are wrapping up a week
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weekend filled with wind and cooler temperatures many we'll look at when the winds relax and warmer weather moves in in the accuweather forecast coming up.
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new details now on a cougar attack in washington state that left a mountain biker dead and a second injured. investigators now say the two victims did everything right and the puma was emaciated. the men got off their bikes, made noise, tried to scare the animal away. the cougar ran off then came back. a sheriff's sergeant said the animal bit him on the head and shook him. the bicyclist kicked the cat. the mountain lion has been euthanized. fish and wildlife said this is the second fatal cougar attack in the state in just 100 years. >> a homeowner in santa cruz
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county found out just how dangerous garden netting can be for wildlife. yesterday morning that homeowner walked into their yard and saw five gopher snakes just trapped in the netting there. four were squirming around and one had already died. wildlife experts arrived and cutaway the four living snakes. we are looking at video from wildlife emergency services in one rescue. netting in gardens and ponds can be unintentional traps. >> they were not pleased. it's a breezy night, what can you expect for the morning commute? >> meteorologist drew tuma up next with the report. >> curry brings a force as the warriors make team and nba history. highlights next. it's not just any streaming.
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nasa's cool est experiment ever and we mean that literally, is on its way to the international space station. >> yeah, an ice chest-size lab designed by jpl in pasadena aims to produce a temperature 10 times colder than the vacuum of space. it blasted off in a cargo ship this morning. adams will be chipped with the help of lasers and magnets to this temperature, the coldest possible. nasa wants to examine the strange quantum behavior of atoms. >> translator: now your accuweather forecast with drew tuma. >> and accuweather today was a windy afternoon. we had wind gusts frequently over 20 miles an hour, in our cities and hills higher than that. live doppler 7 with satellite showing we're dealing with mostly partly to cloudy skies across the region. that cloud cover once again is going to fill in as it has done in many previous nights this week.
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picture outside, it a beautiful one. emeryville camera, live look, showing good visibility. in the distance you can see sutro tower blinking. the fog has yet to come back at this hour. we'll switch it to the rooftop camera here along the embarcadero. you can see the flag waiving atop pier 15 now. not as vigorously as it was earlier today. in fact, the winds have backed off in a lot of spots. we're less than 20 miles an hour across the region. today we had winds gusting over 50 miles per hour in our hills. right now 18 current gust in oakland. 15 in san francisco. 17 in fairfield. right now san jose coming in with pretty light wind of 8 miles per hour. but it's all about that wind direction once again, that on-shore flow, winds coming off the cool ocean water that continue to drag in that cooler air across the region. so, we're down to about 54 in oakland, 57 right now in san jose. 60, though, in santa rosa. 56 that current number in antioch. here's the set up. live doppler 7, why we are windy
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and cool. you can see there are showers to our east associated with an area of low pressure. for us what this system does, it drags in cooler air from the north and that is going to sit there the next couple of days. keeping us below average for this time of year. combine that with an area of high pressure sitting off our coast line. in our atmosphere winds always travel from high to low pressure. so those winds will continue to funnel cooler air off the ocean water and that's going to be the set-up tomorrow afternoon as well. here's the call overnight tonight, we'll see cloud cover fill right back in in a lot of spots. mid 40s to mid 50s your overnight temperatures with a chance of a little bit of coastal drizzle developing. so, future weather will go hour by hour for you tomorrow morning, 7:00 in the morning, the southern half of the viewing area really dealing with a lot of low cloud cover, some coastal fog. we may actually get some clearer breaks for sunnier skies first thing in the north bay, but it will do that traditional retreat back to the coast line. by mid-morning we see a lot of spots dealing with some sunnier
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skies. so, good news there and that will be the theme throughout the afternoon as well. the coast socked in with cloud cover but away from the coast we have brighter skies. so highs monday it's windy along the coast. below average temperatures this time of year. 61 in san francisco. about 67 in fremont. 66 in oakland. about 76 the high in santa rosa. and breezy and 75 the high in antioch. so the accuweather seven-day forecast put it together the next seven days, still breezy on your monday. we dip below average again tuesday into wednesday, but by thursday we'll lose the wind, we'll lose the marine layer and it will be a warmer finish to the upcoming week. >> announcer: now sports from abc7 news. >> once again, stephen curry proved he knows best. he never gets too low, he never gets too high. questions were raised about what was wrong with his shot following the first two games.
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western conference finals. tonight in game three, curry answered. absolutely nothing. mr. curry's shot is just fine, thank you very much. he did struggle in the first half, but by the third quarter that was his time. first play out of the break look at that, gets the hoop and the foul. james harden, he's a little bit lazy tonight. andre iguodala gets the pick. he misses on the other end, but curry is right there with a put back. mike de anthony. another rockets turnover. they had 19 of them. this is the warriors at their bst. curry up the court to play. to k.d. from the corner, four three. that was a 21-point lead at that point. durant had 25 on the night. curry's turn. leads harden for the layup. and then durant not handing it over for the easy three. and then a little razzle dazzle, he crosses up harden, hits him pthree, just beautiful.set back steph 7 for 7 in the third quarter. finishes with a game high 35.
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shimmy is back. his daughter riley is going primal as well. loving it. the final dagger went to sean livingston. blown past the mvp. biggest playoff win in warriors history. 41-point win. 126-85. curry is back. >> i've been doing it for a while and won't let two tough games shooting keep me frustrate and had keep shooting. let it kind of take care of itself in that sense. i was searching for it the first half. like i said, had plenty opportunities, couldn't knock them down. third quarter it opened up. >> i think he had a great quarter that second quarter. i don't mean to be disa point, but i've seen raisier from him. it's good to see. >> i thought he was pressing a little bit early. i was never concerned. this guy is a two-time mvp and he bounces back from bad games as well as anybody i've ever seen, so didn't surprise me. >> monday is going to be extra sweet for the giants.
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today's game against rockies was their 17th straight without an off day. san francisco earned their rest by securing a series split. look at this guy in the upper deck. he gets the most valuable fan award. saves the section and his nachos with that bare handed catch. no score in the bottom. a rare day when buster posey does this. sends it into triple valley for the triple only the 9th of his career. he scored on sacrifice to give the giants an ear lead, but tied at 5 in the seventh. brandon belt hammers this. a three-run shot. it's his 5th home run in the seven-game home stand. the first in the season off a lefty. nick is up next. he loves the lefty. that's gone. his 5th of the year. the giants win 9-5, the final. a's in toronto. look at left fielder chad. full extension going for the foul and the concern to make sure the little guy is okay. he was.
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5th inning marcus finnian. this is a blast. ten straight games for oakland with a home run. daniel was spectacular. he gave it two hits over seven shut out innings. look at this razzle daz. he gets acrobatic play and shovel throw. the a's win and are the first team to complete a four game sweep of the blue jays and toronto since 2001. they're back in the coliseum tuesday. western conference finals, vegas is the first expansion team to make the stanley cup final. they were up 1-0 in the first win. the jets josh morrissy tied it up with that slap shot. in a second period, it was all golden knights. check the circle. ryan read gets justin on the deflection, 2-1 knights on top and that's how it ends. you think about it, a year ago at this time the golden knights didn't even exist. and coming up in sports later tonight, we are going to show you the message special message
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stephen curry had for the home crowd. >> oh. >> is it tv p.g. 13? >> no, his reaction, the team's reaction was a lot of fun. >> thank you. coming up, josh brolin's collide. it's brolin as the villain avengers versus "deadpool 2." >> i guess brolin comes out on top. we'll find out next.
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tonight on abc7 news at 11:00, another bay area pet lover falls victim to the puppy scam. 7 on your side michael finney shows us what's different with this victim and how it could be good news for the rest of us. >> we're getting new dramatic video of the wildfires as police race to evacuate people. >> the avengers 3 week reign at the box office is over. >> "deadpool 2" like the original is a satirical look starring ryan reynolds. "deadpool" earned $125 million, the second largest opening for an r-rated movie ever just behind -- well, guess what? it was "deadpool." avengers infinity war came in second, number eight all time domestically not adjusted for inflation. >> book club starring jane fonda, among others, debuted in
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third. >> that's it for abc7 news at 9:00. we'll see you at 11:00 over on we'll see you at 11:00 over on channel 7. thanks for inviting me to your super bowl party, charlie. i haven't been to one of these since... last year around this time. i remember having this conversation about a year ago. and i'm thinking we're gonna have it again in... about a year. i hope so. come on, 35! - no! - go! go! go! - no! no! no! - come on! come on! - no! - all right! yeah! see, i told you the new camry got over 35 miles a gallon. pay up, lacey. charlie, do we really have to pay up on bets about commercials? yes. this is a great time to learn how to lose without getting angry.


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