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tv   ABC7 News 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  May 21, 2018 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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>> i'm not what they claim i am. i. 'not a rapist. that's for damn sure. i'm not a murderer. that's a fact. >> he tells his side of the story. good evening, thank you for joining us. i'm ama daetz. >> deandre lewis is being called one of the most violent and prolific sex traffickers. >> he's expected to be sentenced to life in prison this friday. today, lewis talked with our own laura anthony.
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>> i'm not a monster, that's a kt fa. . >> prosecutors say he's perhaps the worst human sex trafficker in contra costa county history. but deandre lewis tells a different story. >> i never told anyoi'm going t hurt you if you don't do this. >> last month, 37 felonies involving at least zen women over a decade. he met at least one of them at diablo valley college when they were both students. >> he's one of the most violent human traffickers we've had in this county. >> the deputy attorney harassed him. >> he was incredibly violent and abusive. he used physical manipulation, psychological control and extreme violence, including raping and defiling multiple women. >> t >> the jury even heard a phone call lewis made from jail to a co-conspirator, ordering her to torture another woman who owed him money.
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>> where is the rest of my money? and if that [ bleep ] don't have the money in her count, beat that [ bleep ]. i want to hear her screaming and all that [ bleep ]. >> they want to expose him. >> reporter: this woman does not want h her face shown she's lewis' ex-wife. while he never forced her to have sex with others, prosecutors say she's very much her victim. >> he beat me on several occasions. he held a gun to my head. you know, my son witnessed some of it, unfortunately. >> deandre lewis spent the past four years here at the county jail in martinez. on friday, he'll find out for sure if he'll be sentenced to at least 150 more in state prison. >> at the end of the day, i never made anyone do anything they did not want to do. anybody who's ever been around me is because they chose to or they wanted to. >> it's important for me to realize that these types of things happen every day all around you.
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and you don't even know it. >> in martinez, laurie anthony, abc 7 news. investigators are looking into what happened when a tesla slammed into a pond over the weekend killing the driver. this is at least the third tesla model s crash in the past two weeks. the model s went into a fence and into a pond. the i-7 was overhead as the wrecked tesla was taken to a tow yard. abc 7 reporter melanie woodrow has details from the victim's friends. >> a dedicated musician. a. >> his love for music was tremendous. >> leon often stepped in for danville community band members, no matter what instrument needed to be played. >> to be able to do that is definitely a testamentment to his talent. >> over the weekend when leong didn't show up for a performance, his friend knew something was wrong. >> i started calling around to different hospitals to see if he happened to be in any of the
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emergency rooms. i think people started recognize me because i was calling so often. >> investigators say leong's tesla model s went through a fence and ended up on a pond in castro valley. >> the vehicle did travel a significant way from the roadways. so it's believed the vehicle could have gone air born based on some of the damage located in the area. >> the crash happened around 7:50 last night. a homeowner found degree but no car. the sheriff's dive team was called in. investigators say his seat belt was on when the divers found him. off camera, his son used tesla's auto pilot feature on highways but not usually on neighborhood road. abc 7 news reached out to tesla regarding the crash. we have not heard back. ntsb says they are not investigating the crash. when he wasn't working as a musici musician, he worked as an engineer. >> most of all, he was a kind person and a loyal friend.
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and i think that's how many of us will remember him. >> in danville, melanie woodrow, abc 7 news. >> passengers at san francisco international airport saw something today they will never forget. a man fell to his death in the baggage claim area. part of terminal 3 was cordoned off for the investigation. he fell this morning from the mezzanine two floors up. investigators do not believe anything criminal happened here. no wrong doing or foul play. witnesses say they heard a loud commotion right before the fall. >> very chaotic. a lot of people were running around, you know, gawking at the situation. they got some paramedics there pretty quick and tried to get them stabilize. >> the coroner's office identified the man as 53-year-old dale fin of south san francisco.
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>> b.a.r.t. is trying to z permission to close the hallway. they announced joint foot patrols to address quality of life issues at downtown san francisco b.a.r.t. stations. >> all right, let's turn now to the weather. strong, gusty winds today and this evening. >> let's take a look outside right now on the embarcadero. let's check in with meteorologist drew tuma. i forgot to bring my kite to work with me. >> you have several other chances in the coming days. the wind continues as well. when they were gusting over 20 miles an hour this afternoon, it was widespread. 14 to 18 miles an hour.
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you see gusts to 43 miles an hour. future track of winds, the winds are generally light but they will ramp up once again what to expect this week. the morning feature light winds. strong wind gusting to 20 miles an hour. finally on friday, those winds are going to relax. but as they do, we enter some chance for showers. we'll detail that in the forecast in just a few minute the, guys. >> health insurance could become more affordable if a package of bill become law. the proposed legislation would increase funding for state subsidies which would reduce co-pays and deductibles. advocates say it would bring california closer to having universal health care.
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>> >> lot more to come here. a new push to to make higher bridge tolls. a team of mayors say it's the only way to ease the traffic and transportation gridlock. >> also, the big island where lava found cains are erupt, the biggest concern for residents. >> and drew will be right back with the full accuweather forecast.
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on the san mateo bridge. they're urnling their constituents to vote yes on regional measure there. >> motorists who cross that span and all other bridges except the independently owned golden gate would see their tolls tyke hiked by $3 over the next seven years. the money, nearly $4.5 billion would tackle bay area traffic congesti
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congestion. we are tired being jammed up and delayed and kept away from our families while stuck on bay area roads. the bridge would pay for increasing ferry service, improving bus systems and replacing b.a.r.t.'s aging fleet of trains. supporter says it's a coordinated regional approach to the traffic crisis. >> it's a game changer, not only for the city of san francisco and the bay area. >> that's one reason walnut creek council member says he's voting his first no vote ever. >> if uh you're going to raise the tolls, there should be a benefit to the toll payer and there isn't.
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>> the majority of voters. >> $9 across the bridge? that just sounds ridiculous to me. . >> if you need to register, it would be a lot more convenient to get it done today. >> tomorrow is the first time in california that there's a post registration day opportunity to register to vote. today is the deadline to not come to city hall to register to vote. >> if you want the location for conditional voting in your area, you can access it on the secretary state's website.
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>> and we have a dramatic video of lava spewing hundreds of feet into the air to show you as residents are dealing with yet another hazard caused by the eruption of kilauea. lava is flowing towards a geothermal power plant and tonight, workers are scrambling to shut it down to prevent the uncontrollable release of toxic gases. this is a video from a usgs flyover where there's an active fountain of lava that you can clearly see. just a river of molten lava. thousands of people are still evacuated from their homes. abc news reporter matt gutman is at fisher 20. >> it is shooting lava 100 feet into the air. it's creating a massive plume of smoke and gases. in there is sulfer dioxide. three times the sulfer dioxide is causing some increased
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concern. now this lava flow consumed two more homes. had our first injury from the lava as well. also it's feeding this massive river of lava that is going into the ocean and creating what's called laze. that is the lava mixed with cool water to create steam and fine particles that are glass like that can be very ir stating for people to breathe in. so there's multiple hazard right now as this continues to pan out. there is so much activity under ground that everywhere we've gone, the problem is it creaes brush fires. make things even more complicated and risky for first responders.
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matt gutman, abc news, hawaii. >> that was wild. >> of we bring in a chance of a couple of showers moving into what the forecast. it does rain in may. it's not a lot of rain to talk about. but nums, it could be moisture to finish out the week. it's a pretty quiet picture, but the low cloud cover certainly making a comeback. the picture from our camera, pier 15. we have gray skies up above the ceiling. pretty low right now. we expect once again we're in that president earn. we have the low cloud cover spreading into the entire region, indicative of such a cool pattern we have been in this entire month. take a look at this. san jose, for example, we take a look at the entire month so far
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for may. high temperatures. the square shaded in red, those are afternoon highs above average. there's only six on the board. the rest of the month several dis, in fact, a sfrech right now, we're at day nine of below average temperatures. so the month of may, the month of may rather will go down as a rather chilly month and a rather windy month as well. we're stuck in this pattern at least for the next couple of days. our surface winds, 14 miles an hour at sfo, 23 in fairfield. we talk about the on shore wind. . coming off the cool ocean water, just adding that chill factor into the atmosphere. the temperature only 51 degrees right now. when your winds are coming off that chilly ocean, it's really tough to climb above average this time of year. 54 in san francisco, about 57 in san jose. right now, oakland checking in at 56 degrees. so here's the call. overnight tonight, the cloud cover fills right back in.
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there will likely be spots in the north bay that see partly cloudy skies. perhaps coastal drizzle first thing. sun is up at 5:54 a.m. a fair amount of cloud cover to start out your day. and we'll see partly cloudy conditions into the afternoon. it will be breezy once again. those winds picking up, gusting over 20 miles an hour. and that will keep temperatures once again on the cool side for may. 76 the high in antioch. there's going to be a weak ripple of energy. it will keep our cooler air in place once again. but also bring us a little bit of moisture. right now, it's saying that san francisco, likely seeing less than 0.2 of an inch of rain.
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it's not going to be a lot of rain at all. the chance is there. we have a breezy afternoon. a better bet is on friday if the system moves overhead. friday, the winds finally relax. and then just in time for the holiday weekend. we turn the page. look at this, temperatures sore. and by memorial day, we could see near 90 degrees inland. to finish off the month on a hot note, it will be unexpected after this cool stretch. >> that's going to seem like a tipoff. >> traffic headaches near sfo. what you need to know so you don't get stuck for hours. >> also, one east bay city, a big move that's going to make
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>> a $70 million repaving project is now under way on interstate 880 between the fremont alvarado niels interchange to high street in oakland. in addition to repaving the freeway, crews will improve off and onramps and convert the current car pool lane into a toll lane. >> it really helps the whole corridor. helps move the whole corridor faster, helps fund some bus and other improvements for transit riders. >>est mo of the work on the project will take place overnight so as to not impact the already crowded morning and evening commute.
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>> work is expected to finishedabfinished by the end of the year. those detours have already created huge traffic jams tonight. we'll have much more on the story over on channel 7. >> well, b.a.r.t. is getting ready to open the extension. diesel powered train will host a community celebration at the antioch station starting at 11:00 a.m. on friday. >> some customers are complaining their money through zelle went to the wrong place or disappeared altogether. >> they often just assume it
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comes with the same protections you expect from your bank and that's not the case. >> 7 on your side mie fellchaely discusses the concerns with using zelle. >> up next, a deadly school shooting. >> what a teenage gunman said after he shot one victim after another. and the gunman's father talks about what may have driven his son to act. trump orders the justice department to investigate allegatio allegation the fbi spied on his campaign.
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click, call or visit a store today. >> we begin this half-hour with
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new information about the deadly school shooting in santa fe, texas. >> at the school, ten crosses now stand for the eight students and two teachers who died. >> for the first time the father of the gunman is speaking out saying he wishes his son had shot him instead of the kids. >> abc news reporter marcus moore has more. >> tonight, the galveston county sheriff telling reporters that his students were evacuating santa fe high school. inside, police officers were engaged in a fire fight with the gunman. >> the hero isv engaged this individual in approximately four minutes. and stayed engaged with him, keeping him contained and engaged so that other heros that continued to arrive could evacuate the teachers, the administrators and the students from this school. >> the sheriff, saying his own granddaughter was in that school, just three classrooms from where police cornered the
9:30 pm
alleged shooter. >> right now, let's in a galveston county jail under suicide watch. in there for capital murder. 17 years old. >> just one week before the shooting, he was seemed looic a happy teen. >> his father saying he himself came to america as a young boy with a grammar school education. he built a business here. now he describes visiting his son in jail. saying, quote, he could not look me in the eyes. he's confused, can't remember what happened. he says he wants to apologize to his sisters. he says he'll be strong and help see us through. his father said, quote, it would have been better if he shot me than all those kids. the father's guns were used to
9:31 pm
carry out the massacre. >> do we know how he ended up with those weapons? >> it does appear the guns were kept in a locked gun cabinet or gun safe. how he got access to them, we don't know. >> survivors say he taunted his vick tills after alleging gunning them down. >> playing music, making jokes while he's doing it. had slogans. >> what what was he saying? >> every time he killed someone, he would say another one bite the dust. >> today, a moment o silence as the survivors recover from their wounds, calls for change coming from near and fa far. texas native kelly clarkson at the billboard music awards. >> i'm so sick of moments of silence. my god, it's not working. like obviously. sorry. so why don't we not do a moment of silence. why don't we do a moment of action? >> john barnes, the school police officer who helped stop the shooting is in crate call condition tonight. he spent more than 20 years working as a police officer in
9:32 pm
houston and reportedly never fired his weapon in the line of duty. tonight, the sheriff says that his bravery saved lives. marcus moore, abc news, santa fe, texas. a former boyfriend of a southern california woman who died in an explosion appeared in court today. steven beel is not charged in the explosion but was arrested after federal agents found more than 100 pounds of explosive materials at his home in long beach. investigators say he recentl dated his business partner. she died last week in origin koungty after a package delivered to her work exploded. people who know beel say he will be vindicated. >> he's helped not me personally. he helped my daughter personally. and we've remained friends. i talked to him two weeks ago. he was fine. he was happy.
9:33 pm
>> his wife died when she fell down the stairs and a heavy piece of furniture fell on her. the coroner called her death mysterious. >> abc's chief white house correspondent. >> a meeting with the president highly agitated about the russia investigation. >> i hereby demand, the president declared, that the department of justice look into whether or not the fbi doj infill straited or sul surveilled the trump campaign for political purposes. and if any such demands or requests were made by people within the obama administration. he seems to be following through oen a threat he made last month on fox and friends. >> you look at the corruption at the top of the fbi, it's a disgrace. and our justice department, which i try and stay away from, but at some point, i won't.
9:34 pm
>> the fbi in late 2016 used an informant to question two trump campaign associates about their con stakts with russians. but there is no evidence the fbi infiltrated the trump campaign. today rosenstein made light of his high profile predicament. >> deputy attorneys general are very low profile. tend not to be recognized. >> he has now ordered the justice department's internal watchdog to look into the president's concerns. saying, quote, if anyone did infiltrate or surveil participants in a presidential campaign for inappropriate purposes, we need to know about it and take appropriate action. today, the president received a friendly warning from his ally chris christie cautioning attacks on the investigation could backfire. >> i've told him many times that there's no way to make an investigation like this shorter, but there's tlots of ways to make it longer. and he's executed on a number of
9:35 pm
those ways to make it longer. >> it's highly unusual for a president to demand that his justice department conduct an investigation like this, and it puts the deputy attorney general in quite a bind. but rosenstein who is somebody who for months has worked with a very real threat that he could be fired at anytime. jonathan carl, abc news, the white house. >> a group of uc students rallied at the state capitol today to provide the abortion pill. they spoke out in support of a state measure that would expand nonsurgical abortion services at all, uc and csu campuses. the bill has already passed the senate, now heads to the assemb assembly. in another issue over access, the county attorney general is hinting at a lawsuit against the trump administration over its plabs to cut funding for abortion services. the state insurance commissioner mean says the plan would eliminate funding for other aspects of women's reproductive
9:36 pm
health care. >> i fully oppose what the president is proposing to do. the regulation hasn't been issued yet. but he's announcehood he's going to do it, it's wrong. it will hurt women throughout the state of california. >> last week, the trump administration says it depends t deny federal funds to women's clinics that discuss abortion. >> automakers are on california' side in the fight against climate change. the leading trade group sent a letter to the white house earlier this month saying carmakers strongly support continued alignment with federal mile laj standards and those set by california. the automakers say they're committed to increasing fuel efficiency requirements which yield everyday concerns. climate change is real and we have a continued role in improving fuel efficiency. >> consumer reports announced today it cannot recommend tesla's model 3 sedan.
9:37 pm
in its review, consumer reports praised the model 3 for its battery range and handling. consumer reports says the vehicle's stopping range is far worse than other cars tested, even longer than that of the ford f-150 pickup truck. >> now, to a deadly mountain lion attack near seattle. one man was killed, the other has serious injuries mountain lion sightings are common in the bay area. the attack is extremely rare. kwieldlife experts are trying to find out what happened. here's abc news reporter will carr. >> scientists performing dna tests on this cougar after it was caught looming over a mountain biker's body. > his friend was attacked by a mountain lion. >> on saturday, the bikers encountering the 100 pound predator on this hiking trail outside of seattle. initially scaring him off, but the cougar doubled off. >> he had his whole entire head
9:38 pm
in the jaws of this animal and was being shaken around very, very horribly. >> the mountain lion let him go, chasing down his friend who ran into the woods. authorities putting down the predator. dna tests will now verify if it was the killer and why the cougar attacked. they suspect the dangerous animal was slightly emaciated. >> adding more grapes and berries into your diet is a good way to improve your lung health. john hopkins found that people who ate a lot of dark colored fruits and vegetables haed a slower decline in lung function. the slow decline was evident even after taking into account other factors like smoking and age. and the more people ate, the better their lung health. interesting. >> okay. you're about to meet the luckiest man in the world. >> this is incredible. the southern california man who has struck it rich four times in six months.
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crispy jalapenos and pepper jack cheese on a signature bun. yep, this is my third one today. the new cholula buttery jack. part of the buttery jack family. only at jack in the box. >> a total of $6 million in winnings. abc news reporter with more on this guy's amazing winning streak. >> imagine winning $6 million over a span of six months. well, that's exactly what happened to anulio. he owns liquor bank in van nuys which is where he bought the scratcher that won $5 million. >> he thought he won $5,000. he's jumping like they win, not him.
9:43 pm
and the guy is like he jump, and big hug. and oh, my god, this is really surprise me. >> he says mazriegos is a regular player. >> he comes every day or sometime every other day. but when he play, he play a lot, you know? he's a lucky y. >> also turned in two other tickets worth $1,600 combined. and in november, he won with a scratcher worth $1 million. >> will this help the store become a lucky store? >> ticket sales have gone up since the winning. >> people keep buying, which is we do more than 40%, 50% upsale in just ticket. >> as for the winner, he told
9:44 pm
lotto officials, he just like the game and isn't sure why he's had such luck lately. >> we should follow this guy around. >> yeah. he's got some luck, man. all right, well, a mysterious site discovered in our solar system. >> what astro it's not just any streaming. it's "watch what you want on the fastest internet" streaming. it's "live sports so you never miss a goal" streaming. it's "dvr shows because you'll never know when you'll need it" streaming.
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>> an alien asteroid joined our solar system. it's known as 2015 bz-509. it or bit witness the same space as jupiter, but travels in the opposite direction. that's why astronomers don't think it was born here. the only reason it avoids crashing into jupiter is that its ror bit is egg shaped. astronomers think there may be
9:48 pm
other interstellar immigrants out there as well. >> well, back here in santa rosa this amp, there was a small fire in what could become a busy season. fingers crossed that it won't be. it burned an area 50 by 50 feet. did not damage any buildings. the santa rosa fire department tweeted these pictures for us to share with you. as abc 7 news reporter wayne freeman explain, the timing of today's fire draws attention to the importance of prevention. >> in the north bay fire form zone is preventing is an active ver . what santa rosa assistant fire marshall doesn't hear about he lees. -- he sees. >> this is definitely one of our problem sites. >> and this day one lot one, getting their owners to cut down weeds and brush. >> santa rosa has become particularly rough an weed abasement. now if they see a lot like this, you get one warning. after that, if it's not fixed and cut down, you pay.
9:49 pm
>> if we don't have the property in compliance, we don't want to have two or three weeks of free time. then the problem is not going to be abated. >> as green grass turns gold, the fire season has already begun. with every day, expect pro active prevention. pacific gas and electric now has authority to turn off power lines in hies risk times and places. decisions may in wildfire operations. >> if the trees do fall, when they turn it back on, what's going to happen? everything is going to be sparking. >> pgapde meantime says if the customer has trees or brush, they'll cut it down for free. clearly after the disaster of last fall, this year's anti-fire drill has begun early. >> in the north bay, wayne freeman, abc 7 news.
9:50 pm
>> it is changing. and maybe we'll get a little more rain this season. >> sfo, 8 right now in mountain view. overnight tonight, it will be breezy. mid 40s to lower 50s with some coastal drizzle likely the next 12 hours. tomorrow, slower clouds to the coast. temperatures still cool for may. and it will be wep windy in the afternoon. gusts over 20 miles an hour. so 60. the high in san francisco about 63. about 72 in san jose. 74 for santa rosa and about 76 the high for antioch. the accuweather seven-day forecast, all about the morning drizzle, the breezy afternoon conditions, do it again on wednesday. there's a chance of a shower late at night on thursday. i think a better bet is on
9:51 pm
friday. it will warm right back up over the weekend for saturday and sunday. the pattern is going to do a 180. it's much warmer, sunday into monday. signs of summer into memorial day holiday. a couple of more days then we turn the page to warmer weather. >> thanks. >> the warriors have had a number of late season injuries. and now they have another one. >> what's coming up for us? >> well, it's too early to panic. you know how i get. what do the warriors do if iguodala can't play tomorrow night? don't get me riled up, dan. i was enjoying steph's breakout game and andre's knee may keep him out. >> too early to panic, but not >> too early to panic, but not too early to p
9:52 pm
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geyser! [echo]stal! [echo] crystal! [echo] geyser! [echo] crystal geyser. always bottled at the mountain source. naturally. >> good evening. the warriors only had a few hours to bask in the return of greatness for steph curry. back in mvp form. a 41-point win for the rockets.
9:55 pm
then the bad news came in. andre iguodala, now doubtful for game four of the western conference finals tomorrow because of his knee. iguodala banged knees with james harden. this was in the fourth quarter. didn't seem like a big deal at the time. apparently that swelled up overnight. listed as a bone bruise. x-raies negative. if he can't go, the warriors will have to make a change in the starting lineup. kevon looney is playing really well. the theme tomorrow from oracle is pressure. >> they've got to win tomorrow night. we should come in with a little bit of swagger and giddy-up in our game. >> we're much better when the pressure is on. >> we're at home. if they win, they have home court advantage. so yeah, pressure is on us.
9:56 pm
'. >> we're going to come in tomorrow and prepare. all the other stuff, it's irrelevant. >> this is my bleeping house. the words of steph curry. slightly stronger language that steph used. you know, he's been slumping. his shot has been off. after days of being pestered by people, he finally, eploeded in the third quarter in the rockets. he let loose with that. steph, he's religious and uncharacteristic. it's a topic after the game. >> i was talking to myself like you've got to be the biggest fan sometimes. >> he needed to wash his mouth out with soap. don't look at daddy. in the east, the cavs looked like they were on life support. they got blown out by boston the first two games.
9:57 pm
if you have lebron, you always have a kans. game four, eastern conference finals in cleveland. cavs trying to even the series. lebron set the tone early. 11 in the first quarter. tonight, he would pass kareem abdul-jabbar for the most made field goals in the nba playoff history. then it's kevin love. or is that baker mayfield with the bomb to lebron. what a tight end he would be in the nfl. ten-point game, blocked by tristan thompson. he's weaving through traffic. you're not going to stop him. final second of the third. celtics down by 15. jason tatum, the king. i'm amused at you folks who think you're going to beat us. might want to cover the king. he had 44. cavs even the series at 2-2. 111-102 the final. imagine being able to blow off work for most of the year then having you offer a major raise. the spurs may be set to offer kawhi leonard, the super max deal. played only nine games this season because of a right quad
9:58 pm
injury and there were a lot of questions about how hurt kawhi leonard really was. this year's inductees include two-time world cup champion brandy chastain, john mcveigh, as well as matt cain. and ex-dubs point guard, tim hardaw hardaway. >> we enjoyed it, we love going out there and competing. we lue going out there and just having fun with one another and helping your tehelping your teammates out on the field and on the court. that's what it was all about. >> giants and a's both off tonight. five homers in seven games. 11 bombs this season. power surge helped the giants move within two games of first
9:59 pm
place in the national league west. finally, watch this. ever play pop a shot? watch a master at work. >> wow. >> they held a contest during halftime of the cavs game. and this goi was a machine. locked on automatic. the bank was open all night long. he rack which you willy missed wunts or twice. otherwise, perfection. >> we have a winner! >> he needs within of those. >> final, unattended consequence, perhaps benefit of iguodala being hurt, the warriors have to be on laser focus tomorrow. they may be at their best. >> thanks. >> well, coming up tonight on abc 7 news at 11:00. . >> he has a remote in his hand and trying to pretend it's a gun. >> plus, a new instant payment service is convenient, but customers say it has serious problems. 7 on you're side investigates
10:00 pm
over on channel 7. >> that is our report here at 9. appreciate your time. >> for larry, drew, all of us, thanks for joining us. (dramatic note)


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