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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 1130PM  KOFY  May 22, 2018 11:30pm-12:00am PDT

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...with crunchy clusters and the taste of... ...apples and strawberries. i got one! i guess we're having cereal for dinner. deliciously heart-healthy kellogg's raisin bran crunch. >> announcer: live, wre you live, this is abc 7 news. busted. the warriors weren't the only ones losing this tuesday night. so did a bunch of vendors outside oracle arena. good evening and thank you for joining us. i'm ama daetz. >> and i'm dan ashley. the money you spend on t-shirts in the parking lot at warriors games is probably not going where you think it is, but tonight homeland security agents are trying to change that. >> abc 7 news reporter lisa amin gulezian went along with them tonight and is live outside oracle with the story you'll see only on abc 7 news. lisa? >> reporter: ama anddan, just about everyone knows that buying
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gear inside the arena for the warriors is pretty expensive. but not everyone realizes that there's a bigger price that's paid by buying the fake stuff out here on the street. a team of undercover homeland security agents is briefed. >> there's two pop-ups and there's a guy that's selling right now. >> reporter: they quickly move out. they have work to do all around oracle arena. pop-up vendors are everywhere, and their merchandise -- >> that's counterfeit right there. you can't even read -- you can hardly even read that out as nba. >> reporter: this specialized team knows exactly what to look for and what to ask. >> who do you get them from? >> i got them from a guy out here. you know i ain't never know these guys, man. >> reporter: but the agents do. >> the money they're spending to distribute these counterfeit items can oftentimes be funded in furtherance of narcotics activity, weapons trafficking or in some cases national security risk. >> reporter: and often the
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countcoun counterfeit suppliers are international criminal organizations. i asked one vendor who was busted with lots of counterfeit shirts about his supplier. >> of course i don't believe they are. and i can't say what anyone's doing but my own self. but i feel pretty secure that they're not. >> reporter: many vendors claimed ignorance that they didn't even know some of their stuff was fake. so here's the difference. this is legit. it has the hologram and proper licensing. but anything that has strength in numbers and doesn't have the proper licensing and this type of a tag, it's counterfeit. just tonight they took thousands of dollars' worth of fake merchandise off the streets. lisa amin gulezian, abc 7 news. a pittsburg man has been arrested in quconnection with a rash of gold chain snatchings in fremont. take a look at this surveillance video abc news obtained last week. you can see a man violently grabbing a woman's gold chain from her neck at a gas station. the robber targeted waem of east indian descent. today officers say they arrested this man, jermaine smith, who
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currently faces one count of robbery. they say he has a criminal history including a previous robbery charge. experienced climbers are weighing in tonight on the death of a hiker at yosemite's half dome. the man fell to his death sadly during this storm captured by cameras at yosemite on monday. it was intense. his body was recovered this afternoon. abc 7 news reporter katie marzullo has the story. >> never trust the sierras will be safe. always prepare for the worst. >> reporter: chris bell first climbed half dome in 1978. he says the weather can change quickly in yosemite and the weather can be the difference between life and death. >> if a storm comes, in you don't go for it. because the higher you get exposed the more you'll get lightning strikes. >> reporter: the national park service says a hiker who was with another person fell to his death during a thunderstorm monday afternoon. he fell from the cables on half dome. >> the reason there's cables there in the first place is because it is too steep for most people to climb up or hike up or
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scramble up. >> reporter: hans fluoring has climbed half dome 20 times. he talked to us from the hospital where he just had surgery to repair two broken legs after falling 20 feet from el capitan. >> if the hiker or climber had sticky rubber, if it did start raining, that rock's going to become very slippery and you'll probably end up with only your hands gripping the cables is going to be your safety. >> reporter: michelle meyer hiked up the cabs two years ago. >> extremely steep and you're holding on so tight. >> reporter: she admits there was an element o fear. >> yeah, it wapretty nerve-wracking. more so than i thought it would be. but afterwards it was the best feeling ever. >> reporter: monday's death was the first on the half dome cables since 2011. in san jose katie marzullo, abc 7 news. well, turning now to our weather here. >> a live look from our sfo camera. it's still dreary and foggy and you'd better get used to it. flights could be delayed again tomorrow as well. >> reporter: abc 7 news
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meteorologist sandhya patel is here with more. sandhya. >> get ready for a slow and slippery ride across parts of the bay area. live doppler 7 right now we'll show you the extent of the low clouds and the fog. it's pushed all the way into some of our valleys as you take a closer look here. visibility down to three miles from half moon bay to petaluma. just gives you an indication as to what it's like. i do want to shoi the wider picture because the weather gets interesting tracking a system that is going to bring us a chance of showers. how it ranks on our storm impact scale and when you might be looking at switching over from drizzle to showers coming right up. ama? >> thank you, sandhya. lava flowing on hawaii's big island has burned a building nar a geothermal plant. nearly 50 buildings including dozens of homes have now been destroyed. this is video of volcanic activity from about a half hour ago. workers closed off production at the plant and an official there says it is in a safe state. scientists say sulfur dioxide emissions have more than doubled since the current eruption
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began. back here you know about every ten years or so hundreds of properties flood in marin county's ross valley and tonight supervisors reviewed a new plan to help reduce the risk. 2005 flooding damaged 1,200 homes and 200 businesses. supervisors reviewed an early draft of that project at a hearing in marin today. it has two key parts. one removing a building over a creek in san an zell moe that blocks the flow of the creek. and two, replacing a nursery in fairfax with natural flood protection. residents have 45 days to comment on this plan. tonight there are calls for the president of the university of southern california to resign. he's accused of mishandling a scandal involving a former campus doctor accused of sexual misconduct. abc news reporter dania bacchus has today's developments. >> reporter: at least six former and current university of southern california students are accusing dr. george tyndall of gross sexual misconduct and sexual assault. tuesday two of them speaking
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out. >> dr. tyndall told me to undress from the bottom down, and he stood there watching while i did so. and he smiled. >> it is horrifying to know that during such a vulnerable moment in my life i was in the hands of a predator. >> reporter: the students filing a joint lawsuit against tyndall, a former usc gien colleko gynec acougs him of molesting patients over several decades, and usc of failing to properly respond to their complaints. >> we're also calling on usc to conduct an independent investigation of the very serious allegations made by these students. >> reporter: tyndall, who worked at a usc clinic for 30 years, denied wrongdoing in interviews with the "los angeles times." usc said it launched an investigation in 2016 after receiving a complaint. tyndall sxuchlt sc reached a settlement agreement, and he left the school last year. >> sometimes the word of a woman
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and particularly a young woman is not afforded the value that it should be afforded. >> reporter: the "los angeles times" reporting the university received about 200 complaints from former patients and the school is now forwarding some of those reports to the los angeles police department. at least 200 usc professors have signed a letter demanding the president of the university resign based on how the school responded to the complaints. dannia bacchus, abc news, los angeles. raising their voices in unison and resilience, people in manchester, england marked a solemn occasion with song. ♪ a one love manchester concert was held tonight, marking the one-year anniversary of a suicide bomb attack. you remember it happened at an ariana grande concert. 22 people died. more than 500 were wounded.
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the evening ended with a mass sing loong featuring 2800 voices of different choirs as well as thousands of people who attended. the lawyer who ranted against spanish-speaking restaurant workers says he's not a racist. aaron schlossberg issued an apology today. he said seeing himself opened his eyes and his actions are not acceptable. but he also said the video did not convey "the real me." last week schlossberg accused employees of being on welfare and threated to call i.c.e. a large sinkhole on the white house grounds is growing every day. journalists spotted it on the north ln near the fence this weekend. a board has been placed over that hole to keep people away. the national parks service is bringing in experts to diagnose and fix this odd sinkhole. washington, d.c. has seen rain 9 of the past 11 days. so perhaps that was a contributing factor. a surreal court hearing in new york. next, why a couple had to get a judge involved to kick their
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30-year-old son out of their home. also the big change that you need to know about if you're headed to outside lands this summer. and tonight salesforce wanting to unveil its new lights in san francisc the fog had other ideas. and coming up, "jimmy kimmel live" talks to brandi chastain about the sports hall of fame plaque that's gone viral for all the wrong reasons. >> i stood next to it, happily taking pictures, and i looked down and i saw it. >> yeah. there. okay. so there you go. >> make ross your destination for savings. if you're looking for an incredible selection of the brands you love, this season's newest trends for a fraction of what you'd pay at department stores, ♪ you gotta go to ross
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♪ for the latest styles where you'll spend less. ♪ spring dress. ♪ ♪ you gotta go to ross. if you want to save big on dresses for every occasion, you gotta go to ross. a family feud has escalated ton a court case with parents
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trying force their adult son to move out. represented himself today in a new york court. a judge ruled in favor of his parents' request to evict him. despiteetting five notices from his parents since february, rotondo insisted he should have been given six months to move. >> i'm not a burden to them in the home. they don't provide laundry or food. >> i was not really prepared to support myself at the time where i was served these notices. >> roh tondo says he has his own web business and plans to appeal and is going back to his parents' home after the ruling. two major festivals in san francisco are adopting a security measure that the nfl uses with its fans. this year both outside lands and the comedy festival, clusterfest, have put in place clear bag policies. only small clutches and fanny packs will be allowed. one-gallon clear ziploc bags are also permitted. well, it was supposed to be the big unveil tonight in san
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francisco after years of construction. the salesforce tower fully finished and a brand new light show. >> as you can see live from our south beach camera, though, the fog had other ideas tonight. >> abc 7 news reporter kate larsen is live along the embarcadero. kate, close but no cigar. >> reporter: right, dan, ama. you know, san francisco did not disappoint. and in true san francisco fashion i should say the fog was so thick you that actually could not see a firework display shot off from the top of the tower that was directly above us. that's how thick it was. i'm going to step out of the way. it's still pretty bad. but you can see the glowing tower a little bit through those clouds. and those colored lights, blue right now, peeking through. a symbolic switch for the salesforce tower, which for better or worse has become a. >> of a changing san francisco. salesforce employees celebrating as 11,000 l.e.d. lights are turned on, glowing through a cloud of fog. san francisco artistim
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campbell created the light display, which features moving images from photos taken around the city. >> the bay bridge's lights are on every night. it's just like adding to t architecture and landscape of the city. i think it's going to be pretty cool. zplt lights could add a little something special to it. you change colors when the giants win, when the warriors win. >> reporter: long-time san francisco resident, she works near the tower and is not a fan. >> you can see it from everywhere, and it's not pretty. >> reporter: and even though the permanent light installation will make the tower even more noticeable with visibility at night from 20 miles away, she's hoping the lights will add a littleharacter to the building. >> i think they're going make it better. just from a nighttime, you know, the lights on the bridge, lights on coit tower, city hall. >> reporter: the lighting of the tower top is the finale of the grand opening celebration. salesforce ceo mark benioff leased 61 serious of the building from boston properties. he's pledging millions to end homelessness. >> we've been given so much we have the opportunity to give back at scale as well.
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>> reporter: and if the fog obscured your view, most nights the salesforce tower will be hard to miss. in san francisco kate larsen, abc 7 news. >> what are you going to do? it's san francisco. all right. will it continue? that's the question. >> meteorologist sandhya patel is here with that answer. >> for a couple nor days, dan and ama. i do want to show you a time lapse from our santa cruz camera today. since you had to go well inland to find the sun or you had to be in santa cruz i thought i'd show you a little bit of brightness. it was definitely a cool and drizzly day and the marine layer was still deep enough that even though it briefly cleared and you saw some sun in santa cruz and in some of our inland areas look at what happens as the sun's getting ready to set. the marine layer is about 3,000 feet deep, which is why you saw the clouds fill back in. i do want to show you where those temperatures are heading. livermore average high is in the mid 70s tomorrow. the next couple of days you're going to be well below average. but look at the turnaround.
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it's going to be sharply warmer as we head into your holiday weekend. if you've been missing the warmth, hang in there. want to show you live doppler 7 right now. i know some of you really like this pattern. it's overcast. widespread low clouds right now and fog. along with some drizzle. temperatures at this hour in the 50s across the entire bay area. a live look from our south beach camera and you can pretty much see@lighting display on salesforce tower wasn't so visible. fog definitely playing a role. overcast with slick areas for the morning commute. chances of showers on friday and it's going to be warming up for your holiday weekend. tomorroworning when you get going if you have to drive definitely use caution. drizzle and fog out there. so low visibility, some slick spots. light chop if you're taking the ferry across the bay. it's going to be a murky ride. and if you're walking there will be some damp areas you definitely will need to bundle up. drizzly in the morning and cool. upper 40s to the low 50s. when you get going tomorrow afternoon, hang on to the extra layer. it's going to be breezy and cool along the coast in the 50s.
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inland areas you'll manage to get up into the 60s and the 70s and you will see some sunshine a lot like today. don't get too used to this idea of seeing a little bit of sun. because look at what happens on friday. we do have a level one system. it's a chance of showers. a few showers friday morning at 8:00 a.m. the system is slowing it down around noontime to 4:00 p.m., could see some showers developing on friday. the getaway friday is a holiday friday for many of you. so that could be a little dicey. we'll keep you posted on it. measurable rain is expected. if this materialize up to a tenth of an inch is possible. average rain for the move may could be anywhere from just over an inch in santa rosa to about a third of an inch in san jose. so it's not unusual to see some showers in may. although it is getting late in the season. bottle rocket is happening in napa starting friday. make sure you have a raincoat if you're going on friday because there is a chance of showers but then second half of the weekend saturday, sunday sun write and warmer you'll need the sunscreen. download the accuweather app and check out live doppler 7, the
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temperature trend and accuweather seven-day will feature drizzle the next couple mornings. chance of showers on friday. it's a light level one system on our storm impact scale. breezy saturday. we're going switch things up. going from 72 tomorrow afternoon to 84 inland nday. 60s coastside. memorial day is going to be warm, near 90 degrees. so not just the barbecues. it's going to be cook around some parts. >> no kidding. >> compared to what we've been used
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it's a tough world out there. this young fox in the wild. keep an eye for potential bandits. you saw what happened there. >> the eagle swooped in, grabbed its supper, but the fox wouldn't
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let go. watch again. the eagle lift the fox off the ground, carrying it for about 50 feet, until the fox fe, scurried back into its den as the eagle flew offith its meal. it is a jungle out there. >> looked like a cheap shot, man. get your own dinner. >> really. it's like it is in the sports department. go by there with a sandwich, next thing i know i'm getting mugged. >> that's kind of what happened with the warriors and the rockets tonight. the rockets stole it. even without andre iguodala. the warriors had a chance to blow houston out early tonight. they couldn't do it. despite some steph heroics in the second half. you know what? you know what? this series is
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good evening. warriors had a chance to take a stranglehold on the rockets. game 469 western conference finals. finally got a close game and the warriors wilt down the stretch. roaracle. everybody was ready for a party. looked like a party early on, kevin durant knocks down a three. 12-0 dubs. they had a chance to crush the rockets. but sloppiness bites them once again. steph curry turns it over. james harden says thank you very much. one of 16 warrior turnovers. they had only 14 assists. usually they strive for 30. rockets surging with authority. fear the beard. over draymond. that was a facial there. 30 for james harden. steph gets hot in the third quarter. curry the three. a little salsa shimmy. steph goes for 28. we have a two-point game in the fourth quarter, warriors had a ten-point lead couldn't hold it great pass chris paul trevor ariza and the rockets rupp by one. warriors struggling late. curry drives. the left. and one. it's a two-point game. they're down two. and then the dagger here.
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eric gordon. warriors gassed and confused. open three. it's a five-pointead. final moments, half a second left, curry for the tie. no. didn't get it off in time anyway. rockets win it 95-92. series tied 2-2 heading to houston for game 5. >> i felt like in the fourth quarter we just ran out of gas. we scored 12 points. tried to buy a little bit of rest for our guys. but yeah, they just outplayed us in the fourth. >> they came out and took a game on the road. and we've just do regroup and be better next game. >> try to be more assertive when it comes to what we want to get out of each possession down the stretch in the last six minutes. we can be a lot better at that, and we will be. >> rockets gritty. the giants opened a two-game minierrs in houston against the defending world series champs. it did not go well. giants hitting coach alonzo poul spent last year with the astros getting his world series ring.
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giants down 5-0 in the fifth. suarez got roughed up. crawford hits one into the crawford boxes. this comes off his brother-in-law derek cole. that was your lone giant highlight. 5-1 astros lead. jose al tooufr are drives in a pair. giants get blasted 11-2. a's and mariners. let's talk cute for a second. what a smile. a's up 1-0 in the fifth. marcus seem yen drives home mark canha who's got the mask back on again. you can tell the weather by whether he's got the mask on. tenth inning tied at 2. guillermo heredia doubles off petit. racing for home. play at the plate and he is safe. mariners win it 3-2 in 10. abc 7 sports brought to you by river rock casino. warriors on thursday hopefully will have andre iguodala back. taco taco are you one of the millions of americans living with a taco obsession? my $3 taco deal with three of the tacos you love and a refreshing drink can help. try my $3 taco deal today.


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