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tv   ABC7 News 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  May 23, 2018 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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clouds are moving in around the bay tonight. bringing with them a chance of showers as we head toward the holiday weekend. good evening, and thank you for joining us tonight. >> june is just nine days away, believe it or not. but you may have to keep the
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umbrellas handy. >> tonight live doppler 7 along with satellite, showing you a similar picture to what we've seen the beginning of the month. it's spinning a couple hundred miles off the coast. this will bring us a chance of showers mainly friday. bringing back the storm impacts, we rank our storm exclusively here at abc 7 from 1 to 5. scattered showers, minimal rainfall, but it's more of a nuisance system as it moves in here just at the start of the upcoming holiday weekend. what to expect on friday, we are tracking those showers, it's not a wash out by any means. if you have outdoor plans on friday, i wouldn't change them. be prepared to go indoors for several minutes or so. clouds to sun, still cool, sunday we are much w5r78er and look at the holiday itself on monday.
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it's going to be hot for many. we'll check all those changes. and those hot temperatures. you. >> thanks, drew, we'll check back with you many. >> two people went to the hospital after a double decker tour bus caught fire in north beach. the two injured adults are expected to be okay. crews quickly put out the fire minutes after it started around 4:50 this afternoon. it caused traffic delays along columbus during this evening's rush hour. a plane was being towed to a gate this afternoon, there were people on board the aer lingus flight that just arrived from dublin, ireland. the flight has been delayed a few hours. no other airlines are affected. >> nfl players neiling during the national anthem say they are calling attention to racial injustice in the country. many team owners believe it
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disrespects the flag and takes away from the game. today they took action to stop it. here's eric thomas. >> taking a knee in protest started with colin kaepernick in the 2016 season. and his old team was the one that decided to abstain from voting on the new policy. >> i think there's so much more to it than a player standing or a team employee standing. we wanted to take a broader approach. >> kaepernick and his supporters say they knelt to take a stand against social inequality. many fans and some owners disagreed. they call the protest an insult to the flag and veterans of the armed forces. no amount of die nialls from players would change their minds. >> having this out there as a debate i think is very healthy, but putting it as an overview
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that you have to do this on behalf of the league to show your patriotism seems to be a questionable decision. >> under the new policy, any player that comes out on to the field during the national anthem must stand. otherwise, the team will be fined. players have the option of staying in the locker room instead. one team, the new york jets is already rebelling. their chairman says if players want to kneel, the team will pay any fines. our union will review the new policy and challenge any aspect of it that's inconsistent with the collective bargaining agreement. finally, this oakland raiders fan told me, if the league has to pick between free speech and game attendance, he knows which one they'll clues. >> the nfl has an image to protect. >> at the oakland liseum. eric thomas, abc 7 news. >> the domestic violence charges against 49ers linebacker ruben foster have been dismissed by a judge.
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>> reporter: a judge in santa clara county dismissing the domestic violence charges brought against him earlier this year, citing insufficient evidence. this after his previous girlfriend told authorities he dragged her by her hair, punched her and locked her out of the house. she admitted in court last week, she made the story up as part of an extortion plot to get back at foster for breaking up with her. the district attorney's office says they're disappointed in today's ruling but stands by the evidence the prosecutor presented to the court. we move forward on cases when victims falsely recant much we know if we don't, more victims will be hurt. our commitment to domestic survivors is unwavering.
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the judge's ruling was based on the totality of the case. >> based on what she said and the other forensic evidence available to the court. there was not enough evidence and it was not consistent with what her initial statements were. >> foster faces a misdemeanor weapons charge. john lynch reloosed a statement saying he will have the opportunity to rejoin the team tomorrow it's been made clear to rye ben, his place on this team is one that remains to be earned. we have learned the climber who fell to his death from yosemite monday was a 29-year-old from new jersey. he and another man were hiking along the cables when a thunderstorm rolled in, he slipped and fell. it's the first fatality since
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2011. according to a go fund me page, his body will be trans borted to his family in india for final rights. friends have donated more than $35,000 to help cover those expenses. >> today we learned from tesla that the car that crashed in castro valley last weekend killing the driver was not on auto pilot. the investigation is still ongoing, danville musician and chemical engineer was killed in the crash. his body was found by an alameda county sheriff's dive team. submerged in a pond. the chp is still trying to determine if he was impaired or speeding. >> by the end of next week, we may find out whether san francisco's police chief is leaving for los angeles. william scott was sworn in as san francisco's police chief exactly 16 months ago. he's the 43rd chief in department history. keep this in mind, only the third ever selected from outside the department. he came to san francisco after spending 27 years with the l.a.
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police force. and soon he could return there. vic lee. >> in early may, rumors began swirling that chief scott may be a candidate for lapd's top job. this after charlie beck announced his retirement at the end of the year. scott is one of the top three finalists. mayor garcetti says he's had several interviews with all three. on monday he said he would decide soon. >> i want to do it right, not fast, but i expect in the next 9 or 10 days to announce a decision. >> in december 2016, just after scott was introduced by the mayor at city hall. he gave an exclusive television interview to abc 7 news. he had no plans to go back to l.a. and apply for the top job then when then chief beck ret e retired. >> the mayor, the police commission have put the confidence that i'm going to come here and give it my all, as long as they will have me leer.
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and that is my intent. >> now, there is plenty of uncertainty for chief scott. mayor lee has passed, they'll be an election in two weeks for a new mayor. the police union has a new president. but the friction is still there. there are now four vacancies on the 7 member commission that supported him. no one knows if chief scott will stay or leave. >> there's a lot of transition happen i happening. >> we know from sources in the department that chief scott has been unhappy with many of the developments. among them the way the supervisors handled the rejection of joe marshall and sonya malorra. two members the mayor had
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reappointed recently to new terms. vic lee, abc 7 news. a smash and grab caught on video. >> some say this is a serial thief who is very good at avoiding capture. >> the car made famous in that movie back to the future is missing. and changes in the weather. drew tuma has the full forecast next.
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new developments now on a story we first brought you yesterday about a string of bold smash and grab burglaries. over the weekend, a would be thief was using a hammer to smash his way into an optometry store in san francisco. since we reported that story, the same man may have hit another store. the sheriff's departments confirms the serial thief was arrested yesterday. he may be responsible for nearly a dozen burglaries. melanie woodrow has the story. >> serial sunglasses thief benjamin chase violated his paro parole. leaving a residential treatment program and reoffending. you can see him breaking into sun set optometry.
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just two days after two break ins at stores on union street. >> i saw him smashing through my window and unlocking the door. broke the door frame and the glass fell out and landed on the floor. he came in and started stealing frames. >> the man who wore no disguise was determined to smash the glass at eyes in disguise. when that didn't work, he tried to put his arm through the glass and open the door. he used a hammer to break the glass and take off with fendi sunglasses at this location. after this incident police arrested chase and an accomplice. dr. schmidt says chase used his real name when he cased her business acuity vision boutique that same month.
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>> as soon as he left, we realized some merchandise was missing. >> that same night she put schmidt's picture in the window about. >> he knew we knew. >> chase was rearrested yesterday and is now in county jail. melanie woodrow, abc 7 news. the owner of a rare sports car needs your help finding this 1981 delorean. the delorean was parked on a trailer attached to a ford f-250 pickup. the both the delorean and the ford pickup have nevada plates. >> a man captured on surveillance video is wanted today for stealing purses from two older women, one in her 90s. he ripped the purses away from the women. one victim who is 93 years old
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was knocked to the ground and seriously hurt. it happened friday near the sun valley mall bank of america. people there today were shocked by the viciousness of the crime. >> that's terrible. >> yeah, i had not heard that at all, it's certainly not something i heard about. >> despicable to think about an elderly woman getting targeted by criminals for money. they believe the suspect's car is white with tinted windows. >> the hawaii national guard is prepared to evacuate people near the volcano. there is only one ground evacuation route for about 1,000 residents still in their homes. frequent ash emissions continue with plumes rising as high as 8,000 feet into the air. at the same time, the kona
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chamber of commerce says there's no reason not to visit the big island. california homeowners with a rainwater catching system may get a tax break. if passed, the homeowners would not be required to have their properties reassessed. the incentive would help drought conditions. if an area gets 12 inches of rain a year, that could translate into 10,000 gallons of water saved with a rain catching system. th areas colored in orange are still suffering from a drought. all major reservoirs in california are at near capacity except for lake oraville which is at 69%. >> a little bit of cool windy weather, things are changing dramatically. >> a couple times this entire month have average daytime highs
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reached above average over the weekend we're going to exceed those numbers quickly. the holiday will heat up pretty fast. >> we're still stuck in that cold gray pattern, a live look on live doppler 7 slowing you those clouds right now. a live look from our explore tour yum camera showing you we have mainly overcast skies right now, the cloud deck not as low as it was this time last night. winds still an issue certainly, across the region. pretty light along the shore line, through the delta, fairfield gusting at 29 miles per hour, it acts like a vacuum. it takes the cloud cover at the coast and sucks it inland temperaturewise in the 50s across the board. 55 in oakland, 58 in san jose
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and napa will here's a call from accuweather. the clouds are moving in once again, thickening overnight tonight. drizzle not as widespread tomorrow as it was this morning. upper 40s to lower 50s your starting temperatures tomorrow morning a fair amount of cloud cover 60 and breezy in san francisco. 70 in san jose 66 the high in santa close rosa, as we get you into friday, we bring back the storm impact scale. we are tracking showers to finish out the week. this is a one, a light system moving in here on friday. it's really minimal rainfall, less than a tenth inch of rain it's a nuisance event because we have a lot of outdoor activities coming our way friday. 8:00 in the morning friday you can see green on your screen.
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we will be dealing with light showers for the friday morning commute. it's not a washout by any means, even by 5:00, we have to keep the chance of a shower in the forecast. it looks pretty isolated by that point, there may be a drop or piece of energy working through your neighborhood then it's all out of here as the sun goes down and we head toward friday night. as we go into saturday, though, the wake of the system will begin to move in warmer air. future tracker temperatures by saturday. break out for some afternoon sunshine. temperatures getting a little closer to where they should be for this time of the year. watch what happens as we get you into sunday. the warmth really increases, we're much warmer sunday afternoon. can you see inland we're well into the 80s, a mixed bag of 60s and 70s along the shore line. monday it's downright hot no matter where you are. a lot of 80s around the water. we're going into the mid-90s in some of our hottest spots it
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looks like. it's drizzle, cool, cloudy on your thursday. a spotty shower, i think the best chance may be in the morning by saturday, a transition day with clouds to sun, sunday really warm up before it turns to summer around here. monday and tuesday before the marine layer comes back mick week next week. >> thanks, drew. >> a day of giving from a surprising
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the san francisco marin food bank got a hand today from metallica drummer. lars olerick presented the food
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bank with a check for $5,000. he jumped in to do some heavy lifting. >> our primary thing for the last year has been all over the world, to support the local food banks. we write checks in every city. we just played a 39 day european tour. >> the band also put the word out on social media. and their fans answered. a large group showed up later in the day to help themselves. good morning america will add an hour from noon to 1:00, beginning in september. gma currently airs on channel 7 from 7:00 to 9:00 a.m. it's a bittersweet move because gma will replace the chew. good morning america has been the most watched morning newscast in the country for six consecutive years. >> with good reason.
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spencer crist yang apeered on his old stomping grounds today. to discuss his new memoir. >> i don't know how i was able to hide it as well as i did. i knew i was living a lie. i was being deceptive. hem had one image of me, which was a real part of who i was. but i was hiding another part of me, which was self-districtive and damaging. >> spencer explains what finally inspired him to deal with that addiction. tonight at 11:00 over on channel 7. very candid spencer christian. i think you'll find it very powerful. the controversial police video just out. >> an nba player tasered by police. the apology by the milwaukee police chief. i hone it's not true, but it looks like it is. >> president trump isn't backing down about his theory about a
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we begin this half hour in milwaukee, where police and police chief is apologizing tonight. >> body cam video is showing his officers tasering sterling brown. >> what happened to him shouldn't happen to anyone. here's alex perez. you. >> don't see the issue here? >> this just released, police body cam video showing the confrontation between police and milwaukee bucks player sterling brown. in the video, brown is seen talking to police. >> take your hands out of your pockets now. >> the situation soon
9:31 pm
escalating. >> taser, taser, taser. >> officers then tasering him. >> our department conducted an investigation into the incident which revealed members acted inappropriately, and throws members were recently disciplined. i'm sorry this incident escalated to this level. >> the video raises questions about the officer's conduct. >> i am owe fended by what i saw on the video. >> the incident unfolding back in january at about 2:00 in the morning, at this milwaukee walgreens parking lot. >> the only account of that night from officers themselves who said in a report they were called after brown illegally parked his car, blocking two handicapped spaces. when brown exited the store, officers say he became very aggressive. and say he physically resisted officers attempts to handcuff him. and a taser had to be used to get him in control. hours later, before taking the
9:32 pm
court, the bucks rookie was asked about the mark on his face. >> are you able to confirm the bruise and the scab on the side of your faces from that incident? >> it's -- that's all i really want to say right now. >> the 22-year-old is the son of a retired illinois police officer. he plans to take legal action against the milwaukee police department. >> brown was never criminally charged but he did get a parking ticket after all this. he hopes his coming forward will stop others from becoming victims. alex perez, abc news, milwaukee. president trump is escalating his war of words with the fbi. about his unproven claim there may have been an fbi spy infiltrating his campaign. tonight a fact check, the american people already knew before the election, the fbi was investigating russians meddling in the election. so would informants be standard procedure?
9:33 pm
here's jonathan karl. >> mr. president. >> it started with a few tweets, and now with no apparent evidence. president trump is loudly proclaiming that the fbi and justice department planted spies in his 2016 campaign. >> we now call it spy gate. >> the tweets came in rapid success, calling the alleged conspiracy one of the biggest scandals in history. perpetrated by a criminal deep state. a spy put there by the previous administration for political purposes. with no known evidence, any of that happened, the president was asked today for proof. >> all you have to do is look at the basics and you'll see, it looks like a very serious event. >> i hope it's not true, but it looks like it is. >> i asked the president who could possibly be behind such a thing. >> i don't want to get into it yet, but i will tell you after we look at -- >> president obama? >> after we look at the proof, would he know? i would certainly hope not. but i think it's going to be pretty obvious after a while. >> he then pointed to something
9:34 pm
president obama's director of national intelligence said on the view. >> if you look at clapper, he sort of admitted they had spies in the campaign. >> that's not what clapper said. >> was the fbi spying on trump's campaign? >> no, they were not. they were spying on -- a term i don't particularly like, on what the russians were doing. >> the president's allegations were triggered by a new york times report that an fbi informant questioned two trump campaign advisers about their contacts with russian operativ operatives. the use of such informants is routine, there's no message of a spy infiltrating the trump campaign. this is not the first time the president has talked about espionage or surveillance without evidence. there were tapes of his conversations with james comey. the white house later said, there were not. >> without any proof, that obama had wiretapped trump tower. today he was asked if the so-called spygate allegations are an effort to undercut the
9:35 pm
russia investigation? >> no, no, we're not undercutting. what i'm doing is a service to this country. >> meanwhile, jared kushner has finally received his security clearance. a security clearance he had been trying to get for some 15 months. significantly this came after kushner had gone in for a second interview with special council robert mueller, an interview that lasted some 7 hours and included extensive questioning about kushner's foreign contacts during the campaign and during the transition. this could be a good sign for kushner, because apparently nothing in that special council interview raised enough of a red flag to prevent him from getting that security clearance. jong thon carl, abc news, the white house. a federal judge today ruled that the president can't block people from viewing his twitter feed because of their political views. the judge said the president's twitter account is a political forum. and blocking people with different opinions is a form of
9:36 pm
discrimination. and violates the first amendment. the president's first amendment interests supersede them of the plaintiffs. he could have just ignored the tweets. the trump administration is considering slapping tariffs on cars coming into the united states. the tariffs could be as high as 25%. shares of toyota, motor corp. dropped nearly 2% in after hours trading after that report. shares of gm and ford rose slightly. earlier the president tweeted there will be big news coming soon for our great american autowork autoworkers. after many decades of losing your jobs to other countries, you have waited long enough. a 30-year-old man who was ordered by a judge to vacate his parents home says he needs more time. michael had been living rent free in his parents new york state home for eight years. yesterday a judge ruled in his
9:37 pm
parents favor. he plans to appeal the decision. in the meantime, the villa italian pizza kitchen chain is offering him a job. at villa, we feel for millennials across the board. a san ramon middle school student is making quite the name for himself thanks to his love of geography. check out the big victory today. he beat out 2.6 million student notice 4th through 8th grades. he attends windermere ranch middle school. the principal spoke to him today. >> he was able to win the whole thing. he's very proud to bring the championship back to california, being the first winner in the 30 years of the competition. >> the question that made him the winner, which country has a population size most similar to lebanon. the answer paraguay. congratulations to him. >> great job, way to go.
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>> dna can do anything from solve cold cases to teach us about diseases. there's a new
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revolutions in dna research are doing everything from solving cold cases to revealing deadly diseases. >> now one technique that's similar to dna but may have powerful advantages. >> the sherlock lowell ams and dr. watson of the livermore lab. instead of fingerprints and a magnifying glass. they're able to track proteins from their bodies. >> what we do is similar to what is done in d there a, in the sense that there are markers in dna you can make a measurement
9:42 pm
on. we're trying to find the analogous kind of strategy with proteins. >> they first protected the technique with hair, and more recently bones. protein samples are extracted then run through a powerful device. the result is a unique genetic signature related to dna. but from a source much more durable. >> there are many instances where the remains have been out in the environment for a long time. the dna has degraded or they've been in an extremely harsh condition. in those cases, perhaps the dna has been destroyed. maybe the protein has lasted. >> think victims who died in plane crashes or the intensifiers that followed the world trade center attacks. the team believes the technique may potentially i.d. soldiers from wars of the past. and help in cold cases where usable dna evidence no longer
9:43 pm
exists. kaitlyn believes the truth is out there. >> my heartthrob moment would be exonerating an innocent human from being subjected to being in the box. >> the teen continues to refine the technique. one day a fragment of bone might unlock a decades old mystery. perhaps the next crime of the century. dan ashley, abc 7 news. >> a livermore teen is currently exploring the skin cells left over when we leave a fingerprint. they're hoping to learn if a protein in the cells could leave a fingerprint. drew tooma is standing by with the forecast. >> sometimes change takes time. in alameda, it's taken over two decades. see the start of the transformation of the former
9:44 pm
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9:47 pm
a new life for a former naval air base. today marked the groundbreaking for a billion dollar development project at alameda point. the city hasn't seen new housing for more than 40 years lyanne melendez has the story. >> alameda city officials broke ground today to begin a major development project on the former naval air station. >> 800 residential units and roughly 100,000 square feet of retail space. >> this will be mixed housing, including 30 units of affordable housing for low and very low income households. the entire alameda naval air base was closed in 1997.
9:48 pm
the economic impact of that closure was felt almost immediately. it took years for alameda to recover and just as long to come up with a plan to develop the site. the project will give alameda a much needed tax revenue. >> we have thousands of square footage of commercial space also being developed. and that's going to allow for innovation and economic growth right in the heart of the bay. >> the mayor touched upon one of the biggest concerns here, congestion. >> the pozzi tube is not sufficient. >> the city and the developers say the only way to make this work is to create a less car dependent lifestyle. >> the city has a robust strategy, including adding a third ferry terminal. this is paying for that ferry terminal. putting into place transit service. bus service.
9:49 pm
>> the shuttles will run every 15 minutes during peak time. the ferry will be located at alameda points. the first residential units will be completed by late 2019. lyanne melendez, abc 7 news. one last time, we want to update the weather forecast. it's going to get warmer. >> we're tracking the weather as we come through the weekend. to finish out the week, we're tracking showers. live dope letter 7 got that gray overhead right now, the marine layer is thickening out. start out with cloud cover, some drizzle, it's limited sunshine throughout the day, and it's a cool afternoon with most spots holding in the 60s. on friday, you bring in the storm impact scale. scattered showers, it's really just more of a nuisance event. friday we have a lot of graduations happening, a lot of outdoor events. you play have to dodge a couple drops, it's not a washout by any means.
9:50 pm
first day on friday, a chance of showers, a lot of cloud cover mid-60s and as we go throughout the weekend, you gain sunshine, you gain warmth, and by sunday, temperatures topping out in the mid-80s, it's going to be a warm sunday across the region. >> tomorrow and friday we're cool with the spotty showers to finish out the weekend. we warm up throughout the week 37 and by monday and tuesday, it's warm across the entire region. >> toasty. okay, warriors get another crack at it tomorrow. >> we're turning things around, larry. >> are we? >> i've yet to turn -- >> some of us are more positive than others. >> right. >> well, that's fairly obvious. >> the warriors in houston, they're trying to recover from last night's agony, mentally and physically.
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9:53 pm
the warriors left for houston today. still frustrated about the end of game four last night. an epic fourth quarter meltdown. we may look back on those few
9:54 pm
moments as the beginning of the end of this season. draymond green played the entire second half. maybe that explains why he misses on the dunk. rim check there. steph curry this is an easy layup. final seconds, chaos, kevin durant. gets zip poe. this really felt like game seven. game five, optimism tomorrow in houston. >> encouraged as well. like -- i like the way this team responds -- i know the level of focus and intensity level that this team brings when that is the case. >> we always felt we were good at turning the page. finding a way to bounce back.
9:55 pm
looking for that opportunity tomorrow. >> the injured knee right there, came back, finished up the game, he did practice today, sounds like he's going to start. andre iquodala, was it practiced today? did not do very much. he's trying to come back from the knee contusion. even if andre iquodala was at 70%, they need him out there. >> you want some of this. >> nobody wants lebron james in a fight. they want him to go to the basket there. kind of a quiet night. kevin love bad pass, chases it down. the rookie had a team high 24. the celtics, a home team has won every game in this series. after the rockets stunned the
9:56 pm
warriors last night. the reigning champs, they did do the bay area a favor what have you done for me lately. they connect against justin verlander all the way to the gap in right center. 1-0 giants. the early lead would not last. andrew mccutchen is there a hole in his club. mccutchen -- i mean, 99 out of 100. he's making that play. another giant mistake, this one ends up on the bleachers. verlander strikes out 9. 4-1 your final. mariners and a's. the other third of the water is covers by steven piscotti.
9:57 pm
he goes over the wall. next inning, the a's defense not quite as impressive. he who hesitates is lost. he was thinking about throwing home. instead, guillermo scores 1-0. in the 7th, it's piscotti again. to the ice, game 7. caps and lightning, easter conference finals, alexandre ovechkin and the caps looking to punch their first ticket of the stanley cup. first period, it's ovechkin with the goal. and this is nuts. immediately dropped the gloves. i'm going to punch you in the face. only in hockey is this encouraged. >> the caps take game 7 4-0. they'll face the vegas golden knights. >> you go to jail and others -- not in sports, but in real life,
9:58 pm
you wouldn't be apprehended. in hockey, it's years. >> yes, it's invigorating for the spirit, dan. >> thanks, larry. >> bad for the teeth. coming up at 11:00, 49ers player react to the nfl's new anthem rules as the team's owner explains liz decision to abstain from the key vote. >> spencer christian's secret addiction, rock bottom and what finally made him come clean. join us at 11:00 on channel 7. a day of celebration in oakland for fans of marvel's black panther. >> today, fans lined up outside kate and cowell comics, grabbed a special oakland edition of the shop owner. when he learned that marvel was going to own a special coverage. he didn't hesitate. even if it meant jumping through all sorts of hoops. >> i jumped through your hoops, it has to be your oakland themed cover. we went through a few different designs, we took all of my
9:59 pm
ideas. came up with the artists. i'm ecstatic, i'm exuberat. it's kind of like, you know, it's a black man, you know what i'm saying. >> they received 3,000 copies. 2500 of which were reserved in a flash. >> that's good stuff in the town. thank is our report, we appreciate your time. >> i'm anna dates for larry, drew, all of us. thank you so much for being here, we'll see you later. >> see you on the big set.
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- i'm former fbi agent, joe pistone,


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