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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 1130PM  KOFY  May 23, 2018 11:30pm-12:00am PDT

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wearing powerful sunscreen? yes! neutrogena® ultra sheer. unbeatable protection helps prevent early skin aging and skin cancer with a clean feel. the best for your skin. ultra sheer®. neutrogena®. >> announcer: now from abc 7, live breaking news. >> it mu
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>> announcer: now from abc7, live breaking news. that he breaking news is in concord. they arrest the a suspected purse snatcher. detectives believe he robbed two women badly hurting one of them who is 93 years old. she's still in the hospital after what happened. witnesses say he knocked her to the ground outside bank of america at the sun valley shopping center last friday. police made tonight's arrest in the central valley city of patterson. good evening i'm dan ashley. >> and i'm alma daetz. now to our other top stories, stand or pay up. >> yeah, today nfl owners approved a new policy addressing the controversy over national anthem protests. >> 49ers owner jed york as the only one to abstain from the voting. tonight 49ers players and coaches met with fans in san jose. >> abc7 news reporter carlos sa
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said owe is outside the theater tonight with the story. carlos. >> reporter: well, the event was labeled as the state of the franchise but there was very little announcement as far as today's decision with the nfl and its anthem policy. "the fan" fa the fanfare was just as loud outside as the was inside for the state of the franchise. team leadership discussed what fans have to look forward to this upcoming season, but were mum on the nfl's new national anthem policy. >> it's still pretty early on so i'm not sure what i'm going to be doing. >> reporter: under the new rule, any player who comes out onto the field during the anthem must stand. otherwise the team will get fined. players do have the option of staying inside the locker room instead. while players we talked with didn't have much of an opinion, fans didn't hold back. >> protest sergio garcia a personal thing and so when you take that away from people i just feel like it's very unfair.
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>> it's not in disrespect to the flag and not a disrespect to the veterans. i'm a veteran, i'm okay with it. >> reporter: the news was approved by all the teams except the niners. >> there is so much more to it than a player standing or team employee standing. we want to take a broader approach. >> reporter: but some call the protest insulting to the flag and our service members. the question is will players stand for the anthem or wait it out in the locker room. >> that is so far away from my mind right now. we're in may, so i'll make that decision then. >> reporter: many athletes now rea -- not ready to cross that bridge. abc7 news news. >> new details now on a flag kneeling controversy involving an east bay teacher. some students rallied tonight to keep him from being transferred. not everyone wants him to stay. abc7 news reporter kate larson has the story. >> reporter: students rallied for tyler rust, a teacher at heritage high in brentwood who
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took a knee on several occasions while rotc students raised the kamm tuesday flag before the start of school. >> he is definitely a topic of controversy. the controversy is very good. >> reporter: carte simms and other students showed up at the board meeting to protest the district's decision to transfer mr. rust to liberty high school next year. mr. rust teachers u.s. history and is an advisor to the mock trial club and black student union. >> he expresses liberal viewpoints in a conservative area and has become a target of slander sometimes within the student body. >> it's against police brutality and unjust killing of african americans armed and unarmed. he's a voice for students on the campus. and if he goes he's an adult. >> he was being a adult bully. >> reporter: this man's daughter said she was afraid of mr. rust. >> she was afraid her 4.0 might be in danger because of participation in the rotc
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program. >> reporter: he is incredibly proud of his students and overwhelmed by the outpouring of support. in an effort to keep mr. rust, students have started an online petition which is more than 12,000 signares from people all over the country. in brentwood, kate larson, abc7 news. >> nba player sterling brown says he's going to take legal action against the milwaukee police department. the department released body kamm video today showing the bucks player being arrested and tased in january. watch. >>taser, taser, taser. >> you can hear brown groaning. the department says an investigation revealed members acted inappropriately and they have been disciplined. officers originally approached brown because his car was parked across two disabled parking spaces. they say he became aggressive and resisted arrest. milwaukee's police chief says he is sorry that the incident escalated to this level. >> and we have new details now from sfo. aer lingus passengers got word their flight has been canceled. >> you're looking live at the
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airport now. that's because the wing of the jet clipped the concrete side of a building at sfo this afternoon. >> abc7 news reporter lilian kim has the story. >> reporter: sky 7 captured the unusual site of the aer lingus jet after it struck a building. it was being towed to its a arrive gate. they apparently miss judged the distance resulting in some damage to the tip of the plane's right wing. no one was injured but a few passengers vented on twitter. jennelle tweeted, everyone is okay but we were so close to leaving the plane. can't wait to get off. >> reporter: this airbus 330 was to go to dublin. that got delayed. aer lingus pushed back the time to allow crews to do some repairs. the work took longer than expected, delaying the scheduled departure a few more times as the evening went on. >> the plane looks okay to me, but i don't have an x-y machinest a machine and i'm not an engineer.
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>> reporter: she took it in stride. she's heading to ireland to visit family. >> i'm sure the engineers will not let us fly if there is anything actually wrong with the plane. so really, i mean, i'll just be grateful if i make it there in one piece. >> reporter: getting the saying safe travels a whole new meaning. at sfo, lilian kim, abc7 news. >> unexpected misha obviously. let's turn now to the weather forecast here. >> let's take a live look outside from our golden gate bridge camera where it could be another dreary morning tomorrow. >> let's check in meteorologist sandhya patel. sandhya, what's up? >> hey, it's the same old story, dan and alma. we have widespread low clouds across the bay area tonight. biggest difference is this marine layer is 3,000 feet deep. so, it is not as low on the ground. visibilityill be okay. we are looking at a system that is developing here in the pacific. this is the system that is expected to bring some showers here in the bay area on friday. it's not a wash out for your
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holiday weekend. clouds to sun saturday, it is going to be warmer on sunday and getting warm to hot on monday. that's a break down. we'll get the closer look coming right up. alma? >> sounds good. thank you, sandhya. papa murphys now faces a third lawsuit in northern california following an e. coli outbreak blamed on romaine lettuce. a customer claims she became severely ill after eating in alamo. papa murphy said it pulled the affected letter when the warning was issued at last month's outbreak other families are suing papa murphy's. >> 49ers ruben foster can return to the team after a judge dismissed dough megs tick charges against him. abc7 news was in san jose as foster walked out of court this afternoon. he did not comment but gave a thumbs up as you see. foster's ex-girlfriend recanted her story saying she had wanted to ruin his career after he broke up with her. he still faces a misdemeanor gun charge.
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>> sky 7 flew above san francisco's north beach after a fire broke out aboard a double dekker tour bus. it only took a few minutes for crews to put out the fire along columbus avenue. tua adults are expected to be okay after breathing in smoke. >> two fishermen were arrested near the benicia port after their bone began taking on water and sanking this afternoon. a chp helicopter happened or in the air nearby and responded. the two fishermen were pulled to safety. they were not hurt. the chp says the boat will be recovered at high tide. >> still ahead, spencer christian's secret addiction and his big wake up call. >> i knew that i was living a lie. >> what halftimely made him come clean. spencer tells all to abc's robin roberts. >> can you name the capital of every country in the world? this east bay student probably can. the question that won him a big honor today. >> and the story behind this photo that some are calling princess diana's view. >> all of that is coming up first here's a look at jimmy kimmel live tonight right after
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abc7 news at 11:00. jimmy? >> thanks, dan and alma. here's a sneak peek at our latest tv masterpiece. >> i went to a rugby game while we were shooting in fiji. >> did they break out of the square little bottles of water over there? or is that just for us? [ laughter ]
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maybe you could save energy by weaving your own shoes... out of flax. or simply adjust your thermostat. do your thing, with energy upgrade california. our dear friend and colleague spencer christian was on "good morning america" this morning, but not as a guest weather anchor, his old stomping ground there at gma. spencer was there to talk about a secret he kept hidden many years. >> i knew i was living a lie. >> gma anchor robin roberts sat down with our spencer christian about spencer's addiction to gamble. >> we did not know what was
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going on in your life, being addicted to gambling. >> yeah. when i began to acknowledge to myself that it was a problem, i was embarrassed, i felt guilty. i didn't want to be viewed as someone who was stupid and foolish. >> spencer spent 13 years as weather anchor on good morning. he came to kgo. >> how were you able to hide what it is you were dealing with? >> i knew i was living a lie. i was being deceptive. people had this one image of me, but i was hiding this other part of me whichas just as real and was self-destructive and damaging. >> in a new book, he wrote about his experience. spencer recalled an encounter with a federal agent that really shook him up. >> when you wrote about the fbi -- >> oh. >> -- calling, it was a real wake up call for you. >> before every gambling trip i'd go to three or four banks where i'd take cash out. when i'd come back i'd have all
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this cash to tree deposit. that fit the pattern of someone koefrg up dr covering up drug money. that's why they were investigating me. you have no criminal activity. you obviously have a gambling problem. for your own good, you need to seek some help. that was a scary moment. it was a huge wake up call. >> there were several times you thought that that was it. >> yeah, that's right. >> that was the last time. what is it about this time that's different? >> my daughter was getting married and she said, dad, i think the world of you, but you've got this problem. i'm going to bring grandchilen into your life. do you want your grandchildren to know their grandfather as a gambler? and it just hit me like a ton of bricks. >> after the interview, spencer talked with us about revealing his personal struggles to robin roberts. >> i think she was shocked when she read the book, but she didn't make me feel like she was disappointed in me. it it was more like she wanted to hear what was going on inside me as i tried to keep this
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secret, this dark secret for so long. writing this book and telling my story publicly is like a cleansing confession. i wanted to say to the world, in addition to whatever else you may know me for, i have also had this as a part of who i am, and i'm ready to acknowledge it, confront it, and hope that maybe other people can benefit from seeing it. >> well done you, spencer. his book, you bet your life, is out now. if you or someone you know has a gambling addiction, find the help you need, go to we put a good bit of information on there for you. >> people are still talking about saturday's royal wedding. take a look at this photo. some are calling it princess diana's was waiting for prince harry and meghan markle's carri 2.6 milli students in the 4 through back california, be the first winner in the 30 years of the competition. >> the question that made him the winner, whichountry has the population size most similar
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to lebanon? do you know the answer? >> oh, sure, who doesn't? >> paraguay. >> oh, okay. >> yes. congratulations. >> wow, that's impressive. >> it is. >> it is a clear night so we had a chance to check out the new light show playing on top of the sales force tower which was not the case last night during the official grand opening. >> you could only see part of the building last night. let's get right on over to meteorologist sandhya patel. hi hi, sandhya. >> hi, dan and alma. what has changed, it's not crystal clear, but the marine layer has lifted a bit so it is not as low as it was last night. i do want to show you a time lapse from our abc7 news exploratorium. this was captured a short time ago. this was lit up, sales force tower, in blue. i'mi i'm being told it is part of celebrating nationl ems week. so, that's why it was all colors, all the blue color there is just gorgeous. live doper 7 now showing you a very widespread low cloudiness across the bay area. it's a deep marine layer so visibility restrictions are not
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a pblem right now. i think that tomorrow morning you're going to have to deal with the cloud cover. temperatures right now with all the clouds around in the 50s, you have a few locations in the 40s like clear lake and last gatos. here's a live look from our kgo roof camera. the marine layer is stacked up. eastern view of the bay bridge. chance of showers friday and it is warming up for your holiday weekend. if it's too cool for you, hang in there. first thing in the morning make sure you have a sweater or jacket. look at the temperatures, mid 40s to the low 50s. it will be cloudy, it will be drizzly. and for the afternoon, temperatures will remain below average just like today. so we're going to go 50s at the beaches, 60s around most parts of the bay area, 70s inland. one thing to keep in mind. it's going to be another breezy day for your thursday. but because the marine layer is about 3,000 feet deep, it may actually mix out later in the day. you may actually see some sun later in the afternoon. but on friday don't expect much sun. it's a light level 1 system coming our way. spotty showers are expected, light amounts less than a 10th
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of an inch and it will be breezy at times. hour by hour we go friday morning, you notice the spotty nature of the system 5:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m. there will be some slippery roadways out there. in the afternoon hours for your friday still could see an isolated shower or two. this carries over into the evening before the system moves on. it's late in the season, but not unheard of to see some showers in may. in terms of rainfall totals, we're not expecting a whole lot. some areas may not measure. most areas will be under a 10th of an inch by friday night. so, here is a look at what you can expect if you're getting away, going to the mountains for the holiday weekend. friday, more showers and thunder. chance of thunder on saturday with showers expected. temperatures will be coming up on sunday and monday. you will notice that it is dry both sunday and monday if you're heading to tahoe. but the next couple of days definitely expect some active weather. now we're going to switch things up dramatically. not saturday so much. this is our transition day. 50s to 70s, clouds to sun. but sunday you will feel the difference when it's bright
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sunshine and 80s inland. 60s along the coast. by monday we're talking hot conditions inland. 90s there. 70s along the beaches. if you're going to bottlerock in napa, could be a shower or two. at least there is a chance on friday, but it is going to be warmer and brighter for your saturday and your sunday. download the accuweather app and check out temperatures any time you want. cloudy and cool again for your thursday. light level 1 system for your friday and then much warmer for your memorial day weekend with 90s showing up. now, that's a summer preview for you so get ready for some heat. >> all
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it took a big volunteer effort, but a dog that had been missing for a year was finally reunited with his owner. >> that's right. jake was fou in pennsylvania, but a vet discovered a microchip
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with information for owners in arizona. jake's owner, though, couldn't make the cross-country trip to pick him up. >> so volunteers took turns driving the dog to arizona. it's not clear how jake ended up in pennsylvania, but he's back where he belongs. look at jake. >> yeah, happy. >> that's nice. >> time to turn to sports. >> yes, sports director larry beil is here. warriors action tomorrow? >> jake is happy. warriors are not so happy. they're frustrated, they're angry, they're exusted. the warriors all of the above after losing to the rockets last night. latest on
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>> announcer: abc7 sports brought to you by river rock casino. >> good evening. warriors coach steve kerr admitted he hardly slept at all
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last night rewatching the fourth quarter meltdown over and over in game four against the rockets. draymo draymond green played the entire second half. he ran out of gas. no time to mourn. game five tomorrow in houston. klay thompson questionable, injured the knee last night. did practice today. sounds like he's going to start. andre iguodala a little more iffy. was at practice, didn't do much today. trying to come back from the contusionhat kept him out last night. even if iguodala is 75%, the warriors need him out there. game five, warriors going in a little angry. >> definite netly guys are pissed off, but encouraged as well, you know, like i love the way this team responds when our back is against the wall and i know the level of focus and intensity level that this team brings when that is the case. >> frustrating feeling obviously, but we always talk about with us, we're great at turning the page and being resilient and finding a way to bounce back.
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so, looking forward to that opportunity tomorrow. >> nba tonight game five in boston. bad blood brewing. want some of this? nobody wants lebron james including defenders. he went for 26. not must of. celtics up 14, kevin love bad pass. jason tate em, thank you very much. selts win 96-83, three game series three to two. fourth inning, routine fly 0 ball. pped up to right, andrew mccutchen runs right by it and carlos correa scores it. i got it, i got it, i got it, i ain't got it. that was one-nothing. jeff sew mar gentleman couldn't ma -- somarja takes it. they were doing the happy dance. two-thirds of the world covered by water, the other third covered by steven piscotti. in the third he goes over the wall to rob mike of a run.
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spectacular. the a's defense not quite as impressive. kyle seager to simeon. he who hesitate is lunch. bobbles, thought about going home. runs, scores 1-0 in the seventh. john flies to right. piscotti again. but the a's lose. he's amazing. a's lose 1-0. to the


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