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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  February 3, 2016 7:00am-9:00am PST

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good morning, america. the battle for new hampshire. >> bernie, bernie, bernie. >> bernie sanders drawing huge crowds as hillary clinton tries to close the gap and donald trump back on the stump after that second place finish in iowa. some calling new hampshire do or die for his campaign. >> we're going to start winning again. we're going to win so much. >> trump talks to george live this morning right here on "gma." tens of millions in the path of dangerous tornadoes as twisters tear through the south. winds up to 70 miles an hour ripping apart homes and schools. a blinding blizzard wreaks havoc causing hundreds of wrecks. new warnings as the storm moves east. new fears about the zika virus. the first reported case in this outbreak spreading from person to person by sexual transmission, not mosquitoes right here in the u.s. our dr. richard besser at the center of the outbreak answering new questions this morning. super bowl showdown.
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game. >> today we celebrate our independence day. >> are you just quoting "independence day"? >> yeah. >> really inspired. >> a dream team of laughs and you can see it right here only on "gma." we do say good morning, america. on this wednesday morning and many can't wait to see those super bowl ads and the super bowl itself. >> the game. >> it's going to be a great show and there's also big news about lady gaga. she is going to be performing the national anthem. yes, at the super bowl, only four days to go until the super bowl. six days until new hampshire. >> that is right so you've got them on lady gaga and beyonce and coldplay and in new hampshire, take a look at this donald trump with a commanding lead in new hampshire. but remember the polls missed
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the big question this morning, will trump drop in new hampshire after that second place finish in iowa? >> he is joining us live in just a moment going to talk to george about that. first it's "your voice, your vote" and abc's tom llamas starts us off on the latest republican race from manchester, new hampshire. good morning, tom. >> reporter: robin, good morning donald trump now changing his tune acknowledging he may not win every primary but trying to maintain the trump swagger that carried him this far. overnight, donald trump in full spin mode trying to shed the loser label. for trump, even though he lost iowa, he is still a winner. >> i came in second. i came in a strong second. third was quite a bit away. >> reporter: actually it was a narrow victory, a difference of 1.2%. but trump feeling more confident about new hampshire. do you now feel real pressure? >> no, i don't think i feel any pressure. i've done very well in new
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>> reporter: and trump out with a new line of attacks against the iowa winner, senator ted cruz, accusing him of winning with dirty campaign tricks, citing how the cruz campaign mistakenly suggested in an interview dr. ben carson was dropping out. >> he insulted ben carson by doing what he did to ben carson. that was a disgrace. >> reporter: cruz apologized to carson but says trump is the one with the real character problem. >> i can tell you six weeks ago donald trump was saying every day that i was his friend, that he loved me, that i was terrific, that i was nice. [ laughter ] >> and now i'm an anchor baby. >> reporter: in new hampshire cruz will have to get through marco rubio also. >> i think ted's been very calculated and will say or do anything to get a vote. >> reporter: but the granite state already proving to be a rocky ride for rubio. >> so when senator rubio gets here, when the boy in the bubble gets here i hope you guys ask him some questions. >> reporter: governor chris
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the bubble suggesting you're a delicate candidate that's not been tested. what do you say? >> chris has had a tough couple of days, did very poorly in iowa. sometimes when people run into adversity they don't react well. >> reporter: and an update moments ago rand paul dropping out of the race for president. he says he'll continue his fight for liberty. donald trump has a single event today in arkansas. and he acknowledges that skipping that last debate before the iowa caucus hurt him but he says he would do it again because he raised $6 million for veterans. george. >> okay, tom, thanks. let's talk to mr. trump right now joining us by phone. you heard tom llamas there, mr. trump. acknowledged skipping the debate might have hurt you. what's the biggest change you need to make as you head into new hampshire? roger stone says you need to sharpen your focus on cruz and rubio. >> well, i think i don't have to make too many changes, i mean, i'm doing pretty well. i came in second when people
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when i went out to iowa, they all said i'd be in the top ten. >> you were leading all the polls going into the vote. >> no, but the polls came out very late and said toward the end it looked like i was doing very well, frankly and i ended up coming in second place and it's interesting because the man that came in third place, a good guy, marco, everybody saying he won like it was a big victory. i came in second place, an easy second place and nobody said that. >> on saturday you yourself said unless i win i will consider this is a big fat beautiful and by the way very expensive waste of time. >> i don't like second place. i'm not a fan of second place but i did well and the person that came in third place everybody is raving about how wonderful it is and they don't say that about me. i came in second place so i don't say that. i'm not thrilled with second place but i was told don't even go to iowa because i'm not going to win iowa and i thought it was something i should do and i went there and i almost won it and by the way, i got more votes than anybody in the history of the state other than the one
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cruz or marco rubio? >> i don't know. and there are others also that you didn't mention, i mean somebody else could sneak up so i mean there's always threats. i don't assume that anybody is out of it. you have some people that were supposed to be threats and they're no longer threats it would seem but you have somebody could come out of the pack. >> you got some people coming down hard on you, as well. john sununu former governor of new hampshire in "the new york times" says i think trump's loss will remind people that the guy has a history of losses. he brought up your bankruptcies and the charges against trump university and goes on to say there's no longer trump vodka, fragrances and three magazines that mr. trump put his name on. history of losses. >> no, i have no history of losses and started off with very little. i used the bankruptcy laws just like anybody else, it's corporate, it's not personal. look at the biggest people, i won't mention their names here but a list of the biggest people we have in business, all of us do that, use it. it's a business tool and use
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built an amazing company. i have a company that's worth many, many billions of dollars and everybody knows it. >> you were outspent in iowa. are you ready to spend more of your own money in new hampshire, go up on the air, make sure you get that victory? >> oh, yeah, we're spending a lot of money. new hampshire is my first place and i really liked iowa. i did well in iowa by all accounts, i mean, let's face it. i did well and came in second and there are ten people that didn't and, you know, we started off with 17 if you think of it that way but i think i did very well. you look at a guy like sununu, you talk about losers, he got fired by bush like a dog and this guy goes out and i guess he's working for somebody that he wants very much because i heard about that and i think it's a ridiculous attack. >> what do you think happened in iowa because all the polls in the final three days did show you with a clear lead. >> well, i think it's very hard to poll a caucus. caucusing is very tough to poll
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now, didn't show a big polling. showed i could win by a little bit and i was actually surprised because i was not supposed to win iowa. i was supposed to do really great in new hampshire but not iowa, and, you know, that's the way it is. look, i came in second and the person that came in third was praised as though he had a great victory but they didn't say that about me. >> the new hampshire polls can often swing very hard after iowa. are you braced for that and if you fall short again, is that the end of the road for your campaign? >> no, not at all i think we'll do well with south carolina and with nevada. i have unlimited money and i'm still funding my campaign and, you know, one of the things i said yesterday, i don't think i get any credit for self-funding my campaign. i get nothing. it's an amazing thing, i'm putting in millions of dollars and i will put in millions but i don't think the voters when they go into the booth say, oh, wow, he's funding his campaign, isn't that wonderful?
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i'm the only one self-funding and honestly, i don't think i get very much credit for that and it is something you should be given credit for. >> you heard it here. you are in for the long haul. see you in new hampshire. >> okay. >> the battle between the democrat, hillary clinton and bernie sanders shifting their focus to new hampshire after the associated press officially declared clinton the winner in iowa. abc's cecilia vega is in manchester also with the latest. good morning, cecilia. >> reporter: robin, good morning to you. this is bernie sanders' backyard. he is basically coming home here and even after that tight iowa win, hillary clinton is here playing catch-up. overnight, bernie sanders hitting the trail on his own turf. >> we believe in you. [ cheers and applause ] >> more importantly, i believe in you. >> reporter: drawing supporters
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primary vote here. the vermont senator amping up his ground game enjoying a double-digit lead in the polls but also looking ahead to the tough fight against hillary clinton. >> secretary clinton won here in 2008. so, you know, we are taking nothing for granted. >> reporter: clinton trying to avoid an upset. >> well, i am in a contest with your neighbor. i have the highest respect for him. we're in his backyard. >> reporter: this is the backyard. now, i want to give you an example of what it looks like here. we have obtained a copy of a fund-raising memo that clinton's campaign manager sent out updating the status of the race. in it he says new hampshire voters have a history of supporting candidates from new england, so it's not surprising sanders has a double digit lead here, robin. this is clearly an attempt to try to explain why a presumed front-runner is in a second tier standing. >> thank you. we'll bring in abc's matthew
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donald. bernie sanders with a double digit lead and also a 20-point lead in the latest one before the iowa voting but he's still the favorite. >> still the favorite and i think he's the odds on favorite. he said that he's going to go on regardless. he has to win new hampshire. a wink to the super bowl. it's a lot like an all-star rookie quarterback in their first game who throws an interception on the first series, that's what happened to him in iowa. they're going to put him back in in the second series but if he throws another interception he's gone. >> coming out of iowa and he kept talking about this, donald trump, saying, you talk about marco rubio. he came in third. but he has the momentum. >> marco rubio absolutely has the momentum and looks like he's beginning to consolidate the establishment lane in the party. i think marco rubio has to finish second in new hampshire. he has to do that in order to keep everybody else at bay and so if he does, then he continues that momentum. >> how about the others? who needs to gain some traction
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>> a real dice roll. chris christie, jeb bush and kasich. this is their last stand. if they don't beat marco rubio and finish second it's over for them. the race is done. >> in 2012 we did some polling and the republicans, one in five, they waited until election day, election day to make up their minds so we could see some surprises like we did in iowa, right? >> the interesting thing about new hampshire voters is they always wait until after iowa votes but then they don't necessarily follow iowa. we've had a lot of people that won iowa and have gone on to lose new hampshire but they always wait to see what happened and then they make their decision. this race could adjust dramatically in the final 72 hours. >> i see a twinkle in your eye. it's not politics as usual. even though what happened in iowa it proves it's not business as usual. >> this is the most fascinating race i've ever seen. it's an amazing race. >> you heard it from matthew dowd, thank you. complete coverage of the race for president including the next republican debate moderated by "world news tonight" anchor
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co-anchor martha raddatz this saturday night 8:00, 7:00 central right here on abc. >> thanks, robin. we turn to a major development in the global health emergency caused by the zika virus. the first reported case of the virus spreading from person to person by sexual transmission instead of mosquito and it happened right here in the u.s. dr. richard besser has all the latest from the epicenter of the outbreak in brazil. good morning, rich. >> good morning, george. disturbing development in the zika epidemic spreading across the americas. just yesterday a health department in texas reported the first case of zika transmission in the united states during this outbreak and it wasn't spread by a mosquito. it was spread through sexual transmission. an individual went abroad, acquired the virus and came home and infected their partner. the cdc says they are developing guidelines for this that should be out in the near future. in the meantime, the others hold, pregnant women should avoid travel to any place where it's beg spread and those who return with symptoms should see their doctor. george.
7:14 am
thanks very much. to that massive storm moving across the country, tens of millions in its path as a series of damaging tornadoes tear across the south. abc's steve osunsami is in clarksville, tennessee, with the latest. good morning, steve. >> reporter: good morning, robin. there was some frightening moments for the family of the police officer who lives here, they say the sky went dark and then the winds started blowing, knocking over this large pine tree which hit a street light and then came crashing down on their second car here. they're lucky it didn't hit the home. >> go, go, go. >> reporter: across parts of the south overnight families had to sleep with one eye open. >> the tornado picked us up and turned us. >> reporter: the sky started falling before dinner. what looked like a giant tornado moved in over fields in alabama. >> it's in the water tower. >> monster. >> reporter: the high winds blew
7:15 am
power lines. and some areas trees were pushed over or ripped from the ground. >> i didn't know what had happened until i came out of that closet and saw everything around. >> reporter: in alabama and mississippi, first responders and families searched through areas that were hit and it was good news. no one was seriously hurt. >> tornado on the ground. >> reporter: there were reports of at least six in mississippi including this huge funnel cloud. this morning, families whose homes were damaged are trying to save what they can. some reports are from the same tornado. the national weather service will determine that over the next few days. it isn't unusual to see tornadoes in the south this time of year. robin. >> unfortunately, it's not unusual. you're right about that. take care. thank you. now amy with the morning's other top stories starting with that water crisis in flint, michigan. >> that's right, a congressional hearing is scheduled on the flint, michigan, water crisis happening today but the former emergency manager is refusing to
7:16 am
flint switched water supplies to save money and since then the water has been contaminated with lead. a michigan congresswoman wants to spend $1 billion to replace water pipelines and the governor wants to spend $30 million to pay residents water bills. the pentagon is asking for a 50% increase in its budget to fight isis. defense secretary ash carter making that request to congress. he also wants to quadruple military spending in europe to deter russian president vladimir putin from any further aggression. well, there are new details about the apparent explosion that ripped a hole in this plane's fuselage in midair. it happened over somalia. authorities believe one passenger was sucked out of the hole and killed. investigators say they have found no evidence of a criminal act but still trying to figure out what caused the blast. the plane ultimately landed back in mogadishu. well, bill cosby is expected to be back in a pennsylvania courtroom today as his lawyers resume their effort to have
7:17 am
a former district attorney testified tuesday that he made an oral agreement not to prosecute cosby in connection with claims made by a woman over a decade ago. but the current d.a. says that deal is not binding because it wasn't in writing. a judge could rule as early as today whether the case against cosby can move forward. and finally an update on the woman making headlines because she was very unhappy with the kit kat bar she ate. law student saima ahmad said she bought eight kit kats and none of them, none of them had the trademark wafer inside. there was only chocolate. she is demanding nestle settle this by sending her a free lifetime supply of kit kats. in a statement nestle would say it only encourages customers to contact the company directly with any issue. her response says if the response isn't sweet enough she will sue. this is my favorite quote. the loss i suffered is of monetary and emotional significance. >> when you need your wafer, you need your wafer. >> a loss of a wafer is nothing
7:18 am
>> i wonder how it happened. let's go to rob with the latest on that blizzard. >> there's a big wafer shortage and, you know, you got to cut back where you got to cut back. times are tough. time to talk about the blizzard. near i-90 was shut down, a number of interstates shut down, winds blowing over 50 miles an hour and over a foot in sue city and drifts well over 5, 6 feet. severe weather and flooding rain across the south and maybe flooding rain as cross the northeast on top of that snowpack.
7:19 am
cintas. >> same areas that got crushed by a blizzard a week ago getting it again. heavy rain this afternoon. messy ride home. coming up, new developments in the murder of that young girl in virginia. her heartbroken mother speaking out and the role social media may have played. big alert about the secret apps your child could be using. a massive $63 million jackpot on the line. the winning ticket sold at this store.
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good morning. i'm amanda sanchez. and i'm dave lawrence. it's 7:26. police believe alcohol may be to blame for a rollover crash on kietzke lane, near victorian avenue -- that sent a woman to the hospital last night.
7:26 am
hit a concrete overpass before flipping her s-u- v. she was taken to the hospital with minor injuries. carson city sheriff's deputies have made an arrest in a fatal hit and run. 37-year-old juan pablo rios is charged with failing to stop at the scene of a crash involving injury or death. detectives say rios hit a man at the intersection of highway 50 and brown street last wednesday. the man died 2 days later. police say 30-year old dana morley mcivor of canada, may face felony charges after they found raptor parts and eagle feathers in his posession during a traffic stop. officials say you need a permit to hold items like these. mcivor now faces seven state -misdemeanor charges. and here's lindsey matherly with a look at the forecast. an incoming low pressure system will provide chances for light snowfall across the northern sierra and northwest nevada by late afternoon. a few inches
7:27 am
potential mainly north of interstate 80. high pressure will then build for the remainder of the week with drier conditions and milder temperatures for the weekend and early next week. increasing clouds are filtering their way across northern california this morning ahead of a quick moving shortwave trough. announcer:
7:28 am
we welcome you back to "gma." a series of tornadoes tearing across the south overnight. winds up to 70 miles an hour ripping apart homes, schools, now millions of americans are bracing for bad weather as the storm moves east. >> so much destruction there. also right now all eyes in new hampshire. just six days away from the primary. hillary clinton is stepping up her campaign after that close call in iowa and donald trump fighting back after his second place finish telling us he plans to spend a lot of money to make sure he wins in new hampshire. the red cross is taking precautions to prevent the spread of zika asking people who travel to areas affected by the virus to wait at least four weeks before donating blood. >> if i remember correctly, donald trump said he has unlimited money. that's what he told you. unlimited money. also this morning that massive lottery mystery. someone out there could be very happy or they could be very upset. it could go either way, right, michael. >> yes, it could go either way.
7:29 am
somebody could be $63 million richer and don't even know it. the huge jackpot is currently unclaimed. take a look at the winning numbers for that ticket. you check your pants pockets, under your couch. your gym bag. check your diaper bag because if you don't claim it, you might cry like a baby. the time is running out to collect your prize. we have more of that coming up, george. >> we got a few hours till that deadline. we switch gears and begin with new developments in the murder of nicole lovell. her mother overcome with emotion as she tried to speak about her daughter and new details about how the teen may have met the man charged with her murder. abc's eva pilgrim has the latest. good morning, eva. >> reporter: we're learning disturbing details about nicole's final moments. police still not releasing a motive as to why two college students would allegedly kill a seventh grader. new details this morning on the murder of 13-year-old nicole
7:30 am
authorities now saying at least one of the two virginia tech students had been planning it for weeks. >> a very preliminary determination of the cause of death is stabbing. >> reporter: nicole's mother remembering how her daughter beat the odds fighting to survive childhood cancer and illnesses. >> she had a passion for pandas, music, dancing. >> reporter: heartbroken. >> nicole touched many people throughout her short life. >> reporter: unable to complete her statement tuesday. >> i can't do that part. >> reporter: 13-year-old nicole lovell last seen january 26th. her parents say she pushed the dresser up against her bedroom door before climbing out the window. police saying she was killed the next day, her body discovered saturday 80 miles south of her blacksburg home. police saying the 13-year-old was active on facebook with multiple the accounts and active
7:31 am
that's where police think she met 18-year-old david eisenhauer, a freshman at virginia tech, one of the two college students charged in her murder. he spoke here to our baltimore affiliate about his track career. >> i realize in the moment that i am doing things that other people wish they could be doing and yet i still have goals for myself because there are people who are better than me and i will personally not stop until i reach my peak performance. >> reporter: eisenhauer, a former high school track star, now facing charges for premeditated murder. court documents charging his accomplice, natalie keepers began planning the murder in early january. new charges for her, accessory before the fact, first degree murder. both students are expected back in court at the end of march. nicole lovell will be laid to rest tomorrow. george. >> okay, eva, thanks very much. let's talk to dan abrams about this.
7:32 am
being charged with accessory before the fact. >> it means she was helping to plot the crime, they believe. and that was one of the most disturbing new facts we learned, right. they may have been plotting this for weeks. they or he at least because she's not being charged with murder and that's an important distinction, because what it means is that the authorities do not believe, for example, that she was at the scene, that she was involved in the murder, but that she was helping him knowing that he was going to commit a crime. you can't -- if i give you something and i don't know you're about to go commit a crime i'm not guilty of the crime but if i help you knowing that there is a crime about to be committed. >> it's not just not stopping but helping. >> it's not stopping, you actually have to do something to help the person, aid and abet the person to be guilty of that crime? how about this instant messaging app kik. do they have any liability at all. >> probably not. most of these app, most social media companies, servers, et cetera are not held civilly or
7:33 am
things that happen, but there's no question they'll been under the microscope. >> dan abrams, thanks very much. >> you bring up that app, george. we have more now on that messenger app kik. the tool the young woman may have used to meet the student charged with her murder. now, a big question for parents this morning, are apps like these safe for your children. abc's t.j. holmes is here with some very important information. good morning, t.j. >> hey, robin, you remember there was a time when parents had to warn their kids about looking out for strangers at the playground. now they have to warn them about strangers on their cell phone. kik, this wildly popular app. anyone can download it for free and within a matter of minutes they can be sending a private message directly to your child. a young life cut short, an investigation concludes that 13-year-old nicole lovell used an app called kik, so what do parents need to know? experts say some of these instant messaging apps can lead to threatening behavior and
7:34 am
potentially dangerous encounte>> i'm willing to say kik is a devil for young children. it's like a free ability to text anything you want and parents can't see the phone numbers coming in and out. >> reporter: experts say many of these are popular with teens and predators. >> you can sign up as anybody you want to be. it really becomes a private hunting preserve for some of these pedophiles. >> kik is a free app where users don't have to use their real names but can share message, photos and video. >> parents sometimes take these away saying the child has abused it but only need a wi-fi signal to be able to communicate. >> reporter: abc reached out to the people who run kik who told us kik cooperated with the fbi for their investigation. kik cooperates with law enforcement to combat child predators anywhere in the world, either under provision of a court order or in emergency situations such as this one. some apps can sort users by geographic location, others by school, some by age. so how do you keep your family safe? >> the first thing parents need to do is set ground rules,
7:35 am
technology, know how the parental controls work and, third, they need to talk to their kids and have ongoing conversations about safety so that kid when it comes time makes that smart decision. >> there are plenty of apps like this but this is one of the largest most popular, 250 million users, 70% under the age of 25. no parental controls and no age verification and the scary thing the user name, you have to have a user name, most kids give it away. on their twitter accounts. look up kik me on some of these and you can find people saying come find me on this kik app so it's downright scary. >> just like that. >> just like that and directories, you can put in the age you're looking for, gender, you can target folks by age in some of these directory, it's scary. >> thanks for bringing that to us, we appreciate it. the search for that mystery lotto jackpot. >> $63 million on the line. the winner just has over a day to claim it. time is running out and this man right here, he knows firsthand
7:36 am
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back at 7:42 with that big lottery mystery in california. somewhere out there, someone has a winning ticket worth $63 million. one of the biggest unclaimed jackpots in lottery history and time is running out. the winner has just over a day left to collect their fortune. abc's matt gutman has the details. >> reporter: there are winners who lost out. paper millionaires who never collected on lottery winnings. in 2015 alone over 100 winners of a million bucks or more never claimed their prize. in fact, $2 billion in winnings go unclaimed a year. but the biggest single loser so to speak in recorded history reportedly bought a winning ticket in england in 2012 worth $100 million. and by tomorrow, the customer
7:40 am
august 8th at this 7-eleven in chatsworth, california, risks tossing a whopping $63 million down the tubes. the third biggest unclaimed ticket in u.s. history. the store even posting those wanted signs. is it you? $63 million still unclaimed. olivia says she's been buying tickets here for years. did you buy one of the tickets for this particular lottery? >> yes, i did. >> you did? >> yes. >> from this store. >> yes but i didn't win. i checked. >> reporter: did you like check twice? the store could narrow down the possible winner and amazing thing whoever bought that ticket was filmed on this very camera. but the owners say they'll only use that to confirm the winner if it wasn't mashed up in a washer, gobbled up by a dog or just heartbreakingly lost. for "good morning america," matt gutman, abc news, los angeles. >> joining us now is clarence
7:41 am
it all winning lottery ticket worth nearly $6 million but you went to claim the prize three days late. no money. >> no money. >> oh, how did all that time elapse? how did you find out that you had the ticket in the first place? >> we never knew until the night it expired. two hours before the expiration, it was a sunday night. we thought we were supposed to take it to the lottery headquarters and sunday night the headquarters, they aren't open. >> i would have found somebody. >> yeah. >> not open -- >> i would have been in the street. >> by the time you did go there they said they couldn't do anything. >> where was the ticket in the meantime, between the winning and trying to claim it? >> well, it was in my dad's hospital bed. my dad was in the hospital with -- he was suffering from emphysema and he was in the hospital for most of that year. he came home a week before the expiration date. >> so you all had so much on your mind you weren't even realizing that and michael and i
7:42 am
most people would be like, oh, but you're like, little silver lining. you think what happened was meant to be and you're a better person for it. >> yeah, because back then i must say i would have been too young and i would have blew all the money. i was living a different lifestyle. i was trying to get in the music industry back then and i know i would be dead or broke now but here i am talking to you. >> that is the truth. now, do you think this person with the $63 million ticket, do you think they have a chance to beat this deadline? what could they learn from you as far as being able to turn in and redeem the ticket. the office closed sunday. you don't have to go to the office to redeem your ticket. is that correct? >> yes, i didn't know. so he has to make sure -- he or she has to make sure they find out and please get an attorney and a financial adviser and please do not let the money go to their head. >> that's so good of you, clarence. that's great advice. i'm glad everything is working out for you. >> thank you so much. >> all right.
7:43 am
you take care now. coming up, who is behind the wheel of this car? a huge super bowl surprise is next. come on back. >> i'm digging this weather for sure. >> oh, my gosh. >> oh, my gosh. sure. >> oh, my gosh. you're right. it's time to set this bird free. hot blooded, check it and see... got a fever of 103... feelin' hungry? how 'bout a donut? i'm hot blooded..i'm hot blooded! whether it's 30-years old or 30-days old, carmax will appraise it in as little as 30 minutes. and then your only concern will be how to spend the cash.
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7:46 am
>> yes. >> so, who is that guy? lyft passengers have no idea their celebrity driver is nfl hall of famer jerry rice driving them in san francisco. >> he played for the 49ers. come on. >> it's a stunt for super bowl week. the wide receiver spent an afternoon picking up unsuspecting riders. no one recognized him, even the guy that's in there now who is a die-hard 49ers fan. in all fairness, rice was in cognito. he even took off his super bowl rings. it was cool and guess what, pizza diet coming up on "gma." >> ooh. >> coming up, "gma's" winter concert series is presented by hilton. ready and waiting for you in over 2,000 cities. for you in over 2,000 cities.acation, it's time to play. so at hilton we say play hooky from your regular monday. and while you're at it, play hooky from the ordinary. the uninspired. the routine.
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welcome back to "gma." southern california frost advisories. also for the desserts in the high country of vegas. 33 degrees this morning in las vegas. 46 in san diego and cold air dropping in behind the blizzard, denver from southern minnesota and temperatures feel like they're well below zero and it moves to the north and cali. brought to you by weight
7:51 am
more news and weather next. "good morning america" is brought to you by panera bread.
7:52 am
food as it should be. good morning. i'm amanda sanchez. i'm dave lawrence. it's 7:56. do you own a toyota truck or s-u-v? listen up. the company is recalling more than 300-thousand trucks and s-u-v's over concerns that the roof-mounted air bags can inflate without a crash. the recall affects 2005 and 2006 toyota tundras and sequoias, the 2003 through 2006 land cruiser, and the 2004 through 2006 4-runner. also included are the 2003 through 2006 lexus l-x 4-70 and the 2004 through 2006 g-x 470. toyota says the problem stems from improper programming in the air bag's computer. dealers will replace the computer for free. royal appliance is recalling this vacuum because it poses a danger of electrical shock. the "dirt devil total pet cyclonic upright" has a prong on the power cord that can come loose, and get stuck in the outlet. there are 14 reports of this happening, but there have not been any
7:53 am
vacuums stop using it and contact dirt devil for a replacement. you can find more information about the recall at kolo-tv-dot- com. just click on hot topics.### joining me now is lindsey matherly with a look at the forecast. an incoming low pressure system will provide chances for light snowfall across the northern sierra and northwest nevada by late afternoon. a few inches of snowfall is possible with the best potential mainly north of interstate 80. high pressure will then build for the remainder of the week with drier conditions and milder temperatures for the weekend and early next week. increasing clouds are filtering their way
7:54 am
ahead of a quick m good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m., and we have a shocking day care incident caught on tape. a co-worker filmed this woman hitting a 4-year-old and turned her in. we'll have what she's saying now about what really happened. we are family gwyneth paltrow co-parenting with chris martin. what they say they're doing to put their family first and why she says the coldplay star is now more like her brother. could you shed pounds with pizza? it's the diet that's made headlines around the world. the chef who created it dropping more than 100 pounds eating a pizza every day. now he's sharing his secrets slice by slice. and the most anticipated ad of the super bowl. amy schumer, seth rogen teaming up. >> you can handle it. >> paul rudd with a surprise cameo and a cast of thousands cheering them on. >> today we celebrate our independence day.
7:55 am
all that and buckle up. rebel wilson is with us live, you know anything could happen as we say -- >> good morning, australia -- america. >> send that to our friends on "good morning america," >> work it. work it, girl. >> she designed that dress. we'll talk about that later on, as well as well as her new movie "how to be single." >> i think she's saying, i love you, george. the movie, michael. >> rebel, it's so funny. >> but we can't share the review you both shared with us. >> some naughty parts. we told you that big super bowl news, lady gaga will tackle the national anthem right before the big game. well, guess who is joining her? oscar winning actress marlee matlin will sign the song beside her. >> fantastic.
7:56 am
>> every year it gets a little bit better. minds right now. eating pizza every day? >> hold on one sec. >> you're looking thinner already. the chef in new york dropped more than 100 pounds on the so-called pizza diet. he is so nice, he came here personally and dropped these pizzas off for you. there's something in the recipe but the main thing it has has something to do with the crust. >> and there's no cheese. >> doesn't matter. it's really good. >> very good. >> thank you. >> you're going to give it a try. >> amy has to do the morning rundown. >> i'll save you. >> i know you will. the big story, a swarm of tornadoes in the south, dozens of homes damaged and thousands lost power in mississippi and alabama. a federal prison in alabama was one of the buildings badly damaged but so far, no serious injuries reported. and that same storm system pounded the upper plains with a blizzard. several highways had to be
7:57 am
crashes. snarmt rand paul is ending his campaign for president following his poor showing in iowa and donald trump claims ted cruz stole iowa by mailing voter flyers. trump says based on the fraud committed by cruz a new election should take place or the results should be nullified. no response yet from cruz. polls show bernie sanders leading hillary clinton by 33 points in new hampshire despite his loss in iowa he raised nearly $3 million in the 24 hours after the iowa caucuses. a new development in the officials in dallas identified a victim who did not contract the through sex with someone who had traveled to venezuela. the biggest threat remains for pregnant women and the red cross days after visiting zika affected countries before giving blood. well, this morning we've
7:58 am
was suffering from degenerative brain disease before his death. kent stabler known as the snake during his career with the raiders died of cancer last july at 69. but an autopsy of his brain shows he was also suffering from an advanced form of cte believed to be caused by repeated blows to the head. well, a worker at a florida day care is facing criminal charges for abusing a young boy. the shocking incident was all caught on camera by one of her co-workers. reena ninan has the story. >> reporter: this morning, every parent's nightmare, police in florida releasing this cell phone video monday to our affiliate wftv capturing a day care worker appearing to physically abuse a child. watch the moment the woman begins hitting a 4-year-old boy with stuffed animals. picking him up by his arms and legs then tossing him roughly back to the ground. >> the things that run through my mind when i see that, i mean, i have a child.
7:59 am
the woman in the video was 41-year-old kimberly reid, the director of children's palace learning center outside orlando. arrested on friday, she now faces child abuse charges. >> it's very disturbing to watch a video like that. it almost makes you sick to your stomach to think that somebody could do something like that to a 4-year-old child. >> reporter: the people recording that cell phone video reid's own workers eventually turning her into the department of children and families after witnessing abuse, they say, had been going on for weeks. but police say reid is defending her actions. >> she basically chalked it up to she was doing rough play. >> reporter: the day-care center now closed indefinitely and reid, she's scheduled to appear in court in two weeks. for "good morning america," reena ninan, abc news, new york. >> our thanks to reena for that. finally, the great selfie that turned into a great big headache. take a look at it. it's a father and son and a camera loving horse there photobombing them. this happened in britain, and it
8:00 am
company's photo contest. father and son won $3,000 for a free vacation, but now the horse's owner has come forward saying, they never got permission to take a picture of her horse. so, she wants some of the prize money, as well. i mean, first the kit kats, now the horse photobomber. it's like give me, give me, give me. >> so many people are being wronged. >> give me a break. >> that was the kit kat -- >> someone gave you that. give me a break >> come on, people, lighten up. kit kat bar >> exactly. look at all this food we have here. >> yeah, we're dieting. >> michael, we miss you over here. >> i know. i miss you too. i want to talk about pizza. i like the kit kat bar. here's what's coming up on the "gma morning menu." gwyneth paltrow is revealing how she and her ex, chris martin, keep their family strong after the conscious uncoupling. an exclusive look at amy schumer and seth rogen's new ad. plus, the so-called pizza
8:01 am
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8:06 am
conscious decision to put family first. the actress and entrepreneur now sharing how they successfully co-parent. after their conscious un uncoupling. >> for chris and gwyneth conscious uncoupling was really about being carbon monoxidous of their circumstances of the kids, of what they were going through and they've really practiced what they've preached with that term. >> reporter: paltrow recently opening up to "glamour" magazine saying "if you can't stay married wouldn't the ideal be that you could still be a family". >> they spend holidays, weekends and occasionally sleep over at each other's houses. >> reporter: they remain a strong family unit with their kids, apple, 11 wane moses, 9. paltrow telling "blacker." we're not living together but he's more than welcome to be with us whenever he wants and vice versa. i sleep in his house in malibu a lot with the kids. we are still very much a family even though we don't have a romantic relationship.
8:07 am
the biggest concern, mom paltrow has these days about her children, following in their parents' footsteps. they're naturals so i feel like my mother whenever i said i wanted to be an actress she said, oh, no, don't. >> she said we really didn't have a personal example of what it was like to stay friends so these akind of just creating this path as she goes along. >> reporter: for "good morning america," linzie janis, abc news, new york. >> he's like my brother. it works for them. no judgment. that's great. >> as long as the kids are good. >> but if we split up she'd be a lot meaner than that. >> i can tell you from experience, yes, it would be on my end. >> oh, okay. >> we're friends. >> would you ever want your ex to call you like a brother? >> no. >> but i guys -- >> we're friends. >> you do whatever you have to for the kids and that's the lesson. the brother thing is further
8:08 am
>> i think she meant affectionately. >> but i've seen your children. they're so -- you can tell they're doing great. >> they're amazing and she's a great mother. >> good stuff. >> somehow we made it aboutic moole. >> not that any of us know. >> yeah, you guys are looking at me like michael, be quiet of the you're getting yourself in trouble. >> sitting back sipping my coffee. >> i didn't want to say anything, amy. you go girl. >> listen, hold hands. "kumbaya." >> segment we were teasing all morning, the pizza diet is one of our favorite foods. americans consume over 3 billion pies a year. is there a way to do it without packing on the pounds? one chef says yes. he's like a brother to me. he's joining us in just a moment but first gio benitez has the story. >> reporter: pasquale cozzolino is a master in the kitchen cooking exquisite meals but for years after moving to america
8:09 am
frame ballooned to more than 370 pounds. >> i discovered this eded the oreo. food. >> i didn't recognize myself. >> reporter: he couldn't even play with his son at the park. with his doctor warning of a heart attack he needed to act fast. so that's the moment where you knew, oh, my gosh, here i am, i have my son at home and i can have a heart attack. >> uh-huh. >> reporter: that's when you said i got to change. >> i got to change my life. >> reporter: he turned to what he knew best, food from his motherland. a med trainen diet and in italy, pasta and pizza are a staple. >> so i can build a diet to make me happy, doesn't give me the opportunity to give up. >> reporter: every day for lunch pasquale eats a homemade pizza margherita. not like the kind you find on the street, heavy.
8:10 am
that's why. but my pizza is something that comes from the mediterranean diet. >> reporter: with his size pasquale figured he could drop weight by cutting down to 2700 calories a day. the pizza has less than 600 calories. that means he has about 2100 calories left to enjoy. at night, he doesn't even touch carbs. the result, an incredible seven-month drop in weight of 101 pounds. the secret, he says, natural ingredients. >> i can tell you something. when i go to the go hery store i always read the label. if it's more than ten ingredients i give up. >> reporter: how simple are the ingredients? well, he takes us into the kitchen to find out. it takes just minutes and just a few steps to make his now famous pizza. i think i've got a new diet. for "good morning america," gio benitez, abc news, new york. >> a lot of buzz on this among twitter.
8:11 am
wants to weigh in and pasquale looked like this before he lost the weight and here he is now, look at you. oh. [ speaking a foreign language ] >> you look wonderful. how are you? >> very good. >> oh, mwah. >> yes. >> you said your energy is better. everything is better. >> everything is better. and my energy went, you know, much more, the pain went away and now i have energy to play with my son and before was very hard. >> yes, no pain in the knees or anything like that. >> the back and everything was a lot. >> so you said pizza here is the trick but it's not just the pizza, it's the crust and you make it yourself. can you show us how. >> exactly. this is -- a hundred years ago recipe so basic four ingredients, yeast, sea salt, water and flour. we mix everything together,
8:12 am
then the gluten doesn't have any more heaviness, so it's a process, ready to be easy to digest. >> the water is the key. make sure you have the right amount, 36 hours. >> yes. this is my favorite pizza. >> margherita. >> margherita. >> how many calories. >> a 570 calories. >> is this what you eat. >> yes. >> that's your lunch. >> absolutely. >> come on, jen. what do you think? >> it's definitely possible, okay, because at the end of the day it's about portion control and calories, energy balance, okay, now, i will tell you that most people will find it easier to lose weight quickly if they avoid the carbs like bread, rice, grains, cereal, pizza, but it is obviously definitely possible to lose weight as you did which is so important for this. >> he is a big dude so he >> exactly. >> but it's not only pizza. you do a mediterranean diet. >> exactly. it's not about just pizza.
8:13 am
my diet is big, big meal for lunch and breakfast so my breakfast is multigrain cereal, fruit, some orange juice, almond milk and the coffee because i'm italian then if i'm hungry through the day -- >> fruit and snacks, of course, for lunch my pizza. >> and for dinner. >> dinner, very small meal, just salad, some protein and then a glass of wine. >> absolutely. we see a lot of color, not huge portions, you know, he's listening to his body but i always say, robin, for a indict et to work in the long term because that's the key keeping it off and any diet can work in the short term it needs three ss, safe, simple and it needs to be sustainable. >> sustainable. >> and the other thing and pasquale is a perfect example of this especially with ethnic brackgrounds, foods should be pleasure, nutritious and delirious, a big part of the italian culture and that's why you've been successful.
8:14 am
the good half. >> pasquale, thank you. i'm glad it's working are to you and it really is very, very tasty. >> it's wonderful. >> i'm over here. cameras, hello. >> hi. >> hi, everybody. we're back over here. rob, come on over when you're ready. and we are on the road to the big game, super bowl 50. this morning we have an exclusive look at amy schumer, seth rogen joining the ad campaign for bud light. robin, close your eyes if you don't want to see a commercial. it's another super bowl commercial. >> no! >> roll 'em. >> my fellow americans. >> hey, guy, can you be quiet. seth and amy are talking about our country. >> they say we are a nation divided. they say we disagree on everything. >> has he not true. we agree on a lot. >> like paul rudd. everybody loves paul rudd. >> i didn't know this would happen. >> you know what everyone else loves? >> emojis. >> no.
8:15 am
>> beer. >> beer in nothing brings america together like bud light. >> that's why we're forming the bud light party. just wait till you see our caucus. >> we got the biggest caucus in the country. >> ooh. >> not like too big. like you can handle it. >> we will not go quietly into the night. we will not vanish without a fight. we're going to live on. we're going to survive. today we celebrate our independence day. >> are you just quoting "independence day." >> yeah, i'm really inspired right now. >> america has seen the light. >> and there's a bud in front of it. [ cheers and applause ] >> so, how do you rank it? my favorite so far. robin, did you miss the whole thing? >> surprise like many of you she watches the games for not only the game but also the commercials. we've seen a couple here. >> we have. >> and we might see a couple more so brace yourself. michael is also talking to the nfl kid correspondent coming up, first, though, right now we need
8:16 am
>> all right, spoiler alert. robin, emojis and raccoons in that super bowl commercial. malia and samantha both from hawaii where there's no raccoon problem out there. your blood gets thinned out there. beautiful in paradise. rain across atlanta. travel delays there and it's going to get heavy here from d.c. to philly to new york in the afternoon, especially and we've got flood watches because of that locally three inches or more down south and watching for potentially cold air, maybe snow next week. more as we go through time and
8:17 am
that's a quick check. >> a little help, ladies. a little help. >> lara, lara, back to you. >> either one works. thank, my friend. "pop news" time, everybody. the doctors are in. jimmy kimmel staging a reunion of the hit show "e.r." last night but here's the thing, there's george. but he was the only one who could actually make it so jimmy did what only jimmy could do and got creative and asked hugh laurie to make a house call. the star of "house" and george as dr. doug ross joining forces to give kimmel a rather grim diagnosis. >> well, let me see what we have here. oh. oh. oh. >> wow. my. >> wow. >> god. ooh. that's bad. that looks terrible.
8:18 am
>> that's terrible. >> well, took cpr to the beat of "rapper's delight" to bring kimmel from flatline to "funky town." george was really going for it. so funny. after 15 seasons of "e.r." eight seasons of "house," nothing less we expect. a great moment. >> it was funny. >> also in "pop news" this morning, look out, amy schumer. jane fonda also wants to be bffs with jen lawrence but then again who doesn't. fonda and j. law among the stars that grace the cover of "vanity fair's" annual issue. she finds "the hunger games" star mesmerizing saying there are very few that come along like that. >> amazing portrait. >> when i heard she called amy schumer and said i'm in love with you, i felt so jealous.
8:19 am
years young. fonda also sharing that in her lifetime she has witnessed both greta garb bow and michael jackson skinny-dipping. so rare. she points out decades apart, not together. so much. on newsstands february 8th. >> i'm glad you clarified that. >> jennifer lawrence as spontaneous as she is could be skinny-dipping sometime soon. not that i condone that. >> let's let rob -- >> saving you, saving you. i'm actually helping everybody here. sometimes the best advice that we can give you on a hump day is just go with the flow. like these guys. >> oh, my. >> i would like everybody to just sit back, relax and enjoy the ride. >> oh. >> george, this is max and ruby. you know sometimes life's simple pleasures like swinging on a swing can put you in a really good place for the rest of your
8:20 am
glorious edition of "pop news."good morning. i'm dave lawrence. it's 8:27. it will be bit of relief for people trying to get around construction on the virginia street bridge downtown. starting at 10 this morning a small portion of west first street will be re-opened. previously drivers heading down sierra street would have to take a detour ... but that will be lifted today. a local invention is helping ski racers improve their form on the slopes. 'forward ski' -- invented by chris bender at sky tavern--is making a difference for the next generation of racers. "forward ski" uses a pressure sensor thats placed in the front end of a ski boot, to ensure a racer is leaning forward. if a skier isn't putting enough pressure on it, a connected earbud will buzz in their ear and tell them to lean forward. the device is designed and manufactured right
8:21 am
joining me now is lindsey matherly with a look at the forecast. an incoming low pressure system will provide chances for light snowfall across the northern sierra and northwest nevada by late afternoon. a few inches of snowfall is possible with the best potential mainly north of interstate 80. high pressure will then build for the remainder conditions and milder temperatures early next week. increasing clouds are
8:22 am
you want to know how to get people to trust you with their money? i'll tell you right now. you present it as an exclusive thing. >> look, it's a closed fund. people want something more than telling them they can't have it. people give me their money and i make them richer than god. >> richard dreyfuss playing bernie madoff in that miniseries that premieres at 8:00 eastern right here on abc. >> and our amy had a chance to talk with richard. right, amy? >> that's right. richard is bringing bernie madoff to life in that miniseries movie called "madoff" taking on the man behind the $64 billion fraud, i recently sat down with richard. we're have that in just a moment but first here's the sneak peek. >> what is it exactly that you think you do? hmm? do you think you're wizards? you're not wizards.
8:23 am
i'm a rainmaker. i make it rain. you guys are just shepherds. you're marketers. two sorority girls from new jersey can do your job just as well as you do. >> richard dreyfuss joins us this morning. thanks for being with us. >> thank you. >> you've certainly played a lot of roles in your long career. but what was it like playing arguably the most despicable man in mod tern history. >> actually he athe second most despicable man because i've already played dick cheney, so i have to say that he was the second and i loved playing them both. >> recovering from that last response right now. when you were researching the role, did you learn anything you didn't know that could give any sympathy to this man?
8:24 am
got involved, i thought no sympathy, this guy doesn't deserve it. he had no conscience. he didn't care about his family. he didn't care about anything. he actually collected $50 billion or more for his own lifestyle and that was it. >> one of the headlines from the miniseries, you know the man, you don't know the whole story. what are we going to learn? >> well, you're going to learn the extent of what it means to be a sociopath and he was. he fooled everyone including the people who were closest to him, his wife and children. and when the stories begin to come out and people would say, did ruth know or did the boys know? >> if anyone asks me do they know, i say, huh-uh. >> so what do you do after playing bernie madoff. >> i hope i'll be counting
8:25 am
those awards are heavy. they're very heavy. >> you're not going to try for the third most despicable man in america. >> who's that? >> i don't know. >> it might be me. that would be interesting, wouldn't it? yeah, i'll play me, the third most despicable man in america because he was couping his money. >> richard dreyfuss, thank you so much for joining us. >> thank you. >> and the prime time miniseries "madoff" airs tonight and tomorrow right here on abc. let's go now to michael. >> all right, thanks, guys. now the "gma" special correspondent for the big game, marlo mosley who's been reporting for us all week. she was chosen from thousands of young football fans to be the nfl's play 60 super kid and she's just that. she is a super kid. now she is joining us from her home in san jose, good morning, marlo. >> good morning, michael. >> hey, now i know you're a big 49ers fran.
8:26 am
you were chosen to be part of a skills and drills scrimmage clinic yesterday. did you learn anything? >> i did not but i interviewed a couple 49ers. met ian williams yesterday. interviewed him. i met arik armstead as well and met him at media day monday so that was fun and then i got to meet dylan thompson, third string quarterback of the 49ers and torrey smith, a great guy. it was a bunch of fun. >> well, i'm sure they were honored to meet you too. don't lose sight of that. also, you were part of the nfl kids show "nfl rush." what was yourt fair part of doing the program. >> i think my favorite part of the program was seeing all these kids like me be a part of that and just love football like i do. >> to the only are you a part -- you're the nfl play 60 kid but you play football so what message do you have for other young -- >> yes, i do. >> what message do you have for other young girls who play
8:27 am
what would you say to them. >> so, when i was in my first year i did get bullied that all the boys said i couldn't do it. i just say be positive and if you really want to do it, go out for it and just try your best at what you do. >> well, i tell you right now i'm sure all those boys are very jealous of you right now. you know that, right? they want to be your best friend when you go back to school. now, one of the big things you get to do which is -- one of the things you get to do which is so exciting you get to run the team out for the kickoff for the super bowl. how incredible is that? do you have any -- is there any kind of special like run you got? are you going to moonwalk? >> i'm going to be like, you know, showing the football out there, you know, super bowl 50, i'm here and i'm going to be like waving to the fans, i'm going to be having the time of my life. >> you should have the tile of your life. it is the time of my life and i'm honored to talk to you. you're an inspiration to
8:28 am
>> enjoy it. that's marlo mosley and thank you, marlo and everybody let's about the weather. >> good stuff, michael. we just have been busy. there's your elephant, samantha. enjoy that. i didn't make that. go, malia. the long-term outlook next week, warm and dry across southern california so that's going to be an issue, maybe cold and snow across the east coast. >> this weather report is brought to you by mcdonald's and a major announcement for you now broadway is officially heading back to the grammy stage of our neighbors, the "hamilton" cast will be performing live at the grammys.
8:29 am
tough to get, george, so watch the grammys to get a taste of "hamilton". >> time now for our series "10 dates in 10 states." we sent producer erica scott on a kind of quest into the heart of dating in america. she's exploring everything there is to know about the science and business of dating. all while taking us along for a kind of digital dating adventure. today we'll find out how her first date went and what she learned about the number one thing you should not bring up if you want a second date. >> there's erica scott getting started on her first date not awkward at all that we have our cameras there. >> ready? >> oh, yeah. >> yeah, we did hold hands on the first date. oh, my god. looked like a fish out of water. >> today was date number one with josh. and it went really, really well. >> show us. >> so we're going to like lean forward. >> oh, that probably helps. >> all of a sudden i became an instructor. >> we met on hinge which connects you with mutual facebook friends and i thought that was really helpful because
8:30 am
the street. i'm not really good friends with our mutual friend anymore. it was a girl i used to do gymnastics with when i was a kid but noise knowing someone i once knew verified him. >> this is so romantic. we talked about the basics like what do you do. >> where are you from originally. >> los angeles. >> what's your favorite food to eat and most of the conversation was pretty easy and light-hearted. one thing we didn't talk about was exes and a new study from match says 14% of people will bring them up on a first date and that's totally off-limits. abc picked up the tab but normally about 50% of guys and 36% of women according to match believe that the guy should be picking up the tab on the first date. so guys think on the first date the average tab should be about $68 and women actually think that it should be less, only like $55. okay. so i guess we'll say good-bye now. >> great to meet you. >> so nice meeting you. thanks for not standing me up.
8:31 am
i'm glad i did it. maybe fell a couple of types but it was part of the fun. >> aloha, hawaii. >> we are officially in hawaii. in a few hours i'll be snorkeling with doug, date number two. so what could go wrong? >> ooh. >> she's got the right attitude. >> end on a question like that. >> yeah, what can go wrong? a lot. but hopefully it won't. >> you got to be in it, though. >> she's in the game. >> and he's got a nice smile. >> evacuate go, by the way, george said he's cute. >> snorkeling will be less painful? i'm rooting for her. >> we all are rooting for her. there's good tips to be had. >> you can follow erica's journey and go behind the scenes on our website on yahoo! weigh in using the #10in10.
8:32 am
>> stay tuned for that.tt0w!tw((i! %4@-2&t tt0w!tw((i! el@-8!8 tt0w!tw((i! ed@->#\ tt0w!tw((i% )8h-^] tt0w!tw((i% kzh-c2\ tt0w!tw((i% n-h-6[p tt0w!tw((i% 0ph-(
8:33 am
respond in full sentences, and if you use an emoji, i will punch you. >> fine. >> rebel wilson joins us now. welcome back to "gma." >> hey, george. >> we just saw those rules there. are those your personal rules? >> the film is based on an awesome book that has lots of dating advice. i guess in real life i have some rules like don't date a guy who's dating other women at the same time. >> that's a real good one, isn't it? >> yeah, yeah, i think the girls of "the bachelor" should maybe take on that rule. >> you took on the girls from "the bachelor" and said maybe they should watch how to be single so we'll put you to the test right now. >> give some advice. >> and give some advice, as well. we'll start out with bachelorette olivia still on the show but she seems to have a problem with perspective after ben tells the group he's lost some close family friends, she tries to comfort him by saying this. >> like people have written blogs that i have cankles.
8:34 am
i try to be strong all the time but it's the scariest thing ever. >> she's crying about cankles. >> yeah, i mean, and i don't think those were cankles. they look like sturdy ankles to me like stankles, which is actually a prize trait in hungarian society so i think with this lady, i think she just needs to be confident in her own skin because when you're happy with you, you're probably going to attract the right partner into your life, and that's probably the number one rule and message in the movie "how to be single." >> very well said. now, this is a tougher one. emily and hayley, they're twins. >> yeah. >> they came on the show together but last week after learning that emily was the more dominant twin, ben dumped hayley right in front of her twin sister and their mom, and here was hayley's reaction. >> and it's not easy to be rejected, but more importantly i'm thankful that emily does get to continue this journey even if it's alone.
8:35 am
better occupation than twin. [ laughter ] that would be my number one tip. and also a good rule to think about is that when it comes to guys, like never compete with your own sister or your mom. >> why ever do that. >> or your grandma because it's just not cool. like whoever saw the guy first gets dibs on him. >> free shot. >> yeah. >> what about if they break up? >> well, then you can lay claim. >> okay. don't go for it at the same time. okay. we're just about out of time but i got to ask you about your new fashion line. you're sporting it today. >> i'm wearing stuff from my new spring collection for rebel for target, and it comes out february 7th so before you sit outfits. >> and you can watch it before you watch "how to be single," >> right before valentine's day. >> the best thing to do on
8:36 am
seriously, like if you're a guy take your lady or your guy and you could work out how to get laid. >> and on that note we'll be right back.
8:37 am
rock then we roll out of town lonely girl you'll be lonely girl can't you see it is an action-packed show. here now, lady antebellum's charles kelley performing for our "gma" winter concert series and you may remember last fall he stopped by "gma" and you were kind enough to share with us that you were working on a solo album called "the driver." well, it has pulled up. it is here. it is out this friday. right now charles will sing one of his new songs. it's called "lonely girl." >> yeah. >> take it away, charles.
8:38 am
what's the matter you used to be so in love now you're crying he wasn't everything you dreamed of i gotta tell you he really wasn't ever good enough for you lonely girl you're the only girl for me can't you see when you're all alone put this record on in your room oh and you won't be lonely
8:39 am
ooh yeah don't you worry i'm never gonna let you down when you need me i'm always gonna be around close your eyes i'll take your body anywhere it wants to go lonely girl you're the only girl for me can't you see when you're all alone put this record on in your room oh you won't be lonely you won't be lonely girl lonely girl lonely girl ooh you're just my lonely girl
8:40 am
just you and me and the sound of your heartbeat's rhythm just you and me and the sound of your heartbeat's rhythm lonely girl you're the only girl for me can't you see can't you see when you're all alone put this record on in your room oh and you won't be lonely you won't be lonely girl oh yeah i feel your heartbeat's rhythm that's right oh i said now you won't be lonely you won't be lonely girl [ cheers and applause ]
8:41 am
series is presented by hilton. ready and waiting for you in over 2,000 cities.
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record on welcome back to "good morning america." i'm here now with freeform formerly abc family's "baby daddy"'s stars, jean-luc bilodeau and chelsea kane stopping by before the big premiere. you gave me a fist pump.
8:43 am
my name and it's been a while. complicated spelling. >> very chic. >> that's what my parents were going for. >> i think so too and the french accent. do you like when people give it the french flair? >> yeah, i mena, it's spelled j-e-a-n so that's how you're supposed to pronounce it. it's not j-o-h-n. i'm just saying my name. >> chelsea kane, great to see you. >> good to see you too. >> congrats on another season of "baby daddy." >> thank you so much. >> one of my dear friends is one of the executive producers and i'm always rooting for it. >> nice. >> share with our viewers if you haven't checked it out yet. what can our viewers who love viewers sort of get from it? >> i think what's awesome about this season is it's uncharted territory for us. we finally concluded our love triangle that's been our "a" plot for five seasons. so ben's got his own love triangle now. >> it's season five. i mean, we got along great from season one but now it's so fun. we can anticipate what our reactions will be and what the next move will be so we're having a lot of fun and, yeah,
8:44 am
together. >> and the baby is still alive. >> thank you. >> which is impressive for this group. >> thank you, guys, for popping into "gma." always love seeing you. part of the family. everybody, check out "baby daddy," the premiere tonight 8:30 eastern, 7:30 central on freeform. amy, george, back to you. >> bye, everybody. >> have a great day.good morning. i'm dave lawrence. it's 8:57. reno's new u-s-l soccer hundred votes on the officials say it was a tight race among three
8:45 am
extending the voting period. the top three names include reno 1868, reno united and reno f-c. if you want to weight in on the final team name, voting ends this sunday at 11:59 p-m. the official team name is expected to be announced later this month. to vote just go to kolo tv dot com. you now have another option for mexican food. 'roberto's taco shop' has finally opened up a new location in the biggest little city. it's located on north virginia and 8th street, near u-n-r. right now the restaurant is only accepting cash but that could change in the future. roberto's is open 24 hours a day. joining me now is lindsey matherly with a look at the forecast. an incoming low pressure system will provide chances for light snowfall across the northern sierra and northwest nevada by late
8:46 am
with the best potential mainly north of interstate 80. high build for the remainder of the week with drier conditions and milder temperatures for the weekend and early next week. filtering their way
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