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tv   Nightline  ABC  February 5, 2016 12:37am-1:07am PST

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accusing cruz of dirty tricks. cruz writing that iowa momentum claiming it's another temper tantrum. >> when you win your opponents want to tear you down. >> are trumpers willing to put more skin in the game and cast their vote in ink? from the first centerfold to the last issue. >> i made this magazine for a girl like you. >> playboy doing away with nude photos. tonight we're behind the scenes of the remodel. michael jackson took world by storm. from "rock with you" -- rock all night >> to his signature shuffle. now in a new documentary his journey as a young star to the king of pop still leaving a mark on music today. but first the "nightline 5." >> i'm like a big bear, he's my little cub. nonstop. always wants to hang out with his friends. got to be prepared to sit at the
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seconds. good evening. thank you for joining us. tonight the rice to the primaries in new hampshire is intensifying and it's a war of words between the gop candidates. with the stakes higher than ever trump is doubling down and rousing his supporters. some showing their support in ways they can never take back. here's abc's david wright. >> reporter: only one candidate here in new hampshire is doing
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dragon tattoo parlor in seabrook where the owner bob holmes is doing trump tattoos for free. >> this is not your first trump tattoo? >> no, this is my 27th. >> reporter: it's a painful reminder of the passion trump supporters feel for him. >> anybody getting ted cruz tattoos? >> no, no. >> marco rubio? >> no. >> jeb bush? >> no. >> reporter: trump as nearly as much support as his next three rivals combined. he'll be center stage at saturday's abc news debate. >> the next president of the united states -- mr. donald j. trump! >> reporter: today he told a town hall in exeter he's looking forward to the debate because his opponents seem to be dropping like flies. >> whittling down rapidly, right? rapidly. which is good. we have more time to speak. >> reporter: his supporters sure think that's a good thing. >> he's what we need. this is our last chance for this country to get back to being great again.
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can't seem to get enough of him. >> over here you've got all the people that are hoping to get into the rally. over there are the protesters. look at the range of causes. palestinian rights, nuclear weapons, protect our wildlife, gay marriage, students against bigotry, all looking for a little bit of attention from donald trump. secretary hillary clinton and senator bernie sanders. >> reporter: tonight for much of the democratic debate -- >> enough is enough. if you've got something to say, say it directly. >> reporter: hillary clinton and bernie sanders for once did their best to ignore him, instead focusing on each other. >> one of us voted the right way and one of us didn't. >> reporter: but out on the campaign trail, he commands more than his fair share of attention. >> we love you, donald! >> thank you! >> make this country great again! >> reporter: from the grounds and the the cameras. he's a polarizing figure but draws support from both ends of the political spectrum. >> i have met a lot of
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they felt they lost twice in a row and they shouldn't have. i met a lot of democrats, i remember a family in iowa said to me they were very proud to vote for barack obama, and it's the biggest regret of their life. >> reporter: abc news off-air reporter john santucci has been to almost every trump rally. >> you can call it a movement, call it a silent majority awakened, he's hit a nerve. >> if it's a movement what's the movement for? >> i think it's a movement to basically just blow everybody out. >> reporter: when i first met donald trump, this time last year -- >> what's the argument for a trump candidacy? >> well, i know what i'm doing. i'm a very capable person. >> reporter: nobody would have predicted he'd eventually be the front-runner. but already he had his platform in place. >> we have to clean up our border. we have to strengthen the border. . we have to build a wall. nobody can build like trump. we need a wall. >> gold-plated wall? >> we need a wall that's going
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in like they're doing right now. >> a message he rode almost to victory in iowa. >> we finished second and i want to tell you something. i'm just honored. >> good shot! >> reporter: the friday before the caucuses trump sons invited reporters out for an informal session of pheasant hunting. >> doesn't ted cruz have the duck dynasty vote lockeddown? >> i was with willie robertson and his brother jason and phil last week. willie came out and endorsed us. >> reporter: i asked donald and eric trump how well their dad could handle defeat. >> there's an impression out there that your dad might be a sore loser. if he loses iowa, things might come apart at the seams a little bit. do you think that's fair? >> i think we're going to win iowa, i think we're going to win by a lot. he wants to be a guy who wins. is it hard if you ultimately lose? sure, anybody would take a knock. i think there's going to be a lot of candidates who are going to be very upset coming out of iowa. but i think we win, i think we
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nationwide, ultimately i think we take the nomination. >> reporter: ever since narrowly losing there, trump has transformed. first he was gracious -- >> i want to congratulate ted and i want to congratulate all the incredible candidates. >> reporter: ever since he arrived here it's a new ball game. first spinning defeat as victory. >> i think we did really well. we did really well. >> reporter: now he's attacking the iowa winner, ted cruz, outright. >> by doing what he did to ben carson, that was a disgrace. >> reporter: accusing him of dirty tricks in robocalls like this to iowa precinct captains. >> this is the cruz campaign with breaking news. dr. ben carson will be planning to sa suspend his campaign following tonight's caucuses. >> reporter: cruz has said this. >> when you win in the state of iowa, your opponents want to tear you down. they want to attack you, they want to throw mud. >> over the course of your career there have been famous quotes about success and failure. some of them not so flattering about failure. some of them not so flattering
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which of them best applies to what happened in iowa? >> i just think -- i'm happy with the way we're doing. i just want to continue to do well. our theme, the theme is so important. it's just, make america great again. that's what we're going to do interior make america great again. a slogan you see all over the place in new hampshire. most unexpectedly at that tattoo parlor in seabrook. today 19-year-old stephanie conner is getting trump's campaign slogan tattooed on her ribs. >> you must really like donald trump. >> yeah. >> what do you like about him? >> what i like about him? the way he wants to fix this country. ke things better. >> i've been covering politics for a long time -- i don't think i've ever seen something like this. >> you're killing me. >> i bet you're wishing his slogan was "yes, we can." >> yeah, right? >> the rest of her life she'll have this souvenir of the 2016 campaign.
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mortalized in indelible ink. i'm david wright for "nightline" in seabrook, new hampshire. >> you do not want to miss the last gop debate before the new hampshire primary this saturday night right here on abc. next, why "playboy" is doing away with the nude centerfold. the iconic playmates flashing to the cover of the last nude issue. later, michael jackson rocking in his journey from motown to off the wall. i want to rock with you [tires spinning] [glass shattering] [screaming] [electricity arching] [pole crashing] [impact thud]
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"playboy" is one of the most iconic publications in american history. making a huge change by getting rid of the very thing that made them legendary. from marilyn monroe to pal although anderson, the cover of the final nude issue. "playboy" swapping nudity for negligees. here's abc's nick watt. >> reporter: "playboy" is the most famous nudie mag on the planet. hidden in lockers, closets -- >> it's one of the at least most recognized logos in the world. >> reporter: along with nike's swoosh, apple's apple. "playboy" with this revolutionary relaunch -- >> the buck stops in my office if it fails. >> reporter: nudie mag no more. how can that work? what will that look like? here's the cover girl.
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>> no, but my dad was the first one to be like, you better [ bleep ] do "playboy." he wanted me to be in it. >> what? why? >> because it's historical. >> reporter: more from her in just a minute. but first -- >> hef's on board with this? >> oh yeah. >> reporter: okay. this 62-year-old magazine is still owned by the now 89-year-old man. what's with the gown? why the gown? >> he is a man at his leisure. >> reporter: meet the men and women who make his vision reality. >> chances are we'll just use the photos we've got. they're really good. >> reporter: except they don't call it a conference room around here. we'rehe scenes for the metamorphosis metamorphosis. >> why go nude? >> we relaunched our website as a safe at work nonnude experience and it exploded.
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>> bigger than business, philosophy. >> being a brand that chalts the norms has always been a part of "playboy." being that nudity doesn't challenge the norms anymore it doesn't make much sense to stick with that. >> like nike stopping making sneakers. >> you could look at it that way. now you're going to read the articles. now your imagination's going to work a lot harder. >> reporter: dani mathers was the last-ever nude playboy playmate of the year. >> it's going to be a jeopardy question someday so remember that. >> this is the photo archive. >> this is everything that's ever appeared in the magazine? >> everything. these are the original marilyn monroe nudes from the first issue of "playboy." >> reporter: and the last-ever naked cover girl? >> you are the last one. pamela. >> who would have thought? >> a lot of people. >> you are in a sense the perfect playmate.
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girl like you, hef used to say. >> reporter: this her first and probably last cover. >> would you do it with your clothes on? >> what's the point? >> these days she's making vegan foot wear and her own cooking show. in the world of magazine and the internet -- >> not only can you see nudity, you can see every sex act imaginable. >> reporter: so "playboy's" getting out of the nudie game. here's how the new clean magazine is shaping up. >> there are still going to be photo spreads? >> yeah, absolutely. it's just that they're not nude. >> the girls are going to actually be nude, shooting. it's just going to be implied. so you won't actually see nipples or anything down below. >> we think we'll get even more interesting and more beautiful women as we're nonnude. >> reporter: a cover girl more interesting than naomi campbell or may done that? but who? >> that's going to have the most eyes. >> what does a modern nonnude playmate shoot look like? after 60 years? >> the girl next door doesn't
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she's taking selfies, taking pictures down her shoot. >> reporter: this is what a nonnude "playboy" shoot looks like in 2016. sarah mcdaniel, instagram star. famous for flawed beauty. different-colored eyes. this is her cover. >> the first person to even be on "playboy" was marilyn monroe, so to me it's a huge honor. >> what does playboy mean to you? >> playboy means freedom for women, feminism -- >> really? >> expressing yourself, no holding back. >> it doesn't mean nudie ladies in a magazine? >> i guess did it. the revamp and everything now, i feel it's a completely different thing, it's more about the women rather than just baring it all. >> the philosophy we took towards the photography really resonates with the younger -- the instagram crowd. >> reporter: note those three words. entertainment for men. gone. >> how was the home stretch? okay? >> we were just trying to make the greatest magazine we could. we pushed every envelope we could.
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articles still there. >> james franco still handing in columns on time? >> he is, he's three ahead. >> reporter: the idea is you can replay it on a trade, leave it on your coffee table without blushing. >> i think it's sexier than i thought it was going to be. >> there's a risk that if we didn't go sexy enough, you know -- we still -- it's still playboy playboy, we still have to be the sexiest magazine on the block. >> i would argue the same thing. i think it's sexier than it's possibly ever been. >> can i be reading this next to great auntie bertha on an airplane? >> you'd be surprised what auntie bertha's into. >> reporter: also in the first nonnude issue, myla, who takes selfies on a film camera. hipster retro. >> it's easy to take a beautiful photo with a crotch and boobs. when you can't do just that, what are you going to do? i think it's more of like maybe a boyfriend experience. someone you'd want to hang out with, someone you'd want to be
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up to. it's more personal in that way. it's not just like, that girl's hot! >> i would say that was one of the hardest parts of the process is finding out where the line was and then walking up to it. because we need to be -- we still have to be who we are. we have be "playboy." that edge, that sexiness. how sexy can we get? it's a question we ask each other every day. i can't wait for people to see this. >> this is probably smart of them to do. i don't see how they could have continued it this way. it's got to change. >> reporter: full nudity was really getting in the way, it had to go. >> i can't imagine. it's still shocking to me. >> reporter: me too, pamela, me too. nick watt for "nightline" in beverly hills, california. and next, before he was king, the documentary taking you behind the scenes of michael
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finally tonight, there are plenty of legitimate questions about how michael jackson lived his life. but no one can question what he did with his talent. for generation or more he was as gifted an artist as any of us on this earth ever had the chance to hear or see. and tonight we journey back and explore the makings of this legend. here's my "nightline" coanchor juju chang. >> reporter: halfway between the
12:59 am
5, belling out his abcs, and the ghostly middle-aged man chased by paparazzi, michael jackson was evolving into the king of pop. >> reporter: he wrote "don't stop till you get enough," his first solo from the album "off the wall," his breakthrough as a grownup. >> reporter: michael jackson's journey from motown to off the wall, the subject of director spike lee's new documentary. >> that's a rocky transition. >> it's one not too many people are successful at. >> reporter: jackson's raw talent heard here on this original demo locked in the family's vault until now. >> michael's not a trained musician. he cannot read music. but he told musicians, this is how i want the part to go. >> reporter: the album still inspiring today's hottest stars, from justin timberlake to pharell to the weekend. >> "off the wall" was definitely the one that made me feel i
1:00 am
i found my falsetto because of "off the wall." >> reporter: michael's popularity transcended music, blurring lines in american culture. >> i don't want it labeled black or white, i wanted labeled music. >> i feel "off the wall" was one of the first albums made possibly by a black artist where culture was almost irrelevant. >> reporter: his diverse fan base catapulted him to superstardom. this newly uncovered footage from the jacksons sjacksons' 1981 triumph tour. >> reporter: in the nearly seven years since his death, michael's estate has grown by an estimated $1 billion. >> the main change in things is he's not there spending the money anymore. that was a huge part of the problem. >> reporter: financial woes and child molestation allegations late in life overshadowing his music. >> his legacy was kind of
1:01 am
all the accusations. >> and that's one reason why we decided to do something where we're just dealing with the music. all the other stuff, all the other noise -- let's deal with the music. just speaking for the old generation, my age, people have to be reminded. a lot of time, you take people for granted. this is a good reminder, i think, how great michael was. >> reporter: for "nightline," i'm juju chang in new york. >> michael jackson's journey from motown to off the wall premieres tomorrow on showtime and will be released with a remastered version of the album on february 26th. thank you for watching. tune into gma tomorrow. as always we're online 24/7 on
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