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tv   KOLO8 News Now Special Edition  ABC  February 6, 2016 8:00pm-8:30pm PST

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the debate just wrapping up in new hampshire - but there was one person you didn't hear from tonight... and that has some supporters asking why. former hewlett packard c-e-o carly fiorina was left out of tonight's debate. some saying she was snubbed. after last week's caucus in iowa... fiorina earned a higher percentage of voters than governor chris christie and an equal amount as governor john kasich - both of whom were in tonight's debate. her supporters say this debate could make a strong impact on new hampshire's primary next week. i do think it's very odd. i think the gop should be displaying proudly the great diversity we have the and the candidates running for office. compared to the democrats, we have incredible diversity and racial background as well as gender so why aren't we displaying that? i don't understand at all. s the new hampshire primary is next tuesday. for nevavda... the republican caucus is on
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february 20th for the democrats. tonight the republicans running for president traded jabs on the debate state in manchester, new hampshire. washington bureau chief jacqueline policastro brings us to the action. it's getting tense on the campaign trail. the candidates are truly battling it out ahead of the new hampshire primary. sot chris christie/ presidential candidate @ :07 that's what washington, d.c. does. the drive-by shot at the beginning with incorrect and incomplete information and then the memorized 25-second speech that is exactly what his advisers gave him. sot donald trump/ presidential candidate @ :22 bush: how tough it is to take away a property from an elderly woman? trump: ... you -- let me talk.
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... that's all of his donors and special interests out there. presidential candidate @ :35 what donald trump did was use eminent domain to try to take the property of an elderly woman on the strip in atlantic city. sot dr. ben carson/ presidential candidate @ :43 obamacare is because the government comes in and tells is supposed to be centered on -- that we don't care what you think, this is what we're doing. bad. sot marco rubio/ if you are serious about immigration reform, then the key that unlocks the door to being able to do that is not just to pass a law that says it is going to enforce the law, but to actually do it. sot john kasich/ presidential candidate @ 1:03 look, the situation is, we need to finish the border. it has to be completed. just like we lock our doors at night, the country has to be able to lock its doors. sot ted cruz/ presidential candidate @ 1:13 we're going to triple the border patrol. we're going to increase -- and actually, since donald enjoyed that, i will simply say, i've got somebody in mind to build it. jacqueline policastro/manchester, nh @ 1:22 now voters here have just a few days to decide which candidate they'll help move forward with a new hampshire primary win. reporting in manchester, i'm jacqueline policastro "we went to iowa 3 or 4 points
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bernie sanders holding a "get out the vote" rally in new hampshire today. the vermont senator feeling confidence about his chances in tuesday's primary. he spoke on his plans for "political revolution" to an enthusiastic crowd. "as i look out on this crowd, i see a lot of people with more tomorrows than yesteran yesterdays. will we rise together? will we rise by lifting each other up and give every american the chance to succeed again. " hillary clinton, also stumping in new hampshire at the same time. she's leaning on political friends to help get people to the polls. former secretary of state madeline albright lending her support to the democratic candidate. here in our area - a sharp contrast to one week ago... instead of snow clouds, clear skies and warm sun. dick stoddard has a look at your weather
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high pressure will build over the great basin, keeping dry conditions in place with generally light winds and valley inversions. a steady warming trend is expected with daytime temperatures well above normal through the upcoming week. a weak storm system may bring light rain and snow by next weekend. && .short term... cloud cover associated with a weak mid level disturbance will move across northern ca and western nv this morning, which should
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this afternoon, cloud cover is expected to diminish as a high pressure ridge builds near the ca coast. later this year. and officers are taking time to meet with potential applicants. this year's "run with a recruiter" series kicking off at reno high school this morning. about a dozen people turned up to work out alongside officers, ask questions, and see if they're physically ready to take the test to become a police officer. the department plans to add 16 to 18 positions this year. "the city council has been amazing this year and last year helping to get our numbers up because we've been under 100 officers a couple years ago we were down to 1988 staffing levels, so thanks to the city council and mayor we're slowly getting those numbers up."
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these informal training sessions once a month... everyone is welcome to check it out. they'll start accepting applications at the end of april. ## california overpaid at least 700-thousand dollars to state employees last month. now state officials say they want that money back. according to a report by the sacramento bee - about 20-thousand employees got extra payments ranging between 37 and 101 dollars. the mistake affects more than 19-thousand workers. ## people buying burning man tickets later this month will also pay a "live entertainment" tax for the first time. organizers were notified by the nevada department of taxation last week that the event event qualified it for the tax. the state says tax registration is required before the 15-thousand tickets go on sale. the organization
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exemption- claiming attendees not the organization provided entertainment. ## as football fans get ready to root for their favorite team tomorrow - the nevada humane society is cheering for one of its own. kolo 8 news nows chris buckley has the story. the nevada humane society has a player in this year's goodworld puppy playoffs. shelter puppy denise, who found a forever home a few weeks ago, is competing with other puppies across the country... to help raise money for the friends she left behind. and nhs is offering some special super bowl deals. "cats over three are free, dogs are fifty dollary." "it gets people in gets a lot of pets adopted we're hoping maybe the wives that don't want to watch the game will come in and get a kitty or puppy we have lots of dogs right now. the shelter received a special gift on saturday... a truckload of supplies raised by a local fitness center. "this is zumba dan and for his 23rd birthday he wanted to give to the humane society." "i did a special class and i wanted to give back, im overwhelmed bythe fact so many people came out to dance and donate." and they're always looking for volunteers to donate their time. "to handle cats, walk dogs, we actually have a lot of small animals too right now." you can vote for denise through sunday... we
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on kolo tv dot com... under hot topics. in reno chris buckley kolo 8 news now. if you're stocking up the cooler for the big game tomorrow... you're not alone. total wine and
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has been seeing big crowds the past few days. they tell us beer sales are up 45-percent in anticipation of the big game. domestics are always big sellers this time of year.... but they're also selling a lot of local and craft beers.. as well as wine and hard liquor. "people like to come in and shop around and browse, come in for a 6 pack or case, usually go to other areas, get that shooter for the favorite team when they score, makes it that much more enjoyable." they expect crowds to taper off tomorrow when the game starts ... but they say they usually see another rush around halftime. ## if you don't have cable, you can still catch the big game without going to a sports bar or a friends house. c-b-s-sports-dot-com will be streaming the panthers versus broncos match-up online...for free!
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provides the service... ...and c-b-s has explanded the devices you can stream the superbowl using the c- b-s sports apple t-v, google chromecast and roku players. also, verizon wireless customers can watch on their smartphone via the n-f-l mobile app. a so called "black box" may hold the key to a deadly crane collapse. the latest on the investigation into what sent a massive crane tumbling to the ground in new york yesterday. and coming up later in sports, the wolf pack basketball team looking for its 4th straight road win
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a number of cars fell through cracked ice at lake geneva's winterfest and u.s. snow sculpting competition. the lake geneva fire department is on hand working to get the vehicles from the ice. officials there say no people were inside the sunken cars. no word yet on how man vehicles were swallowed by the ice. high pressure will build over the great basin, keeping dry conditions in place with generally light winds and valley inversions. a steady warming trend is expected with daytime temperatures well above normal through the upcoming week. a weak storm system may bring light rain and snow by next weekend.
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.short term... cloud cover associated with a weak mid level disturbance will move across northern ca and western nv this morning, which should also limit fog formation. by this afternoon, cloud cover is expected to diminish as a high pressure ridge builds near the ca coast. strengthen and expand inland to the great keeping clear skies and light winds in place, inversions. we have seen temperatures continue the
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despite these strong inversions and limited mixing. this trend will continue with strong subsidence also helping to push temperatures upward to near 50 degrees today, and to the mid 50s by monday for some western nv/eastern ca valleys including the tahoe basin. temperatures for some of the valleys in west central nv may still lag behind the reno/tahoe area by a few degrees through monday. as temperatures in the sierra rise well above freezing for the next several days, melting of high elevation snowpack will continue with runoff increasing into some of the area lakes,
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a massive crane after a deadly accident. meanwhile - newly released cell phone video captures the moment that 50-story
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announcer: if you're looking for an incredible experience, meet a shelter pet and adopt. they make super pets who will enrich your life and steal your heart. adopt and bring home a shelter pet today. to find out more, visit six-point-four earth quake shook southern taiwan. most of them in the apartment building. emergency management officials say rescuers
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survivors from the rubble. hundreds of people were also injured in the quake but most have already been released from hospitals. new details in the search for answers collapse in new york crews are still working left behind after the crane smashed onto the street in lower manhattan. they will cut it into about 35-pieces for investigators to examine. cell phone video captured the moment the more than 50-story boom came crashing down friday - hitting parked cars and sending debris pouring onto the street below. a 38-year-old wall street worker died. at the time, crane operators had been trying to secure it in the wind and snow. investigators have already recovered the crane's movement recording computer. "it's not the equivalent of a black box. // it will likely give us the angle of the boom? of the two pieces that were in action. if it gives us more than that, it's
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expectations too high: it's not gonna give wind speeds or actions of the operator." the city did authorize large tower cranes to resume work today. but the "crawler" cranes similar to the one in yesterday's accident - will have to be inspected one by one. the one person left in the hospital, a 73-year- old man hit by falling debris, is in stable condition. authorities have called off the search for possible survivors of a midair collision that sent at least one plane plunging into the ocean near the port of los angeles. authorities say two men, ages 61 and 81, were aboard a plane that radar showed collided yesterday afternoon with an aircraft piloted by a 72-year-old woman. wreckage and the logbook from one plane was found... the other is
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authorities have not released any names in connection with the crash. stay with us.. ben ross is
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during practice this week -- he's scheduled to meet with a hand specialist next week pack looking for their 4th straight road win -- and it looked good at halftime -- nevada led 33-27 -- but c-s-u finishes the game on a 17-5 run... and the rams come back to win 76-67... nevada falls to 13-9 overall, 5-5 in the mountain west wolf pack women hosting colorado state -- part of the honor guard presenting the flag today, courtney barnett -- daughter of our own chief photographer wade barnett -- they did a great job!... 1st quarter -- kelsey kaelin pull up jumper... wolf pack still down 9... pack goes inside to teige zeller... she led nevada with 14 points... but colorado state showed why they've only lost 1 game all season... elin gustavsson -- 2 of her 14 points... rams win big 64-37 couple of big upsets
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number 1 oklahoma at kansas state... dante buford with the ridiculous jam -- that puts oklahoma up 1... but back comes k-state... dean wade -- and the foul... then it's justin edwards with a great look to d-j johnson who beats the shot clock... and the party is on in manhattan, kansas -- k- state takes down number 1, 80-69 number 2 north carolina at notre dame... demetrius jackson -- puts the fighting irish up 57-55... later -- irish up 1... jackson -- nice fade away jumper... he had 19... irish up 3... under 20 seconds to go... carolina down 3... marcus paige for the tie -- no good... and notre dame pulls off the upset, 80-76... both number 1 and number 2 go down to unranked opponents
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for their 4th straight win -- score update to the n-b-a... great matchup in oakland tonight -- warriors and thunder -- score update well we've reached the eve of super bowl 50, and tonight, the n-f-l has announced its individual awards for the 2015 season the biggest award goes to carolina panthers quarterback cam newton -- named nfl m- v-p after receiving 48 of the 50 votes... cam also named the league's offensive player of the year... newton's coach ron rivera earns coach of the year honors... texans defensive end j-j watt named defensive player of the year... todd gurley and marcus peters win the league's
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awards -- and chiefs safety eric berry named comeback player of the year, after battling lymphoma hall of fame is set to members... the class of 2016 -- he's harrison, tony dungy, eddie debartolo, the longtime 49ers owner, ken stabler -- the snake, orlando pace, kevin greene, and dick stanfel right back.
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the national anthem at last night's big horn's game.
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over the great basin, keeping dry conditions in place with generally light winds and valley inversions. a steady warming trend is expected with daytime temperatures well above normal through the upcoming week. a weak storm system may bring
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