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tv   KOLO 8 News Now 630PM  ABC  February 7, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm PST

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they say the not-for - profit group bruce's legacy was instrumental in recoving those remains. the bay area men disappeared during a fishing trip on january first. and it seems we're getting a nice break from our winter weather this weekend. dick stoddard has a look at your weather now forecast. high pressure will bring light winds and unseasonably mild daytime temperatures this week. valley inversions will remain strong through mid week but then gradually weaken as a low pressure system approaches the west coast late in the week. && .short term... high pressure will
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pressure and strong positive height anomalies centered over oregon/nrn nevada on monday, gradually shifting east and weakening slightly tue-wed. an east to southeast gradient will persist through tonight with gusty ridge winds along the sierra crest. these winds will weaken and turn more south to southwest tue-wed on back side of ridge. winds for lower a california highway patrol spokesman says a car trying to outrun police crashed into a taxi. the chase started after an officer tried to pull over a driver who was seen doing doughnuts in the middle of a neighborhood street. the car sped off, and the officer followed, but stopped the pursuit when the white chevy sedan started racing through red lights. moments later... the car crashed in to the cab - burst into flames and killing three three people. it's unclear if the driver of the chevy
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the taxi driver had minor injuries. ## a woman is in the hospital after a rollover accident this afternoon. it happened shortly after three on northbound i-580 near moana. nevada highway patrol says she swerved to avoid debris on the road... over corrected... then rolled. she was taken to the hospital with moderate injuries. troopers don't think alcohol or drugs are involved... but say today is a day people need to be extra cautious on the road. find a sober person to drive or stay put. have a good time, that's fine. understand we want you to get home safely and enjoy the holiday no other cars were involved in the accident. the price of gas continues to drop... falling another eight cents over the past two weeks. the national average is now just $1.82 per gallon. here in northern nevada, you'll be paying
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the average price for a gallon of regular gas in the reno sparks area is now $2.33..... that's down five cents from last week. if you're filling up with diesel, you can expect to pay $2.32 - that's only down three cents from last week. remember you can always find the best gas prices in your neighborhood by going to kolo tv dot com. "i feel blessed to be here with you. i wish it were for a different reason. " hillary clinton - stepping away from new hampshire today to visit a church in flint, michigan. she called the water crisis there "immoral." the democratic presidential hopeful says congress should approve 200 million dollars in emergency aid for the city, still grappling with lead-contaminated water. she told parishioners she will not forget about them or their children. back in new hampshire, republican presidential candidate... senator ted
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opponents who support drafting women into combat. " "my reaction was, you guys are nuts.,...listen, we have had enough with political correctness especially in the military. political correctness is dangerous. and the idea that we would draft our daughters to forcibly bring them into the military and put them in close combat, i think is wrong. it is immoral and if i am president, we ain't doing it." " this was part of his "three keys to reigniting the promise" speech, which he delivered to a standing-room-only crowd. if you considered having lunch at chipotle may want to make other plans. the nationwide chain is closing all of it's stores for four hours on monday. between the hours of eleven and three - employees will participate in a company-wide staff meeting about food safety. the meeting will cover an improved "farm-to- fork" food safety program that was
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it includes paid sick leave, to ensure employees will stay home when they are sick. it may still be mid- winter...but washoe county already has an eye on summer activities. they are looking to fill a number of seasonal positions including - aquatics, recreation, park rangers and maintenance. you can find a complete list of available positions and applications on-line on the washoe county parks and open space page. tax season is just around the corner.... and that means scammers are getting ready to try to steal your money. and coming up later in sports -- an update on super bowl 50, plus have
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" "i made it for my daughter juniper. and she's a special needs child, so i put in the effort to make it extra special for her."" tate dunkel says his daughter's condition affects her muscles. so he built olaf from the movie "frozen" for her. it took the bozeman, montana resident a week to complete the snow sculpture. dunkel says when he sat his daughter down to take a picture with olaf... she actually stood up and gave it a high pressure will bring light winds and unseasonably mild daytime temperatures this week. valley inversions will remain strong through mid week but then gradually weaken as a low pressure system approaches the west coast late in the week. &&
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dominate the first half of the week with high pressure and strong anomalies centered oregon/nrn nevada on shifting east and weakening east to southeast gradient will persist through tonight with gusty ridge winds along the sierra crest. these winds will weaken and turn more south to southwest tue-wed on back side of ridge. winds for lower elevations will remain light with inversions resulting in limited mixing/ventilation. temperatures will warm a little each day with daytime highs pushing mid 50s to mid 60s by wednesday. hohmann .long term...thursday
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continues into next weekend as dry and unseasonably mild temperatures prevail. valley high temperatures will reach the upper 50s to lower 60s, with mountain valley locations mainly in the mid 40s to lower 50s. this is warm for early february, but not pushing records, which are about 5-10 degrees higher. the ridge axis will begin to slide east which will filter increased clouds thursday afternoon ahead of a weak system that pushes across the pac nw friday night. no significant precipitation is expected with this system but still may provide some light rain showers mainly north of interstate 80 friday evening into early saturday morning. only a few
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the irs..... but what they tell you you owe more than you thought? how to spot a bogus claim. whether we like it or not.. tax season is here..
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fire can travel over a mile. you can't control where it will land. only what happens before it does. visit to learn how to protect your community from wildfires. scammers working the phones to get their hands on your money. and those suspicious calls and threats... cost americans millions. natsot: audio record of
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within the next hour they will be at your doorstep to handcuff you and put you behind bars. tonight, the government is warning americans to be on high alert for a growing phone scam that is bilking taxpayers out of millions. this chicago-area woman got a call like that in december from someone claiming to be from the i-r-s, demanding she pay thousands of dollars in back taxes. "and if we don't, there's a warrant out for our arrests." scared - she wired ten thousand dollars to an account in seattle. it was all a scam. gfx the i-r-s says, since october 2013, five thousand victims losing more than $26 million to people pretending to be i-r-s officials. so, how do you protect yourself? for years, the i-r-s has had this simple message psa: the real irs will generally first make contact by letter and will never demand immediate payment or threaten force. but starting next month, a new law requires the i-r-s to hire collection agencies to help collect taxes ? and those agencies may call taxpayers. sot-steve weisman/bentley college "in the future, when collectors are actually calling on behalf of the irs - people will be more likely to fall for that
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paying taxes they don't owe. washoe county's second judicial district court is warning you about a phone scam targeting washoe county residents. the crooks claim that you failed to show up for jury duty on a specific date. then they say you'll have pay a fine of two- thousand- five hundred dollars to avoid arrest. they might tell you that multiple letters were sent to your home and now and law enforcement is coming to get you if the fine isn't paid. but washoe county wants you to know - second judicial district court does not issue citations for missing jury duty and they never accept payments over the phone. a similar scam is happening using the names of washoe county sheriff's office staff.
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phone call like this, call the sheriff's office at 328-3001. ## ben ross is here now with a preview of sports. -super bowl 50 -- we'll have an update -and not just football today -- the sacramento kings looking to get
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going on in sports today? oh yes the final round of the phoenix open golf tournament -- don't worry, we'll get to that -- i suppose we should start with super bowl 50 score update -- all the
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meanwhile -- some potentially surprising n-f-l news... e-s-p-n reporting that seahawks running back marshawn lynch has told people close to him that he plans to retire... nicknamed beastmode is his career, lynch has rushed for over 9 touchdowns let's turn to basketball trying to get back on track today at boston a homecoming for rajon rondo -- spent his first 9 seasons with the celtics... 1st quarter -- rondo high off the glass... finished with 14 points, 15 assists, and 6 steals... then it's marco bellinelli knocking down the 3... he had 16 points on the afternoon... 2nd quarter -- marcus smart with the lob to jared sullinger... that's about how i jump -- it works though... celtics up 17... 4th quarter -- kings back within 6...
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bury the 3... and the kings lose their 3rd in a row, 128-119 yesterday, the wolf pack basketball team looking for its 4th straight road win at colorado state, but c- s-u would finish the game on a 17-5 run... and the rams come back to win 76-67... nevada falls to 13-9 overall, 5-5 in the mountain west -- they'll host air force wednesday night bighorns hosting idaho last night... 4th quarter ricky ledo attacking the rim -- tips in his own miss... he had 20 points on the night... later -- cliff hammonds with the great feed to ledo, for the 2 hand flush... bighorns up 6... and then it's david stockton running the pick and roll with vince hunter to perfection... yeah, that dude loves it -- bighorns win again, 117-105 -- they're now in first place in the western conference at 20-and-10
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you've all been waiting for -- the final round of phoenix open... it was actually a very exciting finish... hideki matsuyama for birdie on 18 -- yes! takes a one-shot lead at 14- under... rickie fowler trying to match him and force a playoff -- just gets it in the side door... so we go to a playoff... 4th playoff hole -- fowler on the tee -- he's bounces once and into the water... he would bogey the hole... matsuyama just has to
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your winner -- students from reno's davidson academy of nevada. they took home the top prize for the 25th annual nevada science bowl. the public school, located on the university of nevada, reno campus, won the five-thousand dollar first prize. the school will now represent nevada in the department of energy's national science bowl to be held in washington d-c in april. the event was sponsored by the national nuclear security administration-nevada field office. and... students three northern nevada schools took top honors representing our area in the "we the people" competition in las vegas this weekend. reed high school got third place .... reno got second.... and incline took first. the will go
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in the national competition in washington dc.
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beiririro: here's a sneak peek at tonight's "afv". we know you're gonna love it. [ screams ] [ balloon pops ] [ screams ]
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